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  1. Crazy dream: Seinfeld, Jackets, Doors and Steam Vents!
  2. Recurring dreams about a guy?
  3. Text messaging an acquaintance! please interpret
  4. Does being a native american mean anything? (Details inside)
  5. Parents and death
  6. Sexual preference in dream?
  7. Anyone good with dream interpretation?
  8. Guitar Plectrum Pink FLoyd Dream !!
  9. I had a nice dream... for a change
  10. old man growing young...young child growing old?
  11. Reburial of the dead
  12. A very pleasant dream about a girl with a confusing twist..to me at least
  13. Nightmares: medical bills, friends and marrying ex-bf
  14. sexy party
  15. co-worker dream
  16. I was pregnant and felt like my life was over, I did not want the baby
  17. Feet being sliced open, blood pouring everywhere
  18. my cat wants to attack me
  19. I dreamt that I changed religion
  20. chased in dreams
  21. A Reccuring Dream Theme
  22. dream of my dead uncle
  23. Anyone know the significance of the name "zeeei" or "z" as a god/diety/demon?
  24. Seeking Some Help/Advice
  25. All to real to be unreal
  26. College Dorm is a Pirate Ship and Campus is an Office
  27. Don't Know if this Means Much
  28. The Girl at the Party
  29. Death by natural cause
  30. a baby and 3 beetles..
  31. Another interesting and slightly annoying dream.
  32. High On The Horse
  33. same old thing every time, ruining my dreams! what does it mean?
  34. 2 weird dreams in 1 night
  35. Ugly Celebrities In Dreams
  36. Naked and Chakra
  37. Death, death, and more death..
  38. Running really slow in dreams
  39. My Crazy Dream
  40. Recurring Theme.
  41. Feeling pain while dreaming
  42. Don't know what to make of this... help?
  43. What does mean to dream about a baby and toddler?
  44. looking for insight
  45. Exploring Animus in Lucid Dream
  46. Shooting the mirror image of Myself
  47. Strange dream about my crush
  48. I dreamed I had a baby girl...with my ex.
  49. the Deus Ex Machina War
  50. Being stalked by a fox
  51. Addicted to smoking in dreams withought smoking?
  52. Recurring dream about having a baby
  53. seeing late father repeatedly.
  54. Frisbee Playing?
  55. Gnarly.
  56. Broken Front Teeth
  57. lamp, Jafar, maze, libarary
  58. Not much money left in your eftpos card?
  59. Silenced in a Dark Room
  60. Giant Redwood Forest
  61. horse, kidnapping Scooby doo!!!
  62. hmmmmmm............ What am I doing here
  63. Dreaming of crooked teeth?
  64. The Black Bull
  65. spiritual overtones
  66. Strong emotional love dream...
  67. The most vivid dream I ever remember having, EVER.
  68. Dreams of the future and past
  69. my very wierd dream....
  70. Being in in danger and someone trying to protect
  71. Terrorists robbing me with guns.
  72. dream of killing somebody
  73. Dreaming of moving into mansion what does this mean?
  74. Weird dream...left an impact and I don't know why.
  75. Dreams about Sex Ed
  76. A Dream About a Past Lover and My Current Lover
  77. Raining blood
  78. A girl standing in thorns, what could this mean?
  79. The Russians are Building a Theatre-Restaurant in Boston
  80. very odd drowning dream
  81. My worst dream ever... please help me understand it...
  82. I need help with this
  83. Dream Interpretation -- Sinking City
  84. Can someone interpret? Please?
  85. english class
  86. Amputating in dreams?
  87. From school to large warehouse to endless expanse
  88. Various consistent or recurring elements in dreams.
  89. A common theme in my dreams that I had when I was a kid...
  90. Hermaphrodite Dream -totally perplexed
  91. Dream about my name
  92. Fear of Height/ stairs in dreams
  93. A hummingbird
  94. reoccuring dream components
  95. What are your thoughts on my dream last night?
  96. Mild nightmare, I'm wondering what it could mean?
  97. Playing in backyard in the sun.. shadow as a monster..
  98. what does it mean to dream about the same person every night?
  99. Very wierd dream! I need interpretation
  100. Six Flags Haunting Me
  101. DREAMING OF A CHILDS DEATH- Does it mean the same thing?
  102. A dream where I met Adam Lambert followed by something stranger
  103. Large red spider, shrinking home, and tiny lockers...
  104. Any help on the meaning behind this dream
  105. strange dream about jaw
  106. paralyzed in my dream
  107. First time posting here. Hello all.
  108. My girlfriend dies in my dream???
  109. Dreaming my ex girlfriend
  110. It's Raining Glass (Hallelujah? No. Not quite.)
  111. An Elevator Ride
  112. An Elevator Ride
  113. The story of a fugitive, marijuana speakeasies, and an ever going chase to keep freedom
  114. Burnt penis dream
  115. My Penis come's off in my dreams :shock:
  116. Just give me your thoughts. I always consider all possibilities
  117. Strange dream that has left me feeling lost?
  118. Dream Dictionary
  119. Dream Analysis
  120. Haven't slept in weeks!
  121. Like a wild horror movie
  122. Recurring Snowy Mountain Dream
  123. The Shadow being.... That I somehow scared.
  124. reoccurring child hood dream
  125. Cutting my self open in one dream. Father archetype in the other?
  126. Reccuring dream
  127. deceased father ..... think i posted it the wrong place before sry for repost
  128. Confusing dream - DC's felt real and alive
  129. Very strange dream
  130. 2 similar dreams about ex
  131. Strange Dream. Help?
  132. Strange, rather vivid dream?
  133. Was a bite ashamed to post this but, here goes nothing.
  134. On the run
  135. Dreams about floods
  136. the weirdest dream ive ever had???
  137. Innapropriate Dream, Proceed With Caution
  138. two women
  139. I was murdered
  140. Dream about this girl I like. [Long]
  141. Flashing Math Equations On Wall
  142. Girl on motorsycle
  143. Sitting on cliff edges
  144. First Kissing Dream
  145. A nice dream to interpret! Also a fun one!
  146. Multiple dreams about the same person (long post)
  147. Wondering if this actually means anything..
  148. Dream about a rather confusing male
  149. Interpretation for Three Rotting Dogs
  150. Strange dream about my cousin and I...?
  151. Dream of Sun and Moon - Please help....
  152. Very weird dream from Italy
  153. reoccurring strangers (and fighting vicious people)
  154. Wife cheating with BF--but I didn't get mad!
  155. Girl with a penis
  156. i fell in love...?
  157. Weird Dream, Kind of Embarrassing
  158. Apocalyptic Nightmares
  159. headless horseman,school, TV, washrooom?
  160. Three dreams in one night!
  161. Dreamt of grffins
  162. Please help with interpretting dream about deceased grandfather!!
  163. saving my pets from the rain...
  164. Really mixed up dream. Bleeding, rats, cheating, "security blanket" ruined?
  165. Dream of failing the Cahsee exam
  166. World Ending 2 Suns
  167. I give up
  168. really strange, vivid dreams causing serious difficulty with my sleeping.
  169. Dream of drumming and being skewered.
  170. Dreams about boyfriend have me worried..
  171. dream about falling but not crashing
  172. mini babies, cpr, pool, kidnapping..
  173. My dream last night (parts I remember)
  174. My ex-best friend is in every one of my dreams
  175. Marriage proposal from friend?
  176. Happy in a Bad Atmosphere...with my Favorite Singer!
  177. Dream about boyfriend's ex girlfriend?
  178. 2 dreams
  179. Help interpret my recuring dream ( goes back 10-11 years )
  180. Cannibalism? Ate myself in my dream.
  181. Boyfriend Keeps Having Dreams About His Ex
  182. Flooding Ocean, tidal waves, heavy rain and all alone.
  183. Odd Pregnancy Dream
  184. Celeb sleeping in my bed?
  185. Vivid dreams starting to take a toll on my psyche...
  186. broken teeth... but they aren't mine!!!
  187. 2 dreams from my childhood
  188. How to understand this dream about him?
  189. Can someone PLEASE help me interret my dream from lastnight.
  190. Constant Dream of others over and over
  191. Surprise wedding - quite unsettling
  192. First Ever Killing Dream
  193. 2 awkward dreams: Car accident & Old friends
  194. Please help. My boyfriend had a dream about another girl
  195. Dreaming about going back to school.
  196. Are my dreams preventing me from becoming lucid?
  197. Is it necessary to interpret dream signs?
  198. Friendly werewolves? Werewolves and humans together?
  199. Redwall, anthro mice, being female, spirit, 2D animation, 3rd person
  200. play this game with me
  201. Fired from job, cowfish, and drowning cat
  202. Bizarre, disturbing dream.
  203. Need help understanding this dream; somewhat disturbing.
  204. Dream. Intercourse, recent breakup and worms.
  205. swimming
  206. Dreaming about the same person
  207. crow
  208. I Dream of Evil...?
  209. Losing teeth & bitten by snakes.
  210. Plane Crashes
  211. On the run
  212. Being chased in the rain; woke up right before reaching safety
  213. two similar dreams
  214. Cat nightmare
  215. Cards?
  216. Dream 2015
  217. dreams of vehicles- cars/bus
  218. Warning: Nightmare content, really need possible interpretations
  219. Three women angels dream
  220. Warm rain?
  221. Any interpretations?
  222. Frustrating Dreams
  223. What do you think this means??
  224. Can anyone offer any insight?
  225. Metaphoric Drowning dream?
  226. a very strange dream I can't interpret
  227. A dream begging to be interpreted
  228. Dream Symbol keeps appearing so iv drawn i bad picture of it on photoshop to post on hear
  229. Disturbing first person point of view dream
  230. Dolphins and Crocodiles
  231. Disturbing, graphic dream! What does it mean?
  232. Told about my death by the ghost of a stranger
  233. Shopping trip in fantasy town - reoccurring
  234. Long rooms and rooms and rooms.
  235. Recurring Dream of Ex-Love for years
  236. New Years Night/Morning, Dreamed I caught a big fish with ease.. read on.....
  237. I dreamed I was raped/molested last night?
  238. Dreams about a song...
  239. Long, detailed, vivid dream with many themes. Please help!
  240. Need Help With A Celebrity Dream
  241. Do these dreams about a certain person mean something?
  242. Confused
  243. Strange dreams about my mother, help?
  244. DC tried to break into reality?
  245. Does anyone know what this dream means...?
  246. Can anyone help me please
  247. Can anyone help me understand my dream please
  248. Dreams about ghosts...
  249. I wish the dreams would just go away, what do they mean?
  250. Interpretation? Help!!