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    1. Point Leo's Oversized Creatures, I Could Have Been Your Brother In Law (15.7.15)

      by , 07-14-2015 at 11:42 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Point Leo's Oversized Creatures
      I'm at a beach surfing and I think it's similar to point Leo. There's quite a few people at the spot. I don't feel very comfortable surfing. I see one guy catch a smallish wave in an odd way. He's board is flipped side ways and he's locked his legs on both sides of his board. It was a blue board and pretty big.
      As I get out I can see that the waves have gotten bigger and more disfigured. The water looks pretty clear to the point where I can see a huge dolphin coming towards the surface. I think Toledo was surfing and someone fully dropped in on him. In a way it was lucky because there was a huge shark that popped it's head out. The shark and dolphin were unrealistic in size. They were the size of a few whales combined.

      Someone tells me that the Sharks come around this time for a feed.

      Later on I come back down to the water and notice another area for surfing. It's extremely flat with people out there. It's in a area that has a man made entry point made of concrete. It's not the biggest gap either. I see the tide moving back in because there's a lot of white wash coming through with surfers on it. On either side of the water was food restaurants, it looks pretty crazy.
      As the water gets closer, I start to think I should move due to getting washed away. I think I had something in my hands also.

      Could Have Been Your Brother In Law
      I'm in Daryl's old house, sitting in the lounge. A younger guy that I'm friends with in the dream is on the computer. I see some photos that he's flicking through. One of the photos was of his sister Natasha. I tell him that I could have been his brother in law. I had to corrected myself, because I was going to say brother. He doesn't know what I'm talking about. I tell him I used to date his sister. He calls her up and tells his sister something about me. By the sounds of things, she seems a bit keen and is willing to give me a chance. She tells him that I could get a job at a certain place. He hands me phone but I feel put on the spot and don't know what to say. I'm silent and hand the phone back, whispering quietly, hoping Natasha would think maybe I wasn't around. The guy finds this humorous.

      I'm now in a place that is like a nursing home. At some point something happens where I tell my wife I'm not getting my health checked today. I think we're an old couple. I have a bit of poo on a spoon. I think it was going to be tested to see if I still have cancer. I flush it down the toilet. I don't have cancer anymore.

      I'm myself again and I'm with someone. The guy I'm with walks up to a closed door that had Jon Jones inside. The guy jokes and says it's Chael Sonnen to Jon Jones. Jon doesn't answer the door, but I think I could hear movement inside. Not too long I do the same thing. I accidentally say it's Chael Sonnon, instead of my own name. I hear movement again and quickly get away before he answers it. I wouldn't have felt too good explaining why I said it was Chael at the door.

      I'm in my street and I walk up to a car with people I know. The car is like olden style. Maybe 80's. The driver was the Asian from Harold and Kumor the movie, and one of the passengers was Gunnar Nelson.
    2. The Death of My Brother (7.6.15)

      by , 06-07-2015 at 12:36 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Death of My Brother
      I am with my Dad, sitting in a car. He shows me a text from my brother, which says something like ''In car wreck''. Dad goes on to say he's dead, the car is wrapped around a pole and went up in flames. I didn't believe him at first, but soon after the shock set in that he was probably telling the truth. I begin to think that I'll be the only one alive in my bloodline in the future. I start to think about the responsibilities that will be left for me as they pass, and feel it will be too much for me. The scene shifts to where an ambulance is. I see my brother on a trolley bed. There's a clear sheet over him. I have a slight feeling that he is OK, but soon realize that he had passed away. He looks a little disfigured which disturbed me. I only had a quick glance at him, so I wouldn't be too upset. Dad reassures that my brother is dead, by saying ''That's dead for ya''.

      I'm now in a car with my Russ. He is in the backseat and I'm in the front. I ease into the news about my brother. I ask him if he heard the news about my brother. He says he didn't know a thing. I try telling him about it, without getting emotional. We both well up a bit as I tell him. He starts to make a list of people on his phone, to who he needs to contact about the news of my brother. I take his phone and check the list. There's quite a few people, some of who I don't know well, or at all. I step up and tell him that I will do the calling for him. I feel quite nervous about doing it.

      I'm at a house playing cricket. I am the bowler, and I'm using a small bit of sliced cheese, that I have rolled up as the ball. I think I see or hear my brother in a garage. I see him and have a sigh of relief that he isn't dead. A guy that's with him was the donor that saved his life. My Dad is with me and he sprays some kind of smoke on to himself, due to the man that saved my brothers life must have been sensitive to the environment. The man was overweight.

      I come running out of the garage, naked, running around the corner where I was bowling from earlier. I try and put my underwear on, and end up putting them on, inside out. I do this with the pants also.
      There's guy in his 20's that's near me. I have to decide to vote for him or Redfoo to be on the next show of XFactor. I tell the man that I will vote for him. The scene changes but the scenario is the same. I'm now at my house and I'm unsure on who I want to vote for. I think I tell Redfoo that I will vote for him also. I tell everyone that I'm voting. So I raise my hand and sway them back and forth towards the guys I'm needing to vote for/against. The man is giving Redfoo props on how good of a person etc he is. I believe it's a tactic to make him come across as a genuine nice person, which would lead for people to vote for him. Redfoo isn't too confident at this point and decides to walk into my room. I end up voting for Redfoo.
      I run outside into the backyard to tell the other judges what the end voting was. I tell them that Redfoo won, which is a lie. I see Ronan Keating, and he doesn't believe me.

      Side Notes
      I woke up from this dream feeling pretty emotional. I was second guessing if something was going to happen to my brother, due to some of my dreams coming true in the passed. I do a bit of EFT to take the edge off.
    3. Joca Frenzy

      by , 11-13-2013 at 02:19 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      13.11.2013 2/2

      Eu estava na Vivo com receio de ter chego depois do Joaquim. Pouco tempo depois ele chegava e me via fora da minha mesa. [No dia anterior eu saí mais tarde de casa e queria chegar antes dele no trabalho. Quando cheguei, fui pro banheiro, e quando saí o vi passando pro outro corredor. Fui pra minha mesa e desejei que ele tivesse visto minhas coisas pra ele saber que eu já estava aqui].
    4. Jail Time

      by , 10-03-2013 at 08:26 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was working my old job, but it was located where Bodyworks is. I walked up stairs, and it lead to what I thought, was my aunties house, but it wasn't. I must have been living there. Jade was living there also. I felt a little nervous thinking about that Jade was living here also. I walked into, what I thought was my room, and to my surprise, Jade was standing there. She said ''hi babes'' expecting it to be her friend Amy H. I said to her, is this your room?. She wasn't too happy with me barging in, and said that I was invading her personal space.

      I was walking with some people and I must have murdered someone . I was now in jail, and I was looking for a way to escape. I saw a soda water bottle, and was going to use the gas inside of that to blow my way out

      I was allowed to have time out of jail now and then.

      I think this was the same dream, but continued.

      I was going to head over to Natasha S's house. She had sent me a text message saying ''u come over or i come over. I've lost all my friends'' I wrote back ''yes''. I was riding my bike at night down the street, I think it was my home town, where the church is. I rode passed a lady, and she said something about her going to church. I came across another church, and could see someone through the glass in the distance. I rode through a park, which was very dark.
    5. I Do and The Magical Sweet Potatoes

      by , 09-13-2013 at 06:18 PM
      Date: September 13, 2013

      I had only a fragment to report to you today. I got married to Chris Brown (the singer), but I felt that somehow in the dream the wedding was wrong...but I didn't get lucid from that feeling. I just thought that it was normal to be a nervous bride who was marrying Chris Brown . I can't quite remember the other fragments...maybe later on today they will come to me and I will journal them then.

      Edit: I also remember another fragment I had regarding eating the best sweet potatoes I ever ate in my life! These were like magical sweet potatoes, that already had butter, brown sugar, and marshmellows in them, all you had to do was cook them and eat them without adding anything! Ah, why couldn't sweet potatoes be like this in RL?

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    6. 8/3/13 - A Train Ride with The Doctor

      by , 08-04-2013 at 02:35 AM
      Dream Fragment: I'm on a train, sitting in a booth next to The Doctor. He's holding my hand. "We're almost there", he says. I feel nervous and very excited.
    7. I remember now!

      by , 09-09-2012 at 02:41 AM
      I just read a post about 'Driving car with no driver'. This made me remember my personal experience with this scenario.

      I don't remember it very well and when it was was but I remember one part clear as day. I believe it was a dark green car, not sure as I was inside but dark green in shouting out at me. The interior was grey and I was in the back left seat looking at the steering wheel, I was alone in the car. I felt a immensely scary demonic ghostly presents in the car as the steering wheel was steered full lock to the left and pulled out onto the road. I could feel something in the car driving but couldn't see it. I was quite scared as I thought this event would end in a crash but that's when the dream fades away and no more is remembered, I hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know if you have had a similar experience or you can tell me what this means... Thanks.
    8. Nicholas and I hung out with the wrong guys.

      by , 09-07-2012 at 02:30 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      These scenes started out with Nick (a friend of mine that recently moved to Minnesota) and I meeting up with two other guys. Nick, for some reason looked a bit older than he is. And looked a little bit more like a vulcan than he does. I have no explanation for that.
      We met up with these russian guys that were taking us around to private clubs and such. I could tell by the begining that we shouldn't have been hanging out with them, but it was fine I guess. We walked around this euro-styled town, into a couple shops and then finally found ourselves in a small but fancy little eating area. It was all white and blue. White benches, white tinted walls with blue trim. It was pretty cool, until the dream went absolutely weird. Someone walked in our booth, shot one of the guys we were hanging out with. His body goreishly exploded and his hand with a white glove was the only thing left. For some reason or another in that dream, I knew that the aggression that made that shooter shoot, had now fled into the hand of the blown up body. The hand began to run away, I chased it down- knowing that it was a danger to everyone.
      I found myself running up an american suburban driveway, in a neighborhood similar to mine. I saw the hand climb up someone's house and dive into their garage. Then I heard a women screaming in the garage.
      At this point, I want to take a second to point out... the last scene, this scene and the next scene make absolutely no sense pertaining to each other. But they did at the time.

      Back to the screaming. I run up to the garage, and notice that the things that I need to do in order to save this women are being highlighted in my vision. Like a videogame, telling you to go here, pull this, jump on this-etc.
      So I see a lever being highlighted on the garage door, I jump up and pull it down. The garage door opens and I run in an smash the hand while it tries to graphically assault the woman. Being thoroughly disturbed now, my consciousness backed up. As if I was looking at a screen. I was looking at this screen, with the creepy hand, and some weird people around it as video game characters. I start reading the words next to the pictures and it describes partially what had been going on. It was a plot summary. My wife comes up behind me and sees my innapropriete screen, and gets upset that I'm watching such a pervert game. ... This dream really fucked me over(Haha). But it was interesting none the less.

      After that, I went back into the screen I guess. But it changed. I was walking down some street that reminded me of a san fransisco/thailand ghetto. A bunch of strange deformed pornagraphic adds that weren't actual people, just... weird picasso style genitalia going for each other. I kept walking, hoping to get out of this place and saw some weird bars. There was this one pimp that looked like a circus clown, his hair was all bright orange and green and he had a white vest on with a bunch of accessories. He was in a hooker bar. It kind of seemed like this whole neighborhood was a hooker bar. I'm pretty sure the dream ended after a few more steps.
    9. Grandparent's house - shaky floors - divorced uncle

      by , 08-28-2012 at 02:49 PM

      I didn't have great dream recall this morning. I was at my girlfriend's place and she woke up as soon as I did. While I was trying to recall and write she was dividing my attention. Throughout the night, when I would wake up, I would say very strongly and clearly into my mind, "I will be lucid tonight."

      It was my second night in a row where it became apparent that the tensions between my aunt and uncle are bothering me in my unconscious. Also, a friend BD has been showing up consistently lately.

      My grandparents are about to come over for dinner. My mom would rather go to their house though. We all hop into my Aunt's van. She is nervous and is biting her fingernails as she drives. I am in the backseat with either my sister or cousin. Soon, it is my sister, me, and my two cousins in the back seat. We are trying to go to sleep in the van but it is cramped (my girlfriend was taking up too much space in the bed). Interestingly, my aunt has all of these sexual bumper stickers. I think that they are extolling the virtues of orgasm, but I can't remember clearly. At one point we pull over on what resembles the street in my hometown where my high school is and my aunt was trying to get my cousin a job cleaning a house. He was not enthusiastic and my aunt reluctantly got back into the car with him. We arrive at my grandparent's house and they are glad to see us. My grandfather is especially glad to see me and takes me up to the second floor of the house (that is where the bedrooms are located in their actual house). I remember wanting to wait for everyone to go up. In the house, I feel like the ground is shifting. I feel like the house will fall over but nobody else notices. My uncle is on the couch watching television and eating some Ricotta. He's on the phone. Everyone else is at the dinner table eating. I talk to my uncle a little. He mentions to my cousin (his son) we're going to bring a lot of chicks over to our house this year. This pisses off my aunt and she starts complaining about him to everyone. (remember, they got divorced a year ago and it has messed up the family and some of my mom's relationships including my relationship with my uncle)

      Other dreams that I only have a minor recollection of

      Being in my town, looking for my friend MC. (also had a dream like this a few nights ago).

      Having great sex with my girlfriend.

      Met my girlfriend (YW), my female friend BD and some other faceless girl in the Bank of America parking lot. It was hosting a mobile supermarket. BD pointed to YW and said, "You're quite a woman."
    10. flimsy dream fragment

      by , 07-19-2011 at 02:01 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i think the world is closing in on me, on us.

      i am in the middle of a body of water with some other people... my cousins, my friends.

      no. i am in the middle of my first room in my first house. all of my things are of my childhood. i wear a flannel of thick thick denim that is too big for me. in the pocket is an icecream sandwich and two dollars.

      now everyone's in a rush to get out of here. i pack a bag, i pack fiction.. no what does fiction do for you? nothing. i pack "be here now" and throw out two other books. i run around the house.

      me and a lady know where to go... up the stairs but before we leave them behind, chime the first man. what does that even mean. i take my nails and search a wall and find a secret door. it opens vertically. inside, a man is playing piano. he disappears and i dont remember which notes to play. i dont play any.

      the lady i'm with is frantic "we must play the notes!" "you do it then!" she does. we run up stairs to chime the second man.

      now i am walking but instead of walking i swim through the air. i swim over to a pew, i am in a church that slopes up almost vertically like a movie theater, the last pews are the highest and the first ones closest to the pulpit are the lowest.

      the lady is sitting on the pew with her father. she is nervous because she is practicing for mock trial. she has to be a mock lawyer as part of some class she's in.

      "i took this class in high school" i said. "i was the time keeper." she calms down and asks me to get her something to eat. she wants an egg and cheese sandwich.

      i walkswim all the way up the slope, curve around to the other side of the church and enter a doorway. i'm in line at dunkin donuts now, and if i look over the edge of where i am i can see the church. its kind of like a catwalk.

      i search thru my pockets and find two dollars. i search thru the pockets of the denim jacket and find the ice cream (not melted) and three 10 dollar bills. i take them. i look again, they are three 30 dollar bills. i focus more. they are three 300 dollar bills. holy shit! i look closer....they are fake, they are bookmarks, they advertise a library. fuck you.

      i get to the counter. i order it, and they give it to me immediately. a hand comes from out of a wall and hands it to me. i give the hand 2.25 and leave. i swim to the lady and give her her sandwich.
    11. The Glowing Lake

      by , 05-13-2011 at 03:16 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 09-13-10
      Length: 20 Minutes
      Vividness: 8/10

      I was sitting at a lake as the sun was beginning to set.
      I was with Dakota and another person who I do not remember.

      The lake was completely drained so we decided to go lay in it.
      By the time we got down there, the sun had gone completely down, and the lake had filled a little bit.
      The person who I don't remember swam to the ledge, and I followed.
      Dakota made a comment about how fast I swim.

      I looked around and saw a faint glowing ball in a little Cave of the lake.
      The person I don't remember and I decided to swim to it.

      As we started swimming, I got a feeling of being very scared of it.
      I stopped and started heading back, feeling more and more terrified every second.
      I woke up right after.

    12. Dec 24

      by , 12-25-2010 at 03:39 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Careful with that Crossbow...

      I was giving a presentation on Medieval and Revolutionary weaponry and me and my partner were dressed up in English Army garb from around the era of Captain Jack Sparrow. We were showing off a giant cross bow and we were going to use it. I got a rock for my partner to shoot at and he kept pointing the giant crossbow (it was like a very large wheel barrow with a crossbow on it...) at me in a joking fashion. I was laughing and dodging his aim at the same time. My laugh was a mix between "Ha this is great fun joking with you!" and "Crap this guy is crazy and I'm nervous".

      Black Farmer (FRAG)

      I was a farmer and no one would give me supplies because I'm black.
    13. February 2010: A girl I liked.

      by , 09-27-2010 at 07:19 AM
      I am at high school, when I see my female friend approaching me, looking nervous and excited. After some small talk, she tells me that she thinks I'm hot. I laugh nervously, saying something along the lines of "okay." She giggles, embracing me as we make out. After about the third kiss, she seems to notice my inexperience with romance, ans says that I "just kissed her." She recommends that I go a bit more slowly, less kissing and more cuddling. At some point, the dream ends.
    14. Morning of October 12th 2009

      by , 06-08-2010 at 09:51 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      There were a good few dreams which I could remember earlier, but stupidly, I never wrote them down. So these are just fragments of memories.

      I remember being in my school, in class like usual, then when next period came, I went to PE, my normal PE teacher was there. A few of my friends were there, but not the people in my normal PE class.

      We didn't actually do PE, we did random stuff, moving stuff around and what not. I can't remember fully what we did.

      Then it was time for me to go home like I would usually do on a Friday, even though today is actually Monday.

      So, I walked out the door, and I was looking for my driving instructor, (this must have come up because I am nervous about my driving lessons starting soon). Then I remembered, "oh wait... That thing starts next Wednesday" and I was very relieved.
      So I started walking home like normal, all the normal thoughts were running through me head, "hmmm, should I go to the shop or the baker's..."etc. I was walking out of sight of the school building, I could see the leaves on the ground, the texture of the concrete pavement. Everything seems so realistic when I look back to it. This part of the dream is the part which I remember most, even though it is not that interesting.

      Then the next thing I remember is another dream I think. I was in a shopping centre with my mum, and I was looking around to try and buy Slayer a cat girl, weird huh?
      Then, the rest of that thing is blurred in my memory.

      The next thing I remember is being outside this big mansion, outside it's big gates. I am pretty sure there were other members of DV there, but I just cannot remember right now. For some reason A Roxxor rings a bell. But, maybe he wasn't there.
      I cannot remember what we did, I think we were planning an attack on the mansion, but I don't think we got round to it.

      And that is all the details I can remember for now. The dream was more interesting and exiting than that, I can remember that much anyway.
      Tags: nervous, slayer, weird