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    1. Recurrning Car Dream happend for the 6th night in a row

      by , 02-03-2020 at 12:29 AM
      Last night, I had the car dream again. My sisters breath reeked like it always does and she was invading my space trying to get me to talk with her while we waited for mom to get in. All I could do to try to avoid her breath was look at the empty tan driver seat and hope she would get the hint. She never did.

      The think I remember most from last nights dream was mom getting frustrated about the car being difficult to start. In earlier dreams, she was almost like a robot. She would get in the car, get the mirrors adjusted, and then focus her attention on stating the car. She had little if any conversations with us and didn't have any reaction when the car wouldn't start up.

      Last night, she was getting very frustrated that it was not starting. When she decided to get out and look under the hood, and I asked if I could get out she snapped at me that she was responsible for starting and driving the car and I needed to stay buckled in my seat. She also told me I needed to calm down because she would get the car started. I didn't think I was panicking or freaking-out, but she wanted me to be calmer.

      I find it interesting that mom keeps getting out to look under the hood in all of these dreams. In waking life, she is not very mechanical and has probably never looked under the hood of a car. It is kind of strange that she keeps looking under it in these dreams.
    2. Various LD snippets during Thanksgiving break (Mornings of Nov 23 - Nov 27) Part 1

      by , 12-10-2017 at 06:24 AM
      Unsure what happened before becoming lucid. My field of vision is flat like a computer screen, alternatively flashing between blue and red flashing (like a computer screen) - there is a thin white rectangular border. Centered white or black text reads "Obek" (may have been in Cyrillic) and another word, but each time I read it the word changes. I can feel myself sliding along a fixed path. I pass into a small office building with a desk and a man to my left - reminds me of college. The man sitting at the desk has a scary face, not just intimidating or creepy but instilling great fear. I overcome it and reach out to touch his hand as I pass by him in the way I'm being pulled. Can feel the sensation of touching it distinctly. I slide through an open doorway and to a hallway leading left and right, the track takes me left. I am then turned around and taken backwards (in the same direction as I was coming from while going through the office) and I pass into a warehouse/art studio/garage type building (lots of stuff here - canvas draped over boxes, easels, concrete floors, foggy windows with light coming through). I go forward until I stop at a distorted mannequin standing up against some stacked crates. In retrospect the face was disturbing, but I didn't think about it at the time. I use my hands with pinching gestures to change the facial features into an attractive female (her body changes from mannequin to living flesh). She is wearing a tee shirt and panties. There is a brief sexual encounter and then I wake up promptly (after a feeling of closing my dream eyes).

      I'm with my girlfriend at a party and we're holding a balloon that's shaped like lips (one of the shiny ones you get from Dollar Tree) and arguing. It's an outdoor party and it's night time. There are snakes on the ground and in the trees. The non-lucid portion of this dream lasts a while and I'm separated from my girlfriend. All of the sudden I sit down, touch the grass, and become lucid. Visual clarity intensifies, and I examine the dream characters more closely, especially a girl with black hair which seems to have this hazy red aura (as if it was a red underdrawing). I am looking around at all the characters when I look past the back fence at a house with a light on in one of the windows and the outline/silhouette of someone. I'm transported there and I continue to observe. It's a small room with a raised stage with white linen borders. There are several people in the crowd standing and watching, a lot of them dressed in white (not all though, some in normal clothes). On the stage there are three girls dressed in white. They begin to undress and I wake up.

      I'll add more tomorrow, trying to scrounge through my notes from that time.
    3. Bloody Morning

      by , 01-26-2017 at 07:55 PM
      I was walking around a house I used to live in during my senior year of high school. My parents were moving out (as they had done in real life a year ago) and I was to help them finish cleaning before they fully departed.

      After what seemed to be a full day's worth of work in just mere moments (kinda like a montage) we had finished. I drove back to my house, but on the way stopped by a Dairy Queen and got nothing. Just kinda sat in my car. (Which was the other way, in the town I lived in. But the weirdest part was the fact that it was another town's DQ) I returned to the place I was living at the time of my parent's move and found everything was destroyed within the home. Trash had piled up and even the floor tiles were cracked. I entered and went towards where my old room was located and was in another location. I was staying at my older brother's house (Although I've never been there myself) and was playing a very fast pace game when suddenly I paused and rushed to the restroom. (Sudden enough to drop and break his wireless mouse) After I reached the sink, I started feeling ill. I coughed and to my surprise, blood had slipped through between my hands and stained the white sink. I kept coughing up more and more until it was steadily just oozing from my mouth. My brother knocked on the door and asked if I were okay. I spat what I could out in order to tell him I'm fine and that he shouldn't worry about me. Not even a second after, I began drooling more blood from a seemingly never-ending supply. I forced myself to close my mouth and abruptly awoke to a mouthful of spit with no drool/slobber around.
    4. Bloody Morning

      by , 01-26-2017 at 07:55 PM
      I was walking around a house I used to live in during my senior year of high school. My parents were moving out (as they had done in real life a year ago) and I was to help them finish cleaning before they fully departed.

      After what seemed to be a full day's worth of work in just mere moments (kinda like a montage) we had finished. I drove back to my house, but on the way stopped by a Dairy Queen and got nothing. Just kinda sat in my car. (Which was the other way, in the town I lived in. But the weirdest part was the fact that it was another town's DQ) I returned to the place I was living at the time of my parent's move and found everything was destroyed within the home. Trash had piled up and even the floor tiles were cracked. I entered and went towards where my old room was located and was in another location. I was staying at my older brother's house (Although I've never been there myself) and was playing a very fast pace game when suddenly I paused and rushed to the restroom. (Sudden enough to drop and break his wireless mouse) After I reached the sink, I started feeling ill. I coughed and to my surprise, blood had slipped through between my hands and stained the white sink. I kept coughing up more and more until it was steadily just oozing from my mouth. My brother knocked on the door and asked if I were okay. I spat what I could out in order to tell him I'm fine and that he shouldn't worry about me. Not even a second after, I began drooling more blood from a seemingly never-ending supply. I forced myself to close my mouth and abruptly awoke to a mouthful of spit with no drool/slobber around.
    5. 1/11/2017 - "Untitled"; "Cancelling the Apocalypse"

      by , 01-12-2017 at 05:55 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One

      The only thing I remember are some vague images of sex, and then my landlord coming by and giving me shit about something or other. I just did what I could to avoid him, while he was hanging around.

      Dream Two
      "Cancelling the Apocalypse"

      I was with two other guys, and we were being stalked by the Marvel supervillain, Apocalypse. We were in some tall, unfinished building, surrounded by a cage of unfinished walls and concrete pillars. Apocalypse had this very Jason Voorhees type of way of following us, slowly and almost casually, before just "appearing" nearby, to try and attack us. (I had been watching beta gameplay from the new Friday the 13th game, not long before bed, which I believe inspired the way he gave chase in the dream.)

      On about the 3rd floor of this hollow building structure, Apocalypse appeared and snatched up of the guys in our party, disappearing with him and reappearing somewhere down on the first floor. We could see him through the many openings in the incomplete floors beneath us, holding our ally up by the throat, with his back against one of the support columns. I can't remember exactly what he did to our guy, but I remember it being very vicious and gory, as if he just ripped him apart, with his bare hands, in a shower of blood. Knowing it was too late to do anything about it, we started running again, and before I had a chance to even know where I was going, Apocalypse was back on the third(ish) floor with us, stepping out from behind a corner just as I passed by, and coming straight for me. Having no time to think of a safe escape, and after having seen what he just did to the other guy, I immediately lept from the ledge that I was approaching, still about 3 storeys up - basically resigning to the fact that I was Not going to enjoy the landing.

      In a panic, while careening toward the ground below me and preparing for the inevitable onslaught of pain and possible broken bones that awaited, I instinctively realized that this couldn't really be about to happen. This had to be a dream!! Without a moment to second-guess it, I pushed my feet straight down and braced for impact, relieved when I stuck the landing in an almost effortless crouch. I knew that Apocalypse would soon follow behind me, though, so I instinctively lunged backward, throwing my right elbow back and cracking him in the face with it, when he predictably showed up behind me. (Not sure if he was always going to be there, or if my anticipating him being behind me caused him to just 'be there'.)

      I didn't stop there, though, immediately turning around and rushing him with a barrage of punching combinations to the head and gut, confidently and aggressively driving him back with each solid hit. While in mid-attack, I wondered if I should not get too carried away and try stabilizing the dream before it ended or I lost my lucidity, but I was fired up and didn't want to stop hitting him. It was only a matter of seconds, though, before the dream fell apart and I woke up.
    6. January TOTM - Pencil - success, Pandora - fail

      , 01-04-2017 at 05:10 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Finally had good conditions to WILD.

      Took a nap in the afternoon, so went to bed later.
      Last night bed 11:30pm - 2:30am
      2:30 am - 2x300 Alpha GPC
      2:30am - 3:30 am one more hour of sleep for 4 hrs total
      3:30 - 4am - WBTB
      3:50 - 2x4 galantamine
      4am sofa

      Estimated length - 45-60 min

      5 am still heard the chime on my watch, after I already turned to both sides than back to my back and finally fell asleep shortly after when I felt first signs of falling asleep.

      Woke up 6:27, after last part of the dream was already non-lucid - FA of me writing down my TOTM.


      (I wanted to do the opening of a forgotten christmas present, massage, tell pencil to draw. I realized I have not used a pencil in a long time, so before bed I was visualizing how I will pull out a pencil from my back pocket and I thought about if it will be regular one or a mechanical one. I also visualized pulling out my box cutter, cutting the tape on a present and opening it. And how I will open my door and there will be Pandora.)


      As soon as I realized I'm asleep, I got up and went to my front door, as I visualized it before bed. Opened it but there was nothing. So I went to the window to get out that way.

      I flew to the neighbors window and I felt naughty, because I knew it's at night, he is asleep and I will be intruding. I looked in both of his beds which looked like someone slept in them recently, but they were empty. I looked again, and there he was, under a sheet, on his back. I giggled and went down on him. I wish there was a nice way to describe this in detail, but there isn't, so this is all I can say. I was wondering if he will notice and wake up. Another girl joined us. I was like "I didn't need help, but ok."

      I'm standing on a street, looking around what to do. There is an area to my left with lots of people, between some trashcans. They are watching something going on and I know I was part of it before. Not as a spectator, but as a performer. From my previous dream you can guess what it was about.

      I remember I wanted to do some of the Beginner tasks just for fun. So I kneel down and my hands touch beech sand. It's so soft, like the softest flour, cool to the touch because it's nighttime. I play with it, take it in my hands and let it run through my fingers. I smooth it with my hand and watch the pattern my hands make. (It's so simple but very cool detail and I will do this from now on often.) I decide to look for some seashells and I find a huge mollusk with some seaweed, but it opens and I can tell it's dead. I wonder how come It doesn't smell.

      Throughout the whole even, at least 3 times I realized that I can't see well. I brought my hands in front of me and forced myself to see them. They were slowly appearing in better detail, until I was satisfied and moved on.

      Somewhere in the middle I realized this is quite a long dream and it's nice and stable, almost no fadeouts, only dream scene changes. I was not worried about it ending or me waking up at all.

      I remembered the "Tell pencil to draw something" TOTM.
      I sat at a desk, pulled out a pencil from my back pocket (just as I visualized before bed. It was logical, because I carry a pen there at work, but have not seen a pencil in a long time.)

      I looked at it as I pulled it out. It was a regular pencil, with forest green shaft, white band at the top and black top. No eraser. I put it down and say "draw something". I look at the desk and there are some marks as if someone draw with an eraser. That's not good, so I ask it again. I lose the scene here.

      I end up at the similar table again after something else, pull the pencil out again and this time it's shorter, as if it was drawing a lot in the meantime. Some female is sitting opposite of me and we are talking and watching the pencil. I ask it to draw. It does some calligraphy ribbon on the desk itself, but it doesn't look like a drawing. I look at it and when I look back, surprise! There is a beautiful, technical drawing, like from a blue print, of an airport. 2 runways, 2 passenger buildings with boarding attachments and some perimeter buildings. It's clean, no shading or anything else. Only blueprint, except it's on white paper and with the lead tip.

      I pick up the pencil to examine it. I want to read what kind of pencil it is, the manufacturer and anything you can usually see on a pencil.

      There is a lot of writing on it, lot more than it should fit. There is something in faded golden letters on every side of this many sided pencil. Left and right side of lettering is faded, the middle is more readable. I look at the lead and it's loose, ready to fall out. Great details.

      I am hover flying over the street. I am sooo happy about this. The feeling is incredibly good.

      I want to turn but realize I have low control. I decide that it's my dream and I can do whatever I want. So I slow down in nice and controlled way, turn around and fly where I wanted to.

      Hrm, the inevitable sex. With others, by myself, came to happy ending 2 or 3 times.

      6. FA
      I'm at my moms. I rush to the desk ans start writing down my dreams. I draw the airport picture too. If I didn't, I would have not remembered how it looked after I woke up for real.

      My brother is in some radio program and so am I. I'm some "performer" and the tell me they will need me to do it now, and also say some commercial. I tell them no way, I'm writing this down first, nobody talk to me till I'm done.

      I retreat to my room to continue. My mom barges in telling me stuff, and I yell at her to not talk to me. My dad comes in with vacuum turned on, I yell at him too. Mom tells me through the door that they are leaving to some fun place and to go with them. I don't even reply. I don't want to lose the memory of my dreams.

      THANK YOU! I LOVE my higher self, my subC and my mind. My partners and friends. : D
    7. Lucid Dream Number 4 (Random)

      by , 12-03-2016 at 02:19 PM
      OK so this is a dream from last night!!!

      I have noticed that since i have joined this website and have been actively thinking more and more about my dreams, i have already had 2/3 more lucid dreams wherea's before that, the last one i had was well over 2 years ago.
      Now in my last Lucid dream i can recall that i was ok in the knowing of becoming lucid....but as soon as i tried to control my dreram lucidly, i would awaken!?!!

      So last night i found myself waking up Lucid in my dream, and after a little practice i started to be Able to controll not only what i was doing but also my surroundings as well. Now it worked in quite a strange way, you see as i remember i did manage to find a "DreamSign" which was looking at my own reflection. I found that every time i looked at my reflection (In literally any reflective surface) i was able to re-affirm the dream and in doing this it made the dream more stable. If the lucidity started to weaken and the dream started to fade i would have to keep strenghening it by looking at my own reflection again. The reflection i was seeing was me entirely, i looked very normal as in waking life but for some reason this was my way of knowing i was in a dream which at the moment i'm still not entirely sure as of why!! (This is something i will check the next time and see if my "DreamSign" changes at all.)

      I can't really remember to much of the details of the dream as my voice recorder has broken and it is now 13:11 the next day, but i do remember being able to physically change my surroundings around me, and the people around me...for instance if i willed someone into my dream, there they were!!
      I remember towards the beggining of the dream when i was still trying to teach myself how to stabilise it, the dream itself was very grainy but the more i kept on the clearer and clearer it became to the point where i might almost say that it was clearer and sharper than real life itself.

      (I woke up easily 6/7 times during the night and found that by not moving after awakening i was able to go straight back into the same dream, lucidly each and every time.) That was something i remember reading helps in one of the lucid dreaming forums!
    8. Control a fiction?

      by , 04-08-2016 at 06:17 PM
      D1 - I am playing god and creating people, but I need the correct material in correct propotions. Everything is under control ~^

      D2 - I am in my classroom, the idea of control is a figment of someone else's imagination. The kids have no connection with me, they are "playing up" refusing my control. I send one child after another to "sit out" but they are milling about like walking dead zombies, and kind of hostile too Oo.

      I am trying to control things and have expectation of things that are unacceptable.
      I need to accept what is and go with the flow, not try and force what is into another shape.
    9. Storm and Song (DEILD)

      by , 02-11-2015 at 03:16 AM
      Ritual: wtb 1am, woke 5:45am, wbtb about an hour, take supplements (piracetam, bacopa, choline, alpha-gpc, l-theanine), lay on back, doze off, turn to side, woke 8am to record dream.

      DEILD: I half-wake from an unremarkable NLD and realize I can DEILD. As I transition I can distinctly hear a woman's voice speaking, though she wasn't saying anything memorable. After a while I hear a new voice a man responding, and figure this is a good sign, suggesting that the hynagogic state is deepening toward dream. As soon as I feel like I am fully transitioned, I get out of bed. I remember the task I had intended: the storm TOTM. I go outside, intending to summon it, but the dream does not yet feel stabilized and my surroundings become vague. I retransition and realize that there's no reason I should feel constrained by concepts like "inside" and "outside," and decide to summon the storm from right in my bedroom. I look up at the ceiling and it becomes transparent, so that I can see the sky overhead. It is half-lit, with faint stars and gauzy clouds: I will the clouds to thicken and darken.

      After another spell of vagueness, maybe a retransition, I go back outside to see if there is evidence of a storm yet. It is working! There is a patch of very heavy dark clouds overhead. It it not yet a full-blown storm so I work on it a little more. I raise my hands and shout, "Wind!" I am modeling this on the scene from the film Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) where he conjures the clouds so it will get dark faster. I decide to add a little more panache: "WIND AND FIRE!" I yell, still gesticulating at the sky. The clouds are roiling and I do see patches of fire, so when it is sufficiently apocalyptic, I fly directly up into the cloudbank.

      The effect is disappointing: I have no real sensory impressions apart from sight, and the visibility is very poor. It is hard to distinguish the greyness inside the clouds from the greyness of unformed dream, except that I notice that the fire has coalesced into vaguely anthropomorphic forms that resemble elementals or demons. Although they are distant and none moves to threaten me, I feel vaguely anxious and start singing to reassure myself. The dream destabilizes and I retransition.

      I go outside again, and find myself on a slightly elevated walkway; just below is a middle-aged white guy who seems to be gardening. He looks up at me and says with an air of disappointment: "You can do better than this." I feel as though he is chastising me for summoning the storm, and feel a pang of guilt, although there is no rational basis for this. After entering a building, I look down and notice that I am carrying a phone. It is not a contemporary model but resembles those old Nokias with the small monochrome screens that can render text but not graphics. Distinctly legible on the screen is the word: "SmarKu," a mix of lower-case and capital letters as though it were abbreviated from something. The word intrigues me, so I ask:

      "SmarKu, what are you?"

      "A phone," it answers simply.

      Well, duh. I try rephrasing my question, "I mean, what do you represent?"


      Since the phone seems confused or reluctant to answer, I finally resort to a term I dislike, speaking forcefully for emphasis: "What do you symbolize?"

      "A pimp and a whore," retorts the phone with an edge of sarcasm.

      I can't help but laugh at the inexplicable rudeness of the reply. What is this, a dream version of Tourette's syndrome?

      I retransition and go back outside, running across two gentlemen having a heated discussion. I find their conversation boring and don't make any particular effort to remember it, but this reminds me of the thread (I think it was last month's TOTM) where we were discussing the fact that it feels different to "think" something in a dream versus saying it "aloud," even though it is hard to conceptualize the difference. To test this principle, I comment inwardly on how dull their conversation is, and pay attention to how this manifests. I do not "hear" the words with my dream ears, nor do I seem to "speak" them in my dream voice, so it feels no different from thinking something in waking life. I walk over to them and think it directly in their presence, to see if they will respond: "How dully, sir!" (In retrospect it seems like an odd turn of phrase, but it felt natural at the time.) They do not react to me, so it still feels like a private thought. I decide to try a little experiment: I silently will one of the DCs to say these words aloud for me. Without a moment's hesitation, he pipes up to his companion: "How dully, sir!"

      This was so successful that I'm encouraged to try again with the second guy. Mischievously, I select the same words that the SmarKu used earlier. Sure enough, the guy says out of nowhere, "A pimp and a whore." At this point I go right up to him and ask, "What do you mean by that?" I expect him to be confused or uncertain about why he said it, but instead he starts explaining himself. This is really unexpected: he is taking responsibility for the phrase as though saying it were his own idea! All I could think was... so DCs rely on dream logic? I... guess that makes sense.

      There is a destabilization, and before my eyes I watch the environment fluctuate from brilliant light and clarity to hazy vagueness. I suspect this is due to my own lack of mental focus, slipping too close to wakefulness again, and I tell myself that I don't have to wake up if I don't want to. Back in my bedroom, I maintain dreamstate through a rough patch by singing again and focusing on sensual impressions. As I sing, it feels like my voice is joined by invisible others, singing with me in harmony. This reminds me of my lucid dare—from last year—which I've never quite completed to my satisfaction.

      I go back outside, willing it to be stable. I frame my arms around empty air as though around an unseen person and dance, hoping the invisible owner of one of the voices will manifest. No such luck. I notice a DC standing nearby, a middle-aged black man, and ask him, "Have you seen an elf around here?"

      "Yes," he replies. Okay, I realize I might have willed him to say that using my new trick, but if it conditions my expectations into manifesting the damn elf, it will have been worth it.

      "Who?" I inquire further, a specific name in mind.

      "Thranduil," he says promptly, just as I anticipated.

      "Where is he?" I don't have an answer to this one, so I'm hoping he'll say something helpful.

      He points behind me. "Right over there."

      I turn and look, hoping my expectations are primed enough that he will be visible. Afraid not. As I squint into the distance, the man explains helpfully, "You can just barely see him, in the edge of the forest."

      I still don't see him but I'll take his word for it. The man goes on, "If you hurry, you might be able to catch him. The best way is to go left up those stairs."

      I follow his instructions, wondering I should summon a horse to cover the ground faster, but I don't want to add unnecessary complexity and figure that on horseback is not the best way to climb stairs anyway. The stairs are very rustic and appealing, constructed of irregularly cut slabs of old grey stone, with small plants growing out of the cracks, and a low stone wall on either side. They turn to the right and continue to ascend. I'm climbing as fast as I can and observe that either the steps are getting smaller or I'm getting bigger, because now I'm covering at least a dozen with each stride, but I'm still only halfway to the forest's edge when I wake up and sense that the dream state is unrecoverable.

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    10. Photographing the Dragon Moon

      by , 09-11-2014 at 07:30 PM
      Ritual: After five hours of sleep I woke naturally and was determined to make a good WILD attempt. I spent an hour-long WBTB reading and writing about dreams, then returned to bed just before the sun rose. Despite a promising transition phase in which I observed hypnagogic visuals and audio distinctly manifesting, I was interrupted by frequent re-awakenings and eventually realized it was time to turn on my side and enter real sleep. I fully expected to WILD at this point because the conditions felt ideal, but instead I just had NLDs.

      NLD: I had just left a cafe and was walking down the sidewalk to where I had parked a couple blocks away. The sky was oppressively dark, darker than seemed natural, and I composed a couple lines to try to describe it:

      The world cowers beneath an enormous dark,
      Unrepentent and unredeeming.

      I wasn't sure if I liked them but figured I should write them down as soon as I could, because if I came up with a whole structure I could always come back to it and work it into something better.

      As I entered the parking lot I noticed the moon. The last few days have seen a huge harvest moon, but this one was even bigger, with that sallow yellow hue that tints it when it is still low in the sky. Moreover, the pattern on its face was unusual: it resembled a winged dragon, drawn with iconic simplicity and in a rampant position like a figure on shield heraldry. I felt an urge to photograph it.

      I opened the passenger side door, left it open, and sat down on the edge of the seat to brace myself so I could try to frame a good clear shot of it on my iPhone. I thought I felt movement and the image was bouncing around on the screen, the moon lost among some trees now. Was the car driving off with me? How inconvenient! I reached to the side and jerked up the emergency brake, then returned to my attempt to take a picture.

      As I held up the phone again and looked at the image on the screen, I was more alert to the possibility of movement this time, and yes, I was able to confirm from it that indeed we were moving, and this was preventing me from taking clear photograph. Bad car! We were now driving rather quickly down a city street so I scooted fully inside and managed to get the door closed. (I realize now that in the dream the car door was hinged in the back and opened backwards, flat against the side of the car, rather than being hinged in the front and opening outwards as in WL.)

      Once the car door was closed I wanted to get control of the car back, so I awkwardly climbed over into the driver's seat. A towel seemed to be wrapping around my feet and impeding me, but with some effort I managed to get myself seated appropriately so that I could take over the driving. I had been planning to do some other things before leaving the quarter of the city that we'd come from, but by now we had driven away too far for it to be convenient to return, so I decided to just go home instead.

      After that I was waking up, but there was one more scene where I was standing next to a tram and again wondered if I wanted to return to the area I'd been in at the start of the dream. Once more I decided not to, since I couldn't be sure the tram would go to the right place either, and I was at that point under the impression that it was the tram, not my car, that had driven off with me.

      Then I realized with exasperation how absurd it was that dreams continually present me with situations that are extraordinary by the standards of waking life, yet I usually don't recognize them as evidence of dreaming. Why not? "I guess I just don't find them strange" was all I could come up with. Later I realized that I was at least still half in a dream state as I had these thoughts, and didn't realize I was dreaming then either.
    11. My Art Came To Life And I Danced With Her

      by , 07-19-2014 at 10:31 AM
      [Journal Entry on second paragraph]

      This dream was pre-planned and was completely lucid. I had control of just about every aspect of the dream from beginning to end. I first thought of a person (a drawing I created) and then thought of a place (Japanese image). I meditated and had gotten this amazing result that I believe was out of sheer luck. Everything was just about to COMPLETE perfection. Minor details were askew, but it was life changing nonetheless. My initial plan was to arrive in the planned destination and then call out the person's name for her to appear. (she didn't have a name at the time) I gave her the name "Lin," (because she looked like a Lin I guess haha) and I needed us to have something to do for the dream to be more solid. So I planned to ask her to dance with me there since the atmosphere seemed fitting.
      My entry below:

      I had the most amazing dream of my life! I was in a strange black place that was difficult to figure out. Then appeared a lot of huge Chinese doors that I ran though one after the other. While I knew I was in the dream world, I tried harder and harder to imagine the place I wanted to go. With each door, the place started to form a bit more into view. I looked around and the place was a bit "lagged," as if I were in a game. I realized that I had to meet Lin and immediately called out "Lin! Liiiin!" My voice was so clear, I thought I was just awake and only "thinking," I was in a dream while yelling in my room which made me a bit nervous at first. I thought that I must at least be yelling in my sleep from the clarity of my voice. And then I saw her standing in the distance. I hurried toward her and was so surprised, it was so difficult to find the right words. I just then remembered what I planned to say . I said, "You must be Lin." She nodded. She tried to say something when I accidentally interrupted, asking her to dance. She agreed and we started a waltz on the deck. I looked a bit more closely at her and noticed her eyes were black and more like a humans. With just my mind, I fixed my dreams error and she looked more like herself. I also realized now after waking up, she was wearing a beautiful Chinese dress rather than what I had drawn to my surprise. She looked and me, smiling, and her voice was exactly as I had pre-imagined. A nice sounding voice with a Japanese accent since she was a Japanese based person. It was actually so strong, I asked her "Sorry, what was that?" Several times. She started talking about this guy there she wanted to avoid since he was driving 2mph or something (only in a dream that would make sense). I couldn't really hear her at random times for some reason. We danced around and she pulled me some ways to avoid someone. I started to realize it was time for me to leave and things were starting to fade away. Lin disappeared and there was a chair, or an erhu, or a bundle of giant spoons in front of me. I wanted to stay just another moment so that I could tell her I had a great time and we should meet again. I used my personal trick to stay in the dream and re-intensify it which was rubbing my hands together. A green bowl suddenly appeared in my hands and I fumbled around a bit to catch it and I figured it was a chance to focus on the bowl to get back the feel of this reality. Everything came back to a clearer view for another few seconds. I knew I was just about out of time and felt myself waking up. As everything started fading I shouted, "I had a great time Lin! We should meet again!" (or something like that.)

      Nemesis' new sig... any help?  :)-cherry-blossom-lake-sakura-japan.jpg
      Nemesis' new sig... any help?  :)-oni_at_birth.jpg
      lucid , memorable
    12. fighting with my subconscious for control over my mind

      by , 06-27-2014 at 05:38 PM
      first of all i would like to say that before i fell asleep last night i was watching the youarecreators2 youtube channel. with that being said i'll continue on to my dream. it started out with me laying in my bed as normal in my normal looking bedroom in normal night time lighting, everything seemed normal as far as my surroundings. i was telling my subconscious mine (with my thoughts) "this is my mind and my life i control my mind nobody else!" while "trying to visualize my modeling dream" and every time i did this i felt an enormous amount of pressure in my head it was soo much to the point where i felt like i couldn't handle it anymore. i said it again "this is my mind!" then i started visualizing myself on the runway modeling with camera flashes pointed at me and again the pressure started again this time it was too much and again it felt like i couldn't handle it so i let go of control then it stopped, i never saw my subconscious or heard it speak. i just felt alot of pressure in my head i knew it was my subconscious mind's presence it felt like something was being forced in inside my head like energy and power it felt weird but it was to much for me. it's hard to explain it was not painful only alot of pressure. the dream seemed so real because like i said before my surroundings seemed normal. the only thing that trips me out was the sheet i was trying to hide under after i let go of control but before i went to sleep i had no sheet only my blanket. so thats how i know it was a dream and not real because the sheet in my dream was actually sitting on the futon in my waking life. most of the time i have no control over any of my dreams and just going with the flow. whatever is happening it just plays out. when i wake up from some dreams i question myself "why did i do that?" but in the dream it would seem like the natural thing to do..... so weird i've never had a dream where i actually controlled how everything played out. i have the most weirdest dreams some where i see black figures with red eyes, one time i had red eyes with blood coming out like tears and blood from my mouth, i've been abducted by aliens where they were trying to give me a shot and kill me in a dream once, i've dreamed where my entire family (people i claim as family and people who claim me as family, i don't know my biological family) exiled me, friends family, everyone who ever knew me or people i ever knew talked about me, it was big time betrayal. i've had dreams where i can't walk straight like my legs area giving out on me. dreams where aliens walk this planet, dreams where the sky is purple and turquoise, sex dreams with people i don't know, dreams i've been kidnapped held captive and bitten by a mysterious bug that made me sleepy, and the second worst of all was when i had a beerbelly a mustache and i was short o.0 that one was too much for me in real life i'm tall, skinny and i have no facial hair. and lately when i have a dream i have thoughts. like i'm actually talking in my head in my dream ive never done that ever until recently i'll say like for a month now. this is too weird .....i don't know what last night's dream was about with my subconscious mind but it was soo weird,

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      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    13. 4/8/14 - Don't Tell Her What To Do!

      by , 04-09-2014 at 06:41 AM
      I'm busily running around a modular home, my home, cleaning here and there. I'm carrying a broom in my hands. Lydia says she wants to go to the dance and get dressed up. I smile and think it's a nice idea. Jackson comes up behind me and walks up to Lydia, telling her no and snapping at her. She gets a sad look on her face and puts her head down, walking into another room. I get really pissed and walk up to Jackson. I whisper angrily for him to shut up and stop telling her what she can and can't do. I threaten to kick him out if he keeps hurting her like that. He gets pissed and tells me to mind my own business. I walk up to him quickly and get in his face, pushing the broom handle into his chest. I tell him that I'm fucking serious and I will kick him out of my house if he doesn't do as I say. I tell him that he has no right to control Lydia and he needs to make her happy or get the hell out. He backs away from me, mumbling and kind of pissy, but he agrees and backs off. I then look down and notice that I'm wearing a new dress and I'm all dolled up for the dance. I grab a guy's hand and pull him to the backyard where we are all gonna play a game. The backyard is a huge dirt field with hay and many sacks of potatoes. We all grab a potato and three of us race down lanes. When we reach the end, we turn around and throw the potato to the next person. I laugh as the next person catches my potato.
    14. Stupid characters!

      by , 03-06-2014 at 08:20 PM
      So I had an unexpected lucid after expecting it to happen during the night and giving up.

      I was in my room and all of a sudden I realized I was dreaming. I don't remember the very first beginning of the dream. I was like 'Oh man this can't be a dream, it's too real to be a dream' but I did a RC to just be sure of it and Whops! How the hell?...
      I felt the need to do something, and I felt my body taking off and I did a little flight towards the door. I opened it and went downstairs. 'What should I do?!' I went to the bathroom and thought 'Okay I'm going to try to go to another place' so I thought of this place I was so anxious to see, an endless green field with just an enormous tree and an electric sky full of planets and stars. I thought of it, expected it to appear and then opened the bathroom door. Nothing, it didn't work. So I tried again. 'Okay, when I open the door it will be there'. I opened it a second time and nothing. This time it was not the same bathroom, but some big public hot springs. 'Fuck this!'

      I went to the living room and thought 'Okay, I'll try to summon a friend of mine', so I thought of him and expected him to be there watching the TV. I opened the door and he appeared. Not only him but two copies of him. 'The hell did I do...?' I wanted to talk to him but he was way too rude. So I disturbed the hell out of him and then woke up. Fuck you dream character.

      After this I woke up into another dream and told a friend of mine that I just had had lucid. I did a RC but it failed, so the dream just went on for a while and then I woke up.

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    15. A strange walk in the rain.

      by , 03-06-2014 at 04:26 PM
      One dream I remember, I was hiding in a shady motel while being chased by criminals. I realized I was dreaming, and decided it would be fun to change gender to fool my foes. My form changed from the male I am into a very sly woman with long black beautiful hair, and a subtle complex darkness to her, like she had a mysterious history. It was very interesting, I put a hoody on and went out into the rainy afternoon. I felt the world looking at me as a female, and I looked back as one too. It felt completely different and alien to how feeling male feels, like I not only changed in appearance but also mind state, kind of like I felt completely female as I walked down the street. I got some complements on my long black hair, and felt like I was blushing from the males giving me the complements, thing is in real life I have no desires to be female or would blush from guys giving my hair complements I wonder how my mind nailed so perfectly the identity of a "mysterious" woman it was uncanny and completely natural during that dream.
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