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  1. Flying Bats ...anyone having the same dream as i had? anyone can pls help with interpretation pls...
  2. Seeing Him Normal but then Hurt
  3. Demons and Darkness Vividly Infiltrate
  4. I transformed into the devil, what could it mean?
  5. Why does this person keep popping up in my dreams?!
  6. I had to kill someone in cold blood
  7. Stopping this girl from marrying the wrong person?
  8. Dreamed I met someone else
  9. Weird Dreams Interpretation
  10. Warning from a relative
  11. Had a dream I tried to kill myself, but failed.
  12. Silent Night
  13. Dream of old flame help?
  14. Extremely strange dream?
  15. Golden Balls Dream
  16. Weirdest Dream I've had
  17. Vacation/ relationship dream
  18. Request for dream interpretation. Angel guide used Ouija board to contact me.
  19. Dream felt like I was losing my mind
  20. Newbie--can anyone help me interpret this odd dream that's sticking with me all day??
  21. Need interpretation!
  22. dream of another world
  23. Please Help me interpret this.
  24. Confusing and troubling dream
  25. Frequent dreams of seeing someone I haven't seen in ~10 years.
  26. Dream that I turned someone into something
  27. Unity Conciousness Dream - thoughts please.
  28. i had dream about what day i will die
  29. Lost an eye
  30. A dream ive been curious about.
  31. What does this dream mean?
  32. Holding Cold Hands?
  33. ascendnig and descending
  34. Never Forgotten This Dream
  35. I can't stop thinking about this odd dream.
  36. Double broken Chevron
  37. Time Bender
  38. She has cancer! Who is she?
  39. Evil J.Christ
  40. I just cannot fathom this dream!
  41. 3 different dreams 3 different nights but feel connected
  42. Snake eggs
  43. Left baby !!!??
  44. Orange crumbs what does that mean?
  45. Met by a pride of lions.
  46. Need Interpretation Quickly!
  47. Meaning of Tele-vision in dream
  48. Butterfly then marriage
  49. Dreaming of my daughter getting back together with her ex.
  50. A fight to death?
  51. Bus accident
  52. Unsettling dream about distant friend
  53. She introduced me to her father.
  54. Befriending a demon and helping it become good - STILL THINKING ABOUT THIS AFTER OVER A MONTH
  55. I'm not sure if I can ask these kind of questions here but here we go!
  56. Very similar dream two days in a row
  57. Growing tiny fangs
  58. NSFW - awkward threesome with fiancÚ and animal-person
  59. Reoccurring situation different dream
  60. Old soldier intruder
  61. Not Very Creepy...
  62. Reoccurring dream - not regular.
  63. Strange dream, please help interpret
  64. I want to see same dream.
  65. Odd dream, BDSM couple? Anime characters and coughing up blood
  66. Guitar
  67. Maybe a little vauge but need some help. Curious mostly
  68. I really need your help with this one...past issue resurfacing
  69. Dreamt about my girl friend
  70. Dream of me being Santa Clause Kid
  71. Big dog attacking little dog
  72. scientific reasoning for dreams
  73. Dream of the Death of a Close Friend
  74. I met a girl and I really want to see her again
  75. Breakup
  76. Need help for interpretation of a weird dream..
  77. Fortune telling and the devil - need help for interpretation
  78. Armageddon
  79. need an interpretation please
  80. Lost Keys, Found by a Women
  81. I dream about people chasing me & trying to kill me & another killing!?
  82. Dream about being a girl
  83. Recurring Dream theme
  84. Can't understand what this dream means
  85. Poopy Messes
  86. Dream about magic doors and demons
  87. dreaming about someone I have never seen before
  88. My cat was being attacked
  89. My dad tried to kill me and I wanted to kill him back !
  90. common dream with a twist...
  91. Saving the lion cub
  92. Dream about virtual reality training camp
  93. Dream about church. Help me to interpretate
  94. Snake eats everyone
  95. Symbolic Dream - Can't Interpret... any ideas?
  96. Woman with a penis
  97. Fear of not taking risks or chances?
  98. Interpreting this dream I had a few days ago...
  99. What does this dream/nightmare-ish mean?
  100. Ringu
  101. Can anyone interpret this dream?
  102. God Killer
  103. Desperate for Help
  104. Can anyone help interpret my dream?
  105. A non lucid dream about my dream journal
  106. please interpret my dream!
  107. Swollen Face with Black Snakes coming out
  108. The chamber of sewage
  109. Bomb in the Bedroom
  110. Loose Screw
  111. Can't turn right in my dreams
  112. Dog slightly bit me in my dream
  113. Were my dreams connected together some how?
  114. Meeting death?
  115. Dreams of Spirit Guide?
  116. I have dreams where it predicts the future
  117. Lead Production in A School Play
  118. Still feeling feelings of fear after a nightmare about hiding from a killer.
  119. Boyfriend traveled to the future to be with his future gf
  120. Nazi's In School
  121. Melanoma, my favorite flavor.
  122. Asian Demon
  123. Parrot feathers
  124. Recurring Teeth Dreams
  125. The Crippling Presence of Pure Evil.
  126. Anxiety Dreams vs. Warning Dreams
  127. Can't Contain the Tigers
  128. Waiting Relationship
  129. Weird bra.
  130. Killing a baby
  131. Russian robotic cockroach
  132. Just my 3 cents / Hole in my sole
  133. Dream that I met the perfect girl?
  134. Trying to save a Pleco fish!
  135. What does this dream mean?
  136. Laura, That Is Not Our Train
  137. "The monster is black"
  138. Waterfall and cleansing myself
  139. sleeping with mates girlfriends
  140. Dead Animals and the Old Woman.
  141. Very cryptic dream I could use some help understanding
  142. Soul sucking nightmare
  143. Tired & Stumbling throughout dream/ events
  144. changing schools?
  145. Recurring dream from when I was younger
  146. A dream about my girlfriend
  147. Gelatinous faces. Killer in our midst.
  148. Hi! I had a very weird dream, not weird in creatures and the alike, but in another way.
  149. Gorillas, Wolves, and Mom
  150. 2 very hot Asian twins seduced me. Umm, okay
  151. The Mynx Tiger
  152. Empty craters, black holes, Jetsons cars
  153. My dream please help
  154. Hospital dream
  155. Dream of recently passed relative..obsession with light?
  156. I usually know what my dreams tell me
  157. Interrupted While Converting to Islam
  158. Snakes all over me
  159. My latest dream (included in my journal)
  160. Kidney failure with dialysis
  161. long term dream needs answers very confused
  162. Bloody Knife-fights
  163. Dream about leaving a baby
  164. Could someone help me interpret my dream?
  165. "It's from the Kundalini" and having small snakes cut out of me..
  166. Demon?
  167. Bananas as weapons
  168. Really trying to understand what this is about
  169. Floating horse heads
  170. Is it a dream?
  171. My bf dreamt I was cheating on him with him
  172. Skyscraper construction dream
  173. Double Reflection
  174. I was wondering if anyone could interpret this (rat) dream for me:
  175. Freight ship cruise dream
  176. Dream interpretation
  177. Weird, but detailed, dream
  178. Pursued by a Mother Bear
  179. Help to interpret..
  180. White Room
  181. Emily Parker
  182. Night terrors, bad ones
  183. Repetitive dream that I had all my life
  184. Three-headed pink snakes
  185. Anyone have a ide what these dreams may mean?
  186. Killing babies?
  187. Non existent troubled brother
  188. Now I'm a bad person by doing the good thing?
  189. Has this happened to anyone else?
  190. 5 red bears
  191. Dreams about spiders and poo
  192. My Mother Walking Into Fire
  193. Matt Damon was chasing me
  194. A dream about a dark poem
  195. Odd dream, need explanation. (drug warning)
  196. Strange dream
  197. Rejecting best friend and adopting two babies
  198. Dreams about ex-girl friend
  199. Dark version of myself
  200. Dreamt I was a dragon and a golden stream of fresh water.
  201. Naked looking for clothes but found lots of shoes
  202. I was a sex slave, but I was someone else
  203. Classic Car Show
  204. I dream of dead relatives???????
  205. Cat Paw
  206. I need help Interpreting my Dreams
  207. Dream meaning help
  208. The woman in pink
  209. Sex with a female ghost and male ghost and found rooms
  210. Nightmare - Rats in the Refrigerator
  211. Railways and someone I like getting married?
  212. Lucid help: Great-grandmother's message.
  213. Vivid dream....Masks. Wire. Tears. Crying. Help...
  214. Father was taken away
  215. Disturbing dream about faces
  216. I tried to kill and hurt an innocent chicken in my dream
  217. Chinese water dragon
  218. The Bear
  219. Help interpretate my dream?
  220. An Open Letter to the One Who Abandoned Me
  221. Recurring Fear related dream
  222. Teeth dreams and death...
  223. Red clay, sand, or dirt falling from the sky
  224. I dreamt of my deseased child
  225. What does this dream mean?
  226. Getting my bike back.
  227. Disturbing Dream...any help please?
  228. Birds landing on my head?
  229. I'll find you
  230. Two strange dreams I really need help with
  231. Large, fancy house for someone who doesn't want one
  232. flat head nails hammered onto all my toes
  233. Sleep paralysis within a dream
  234. High Rise Apartment Fire
  235. Melted face and getting drugged
  236. Dreams About Ex Boyfriend?
  237. I should have felt guilty, but I felt disappointed
  238. People in my Bedroom
  239. Such a vivid dream.
  240. Vampire bats caught in a house
  241. Woke up in tears, having a hard time shaking it.
  242. Does dream about marriage mean death?
  243. Lamb
  244. Tell me what this means...
  245. Homophobic mother marries a woman
  246. Awesome then disturbing dream
  247. Does he like me?
  248. Dreaming about a girl i never met
  249. Someone I haven't seen in quite some time...
  250. Chasing