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    1. Flying Sub Fleet

      by , 05-26-2017 at 11:26 AM
      Morning of May 26, 2017. Friday.

      My dream’s setting seems to be of the Barolin Street house (where we have not lived in years) and the street. However, the area is also modeled after Cubitis in some ways (including the large backyard and beyond). This makes the directional orientation unresolvable (that is, the Cubitis backyard would be east, but as Barolin Street, west), but I will base it on the Cubitis region.

      There is some sort of unusual event perceived to be in the distance to the east. My wife Zsuzsanna is carrying a shotgun (which is curiously the first time I have seen her with a shotgun in my dreams, including as the “mystery girl” in early childhood). She heads toward the backyard after leaving the house. I assume she perceives danger.

      I look to the east horizon. I first see a number of what appear to be normal airplanes. Later, they appear to be duplicates of the Flying Sub (from the “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” television series, which I have not seen in a long time). They are approaching our direction. I am not sure if it is an alien threat, the American military, or both. We go inside.

      Later, looking out from our front porch, I watch a couple strange objects move through the sky from north to south. Something is fired in my direction but misses. Even so, I have no fear or even wariness. An unusual cannon rises from the ground directly in front of our house. It is a vertically-oriented cylinder but the cannon opening is on the curved side rather then the end (which would be the top here). (I do not consider how wrong this design is.) Bursts of partly visible transparent “bullets” emerge as it rotates (starting from the south and turning towards our porch). Even though the bullets are eventually moving towards me, I do not react and remain unharmed. (This is liminal dream control as my dream self has no awareness of the dream state).

      The flying subs are probably a residual link to water induction, which is my main type of dream state induction since early childhood as water symbolizes the dynamics of sleep (and the dream state) in real time, though the fact they are flying is a shift towards waking symbolism - in fact, this scene could be the representation of event horizon waking symbolism (actually utilizing the horizon symbolism in this case) which is basically what the majority of dreams are rather than having “interpretations” by way of the usual misuse of the word.

      I would not be surprised if the “impossible cannon” is some sort of skewed phallic symbolism based on the ambiguity of my dream self standing up in my dream whereas my real physical body is horizontal. There have been many times when a dream’s ambiguity seemed based on distortions of combined dream self orientation and real physical body orientation and some people believe this is what causes falling dreams (with hypnopompic jerks), which are purely biological.

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    2. 101015: Nuclear war, people caring massive piles, 90's video game nostalgia.

      by , 10-10-2015 at 12:00 PM (The Dream Journal)
      A fragment: Going to my redhead friend's parent's place. It's a grey day. I get there and see a mutual friend of ours is already waiting, doing some kind of work in the bathroom. I try to go around and knock on the back door so I don't disturb his parents. Right as I start to round the building his mom and dad come out the front door. It's a bit awkward. I see my mom is now there too, all our parents are there for some reason and they start to talk to each other.

      I'm outside my old apartment, sky is grey. There is a tension in the air, as if something big and bad is about to happen. A war is on the horizon. I really hope they don't launch nukes. As I walk away, I scan the skies for missiles. I think I see an airplane, it makes me jumpy. Is there a nuke going above it? People are upset.

      I'm in a plane, it's late at night and dark outside. I'm in the cockpit. The crew is silent and grim. The captain is trying to make sense of readings from the controls, I hear weird pings, a red glow. The nuclear war has started. Being in the air means we've been spared from the worst of the explosions. Where are we going to land? What are we going to do?

      I'm in a metal shop. I've made it here with some survivors, an African-American woman with her young daughter, a bearded man and another young guy. We look up and see that the lights are still on, how long will they last? Surely the power plants are not going to last too long without workers or infrastructure, I think of how coal will not be able to be shipped at all. I look around and see some welding equipment, that will come in handy. As people get set up and huddle in a corner I try to get the MAG welder working. I pull on the trigger and line comes out and doesn't stop. I try to get the coiling line under control, have the nukes caused the machine to malfunction? The young guy comes and take the head of the welding gun and gets it under control.

      I turn my head to the left and look outside the wide open sliding door of the shop. I see a bunch of grim, old, butch looking men there, all in their 40's with leather cuts. At first I'm glad more survivors have made their way here but as they enter I feel apprehensive. A guy that looks like Detective Munch from Law&Order comes in, he's also wearing a leather cut. I have this sense that he was a part of our group but left for the new one. They are a weird slaver cult of some kind and the only people who are afforded any rights are the men who earned a vest.

      Munch has just gotten his and the power has gone to his head. He wants us to submit and offer the shop to the gang. I angrily yell that we are never going to hand it over to slavers. I go on a long rant about how he could possibly be part of a group like that? What if his children are not up to it to get a vest? How can he want to be a part of such an unequal society? He then proudly claims that men with vests are given all the best virgins and that they bear the best children, ones up for the cut, the vest. I berate him, saying that such a group is absolutely awful. He turns and leaves with the rest of the group.

      I turn to the woman and her child. They are relieved that the men have left. There is an old woman with them, she too is relieved however I turn and tell her that they are going to come back and kill all of us and take the women as brides. Our time has come. A relief that comes with giving up washes over me.

      I am with my best friend, we go to a large store near our childhood neighborhood. The sky is a purplish grey of setting sun. We enter and see another short friend of ours. We wave and say hi. He's in line for ice cream.

      By the fruit section I see a gypsy man carrying an outlandishly large pile of bags on his head. There is even another guy clinging onto the pile, what strength. Next to me one gypsy man is about to lift up a massive pile onto his head. My arm suddenly shoots up and enters his armpit. Why did my arm do that? I feel a bit embarrassed as I walk off.

      I see an envelope on an empty fruit stand. It is full of large bills, there must be thousands of euros in it. I'm tempted to take it but as I reach out for it I pull my hand back, it is surely someones money. My sister is next to me and get the attention of a man on the other side of the stand and tells him that the envelope is behind him. He tales it, relieved but looking at me suspiciously.

      We get to the frozen section and my sister is about to get some frozen vegetables to fry up. I get the wok warmed up by the end of the aisle, I put oil in and it starts to fizzle right away. I didn't even have the time to chop up any garlic. What am I going to do with all this hot oil? I take out a bag of french fries and put them in. They start to cook beautifully. I take one out and it is almost perfect, a little cold. I walk away to my right, deeper into the dark store.

      I'm in my old room from childhood, grey daylight shines from the windows. There is the old computer I had as a kid. What a rush of nostalgia. I'm with some childhood friends, they ask me to boot up a game. I put on a really old game from back in the day, one of those 8-bit classics. I then remember a really cool game and put on Grim Fandango and start to play the beginning, a dark alley. I turn and mention if anyone remembers Riven and I go on to say how much I loved Myst. I find the CD's to my right and hand them to my friends behind me. I quit the game and my friend cries out that he wants to know how Grim Fandango ends. I then continue to play the game,

      I sink into the game and it's like a Simpsons version of GTA, shot from above. It's a the center of Springfield at night. Bart is on a rampage, stealing a car and driving over everything. He is then stopped by a cop but then as the cop gets out of his car and tries to apprehend him, Bart takes the cop car and keep on going. Bart is a lot more hardcore these days. He drives into Moe's tavern. It is now closed and abandoned, there is nothing inside but Lenny sitting alone.
    3. 8-19-14 "I always knew I'd look terrible bald..."

      by , 09-18-2014 at 05:40 PM
      My father died recently, so I go to a grief support group. I dreamed I was at one of my group meetings. I asked my group if any of them had any experience lucid dreaming. I asked them if seeing their dead parents was a lucid dream trigger. No one seemed to know what lucid dreaming was, except our facilitator. I keep slapping myself for not doing a reality check. Stupid me.

      I dreamed it was the fourth of July. I was at my grandparent's house. My sister was building this elaborate construction out of wooden blocks. I messed part of it up, and it infuriated her.

      Grandpa kept his car in the basement for some reason. The front window was covered with ice. He was scraping it off so we could go to an air show. It was like the Fourth of July/Christmas time. I was playing with these weird Christmas decorations, singing Christmas songs. The inside of the car was filled with snow.

      Then we got to the air show. There was only one airplane there, and I was to fly it. So I flew it all around in crazy circles. It was fun.

      Then I dreamed I saw myself in the mirror. My face was the same, but I was almost entirely bald, except for little rough patches of bloody hair. My scalp was covered with these huge awful oozing sores, and my ears had been like ripped off. I could see into my brain. And I said to myself, "I always knew I'd look terrible bald. I need to invest in a hat." It didn't scare me in the slightest.
    4. Question for Shapeshifters: What is your favorite part?

      by , 06-26-2014 at 04:51 PM
      kinda too many "parts" to count/talkabout = but .. i love that i can't truly die...

      i am a dragon.. but i feel all the human senses vividly..

      when i go on airplanes they ALWAYS crash.. but i don't die.. but i experience the fully impact

      the sickening jolt of the impact [#death] wakes me sometimes but not always

      also.. sometimes i float off the earth.. it feels weird..

      does anyone else float off the atmosphere? or feel like you can't stay attached to the ground???

      *feels like a weirdo*

      mewoofffff [thats the sound a dragon makes]

      -jagon x
    5. Warehouse Work at the Call Center

      by , 06-11-2014 at 08:26 PM
      01-27-2014 -- [Weird, and can't pull up all the details. The 5-HTP last night seems to be making my sleep worse, and my dreams less detailed.] Working in some strange sort of cross between a shopping mall and a call center, trying to sell something over the phone, but the company's policies make the actual selling more and more difficult. I've gotten to be on pretty good terms with one of the customers, and am hoping for a sale, but in the process I end up flying with them somewhere.

      Soon we are in an airport, changing planes, and I find out that somehow I am now being asked to pilot the plane. The client is inviting me out for a drink, but there is a company policy (which actually makes sense in the dream, though it sure doesn't make sense now that I am awake) that we are allowed to drink while we're at other airports, preparing to fly back home, but not at our home airport. Since we're at the home airport, I have to turn down the drink, and in the process, lose the sale.

      Instead I find myself back at the call center, which has now turned into a warehouse that does long-haul courier work of hundreds of extremely small loads in huge big rigs across the country. It is my first day on the job, and I have a package to take to Massachusetts, and have just watched as they loaded the last package on the truck. For some reason, my job is to sit on the back of the truck and make sure everything is all right, but the driver who has started the truck up never closed up the back or raised the lift gate, and as he starts to drive, one of the crates falls out of the back and lands in some other crates. We have no method of communication established, so I am trying to think of what to do, then start beating on the roof of the trailer really loud, and make enough noise that he hears me and stops. He peers at me in the side mirror, and asks what is up, and I explain we have a small problem and a potentially larger problem.

      The small problem is he forgot to close up the back of the truck and raise the lift gate, the potentially larger problem is the crate that fell out, and if it was breakable stuff, may be problems. He assures me that the crate isn't a problem, and starts to get it reloaded. The things he is saying also kind of indicate that it was probably all a test to see if I was paying attention, and I may have done well. As they are reloading the crate, I run off for a quick bathroom break, and when I come back I find the truck is gone. I missed it while going to the bathroom. I am almost to the point of weeping, figuring I am probably going to be fired now, and I am convinced I don't have any idea what I am doing.

      But then the female supervisor comes up to me, explains I handled the situation with the back of the truck and the crate just right, and while I did miss my truck, it is my first day on the job, and I won't be in trouble for it ... but can I think of what I might to differently to avoid the problem? I say I would probably tell them that I was running to the bathroom, rather than just assuming I can make it back quick enough, and she responds with something along the lines of "There you go!" I finally conclude I don't need to quit or be fired, and that I will only get better with a little time and experience. "Now you're getting it!"
    6. Early April 2014

      by , 04-20-2014 at 03:13 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The last few nights I have dreams of planes crashing.

      Date unknown - The first dream I was on the plane that was crashing. It was a small passenger plane, with about 6 or 7 other people, that was trying to ascend over a mountain after take off. I knew there was going to be trouble because the aircraft tilted heavily to the left as it left the pavement. The plane struggled but it did not make it over the steep mountain and crashed near the top.

      Date unknown - In the second plane crash dream I can't remember the plot but I remember looking out a large window in an old Victorian style building that overlooked a large modern city and towards a river. It was night time and as I gazed out the window a large passenger plane fell out of the sky and crash landed nose first, where I could see it in the distance. It caused a huge explosion not of fire but of light and it illuminated the whole sky before it faded and everything went dark again.

      April 20th - I don't remember the subject of the dream I had last night but one image stayed with me when I woke up: I am looking down on a wooden coffin. It is open and inside lays a deceased woman wrapped tightly in a white shroud so that only her face is visible. Her body from head to toe is covered in brightly colored flowers of all sorts. The flowers around her head are arranged to look like a halo and the flower over her heart is a large sunflower. She looks peaceful and her pale skin contrasts the bright lively flowers all around her.

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    7. 4/4/2014

      by , 04-04-2014 at 07:16 PM
      In my first dream I was a test subject for GladOs in an Aperture Science lab. I was going through all kinds of trials and tests. Suddenly I see Desirae and I know I'm getting rescued. Glados gets disabled and we think we won. Suddenly, she starts getting her control over the facility back. I started telling Desirae to hurry up and to help me pack. We went to the elevator where we would escape but rooms started changing and the room that we came from became some stairs. I ran into the elevator and Desirae was still packing stuff I told her it's now or never and she was still closing the last briefcase so I grabbed her hair and pulled her in right before the elevator doors closed and we started descending.

      I was in Belen running back home. I was running pretty fast. I was roomates with Katey. She went off to work and I was with a few animals and had found my laptop. I went to sleep and had a dream that I was lucid dreaming. In the dream, I was in an arid desert as a young deer or elk. I started hearing more elks appearing and I suddenly know I'm in the death realm.I hear someone say Cesar is coming and I think it's my uncle. I see another elk and ask why he's here and he doesn't wanna answer. I ask again and he gets mad. I say sorry it's my first time doing this and they tell me I can't be looking so young and so they transform me into a bigger elk. I ask something else and wake up to my dream. I rush to my laptop to write my dream down but there's animals all over my backpack where my laptop is so I yell at them and they move. There's someone at the door and I answer. Suddenly Lieutenants and Captains are doing inspections of the house. It's pretty dirty. The Captain then turns into an elk and starts mowing the front lawn with his antlers. All I care about is remembering the dream so I could write it down.

      I was in my house and talking to Desirae. I ask her if she wants to have sex but she says no that she's gonna go have sex with someone else. I get mad and ask her what she means. She says that she doesn't want to have sex with me but instead wants to go to someone else's house and have sex with them. I get even more upset and tell her to leave and I'll have sex with someone else too. I leave and go to a lake on some plains. I see on the news that there's going to be a meteor falling and a news agency from Venezuela is going to record it. I go along with the news agency and we hop on a homemade boat. We go into a place where there's a lot of shanty homes and downed planes that say something about Atlantis on them. We see a plane take off from under water. We sail around waiting and looking for when the meteor is going to fall. I was with a fat lady and the news reporter. I remember the water splashing on us and it tasted gross. Suddenly, we see the meteor coming in. We record it and it lands and we see it glow as it enters the water. I say it's probably about 20 feet or around 35/40 meters. We go towards where it landed and then the fat lady jumps in and grabs the meteor. It turns out it's bones of a small animal. The bones run away and jump into the water so I grab them again. We decide to head back so we park the boat near one of the planes and start climbing up the shanty houses. The bones suddenly turn into a white rat and Shaniqua. I put shaniqua into a container so I can throw the white rat to the house I need to jump to, where a few people are waiting. When I get back to Shaniqua, I find out I microwaved her for a few seconds. She seems confused and stupid.
    8. Warzone

      by , 01-08-2014 at 07:08 AM
      Morning of January 8, 2014. Wednesday.

      I am in a large building, somewhat like a composite between a residential house and a warehouse, but with library features. There are computers set up here and there near mostly corners.

      There is a war going on to the north - which seems a bit “off” as it seems to imply two cultures setting off bombs and such in the same area of where each are otherwise living. It also seems a bit like a part of the north-side of La Crosse. I watch 1940s USA military aircraft fly overheard, dropping strange small doughnut-shaped explosives everywhere, even near their own men, but it is mostly the enemies that are killed. I even see a large loom very close to the building I am in, with about three bodies hanging from it and a couple on the ground. Somehow the loom was supposedly being used to make weapons (which makes little sense). The characters remind me a little of ones from a version of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”.

      Now and then, there is a slight concern that the bombs will be “too close” to the building, but it is not that much of a worry - and some of the computers seem to be for targeting.

      Eventually, a soldier comes in with Usama bin Laden (FBI-based spelling) aka “Osama” (supposedly deceased). In my dream, though, he has a long white beard, yet seems younger. He blows strange “raspberries” at me as a bored, obnoxious child would do. I go into a different room to get something for one of the soldiers and Osama throws four tiny (fictional) “hand grenades” directly at me that he had hidden in his loose garments, so small as to hardly notice the weight hitting me. The soldiers back up, because the explosives are supposedly the most powerful ever made (which means Osama is suicidal here, I guess). They are much like watch batteries (or possibly actually are watch batteries turned into miniature but powerful bombs) with a hole through the center and adhesive on one side (to stick to the clothes of the target, I guess, but not very feasible in the real world due to extremely small surface area), but I note they are also similar to the doughnut-shaped bombs that the airplanes were dropping only much smaller.

      I am somewhat annoyed but just fling my arms around, making the “grenades” return to the sender, or rather near his feet. He looks a bit annoyed and surprised at the same time. There is one left on my left arm, which I also fling back. There are no explosions - apparently they only go off when remaining on the target for a certain amount of time (as I believe was the case with the airplane bombs - giving certain soldiers time to make a run for it). There does seem to be a bit of urgency for a short time, but no drama ensues. He is then taken away by the soldiers to be executed. (It is also possible that what he threw at me were I Ching coins, as he briefly seemed to have a Chinese appearance.)

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    9. Piles of meat, the wooden walkway, and an embarrassing attempt at lucid control

      by , 09-05-2013 at 01:57 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 1.)

      I decided to go shopping at a new grocery store, but the front door was closed, so I took a shopping cart and went in through the cart area where they have those big plastic flaps employees push carts through. The first thing I saw was a big display with lots of holiday candy, mostly Christmas and Valentine's Day candies, then I passed through this huge open section that was almost the size of a regular grocery store itself. It was nothing but meat, lots of different kinds of meat, different cuts and stuff, all piled up on counters all the way around the walls. Some of the meat piles were almost as high as me. I remember being both fascinated and creeped out at the same time.

      I was debating on taking a plane ride to Indiana. The people I was going with were taking the plane, but I determined that it was only 200 miles away, and that I might beat them there if I take my car since they'd have to wait for the plane and all. When I got there, I walked out onto a long wooden walkway that snaked around a building and jutted out over a big waterfall and some dangerous rapids. Also on the walkway was a little girl who stood with a creepy old man, and I remember thinking the guy was totally a pedophile but the girl seemed okay so I ignored him. I talked to the girl about some things and she giggled a lot, but later I found out the girl had died and most likely was killed, and I just knew it was that creepy old guy's fault. I slipped and fell down on the walkway, and when I looked up I saw a huge spider in a web on my left and a huge yellow butterfly on my right. I was almost too terrified to move because I didn't want to upset either of the bugs but someone I slowly got to my feet and went into the building the walkway was attached to. Inside was a long hallway and lots of different rooms, and they were labelled based on what was taking place inside of the room, like for instance one was labelled SAT Room and people were taking the SAT test in there. I went into a room with a haircut label and the lady there said I had to get my hair cut if I wanted to be a part of their building. So I sat down and she cut my hair, but I kept hearing her say "Oops!" and I was upset that my hair would look crappy.

      I had a lucid dream that began with me standing in the dining room of a house. It was decorated very southern and was quaint. Nothing was really happening except me standing there, so it gave me time to think about where I was, and I didn't know. So I performed a reality check, the palm test, but it failed and my finger did not go through my palm. Still it felt like something wasn't right, so I did another reality check by holding my nose and trying to breathe through it anyway. It worked, and I was still able to breath, and that's when I realized I was dreaming! As soon as I became lucid, the scene started to fizzle out, like an old TV screen when you hit the antenna, so I rubbed my hands together and spun around a few times and the scene restablized. At that point, I was super excited because it's rare that I have complete control of my actions in a lucid dream, and I immediately go to the front door of the house and try to open it. However, when I opened it, there was another door behind it, and another, and another, and it was just endless doors all the way. So I went to try a closet door and it also gave me nothing but endless doors. I was really annoyed at this turn of events because I didn't want to be stuck in a quaint country house when I could go out and do fun lucid things, so I stared really hard at the front door and willed all my concentration on it. I had a vision of myself opening the door and emerging on the other side in a heavenly realm as nothing but pure light energy, so I took that as a sign to try opening the door. Sure enough, the door opened, but just to the front porch rather than the nice Heaven I'd envisioned. Out on the porch I was overlooking an old farmer's field covered in snow, with a few trees growing here and there. It looked a bit like the backyard of my grandmother's trailer. I got really excited again and jumped off the porch, intending to fly away, but instead of flying I drifted to the ground like a leaf. Another failure! I lay there, face down in the snow, concentrating on willing myself airborne, and after about a minute or so I began to hover about an inch off the ground. I continued hovering, kind of wobbling precariously in various directions like that American flying saucer prototype in that one old video, but the dream fell apart before I could really get my flight aspirations going.
    10. Mourning the angels, and an after-school storm

      by , 08-23-2013 at 12:11 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (Note: These dreams were from yesterday, but I spent most of the day on the road antiquing, so I only had the time to write it up on my iPhone, so pretend the date is the 22nd here!)
      Cory and I were sitting next to each other on an airplane at night. Most of the people on board were asleep, so the lights were dimmed. I was clutching a big puffy pillow and crying because I'd heard that a bunch of angels had died, but Cory didn't believe in angels so he thought I was being dumb and crying over nothing, which made me feel even worse. When we landed I decided to get my mind off it by working on a project, so I bought some supplies and started to build a model city. I remember sitting on the bed in the guest room of my grandmother's old trailer and fiddling with the parts. Then Cory came in with these cool mini lanterns that I realized I could put inside my model skyscrapers to make it look like their windows were lit up. It made me all excited and I told him my idea but he got mad at me because that was the reason he bought them and he thought I was taking credit for his idea. So I got stressed and started crying again. Soon after, mom came in the room with a computer and sat down next to me. She asked if I wanted to rent a movie so we looked at the Target website, which strangely enough had movies to rent, to find a movie since I knew that would cheer me up. I saw a list of old Disney animated movies like Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty, as well as DVD sets of Cartoon Network shows from ten-ish years ago like Dexter's Laboratory and Cow & Chicken. There was also a random DVD in the list called 'The Alabama Voices' that I recalled seeing at the store earlier that day when I went to buy my supplies. For some reason, whenever someone said the name of the movie, they had to sing it to the tune of 'The Neverending Story'. As we browsed the DVDs, I found out more angels had died so I had to excuse myself to go mourn some more, but Cory got pissed again thinking I was crying over nothing, which made things worse so I don't understand why he kept getting mad over it. Mom seemed to believe me though.

      I was on a large college campus and classes had just let out, but it was raining too hard for me to walk to my car since I'd parked way up the road. I tried walking the distance at first, but as soon as I got to a fork in the road where I had to turn right to get to my car, the wind started to pick up so I ran to take shelter in the nearest building. I remember feeling scared that the building would blow away easily if a tornado came through, because it was such a small building. While I stood there watching the rain out of the hallway windows, a teacher walked by and said hello, but then went right outside and braved the winds. I thought he was crazy. Then I noticed that all the skin around my jawline where I normally shave felt really tight, so I felt it and realized it was all peely and gross like a super bad sunburn. I reasoned it must have been due to me getting rained on and not wiping the rain off before it dried, because the rain was very toxic in this area. I started freaking out and felt the need to get to a bathroom to fix my face. Unfortunately, there was no bathroom in that building so I ran out and made a mad dash for the next closest building (which was one of the main student halls that had lots of lockers everywhere). There was a bathroom there so I felt incredibly relieved.
    11. The end of a Seinfeld episode, wilderness survival, and grocery store freezers

      by , 08-15-2013 at 11:24 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was sitting in a plane near the back, and I turned around and saw Jerry Seinfeld and his friends sitting in the very last row near the rear exit. As the plane started down the runway, he was making jokes about how the last row was where terrorists and murderers sit, and everyone around him was laughing. Suddenly the door to the rear exit started swinging open, and Jerry noticed it right away and did that silly shout he always does in the show as he jumped out of his seat and raced to catch the door and close it before the plane got airborne. My dream ended right as he reached the door. I saw the plane from the outside and it was like, halfway on the runway and halfway in the air with Jerry's arms hanging out the door when the scene froze and started showing Seinfeld end credits and playing that little concluding riff.

      There was some sort of competition between me and someone else involving surviving in the wilderness. I was sitting near a campfire with some guy I'd hired to help me survive to give me the edge in the competition, but the guy was annoyed because things weren't going to plan and all the huntable animals that were supposed to be in the area were gone. The wilderness we were in was very beautiful, though. It was a large grassland with small amounts of trees and lots and lots of lakes, but it wasn't wet and marshy like areas with lots of small lakes usually are. There was a mountain range in the distance that spanned the entire horizon, and opposite of that the grasslands ended and dropped off down steep cliffs with no bottom. I think the person I was in competition with was either a ninja or a pirate, but he rode around on a big griffon so that gave him an advantage. He kept flying by and belittling me.

      Some vague dream about a father and daughter sitting in the den, and the mother comes in and they talk about something. I remember the mother saying "That's why I had the fireplace put in." and the daughter and father were all surprised and weirded out by that for some reason.

      I was in a grocery store, going up and down the aisles pushing a shopping cart. It was a very industrial-looking grocery store in that it looked more like a Home Depot except with food on the shelves. I got a few cleaning supplies that I can remember vividly. There were these huge mechanical aisles that were all pushed together in one massive block, and as I walked by them they automatically separated into actual aisles you could walk down and they were all frozen foods aisles. I thought that was very neat that they came together and broke apart like that and thinking it was very energy-efficient to keep the cold air in, even though the energy used to move the aisles was probably more than the cooling. As I walked up and down the frozen foods aisles, I saw that one of the freezer doors was actually a regular door that led into a building that was a labyrinth of even more freezer shelves except it was almost completely pitch black and I could barely make out the doors and the floor. I kept opening the doors but all the freezer shelves in that building were empty and had ice accumulating on the glass. As I tried to make my way through the labyrinth, I kept getting text messages from my ex-girlfriend I haven't seen in like eight years. They were weird one word text messages of random words, and she sent them super-fast, like I was getting a text every tenth of a second. I kept trying to text back but I couldn't keep up with her typing speed. When I got to the end of the labyrinth there was a dark room with some neon LED lights around and it was like a little lounge. I saw a lizard in a big terrarium and a door that led me back into the main grocery store. I was relieved to finally get out of the dark place and when I left there I stopped getting the texts so fast.
    12. 1/7/13 Lucid

      , 01-11-2013 at 10:54 PM
      Don't remember much before turning lucid though I think there were 2 attempts. It had to do with getting in an air plane - somehow turned lucid. Had a seat to myself by the window. Looked out and there was a large plane crossing under us and it looked like a great white shark. That scared me, so I turned back from the window. I was lucid so I decided to go to the North Pole and see if I could create some kind of Santa Land. Somewhat successful. There was snow and a bunch of wilderness and the pine trees were decorated. Occasionally there would be a flying elf, but I think they turned out to be just balloons. I never saw Santa, but I ended up in a cabin in the wilderness with my family (aunts, uncles, etc). Not bad.
    13. What a soft handshake

      by , 10-31-2012 at 07:49 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm at some olympic event, next to a C130...guarding it. I'm hearing reports about some attack and the way the other units I was with just arrived. They said they had to build an entire well structure before they could start heading our way. Anyways....big wigs roll by, and I try to ignore them. One is Rondal Regan. I shook his hand, and it almost crumpled. I told him I wasn't expecting such a soft handshake from him. I addresssed him as "Mr. President" too. We started talking about death. We were both ready to die in this mission.
    14. My pregnancy made me lucid.

      by , 09-14-2012 at 06:33 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      I don't remember much of the scenes before this, but I do remember one time when a women was asking me- when my baby was coming? So... I think I know where this part came from. Just a day ago I was remembering the day my niece was born. My sister was driven over to the hospital but I was too hung over to get up. But before baby came I got up and rode my bike all the way to the hospital. That was one of the worst bike rides ever, but it was worth it when I got there.

      Anyways, I was in the back seat of my mother and father's car. I was... about to have a baby. All I could think about is, something doesn't seem right. I'm prepared to have this baby, but they're gonna have to do a C section because guys shouldn't fucking have babies! In this dream world, it was less common for guys to have babies, but it could happen. Then I began to think to myself... I know absolutely nothing about this or how the procedure is done. That doesn't seem like me, I would have already read everything there was to know about it. Then I slowed down, "Wait a minute." I said to my parents. If this was actually happening... I would be able to remember doctos apointments, and all of this information that I would have learned. I was completely unnaware of this shit.

      "OH THANK GOD!" I yelled to the front of the car. I motioned my hand at the car in front of us and the back end was lifted off the ground, then fell back down. "I'M DREAMING. PHEW! I'm not pregnant, I'll catch you guys later. This is a weird dream." I said to them. We were driving through a grassy area for some reason, but I flew out of the window and up into the air. I decided to fly right in front of my parents car for fun, they were driving so damn fast and turning a lot. I looked around and found that this grassy area was just a small island. I mean, small. Maybe the width of a football field. I started flying around in circles over the island getting my speeds down. I then noticed an airplane also circling the island. I went a bit higher and flew next to the airplane.
      Then I started playing abound with loops, it's incredible to experience flying in vertical loops. The world spinning around you is so fascinating.
      I got bored, and before I left just to excersize my power- I crunched the right wing of the plane in mid flight. Sorry passengers, you're not real enough for me to mind.
      I started flying away looking for things, and what happened next will blow my mind for a long while. I came up onto this huge green field, with a whole city of old asian architecture. The weird thing is... I've seen this exactly place down to the placements of the buildings at least three times in a lucid dream. I flew over it, wishing I could draw it in real life to show people. I'm not a good artist. I looked in another direction, there was a huge (I mean huge) mansion. It looked like a royal mansion, sparkling colors and all. I wondered what I would find in that place. There were so many doors, who knows. I'd seen that mansion before, but in a different lucid dream. I've never went in. But that didn't stop me, I kept going until I reached one other dream scene that I knew so very well. I flew over a park area, with a few ball courts. I noticed someone had lost their ball so I materialized a new one and chucked it down towards them. "Here!" I yelled from the air. I flew down to the ground, into a non-lucid dream that I had a few weeks ago. But this time, it was way fucking cooler- because I could cheat.
      I knew this part was coming. "Hey, we need an extra- do you play football?" One of the big guys said. "Not so much football, but I play it's cousin rugby." I answered on queue. "Alright, good enough. You're up!"
      So back to this game I was. I wanted to try a few things though. Someone passed the ball to my direction. I'm terrible at catching things, so I made it come to my hands right in the touchdown. Everyone was pumped, I seemed to be really good. I wanted to experiment with energy shields. That seems like it would come in handy in some kinds of dreams. The ball was again tossed up in he air, I made a case of blue energy around my body. Confident enough in that, I made anouther one appear right where the ball was coming down over the enemy team. The ball bounched off it like I planned, and landed smack dab back into my hands. This was great. lol.

      This is where I stopped remembering. I think my WBTB alarm went off. The night was a success.
    15. Machines

      by , 06-11-2012 at 06:59 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      They were taking over. There was a weird malfunction that killed a bunch of people. The president didn't acknowledge it so it became a conspiracy theory. I needed to merge with the machines to stop other ones. Something else about talking to my sister. She was saying she loved the guy she was with but wasn't in love. I was on an air plane while talking to her....I almost jumped out before she told me that.

      Something else about a prank call that tried to make the person drive 2 hours to a restaurant, but the people were pronouncing "Primm" wrong.

      Oh and crazy hi about some guy who's eyes turned blood red all of a sudden.
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