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  1. I wanted to die
  2. Cricket bugging me
  3. Very scary dream about a little girl
  4. Does this dream mean anything? Ex-Boyfriend
  5. Dream translation for a new member please!
  6. Sex dreams with ex... Great....
  7. 1st time poster but not first time lucid dreamer... looking for some insight.
  8. mixed dreams during a my divorce
  9. Dreaming about my boyfriend cheating on me
  10. I've had a couple of dreams about my mother being sick, what does this mean?
  11. bike stolen
  12. Disturbing dream
  13. Strangest Dream needs interpreting!
  14. The Path of the Llama-Lizard
  15. Dreamed of every band member sleeping...
  16. ipads dream - come give your interpretation
  17. Saving a cat
  18. What could this mean? Any help appreciated
  19. snakes
  20. Ex's Sister on my Lawn
  21. school
  22. are nightmares trying to warn me of something?
  23. Dog barking at me while I'm in the shower
  24. crystal cavern waterfalls wonderful dream
  25. New some help interpreting this odd dream.
  26. Interesting dream...
  27. First Memorable Dream In Nearly A Year! Star gates, prisons, war zones and astral projection!
  28. Disappearing Fire Recurrence in Dreams
  29. Ax and Stump
  30. faceless man, Jill Scott and a runaway car
  31. Two very different dreams about my hands in the same night. Both were very vivid and emotional.
  32. Was hoping I could get some help with a dream I had..
  33. Keep on having dreams of my ex
  34. can anyone help me interpret this dream?
  35. A dream with a little black dog... I wonder what this means?
  36. Dream of Moons and Planets
  37. Dream about what seems to be my subconscious mind
  38. Gay man with a kissing dream about platonic straight friend.
  39. How do we dream about people we dont know, and see them?
  40. What does my dream mean?
  41. I foresaw my friend's baby dying, it happened today
  42. Wondering what this dream is about
  43. Need advanced dream Interperetation.
  44. Recurring Dream Theme, But Different Now
  45. A dream about unknown man I didn't like
  46. Whenever I walk through ghosts...
  47. Dreams needing interpretation
  48. Dreams Needing Interpretation
  49. Dream of someone else's teeth falling out
  50. My earliest memory I have is of this dream.
  51. The Wolf (an inquiry about a dream)
  52. man in my bed and spitting
  53. The most bittersweet dream I have had in a while
  54. First dream I have written down, interpret!!
  55. A snake drawn on paper in the new house?
  56. Many cats, in the kitchen
  57. Someone "unknown" proposed to me!
  58. Magical Tigers on a Quest. Very extreme vivid dream can you help?
  59. Help with interpreting dream, and another question.
  60. Strange Dreams... What does it mean???
  61. Strange Dreams, what does it mean?!?!
  62. Very Odd Dream
  63. Strange dream! Please help!
  64. An Onyx in the Basement
  65. Carnivorous plants and giant bears
  66. This dream is really bothering me. Death, dark magic and suicide?
  67. Please help me interprete
  68. my turn to ask for help
  69. Dream about physically feeling dying?
  70. Demon in my dream!
  71. Okay, this is a weird one so any help is appreciated!
  72. Recurring dream of same person for past 2 years! help please:))
  73. I got robbed!!!
  74. Another dream in the same car
  75. Need others to give opinions on a weird dream.
  76. what does this dream mean?
  77. My gf and I just broke up. Since then, I've been having dreams everynight about two of my exes. Why?
  78. Weird dream, makes no sense! Please help?
  79. need help explaining dream
  80. Important Dream....
  81. Tending to a friend's wounds
  82. short Bear/beast dream! Scary. help me interpret this
  83. Romantic Dreams About A Man?
  84. Please help! What does this dream about a baby mean?
  85. So I had sex with a ghost in my dream...
  86. need help to interpret my insect dream
  87. Me, Harry potter, and Captain Falcon save the world from a demon lord
  88. bizzare vivid dream help me
  89. Please help me understand my dream!
  90. A primitive town that chants "The bomb will break the leg..."
  91. Horrible Dream, Advice Appreciated
  92. Dreams That She Never Really Died
  93. What does this signify
  94. A place down in the Earth and a chanting of "I'm in Hell." ---any ideas?-----
  95. A dream of laying in my bed
  96. Please tell me what you think my dream means
  97. recurring dreaming of escape
  98. Dream that made me feel like a kid again
  99. Love in apocalyptic world
  100. Horrific dream that wife and daughter drown in hotel room
  101. Please, tell me what could this dream mean
  102. Snake eating itself
  103. Dream of someone recently passed - causes intense physical feelings
  104. Twenty Seven Kisses on the Face?
  105. Recurring Woman
  106. Hopefully good sign
  107. Not sure what to think
  108. Battle + Slight Cross-dressing dream
  109. Female dreaming about having male parts.
  110. Can you help me interpret this dream I had please.
  111. Need some help interpreting my dream.
  112. can you interpret my dream?
  113. Giant yellow hand
  114. Swimming Through Layers
  115. a lucid dream without control
  116. can somebody please help me interprit this dream?
  117. This video, true?
  118. beds and planes
  119. I'm a corpse...
  120. Need Help Understanding Scary Dreams!
  121. Same Place, Different Nightmare: Please Help!
  122. Dreaming about her almost every night for a year
  123. Gay Sex and Arguments
  124. My Recurring dream, and a dream my 5yr old told me about..
  125. This dream bothering me interpret driving blindfolded
  126. Please help me interpret this dream
  127. What could this dream mean?
  128. who can hel me interpret a dream?
  129. Shockwave and 2 ghosts
  130. The meaning of dreams video
  131. Dream..About Swimming to an underwater volcano...
  132. dream about hugging the other woman
  133. Free online dream Interpreter
  134. dreaming about this girl???
  135. Hey
  136. Quill-horns growing from head in dreams
  137. Starting out as a kiss, but taking a darkish turn.
  138. First nightmare i have had in a while now..
  139. Dream Meaning
  140. Getting put in an experimental jail and labyrinth
  141. Disturbing dream of child molestation
  142. Partying in a pink mosque
  143. Giant holes in earlobes.
  144. Dream about my friends and three "medieval" brothers I don't have.
  145. Im not sure if its a sign...
  146. Dream Interpretation - the ocean and tarantulas
  147. in my head
  148. Strange dreams, what do they mean?
  149. My first dream in a long time.
  150. help with understanding my dream?
  151. Dreams of being pregnant!
  152. Help Me! Wierd Love Dreams!
  153. Help interpreting
  154. A few dreams about this girl...
  155. 3 Rooms and 3 Cats
  156. odd sex dream
  157. Dad is Driving my Car (and my Life?)
  158. Odd vivid dream story
  159. Interpreting for a Friend
  160. Interdimensional romance hmmm
  161. High school crush phone call dream
  162. Court waiting to pass judgement on my abilities?
  163. Please help me... most horrifying dream ever in my entire life!!!!
  164. My ex was in my dream
  165. Black Dreams
  166. Frustrating recurring theme -- Please help!
  167. Help Interpreting - Request in a Dream
  168. Female handing over a sheep to me!
  169. Dreams about 3 girls - need some interpretation assistance
  170. Extreme violence, loneliness, war, demons someone help i have these almost every night
  171. Dream about a man shouting ...
  172. Could anyone help me figure this wackness out?
  173. Vivid dreams over the past few months...
  174. Intense dream completely shaken me up emotionally
  175. Relationship With My Father
  176. Dead body at bottom of pool
  177. A dream about a girl i had a failed romance with. (the 2nd dream about her)
  178. Another Woman?
  179. 2 Asian restaurants steak and onions
  180. Overwhelming love in my dream last night
  181. perplexed by a dream
  182. random dream
  183. Dream about being mocked in school,
  184. A long, strange dream I would like to know more about.
  185. Dream about killing and ripping a heart out.
  186. What did my nightmare mean?
  187. Dreams about being late for school (Despite not going to school anymore)
  188. Old Dream I Sometimes Worry About
  189. An amazing dream I had last night
  190. Slight nightmare
  191. What does my dream mean?
  192. Murdering a baby
  193. clearing out
  194. My awesome dream experience- What do you think?
  195. Eclipse, then the moon disintegrating
  196. My 5 year old goes missing.
  197. Dying in my dream from a nuclear bomb and feeling everything, seeing everything very vividly, &more.
  198. Switched bodies with a man... seen black creatures created by people...
  199. Intense dream last night. Just looking for anyone's thoughts.
  200. Keep dreaming about the same person for around 3 years now...
  201. magical water
  202. Wedding
  203. Re-occuring person in my dreams
  204. coworker turned out to be an old friend?
  205. Just want to know what my dream means
  206. Island Paradise with a classmate, then a funeral with an ex
  207. Giant centipede sting in the nude
  208. Recurring dream
  209. Love, Power, what's it about?
  210. Cried in a dream?! Hunger games?! what?!
  211. dream about public sex
  212. Poke Pester Annoy - My Lucid Dream
  213. Killing spree followed by suicide.
  214. strange dream love? fear? help
  215. The White Gate-Escaping Aeris
  216. Dream of a dog that has died?
  217. Every night I dream of weed. I have never smoked...what does this mean?
  218. frightening child, can anyone interpret for me :)
  219. Can anyone help me?
  220. Climbing up moss-covered rocks; uncertainty about future
  221. Planets line up
  222. Dream Interpretion? Too Many Elements to List in Topic
  223. Seeking analysis of last nights dream
  224. Four Dreams; Insight Needed
  225. Sharks in a pool!
  226. Friend asks for space :/
  227. Father Made of Strange Static - Once in a Lifetime Dream
  228. Bleeding Cat's Eyes
  229. Deep Cave Within the Earth
  230. Re-Occurring Dream.
  231. Nightmare
  232. Any insight would be wonderful...
  233. Nightmare - Co-worker Acting Strangely
  234. ex boyfriend begging
  235. Same person in my dream almost everynight!
  236. Dream about my child aging before me.
  237. Strange end of world dream.......but not ?
  238. A dream from childhood I'd like interpreted please.
  239. Dreaming about someone you do not know if you like or not.
  240. Please help me interpret why I always dream about Sea and swimming
  241. Heaven's Gates
  242. Dream about being chased.
  243. Dream of eating a CD
  244. Extreme Feeling of Love in a Dream - Question
  245. please help!!
  246. Meaning behind emotionally charged dream?
  247. Dreamt I was cleaning my bathroom, pulling worms from my ears and then I wanted to go skating
  248. Dreamed being a ghost alongside my dad that has passed away in 2008...
  249. Grandma possessed in my dream!
  250. dream about a group and girl