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    1. The Death of My Brother (7.6.15)

      by , 06-07-2015 at 12:36 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Death of My Brother
      I am with my Dad, sitting in a car. He shows me a text from my brother, which says something like ''In car wreck''. Dad goes on to say he's dead, the car is wrapped around a pole and went up in flames. I didn't believe him at first, but soon after the shock set in that he was probably telling the truth. I begin to think that I'll be the only one alive in my bloodline in the future. I start to think about the responsibilities that will be left for me as they pass, and feel it will be too much for me. The scene shifts to where an ambulance is. I see my brother on a trolley bed. There's a clear sheet over him. I have a slight feeling that he is OK, but soon realize that he had passed away. He looks a little disfigured which disturbed me. I only had a quick glance at him, so I wouldn't be too upset. Dad reassures that my brother is dead, by saying ''That's dead for ya''.

      I'm now in a car with my Russ. He is in the backseat and I'm in the front. I ease into the news about my brother. I ask him if he heard the news about my brother. He says he didn't know a thing. I try telling him about it, without getting emotional. We both well up a bit as I tell him. He starts to make a list of people on his phone, to who he needs to contact about the news of my brother. I take his phone and check the list. There's quite a few people, some of who I don't know well, or at all. I step up and tell him that I will do the calling for him. I feel quite nervous about doing it.

      I'm at a house playing cricket. I am the bowler, and I'm using a small bit of sliced cheese, that I have rolled up as the ball. I think I see or hear my brother in a garage. I see him and have a sigh of relief that he isn't dead. A guy that's with him was the donor that saved his life. My Dad is with me and he sprays some kind of smoke on to himself, due to the man that saved my brothers life must have been sensitive to the environment. The man was overweight.

      I come running out of the garage, naked, running around the corner where I was bowling from earlier. I try and put my underwear on, and end up putting them on, inside out. I do this with the pants also.
      There's guy in his 20's that's near me. I have to decide to vote for him or Redfoo to be on the next show of XFactor. I tell the man that I will vote for him. The scene changes but the scenario is the same. I'm now at my house and I'm unsure on who I want to vote for. I think I tell Redfoo that I will vote for him also. I tell everyone that I'm voting. So I raise my hand and sway them back and forth towards the guys I'm needing to vote for/against. The man is giving Redfoo props on how good of a person etc he is. I believe it's a tactic to make him come across as a genuine nice person, which would lead for people to vote for him. Redfoo isn't too confident at this point and decides to walk into my room. I end up voting for Redfoo.
      I run outside into the backyard to tell the other judges what the end voting was. I tell them that Redfoo won, which is a lie. I see Ronan Keating, and he doesn't believe me.

      Side Notes
      I woke up from this dream feeling pretty emotional. I was second guessing if something was going to happen to my brother, due to some of my dreams coming true in the passed. I do a bit of EFT to take the edge off.
    2. 7/17/14 - Easter Eggs and Ballots

      by , 07-17-2014 at 08:33 PM
      I'm sitting in a classroom at a group of tables pushed together as if I were in kindergarten or elementary school again. The classroom is full but I am not focusing on the other students, or the teacher for that matter. I am focusing on the person sitting at my table directly across from me. Stiles is looking at me in slight confusion. I'm angry at him. I ask him why he's taking so long. I don't understand why he isn't choosing me, why he doesn't want me. I hold a couple of those plastic Easter eggs that you can put candy or prizes in and I throw them at his face, trying to get something out of him. They pop open when they hit him and I can see that they all have something written on them with a sharpie, but I can't read them. Stiles looks at them for a few seconds and then they drop to the floor. I get up and walk around the table to him. I take the seat next to his and I sit down, much more calm than I had been a minute ago. I look at him and he smiles and takes my hand in his and squeezes it. I feel happy. I suddenly become aware of everyone else in the classroom. Everyone is all of a sudden busily cleaning the classroom. Stiles and I jump up to help. The floor is covered with dollops of whipped cream and I step over all of it to make it to the door. I peek outside and a stern looking woman is hurriedly making her way towards our classroom. I look back inside and everyone is still busy. I turn back around and step outside, closing the door a bit to keep her from seeing. When she's in front of me, I smile brightly and say hello. I tell her that we are just cleaning up a bit and we'll be done shortly. She huffs as if annoyed and stomps off. I sigh in relief and go back inside the classroom. Stiles comes up next to me and the teacher does as well. She tells us to follow her. She leads us outside to the basket ball courts where a long row of booths are set up. Each booth has two or three people and they are all filling out some kind of ballot. She tells us to clean all of it up though I'm not really sure how to do it exactly. Still, we agree and she leaves us. Stiles and I stand there watching, trying to decide where to start first.

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    3. Lost and will be late to Vote

      by , 06-06-2013 at 10:42 AM

      I was trying to get to the voting booth on time. I needed to vote even though I had voted yesterday - one of those two day elections. I knew voting closed at 5pm, and it was almost 5. I was lost. I was moving further and further West, away from the city, but unable to figure out how to turn around.

      My kids were in the car with me. I thought of them as my kids, although I only saw one in this dream, and he looked nothing like my real life kids, but in this dream, I did not question it. There was chewing gum stuck to the radio, which didn't look anything like the car radio does either. And there was something wrong with the outside front of my car, though I don't know what - I got out at a light and tried to fix whatever was wrong.

      My husband materialized. I asked how he found me despite my being lost, he did not explain, and I did not ask again. He said he could drive. I asked, don't you have a car you got here in? He said no, but then I thought maybe we would get back here for his car after the election. Though I seriously doubted we could get back in time.

      The kid wanted milk. He wanted to know if the juice box contained milk. We said, no juice. He said that he wanted milk not juice. In fact he seemed to already be drinking juice. My husband pointed out there was milk in shopping bags in the car, but the milk was in gallon containers, so not ready to drink.
    4. Resolving The Job Issue: What I'm Too Stubborn To Do IWL. Thank You, Brain! :)

      by , 09-29-2012 at 04:16 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at my house, in the living room. It was morning, and the room was dimly lit. My mom had just gotten back from Oregon. My brother, Blake, and his girlfriend, Sarah, were there too, but they were in his room, asleep still. My mom came in and started to bitch about Blake's girlfriend. I disagreed with her about what she was saying.

      Then, I was in the kitchen with Blake's girlfriend, Sarah. She was getting something from the cabinet under the sink. She was talking to me as she did, I think trying to give me advice or help me with something.

      Some more happened at the house, but I can't remember what.


      I was at my old college, in the building that the job I recently quit was in, though it looked different. I was there to vote for the President. It was very crowded. I think I was there with someone too, but I can't remember who.

      We walked up some very crowded stairs to a table where you voted. It was much different than in waking life; it was just a fold-out table with some pieces of plastic or cardboard set up on it as "walls" to separate the voters. I got up there, and took a piece of paper. It was like a checklist of the candidates. I don't remember who I picked, and then, I realized that I wasn't really paying much attention when I voted. I got up and looked at my ballot. I was making sure I at least didn't vote for Romney, and checking for an "x" marked by Gary Johnson's name. I saw his name, simply "Gary" on the sheet, but I hadn't marked it. I had marked one below it, some female candidate from an off-the-wall party. I wanted to change it, but obviously, I couldn't. Someone in charge of the voting then took my ballot and put it with all the other ballots. I thought to myself that at least I didn't vote for Obama or Romney, but that didn't make me feel any better about it.

      Then, I was walking by some restaurants in the same area of the building. I spotted someone working at what looked like a Pizza Hut booth who looked familiar. He was tall, thin, and had glasses, though I couldn't see his hair because of his Pizza Hut hat. He looked at me and said something like
      "Oh, it's just you."
      I asked him
      "Are you mad at me?"
      "Yes," he responded, "you just quit!"
      He then looked away, and continued doing what he was doing.
      I was still trying to place him in my mind. Was he a Pizza Hut employee? I was never friends with anyone who worked there...

      Then it hit me: He was the supervisor of the whole restaurant area, Toby. He was the one who put my name in the system and such. Shit...well, I'm here, better try to make this right.
      "Let me explain to you what happened," I said.
      He agreed to let me explain myself, and came to sit with me at a table.
      "Listen," I started, "I have depression, and it got really bad...that's why I quit."
      "Depression?" he said, a bit skeptically, but he was listening now, at least.
      I talked to him about it, saying it was hard to explain. He had to get up and go take care of something at the Pizza Hut real quick, but came back. He talked to me about how he had to work at Quarto's (what he called the Pizza Hut) since they were understaffed, and told me they hired someone else where I used to work named Wilma. He also told me that Mallisha, a girl that I worked with there, had her baby. He seemed a lot less angry now. He looked at me as we talked with kind eyes, trying to understand.

      I thought to myself afterwards how I had resolved the issue. I felt good about it.


      I was again at the college, but the area looked different. I was sitting down talking to my old manager, Gloria. She was being very kind to me, and seemed happy. I think she was so happy because it was the end of the workday on Friday, and she didn't work on the weekends. She asked me how I was, and we talked a bit. She never asked about how I quit, she never asked about any of that stuff. It was like I had never left.

      I then saw some people I worked with there, the one I remember for sure being Gwen. She was with someone else, another girl. They were about to go shoot this movie or something, that was supposed to be what would happen during a real bomb threat. I then pictured them dressed as zombies, wandering around this tent set up in a gymnasium. I then pictured an above view of them laying on a gurney surrounded by other gurneys with people on them, all naked except for plastic wrap covering them, so you could only see outlines of their nipples...it was weird, but apparently, that was part of the shoot they were doing. Gwen is also black, but her body was white in this part of the shoot. I thought I was supposed to help with that somewhere in there. I pictured myself in the middle of the craziness, with zombies walking around in the tent, and tons of people calmly filing out. There were different tents set up in there as well, and the same thing was happening in all of them.

      I then saw what looked like a Pizza Hut commercial. Mallisha, some other employees, and Gwen all filed out of what I assumed was Pizza Hut, in slow motion. They all appeared to be in what looked like Pizza Hut uniforms, with red shirts and black pants. It was nighttime. I got excited, and got chills because I knew these people, and was happy for them that they were on TV! Mallisha, who looked thinner than IWL, I assumed it was because she had her baby, led the line, as if she was the boss or manager, and looked back at Gwen, who had lighter skin than IWL, who was in the back of the line. It showed Gwen doing the same to Mallisha. They were heading towards a bus. The whole thing was in slow motion. There was a male voice narrating in the background the whole time, but I can't remember what it said.

      I was then outside in some closed-in concrete porch area with a bunch of people who worked at the restaurants on campus. It was nighttime. They were all working on some big event, which I'm assuming had something to do with the movie shoot or the commercial. I was sitting all on my own, feeling like I didn't really belong there since I had quit, when someone called my name.
      "Krista! Come sit with us!"
      I wasn't sure who called me over, but I went towards the direction of the voice, and sat down on the ground with a group of girls that contained some Latino girls and also Gwen, who finally looked exactly as she does IWL, though she wasn't the one who called me. I was sitting next to her. She was wearing a tight grey dress.

      Gwen then started to talk to me. Her voice sounded exactly how I remember it.
      "Let me update you on what's happened since you've been gone," she said. "They wanted to promote me to manager, but I declined. (insert some things I can't remember here). Next to that one restaurant, you know, Seaweed or something."
      IWL, the "Seaweed" place she was referring to was really Pizza Hut.
      She was very kind and informative.

      I then was in some hallway, which wasn't nearly as crowded as everywhere else had been, and I saw Toby again. I got his attention, because I wanted to talk to him some more about the whole mess. I took his hands, and led him to a wall. His back was facing the wall. Then, there was a door there, and someone started to come out. I led Toby away from the door. The red-headed guy who came through the door looked at us. I felt like he must think something funny is going on between Toby and I. Toby was then against the white-painted concrete cinder block wall. I started to talk.
      "I've been having more bad days than good," I said.
      "Bad days? Everyone has those," he responded.
      I then went on as I was looking down, trying to adjust our position again,
      "But I think I've forgotten how to have good days," I said to him.
      He seemed very understanding to my plight. His eyes spoke volumes to me. I again went on.
      "I'm sorry for quitting like that," I said, "it was very unprofessional of me."
      We then hugged. We hugged for quite some time. It was a nice embrace, very comforting.
      As he pulled away he said
      "We might have a meeting on Monday." He then walked away and through a door, not looking back at me. Maybe he was embarrassed for showing so much emotion and understanding, I don't know.

      At any rate, I guess I still had my job there, though I honestly didn't want it back. I thought to myself that I better tell my mom when I get up for work on Monday. I was also proud of myself for resolving the problem, and how it didn't go over nearly as bad as I thought it would.

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    5. Terrorists in the downtown area and a False Awakening

      by , 09-07-2012 at 10:04 PM (Exterminate)
      Terrorists in the downtown area
      This was an involved dream, not everything may be in order.
      I was with my mom in a waiting room. I didn't really know what was going on, but I knew my mom was trying to win some legal battle. She tells me something about what happened last year and wondered how I could not remember. We get called into this office. I am asked what I remember from last year, but I come up with nothing. My mom tells me some things to try to refresh my memory, but I am not understanding.

      Next thing I remember we are driving downtown in a city which does not seem completely familiar. We pass by a building and saw about 4 armed guards in front of the entrance to an alleyway. My mom is driving, I am in the back, my brother is in the seat next to me, and my dad is in the passenger seat. We are in a blue minivan, big enough to hold about 7 people. We know we can't escape, as guards guide us in to this area surrounded by tall buildings, the only exit being where we just came in. I look around and there is like 3 guards aiming at each passenger at all times. I focus my attention to a guard with a sniper rifle from above. I notice most of the cars there(There had to be over 50 cars there) were all economic/small cars. We sit there for a few minutes trying to discuss the situation, then all of a sudden a person comes to the window and tells us this is a hostage situation, and that we must vote for their country's leader. If we say no, or vote for the wrong person, bad things can happen. If we try escaping, we get shot. We followed the rules (I don't remember ever voting) and were eventually allowed to leave.

      I remember at one point on the way out being on foot. My mother and I were in like an apartment building, and there were two ladders going a long distance downward. It was the only way out. I start going down, but my mom has a laptop, and can not carry it down the stairs. She sets it down, then starts declining. I go about 3 steps down, and the ladder rungs break. I ease my way down, but each rung breaks as I touch it. I can say it was not pleasant going down.. At the bottom I realize we need that laptop, and look at the side my mom came down, thankfully it was all intact, and looked more like stairs than a ladder. I go up, get the laptop, then go back down. I remember the hostage situation from last year being almost the same, and get chills.

      Skip about two days later, same thing happens. We drive up, see the guards, and know we are in trouble. We try saying to a guard that we just did this yesterday, and we are asked to leave the vehicle. We come up to a tall and intimidating black guard who asks us what our excuse was. I say we were just here yesterday, and he replies "That is bullshit, we would know if you were here by the look of your van." And I say "Well, maybe it was two days ago..I know we were just here." He gets in our van, along with a couple of other military dressed people. I remember me and my brother being in the car, the black man in the middle, 2 military people in front, and another military person in the back. The black man starts talking secrets about their plans, and the guy in the back brings a rifle to the black man's head and says something to the effect of "Don't let them know what we are up to. your job is to make sure everyone follows the rules, and if they don't, shoot them. I have no problem killing you on the spot." I remember one last person asking us why we are not listening to their rules, and I explain we were just here. He is holding a morning star that has an extendable handle. Very sturdy and dangerous.
      He says "You were not here yesterday" then holds the club as if he is about to hit it against my leg. I say maybe it was two days ago, then he swings his arm back, and just before he hits me, I "wake up."

      False Awakening
      I woke up and read my new bedside DJ. I remember it saying:
      1. Spencer, cali, lake, tits
      (I had a dream written about this, but it was so fragmented due to how early in the night it was that I deleted it.)
      2. nothing
      3. Something about a terrorist takeover downtown
      4. Mom bringing me in to a place about a terrorist attack from last year that I don't remember
      5. Terrorist takeover(more detailed)
      I remember thinking "Yes! 5 dreams recalled in one night!" I got up, walked out of the room then woke up again, this time for real.

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    6. I Found Cookie!

      by , 08-30-2012 at 03:06 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I don't remember much from last night, just a couple fragments. In the first, I found Cookie, a stuffed animal (a black-and-white cat) I've had for as long as I can remember, in my basement. I picked her up and hugged her really tight because I was glad that I'd finally found her (she went missing maybe a couple years ago IWL).

      In the second, I was on some website where there was this competition going on. It was some sort of video game competition. People could vote for their favourites in different categories (favourite character, favourite game, favourite genre, favourite moment, etc.).