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  1. need help interpreting an important dream i had a few nights ago
  2. I transformed into a devil/monster in my dream...please help in interpreting
  3. Old man?
  4. The Dream Just Knows
  5. I was being chased by the darkness, and the shadow helped me. What the heck?
  6. Odd dream that seeemingly came out of nowhere.
  7. Divorce + elevator? Help much appreciated!
  8. Haunted House Tour
  9. Faceless Gollum (re-post from another forum)
  10. Strange Girlfriend Dream
  11. in love with celeb??????
  12. Tattooist sex? PLEASE HELP
  13. Help me understand my Nightmare?
  14. Hi, first post here. Need help with understanding last nights dream
  15. Strange upsetting dream
  16. So Confused...
  17. Reoccuring Dreams
  18. Pregnant
  19. Being the teacher giving a test?
  20. Can someone please tell me what this means!!!!!
  21. Holding new born babies
  22. Levitation
  23. Dream loop I can't see the end of
  24. House with the Third Floor
  25. my sisters miscarried baby
  26. A Long Horseback Ride
  27. Dream About Big House
  28. Dream about Fight with Dog
  29. Disturbing imagines
  30. BDSM relationship with my childhood bully
  31. Unable to climb a hill, baby crying, demonic screaming, etc.
  32. Keep dreaming of a place I don't know
  33. My son had the same dream I had several months ago!
  34. Strange recurring dream taking place over 2-3 years and a very wierd and lucid dream.
  35. please explain this dream which is about my best friend
  36. Possible visitation dream from deceased boyfriend?
  37. my first ever dream where i saw my own 'death'
  38. Transformation, whales, sad bird and magic
  39. sword in stone, , toyland
  40. Strange Phantom experience/dream
  41. Dreamt of a Young Boy... Who was my Uncle?
  42. Weird dream about consenting to be killed
  43. Dreams about being kidnapped and trapped?
  44. Stange dream i had
  45. A year or so ago...
  46. Mr. Alligator
  47. This hotel is keep recurring in my dream
  48. Possessed object
  49. What does this dream mean?
  50. The wolf, me or someone else?
  51. shifting gravity dream
  52. My Dream
  53. Reoccuring dream - little girl in barn - spontaneously combusting
  54. an owl in the bathtub, a flying horse, and a giant VHS creature
  55. Egypt, Orion and Nibiru
  56. WhiteNoise88 Dream Journal Entry 2
  57. Child with glowing eyes & a goat?
  58. Seeing blue and red lights amongs with the stars in the nightsky
  59. Burning building
  60. Anyone know what a full moon dream means?
  61. Amazonian Hurricane -- dream interpretation?
  62. Angel of Death dream
  63. Strange dream mash, need help
  64. Being young again.
  65. Wrong seat
  66. Weird/ messed up dreams
  67. Relationships with women
  68. Dream interpretation?
  69. I dream about girls- but are never sexual.
  70. Of animals, other people and decapitation
  71. Hello, I need help with a dream interpretation!
  72. A guy I was in love with, in a restaurant dancing with a woman
  73. When I am learning something new, I ride 'trains' in my dreams.
  74. Am I dying in real life?
  75. Multiple dreams of being told I was the devil.
  76. nightmare... raped by a co-worker
  77. Nightmare Interpretation
  78. Ring missing a stone and car sinking in river
  79. New to Dream Interpretation
  80. Interesting case of Dream's over the Year's.
  81. I need help with an interpretation.
  82. Outgoingness and love stories, what do they mean?
  83. Weird non existent penis dream
  84. A Different Kind Of Falling Dream...?
  85. Baby Girl Dreams?
  86. mom and daughter killing each other
  87. Red wasp dream
  88. Drinking Jesus Whiskey (?!?!) and a night out with my friends
  89. Nice Dream made me depressed.
  90. Lasts nights crazy dream
  91. attack and attention
  92. Realistic Dreams or Hallucinations?
  93. Snakes eating themselves
  94. Two lions, a wolf, a bird, a boar, and a house
  95. A haunting dream
  96. Death and resurrection
  97. talking to myself from a different world
  98. Fatherly advice from beyond the grave?
  99. Weird dreams since baby was born
  100. Man living under a bridge, bondaging a woman
  101. House of horrors... literaly
  102. What does my dream mean? Surrogacy and pregnancy...
  103. Please I need help interpreting a dream Please
  104. A 'bad' (lucid) dream
  105. large moon/planets?
  106. I was a boy in my dream (though I'm female)
  107. Finding peace
  108. Long 3 part dream?
  109. Please help me interpret these dreams :)
  110. dead kittens and a man with 8 nipples
  111. What does this mean??
  112. Has seen my colleague / boss for a week in different dreams :-/
  113. What does this say about me?
  114. Spirituality and dreams
  115. dream on the nature of reality?
  116. I think i saw my self in my previous life
  117. Starting a small flame on my thumb?
  118. What do these dream signs mean?
  119. Need help to interpret lucid dreams
  120. A Dream about pink sheeps, a dark cliff and school routine
  121. can someone please help interpret my friends reoccurring nightmare
  122. Destroyed City, Running Naked, Fighting People... Any Help With This One?
  123. [?] [?] Dream about sex with friends girlfriend, what does this mean :s :/ [?] [?]
  124. Interpretation of Several Dreams
  125. snake
  126. Bombs on my trip home from work
  127. confusing dream stopping me from making important decision!
  128. Pregnancy dream
  129. Powerfull dream
  130. Floating motorcycle
  131. Cant make sense of my dreams
  132. i just met my deceased mother in law?!?!
  133. Teacher saw self harm scars.
  134. Same boy, different dream?
  135. Believer
  136. Dream about a large bear
  137. Dream of paradise and woman/Girl
  138. Perplexed over this very emotional dream
  139. Gave birth to four babies that turned into pigeons
  140. Monstrous sister??
  141. Dejavu in an adbuction dream
  142. First night abroad
  143. Dream about someone I miss in a strange setting
  144. Weird End of world dream
  145. Strange, heavily guarded temple or fortress.
  146. Jackaried
  147. Dreams that feel like they continue?
  148. Nightmare involving my grandparents?
  149. Please help! No one seems to be able to!
  150. he was staring at me on the bus ... hope someone can explain this ?
  151. Intresting dream about snake bite
  152. Clean?
  153. Seeing gravestone/graveyard and him?
  154. No food, money
  155. Demon self in mirror?
  156. Separate Peace.
  157. The invasion to Girl with red eyes
  158. So real
  159. Blackbird turns to glass and shatters?
  160. Drought, desert cave , baby , animals
  161. The girl
  162. Dancing in the sky
  163. Unable to move on bed, weird things happening with woman
  164. Weird dream without variations
  165. Very stricken by this dream with my ex
  166. beautiful girl i don't know, very sad, ran away.
  167. Confusing dream & can't understand it.
  168. A very violent and graphic dream
  169. Candy theift
  170. Washing Dirty Wine Glass in public Bathroom sink??
  171. Silver Engagement Ring?
  172. I dreamt i was a girl.
  173. Is this really goodbye?
  174. Hole in pulled tooth, clenched mouth.
  175. Have I seen my future husband ??
  176. Substance take over
  177. Really puzzling dream, please help me interpret
  178. Please Help! Dream: My ex's new gf pregnant with my baby so I shot her.
  179. Girl Reaccuring in My Dreams
  180. Upsetting dream about wedding+pregnancy.
  181. Dreamt I Was A Man Having Sex With Myself (?)
  182. Dream about grandfather who passed away
  183. Dream Interpretation
  184. Kidneys failure dream
  185. Soiled Underwear
  186. looking up an old flame
  187. Recurring Plane crash dream
  188. Planets and earth in the sky, many people have the same dream
  189. Dream meaning help
  190. Weird Pregnancy Dream?
  191. Eggs in dream
  192. the doctor
  193. When I almost raped my beloved
  194. 2 people, similar dream...
  195. The Night I Almost Became a Witch
  196. Dream with lots of bugs
  197. Dreamt that a man was trying to sexually violate me
  198. A strange man was looking deeply into my eyes?
  199. A few nightmares I'd appreciate interpreting please?
  200. Selling a House on night - Buying a house the next night - theme to dreams
  201. Dream Fragments and Interpreation
  202. Turning down a date
  203. zombie cat,but not really??
  204. I have a recurring dream if a friend that committed suicide.
  205. world's end/unexpected meeting
  206. Anyone know what this might mean?
  207. Spider who transforms into a person
  208. my suicide?
  209. 2 dreams: Jungle / shooting and giant octopus that looked giant crab
  210. dream???
  211. The Midnight Stabber
  212. Odd Dream Symbols
  213. elephant
  214. Nightmare
  215. Any thought on this odd 'heroic' dream?
  216. Dreamt girl texted me to break up?
  217. grew to be about 8 feet something tall in a dream?
  218. Could someone interpret this?
  219. Just a prayer
  220. I Have a Question
  221. War zone. Opinion a must.
  222. Fishing and working with Plutonium recorded with thoughts/feelings and emotions.
  223. Blocking the ego
  224. A world without children
  225. The deja vu dream
  226. Can anyone spot a common theme in my dreams from last nigh
  227. Rings
  228. Wedding ceremony - my ex-Love and another unknown woman together getting married to one man
  229. Genealogy & tango
  230. Dads at a sleepover, & another dream about theatre
  231. Dancing, worms and cards
  232. Lovely Dream that left me Confused
  233. Growing up/engaged to a stranger...
  234. Little girl speaking to me in dreams (Anima perhaps?)
  235. Two dreams with my "the one" girl.
  236. Decaying homes/houses
  237. Alien existence, the human race was a lie? Intense dream.
  238. Dream of kissing a girl
  239. Dream of seeing beautiful sun
  240. Confusion, sadness, anger?
  241. Sewing
  242. Massive Injuries From Car Accident
  243. Umbrellas dipped in water?
  244. Dream like I've never had before. Tigers.
  245. Please help interpret: Crying, wrapped in a blanket
  246. Poltergeist dreams meaning for a phasmophobe?
  247. Can someone explain this to me .
  248. Can someone explain this to me .
  249. Hit by rain of javelins
  250. Dream of big cats: Tiger and Cheetah