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  1. Dream about having an ability and it not being accepted
  2. I was an lonely old man all in white
  3. Running away from white rats in a dream
  4. Black Water...
  5. man in rocking chair
  6. car in parking lot and grocery store
  7. My dad fighting my dog
  8. Hey just a new kid on the block looking for help :)
  9. zombies
  10. Had a strange dream?
  11. Why interpret dreams?
  12. What could this dream mean?
  13. Need help interpretting. Very detailed dream.
  14. I would love to get this interpreted!
  15. Need a interpretation
  16. Two dreams about seeing people vomiting....
  17. Ashes
  18. Me, my girlfriend, a train, and a tornado.
  19. animal instincts
  20. Dream about friends I don't actually know
  21. in a lot of my dreams in the past couple weeks,
  22. How to learn to interpret your dreams?
  23. Salty taste in dream and after waking up
  24. First post. Long. Creature, suicide...possessed?
  25. What does a dream about dying in an explosion mean?
  26. I died of a stroke or heart attack (I'm only 18)
  27. Bloody mouth!
  28. accident
  29. Tsunami dream that doesn't actually wash me away
  30. I need help with dream with the color blue, a noose, family portrait and a general weird feeling.
  31. INTENSE fugitive dreams..
  32. Dreams of a Girl
  33. Little Girl - Piano - Death - Teddy Bear : Weird Dream , Long Read
  34. interpretation? sleeping on stairs
  35. Can someone please interpret my dream... My boyfriend turned into a "god" and left me...?
  36. A perhaps symbolic dream
  37. Had a grim reaper dream this morning
  38. I dreamt of a black dog in the middle of the street/road what does it mean?
  39. Reoccurring House and grim reaper
  40. Cheating dream that scared me!!!
  41. Coins and combs- a beach of blood
  42. Looking for thoughts and opinions on my dream last night
  43. Hello ive heard a profethic word can you help me understand it?
  44. eating a raw crow with all his feathers.
  45. Super Cool Castle/Demoness/Succubus Dream
  46. A dream from childhood that I have never forgotten to date
  47. Recurring dream about peaceful old woman in the woods
  48. Weird dream about death
  49. Hello all, I'm new
  50. Recurring dream about the same person
  51. Dream about being locked in a house with other strangers?
  52. Why am I recalling these dream?
  53. Strange dream..thoughts?
  54. I Got Shot!
  55. Recurring themes of disasters, airports and Melbourne.
  56. The asian girl dying
  57. Dream of betrayal?
  58. dream of a raven
  59. I don't know what my dream means!
  60. Demon priest
  61. Dream about ex has confused the hell out of me...
  62. Just had this strange dream this morning. Any insights?
  63. Water being poured on me
  64. Snake comming out of another Snake
  65. Several Deep Dreams after a break up.
  66. Recurring Dream Over the past 5 years.
  67. Chasing someone and Snow...
  68. I heard her exact voice in a dream before real life
  69. darth Vader and talking animals
  70. Possession
  71. Collapsing/getting hurt/tickled in dreams during afternoon naps
  72. Most cryptic dream that I had yet
  73. 2 Dreams of people trying to kill me, what do they mean
  74. Dream Analysis - Baby Boy
  75. new member, reoccuring dreams! some translation please
  76. New member and want to share my recent dream!
  77. Painful Dream About Exgirlfriend
  78. witness murder of a woman and her child by the father/husband
  79. gemstones turning black
  80. Being able to see in a dream?
  81. Weird and disturbing series of dreams...
  82. Weird dream I had about a month ago
  83. Two dreams, one night.
  84. My apocolypse dreams
  85. Friend Committed Suicide
  86. Golden-eyed woman
  87. Deceased Dad Nightmares...
  88. slaughtered turtle
  89. animals kept in horrible conditions and dying from a snake bite?
  90. Rough then calm waves on a raft
  91. I think I know what the dream is trying to tell me, but... (Love related)
  92. People Keep Laughing at My Toes in My Dreams?
  93. Remembered a recurring dream as a child
  94. Pls interpret this for me
  95. Bald and sickly female recurring
  96. Owning a tiger and having a really bad feeling about it
  97. Goldfish Dreams
  98. I keep dreaming of this girl over and over...why?
  99. King of Satan
  100. strange dreams from childhood
  101. Girl I like dreamt that I killed her mother?
  102. Recurring dreams about summer house
  103. Psychotic Relapse Premonition Dream !!!
  104. Playful White cat
  105. Hanging Dead Man.
  106. Lots of Dreams Within Dreams
  107. Nearly had sex for the first time dream
  108. Huge, jet-black Rottweiler stalking me in dream.
  109. Keeping it in the family
  110. The Flood
  111. Black clouds/ walking over water disturbing dream, any words about it?
  112. Dream interpretation
  113. Please help interpret! Thanks
  114. Vet Clinic and Accused
  115. Afterschool dream Urgent
  116. The cat and the murderer
  117. reocuring dream in the forest
  118. Does anyone know what this could mean??
  119. Dream about Sheep
  120. Can someone please help me with this puzzling dream?
  121. Plane Crash - Woods - Copying Friend
  122. strange cat dream
  123. hooded headless figure
  124. An unusual reoccurring dream
  125. death highway
  126. mom giving birth?
  127. soo much symbolism
  128. Dead ex-boss (recurring), aliens writing messages (first time)
  129. haunted room?
  130. Not so good omens...
  131. Dream about getting bitten by snake
  132. Very strange, unsettling dream involving my father...
  133. Keep seeing same man in my dreams, but never see his face...
  134. a talking moon??
  135. Boy who was never saved - Nightmare.
  136. I can't have sex in my non-lucid dreams
  137. Reversing my car over a cliff
  138. I died in my dream. Very detailed.
  139. Nightmare ... Long, detailed, frightened upon awakening.
  140. I had a weird dream about the girl of my dreams.
  141. The Flower of Life
  142. Dream with gypsies
  143. MY Japanese Vivid Dream. Please help me understand this dream.
  144. Dream about Egyptians
  145. Dream about being robbed
  146. Killing Bears
  147. Biting a canary!!
  148. Dream help (relationship dream)
  149. Giant cattle on each side of the road .
  150. Even more vivid, yet not lucid dreams (nightmares?)
  151. Threatened by grandpa
  152. A Bloody Massacre
  153. Dreams related to death (suicide, stabbing)
  154. Hindu god dreams
  155. What is your experience in interpreting visions?
  156. Does my subconscious mind hate me?
  157. Almost dying due to alcohol and medication overdose
  158. Orange Cat & Black Cat
  159. Three weird dreams in one night with very similar story - PLEASE HELP! :)
  160. Tigers eating humans and tigers.
  161. Recurring Dream House
  162. sex with crush
  163. short mom
  164. Almost killed by Fork
  165. Dream about guinea pig. Any help with interpretation?
  166. moon symbol? weird moon dreams?!
  167. humpback whales in a swimming pool
  168. A Deadly Hotel
  169. Dreamt held hands with stranger
  170. Satan's Son
  171. Naked, Child and message, dream.
  172. Car out of control
  173. Dream with lots of UFOs in them?
  174. ...Duplicate cat?
  175. Long, detailed dream: Travel, Accumulating Feces, Late for Uni
  176. Haunted, Empty House
  177. I asked for a dream, and an old classmate came to me.
  178. Soulmate "maybe"
  179. Need help... fainting, and fingers cut off!
  180. Having sex with dolls? (NSFW)
  181. Dreams about my deceased mother
  182. Dream help please.
  183. still dreaming about old crush
  184. What could this dream signify? Changed gender to a man.
  185. Turquoise Sneakers - Sunday night
  186. Amana, South American Goddes
  187. Archetype Toolbox: Tools for interpreting your own dreams
  188. Spider bite dream
  189. A Miraculous Death at a Spanish Mission
  190. Distressing: Can't run & grasping for leverage
  191. Recurring partially lucid dreams
  192. Wedding with Old Classmate - and I have divine digital powers!
  193. Sexual dream
  194. Strange dream. Who can help me to understand this?
  195. ANY insight VERY much appreciated!
  196. Old dream brings up thoughts of the "now" Help?
  197. help me with my dream
  198. 2 dreams I would liek help understanding.
  199. Revelation, share your thoughts
  200. Some questions
  201. Portals
  202. Dreams of Jesus and Lightning A message from the gods?
  203. My brother just visited my reocurring dream house?! Need help figuring this out!
  204. Mirror dream, what does it mean?
  205. car troubles
  206. Crazy Ram dream (the girl of your dreams)
  207. Weird dream
  208. School bus dream.
  209. career highways
  210. Pig/Human Hybrids
  211. Weird dream, please help me understand it?
  212. I keep have dreams of one guy..
  213. A dream of my boyfriends ex girlfriend?
  214. So Whats this about anyone interpret the meaning
  215. superpower dream
  216. Dreaming of a very smart mischievous mouse
  217. I was able to cover his manhood with my left hand!
  218. Dream about the North Pole, polar bears, penguins, elks and tattoos
  219. Superpowers & Angels
  220. Dreaming of a dog crying?
  221. Auras And Aliens.... Help With Meaning Please?
  222. Dreams about a person I love.
  223. Paranoia and Nightmares
  224. Someone trying to burn me alive
  225. sex dream
  226. I was Flying...then my dead Father showed up...
  227. The OX
  228. Dream about Ex-BF (Hiding?)
  229. photos of someone in a hospital
  230. Can you help me understand what the dead person said in my dream?
  231. Castle jobs and a mission?
  232. short and not so sweet dream about fishtank
  233. A Mystical Island
  234. short and not so sweet dream about fishtank
  235. kiss from an enemy
  236. Dating a terminally ill girl and seeing her die
  237. Car crashing and a white cat
  238. Horse running in the sky!... dream interpretation
  239. Mozart and the pile of excrement
  240. Exhausting and terrifying dream
  241. Relationship Trouble
  242. A conspiracy
  243. Failure to rationalise death and suffering?
  244. Dream of Gold Bars and an Aura
  245. Dream of Decapitation, Skull and Bloody Cauldron
  246. Rape Dream, very freaked out, please help!
  247. dream of ex girlfriend and death of a stranger
  248. Drowning, abandoned schools and old friends
  249. A dream i need some feedback on
  250. I need help with 2 different dream in one night: broken glass on my bed and huge spiders.