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  1. hi dreamviews.
  2. Disturbing murder dream, Please help!
  3. Tarot card reader with a pet tiger
  4. Same dream three times, what does it mean?
  5. Family deaths.
  6. Little girl stalking my dreams
  7. Scary dream about becomming a monster
  8. dream of long ago ex?
  9. Please help me in interpreting my dream
  10. Dream about my dog brandi...
  11. A dream about my friend cross-dressing
  12. Dream that had a midget with his penis cut off!?
  13. What is the meaning of this dream?
  14. demons and light
  15. Dreaming of God?
  16. Dream about buying a friends house - what does it mean?
  17. Dream about me being a leader and in helicopter and an assassination attempt
  18. End of the Universe/ Pentagram Symbol finally woke me up!!
  19. My younger brother as a famous singer
  20. i love running
  21. Nonsense dream, please help me XD
  22. Evil Doppelganger?
  23. Crystal Symbolism
  24. Stabbed in the Third Eye
  25. Eerie dream: faceless woman in white gown floating right by my bed
  26. Dead Mice and a Yellow Snake Escapes
  27. Cousin Dies Amongst Other Things
  28. Had an odd dream last night. Kinda worried. Help?
  29. branch off of tupla thread in the beyond-dreaming forum
  30. The strangest dream I've ever had, Analysis wanted
  31. Shoot in a submarine window and later,..
  32. i cant stop falling
  33. "A hanged man means only 2 things, what are they?"
  34. Strange dream about shopping and computer virus
  35. New Sight
  36. Lying man on the edge of a soccer field
  37. Best friend repeatedly in dreams.
  38. What on earth could this mean?
  39. Do houses/buildings really represent ourselves?
  40. Twist on recurring dream
  41. Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa
  42. Waiting for the second flight ...
  43. Dream about dad whos deceased killing brother whos incarcerated
  44. Four MLP: FIM dreams.
  45. Dream Girl I've never meet
  46. Dream about my car and colored worms
  47. what do these mean
  48. Same dream every night. He says he is mad at me.
  49. Going for consultation, but cannot enter because of arguing cashier
  50. About travelling and swords
  51. Dream Interpretation and Birthdays
  52. Possible meanings of this dream?
  53. The Night Mare
  54. "See, you, I'm still drowning" Nightmare monster strikes again
  55. Mum helping me masturbate and vice versa !! Horrible Dream ..
  56. "there is no such thing as religion"
  57. I feel like this is supposed to mean somehing..
  58. The Dark, Featureless Man
  59. Blue And Yellow Eyes
  60. walking the fence: a greyhound bus station
  61. can someone interpret this: very strange dream! strong feelings involved..
  62. First kiss
  63. Calling Old Friend
  64. What was that about?
  65. Death personified? Demon?
  66. Decayed/Burnt flesh?
  67. Mangled engagement ring
  68. Crush and his current boyfriend appeared in a dream. What does this mean?
  69. boyfreind hit me in the head
  70. Weird dream about spirits/demons
  71. Roses, weird figures and schools (long read)
  72. Highschool rewind
  73. after school
  74. Falling in Ocean to Save my son...
  75. Angry mermaid dream
  76. Horrific violence... Very vivid.
  77. Dreaming of this same girl
  78. Walk of the Gods, human sacrifice and hieroglyph choreography (long)
  79. being someone else
  80. so vivid
  81. Dream about a home invasion
  82. Bright light and older woman
  83. I cant understand this dream AT ALL
  84. My ex best friend turned lover
  85. Plane crashes into airport
  86. I'm a girl and I dreamt last that im kissing deeply with my boy classmate
  87. Dream of murder and rape
  88. Ghosts in a tunnel
  89. Dream of taking a little girl's side over my boyfriend?
  90. Dream About A Wolf Sleeping At My Feet
  91. Can't cross the bridge.....
  92. Please help if you can :)
  93. Big Black wolf Dream
  94. Being pregnant and giving birth in dream
  95. Vivid dread I can't stop thinking about.
  96. Unknown Voice, Unknown Language.
  97. New here with recurring theme in my dreams of late regarding ghosts and death...
  98. Incredibly annoying customer in icecream shop
  99. So, I had this dream...
  100. please help?
  101. This dream of Dsungaripterus (a flying reptile)
  102. The sinister talking snake
  103. Strange moon dream..
  104. Dreaming of my boyfriend leaving me?
  105. Two instances of same person at same time
  106. Mary had a Little Lamb
  107. Feathers falling off a bird
  108. Interpreting Ghost dream
  109. Strange Graphic Dream, How would you interpret?
  110. cats??
  111. I just need help...
  112. Most vivid dream I've had (Pretty long read), would like to know what it means.
  113. another newbie
  114. Disturbing dream in a recurring setting.
  115. Vivid dream that I remember from childhood.
  116. Rat a cat and a vat of red wine !!!
  117. Dream trio: Lost - car - husband - bar - election?
  118. Interested in a dream interpretation
  119. Dream involving singers/celebrities - what does it all mean?
  120. Forest Dream
  121. Remembering 2239
  122. Would like to hear your interpretation of my dream..
  123. Dinner with Mr. Schwarzenegger
  124. Dreams and different dimension?
  125. This is my dream what do you interpret?
  126. i had a dream about a girl and then saw her in real life
  127. A dream I had when I was a kid that still haunts me. Any thoughts?
  128. Help me understand this dream please?
  129. My wife had a dream about the house we are buying. Hoping to figure out what it means.
  130. Unknown girlfriend dream
  131. Dreaming of Islands
  132. apartments, plants , and other stuff, really weird
  133. Dream character knows my name
  134. Very weird dream about cutting my penis; I'm a girl!!!!
  135. Repeating Phrase, Scaring the Life out of Me During Nightmare
  136. Recurring dreams about dead friend
  137. Reoccurring Dreams/ Dreaming of Strangers
  138. Help with this dream? Glitter and stars coming out of hair?
  139. Disturbing dream. Dont know what to make of it
  140. Dream about a boy in a psychiatric type hospital/home - It feels like it means something
  141. Reflection with no mirror
  142. Can someone help me with this dream - Bison
  143. Dream interpretation: more about interpreter than about dreamer?
  144. Two nights in a row...
  145. Another dream about saving a child unsuccessfully. Also pink hair, fishnets, skating rink, demon
  146. Keep seeing the same guy in my dreams
  147. Giant Spiders, Flying Monster Trucks, then a Wreck.
  148. Reoccuring dream
  149. Some Weird Dream
  150. Hunter
  151. Need help with this one
  152. Blue Doors and Red Doors
  153. evolving recurring dreams
  154. dream big life/death decisions, cars/trucks, relationship/marriage THANKS! <3
  155. what does this mean?
  156. Just as I expected, strange dreams again! Ryan Reynolds, tornadoes, bathrooms, and cellulite???
  157. This dream kind of got to me...
  158. What does my dream mean ?
  159. Swimming without a purpose?
  160. Disturbing dream about a dead child
  161. Weird ass dream
  162. Scared that this dream become true.
  163. plants in the water
  164. Friends and gay relationship
  165. "Something's wrong with the dream"/Thinking the dream was corrupted
  166. Friend going to the army
  167. The emotions of this dream lingered for a whole this morning.
  168. I had three strange dreams. Could someone please interpret them for me?
  169. 2 dreams cat in box and invisible elevator
  170. Jung Getting At Me
  171. malicious being
  172. Reoccurring Dream Of Strange Man? help.
  173. dream of broken glass
  174. 3 Nights... 3 Patterns... Seeking Interpretation
  175. A seriously weird dream, Not a joke?
  176. Dreamer .. Persuer of Balance
  177. lasts nights dreams
  178. So I was wondering what this means if anything
  179. Dining Room with a Woman I gave up on
  180. Often dreaming of being sick...
  181. Demonic dreams
  182. Snakes, more snakes, a lioness, a building site and a playground.
  183. Weird seduction dreams...
  184. paint hair
  185. Meaning of weird political dream?
  186. Weird childhood dream
  187. love interests..confusion...symbols...Black Bear, Onyx Sword
  188. what i can remember from last nights dream
  189. Best friend hurting me, oddly sensual?
  190. A dream of travling with a unknown man to meet my ex boyfriend.
  191. New here, would like a childhood dream interpreted
  192. I'm throwing up and the boss says: "We need you as you are"
  193. This dream had me thinking..
  194. Help with a dream that has stuck with me for years
  195. Piglets
  196. houses
  197. Nightmare in an art gallery
  198. nightmares before upcoming event
  199. Dream about Boyfriend's Ex
  200. double dreams
  201. help with airplane dream
  202. dream of falling into water and was content
  203. auntie present party
  204. creepy message writen in red
  205. Kittens and ladders new user pls help
  206. John Lennon Dream
  207. multi year recurring dream about returning to college
  208. dream i had about year ago
  209. Every night
  210. Interesting dream - wish it was real life?
  211. I was holding a black big lizard who was biting my arm but I didnt feel anything
  212. new house stalker
  213. Need help interpretating this dream I had about dead mother.
  214. Demon Child
  215. Need a little help.
  216. Compulsive rituals
  217. Dream about long nails
  218. Bath Time.
  219. Dream Interpretation :)
  220. Please Please Please give me some help understanding.
  221. rainbow in smoke
  222. Cool Nebula Dream Community??
  223. A dream that I slept with my bestfriend's girlfriend
  224. recurring pregnancy dream
  225. Peeing Blood
  226. Unusual Dream
  227. Unusual Dream
  228. Snake bites dream
  229. Help Interpret PLEASE!
  230. Awesome RHCP dream
  231. Recurring dreams about my girlfriend
  232. Please help! Kinda freaked out!
  233. Second giant snake dream (gory)
  234. Almost Cheating...
  235. Bizarre dream - need interpretation
  236. What is the significance of this dream?
  237. Cannot speak or move
  238. [Nightmare with a meaning?] Please help me figure out this dream :c
  239. Stalked by giant snake whose thoughts I could hear (very long)
  240. talking to my 3 year old self
  241. -very- disturbing sexual dreams, need help understanding why I'm getting them
  242. I rode a yellow bull down the isle in a white dress at my wedding
  243. graphic sexually violent dream
  244. Meaning of dream about babies and giving birth
  245. Dead cat in wine bowl
  246. Demon hurts baby
  247. Parallel Couple? Miscarriage, Rejected Proposal...
  248. Sleep haunted by ex wife
  249. end of all humanity
  250. Burying my French professor alive