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  1. Good apps for dream interpretation?
  2. Dream from last night
  3. Dream my dog was attacked and a eagle had a little boy is it's talons
  4. Saw myself executed by hanging and saw others too being executed
  5. White Dragon?
  6. Plastic Pump Bottle Cell Phone
  7. Rewind
  8. Another world and the number six
  9. Recurring dream about a special city
  10. Self Interpretation Adventures - Discussion
  11. Escape dreams
  12. So I met a dead celebrity in a very vivid dream, can anyone help interpret it?
  13. Labyrinths, androids & vortexes
  14. Confusing dreams about giving birth (I'm male!)
  15. Reoccurring nightmare of being alone without husband
  16. New member kindly asking for some interpretations
  17. Am i dreaming my own horrendous death? (reoccuring)
  18. Living in a church, swimming in the sun, and feeling ignored
  19. A disturbing dream
  20. Do you think the act of helping someone in real life contribute to what happened in the dream?
  21. why do i keep having dreams of my old toxic best friend
  22. I don't want to use your light...I don't want you to read it the newspaper...Vision within a dream
  23. Two leather bags
  24. A Disturbing Nightmare
  25. Meeting With Ex Best Friend
  26. White stallion and assasin
  27. building a house underwater
  28. Naked Body Mirrored
  29. You need to meet my twin
  30. my dreams are starting to scare me
  31. I can interpret
  32. Male Giving Birth
  33. What does my dream mean? ANYONE PLEASE INTERPRET
  34. 3 different dreams over 4 nights about my ex fiance and his girlfriend
  35. Theaters, Two Headed Snakes, and Dreams within dreams, oh my.
  36. What does this man has to do with me?
  37. How Mentally damaged am i?
  38. Offering to a Lioness
  39. Pulling out hair/string out of mouth
  40. Very confused by what my dream means
  41. Being accused I'm a father of someone's baby who is actually a hamster
  42. Odd semi-lucid dream about my parents arguing
  43. I keep dreaming about my ex.
  44. Pulling out huge glass shards in a very graphic way.
  45. Star Trek crew moving onto land from the water
  46. Snake bites right eye?
  47. Complicated love story: A lie about the identity
  48. A historic dream? A weird meet cute?
  49. TWO Dreams about having a dream...
  50. I killed the man i loved!
  51. Non-erotic but sexual dreams
  52. begging to write or be written
  53. 2 Women Playing Guitar
  54. Framed a murder with Telekenisis
  55. Sliding down stairs dream?
  56. Dream of Surviving a Plane Crash
  57. Biting on Puzzle Pieces Dreams
  58. Car accident dad died
  59. Ville Valo becomes a woman??
  60. Presents from Twitter!
  61. Fire!
  62. Dark scary basement
  63. Terrified of sleeping, need help understanding!
  64. dying a cats ears and tail silver in dream
  65. Father's Ashes
  66. Help with a Kitten dream
  67. dreaming someone i loved at first sight
  68. I keep having dreams where sesame and sunflower seeds come out of my pores :/
  69. Dreamt of a split house
  70. Scared
  71. Oral Sex
  72. Double headed red dragon statue
  73. Rottweilers Eating Elderly Man's Foot, People Save Elderly Man
  74. Chocolate donut
  75. Help with a dream
  76. "A Dark Green Serpent Attacking My Pet Dog"
  77. Dream of being a leopard in a war
  78. "The mirror of your soul" and relationship dream
  79. Dream ending with a snake killing a cat
  80. Can someone please help and offer their interpretation?
  81. Please help my daughter understand this dream
  82. Strange dreams about Michael Jackson...
  83. Please, does anyone know what my strange dreams means?
  84. Has anyone ever dreamt right after you prayed to God for a sign?
  85. Alice in wonderland type dream adventure
  86. Seeing myself wiith white hair in a mirror
  87. Why did I dream about the 3 people I miss in such a strange way..
  88. metamorphosis of dream characters and places
  89. Hey there :) Reoccurring dreams
  90. Shared dream
  91. Washing away my face
  92. Dream help...The lion?
  93. Going to the same "town" for years.
  94. Recurring Dream Fragment: Struggle to Walk at a Normal Pace
  95. My boyfriend has sex with his Twin Flame
  96. Dream of Bloody Face and Broken Teeth
  97. Reoccurring Intimate Dream with the same Person
  98. Why does everyone I dream of disappear from my life?
  99. another girl dream
  100. I wake up dead
  101. Dream about older sister and friend in bed
  102. Trinity, Basement, Reptiles, Eggs
  103. Broken Heart and sexual assault
  104. Dissociative disorder mentioned in a dream
  105. Going by Jeep up stairs to a floating rock
  106. Strange Bird Attacked Me
  107. Superhero dreams
  108. Room full of babies and moms.
  109. Spider with a Human Face
  110. White Void Like
  111. I killed my ex girlfriend
  112. Angel dream HELP
  113. Vehicle dream HELP
  114. Controlling dragons
  115. Underwater Dream.
  116. Could someone interpret this for me please?
  117. Dreamed of friend accidentally dying in front of me.
  118. Strange dream of guy with horns
  119. Cat dream interpretation?
  120. Dreamt of my unrequited love dying
  121. Dreaming reality but more beautifully
  122. Reoccurring Person
  123. Stranger Remains In Dreams
  124. A family of ducks ,mom with cut beak
  125. Dream of a Dying Whale in Blood
  126. Could someone please help me with this travel dream?
  127. 3rd strangest dream ever
  128. Recurring dream/ nightmare
  129. Recurring dreams dealing with my ex
  130. Dream about seeing myself as a kid
  131. Zombie apocalypse dream long and sad dream, continous no twist in dreaming
  132. Dream of being in love with someone who doesn't love you back
  133. Dream about money in pocket
  134. supernatural dream
  135. This man has been following me in my dreams/nightmares since I was a kid
  136. Snake Ate My Cat
  137. Three Closets in Lil Uzi Vert's house
  138. Tiny birds and fishes in a lost wallet
  139. Please help me work this out. This is getting disturbing. (Warning: Graphic)
  140. A weird sun and a failed attempt to take photos of it
  141. I had bought my childhood home
  142. What does it mean?
  143. Got Suffocated in my Dream
  144. Vivid dream about an affair, an Italian party and a cougar attack.
  145. Dreams about yelling and swearing at people
  146. Recurrent nightmares about leaving my bicycle behind and it being stolen
  147. Dream About Death in Person
  148. Can anyone please help me with this?
  149. Girlfriend washing my hair
  150. Dreamed that my boyfriend got shot
  151. Does this make sense to you? Odd mafia dream.
  152. Recurring dreams: will something happen soon? Need answers!
  153. Skin decay, Air bubbles and my back
  154. Going to try and give as much info as possible....
  155. I want some HELP!....this dream may be important ???
  156. Plesant hell dream and kill bill dream
  157. Dream interpretation help!
  158. Interesting but sad dream
  159. Dream that was fantasy based before turning into real life ~ Thanks for any help!
  160. i found a place that felt real and need your help
  161. Circus, monkeys, and Tommy Lee Jones
  162. Dreaming of this teacher..... again! what does this mean?
  163. Kissed my crush and didn't like it
  164. Rape dream focused on the aftermath
  165. Committing mass murder
  166. dream interpritation
  167. Checks in the mail
  168. Nightmares..
  169. A bit of a mammoth interpretation needed.
  170. Strange Reoccurring Dream (one of many)
  171. Swimming pool maze, doppelganger and teeth falling out. awesome.
  172. Dream of several Earths... Confusing. Any opinions?
  173. Finding my car
  174. Asked back to my old job
  175. I feel like this dream is important and I really need your help in interpreting it
  176. A very important dream
  177. A burnt man that is in love with me. I'm worried.
  178. I had a strange unicorn dream.
  179. I seen my ex boyfriend crying in my dreams.
  180. Series of strange political dreams on two consecutive nights
  181. Dreaming about a sportsman and clothes
  182. Hotties fighting demons
  183. This detailed dream has many parts and scences that baffle me. Fog, hidden knowlege, old parchments
  184. Help Understanding Dream with a dead relative
  185. Losing my child self
  186. Majority of my dreams are violent
  187. Your thoughts
  188. Talking White Dog ( incredibly startling dream)
  189. Beat up faces?
  190. Submerged House Dream
  191. Prom Dream
  192. Recurring Pregnancy Dreams!
  193. Weird Grandfather Dream
  194. Swimming pointlessly in the sea
  195. Loving you as a boy
  196. He hates me?
  197. She keeps popping up in my dreams
  198. My GF's accident and the Turk who has a crush on her
  199. Nightmare when pregnant
  200. Pulling Necklace From Throat and Coughing Up Blood
  201. Disappointment
  202. IS this Coincidence?
  203. Dream about snow and bio hazard suits
  204. Two Wolves, One Dream?
  205. Strange reoccurring story/mythology in my dreams.
  206. Strange land, mystical looking. And the bee.
  207. Strange dream need help interpreting
  208. Stabbed in the throat?
  209. Spinning heads on bodies, burning alive, religious themes?
  210. Wedding dream about past crush
  211. Dream super weird help decode!!!
  212. I'm Pregnant!
  213. "Destined to hit when the smoke hits the water"
  214. action movie type dream
  215. Holocaust Dream.
  216. Hammer dream
  217. Need help with my dream about my mother
  218. Vivid dreams
  219. Horrifying childhood reoccurring dream
  220. Taming A Horse Fearless
  221. help for dream interpretation
  222. Sharing my boyfriend?
  223. Cat Dream
  224. The 3 legged dog.
  225. How easy/hard is it for you to interpret your dreams?
  226. terrifying dream i had on 1/4/16, pokemon, japan, and anxiety
  227. leopard living in my vent, four loops in a timeloop, and other confusing things
  228. Dream of me holding a toddler - cooking with pans on a burner stove - metal melting together
  229. Hanged Man
  230. Holding Gold
  231. the dream me talked to the me that would wake up
  232. being watched by strange group
  233. Dream about Gliding
  234. This is actually something i really want to know
  235. Going to school with a anime character.
  236. I keep having dreams about water and water on other planets.
  237. Abandonment, strange places, death
  238. Constricting black snake chasing me. Please answer
  239. Large Playing Cards?
  240. Getting shot to death (overkill, lol)
  241. Flying Bats ...anyone having the same dream as i had? anyone can pls help with interpretation pls...
  242. Seeing Him Normal but then Hurt
  243. Demons and Darkness Vividly Infiltrate
  244. I transformed into the devil, what could it mean?
  245. Why does this person keep popping up in my dreams?!
  246. I had to kill someone in cold blood
  247. Stopping this girl from marrying the wrong person?
  248. Dreamed I met someone else
  249. Weird Dreams Interpretation
  250. Warning from a relative