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    1. Stabbing incident

      by , 10-19-2018 at 05:00 PM (Exterminate)
      Just scribbling down some things I remember from this morning, a few hours after being awake. I dreamt my mom was involved in a horrific stabbing incident. I investigated the crime scene, and saw a lot of blood everywhere. I thought I'd be okay with it, but the scene was pretty gruesome. I think it was a movie theater lobby, and I saw no bodies anywhere. Evidently they were all gone, taken to the hospital. I didn't see any security or police or anything. I was fairly sure my mom was not harmed, but I also didn't have contact with her, so I was worried. I was just about to leave when two pretty girls appeared and wanted to investigate but were too spooked to do it alone. They pleaded with me to join them in looking around since I didn't seem to be scared. Great, if only I wasn't more worried about checking in on my family I really would have taken them up on their offer. How often do you get the opportunity? I left alone and started my search. The details here are foggy, but I recall seeing someone that looked exactly like my mom in a store. I talked with her and she didn't seem to recognize me. I asked her name and she gave something completely different than what I expected. She told me I was mistaken and to leave. I saw yet another person who had the same appearance in the store next door. Something weird is going on, and I want to solve it. As expected, she also was not who I was looking for.

      Whether the dream changed or not, I found myself in a desert that felt a lot more like a video game. I seemed to be playing GunZ or some form of it. I think I was playing as a Mario character. I got surprise attacked by a person wearing full minecraft iron armor. I managed to get the lead on them and won the duel. I only got iron boots from them. Two more ambushed me and I again won the battle. I got two more pieces of armor and a good sword. Another attacked and I realized I needed to leave the place I was at. I checked my coordinates and found I was in the exact center of the map, of course that was why I was being hunted. I ran to the nearest city I could find and was in awe of how detailed it was. Tall cylindrical buildings with parkour stairways. The air was warm and breezy. I noticed the village went down a distance and the buildings continued the path. I saw some loot chests near the top of some buildings, but didn't want to risk going there in case I would fall. I got a bit too excited to explore and accidentally caught the wind and started gliding over a ravine. I made it to a safe landing and saw something that really caught my eye. It was a gigantic structure lit with LEDs and neon lights. I forget exactly what it said, but there was the name of something along with a topless woman.

      The scene shifted a bit again. I was in an enclosed location with the structure in front of me. I reasoned that I was at some sort of movie theater / frat party. The sign was welcoming the party guests and saying what movies would be playing. I felt I didn't belong here, but still looked around to see what was here. I saw a couple of passed out drunk people in a living room. One completely nude. I saw a room down a hallway with a homeless looking guy inside and a sign on the door that said cannibal society. I saw another room down a ways that had several more nude people inside. I questioned whether I should participate in such a "lively party", but decided to leave instead.

      I had another major dream segment where I was a child talking with my (irl) sister in law. She was with some loser who only wanted to get in her pants. I asked if she thought they had a future together and she said he didn't want to get married. We then had a discussion on how relationships shouldn't stay together if there is no hope for marriage.
    2. Day 13: Rowdy

      by , 02-25-2018 at 04:04 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 8:30 AM

      Dream 08: Hello Mr. Pianta

      Touring Bianco Village from Super Mario Sunshine. It looks like the place has also gotten its fair share of gangsters, since there's a lot of graffiti plastered on the walls. Funnily enough, like the actual game, this 'graffiti' is largely just arrows, telling the player where to go.

      I'm monologuing to myself about imagery in regards to poetry. I think about how there are only so many ways to describe the color black, but a million ways to describe color. Pretty thoughtful stuff.

      Dream 09: Almost Breaking Double Digits

      I'm at school this time, again, though now I'm outside the band hall and talking to my friends. One of my friends is talking about something I can't quite hear, when they call all of the band students in.

      I'm guessing we have a performance, and so everyone was going inside to grab their uniforms. Then something screwy happens...

      As I'm climbing up the stairs, I can feel the steps getting higher and higher. I'm using all of the upper body strength I can muster to get up there, making a complete full of myself since I don't really have any upper body strength. That and my pants were falling down. The people are waiting behind me, as if taking pity or looking at me fail to climb these stairs.

      Eventually I find my way inside.

      Inside the band hall, people are grabbing their instruments and putting on their uniforms. One of the band directors is talking to a student about the weird, red, plastic thing she has on a stool. He said it looked like a fruit, but I thought it was...

      Moving on.

      Across the hall, two girls and one guy, one of the girls' boyfriends, are playing football. Right outside of the uniform room. The girlfriend licks the football for whatever reason, and throws it back at the guy.

      Inside the uniform room, there's this big, fancy chair. There's also a TV right in front of it. Me and one of my friends are arguing about who gets to sit in it first. I win, of course, and then the dream ended.

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    3. 101115: Mario Donkey Game, Writing on a Road-sign, Gin&Tonic and 121115: Vague dream of a loud TV

      by , 11-24-2015 at 07:20 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in an unfamiliar bedroom. I begin playing a red-tinted Mario game, like a Virtual Boy game. Mario is riding a donkey and has to dodge pills and geometric shapes as he move to the left. He gets hit and the donkey runs off like Yoshi in the Super Mario World games. I get really into the game and "become" Mario. I dodge the now 3D and in full color geometric objects and pills with great finesse. I've become really good at the game.

      By the beginning of a forested path at night near my old school. I try to send a text message to an old school friend of mine but the message gets turned into a reflective road sign next to the path, the smiley I used in it looks weird on a road sign.

      I turn around and try to contact my friend on Facebook with a laptop, he doesn't respond but his wife does. I begin to see an image of a person drinking Hendricks gin on a grainy video feed. The club is lit with blue light and the guy throws the bottle away and turns around, walking clumsily toward the exit. He's wearing a bear skin and has long hair and a big beard, feral looking.

      See my sister and she offers me a Gin and Tonic with cucumbers in it. Don't really want to drink but I take a sip with gratitude, I don't want to offend her.

      I'm in an apartment that looks like Dexter's from the series Deter. Sunlight through the window. I look into the fridge for food, so much stuff in it but not much that interests me.

      A vague memory of being at my friends house, the TV is on really loud. Another friend says we should turn in down before the neighbors complain. I agree and we turn down the volume. Another friend enters, I ask him what's up.
    4. Looking for the Office

      by , 04-21-2015 at 05:27 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a mall, looking at the stores along the corridor. There were restos, offices, and an art room. I went into the art room, looking for someone. It was supposed to be an office of a friend, but she wasn't there. The color theme seems to be light green. I also thought there's a hidden doorway there.

      I took a jeep going... somewhere. I was following the lead of another person I don't know. He went down, and I went down, but I have no idea where we were. I started walking in a direction that I thought was correct. The place is reminiscent of the area near Dimasalang in Sampaloc.

      I was in a park party with co-workers. I was walking around. I was thinking of talking about important matters.

      I was watching Mario jump around, and there's a spiny fish that always annoyed me. I thought that Yoshi should be able to eat it. I also thought about how easy it is now to finish the game, unlike before.



      - Slept at around 2 a.m. Woke up to alarm at 8 a.m., but stood up at 8:30 a.m.
      - Listened to Sam Harris audio on meditation upon sleeping.
    5. Backlog, 12/30: "Mario Bros. and Lazy TotM"

      by , 12-31-2014 at 07:29 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Lying in bed, trying to WILD/fall asleep. Watching FMA Brotherhood with wife. Scar is speaking; wife comments on his scarred face. He looks a little weird to me--part of his face is white (Scar's character is brown-skinned in the show). Fast-paced outro music begins:

      It seems clear that Scar is going to die in this next episode. My wife talks about them playing up his sacrifice. I am now looking at a Super Mario Bros. screen. Realize it is a dream, but am not sure if this is a transition so do nothing. Currently I have no body. Playing Mario Bros. 3 world 1 map music: (sorry gang, couldn't post two videos--look the second one up!)

      Mario flies off wearing his cape from Super Mario World. The game transitions to some weird game with a naked baby's butt. Dream has solidified now and I have a body. I slap the baby's butt through the screen to see if I can interact with the game. I don't feel anything except for the t.v. screen, but the character reacts. I try to pick the baby up this fails. Danie Radcliffe from Harry Potter is sitting in a hot tub. He criticizes me for not picking up the baby correctly. I knock him backwards into the water. Move around the screen a bit--maybe some kind of office in isometric third-person view, like the old Crusader games. Some zombies wandering around. I decide I don't want to play a game for my entire LD, so I get up and leave the room.

      Emerge in my mom's house, then remember to observe the dream. A thought comes up: can I remember any of the January tasks? Ah yes, I remember to new ones. Shouldn't be hard. But I'm not going to try hard. Just observe, and if the necessary tools emerge, then use them. I think I see a component resting on a cabinet, but when I look it is not there. I am looking inside of a cabinet when
      I wake up. Lie still and begin DEILD transition. Roll off of the mat and am falling through space. Seems to be going well, but keep knocking against something as I fall. I try to ignore it but then wake up. Try once more, then RC and write this down.
    6. Backlog, 11/27: WILD #6, 2 DILDs + DEILD

      by , 12-14-2014 at 08:51 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Feel WILD set in, roll off of the mat. Am falling/flying for some time, but keeping my mind blank as I do. I am soaring around a house (my mom's house?), and the characters from the Simpsons live inside. I try to enter via a window, but accidentally break a window with my head. Scene instantly becomes hyper-realistic (not cartoon-like anymore) and the characters vanish. I have the feeling that, like a big oaf, I ruined this part of the dream. I walk inside the house.

      Inside, I try practicing my dream control via perspective by crushing my bedroom door frame top to bottom. Nothing happens. I attempt a few more times, but still am unsuccessful. I leave the house and wander about. Yep, it's out in the country, just like waking life. I think how I will write down in my dream journal that this was a very long, very stable, very boring LD. Not much going on, and no DCs around. I decide to relax and see what "dream memories" come up (such as why I might be here, etc.). I
      wake up. Do some MILD and back to sleep.

      Walking with my sister-in-law to a school for young kids. I am examining a wall mural the kids have done. I realize that it has something to do with Theravada Buddhism. I suddenly think, "The girls go to a Buddhist school?" I nose pinchand can breathe. My sister-in-law confirms my suspicions and says that the curriculum here is inspired by Theravada Buddhism; the kids are taught to be mindful of their one precious human life. Excited, I decide to see what the inside of the school looks like. I find a door and open it. Behind it is another door. This is funny to me, and undeterred, I open this door as well.

      Inside, people are eating food and talking. I see a coworker eating. I look around, trying to decide who to talk to. There is a large man, with no shirt and a hairy chest, sitting in a sauna-like area and talking on a phone. This guy seems fairly impressive, so I decide to talk to him. He sees me waiting, then puts his phone away and greets me. I say I have a question about dreams, from a Theravadan perspective. He nods, then seems to consider my statement carefully. He then says,

      "Well, suppose you have a tikkoku. That's kind of like a cocaku. You see?"

      I say I don't quite see. I then think that I will tell him he is dreaming. He tells me he is unable to lucid dream.

      "Pinch your nose!" I say. He shoves his finger up his nose perversely, and then begins tugging at his nostril. He becomes smaller and more imp-like. My own nostrils start to feel affected, and I realize he is just my own mind being overactive. My body unaccountably becomes aroused, and seeing this, the DC lunges at my crotch. Sigh. I hug the DC and tell him it's OK. He calms down quite a bit. I blank my mind and he stops moving altogether. Can't remember how but I soon
      wake up. Lie still and DEILD into next dream.

      Mario Bros. screen with Bowser, too. I know it is a dream, and begin my slow fall (something that happens often to me during WILD and DEILD). I hear water (currently in darkness) and begin imagining a beach (trying to create scenery). I also begin imagining the opening scenes of FFVIII, along with the theme song, Liberi Fatali:

      Scenery generates into a desert canyon (pretty close, sand, right?) with shallow water flowing along the sad swiftly. I am carried along on into a gorge/cave. Above, I see a hole in the ceiling, and fly up to investigate. Halfway up, I realize I am effortlessly flying, and begin to fall; I climb up a bit, and then fly the rest of the way. The hole is too small to get out of, so I begin scooping the rock away with my hands. I hear an evil laugh above; outside, there is a stormy sky, with a gray dragon flying above me. I feel terrified--at the dragon, at the feeling that the dream wants me to fight the dragon, and that the floor of the cave is so far below me. I remind myself that this is just a dream but it is not helping much. However, I decide to fly up and face the dragon. I am trying to get out of the hole when I wake up, heart pounding and very relieved. MILD and then return to sleep.

      I am at work. A coworker comes up to me and asks me if I got an email. I say I did not, and ask what it was about. He says something that I can't understand. I ask him to repeat, and while I understand more, I still can't quite catch his meaning. I say, "something else someone wants me to do, right?" concerning the email. He looks embarrassed. Turns out the email concerns him getting promoted. Whatever. I reenter my work area, and food is laid out for everyone. A coworker has already begun eating. This seems vaguely against the rules, and I am about to reprimand her when I realize I'm dreaming. Sweet! I pop a piece of fried tofu into my mouth. I also shout, testing out my dream voice. It re-echoes oddly in my head. I wake up.
    7. Getting a Huge Cake, Swimming Pool With a Stitch Toy, and Trying Cupcakes At Work

      by , 10-12-2014 at 11:13 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I had gotten this huge chocolate sheet cake for opening a bank account. We were putting it on the "decorator's table" at work piece by piece (it was already cut up into pieces).

      I then was talking to Dallas about playing some Mario game that I had played with him, and I had beat him. I told him I had also beat Bowser at the game, and I had told Bowser "Sorry baby, I mean Bowser!". I thought maybe Dallas would get irritated that I had called Bowser "baby". At this point I think Dallas and I were in the car in a parking lot at nighttime.


      I was in this indoor swimming pool. I had this toy that was this electronic Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. He was in some sort of small pod. The toy was then at the bottom of the pool, and they were going to clean the pool, so everyone had to get out. I got out, and it looked like they were going to put this vacuum cleaner thing in the water. I told them I needed my toy. I don't remember who got it for me or if I got it, but I had it again. The toy then asked me
      "Are you Nicky (last name here)? Or are you Tidy S________ (some weird, long last name)?"
      I told it no. I don't recall any more about it.

      I then was outside somewhere. We were close to the beach. I told whoever I was with that I wanted to go for a walk on the beach because I love the beach. I was "remembering" where the beaches were in the area and thinking about what they looked like. I saw a hotel that we used to stay at a lot when we'd go on vacation when I was a kid. I wondered if we could walk on the beach there. I then thought about starting at the beach that was at this little seaside community and walk to the part of the beach by the hotel from there. It would be a long walk. I wondered if there were any obstacles.


      I was at work at the bakery. There was this cupcake tower with mini strawberry cupcakes and then a jumbo icing filled strawberry cupcake in the center. It was on display on the floor. I tried some of it, a mini cupcake and a piece of the jumbo, before we opened, but then thought that I would probably get in trouble for it, because it was messed up now. I was trying to imagine the tower not being messed up and seeing if that made it not messed up. I went back to it and it was all fake, plastic cupcakes and didn't seem messed up anymore. I also tried a pumpkin cupcake at some point.

      I then was behind the counter at work on the decorator's side. Something about some guy that worked there. It had to do with toys. A lady then came up and was asking if we had any more small blue number 1's we could put on the cupcake tower. She said she had the cupcake tower but she lost the 1. Apparently, this happened often, because it was a question that I had definitely had to say no to before. I asked the decorators, and they said no, just as I thought they would.
    8. 8/24/2014

      by , 09-16-2014 at 10:13 PM

      I was on an interstate road in the middle of nowhere in NM. I was working at some sort of refinery and got freaked out when I got behind some tanks full of gas. I asked how I got there and looked at my watch. Since it was dark, I tried lighting up the watch but it didn't work. I eventually realized I was dreaming!
      I counted my fingers and there were 8 in one hand. I increased clarity and stabilized the dream before thinking of exploding one of the tanks full of gas. I remembered I don't use fire magic so I looked around and saw a door leading underground. Upon trying the door, I found out it was locked so I reached into my pocket for a key. As I was doing that, the door opened on its own. I went down the stairs and opened more doors, some of them looking like the doors in the game fallout. The area was dark, so I said "Increase brightness!", which only helped a little. I rose my right hand and said "Light", which made a small orb of light appear, lighting the area as if I were holding a torch. I moved the light in front of my eyes, which hurt them because the light was so bright. I cancelled the light and reached for the flashlight on my belt. I lit up a few spots around the room, wondering if there would be monsters around. I decided to hover and passed through floors, purposely getting stuck in some of them.
      Once I reached the top, I decided to let go and I fell and fell and fell until I hit the floor, which didn't hurt. I walked through the building and saw 2 Mario characters. I came up on a cave-like room with grass and water. I decided to ask one of the Mario characters what the water represented, which lead to a stupid response that I knew was fake. I said "Yeah, whatever" and walked away. I looked at my watch, which was showing time normally. Upon looking at it closer, I notice that the day was moving long with the seconds. I decided to do something to upgrade my max lucidity so I tried summoning a water orb between my hands but it didn't work and slowly started to wake up.
    9. Teeny Frags

      by , 08-23-2014 at 01:33 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching someone play a harder version of Super Mario 64. He was talking as he was playing.


      Something about some kind of loan approval, but it was at Kohl's? I don't think I got approved for one. I was talking to some lady about it.


      Something about boxes of glazed doughnuts. I was at work at the bakery.


      Fragments due to drinking yesterday. This is what alcohol does to my sleep. -_-' Oh well, I at least know I"ll sleep good tonight.
    10. Dream 2# Friends

      by , 04-22-2014 at 01:38 PM
      I was in one of my old friend's house that I haven't spoken to since I was a sophomore in high school. We were hanging our in her room, and she pulls out a folder. She said, "I was cleaning my room, and for some reason I have [another friend's name]'s school folder from when she was younger."

      I grabbed at it for inspection. Sure enough it had my friend's name written in the fancy way that she did it. "Oh that's cool," I said. "Maybe I should call her up and tell her that you have it."

      My friend agreed, so I took out my phone and called my other friend. By this time, the folder had changed to a short, but I paid that no mind in the dream. My friend answered, I told her and we laughed. She said she'd be over soon so she could get it.

      I didn't have time for her to come over because just then I was sucked out of my friend's room and into a Mario World kind of shindig. That was crazy, so I woke up before I had to defeat a baby Lakitu who didn't have his cloud yet.

      Things that stand out

      • People I don't talk to anymore
      • An object completely changing
      • Teleporting to another world
      Tags: friends, mario
    11. Trials

      by , 03-11-2014 at 03:59 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      2. I’m watching a video in a room, there’s a man watching over me all stony-faced. I’ve already seen it so I’m impatient for it to be over. The video showed a pretty woman. I said something like ‘wow, she is hot’. Later, it showed some of her body beneath the clothes, and she was anorexic. I realize it was a trick to get us to see that you can’t judge by appearances.

      I asked the ‘guard’ if he never got tired of doing this, because he’d surely seen the video several times now. He didn’t answer. I said ‘you’re just like Jim Kirk’. I meant that he was stubborn.

      Next, I’m taken to an area in the mall-type store. At first I can’t tell what I’m standing in front of, I just see one panel. Then I realize it’s a game machine.

      The first part felt like a trial, but this part feels like a competition.

      I try to figure out how to work it, and press a black button up top. “Yes, this is administration.” A voice says, and I am super embarrassed as I realize I pressed the wrong button. The guy has to come fix it.

      I’m playing the game, and it has Yoshi from Mario in it.

      Inspiration: I was looking at some sprites and one of them was Yoshi. Only about forty-five moments passed between the last one and this one!
    12. I was a little girl?

      by , 11-14-2013 at 05:16 PM
      I only remember one dream, and I was a little girl in the dream lol..............................

      I was at one place which was supposed to be like a hard level I had to do over.. oh just remembered part of my dream

      First fragment I remember I was at this one level of Super mario 64 and I was telling these people about Super Mario Sunshine. I showed them the gamecube cover of the game and sunlight radiated through me and I felt the warmth of the sun. Then I just had to say Praise the suN!!! lol.

      Next fragment I had I was this little girl and I was trying to beat this one level on Majoras Mask, Ocarina of Time, or Mario or something I forgot. You had to enter the level through this painting or somehow, and quickly press up down left right left right a b a b start select, at least thats what I thought the code was. And if you didnt do it fast enough you couldnt beat the level. I remember I was a little girl playing the level and there was this mean older lady trying to do mean stuff. Like the principal in Matilda. Thats all I remember
    13. 7-16-2013 Winter mario world

      by , 07-17-2013 at 04:29 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Better resolution:
      I'm at some canyon place with only myself and a friend, its dusk and we're playing a gamecube. I was the one who hooked it up. The resolution when it started up was..well, pretty darn bad. But my friend played it regardless. Eventually, this girl finds us and manages to fix the resolution. And then some dramatic stuff might have happened. But i can't remember.

      Winter mario world:
      It's winter and snowing. Me and this girl enter a mansion. The setting inside is similar to that of super mario party. We manage to survive and and make it to the second floor where we then head outside. Once outside we explore some bit. That's about all i can remember. I also think i remember something about me getting two swords through my chest.

      Thoughts: Well, my recall has been derpy but it's mostly my fault, tonight, i'll repeat some mantras and etc. Had a weird schedule the last few days.
    14. His own gas station

      by , 04-19-2013 at 09:31 AM
      My memory of this dream starts from the point where I'm at my university, in one of the classrooms on the second floor. I'm sitting next to my best friend and a few tables to the left I see more of my friends. It seems we're about to have a test and the teacher goes around the room to hand out the exam sheets. One of my friends, Feicko, thinks the teacher is cute and makes a pass at her. I don't remember her response because as soon as I looked at Feicko, I remembered that he wanted to have his own gas station and that I promised to support him.

      All of a sudden I find myself in my sister's car on the side of the highway and I see some of my friends driving by, and I know they're headed to Feicko's new gas station. As soon as I saw an opening, I joined the traffic on the highway and it just so happens that my best friend is driving behind me in a similar car, the only difference is the color: I'm driving metallic silver and he's driving black. Not far from where I joined the traffic the road bends to the right and I decided to follow it. But then I saw all of my friends exit the highway on the right just before the curb and I immediately step on the brakes, because I don't want to miss this exit and find another way to get back. So I put the car in reverse, back up and take the exit.

      Now I'm standing next to the guard rail. I can see Feicko's gas station and although it's easy to reach, I stand there wondering how the hell I'm going to get there. Then all of a sudden one of my teachers from elementary school shows up, only to show me that there is a green mini pipe(exactly like in the super mario games) hidden in the guard rail and that the other end is near the gas station. I try to go inside the pipe, but it's just too small and I tell him that. He says that it's not that difficult, you just have dive in it hand first as if you're jumping in a swimming pool. He then proceeds to tell me that the small size sometimes makes it difficult to get to the end of the tunnel and that he once was stuck just before the end. This freaked me out, because the tunnel went underground and if you were to get stuck, no one would find you and you'd die. After this either my memory of the dream or the dream itself ends.

      Too bad I couldn't become lucid this time, despite all the oddities stacking up in front of my eyes . Well, next time I'll succeed!
      non-lucid , memorable
    15. Bridges, Bars and Birds 03/15/13

      by , 03-18-2013 at 03:57 AM

      I'm in the back seat of a blue van that belongs to my sister. Instead of a trunk space, the seats are pressed against the end of the vehicle, and there's a dash under the back windshield. She's driving. A child that is supposed to be her son but looks like a combination of my brother's little boy and hers is laying on the dash behind me.
      We're almost ready to leave, parked on curved driveway in front of the rock house we grew up in. The van starts to roll forward.
      "You alright back there, kid?"
      He giggles and joyfully smiles at me. I lightly pinch his cheek and he giggles some more. I smile and turn my attention to my dog, Caspian who is laying across my lap. He twists to expose his belly so I'll pet him. I do.
      I notice, for some reason, his fur is getting increasingly more soft and his ribcage smaller. I look down at him and he's now a kitten with the same coloring. He's a bluetick beagle. The Caspian-kitten yawns and and grabs at my hand with his little paws, claws out. I start to play with one of his claws. My boyfriend walks up beside the van and it stops rolling. My window is down a little. I can't recall what he says to me. I hand him the Caspian-kitten who stretches languorously across my hands. My boyfriend smiles and takes him, Caspian clings to his teal button-up.
      We finally leave the driveway. Something about my nephew's changeable face and the fact that my dog just turned into a cat has given me the choice to become lucid. I'm looking toward the front of the van, and the dream would have me continue doing so. I have a choice. I worry that the dream will distort and fall apart if I take initiative.

      I decide to risk it and am pleased when everything remains normal. In fact it becomes more vivid. The early morning light swells and becomes impossibly sweet and warm against my face. The road we're taking hugs a cliff, it's narrow with no guardrail. We reach a red, arched metal bridge. The curve before the bridge is such that she speeds around the corner and almost hits a blockade made of cars. Everything slows down. I make the van fly over the blockade and hear my sister make a surprised, amazed noise. The van lands hard near the other side of the bridge, and the back wheels skid close to the edge where the beams have broken. I get out feeling awesomely smug and look outside curiously.
      The road is a mess, it's the aftermath of an attack, the men assaulting the road have gathered near my end of the bridge, awaiting orders.
      A thin man in a black suit with long black hair looks surprised to see me. Then he grins. I hear a strange sliding noise and turn to find my sister, nephew, and the van gone. Fear grips me, I notice a tall blonde man dressed in a striped red and black shirt and black slacks climbing down to a rough red-stone ledge that juts out from underneath the bridge. He tosses his jacket down and jumps into the water after my family. Without a second thought, I dive. I feel the wind on my face and the cool water closing around me. Everything is a delicious deep blue, far ahead of me I can see the man reaching my sister at the bottom of the lake. Both her and my nephew sank like stones, and float at the lake floor, he's in front of her, her arm draped over his shoulder down his chest. I see that the man has them, one on either side of him. I wait for him on a rock ledge. As he passes he nods to me, I push hard off the floor and slide my arms around his waist, adding my momentum to his.
      The closer we get to the surface the easier it becomes. I foolishly think it's because I'm still lucid. He beings to break apart, becoming empty clothes. When I break the water, he's just a shirt in my arms. My sister and nephew are gone. Where are there? What happened to them? Are they still at the bottom of the lake? Someone calls to me but I ignore them and dive again. I get to the halfway point and do not see anyone down there. I swim around looking for them.
      For a second I'm worried about not having enough air, then I realize I'm already breathing, cool water along with air, in through my nose.
      Then my boyfriend is there, he tugs on my arm and gestures to the surface. I shake my head, I don't want to go yet. He pulls me along after him anyway. We pass a ledge with treasure on it, a faded mahogany box with a gold circle with a Greek maze design engraved in a gold metal circle, it has one of these circles on each side. I want to see what's inside, but instead I follow him. When we climb out of the water, he tells me he has some idea where we can start to look for them. He makes it sound like they've been abducted.

      I follow him, a little uncertainly, into a bar. This is not the kind of place I would usually go. He doesn't really feel like my boyfriend, more like an acquaintance with his face. The place is narrow and drab, the bar is on the left as I walk in with backless stools bolted to the floor. On the right side are red cushioned benches running the length of the wall, leading up to a door with a frosted glass window. There's a man standing in front of the door.I don't remember seeing any tables.
      "Wait here, I'll be back." He goes to the man and talks quietly with him.
      The dishwasher has made his way out from the back to gather some glasses. He's a little rough looking, scarecrow thin with bright almost hectic blue eyes, missing teeth. His hair is dirty blonde and sticks up straight up from his skull. He's wearing a dark brown apron over a dirty white thermal shirt. He sees me and says something about how a pretty lady shouldn't come alone to a place like this.
      "I'm not alone." I say, giving my boyfriend a significant look.
      "Oh, of course."
      He catches the attention of the waitress. She seems like she's humoring him, he creeps her out a little with his intensity but she knows he's harmless. He starts to tell us a story about a renegade that passed through a few years ago. I wonder absently if he's talking about Liam.
      "The reddest hair I've ever seen, big guy! You know what I said to him, I said--"
      The bartender, a handsome man with a shaved head gets the waitress's attention, effectively interrupting the dishwasher. I can tell from his expression that this happens to him often.
      "Nevermind, no one was listening anyway." he starts to leave. I cut in, partially because I hate to see that happen to people, and partially because I want to hear the end of his story.
      "I was listening!"
      I move over to the row of cushioned benches, backing away but keeping eye contact so he knows I'm still listening. His expression brightens and he smiles, I see he's missing some teeth.
      "What did you say to him?" I prompt.
      "I said, sir, that beard ain't much of a disguise." When he says it he tugs on his own. "Besides, everyone knows who you are, hair like that there cain't be two of ya!" he laughs, amused by his own wit and daring, questioning a dangerous rebel.
      I laugh with him, but not really because I think it's funny. He moves off into the back, waving goodbye to me. I setting back on the bench. After a minute, something strange catches the corner of my vision. I look over, to my left is an extremely large man dressed in a black suit. I don't mean to say he's fat. Even sitting down I can tell that he's at least 8 feet tall. His leg extends nearly halfway to the bar. He's the biggest person I've ever seen. Bald, ridiculously muscular, sharp blue eyes with pinpoint pupils in a grizzled face. He's not a particularly attractive man, but his size suddenly appeals to me. He smirks at me like he knows what I'm thinking. I glance away. My boyfriend sits down to my right.
      "Did you find anything out?" I ask anxiously.
      "Not yet, the man I came to see is in a meeting. When the time comes he'll only see me, alone. We just have to wait a little bit."

      The next part looks like an SNES video game, a world map. We're following a trail and gold beads dot the ground in our wake. "Hehe, it looks like Mario." I think. A flashing dot appears in the spot we just left. I refuse to turn my quest into a marrior game. I focus and the avatar gains a little more definition, turning into a 16bit version of me and my boyfriend. The lack of detail annoys me. I focus, willing myself closer to the 'screen'. The dream starts to lose cohesion. My boyfriend has led me to a cliff.
      "Where are we even going? How will this help me find my sister?"
      "....these look a bit heavy to carry." he replies and points behind me. There are four chest-height empty boxes, they almost look like giant square mugs, tied together at the handle with a hot air balloon or parachute. They have angry bird face on them.
      "We just have a little further to go." he says.
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