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    1. Lucid Dream Number 4 (Random)

      by , 12-03-2016 at 02:19 PM
      OK so this is a dream from last night!!!

      I have noticed that since i have joined this website and have been actively thinking more and more about my dreams, i have already had 2/3 more lucid dreams wherea's before that, the last one i had was well over 2 years ago.
      Now in my last Lucid dream i can recall that i was ok in the knowing of becoming lucid....but as soon as i tried to control my dreram lucidly, i would awaken!?!!

      So last night i found myself waking up Lucid in my dream, and after a little practice i started to be Able to controll not only what i was doing but also my surroundings as well. Now it worked in quite a strange way, you see as i remember i did manage to find a "DreamSign" which was looking at my own reflection. I found that every time i looked at my reflection (In literally any reflective surface) i was able to re-affirm the dream and in doing this it made the dream more stable. If the lucidity started to weaken and the dream started to fade i would have to keep strenghening it by looking at my own reflection again. The reflection i was seeing was me entirely, i looked very normal as in waking life but for some reason this was my way of knowing i was in a dream which at the moment i'm still not entirely sure as of why!! (This is something i will check the next time and see if my "DreamSign" changes at all.)

      I can't really remember to much of the details of the dream as my voice recorder has broken and it is now 13:11 the next day, but i do remember being able to physically change my surroundings around me, and the people around me...for instance if i willed someone into my dream, there they were!!
      I remember towards the beggining of the dream when i was still trying to teach myself how to stabilise it, the dream itself was very grainy but the more i kept on the clearer and clearer it became to the point where i might almost say that it was clearer and sharper than real life itself.

      (I woke up easily 6/7 times during the night and found that by not moving after awakening i was able to go straight back into the same dream, lucidly each and every time.) That was something i remember reading helps in one of the lucid dreaming forums!
    2. Finaly an enjoyable long and stable lucid dream with teleportation

      by , 10-28-2015 at 05:59 PM
      Bedtime: 11 pm, did meditation before bed, eat early so not that full stomach, daytime awareness decent. did some visualization of my previous lucid dreams
      had problems falling asleep (needed like 1-1.5h till fall asleep) unusual but maybe fullmoon maybe because i did an hour nap at afternoon.

      -"Nightmare" or better say unpleasant dream:
      in a room. some bananas on the table/ground. a big black-yellow spider comes from them and runs and jumps around. switches the room. i lock the first so it cant go back. i run after it and in the next room. a hell lot of plants (bananaplants?) i dont find the spider. think about putting something yellow on the ground so the spider comes and wants to hide there? a couch with some friends sitting. i talk to them and see 2 or 3 spiders right behind a friend. tell her not to move and want to approach her. suddenly i feel a spider on my left foot. i scream and wake up.

      --> not super nightmarish like awake with high heartbeat and all sweaty but i normally dont have this kind of dreams.

      -FA: i look at the clock and see its 6am (need to get up at 7am) so i decide no try to get lucid because i want to sleep. wake up afterwards and see its 4:40... damn

      -FA: i stand up and look at my hand. it is a little blurry but i think its because my eyes are tired. i look closer and count fingers. there are five. so i am "awake" NLD

      i am at a small store. i go some stairs down and see some muffins. i wonder if xy has baked them. i look at my hands but they look pretty normal. i do a noseplug but very little air comes thru. this time i not led up and think about how i could prove now if i am dreaming or not. i look outside at a stores sign. i look three times and everytime a completely different word is standing there. i smile and feel happy and tell J "wow i am still dreaming" and start flying slowly away. i levitate/fly thru the street and meet another friend. i fly on my back and ask her how she is. i keep flying some feet stop and remember i want to summon my roommate. i try the hand behind back technique but it seems that i have the wrong mindset i am not impatient and only feel my hand entangle in my jacket. i think shortly and decide that i sure will find him in the store i left because there where other friends of mine to. i go there and he is not there i call his name and in this moment he runs down some stairs and jumps on the street saing "Tadaaaa" everyone is happy to see him and wants something of him. i go to him and make him clear that i want to talk to him alone. he jumps on my back and i want to start flying (obviously i dont belief he can fly on his own ) i start and he falls down. i help him up and tell him to hold tighter. we try again and slowly i rise. i tell myself that its not more difficult to fly than alone but still we are pretty slowly but steady. i fly on a roof where we stop and sit down.i rub my hands. i ask him if he wants some candy and have a big smile on my face because i want to do the summon out of the pocket move. i put both hands in my pockets and get out some candy plus a used tissue and a tissuepack. i put them away again and we continue talking. i notice that somehow i have some sweets in my mouth too but i dont mind because tasting will ground and stabilize the dream. i tell him how much i like him and tell him that he appear in atleast one dream every night. i ask him if he might help me get lucid next time when he appears in my dreams and i am not lucid. he dont get it and tells me we can rent a cottage and spend some time together there. i say ya cool but i dont mean that. i explain again. he nods careful and i dont think he really get it. atleast its not the reaction i wanted to hear. a guy is coming a rooftop next to us and rant something. L is asking if it is okay if we are on this rooftop and i tell him who cares this is my dream and if someone has a problem with it will see what he get right? i ask loud and the guy says something like hell yea! while we talking i look onto the horizon and see an explosion or something but without sound and a shock wave expanding and coming to us. i dont want the conversation to be interrupted and so i stretch my arm in the direction and put some will into so the wave stops right infront of the riverside. my roommate didnt notice anything because it happened behind his back. he climbs of the roof and wants back to the other guys. i think about run after him but then i decide that i want to try out t he blink eye teleportation (i incubated this scenario or this goal before sleep) i want to teleport to my room because i know it pretty good and can visualize it easily so this is a good start i think. i close my eyes and imagine my room with the bed on the left side, my table, my cupboard... i feel a slight falling backwards, open my eyes and i am lying in my bad with a pillow on my head (Daytimeresidue: i woke up before because my other roommate´s alarm was ringing for his work so i put a pillow on my head and fall asleep again). Its not the feeling of a FA. i know that i teleported. i do a short noseplug and i can breath completely free. i stand up, notice that i have my sleeping cloth on but i dont care, its a dream . i dont know what to do because i didnt incubate anything after the teleportation (kind of didnt tought it would work that easy) i think about jump out of my window for some action but i decide to explore the apartment. i go into the kitchen and notice that it looks different than usual. its dark so i want to turn on the light but it dont works. i dont care and go into my roommates room. he is doing some random movements with his hand like ti shi. i accidentally suprise or scare him and he rants shortly. i ask him if he cant remember that we where together some minutes ago. my alarm starts ringing and i try to build it into the dream and say to him hey your alarm is ringing but wake up some seconds after.

      This was a very nice and aware lucid without worrys of waking up or instability. i needed this because the last 2 or 3 dreams i started to get a problem with thinking oh might this dream gets unstable or may i fall into the void and it always happens then... this time i was likE "this dream will last forever"
      and teleportation is sooooo coool ! and the close eyes be somewhere else is very easy and fast way. its nice to see i dont have problems with closing my eyes in dream
    3. Bubble Gum Road

      by , 12-30-2014 at 07:18 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      After lying awake, DEILD. Fall through space. A creature is flying in gray DEILD space in front of me, but is hazy and not fully-formed. He looks threatening, so I close my dream eyes in the hope that he will dissipate. I open them in a bit and he is still there. Things begin to solidify. He attacks, latching onto my arm and biting. Whatever, I look away from him and he disappears. I land in a laundry room (?) or maybe pet store, a bit fuzzy here. A small kitten latches onto my arm in the same place. What is up with this negativity? I peel him off and head out of this room, and jarringly appear in my own house.

      At this point, the stability and vividness of the dream increase dramatically, shocking me. For a moment, I feel as if I have accidentally just walked down the hall of my house, but I remember that I am dreaming, and that this isn't real, and nose pinch a couple of times (both times air cleanly passed through my dream nostrils). My cats (and some of the local strays) are locked in a big snarl of a fight, inside a soft, plushy cat-house. I decide to generate some positive energy, and do this while holding my hands out toward them. They ignore me and continue fighting. It is a huge rat's nest of fighting, with small kittens now added into the mess. I finally make loud noise to run them off. They all flee. I head into a bedroom.

      It is here that I remember to observe the dream. I do this and focus on the seeming solidity (the ridiculous, mind-bending seeming solidity) of the dream. I test it by pressing my fingers against the dark brown wood of a bunk bed. I try to just take a piece away, which fails. I then try to press my fingers into the wood, which fails as well. Interesting. I recall my goal to meditate, but I brush it off. I go out of this room, back through the hall, and step outside.

      There is an expanse of wet ground, marsh-like, but sort of like a retention pond as well. I then think of a beautiful woman I reason that being in a dream, it will be easy to find a pretty girl. I head back into the house. There is a new development--a carpeted ramp in bubblegum-pink and purple, like a very "girly-girl" rainbow. Seems like girls will be this way. There are balloons on the ramp as well, making me think a party is going on. I begin walking up the ramp. The balloons try to latch onto me as I am walking upward, in a somewhat normal, "oh, the strings are sticking to me" sort of way. I strip them off and keep going.

      I now realize that getting to this party involves a vertical climb (like at a rock gym) and there is another rainbow story above. I look over and see an open classroom, with a blonde woman sitting behind the teacher's desk. Cannot tell if she is young or old. I look closer, pretty young, late 20's? Quite pretty, looks like Lucy Lawless. That will work.

      I go up to her. She seems busy and initially ignores me. I am somehow already naked so I just stand in front of her in a "notice me" kind of fashion. "Hi, Samantha!" she says. I smile but do not respond. She starts to sort through papers, as though she has been expecting me. I stand a bit closer, and she finally "notices" me. We have fun and I
      wake up.

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    4. Packing to Leave

      by , 07-16-2014 at 10:48 PM
      Type: Procedural
      Perspective: Character, adolescent boy

      NLD: I'm a young boy with no parents who has been raised by relatives, perhaps an aunt and uncle. They've been very stingy, working me hard and giving me the minimum that I need to survive. Now I'm about twelve and they've decided that I'm old enough to strike out on my own, so I am preparing for the journey. It is winter, so I know that I'll need to pack carefully: I'll need a bundle light enough to carry but with the necessities to survive. I've already prepared most of it, and now I'm consolidating. I have a little backpack with my journal and a suede pocket with a zipper that holds my writing implements [RL: I have one like this], and a few more things I deem essential. I had a Hello Kitty riding glove in the backpack, a single one for the right hand, sized for a child's hand, and I realize it isn't essential—it isn't even mine—but sentimental; it belonged to a girl who was my best friend. The thumb is split at the seam and she lost the left-hand glove so she let me have it as a memento. But as I pack things from my room I come across a similar glove for the left hand, slightly different in color but with a matching Hello Kitty pattern. I wonder at first if it's the lost partner of the first glove, but the different hue suggests that the match is coincidental. Still, I decide that I can put them together and give them back to the girl. I won't have a memento of her anymore, but at least then there will be one less thing in my pack, and maybe she'll be able to use them again. They still look usable, even worn as they are.

      I have a big heavy box, a long rectangle, with heavy glass partitions. I know I'll never be able to carry this, but the first part of my journey will be by wagon, so I'll load it on board and try to use up or trade away the contents before I have to go on foot. I forget what the original contents of the box are, but there are some empty spots and I also have a few bottles of beer, a light brew in clear glass bottles, so I'll consolidate by putting them in the empty spots. So now I have the heavy long box, my little backpack, and a bundle containing my clothes and bedding. Once I get rid of the heavy box, I'll be able to carry the rest. But I still need to worry about food.

      There was another whole side plot earlier with my uncle, and me lying on my back in the water of a pool or pond, and him having compassion and perhaps even offering to let me have breakfast in the big house before I go, but I can't remember this well.

      From the building where I was packing, which is on a hill next to another building (the big house where aunt and uncle live further off to the right) I go down the hill to the stable where I've been working. I've been working as a farmhand ever since I got big enough, but still being a young boy and small for my size, I've been able to squeeze into a tiny spot between the other hands on the seat of our crowded wagon. I figure the fact that I don't take up much room will come in handy when taking the wagon out.

      I go through the stable saying goodbye to the animals. I also come across another girl I know (not the one I was thinking of earlier), a dark-haired, slightly older teenager leading a dark bay horse. I tell her I am leaving and we say goodbye. I wish I had something to give her, but figure she knows that I have very little and won't hold it against me that I didn't give her a parting gift.

      In the back of the stable I say goodbye to a big gray rabbit who is in an empty open stall, then a few minutes later come across a little white rabbit at the bottom of a bucket with a few inches of water in it, so the rabbit is half-submerged. I worry that it can't get out [RL: this comes from the fact that I've found deck lizards in a bucket in my garden in this predicament a few times], so I reach in and lift it out. I want to take it over to the big rabbit where it might find a friend, but as I'm carrying it, it bites me. Being a wild rabbit who is undoubtedly frightened at being handled this is understandable, and I don't mind, though I worry that it might be carrying rabies or some other disease. The wound is on my thumb [RL: I have an old scar from a real rabbit bite there] but doesn't look deep. I set it down quickly and watch as it hops straight over to a bowl of cream that the cats have left uneaten in a bowl and consumes it all ravenously. I am somewhat reassured that it doesn't look rabid; its actions now seem very deliberate. I reflect how well-fed the cats are, that they would not even bother to finish this bowl of cream, compared to the little rabbit who doesn't even naturally like cream, but is probably devouring it because of such great hunger and thirst. I go back to the big rabbit and wonder if I can get him any food or some stalks to chew; he doesn't seem interested in the hay in this stall, but there were some larger, sweeter stalks, like corn or sugarcane, over where I found the little rabbit, so I bring some over.

      Next I plan to feed the chickens. I have a shallow rectangular tray that I take back up to the building on the hill to prepare some foods, like cut up tomatoes, a hard-boiled egg for some reason, other vegetables and fruits. As I exit again carrying the tray, I'm standing for a moment just outside the building distracted by my thoughts when I feel someone press something into my left hand. It's not money, it's segments of something that has the texture of nuts. [Not any substance recognizable from RL.] I look up and find a tall young man with a dark beard [odd how often this archetype appears, I've never known someone with these features in RL]. He says his name is Keith, and this is for the food—he abruptly grabs a handful from the tray. I have the impression that he is starving but too honorable to just steal from me, so he has offered this token payment, but won't risk rejection by asking for the food. I feel sorry for him—and realize that I might soon be in the same boat, as he looks like a traveler—and offer, "Would you like any more? Take the hard-boiled egg." I figure that will offer him better nutrition than the handful of grapefruit or somesuch that he has grabbed in his haste. He thanks me and takes the egg and a few other things, and leaves.

      As I continue down the hill back toward the stable, I reflect with satisfaction on the fact that I was not frightened or startled by his abrupt appearance, but kept my cool and even managed to be generous. I also remember two other occasions earlier when guys stopped by hoping for food in a similar manner. (I think this was a false memory, that is, I don't think these events actually occurred at any point earlier in the dream, they are just something I was "remembering" at this point.) I realize that all these hungry travelers probably means food is scarce on the road, and I'm going to have to deal with this very situation soon. It occurs to me that hard-boiled eggs might actually be a good thing for me to pack; they won't last long, but in this cold weather they might last two or three days, and they'll be great nutrition. However, that had been the only egg on my tray. How could I get some more? Would aunt and uncle let me have them? They're just eggs, but they've been so stingy in the past. Still, they did offer me breakfast. I hope they meant it; I should eat a big breakfast before I leave. I ate little yesterday and nothing so far today. What if leaving on a full belly meant the difference between life and death, adding another day before the possibility of starvation? But maybe they'd be more likely to let me have the eggs if I brought them myself to the house and only asked if I could boil them. I can probably get some from the hens in the stable: it's morning, some of them might have lain already. Could I even boil them myself, and avoid asking aunt and uncle altogether? But I'm not sure how I would start the fire, or find the pot to boil water in.

      I set down the tray, and the chickens start eating. While they are occupied, I check their nests. Sure enough, I find an egg... and another... and another. Three eggs in this nest? This worries me actually—why hadn't the eggs been collected for the past few days? They should still be good to eat, but—had aunt and uncle been intending to let them hatch? If so, they might be angry with me for taking them; once they cooled down (they are still warm from the heat of their mother) they would no longer be viable. I'd better wait and ask, maybe the girl I ran into earlier will know. Also, are these even hen eggs? They are a bit larger and bluer than I would have expected. Could they be duck eggs? Without the fowls in their nest it's hard to know. But duck eggs might be better to bring, oilier and more nutritious, even if they taste a little odd. I go a little farther and find another bank of nests that I think are those of the chickens; so I conclude that I was right about the ducks; the chicken eggs are also about three to a nest.

      I table the egg question, but there's something else I need, something that is in the building next to the one I live on on top of the hill. I call up and say I am from a radio station, HKWAN—the stable does double as this radio station so I am not lying about that, but fibbing a bit by suggesting I am an employee of it calling on official business—and ask for the password to get into the building. I wince a bit as I ask, knowing that the girl will never give it away to someone calling up on the phone, and sure enough, she says she can't. But then I realize, of course I still know the password to my own building, and maybe I can get what I need from there? I no longer remember what it was I thought I needed though, and around this point the dream ends.

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    5. 4/30

      by , 04-29-2014 at 02:16 AM
      Regular= Non-lucid Bold=Lucid

      I am coming down from the cafeteria, to the band room, only to see that we are eating at a Taco Bell inside the school. I sit down and talk with my friends, noticed in particular my girlfriend and Joe(freind) Then, my youth pastor, who sometimes comes to our lunch and talks to us kids says come outside were doing something different. So we all go outside and it's like sunset. This really annoying sub says you guys can't go out more than 100 meters from the school because it's late. So everybody goes inside except for a few. I stay out with 2 friends and hang. Then the lights go out. I try to get in the door but nobody is inside. Then I hear a snarl. A stray dog is baring its teeth and looking straight at me. I think, this is a dream! I try to stop the dog with dream control but I can't. It charges me jumps and just like hits the force field. Then I go inside, but I wake up sleeping in the office chair mumbling stuff in a lull like, " gotta remember this is a dream!" Then I think oh yeah I'm dreaming. A kid pokes out from my stairwell and says hi and I ignore him. I just immerse myself in my house, Feeling the blankets and walls and carpet. The I go in the kitchen and see a whole bunch of pills. I think to myself, if I take these pills I will turn into a centaur. But right as I'm about to take it my brother jumps out and scares me. I lose lucidity. Then I go and have this weird feeling that I need to write my dream down even though I was just lucid. While righting it down I couldn't think and I had another false awakening. Then I really woke up.

      Notes: my third lucid dream so I'm really excited! I stabilized and almost used dream control... But that false awakening was weird. I've had them before but I just like woke up still thinking I was in that place and muttering I need to remember this is a dream.
    6. drunk stable party gone lucid - no control

      by , 01-14-2014 at 09:45 AM
      Ok.. i was having a band practice with an unknown band.. in the dream it was my band, but i dont know either the band members or the music. We were practicing in a bomb shelter. It was a nice place.. and we just got new bass player, and it was a woman. Then we celebrated with the band and my ex girl.. around a table. We started drinking.. well we were drunk already i think. And someone said sometging similar to "piki" which is how i called my ex. And she thought that that person said that, and she remembered out past times. But anyways.. we drank more.. I was driving a car.. i didnt feel drunk, i wanted to change a sweater. I got out of the car and i was drunk again. I went to my hotel.. which was not a hotel anymore. There were some wooden stairs and next to it it was a i dont know.. a slide so that you can go up the stairs by bike or a wheelchair. It was another bar now not a hotel. We went up.. and it was obviously closed because it was a fence and at least 3m drop to get to the bar. I said well guys it is closed.. i turned around and 2 babes came up the stairs and said.. bye.. se you tomorrow.. like we were there all night. AH ok.. i slided down the stairs.. and on the bottom i fell under someones table.. i was laughing and i was drunk. I stood up.. trying to walk.. the scene was weird. Everyone looked like a snowboarders mixed with disco peple. There were some girls and on the floor it was hay all over. It was a giant stable. I said to myself.. this is a good place to pick a girl.. i walked more.. fell again on the hay.. my vision started to be very drunk.. everything was spinning.. i couldnt keep the pace with my friends.. they were kicking some inflatable sex toy.. and i was still falling down and rising up.. they saw me and they laughed, they started to imitate my falls.. i tried to get to them.. but i fell again,, and i said to myself.. wtf? ive been drunk many times but this must be a dream! switching to lucid.. the first thing i saw was a computer. i dont know why.. it turned on.. and there were millions of colors in it. The camera of the dream moved slowly so the camera angle was from my bed.. like i was having opened eyes and i am just looking from my bed. Images on the computer were jumpy and colorful.. it was like some comercial about getting everything bigger. There were some little books just popping into a bigger ones.. and flowers were growing with super speed. And my bed became a bar stand. The computer was still there between the liquer. and a waitress came to serve me. she was blonde and good looking. My focus changed from the computer to her. I looked at her and she was changing shapes. she was aging superfast.. she was old in like 5 seconds. Then i woke up. Well it was a lucid dream but no control over it.
    7. Boxing Head Nap

      by , 06-15-2013 at 10:29 PM
      Level of Lucidity: 7
      Level of Clarity: 9
      Level of Realism: 7
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      I am laying down taking a nap because I am a bit tired. I can't really call this a full on lucid dream, because I never FULLY hit the dream state, I am in the void. I am having powerful visualizations of standing in a boxing ring. I keep using the MILD technique to remind myself that I am now in a dream and becoming lucid. I look to my left and notice that there's a black guy with a small afro and beard. He looks like the kind of guy you'd expect to find at the gym back in the 80's.

      He looked similar to Michael Dokes, but with slightly shorter, curlier hair, and an 80's style mustache.

      Family trick?-michael_dokes-530x3171-530x317.jpg

      He's standing in place, and punching the air, alternating between fists that move forward. I continue with my mnemonics, saying "I am now lucid in my dream". I find that by looking to my left, the dream state becomes more stable. I begin to alternate looking left and right. I look left just as the boxer punches with his left fist, I look right just as he punches with his right fist. We are in sync.

      I turn slightly to my right, and the boxer walks up behind me, and begins to do his punching exercise with my head in between his arms. His fists pump one after another past my face, and I remember my All Day Awareness mental training. I begin to notice the small breeze of wind that hits my face as his fist flies past. I begin to look left when his left fist moves forward, then right with his right fist. We get in sync again.

      This lasts for about 3 minutes, as I continue my mnemonics, slowly forgetting to continue them here and there.

      I was unconscious to the world around me in the waking state, but my grandfather walked into the room and said something, which woke me. I awoke feeling extremely refreshed, but at the same time wanting to go back to sleep.

      I stayed up because I had things to do.
    8. 19 Apr: Mind control through dreams

      by , 04-20-2012 at 09:09 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I was dreaming I was in Africa and I ended up in a farm owned by some white folks where I asked if I could spend the night. They welcomed me and took me to the stables, where part of the space had been adapted into a dorm. A group of young people were already staying in there and they showed me around. When the night fell, everybody became a bit anxious and rushed to lock all the doors. I could feel something evil lurking in the darkness outside. They didn't know what it was, but they all could feel it everynight.
      Everybody went to sleep, except me and another girl who was talking on her cell phone with a friend. She got up from her bunkbed and fell down a hole that opened up on the floot beneath her feet. Then I could see everything she was going through as if I could see through her eyes. Down at the botton of the hole there was a kind of green plasma vortex and she was sucked in and transported to some other realm or dimension. There, two evil looking guys totally dominated her and said she was going to be the link to her friends on the other side and that they were going to use her to gain control of their minds through their dreams. She offered some resistance, but they did what they had envisaged.
      Then I was back into my own self and I watched all of them getting up of their beds, eyes completely white and moving around like zombies. They seemed to be going through some process, like downloading info or reprogramming their minds, but I interrupted it. I woke up every single one of them and they couldn't believe what just happened. They were aware of it all the time, they just couldn't snap out of it without my help. They thanked me and then we started thinking how to rescue the girl that had been kidnapped.
    9. More stable

      by , 08-10-2011 at 07:57 AM (DarkSider's Dream Journal)
      Whew, another lucid, and a few other dreams.
      Right, so tonight, I gace DEILD another shot and I think it just became my favourite inducing technique. I attempted it twice tonight, though it only worked the second time. I set my alarm to go off at 4am. I thought that was enough for me to get decent sleep. I woke up about 2-3 hours before the alarm. After feeling concious, my leg twitched and it was enough to get me out of REM, not too dissapointed, I fell asleep.
      My alarm went off, I havent moved or blinked. There was this ringing sound in my head. I started counting to ten. As I counted to 7, I felt that incredible feeling again, only weaker than last time.
      My body became heavy and numb. I knew this was the signal to do a RC. I slowly lifted my hand and pinched my nose. I could breathe. I was A LOT calmer than last time. I layed on my bed, letting everything to settle. I slowly got up and raised my hands before my eyes. They looked normal, no extra fingers or anything strange. They were blurry on the edges though. As I concentrated on my hands, I tried concentrating on the smell, and sound aswell. The one thing I always seem to forget is feeling some texture and tasting something. With that done, I stood up.
      I was infront of my mirror. I looked just like the way I do in the real world
      (The dream even remembered my new haircut I got yesterday)
      Only one thing which was odd was that I was wearing clothes. The reflection behind me was my old wardrobe we had, with a christmas calendar . It's gone now. Everything was still blurry and I was feeling dizzy, so I looked down at the ground. Looked up and everything looked stable. I decided to begin exploring my dream.
      I woke up my borther this time and asked him to join me. He did so without hesitation. Since it was dark out, I wanted to use some passive control to make it brighter. As we were leaving the apartment, I told my mom that we were going outside, because It's a beutiful and sunny day outside. The hallway looked normal, but it wad darker. As we were climbing down the stairs, I noticed cows while looking trough the window, alot of cows! We're outisde. The outside looked nothing like I've ever seen before. Some cars, a playground and other buildings. I noticed something strange when I was outside aswell. I was avle to finally move freely, without my hands sliding, eyes closing or any other stuff. Next, I wanted to do something fun, so I thought about lifting a car. I walked to a car and slowly bent down. And slowly but surely lifted the car of the ground. Suprisingly, the car was as light a toaster, even lighter. Then I gently put the car down. I was happy, and continued exploring the world. I asked my brother to summon my best friend to where I was, but he refused. I asked him two more times and he still refused. Oh well, I guess I didn't have enough control. Moving along, I aproached a big red wall. Feeling strong, I wanted to destroy it. I would've done it, if I hadn't lost conciousnes. The dream ended and I woke up to my dad leaving for work again.
      Still, I was happy that I was able to have a lucid dream.
      I also remember a few fragments of dream which I had before this one.
      I was on vacation last week. We went to see the Baltic Sea

      I find myslef climbing a sand dune for my life, because the water is slowly rising. Climbing was EXTREMELY hard and it felt like something was pulling me down.

      lucid , memorable
    10. O.o weirdness

      , 01-24-2011 at 02:58 PM
      So tonight I had a really strange expirience. I was trying to keep myself stable and the weirdest thing ever happened! I didn't have any problem on gaining lucidity and RCs and all. But when I tried to keep myself stable (the thing with looking at your hands and stuff) I would end op staring at my hand for what felt like hours and losing lucidity because I was starting to realise what I was doing. Then I would wake up, this happened like five times this night. My dream recall is also not very clear, but I do remember I ended up trying to push my hands through a wall because I thought I could do that in a dream.

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      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    11. 12/16 Uneventful

      by , 12-17-2010 at 06:00 AM
      This one is boring, you probably shouldn't read it. I'm only posting it because I've had so few this month that I've been able to remember when I wake up. I'm curious though, the first 2 months I was keeping a dream journal, I'd recall several dreams a week, even multiple dreams per night, but now... slim pickins... Well, here it is anyway.


      NonDream Non-lucid Lucid

      I'm walking outside of the house in which I grew up. My family is living there, and I've been away for some time, possibly at college. My sister and mom are playing in the yard, and my dad is presumably inside. I head for the side yard, and where it used to be a large grassy area with a cherry tree in the middle, there were now stables and a large, fenced in area. I look into the stables as I walk past and see miniature horses inside, a few chewing on some hay, others roaming the pasture area, and still others chillin in their stalls. There are also Canada geese walking around, as domesticated, not free roaming animals. I approach my mom, and we talk bit about the changes they've made since I've been gone. I think it's pretty cool that they've built this stable, and it will be so good for the family to have the extra income coming in from the geese and mini horses.

      Time Lost

      I'm outside with my sister and my dad, near a campfire on the far side of the pasture from the house. It's daytime, mid afternoon, and the fire has burned down to red coals. My sister is lighting small fireworks, watching them shoot up and explode. I approach them, just as she lights a new firework. This one shoots up about 15 feet into the air and explodes into silver powder, which then erupts into a massive fireball. I can feel the heat and the change in pressure, though I'm about 30 feet away. It seemed almost as if there were a hydrogen balloon behind the cloud of silver dust that was burning, Idk. I came closer, making some comment about that last one, when my dad hurriedly runs over and picks up the spent capsule the firework was contained in with tweezers. He tosses it into a beaker which contains some kind of milky, translucent mixture. He swirls it around, and it begins to foam up. He stirs it some more, and it does so again. He is trying to save some of the explosive material to make more fireworks.

      Time Lost

      I'm heading back outside, looking for something, I'm not sure what. I head over towards the stables, and go through the gate. I head inside, looking at the miniature horses. They're all in their stalls now for the evening. It's about 6pm, the sun is still up, but the light is beginning to fade. I walk through the pasture, and whistle for a horse to come over to me so I can pet it. For some reason, the horses are not all in their stalls now, a few of them are standing in the space between the stalls in the middle of the stable. Then I make the Click Click thing with my tounge, and the horse looks up at me and starts my way. Unfortunately, a goose is attracted by my whistling and clicking, and decides to come over to me. The horse looses interest and bends down to graze. I'm a bit annoyed by the stupid goose, but will settle for petting it instead. I hold my hand out and the goose pulls its head back, investigates it and allows me to touch it. I touch the side of its head, and go to stroke its neck, but it takes a snap at me. I try this a couple more times, and get mad. Finally I decide that I don't care what it does, I want to pet it! I quickly stick my arm out, and stroke it all the way from its head to its body. It's now the goose's turn to get mad, and it takes another snap at me, this time, actually nicking my finger. I reach out to tousle the feathers on its head, and it chomps down on my fingers, as if it were trying to gnaw with it's little beak teeth. My fingers are inside the goose's mouth for several seconds, and I remember thinking that I had always believed it to be really painful to be snapped by a goose, but it didn't hurt that bad at all!