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  1. Mansion/Underground Bunker/Flying/Google Maps/Cats Fighting
  2. Interpret dream about a wolf?
  3. Strampled by a horse
  4. Chasing swapt meets.
  5. "Killer" squid stopping me from entering my room
  6. Morphing with someone
  7. Walking barefoot
  8. Help with a dream about love
  9. Reoccurring locations in dreams?
  10. Killing an infant
  11. dream of supernatural powers
  12. Dreaming About a Girl
  13. snake dream
  14. Evil clowns and the underground dumpster world
  15. the death of a monster
  16. Weird mixed, dream. I feel like it has an inner meaning.
  17. escaping from a grassfield of snakes, nr2.20
  18. driving alone - snow in tropical weather
  19. I don't understand what my dreams are trying to say. Can anyone help?
  20. Tower, Fish and Beetle Dream
  21. A dream about my childhood friend/love interest
  22. Recurring suitcase dream
  23. one of those mixed up dreams i have everyday. it has 3 parts
  24. Has anyone ever had a Illuminati dream before?
  25. Loosing teeth in dreams.
  26. Disturbing dream, fire, knives, zodiac signs, ....
  27. Strangers vehicle...what is the meaning of this
  28. Abusive father hurting girlfriend
  29. Nightmare Invovling The Woman I Love In Real Life.
  30. Very Strange Nightmares I had when I was 6 years old.
  31. Can someone tell me what I'm missing
  32. Storms, confusion and Betrayal dream
  33. A war in heaven dream? Interpretation please!
  34. recurring gay dream about the same person?
  35. Can't breathe
  36. Creepy young girl
  37. kissing someone you don't particularly get on with in a dream
  38. seducing a co-worker?
  39. Strange talking Baby of Mid-30s - Is she real
  40. Dream about getting drunk
  41. Dream about Bridges...
  42. husband crying
  43. Dreaming of Flying & something trying to stop me..?
  44. Wrong movie...?
  45. Help, can't tell if awake or asleep!
  46. Two Dreams
  47. Week of having dreams
  48. Girlfriend's recurring nightmare
  49. Please tell me what this dream means
  50. Strange and Disturbing Dream
  51. rape dream, please help me understand
  52. Weird dreams haunting my waking life?
  53. odd question
  54. reoccurring dreams for 4 years!
  55. Here's a new, much simpler and quicker translation format for your dreams!
  56. Please provide me your second opinions on this dream:
  57. My Dream of Marriage and Wedding
  58. Seeing strange guy in my dreams
  59. Weird sense of Deja Vu.. Please help
  60. Dogs not so scary afterall
  61. Dream of dead girl obsessed with me?!
  62. sting ray, thorns
  63. Need interpretation and advice
  64. Shared Dream, watching plane crash
  65. Incest step brother?
  66. Recurring dream subject
  67. symbol interpretation
  68. Sexual yet not as fun
  69. I dreamed of a disturbing train wreck, what does it mean?
  70. Different Dreams, Same Face
  71. hello everyone! wedding dress dream?
  72. Giant Room, Machine, Falling...
  73. Past crush
  74. Very strange dream about my scalp and brain -warning, this is pretty gross-
  75. The Far Side of the Moon
  76. Help: Weird dream about a guy I barely know...
  77. october 22, 1923
  78. Held captive in a house; Medical procedures?
  79. Would anyone interpret this nightmare for me? ( And hello, everyone :) )
  80. dreaming about dead ex boyfriend.
  81. Sexual dreams about a relative.
  82. Dreaming about the end.
  83. Can *not* dreaming about someone mean something too?
  84. Dreamed war, wolves, blood, faced death...
  85. Interested to hear interpretations.
  86. A Very Real Dream
  87. I asked someone to kill me, but i could not die?
  88. Can someone interpretate my dream for me?
  89. A very peculiar dream.
  90. dream that i asked some I knew to kill me, but i could not die
  91. Always Darkness
  92. Knocked down
  93. Seeking Dream Interpretation - Recurring Dream
  94. my life dream
  95. Yoghurt dream meaning?
  96. Very Powerful
  97. Recurring dream character
  98. Fragment collecting.
  99. really really strange dream.
  100. Boyfriend dreamt he was married to me (10 years after the wedding)
  101. Dreams, that tries to tell me something? :O
  102. Natural Disaster Dream
  103. Girlfriend Cheating on me in a dream
  104. rape dreams what do they mean
  105. Can i get a clear interpretation about my windmill dream?
  106. i always dream im the opposite gender
  107. Numbers or stepping stones. not keeping up
  108. Frightening Dream Where I Get Shot, End Up In Coma
  109. Iron Man dream.
  110. Underground Abandoned Building
  111. Disfigured face and love
  112. Disfigured face and love
  113. Nightmare... please help me interpret!!!
  114. Solar Eclipse dream?
  115. Hidden Meaning of Music In Dreams
  116. Strange Dream Involving Boxing, Iniesta, and Loneliness
  117. My Life Decisions and My Last Dream
  118. A heavy set of keys (Dream interpretation anyone?)
  119. Flying in the clouds
  120. Becoming Intimate With a Close Friend In My Dream?
  121. Two very different dreams in one night. Any help interpreting please?
  122. Really strange dream. HELP!
  123. Recurring childhood dream, possibly about afterlife?
  124. Disturbing dream, time is of the essence
  125. extremely symbolic, dont know where to begin. very intense. what does it mean?
  126. this dream had me wondering
  127. Nightmare
  128. everybody is dying but me... weird dream
  129. Well, it started OUT as a nice smutty dream... (Divorce Grief Dream)
  130. Waking up in another bed.
  131. Longest dream I ever had...
  132. My mysterious white fox
  133. i dreamt my boyfriend died
  134. A Strange Rescue
  135. Heart Surgery, Husband Suicide...What does this mean?
  136. Extreme emotion etc
  137. Saddest dream I've ever had. Can you interpret?
  138. Eight Babies
  139. help please!!
  140. Disturbing dream- help interpreting
  141. Help interpreting weird dream
  142. Recurring beach dream but "inland".
  143. Recurring Dream About Someone I've Only Met Once?
  144. weird/sick recurring dream....... Help me interpret it please?
  145. Really Weird Dream, views.....
  146. Could someone help with this?
  147. Sad dream, can someone explain please?
  148. ignored by passerby
  149. Grim?
  150. A dream about shark meat, family BBQs, and elite mercenary squads
  151. A slightly different take on gender swap dream.
  152. lucid dream strange
  153. Hey! I'm new and need help
  154. Dreams about someone i never met before
  155. baby dream going backwards
  156. Baby Dream
  157. ex bestfriends
  158. Reocurring dream of ex replacing my wife
  159. Cant run, but not being chased.
  160. Odd dreams
  161. Mystical dream (need interpretation!)
  162. Crazy Race
  163. hotel on fire
  164. Interpretation of my dream?
  165. can anyone interpret this dream?
  166. Snake growing out of my body
  167. Loads of recurring dreams about being pregnant/being in labour?
  168. Recurring dream settings but different activities inside the dream.
  169. "Blood and Air"
  170. "A One-War Life."
  171. Confused
  172. Looked up dictionary after dream
  173. vicious dogs, lobotomy and murder
  174. creepy dream please help
  175. Prevailing themes in my dreams
  176. Who Cares About Korea?
  177. my husbands friend???
  178. Need help with meaning of recurring nightmare?
  179. Every Night (PLEASE HELP ME)
  180. Girl I never met
  181. Interpret my grandmas dream?
  182. He Man And She Ra Dream
  183. TV show, pregnant, Christ, gun
  184. Some help interpreting this "romantic" dream please
  185. Hiding from a drugged up bear?
  186. dream after breakup
  187. Weird dream about school, help?
  188. Confusing emotions, don't know what to make of it.
  189. house/shadow man dreams
  190. Ghosts
  191. everything or nothing
  192. Elevators...
  193. Other girls in the dream, cheating on GF?
  194. What could this mean?
  195. Keep dreaming about multiple exes
  196. A nightmare that didn't seem like a nightmare
  197. My night as a demon. . .
  198. Falling Awake
  199. Nightmare of my cousin who died..
  200. Dreams while waiting to take a pregnancy test
  201. Hickeys
  202. Blue socks, a bathtub, and my old crush? (warning: kind of inappropriate)
  203. saving children and sister pregnant
  204. What could this mean?
  205. presentation, church, running away
  206. Somebody interpret these dreams for me please.
  207. Hair inside my calves?? please help
  208. Does this mean anything?
  209. A Dream of The Tower
  210. White orb and dark shadow dream last night.
  211. Dream about Ex-Girlfriend...
  212. Dream of Dying
  213. Sadness/Death/Friend/Parent
  214. Having dreams about having a son?? What could this mean?
  215. creepy dream
  216. Elementary School
  217. Cruise Ship
  218. Disturbing dream...
  219. Haunted by a Chinese ghost
  220. Setting clothing on fire?
  221. I dream I am a leopard
  222. Highly Sexualised Dream, BUt...
  223. Am I evil?
  224. An Angel with Two Noses?
  225. Dreams of Injustice
  226. Cats
  227. A very short, suicidal dream that brought me peace? Help?
  228. Depression from Dreaming
  229. Erupting volcano
  230. Can someone help me figure out this dream please?
  231. I was responsible for my dad's death
  232. I dream of my lover every night, even when im sleeping next to him...why???
  233. My friend and a unknown meangirl...help
  234. Recurring theme
  235. Series of upsetting family dreams.
  236. Disturbing family dream
  237. Wierd ritual dream
  238. Last Night I Was Told I Would Die
  239. An old recurring dream of mine
  240. Anxiety dreams I think, need them to go away.
  241. Glass house in blue forest
  242. White light
  243. 2PAC Dream What Does It Mean?
  244. Looking for interpretation from a lucid dreamer with almost no details provided
  245. road, TV, aparment, Emma
  246. Dream meaning please?
  247. Vivid strange dream. please interpret!
  248. Can somebody please interpret this?
  249. Please help me with my Red State dream
  250. Dreamt i had divine power