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  1. Sudden Short Windstorm (tornado?) Dream
  2. Why didn't I mind being the second wife in my dream?
  3. Could anyone tell me the meaning of this dream? Thank you!!!!!!
  4. spider interpretation
  5. Interacting with deceased people in lucid dreams (recurring) what does it mean?
  6. Reversing car into a river
  7. Reconciliation with dream characters
  8. Dream: Becoming a ghost, and getting my head chopped off and putting it back on
  9. Dream involving rabid wolf
  10. Need some help here
  11. simple dream to interpret.
  12. Interpretation - house dream
  13. Interpretation please ?
  14. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. please help. what doesmy dream mean
  16. interpret?
  17. Recurring theme - Giant waves
  18. Awsome but extremely weird Dream
  19. a guy spend the night and gave me 60euro
  20. Dream: My best friend's girlfriend seducing me.
  21. Need help interpreting this dream please please please
  22. Disturbing Dreams - Need Help Interpreting
  23. Need help to interpret this weird dream - Swum deep in water, told to take leadership?
  24. Rotten teeth, house bricks and university tutors.
  25. What do you think? Elevator crash, death, and teachers...
  26. Dream involving a broken postbox?
  27. Dream Interpretation--sleep paralysis, black hooded figure
  28. warning: very violent nightmare, seeking interpretation.
  29. sucked into chest of a skeleton, world has no light
  30. So, there was this small toddler coming off an elevator...
  31. *~Unusual Dream...~*
  32. the most disturbing and detailed dream of my life
  33. Help! (Dreaming of babies and children being slaughtered)
  34. Face and feet were cut off from a newly born baby
  35. To Dream of Negative Thigns in a Positive Way...
  36. Confusing Dream
  37. Help
  38. Friend's death, list of numbers, drowning kid...
  39. dream about fish... and acting.... and classical music...
  40. Demon Dreams
  41. Bleeding wounds on face
  42. frollo, torando, mill,etc-please interpreted!
  43. Birthing Dream Interpretation please.
  44. warning--sexual content
  45. Dream like a short movie
  46. Buffalo bursts into flames and fiery Phoenix emerges from flames and flies away
  47. The dreamless guy has a dream!
  48. window with lightening coming through&hitting radio? please interpret
  49. Worm Dream Interpretation Please
  50. Need help with this...thing...
  51. I need this dream interpreted
  52. Invisible Countdown
  53. Next dream "scheduled" for 2012
  54. Odd and disturbing dream - can someone help interpret?
  55. What does this dream mean?? Need closure
  56. Recurring dream of female
  57. Dream interpretation anyone? :)
  58. Fighter pilot dream
  59. Dreaming about demons
  60. Dream about dead rabbit, fetuses and a gorilla-man. Anyone any thoughts?
  61. This dream has been bothering me for so long
  62. Crusie ship acting stormy, no pilot on airplane, Disney characters-please interepted!!
  63. Can you help shed insight?
  64. I had a dream that is 100% different from my normal dream patterns. I need some outside viewpoints.
  65. Becoming a Father, with someone I didn't expect, Family is fine and hers doesn't know
  66. Shadowy six armed figure holding unidentifiable red objects in each hand
  67. Chased by a spider
  68. From love to tears
  69. Evil from behind
  70. Angels, Demons and an old creepy man....
  71. Dark Red a Recurring Theme in My Dreams
  72. Strange dream.
  73. Dreaming about my crush
  74. Please help me interprut this.
  75. Can anyone help me to understand this dream?
  76. sister,glowing,little person
  77. Dreams with children in them...
  78. Need help and opinions on interpretation of dream!
  79. Tarot dream, any insights?
  80. The Airman's Nightmare
  81. Dreams of 2 demons.
  82. I keep dreaming about gipsies
  83. Woah. Can anyone help me interpret this dream?
  84. Ocean, Drowning, Rescuing, Animals, Wheelchairs?
  85. Tower struck by lightning
  86. Recurring dream about shopping for underwear?
  87. Falling in Love
  88. Head wounds and two case scenarios
  89. Dreaming about Spiritual Awakening
  90. Setting my house on fire
  91. The Dream Dictionary Failed Me
  92. Unsettling recent dream
  93. Short but interesting dream
  94. Werewolf makes a reappearance.
  95. Death and the afterlife: 2 dreams that go with each other.
  96. This is getting out of control...
  97. What do you think this means?
  98. One of many recurring, yet different, dreams about my ex. :( Needing some help here.
  99. Very Weird dream
  100. The return home
  101. A dream about my ex boss
  102. I saw my subconscious in a dream- what does this mean?
  103. Space Travel Must Read
  104. Strange message? I'm not sure. I can't get him out of my head...HELP
  105. Could you please interpret my dream involving my gums. (It's easy to read if that persuades you)
  106. Innocent teenage camp supervisor turns mentally disturbed?
  107. stair-plane, "Adam", Naven, book, mom dream
  108. Need help with the interpretation of a rather...interesting daydream.
  109. New Dream
  110. Could my dream mean something?
  111. loving someone in a dream
  112. Blue Scrubs becoming reality.
  113. I saw a guy in my dreams and met him 3 days later???
  114. Weird Bathtub / Swimming Dream
  115. Dream about friends relationship troubles
  116. I don't think most things in dreams need interpretation- they are just random things thrown together
  117. Sex: dreams and reality
  118. A young woman commits suicide
  119. Top of pyramid cut
  120. anybody have any clue what this could mean?
  121. Taxis in my balcony?
  122. Dream about falcon and parrots
  123. A really weird dream about cutting my penis off..
  124. car crash, restaurant, grandparents' house, Oliver Twist
  125. Dream Journals
  126. interpret dream involving moons and missals?
  127. Adult abuse survivor's PTSD dream - content warning, some sexual explicitness, violence
  128. Helpful snake
  129. Somewhat old dream
  130. I need some help getting a meaning with this one, please help asap, thanks
  131. Party Dream...Freaky In My Opinion
  132. dream of joining indian tribe
  133. knife fighting dream
  134. I dreamed of an owl...
  135. Can anyone interpret this?
  136. odd reoccuring dream
  137. I Don't Even Know What To Call this..
  138. Can't get to my baby - filled with dread
  139. Heaven/Hell Dream. Thoughts?
  140. help. dreams about ex causing emotional troubles. opinion?
  141. sister, theme park, ride going wrong, red eyes
  142. Nancy drew, boarding school, ship, lamp, school gym, no vitams.
  143. Two Nightmares, Can You Please Interpret Them?
  144. Freaky Dream About Body Parts....
  145. A peculiar reoccuring dream....
  146. Help with interpretation.........
  147. Need help interpreting a dream please
  148. need help interpreting this really odd dream. warning for slightly disturbing images ?
  149. I need help interpreting me dream about overthrowing a queen. Warning: mature concepts.
  150. Need Help with Interpretation - Husband without skull, tooth, music, audition
  151. Counting beached/buried alive seals with my father
  152. So I had this dream and cant get it out of my head
  153. Please help and interpret this dream for me.....
  154. Bracelet with Red Handkerchief
  155. Tornado Dream
  156. Repeated hotel/nighttime motif and gambling?
  157. A Hose Changing Its Forms
  158. Balls Squished Dreams And Penis In Refrigerator
  159. A girl gives me a car, she wasn't supposed to, might be crazy? I remember a lot of detail.
  160. Dream and dream interpretation within a dream! what does it mean?
  161. rental bicycle stolen - interpretation ?
  162. Outside On The Inside
  163. evil version of me, wheelchiar African-Canadian, theatre, dead body, locking door. help!!
  164. Vomiting shards of glass
  165. Amusement Parks / Water meaning
  166. regular repeater
  167. Princess?
  168. Really long, strange dream
  169. What could this dream possablly mean? (it gets freakier each day)
  170. Two somewhat similar dreams
  171. Sea Cave, Underground, Waterfall, Ball, Couples, Dance, Empty
  172. A Twisted Dream
  173. Weird and Interesting Dream?
  174. suddenly in war??
  175. Repeated dream- whats its meaning?
  176. Strange old dream that i cant forget.
  177. Half cut snakes in my Kitchen
  178. Deeply worrying dream
  179. Newbie
  180. Dreaming about a war between Wolf packs? (interpretation needed please)
  181. Could someone help me interpret this dream?
  182. I need some help understanding this dream
  183. Lighthouse within a tornado
  184. Recurring sex dream
  185. Reoccurring Dream from Childhood - Help Interpret ?
  186. Interpreting Hypnagogia?
  187. Help with a dream
  188. Dream Of Female Acquaintance
  189. animal dreams
  190. Dream about teeth and rune symbols.
  191. Dreaming of not being human
  192. A dream that will never leave my memory
  193. Jesus
  194. The Abortion...
  195. I have been having weird dreams do you think they mean anything?
  196. Dog, Bomb, and Swimming Pool
  197. An accumilation of cat dreams?...
  198. Affection towards DC's that exist
  199. Somewhat NSFW Dream
  200. Bengal Tiger.
  201. Dream where I kissed my enemy?
  202. Weird tongue dream
  203. Dream about baby falling 20 feet and hitting hard floor...
  204. "Friend Killed In School Shooting" Dream
  205. ice cold
  206. Suicidal Ex
  207. Insane adventure dream
  208. Coworker dreamt of me killing her
  209. Dragons, death, betrayal and obligation.
  210. Big black hole
  211. Ghost Nightmare/Party with Dr. Quantum
  212. asking in ld about interpretation
  213. Dreamed about interpreting a dream
  214. I keep seeing a girl in my dreams...
  215. dream interpratations
  216. Weirdest Dream Situation
  217. A tornado, and it stopped?
  218. In a dream this guy said to me "I can see the freak in your eyes", what did he mean?
  219. Dreams where I am violent
  220. Spitting: Tooth, Blood And Water/Saliva.
  221. Red and white priest and the whispering drawer
  222. Adviser Dream Interpretation
  223. Pregnancy/abortion dream
  224. School Related Dreams
  225. Strange Wolf Dream - Spirit of the Wolf
  226. Awareness in dreams, and "Shadows"
  227. Curious on Dream interpretation
  228. phone dreams
  229. ....did I just meet the girl of my dreams?
  230. dream interpretation please
  231. Please Interpret Skull Dream
  232. talking snakes
  233. Had by far the strangest dream that involved some sort of demon..
  234. Dreaming dreams within a dream.
  235. The Walmart Bathroom
  236. Edgar Cayce's Dream Interpretation Dictionary
  237. Only dream to have ever made me cry
  238. it was a demon trick
  239. Religious dream
  240. Meeting my crush at their school! SOMEONE PLEASE REPLY
  241. Crazy dream: Seinfeld, Jackets, Doors and Steam Vents!
  242. Recurring dreams about a guy?
  243. Text messaging an acquaintance! please interpret
  244. Does being a native american mean anything? (Details inside)
  245. Parents and death
  246. Sexual preference in dream?
  247. Anyone good with dream interpretation?
  248. Guitar Plectrum Pink FLoyd Dream !!
  249. I had a nice dream... for a change
  250. old man growing young...young child growing old?