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  1. uDreamed dream analytics
  2. Can a DC touch your physical body?
  3. Jealousy of my clone/ Doppelgänger or whatever they call them now.
  4. I found a YouTube Channel that makes dream interpretation videos!
  5. How i make my self sleep longer ?
  6. friend's dreams are better
  7. I had a dream that I was the newly elected President.
  8. Feel Better Daddy!! Dream
  9. Talking to a Pergnant College student. Dream.
  10. Tricked into slavery
  11. How To Pull A Half-Remembered Dream From The Mind
  12. Rewind
  13. Incubating a Recurring Non-lucid Dream
  14. Another world and the number six
  15. I became defender of a tree
  16. Using epic magic powers
  17. Confronting roommate's murderer
  18. Assassination target helped me kill him
  19. Devoured by ants
  20. Recurring basketball challenge dream
  21. Cataloging dreams through drawing only
  22. What if you had to release issues about your dreams in newspapers?
  23. Dream journal app
  24. Strange question about dreams and facial muscles
  25. Hypnosis dream question for friend.
  26. Dream Journal
  27. How to deal with succubbus
  28. Field of view in dreams?
  29. War Story Dream
  30. Had sex with (got raped by) a succubus vampire in my dream. Very weird, traumatizing yet hot af.
  31. Random or funny dream entries in your journal?
  32. wrong thread please delete
  33. dead mother in law spitting in my face
  34. Recurrent sleep paralysis and psychedelics
  35. Cartoon like dream experiences
  36. Anyone else has Alice In Wonderland related dreams? (shrinking/giant size) Please post here!
  37. KarlaB18's Dreaming Universe - Q and A
  38. Octopus Dream ⚘
  39. Descending a mountain with a flashlight + famous person caught
  40. Dreaming ex boyfriend gets someone pregnant.
  41. The variables in dream amount/count & recall
  42. Seeing a vivid face every time i try to fall asleep
  43. Evolving emotion over time
  44. Still around and still trying
  45. How Long Have You Been Dream Journaling?
  46. Non-lucid Pregnant and giving birth.
  47. Does anyone else get dementia-like dreams?
  48. Deeply complex dreams with spirit animals, guides. If you have any like this share them here.
  49. Thoughts in Dreams
  50. bathroom Love. Maybe a little over the rating? Lucid. Just sharing this dream.
  51. what do the timeline of your dreams look like?
  52. Does anyone else see afterimages when they wake up
  53. Dreams about things you haven't done (yet) in real life - how accurate are they?
  54. Has anyone ever had a dream character that smells so good in their dream??
  55. Why do I immediately dream when I go to sleep?
  56. What are your Nightmares MADE OF?
  57. What kind of dream is this
  58. I keep having the same nightmare over and over.Need advice
  59. weird dream regarding angels and harbringers
  60. Deceased boyfriend covered in blood
  61. Fainting Dream.
  62. Two leather bags
  63. Specific date of death in dream
  64. Asian gang chasing after me
  65. Such a man eater!
  66. Is she dead!?
  67. My ex best friend came to me
  68. I had a baby!!
  69. Me, the giant mess!
  70. Little to non dream recall
  71. Dream Incubation Video
  72. Too much action for just one person. Just another Boeing dream..
  73. Increased lucid dream frequency in long-term meditators but not following mindfulness course
  74. Weird dream about I swallowing a live mouse whole.
  75. I'm destined to be a mother?
  76. Paper about LD published on Nature
  77. I really don't know what's wrong between us
  78. What do these reoccuring dreams mean?!
  79. Unsettling/Bad dreams
  80. What does this man has to do with me?
  81. I have demons inside of me help?!?
  82. I dreamed of marylin manson?!!!
  83. Dream Content and Day Residue
  84. Charles Michael Davis and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  85. Real-life Physical Pain After Pain In A Dream
  86. Kisses and smoke
  87. A new job??
  88. The Most Horrible Dream I've ever had
  89. Lizards Dream 16Oct-18
  90. The Magical pill - aka the dream pill
  91. Multiple dreams in one night: What Counts as a "dream"?
  92. Do you think that a dream can change your personality?
  93. My gay dream journey
  94. Your Near Death Behavior in Non-Lucid Dreams?
  95. Hypnanthology
  96. Anyone flew in a dream before flying in real life?
  97. Traits of incredibly enjoyable dreams
  98. Dream initiated dream recall?
  99. From what you wear, what carries over into dreams for you?
  100. Sad realization they were just dreams
  101. The one where Friends take a trip to WILD WILD WEST. Fluff.
  102. The Handsome encounter. Fluff.
  103. I am doing something that I would like to think is very ambitious.
  104. REM cycle and sleeping patterns
  105. Recurring dreams
  106. The DooR Experiment
  107. How Do You Act In Your Dreams?
  108. Dream incubation videos
  109. How good are your dream physics?
  110. Experience with strange foods!
  111. does anyone remember past dreams, whilst dreaming?
  112. Discussion of Integrating Dream Characters as Parts of Ourselves
  113. Celeb dreams.
  114. it has been a while
  115. Counting dreams
  116. What does it means?
  117. Best Advice Ever From My Dream Guide
  118. sand gansta{ pillow raps}
  119. Dream anxiety, Breast cancer dream?
  120. Clothes in dreams?
  121. Dream
  122. Strongest affection and love I have ever felt in a dream
  123. Going solo?
  124. Help interpreting my dream
  125. Dream Recusrion and Quasi-Recursion
  126. Help explain this: dream predicts its own ending
  127. A Funny Thing Happened
  128. The Giant Spider
  129. Day Dreaming, Awake or Asleep?
  130. My crush had a picture of me
  131. Dream about a bear.
  132. Inconsistency in Dream Recall
  133. Was it LD or SP?
  134. Curious about my dreams and such
  135. Please help my daughter understand this dream
  136. My dreams are suddenly no longer vivid, dream vision is sort of fading in my dreams...
  137. boyfriend dream, help!! connection with house,tree,birds
  138. Why did I see a gay dream though I am straight?
  139. Is Our Creativity "Faster" in Dreams??
  140. Seeing house and a big tree
  141. I dont know why this dream freaked me out
  142. Dreamt about knife in my mouth and bleeding from the mouth
  143. Dry Spell
  144. dreams about arguing about money then getting robber
  145. What is the most traumatizing (scariest)dream you've ever had?
  146. Auditory fever hallucinations right after going to bed?
  147. Sleeping in different places
  148. What are your earliest dream memories?
  149. I love waking up from stressful dreams and realising that they were "just dreams"
  150. Question about dream characters
  151. Dreamt about white lion
  152. Dreams about a person i don't really know
  153. Weird Dream Structures
  154. Ear ringing after waking up
  155. Tidal waves
  156. Dreamt about words I barely don't understand
  157. Dreaming about a certain person then meeting them the next day
  158. Past Experience Of Sense Vs No Experience
  159. Deceased father is back and wants to buy 10 cows
  160. Keep dreaming entire movie plots...
  161. Experienced Pain In Nonlucid
  162. Nightmares vs. Real Life Nightmares
  163. a BREAKTHROUGH for vivid dreaming!
  164. Dream of family being killed by friend
  165. Attacked by Relentless Spider
  166. What are Dream Characters?
  167. State of being half-asleep half-awake?
  168. A Surrealist Feedback Loop
  169. Can someone answer my question! ASTRAL Inside
  170. I am scrapping the bottom of the barrel for vivid dreams.
  171. Define a dream or dreaming
  172. Astral Projection: How Do I Resturn To My Body
  173. Recurring dream theme - deceased mother has runaway
  174. Kid in Black suit. 2 formless liquid bright gold.
  175. Elevator Dream
  176. Dream meaning?
  177. Unexpected Visualization drift
  178. Unknown Dream figures...
  179. Daydreams coming true: visions or purely coincidence?
  180. any bands that sound like something you would hear in a dream?
  181. More interested in regular dreams than lucid dreams
  182. How would I go about experiencing sleep paralysis?
  183. I need knowledgeable people to answer my one question...
  184. not being able to control where I move in my dreams.
  185. Dream sequels
  186. A small weird experience i had
  187. Running but someone pulls me back like a magnet
  188. Confused about vizualizations
  189. Every day, lucid day.
  190. Dreaming as other people
  191. The girl in my dream
  192. Dreampt the exact date that I will die
  193. Feeling tired within a dream
  194. weird sensation at the end of dream: intense fear, WHILE staying perfectly calm
  195. Runaway dream? (Plz interprete dis)
  196. Waking Life Influencing Dream
  197. My Future Dream...
  198. I had a strange short dream today...
  199. I shared a weird dream with someone I don't know..
  200. dream cycles reversed?
  201. THE WAR OF THE EXTRAS (A Lucid Dreaming Role Playing Project)
  202. Should I use my dream journal or my computer?
  203. About the 'subconscious'
  204. I never dream, but when I do... it's shopping centers, sundays, and me
  205. Dreamer's dilemma
  206. does hypnagogic hallucinations always come before a dream?
  207. What did my dream mean?
  208. Gender change, Please help interpret
  209. I would like to know if there is any meaning in my dream or am i reading too much into it
  210. Euclidean construction - is it possible?
  211. interpretation no needded on this one
  212. I Stabbed Porn in the Heart
  213. Dream tool and dream data
  214. How to stop dreaming about a specific person?
  215. Dream of several Earths... Confusing.
  216. Cannabis and dreaming.
  217. My New Motivation Strategies
  218. Dreaming about a song/music video that doesn't exist
  219. Meeting/getting a date with a perfect girl in my dream
  220. Dream about hearing a voice
  221. SSIM
  222. Reoccurring Dream about a Spider.
  223. Had a dream of the girl of my dreams. What does this mean?
  224. Why does my brain tease me with Girls in dreams?
  225. Why does Aunt's house always show up? Mostly creepy
  226. My persistent realm, Ereos (Map, timeline & DJ included)
  227. Ex invading my dreams
  228. Confusing old dreams with recent dream
  229. Help undertanding Dream with dead relative
  230. Being tired
  231. Killed by my younger self
  232. Asking for guidance (answer) in a dream
  233. Perfect Vision: Dream In-site any ideas???
  234. Felt a thumping pressure sensation on left temple after WILD attempt.
  235. Source of Nightmares
  236. In need of help, terrifying sleep paralysis
  237. Two Crazy Dreams Last Night
  238. Dream mapping
  239. Cant remember dreams anymore
  240. Jungian Archetypes in Dreams?
  241. Strange sensation before falling asleep
  242. Bitten on the Hand by Rat
  243. Dream About Letter From Govt.
  244. Weird dreams
  245. Dreaming about random people?
  246. Several vivid and symbolic dreams in one night!
  247. How do I know... I've got questions here!
  248. Fell asleep listening to a podcast -- continued to hear it in my dream!
  249. Precognitive dreams
  250. Man pulling organs out of his mouth