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    1. Aurora borealis shinin' down in Dallas

      by , 12-06-2016 at 03:27 AM
      This summer i had success with induction by looking at buildings in my dream environment and getting curious as to what city it was. At first i thought it resembled New York City (where i once worked) because of the sheer density of structures. But i could not recognize any actual NYC landmarks. Then i tried to see if it was Vancouver (where i was living at the time). Still no luck. Suddenly i recognized a building in my home town, Dallas, Texas (the setting for most of my dreams—simply because i lived there for so long, i suppose). It hadn't been there at first; it just popped into view. "Oh but i don't live in Dallas anymore...so this must be a dream!" I'm hoping to learn to use Dallas landmarks as dream signs. That should be efficient because, as i said, most of my dreams take place there.

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    2. Lucid Dream Number 4 (Random)

      by , 12-03-2016 at 02:19 PM
      OK so this is a dream from last night!!!

      I have noticed that since i have joined this website and have been actively thinking more and more about my dreams, i have already had 2/3 more lucid dreams wherea's before that, the last one i had was well over 2 years ago.
      Now in my last Lucid dream i can recall that i was ok in the knowing of becoming lucid....but as soon as i tried to control my dreram lucidly, i would awaken!?!!

      So last night i found myself waking up Lucid in my dream, and after a little practice i started to be Able to controll not only what i was doing but also my surroundings as well. Now it worked in quite a strange way, you see as i remember i did manage to find a "DreamSign" which was looking at my own reflection. I found that every time i looked at my reflection (In literally any reflective surface) i was able to re-affirm the dream and in doing this it made the dream more stable. If the lucidity started to weaken and the dream started to fade i would have to keep strenghening it by looking at my own reflection again. The reflection i was seeing was me entirely, i looked very normal as in waking life but for some reason this was my way of knowing i was in a dream which at the moment i'm still not entirely sure as of why!! (This is something i will check the next time and see if my "DreamSign" changes at all.)

      I can't really remember to much of the details of the dream as my voice recorder has broken and it is now 13:11 the next day, but i do remember being able to physically change my surroundings around me, and the people around me...for instance if i willed someone into my dream, there they were!!
      I remember towards the beggining of the dream when i was still trying to teach myself how to stabilise it, the dream itself was very grainy but the more i kept on the clearer and clearer it became to the point where i might almost say that it was clearer and sharper than real life itself.

      (I woke up easily 6/7 times during the night and found that by not moving after awakening i was able to go straight back into the same dream, lucidly each and every time.) That was something i remember reading helps in one of the lucid dreaming forums!
    3. My First lucid dream since roughly 2 years ago!!

      by , 11-24-2016 at 03:16 PM
      so Last night the morning of 24th november 2016 i had my first lucid dream in a couple of years.
      Now before that id had a completely differant dream (That wasn't lucid) about being in some kind of what seemed to be a 3rd world country walking through a long up hill market place when i noticed that the people walking past me were wearing shackles and actually being taken away as slaves, there were so many of them that i took it upon myself to start freeing them from the chains (Theses people included white, black, native people, all walks of life) i was having to be sneaky about freeing them, obviously, but eventually id freed enough people so that we could start to over power the powers at be, or atleast the gang leaders who were chaining everyone up!!
      Now at some point a grenade was thrown and it landed at my feet virtually, and exploded causing me to then wake up...But i went straight back to sleep and this is when my lucid dream happened:

      ok..SO I WAS DREAMING, AND IN THIS DREAM I COULD REMEMBER THAT I WAS SINGING THIS SONG, now i can remember at the time "Thinking" wow this is a really great song, i was completely making it up, it doesn't exist other than in my dream, yet i was fluently singing it like i knew it off by heart.
      all of a suddon i woke up..(Or atleast i thouight i had), and i could hear the women in the room next to me (I live in shared accomadation) playing her music very loud, and it was very early so i SCREAAMED out to her at the top of my voice to turn it down at which point i WOKE UP!!!
      It hads actually been a dream within a dream or 2 levels deep if you know your stuff. Now i kept waking back up and literally falling straight back to sleep, and each time it happened i started to figure out that if i could here the song then something wasn't making sense and i must have been dreaming..now i think the fact that i kept waking up and falling back asleep helped me become lucid becous my mind was conscious almost as much as i was in dream state which may have allowed me to recoignise the fact that i was dreaming, thats my theory anyway.
      So the sound of singing became my "Dream Sign". Now the only problem i had was that i was fading in and out of dream state, and once id realised i was dreaming i was ok to hold onto the fact i was conscious for a short time, but anytime i tried to controll the dream or make something happen, it instantly sent me into a spin and i would wake up!! :-(
      So i will see what happens tonight and hopefully it's just a matter of practise and that sooner or later i will be able to not only induce LD but also take complete controll without waking myself in the process.
      i will update soon!
    4. Identifying a Sign

      by , 09-13-2016 at 09:31 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Back on a steadier pace, and I think it helps that things haven't been so busy. Today's dream brought about, yet again, another recurring person.
      I was in a huge hotel of sorts, that had all sorts of lavish rooms, hallways, and lobbies to explore. Present in the dream with me were my family, the girl who I've been referring to as K in a lot of my previous entries, her boyfriend, and her family. We were all there on vacation, and more than ready to relax and have a good time. Said good time is hazy, but two key moments I remembered happened in chronlogical order. First, that night, we all set up on this very cozy balcony and watched a movie that was projected onto the wall in front of us. Despite being a projection, the movie looked to be in full HD. Can't quite remember what the movie was, but it was in black and white, oddly enough.
      K, sitting next to me, glanced over at me and laughed. I did the same. Everyone else with us was a little more quiet than usual, but I think they just seemed like they were absorbed into the movie. Just behind the projection, you could see the sky outside through a large opening in the hotel building, the setting sun burning up everything it could touch.
      Later on the next day, we all decided to go swimming. K and I were the first ones to arrive at the pool, which as it so happened was inlaid right next to a beach. It struck me then that the whole place looked similar to a place my family and I go on vacation every year for Thanksgiving. Shaking the thought, K and I had fun swimming. However, at one point when I went under to see how long I could hold my breath, I discovered upon emerging from the water that K was no where in sight! She was just next to me a second ago, but she seemingly vanished out of thin air. I was frantic. What could have happened to her? I sprinted out of the pool, and noticed her boyfriend running down the stairs by the pool. He looked equally as frantic. I explained to him what happened, and the search began.
      Man, why does the plot always ramp up when the recall drops off? One thing I can say for sure: Once I get much better at having lucids, I'd love to visit this place again.
      There was another smaller dream recalled when I went back to sleep. Seems my current no-alarm, wake-up-twice schedule is producing similar amounts of dreams.
      I was in a virtual space. Best way I can describe it is it looked like a dream scene straight out of TRON. By my side was a cute little fluffy dog. Apparently he and I were tasked with taking down this deadly, gigantic machine that was in the middle of the area. The machine was shooting off blasts of electricity all over the place. Along the ground, however, were glowing arrows that flashed red and green corresponding to when we had to move or stop. Using these, we quickly dashed our way to the machine.
      So there's the daily couple. What's interesting to me is the prevalence of K in my dreams lately. I said in my last entry that she may be a dream sign, but now I'm starting to believe it fully. As to why she's been so prevalent...well, that's a whole different thing. Her and I don't speak much IRL except for a few comments here and there on social media. Thing is, K is from a time in my life, in my past, where things were really nice. She's from one of the happier periods in my life, a period full of day-long stretches spent with friends doing fun things like we did in this dream. Lately, I've been longing for these things, and to get back to something akin to that. Therefore, I think her appearing so much in my dreams is a reflection of that. Maybe it's something else. Maybe a mix. Who can say? Ramble done.
    5. Quiva Turns Up Again

      by , 04-15-2016 at 11:33 PM
      I am inside dreamviews program. It is like the whole program and everyone in it is trying to defragment me because I don't realise I am dreaming. It feels like brain and heart surgery. Every so often I will come out of the computer and meet my good friend Quiva IWL who is trying to show me in the way she is or how to be. She is encouraging me and then sends me back into the dreamviews program or website. It is clear the the program is not working on me that there is like a big block and I am not getting the main message people are trying to tell me. I meet Quiva again and she is completely happy and content but she says "it didnt work did it". I wake up feeling that something is going on even if i don't fully get it yet.
    6. Obama's Secret Meeting with Muslim Leaders in my Living Room

      by , 02-06-2016 at 08:22 PM
      Sometimes it's almost painful (and, by this, I mean very very painful) to wake up from a dream where you missed such obvious dream signs. One of my most common dream signs is trying to take a picture and finding the camera won't work. And yesterday I read through the Tasks of the Month and read about the one to hand President Obama a baby. That wasn't one I was planning on trying first. I was going to go with looking at the sky and walking through a wall. But my mind must have remembered the Pres Obama task because it put Obama right there in my dream. It was trying to hand lucidity to me on a golden platter. And I blew it.


      I was in the place I used to live. Seems like a few family members were there but I can't really remember who.

      And all of a sudden President Obama walks in the door. With him are two older Muslim men that looked to be leaders of other countries. One was especially old and wrinkly but still very tall. Obama made himself comfortable on the couch while the two men stood right behind him.

      I was surprised to see Obama there in my living room without having any advanced notice (but obviously not surprised enough to do a reality check). I pulled out my phone and asked him if I could take a picture of him because I knew no one would believe me if I told them Obama had come to my house. He didn't seem to care. I tried to take a picture, but I couldn't find the right buttons on my phone. It was as if my phone were completely foreign to me. I fiddled around a little hoping that I would figure it out.

      Obama and the men start talking together in another language that I couldn't understand. I decided I wanted to text Jeff and tell him to come and see Obama, not because he particularly liked him, but it's not every day the POTUS is in your house conducting what appeared to be a very private meeting. Again, I can't get my phone to work. Nothing looked right or familiar.

      The meeting goes on and on, and I am starting to stress because I want to get a picture or contact Jeff before the meeting is over. But my camera/phone is not cooperating.

      At this point I should have gone lucid. I really should have. I practice this dream sign during my waking hours. This is my most common dream sign. It happens all the time in dreams. Most of the time I recognize it now.

      But not this time.

      The only thing that could have made this dream worse is if I had been holding a baby....or if there was an obvious portal there on the wall.

      Finally Obama and the men get up and go outside. I follow them, still messing with my phone.

      There are a couple black limos parked out on the road. I watched them all climb in and drive away.

      I then woke up.

      After kicking myself multiple times I tried to re-enter the dream. But it was too late.

    7. Urinals

      by , 11-08-2015 at 11:57 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #477- DILD - 3:57AM

      I am wondering around some building needing to pee. I have to pass by the first restroom for some reason and remember there is one down the hall. I come into a small room with double swinging doors on the opposite side. There is some small wedding ceremony right in front of the door, but I squeeze by. I feel bad for interrupting the wedding and hope I didn't bother them too much. There is an older woman that looks like my uncle's second ex-wife in the next room. She's going on about how nice the room is. I take a look around. It is nice, but I don't really care and I try to ignore her. There is a grandfather clock on the other side. For some reason this seems right. I open it and there is a tiny urinal. The woman is still talking behind me and stepping closer. No. I can't. I look around and see a restroom door. When I enter, the urinals in there have almost no space to the adjacent wall and they are dirty and rusty looking. I see some sign and figure it's an out of order sign, though I don't take the time to read it. I have some idea I am dreaming and leave the room.

      Right away I lose lucidity and walk past the woman in the room and interrupt the exchanging of rings in the next. I have some odd close up image of all of this and his giant gold watch. I shake it off and go back into the hallway. Wait. I have been seeing odd toilet situations (dream sign). Am I dreaming? I do a nose plug and get a feeling of elation. I am dreaming! Wait I was just lucid a second ago. I have to remind myself. As I walk along, I say out loud over and over, "I am dreaming. I am dreaming."

      I feel like the dream is fading now so I look around for something to hold and carry with me. I've done this in the past and it seems to prolong the dream. My cat, Sputnik, is here. She tries to run off as I scoop her up, but I get I good hold on her. I pet here and hold her close as I walk along. I pay special attention to the cat as I see that I am in Price Cutter grocery store. I randomly walk into the produce section just trying to let the dream become more stable on its own. Sputnik lets out a low quite meow in my ear and I notice she is purring now. I note how realistic this sounds. However, the cat isn't helping me stabilize despite all my efforts. The dream becomes more unstable and I get an image of my skeleton in a blue hue as I walk along. I try DEILD and start to feel vibrations but I am just too awake to hold it.

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    8. N4: I think I've discovered a couple of dream signs!

      by , 08-12-2015 at 09:08 PM
      I'm at school. It's PE, and for some reason half of the gym was turned into a swimming pool. You'd think that would've been enough to trigger lucidity, but nope.
      During the game (I don't exactly remember all the details) an Asian girl said something about her aunt <My aunt's name>. I walk out of the pool, and my PE teacher gets mad at me for tracking water onto the other side of the gym. I apologize, and walk out of the room. Instead of classrooms and stuff, I see a fair! (I think those are my first noticeable dream sign!) I go on a couple of rides, including one of those cannons that you see at a circus- You know, the ones that people shoot themselves out of. I shoot myself out of it, but I'm disappointed to see it doesn't shoot me very high at all. On one of the rides, I'm sitting next to that Asian girl! Me: "Oh hey.. Does your aunt <my aunt's name> have a daughter and son named <my cousin's name> and <other cousin's name>?" Her: "Yep." Me: "What's the name of her husband?" Her: "<My uncle's name>" Me: "Oh my gosh, I think you're my cousin's cousin! " Her: "Cool." Then a couple of family members and I go into an arcade! (I think that's another dream sign c: ) I don't exactly remember what we played, but I remember something weird happening afterward...
    9. the sand filled hut and my bike riding sister

      by , 07-26-2015 at 05:14 PM
      the dreams starts with me running to this hut behind our old house. i notice that some part of it is gone, the hut is also filled with smooth desert sand with a bright sun shining over it. i go outside see some more sand next to the old hut. i say something and just walk to the house itself when i suddenly see my sister riding her bike.
      i say something like: "are you riding your bike here?!" the dream starts slowly fading while my sister tells me something.

      this was the same night as the dream about the mall
    10. The Psychedelic Sky

      by , 07-12-2015 at 10:12 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #449 - DILD - 2:48AM

      I hit this DILD just before my scheduled WBTB. I almost decided to skip it but I'm really wanting to get another lucid tonight.


      I wake up in jail wanting a way out. My phone doesn't act right so I do a nose plug. I morph through a screen door and play with a cat. I enjoy a psychedelic night sky with planets and nebulae. One planet was a giant baseball. I play with an inflatable octopus in a fountain and then wake up.
      I wake up in jail. I believe it to be jail although it doesn't really looking like it. I'm laying on something uncomfortable, but I ignore it. I am not sure why I am jail. I never think about that I just know that I hate it when I wake up in jail though this has never happened in waking life. Its late morning and I realize I am late for work. I don't rush around to get ready because I am bummed about jail. It's only 30 days and I've nearly done a week but this really sucks. They only let me out to go to work. Why do they do that? I think I should just pay a lawyer and get this thing taken care of. I really want to go home. I consider taking a vacation day so I can do that, but I don't want to get caught and make things worse. Surely, they track me somehow. I see an ad on the floor for a local lawyer. I decide to should call him before I go to work. I look at my cell phone. It's past 9AM. I unlock, but cant get my phone to respond properly. It's acting really random and I notice this as a dream sign. As a matter of fact off this seems really weird. I do a nose plug and I am relieved to blow through. Whoo-hoo! Problem solved!

      I hop up and notice I am some version of an old house of mine. I want out and the first thing I see is a window screen. I try phasing but the screen distorts my vision too much. I look left and see a screen door, but I don't think to open it. I try to phase, but the same thing happens. I suddenly recall to practice eye movement and I get a left-right, but quickly my eyes feel like they roll. I shake it off. I see a cat outside and play with it a little by tapping on the screen. It's scared at first, but I will it to respond and it latches on the screen for a second. I laugh and am finally able to relax enough to merge through the screen.

      Now that I am outside, I notice it has become dark. I play with the cat a little to stabilize before moving on. I realize I have no goal so I just decide to look at the sky. Dream skys are always super fun and psychedelic. I let out a "wow" when I see a large planet that looks like a baseball with a colorful nebula around it. I hold the cat up and say, "Look cat. That's what the title of this dream will be." The cat doesn't care about that and scrambles to be let down so, I drop the it and forget about it. The baseball planet has vanished now so, I look around the sky some more. Several nebulae appear with multiple planets of every color coming and going. I walk around enjoying this for a long while until I have a bad thought. I wonder if I am really supposed to get getting up for work. I wonder what time it really is. The dream is starting to get unstable again and I feel that I could wake myself up right now. I consider it, but decide to enjoy the dream a little longer.

      I look around me and see a strange fountain with something glowing yellow like holographic tentacles. A holographic octopus? When I come near, the hologram vanishes and a cartoonist, inflatable, pink octopus emerges out of the fountain. Amused I grab the octopus by the tentacles and spin around with it. I focus on the horrible humanoid face of the thing as the world spins around me. It's eye are bulging now and I hear a faint muffled scream coming from the thing. It's "alive"? The whole thing is slightly nightmarish, but I find it too funny to be afraid. The dream collapses here and I have a few random images before waking up.

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    11. First Of Night DILD

      by , 06-02-2015 at 12:21 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #441 - DILD - 10:39PM

      I normally wouldn't count this, but a rare thing happened. I got a DILD literally within the first few minutes of sleep.

      I was at work talking to my buddy while he was doing some work on a machine. I'm not sure we were having any real conversation, I think it was just random thought words. I noticed I was feeling odd, like heavy bodied and sluggish. I realized this as a dream sign and said, "Dude, I think I am dreaming." When I said that I uncontrollably slumped over and the dream went dark. I tried to hold on, but I slowly woke up.
    12. DJ#11: Back to School

      by , 01-04-2015 at 06:49 PM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      1: Fragments, something to do with darts I think
      2: (non-lucid) I arrive back at school,starting the new year, and I go to a room with lockers in them to find my own. I worry aboit forgetting to bring my lock, but it turns out good, so I set about finding my new locker. Unfortunately it turns out that only the bottom locker is left, which is a real pain (I'm 6 foot 5/6 iwl), so I complain about it trying to persuade someone to swap, but no luck. I see a friend from primary school there as well, which should have set me alarm bells off, but alas. Anyway, I then collect some for of payment in an envelope and get it signed by classmate, then head oer to my English class and remind everyone else that thye have it to. When I arrive I take a seat near the front and a girl sits down next to me. At this point I wake up rather suddenly.
      This breaks my rather long drought of dream recall, I think it is my first in over a fortnight, so hopefully this trend continues. Being at school is basically my only dream sign and considering I'm on holidays at the moment I should have known it was a dream but oh well, next time I will be more aware
    13. Dream Sign Induced Lucid Dream Black Cat

      by , 11-07-2014 at 07:41 PM
      WOW, did I just coin a new phrase? Nope, just did a Google check DSILD

      My dream sign is a black cat. Whenever I see a black cat in my dream I become instantly lucid, even if Im beyond tired and in a deep sleep. I have these little pictures of cats scattered around my house and at work, and whenever I see these pics, I do a reality check. It has worked out really well.

      Last night in a dream, I was under a table, on my hands and knees organizing some files. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a black fuzzy thing sneaking up alongside me. I flicked this creeping black thing away using the backside of my hand, without even thinking, and it was sort of like a panic reflex. I then took a close look at what I just flicked, and it was my beautiful black cat, my dream sign. I became instantly lucid. I then looked at the cat and said, Oh, is that you? Im sorry, come here. I called the cat by her name. The cat quickly came to me and I hugged it in my arms. The cat then kissed me right on the lips, just like a person would. Lips actually formed on the cat for an instant as it kissed me, and I felt its little teeth hitting mine. This little cat helps me to become lucid at least once or twice per week, and we always do some snuggles! I swear this cat seeks me out.
    14. Competition #17, Night 12 & 14 Scarlett Johansson and Flying Goldfish

      by , 03-21-2014 at 08:56 PM
      Night 14 - 1 DILD success & fun, then so close on 1st WILD attempt, 50% there on a 2nd WILD attempt (I was trying, thanks to BrandonBoss for the encouragement to hit a new high yesterday). Nice NLDs also, drank a lot of water to ensure I wake and recall better. I did a good review of dream signs before bed but was hoping for more points tonight. Dreams sign review seemed to incubate a number of minor dream signs, but only one helped me become lucid (making out, kind of like FryingMan's KILD). The other dream signs that showed up this night were: amusement ride, police, party, mall, and 2 I should add to my list that have shown up enough: cave/tunnel & sleep related.

      <snip>the woman standing in front of me seems to be a dignitary, maybe even a head of state. She is somewhat tall and thin and has blondish-brown hair and a formal skirt & jacket on. Surprisingly she reaches behind her and gently grabs me down in the crotch area making a bold pass at me and I realize that I am dreaming. We are behind some other people standing facing a presenter that is saying something about having great confidence in Russia and she plays a clip of Vladimir Putin saying that Russia is the god of the top 3 nations (that are assembled here?). I am ignoring this and doing some various things with the dignitary woman with her back to me but I think that this is a good opportunity to bring Scarlett Johansson in. She still has her back to me and I think confidently to myself that when I turn her around she will be Scarlett Johansson. I turn her around and her face looks like a nice representation of her and her body has shortened a bit from the tall woman and it seems to look like her body. Her hair is black though, which is not the color that she usually has (but I found a picture I will put below). "Hello Scarlett." "Hello." I am so thrilled to have her in front of me and begin to kiss her while staring into her beautiful eyes and soaking in her beautiful face. I keep going and going but after a while it seems like her face is changing slightly and I decide it is time to move on lest she changes into something undesirable. I fly up above the group and start to recall my goals for the night and competition and as I think of the first one I feel myself fading back to bed and it seems that I was at the end of my REM cycle. 122

      Night 12

      <snip> I am in my office moving a goldfish bowl with 2 small goldfish in it (none currently IWL) when I am clumsy and slosh the water partly out of the bowl. There is a gold colored gold fish and a darker one. The gold colored one gets splashed out of the bowl but amazingly starts to swim in the air!! I quickly realize that I am dreaming. What a cool visual! I fly and float a bit and I have to really think hard what my goals are and I ask myself several times before remembering next two goals. I decide to start with the one that I think will be easier and I do a closed eye teleport to a bridge scene. As I am looking around I feel myself fading back to bed / but I feel like I can DEILD so I squeeze together the area around my eyes which usually brings on vibrations and there are light vibrations but I relax and I find myself back in a combination of my office and my bedroom and my wife is laying there. She asks me what I am doing and I notice that I am completely naked so I ask her if she wants to...I fly over to her and <edit> before fading back to bed once again and I later figure out I must have been at the end of the sleep cycle as it took a while to get back to sleep, trying to WILD. As my wife got up I found myself feeling as if I was still in that weird office/bedroom combination but I should not have corrected myself because it solidified the fact that my body was back in my actual bed and I eventually fell asleep during the WILD attempt. 120,121
    15. So Many Dream Signs

      by , 03-09-2014 at 01:22 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Two dreams recalled, and going by the latest trend, first was hazy, second was clearer. I'm really hacked off about these though, because my top dream signs were EVERYWHERE.
      Went to some place with my girlfriend and her mom. Sadly I don't know where it was. This one was pretty hard to recall.
      Second Dream: My friend Aaron and I ended up going to an anime convention. For some reason, the convention was themed around Madoka Magica, even though I'm not a fan of the show in real life. We stayed at a foreign-looking hotel, and kept messing around with a weird alarm clock that looked like a bird.

      All in all, not too much recalled. Daylight savings wasn't helping much either. Still though! Look at all these dream signs! Last night, I had that dream about the girl trying to go lucid, as if my brain were trying to tell me something. Now, I have two dreams containing my top dream signs. If I can work on increasing my awareness more, I might have better luck noticing all these signs. It would be ripe for going lucid.

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