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    1. School, Church, and Karl Urban

      by , 11-29-2020 at 09:00 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am back in my old grade school. All of my old classmates are there, we are all dressed in our uniforms. But we are all our current ages. It's like a combination of a class reunion and an assembly/lunchroom gathering. All the teachers are treating us like kids, all the classmates are acting exactly like they were when we were younger. I say the word Ass while talking to a teacher and the whole table gasps and the teacher starts to get mad. I seem to be the only one who knows I'm 32. I sarcastically ask her, what??? Are you going to do?? Give me a detention?? Ha! I kind of shout that we are all between 28 and 32 but no one seems to have changed. Everyone is exactly who they were when we were kids. I am partly disgusted by everyone's demeanour. The first girl I met when I was visiting my middle school as a kid was there sitting next to me. I try to talk to her but she is visibly bothered with my attitude and thinks I am bad for cussing. It figures.

      In school an older woman lets me play her musical instrument which resembles a hang drum, only the underside has many springs in it. She tells me she bought it for $8 and was able to tune the springs to make good sounds. I love playing it because it sounds awesome. She tells me I can have it because I obviously enjoy it more than she does. I take it apart trying to figure out how it is a chair. I cannot get it back together and once the lady is gone I cannot get it to make the nice sounds again. She has it in her car for me to pick up when I leave.

      I was friends with Karl Urban. As a joke we spray tanned his face and dyed his hair blonde. It was funny and he was in on the joke. We were both dressed like cupid and running around the school like idiots laughing.

      I have the datsun car, it is parked at an old school. It has been broken into while I was in school and the windshield is broken and one of the change holders was unscrewed and taken.
      While driving to Bob Evans, Karl was in the car with me. I notice the glove compartment has a dollar hanging out it and open it. It is filled with money. Various denominations all in bankroll paper bands the largest I found was 20 $50 dollar bills. I told Karl I just found a thousand dollars. I am super confused because the car was running when I came back to it so I assumed I was robbed. But there was all this money in the glove compartment.
      I gathered that maybe someone stole the car for a ride/escape and stuffed a bunch of money in the glove box as a sort of 'sorry' for the repairs before returning it to the parking lot where I had it parked.
      We are driving and I tell him to go back to the lot because I forgot to get the pan/chair stool the older lady told me I could have. We go back and I get the pan, Karl is confused because it doesn't look like a pan, I took it apart and can't get it back together. I take it anyway.

      I gather we are supposed to meet some people at Bob Evans, but there are 3 Bob Evans close to us and I don't know which one they have gone to. No one is answering my calls. We go to one and I walk around the crowded restaurant. I don't see them so I call the other restaurant from the lobby. I ask the hostess if they have anyone by the name of our friends and she kind of scoffs like 'how would I know' I ask her if there is any sort of sign in sheet for people she is taking. She says no. I am frustrated so I hang up.

      I am at a church waiting to go in. There are tons of old ladies.
      We are standing along a border fence that's really just a tall wired fence with huge gaps in it.
      2 mexican boys try to make a run for the fence (from our side) and I know they are being watched so I try to encourage them not to do it. One changes his mind one tries anyway. The police run after them.
      Church opens up and the people standing in line all file in while the border police are running the other way to get the kid trying to jump the fence.
      When I get inside I notice one of those interchangeable letters poster boards with the lines on it. There was a post-it note on it warning people not to change the letters. They were all mixed around to make funny statements, something along the lines of the Taco Lord is Coming to Save us All.
    2. Dream - Stop Calling Me

      by , 05-01-2017 at 12:16 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 1 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 105 - Stop Calling Me

      Someone was attacking me, but I forgot who it was. And so I did the usual, I called out for WB but this time, she was really hard to get. I eventually saw two girls that had some swapped over features. One looked like WB but spoke like KM while the other one looked like KM but spoke like WB. I had a hard time identifying which one was actually WB. One by one, I closely examined them both and figured that it was the one that looked like KM because she did have a small adopted feature of WB's “fat lips”.

      When I pointed out that I knew it was her, her features started to morph completely in to WB alone. I yelled out, “WB!” in relief and quickly hugged her but then as I started to hear some slight growls, I quickly let go. She then got angry at me and was almost yelling now, she said in a low, loud voice “stop calling me” and my answer was “but I'm about to die!” in a distressed tone. And then she left me and soon I discovered where she was actually going. She was going to Ms L to tell on me! And then for the rest of the dream, I had to find ways to hide from the attacker myself. That's all I can remember.

      This has definitely got to be the real WB... Dreamy WB wouldn't act as brutal and she would have taken the attacker out in no time. It seems that when I call out for WB in a stressful situations, I want Dreamy WB but the probability of that is only a 50/50 chance. When it's a less stressful dream, I don't mind who comes.
    3. DJ Entry 11Night Of 7/28/16

      by , 07-29-2016 at 09:38 PM
      Well... In a sense I went to sleep at 1 a.m. so... Let's just get to the point

      Not having any dreams worth mentioning for a while now, I haven't posted for quite a long time. Now this dream, however... This needed to be discussed.

      It was about 1:30 a.m. and I was tired so I went to sleep. Got comfy real quick, set my alarm to 6:30 in the morning, all that stuff. Now here are the first set of dreams:

      1. Oddly enough, I was a prehistoric animal (for some strange reason) and was in a cave when a... Tiger? Came by killing everything in sight. Now I still felt fear even though I knew it was just a dream. Maybe I wanted the dream to continue on? Either way, I stood against the wall and... For whatever reason the tiger just kinda skipped past me for no appearent reason. Knowing the big cat was still hungry I couldn't help but think it was some of my optimism. For example, I wouldn't've stayed still had I known I would get killed for sure. Anyways, walking out the cave I was led to my old bedroom for whatever reason. I then saw that same tiger waiting there, and at that moment when I walked out, I was my 5-year-old self with the same mindset as I am right now.

      The tiger then said "What were you thinking?" I just stood silent. We went to the bathroom to discuss some things (for whatever reason) and the discussion stood quite stable. I said "I just knew if I stayed optimistic then maybe chances were I'd be safe. The tiger asked "You know I just killed your entire family, right?" To which I responded "and you know this is a dream where I can simply bring then back, right?". The tiger kinda just stood silent. I left the bathroom and well what do you know? I'm back to myself again!

      In this dream, it seemed as school has started up. The date was August 17th on the first day of school. I then kinda teleported to my old school ('cause I hate my new school) and was in the workout room for some reason. Oddly enough, I was the one to view the dream this time. I saw a discussion going on about the whole tiger incident and it seemed like everyone knew about it. Though oddly enough everyone came back alive after the tiger killed everyone. I teleported home and it seemed like my dad was doing some work on the floors (I was back in my present home at this time) and my bedroom floor was oak instead of cherry for some reason. I then woke up to my 6:30 alarm.

      I pretty much said "Screw you alarm, I'm going to find out what happens next!" And headed back to sleep. In the next dream I kinda saw a flashback on the things that happened and was in my old house again. Next thing you know the Tiger's a T-Rex this time. Oddly enough all is the same. This time we headed up the appalaichians Only to discover something was a bit off this time. We hit the tip and we were back in the bedroom.

      Then we discovered a telescope in my room which i couldn't help but look through. All's the same, except when I look back the T-Rex is just gone. I then Lie in bed for a few wondering where they went, and then all the sudden what do you know, there's a 7-foot tall robot in my room for no appearent reason just taking off. I kinda shrugged it off until the T-Rex came back as a Tiger and we had the discussion. We kinda said our goodbye to eachother and the dream ended. I got a fine 13 hours of sleep when I woke up and my thoughts about the dream still remain as I typed this.

      I woke up choking on phlegm as i saw it was 2:15 in the afternoon.

      Please let me know what you think of this confusing dream in the comments.
    4. Got milk?

      by , 02-21-2016 at 05:51 PM
      All I can remember is somone insisting on having soy/skim milk.

      P.S. milk symbolizes maternal instincs, motherly love, human kindness, compassion, and wholesomeness.
    5. longest false awakening ever.

      by , 12-20-2015 at 07:11 AM
      this was a while back, but I'll post what I remember

      I was in bed with my boyfriend, and I woke up cause I was rather thirsty. I turned in bed and got a drink, at this point I think I actually was awake but I don't know for sure. Either way I rolled back over, hugged onto my boyfriend and fell asleep, I started having a weird dream where I was in this room with a bunch of guys I didn't recognize. I don't remember what was going on but I do remember one of the guys kept like coming onto me, he touched my arm and I jerked awake still hugging my boyfriend. I felt really light headed and tired though and soon fell right back asleep ending up in the same room as before, this time there was one less guy and I just walked around kind of exploring the room. it seemed like a hotel room and I have like brief flashes of faces and people I encountered but I still don't remember what happened, the guy soon returned and was a bit more forceful this time and tried to kiss me, again I jerk awake, even more lightheaded than before and trying desperately to stay awake but I soon passed out again. this happened like 15+ times and I have no idea if I was actually waking up or if it was a false awakening. the last time the guy like tried to tug my pants down and I jerked awake, actually managing to sit up and look around my room unsure if I was actually awake or not, it legit had me too scared to go back to sleep but I did and the rest of the night was uneventful.
    6. Dreaming of Dreaming

      by , 09-18-2015 at 08:41 PM
      Well this may seem very confusing but I'll try to explain it, I was in my actual dream and then I remembered something that I read on the forums, if you close your eyes in a dream you'll wake up? So then not being lucid in this dream I entered into the dream's dream and I cannot remember what this dream was like.

      All I know about this dream in my dream was that I somewhat had control over it not like my real life dreams. I then closed my eyes and it was black for about half a second and then it went white for about 2 seconds and then I woke up in a FA at school staring at a clock that said 5:55pm.
    7. To meet one who isn't known.

      by , 05-21-2014 at 03:11 AM
      I walk into a baseball park, walking next to a beautiful huskey, unleashed, that isn't mine, and I didn't know the name of. We walk to the back of the fields, the dog sniffing around and such, then it looked up in the direction of some woodlands behind the fields. A strange black goat, with flesh hanging off in spots, and with no eyes, comes sprinting past out of the woods. It passes us quickly, then collapses at the closest sidewalk to us. There was no blood around the animal, and nothing chasing it. And even stranger, the goat didn't look as if the wounds were inflicted on it. They seemed to be.. a part of it. The husky walks off, paying no attention to the animal. I examine it a little more though. Then in the next instant there is a boy next to me that I didn't know either. I had never seen his face before. He never gave a name, and said nothing at first. After glancing at the carcas, he told me to watch out for something, but I didn't catch what he told me to look out for. It seemed my dream wouldn't let me hear it, because when he repeated it a little more urgently, I still could not understand.
      I called the dog over using a name that I didn't know, and couldn't hear. Like the boy, I couldn't hear or think the name I called out to.
      The dog ran over to me, and just as he neared me, and man in a car pulled up alongside the sidewalk, a rifle in hand. He said nothing as he drove past, only looked at me and the boy, but I got the feeling if pure terror.
      I ran away, with the dog and boy in tow. I called out the boys name, and again could not understand the name I had called, and told him to run faster.

      And that was were it ended. But fast forward four and a half years, I have the same exact dream again. This time, I knew the names of the boy and the dog. I could call them out in the dream. The boy, I met in my second half of freshmen year, highschool, and he turned out to be my boyfriend in my sophomore year, Sam.

      I have yet to tell him of my dreams, and we are still together to this day.

      As for the dog, it turned out to be the boys dog (Sam's dog), Chaga.
      (Pronounced: Cha-Sha)

      The goat and the man are still a mystery to me. As well as what Sam was trying to warn me about. That is still not clear.

      I'm not sure if I should let Sam know about my dream, or not. I have no idea if it has any significance. But when I had the dream, I did not know him then, and had never seen him before. We lived in different states altogether.

      The reason I didn't recognise him from my dream the instant I met him was because somehow I had forgotten about the dream completely until I had it again a few days ago. Then I woke up and remembered everything.

      Is there anything anyone can explain to me? Maybe why I dreamed about someone I met four and a half years later? Or maybe the significance of it if at all?
    8. The Wanted

      by , 11-28-2013 at 05:43 AM
      First thing i remember is that we were in a classroom and the teacher told us to go out and have sex with as many boys as we could. All of us were in shock. I went out and the school had some sort of carnival going on. There was a cute guy sitting and looking at me. Then his friend sprayed snow spray on me and the snow spray was on fire so i threw my self on the ground so it would get off me and i kind of fell into him. Then he told his friend what the hell man and his friend winked and whispered to him, so i could introduce you guys. The guy smiled and told his friend that he owed him. We sat talking for a while. I decided he was going to be the first guy i slept with for some reason. After that my dad came and we fought and he left. Then me and the guy went to the bedroom and kissed and i don't remember what happened after. Then after that my business teacher was talking to me and he was wearing a The Wanted Jacket. So i told him, wait, you like them too, and he was like i'm their manager so i started freaking out and kept asking him if i could take a picture with him and begged him if he could get them to Egypt. And then i was like i knew he was their manager. He lived right next to them in Sahel. They live near me. It was so weird. Then i don't remember what happened. It was actually confusing.
    9. Epilepsy theater

      by , 11-16-2013 at 01:38 AM
      In this dream there was a huge white square, much like a billboard, or a huge theater screen but outside in the middle of a valley. I sat in the grass with two other unknown people, and when I looked at this screen, it would start "overloading my senses", sending me into something similar to a seizure. To explain in other words, when I looked at the screen, it started rapidly flashing black and white square patterns, sent a weird bass pressure pattern to my ears as if it was a mix of airplane-ear-popping and having a subwoofer on each side of my head. Looking at it gave me tunnel vision and the more I looked at it, the further away it seemed and the more my vision blackened out, sending me on the verge to faint. My eyes hurt and I felt nauseous. I looked away and avoided looking at the screen for the rest of the dream, in which I didn't do much of significance.

      I have a feeling this dream was inspired by an occurrence while I attempted to fall asleep; I sat up in my bed and looked at the digital clock on my TV receiver when I felt dizzy, and it started seeming like the lights from the clock were way further away.
    10. A Character In A Scary Movie

      by , 09-09-2013 at 01:48 AM (Exploration of my Mind)
      The dream started as a different dream that I can't exactly remember but somehow it led into me laying in a bed watching a movie. Next thing I know, the dream was taking place in the movie. I was a character in the movie instead of myself. I don't even think I looked like myself. I have never had a dream where I was not myself, this was the first one where I played another character. (If anyone else has had a similar situation, I would love to hear about it). In this horror "movie" I was a greaser type guy protecting my gf/date while we waited to see a movie (I know, lol) from a masked man who stood and pointed at her, blaming her for something she must of did. I do not recognize anyone in the dream. I finally see the masked man and decide to run towards him. As I do this I start to become lucid, but not fully. I try to yell for my friends to grab him but I can't (Common in my dreams for me to have trouble talking). I can fee,l what I think is, my real life mouth trying to open and talk but it won't budge. I am scared and try and wake up but what happens is the "Other dream me" "watching" THIS movie stands up to look away from the movie. As if the "me" watching the movie had woken up. I was not completely aware or in control for ether dream bodies. I barely controlled my actions and did not have a huge "I'm dreaming" moment. I realize I need to learn to control my talking in dreams and also control my dream body without trying to move my real body.
    11. Wasp induced lucid dream

      by , 08-17-2013 at 03:27 PM
      On the day prior to this dream, I'd been on a bus and noticed an angry looking wasp in the window, which is my ultimate terror. Usually you can run away like a bitch hoping the wasp doesn't sting you, but on a 50 minute bus ride you just have to chill and fight the urge to scream like a little girl and hope the wasp doesn't put you on its shit-list.

      So after a night of drinking I should have forgotten all about the wasp, but my dream went like this:
      I woke up in my bed (like most of my other dreams have started lately) and behold, the area around my bed is full of wasps. Crawling on the walls, on the pillows, on the blankets, on my face, even on my lips. I wanted to die. I had a slight notion that I was dreaming, but I never have control until I perform my reality check, and with a wasp crawling around on my face, I'd rather try to wake myself up. I attempted forcing my real eyes open, which is like a layer outside of my dream eyes - not sure how to explain it, I'm not even sure I understand it.
      So I woke up, and again I was in my bed with wasps around me. At this point I was fully convinced the wasps were actually there and it wasn't a dream, but for good measure I decided to perform a quick reality check. Clenched my nose and tried to breathe, and to my surprise, it actually was a dream. I threw my covers off of me and stormed out of the room. I tried to open the skylight window on the hallway, but it was stuck. I gave it a good punch that pushed it open. I crawled out and flew away to explore.
    12. An Interesting Turn of Events

      by , 05-11-2013 at 11:34 PM
      I believe due to my constant research and obession of becoming lucid i have forced my mind to become aware of every dream i have,
      There is not one dream i do not recall,
      From the dreams of walking around college as if in real life only subtle changes such as lecturers teaching in what i believe to be spanish rather than english and so on...
      as far as gaining control of these dreams goes i have however been unsuccessful as soon as i attempt to change or take control of dreams i either wake up or am taken to another dream in which i am taken off gaurd and have to take time to adjust by which time it would have changed again, any advice on this?
      it would be appreciated as it is driving me slightly insane with me now constantly performing RC's in real life as the line between dreams and reality becomes less and less.

      Typed with steady fingers by a slighlty exhausted and twitching bear.

      The Bear Life
    13. Two dreams alternate and then mesh together

      by , 12-01-2012 at 03:47 AM

      It's difficult for me to tell if in this dream I went to a location and then returned to said location, or if I had a (complex) false memory while in the dream of a dream I never had.


      One part of the dream would cut to the other fairly often, I think.

      One dream-plot is that my brother E, my father, my mother, E's wife M, and I were on a road trip. Maybe is would be more fitting to call it an odyssey, as it was winter and snowy and we just kept having to stop to make the road or help people or whatever. We were in a minivan.

      I remember at some point in this story-arc we were outside on the road, effectively at our destination... or one of them. We were all placing equally spaced boards in the snow next to the road.
      Don't ask me why. I just thought it was funny when M put one in the snow and it stood upright.

      The other dream-plot is that I was re-visiting a great concert hall. Here's where the difficulty occurs: I don't know if I'd actually been there previously in a dream or in this dream or ever, yet I remembered being there before and talking to the director of an orchestra that was to practice there soon. Somehow that memory included a mock-train onstage and (I remember very clearly) the orchestra playing music from Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6.
      But I was there again. For some reason.

      When I left, (and I know this was in the dream, not a possibly false memory) it was in a small crowd of college-aged people, mostly guys. I chatted a bit with one on the way out, and when I got back outside I got in the van (that's where the two story arc come together). As soon as I got in, though, the thought was that at least some of the guys coming out of the performance hall were to come with us in the van. (Which now only had my mom and myself.)
      Some of the guys got in the middle seats and then I helped another guy (a really pleasant person) get in back, where I was.
      I mentioned to mom about the odd music playing in the context of it being a memory. (more confusion about that upon waking.)
    14. Dream Guide... ?!?!

      by , 07-03-2012 at 08:21 PM (My Dream Journal; Mentis est Infinata)
      Sorry for the lack of entries lately. However, I have something to make it up; my most WILD experience ever (It's funny because this actually involves WILDs ).

      I would like to start off by saying this was a non-lucid dream. The main issue here is that all of the dream's details are scrambled pretty badly. Each detail is split into two, and both halves are basically the opposite. I can't tell if the advice was written or being spoken aloud. If it was spoken aloud, then it was one of the following: a powerful, god-like voice that seemed to echo in all directions; and a weak, nerd-like voice. In the spoken aloud case, one detail is clear: my dream guide is male. I was actually expecting it to be female, because it's very common for people to have dream guides of the opposite gender.

      I don't know what to make of this, but I know what he told me. I remember exactly what he said, but not in words, not in sounds, and not in pictures. I remember it in code; and I'm not talking about something like binary, numbers, letters, symbols or anything else. I can only remember and describe it in pure thought and nothing else.

      I am unable to translate my DG's advice into words; all I can tell you is this: Recently I've been struggling greatly with WILD. My DG has giving me some advice with it. He insists that it is almost guaranteed to help me and that I should expect to finally do a WILD successfully tonight as long as I put forth enough effort. Unfortunately, I cannot share his advice because it involves personal information. Plus, both me and my dream guide agree that this method would be ineffective to the vast majority of lucid dreamers out there.

      I understand that this is all very difficult to understand and believe, but it is true and I promise no lies were spoken in this entry; if I have deceived, mislead or confused you in any possible way, please know that I did not have any intent of doing so. I assure you that I'm quite confused myself. I've heard of shared dreaming and all, but I've never heard of anything like this.

      If you have anything to say on the matter, PLEASE let me know!
    15. Confusing Dream Fragment

      by , 06-21-2012 at 01:10 AM (Elegy Dreams)
      Everyone has those confusing dreams or dream fragments.
      Today I've had one of those and once again forgot to do a reality check, which is frustrating.
      Anyways, i was in Paris or France.
      I could tell cause of how the people dressed and the buildings as well. But the confusing part is when i am in the middle of the road and the world starts to tilt sideways and i fall to the very end of the road... which seems to be a wooden hotel room blocking the road, and an open window.
      Anyways the road becomes a wall, the hotel room becomes a floor and the window is the hole in the floor and if i fall through that whole, well i fall into space or wherever else.
      And there's beds in all hotel rooms right? Well this French mime is sleeping in the bed and is waken up by the chaos. Well he looks at me and -Facepalms-... which is when i start screaming.
      now that i think about it, it's a funny dream kind of but still very confusing and weird. Also i remember this guy walking up to me and saying " everything's upside down in Paris" some time in the dream... i think maybe when i was standing in the middle of the road.
      < END OF DREAM>
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