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  1. Dream about being a surrogate mom
  2. death horse thing (and corn burrito)
  3. What does eye color mean?
  4. the trip to tpland
  5. Senseless rage
  6. Recurring Dreams
  7. another dream of my brother
  8. Dreams of the world and rape.
  9. Dogs Chasing me
  10. candy
  11. Being a dog, wtf?!
  12. Very sad (and very weird and complex) dream
  13. hide and seek with a sniper rifle
  14. Dreaming of the to-be Future?
  15. Recurring part of a dream
  16. peaceful dream
  17. Reliving the same half hour every day
  18. Recurring pregnant dream
  19. Suicide Dreams????
  20. what does this mean???
  21. I think this could mean something?
  22. Outfield Dream 8th July
  23. Museum Dream On 5th July
  24. Military Dream On 4th July 09 Night.
  25. My Hair Changes Color
  26. ive been thinking about what my dreams mean
  27. Strange dream ..can you interpret??
  28. don't see faces in dreams
  29. Any of you all want to take a stab at this dream I had last night?
  30. Need help figuring this out
  31. Dream that I will give birth today.
  32. 3 Connected Dreams?
  33. Sin hound and afew gangsters?
  34. I KNOW the meaning. You try to guess it.
  35. wierd dream
  36. help with a meaning of a dream
  37. disturbing infection
  38. "Real" Dreams
  39. Dream Interpretation involving puppy
  40. Interpretation Needed!! Please!!!
  41. Weird dream.... REALLY weird
  42. Weird dream...
  43. stingray
  44. dreamed of my brothers friend dying
  45. recurring dream about school and exams
  46. Jumping over precipices!
  47. twins
  48. Dreams these past few nights...
  49. Crazy Dream, Help
  50. How weird this dream I had
  51. My face in the mirror / hostiles/ husband being killed
  52. interesting dream
  53. What does this mean?
  54. Tarot Card Reading in My Dream
  55. Saving a cat from the attic of a church?
  56. Magic and Flying
  57. could someone please help me interpret this?
  58. Weird dream!
  59. I fell in love...?
  60. money money monday
  61. Help me. My dreams ruin my day.
  62. Sex with an ex-boyfriend.
  63. hi i'm new and i had a really freaky dream last night, hoping someone could help? =]
  64. Iíve a strange dream, twice in a row now, please interpret
  65. i think my dream has a lot of symbols (kind of long)
  66. Hello, new member and looking for interperation of dream
  67. What does rock gardens symbolize
  68. Long Action Romance Movie Dream Thingy... (Interpretation needed.)
  69. Need Help Interpreting This (Its Long)
  70. -Open To Interpretation - (warning quite long)
  71. Dream interpretation
  72. I need some help/opinions plz!
  73. feasting on eyeballs at an underground speakeasy!
  74. Vampire? What does this mean????
  75. I dated a demon (that's pretty cool). Interpret, please?
  76. Getting married
  77. back on the site... random dream time!
  78. eye on knife
  79. I'm always in a group.
  80. Dreams about pregnant friend, abortion, baby dying!?
  81. I woke up mad this morning
  82. Mom is Always Alive in My Dreams
  83. Marriage confusion?
  84. Germany? A royal hotel lol?...
  85. Hidden meaning? Help please
  86. Dreaming of Field and school bus?
  87. Running Man
  88. Is this an interconnected dream world?!??!?!?
  89. Dreamt about killing a black pig
  90. Dream about a fridge?!
  91. Voice in my dream
  92. could someone help me interpret this?
  93. Death in Dreams
  94. You won't BELIEVE what I dreamed about.
  95. dream 2
  96. dream 1
  97. card trick
  98. Simple yet weird dream. Could you figure it out?
  99. What does this dream mean? Simple.. not long and complicated!
  100. Dying Birds, a Lady, and a River
  101. Interpret this bizarre dream, please
  102. i dont understand
  103. Death dream
  104. A couple of dreams.
  105. why i kill people with a knife in their throat?
  106. stuck in bed
  107. wedding dream to ex boyfriend
  108. dreaming in perfect symmetry
  109. heyy
  110. please help...........please (may be lenghty but please try to help me, it would mean alot to me)
  111. Need help on last night nightmare
  112. Nightmare
  113. Being hunted
  114. dreaming of my ex partner always.
  115. help me to find out what this means
  116. Worst Nightmare of my Life.
  117. Sex with Best Friend
  118. Long dream, but worth a read. Alot of symbolism.
  119. newbie needs help
  120. Get shot much?
  121. A terrible Nightmare about car crashes, please help me!
  122. I had the most fucked up dream I've ever had the other night
  123. Strange apocalyptic/death dream.
  124. Girl of my dreams dating my former bestfriend, feelings of jealousy.
  125. dream interpritation please?
  126. to many turltes
  127. An Indirect Contact
  128. Dream interpretation needed for wierd dream
  129. dream signs interpretation
  130. Short Romantic Dream: just wondering . . . .
  131. i sacrifice my self in the dream waiting to die . what does that mean?
  132. Zzombiea!!
  133. unsigned engagement greeting card?
  134. A few old dreams
  135. Cutting my huband- please interpret
  136. 7 Dreams in 7 Hours
  137. Any ideas
  138. Dream about the being in the army with everyone from highschool
  139. any input would be helpful.
  140. need to know what it means
  141. I fried my cellphone in a gym pool.
  142. Dead babies, dying children, ghost children
  143. Last night I woke up screaming.
  144. Strange unicorn dream
  145. Weirdest Dream/Situation I've ever Had
  146. A strange dream about a girl.
  147. Ghost Dreams
  148. Weird Dream
  149. Fighting the invincible foe
  150. Another dream happened last week...same situation
  151. Your Opinion Please
  152. Hello new here.. need help with a dream.
  153. Can anyone please interpret this....
  154. When emotions get a little more than dead
  155. Can someone interpret please
  156. Interpretation Help Please.
  157. 1st post please read I have very vivid dreams.
  158. Baby girl twins drowing
  159. Recurring things in my dreams
  160. Strange dream about a white island, spirits, animals and romance?
  161. A dream that relates to a haunted house
  162. romance kind of dream - any ideas on meanings?
  163. Three Moons? Connotation? Interpretation?
  164. Same house...two different dreams
  165. [First dream post] The un-helpfull Woolworths
  166. Need help interpreting a dream
  167. Drunk People
  168. Two Scenes in one
  169. Greetings
  170. Back to AZ.
  171. Her.
  172. Dream Interpretation Help!
  173. What does this mean?
  174. Other person
  175. attack
  176. could someone help me interpret this
  177. Could someone please help me understand this dream?
  178. what do you think of this
  179. I hope you can hear me... I won't forget
  180. Stabbing wood
  181. Refusing to believe??
  182. sex with another girl
  183. Blood, white shoes that I own. What's going on here? Weird?
  184. Scared to death
  185. Hurling Comet--Please help.
  186. Animal Killer 1&2
  187. I'm an 18 year old virgin who has a 2 year old son
  188. Drunk Christmas Night Dream
  189. Dream of kittens and cats
  190. Walking Through A Friend
  191. bombed city
  192. creepy dream
  193. Dying in a car crash?
  194. Question about a dream/nightmare I had
  195. could someone help me interpret this?
  196. A Slightly Odd Dream I Had.
  197. People I Dislkie Are Always In My Dreams
  198. Help with really vivid dreams needed
  199. Of a Witch and a Black Panther
  200. Love triangles and grasshoppers
  201. Got proposed to twice by married women
  202. Dreams reflecting real-life events
  203. Romantic Tokyo Dream
  204. When Pocahontas Died...
  205. A dream I cannot interpret
  206. some strange dreams ive had lately...help me please
  207. Had some crazy ass dreams
  208. keep having dreams about pregnancy
  209. About Pregnancy test and the result is unknown and Rape??
  210. Most Disturbing Dream
  211. Need clarification
  212. Strange 3rd person dream...
  213. Baffling and troubling dream...
  214. High school dream... couple of questions
  215. Another weird dream on my school.
  216. I had a dream about me beating up a guy from my school.
  217. Two different dreams where i kill dogs?
  218. Can anyone try to interpret this recurring dream?
  219. pulling worms out of my legs??
  220. Adultery?!
  221. Dream about about spiders.
  222. Scary mirrors
  223. Looks that cut right through you!
  224. the kiss
  225. My little trip to Italy.
  226. dream about meeting a person with amnesia
  227. Stealing a slightly rotten apple, walking out of a movie
  228. fishing a dolphin
  229. blood, key, teacher, kim kardashian?
  230. Driving me crazy, what does it mean?
  231. A Race, using a ribbon to fly, chasity, and love? What?
  232. We Die
  233. War?
  234. Saving her...
  235. Dreams about dogs
  236. Nightmares and sleep paralyzation.
  237. I dream way too much.. Any help?
  238. Please can some one interpret the dream of my granddad or give me some advice, i'm desperate.
  239. Dream about my granddad who has died
  240. Hello- dreams driving my crazy and seek meaning that is not found in dictionary.Give it some thought
  241. My best friend's dream
  242. My Son's Dream
  243. My EX
  244. Vivid Daydreams?? what's up with this?
  245. Strange dream.
  246. Beer, QI and spitting camels....
  247. Dreamed of a girl
  248. help with dream interpretation..
  249. Dreams of being a girl
  250. Dead bodies in elevators