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    1. Dream - A Wasted Evening & Multi-storey Target

      by , 04-29-2017 at 10:57 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 29 APR

      Dream No. 103 - Seperate Sections

      Dream No. 103 A – A Wasted Evening

      It was on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School, a random singing teacher approached me and asked if my singing lesson could be moved to 4:30 PM. I asked this random boy when the graduation dinner was going to be but he stayed quiet and did not answer. So then the singing teacher took me into her music room to have the lesson but we did absolutely nothing! She was talking about some absolute garble that my memory can't even make sense of... I did remember it made sense in the dream though. And so the entire hour was wasted with no singing being done at all... She said we would be singing next lesson. So then when I was back on the school grounds, I found out that I had missed the dinner. I had a thought the boy didn't answer because he didn't want me to be there.

      Dream No. 103 B – Multi-storey Target

      I can't remember much of this dream at all. The only things that I can remember is that the Target store was 10 floors and was doing something with my mum and brother. I'd also get really scared and have a feeling of the heebie-jeebies whenever I would catch sight of the two giant lifts nearby.
    2. How to WILD, by DC (semi-lucid)

      by , 10-16-2016 at 10:44 AM
      Legend: non-lucid lucid lucid false awakening

      I am in an amazing world (still non-lucid) and I am dancing with some girl DC. I am having the time of my life. I suddenly realize this is a dream. I am having such a good time, I am considering whether to stabilize or to let it go and continue non-lucid. I decide to try to stabilize. But, too much time has passed and I continue the dream non-lucid. I am in a room with 3 male DCs. One of them starts explaining to me how to return to the dream. He says I should make, before bed, a short description of some object. I should first set up the shape of the object and then gradually adding details. He gives me an example of a church. I first see the shape of the church, then the texture of the walls, then the color of the walls. It is almost like lizard skin, it is dark grey with a lot of random squares and spikes. The DC says if I do that, I will gradually drop in the dream.

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    3. Very good details & much needed sleep

      by , 09-10-2016 at 09:41 PM
      I kept having dreams all night but I didn't record them all because I really needed some sleep. I woke up when Meesha came in to be fed & closed the door so she wouldn't interrupt my sleep. Sorry Meesha Cat, but mommy needs to sleep!

      I dreamed that I was w/ my family most of the night. Not my children, husband, grandchildren, but my core family from when I was young that extended to my grandparents and such. We were in various places. I even found myself lucid but felt a strange pull to not change the dream. I felt like I was supposed to pay attention & learn. We were all in this gorgeous palace. The steps were like a block wide with giant pillars. The details were spectacular! I was really enjoying the details. My family was yet again trying to get me to interact w/ Crazy Daisy, my mom's mom. I was trying to calmly tell them that I do forgive her but I just don't choose to have such a compulsively toxic person in my life. There were a lot of tea settings & bells. Crazy Daisy collects bells & I came across a bunch of them in a store I frequent just a week ago. We went down into a theater in the palace. I went first & walked along the rows of red velvet chairs. When I got to the end off to the side of the stage I was discussing where we should put our stuff before we go back behind the stage. I was told to just put them near one of the folding velvet movie like chairs. I looked out over the auditorium & couldn't figure out what we were all going to do. I went up to the curtain & pulled it back & woke up.

      So I got a lucid but stayed true to myself & just bathed in the realness of it all. The great detail & such. I think we don't do enough of that & it's the foundation of lucid dreaming. Reminding yourself how real the dreamscape is in & of itself. My pull to find meaning was very strong. I don't know if my grandmother will pass soon or what. I also don't know why suddenly she is in a bunch of my dreams. It's odd. Usually dreams like that for me mean death, I'm going to talk to them soon, or I'm going to see them soon. Yes, that is a real gift I have. I also can ask where things are out loud & then find them. My husband loves that particular gift. I text him during the day opposed to saying it out loud some times because it works best when I ask him in particular for some reason. He also thinks I could find the winning lottery numbers somehow, lol. But I don't think it works that way. I have been talking out loud lately to my grand parents that have passed in hopes that they here me & give me a sign. Maybe it was that. I do forgive my grandmother, that is very real. I just don't like the feeling that I have about my family thinking I should talk to her. When they themselves acknowledge that she is a compulsive liar & fake. My parents & my brother are atheists & me & my sisters are not so we have an interesting dynamic. And when I say they are atheists, I mean they try to push that down people's throats on social media & are just as bad as people who do the same w/ religion. Good people yet pushy w/ this subject for some reason. I love them but they would never understand how spiritual I've become & would only mock it like they mock my cousin, who faithfully every day on Facebook is giving her thanks to God for everything. She also used to have an abusive ex like I did so I get it but yet she's still on the extreme side but always positive which is better than being a negative atheist. That's not to bash anyone but to say I don't like people being pushy in a negative way. At least my cousin doesn't push it on anyone. My sisters on the other hand have been in my thoughts. I have been struggling w/ telling them about some of the changes in my life such as lucid dreaming & other things that have been happening spiritually to me for like, forever, lol..... That's probably what this dream was really about. I talk to my family every day via a group text which is continuous. This is due to my parents new found traveling now that they have retired via their RV. They are currently in Canada.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown/OOB
    4. Lucid Lesson: Managing Emotions

      by , 06-16-2015 at 11:59 PM
      It's sunset and I'm with some generated DCs in a white, mid-90s model van. We're all happy and hanging out. One of us, a guy, is driving us into the parking lot of a strip mall. Somewhere in here I become lucid and get outside of the van. Not sure what my intentions are, but I run and get in a car that looks like my car from waking life. I just get in, not intending on driving. I'm planning on getting back out, but I know the van is driving around this way and will park next to me and I worry that they'll park too close so I won't be able to open my door. But, the van pulls around and parks a couple spaces off to my left, facing the other way. The people spill out of the vehicle, gabbing cheerily, and I observe them.

      I start to notice that two of them, a guy and girl with light brown hair, are pretty attractive. I mull this over in my mind, trying to decide whether to initiate anything or not. It would be fun but would damage my lucidity. So, I slowly get out of the car and start walking over to them, still not completely decided. Suddenly, another girl from the group walks in front of me, in between me and the others around the van. She says something in a very loud, whiny voice and this grates on my nerves. I begin to get really angry, then I suddenly realize something. These DCs have been using my emotions to toy with me! I stop and calm myself, then look the DCs right in the eyes. They give me very powerful eye contact and their somewhat amused/excited faces seem to say, "Oohhh she gets it!" I smile back at them.

      I stand there in my awareness, feeling it and thinking, "What should I do?" I go to one of the group members, the brown-haired female, and ask her. She says, "You see that store over there? I want you to imagine what it feels like on a Sunday at Easter, like it is right now. Then I want you to imagine somebody in that store, then go in and talk to them." I say, "Okay," then sit there on the hood of the van, thinking, "Who should I put in the store?" As I think, a few seconds go by and people bustle in and out of the store front. Even a big, bay horse comes out, all on its own with no saddle or anything, though I don't pay much attention to this. Suddenly, LI is standing next to me and I ask him, "Who should I put in that store?" He says excitedly, "Maya Punjar!" and it seems like he really looks up to her. We're now standing very near the entrance to the store, off to the right of it. I stand there thinking, trying to remember who Maya Punjar even is, then some Indian actress pops up in my head and I say, "Ohh! I know who that is." Of course, I don't know of any Maya Punjar in waking life. I consider summoning her, then say, "Well that's not personal enough, what else you thinkin'?" LI replies as he turns and walks inside, but I don't catch what he says.

      I follow him into what now looks like a large house. There is no one else inside and it's kind of dim. He goes into a laundry room and floats up to the top right where the machines for some reason are. I float up next to him and ask him nicely to repeat what he said. He ignores me entirely, going about his business of switching laundry from washer to dryer. I get a little upset and ask him again, even nicer. Still no reply, but I'm determined to keep talking to him.
      Things get a little less lucid here and one of us (can't remember now) starts a conversation about some movie I watched or something. We talk for a minute or two, sitting on some green pleather bench in the laundry room, then I suddenly hear a car horn from outside. This shocks me into "remembering" that C, LU and LN are all waiting for me in a van (maroon this time) outside. I feel instantly bad for "forgetting" and I leap up to go. I tell LI bye as I'm leaving and give him a cock-eyed "eek"/"ohcrap" face.

      I run into the other room, grab my purse and head towards the door. A brown-haired lady cuts me off and it seems like she was coming back in to get me. I preempt her by saying, "I had to take a shit." I don't want everyone to know I was just sitting there talking to LI and forgetting about them. The lady says, "Okay, come on," and gets behind me as I walk towards the front door. I pass through another room, LU and LN's living room, and see them sleeping on the couches on there, close to the door. As I open it to go out, it wakes them and I turn and say bye. They blearily return my farewell and we exchange waves as I go out the door.

      I go to the van which is pulled up at the edge of the yard. There are trees all around and we seem to be in a semi-rural area or an underdeveloped part of town. LU is in the driver's seat, C is in the passenger seat and LN is asleep in the back behind him. I go the passenger door and just try to open it like normal, but my intention is to get into the back seat. C notices this and says, "What're you doin' tryin' to get in one side?" I realize my folly and get in the back seat where Sestma was and is no longer, then I wake up.

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    5. Daniel Tosh and Carrie Underwood

      by , 03-26-2015 at 03:06 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I did a quick WBTB coffee and had a super vivid dream. Even though I didn't get lucid, it was still really fun.

      I am playing some sort of board game that requires you to enter various DOS commands in order to carry out certain actions on an old computer. I am play with an older group that includes my parent and others who are pretty computer illiterate. I decide to somehow convert everything to a Windows platform so that it will be easier for them. I get lost staring at an icon and the screen zooms in, pixelates, then whites out.

      I am ice skating someplace and I notice the ice is getting slushy and melting. Then Carrie Underwood comes along to give me some pointers, but Daniel Tosh replaced my skates with a child's version. Somehow it makes my legs to where I can't striaghten them out. I feel like my movement and skate abilities has been severely reduced. Carrie is trying to get started and I can't find my other skates so I just do the best I can do. The ice rink is now my living room and I see Tosh outside my window just as he places a webcam to the glass and sneaks away. I'm really annoyed, but I let it go for now. I skate around and feel like a child as Carrie lifts me up under my arms and helps me skate. It's embarrassing, but hey, I get to be up close and personal with her. I'm so girl celebrity crazy in my dreams lately. The ice starts melted and we begin skating on hardwood. It's not working too well so we decide to stop. My mother-in-law is standing to the side with arms crossed. She seems upset she didn't get her turn. I take the skates off and go outside to retrieve the webcam. I make a fist at the lens and act mad but I'm just joking. I'm actually a good sport about it and thank him for letting me be on the show. I'm sure it will be super funny whatever he does with it. As I come back in the house, I see the computer I was working on earlier on a cart on the porch. I feel like I am missing something (lucidity!), but I decide I'll think on it later. I see Carrie still waiting around so I go over to talk to her. I wake up.

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    6. Painful rejection

      by , 03-31-2013 at 08:55 AM
      31/3/13 Same conditions as last night -.- I recorded my voice this morning instead of writing it out.

      I started heading to a rec centre/youth club with my friends Emma and Aaron to go a an old friend called Josh. I was dreading it as I had two pieces of paper that contained information about me and Josh that I had typed up (rather similar to a diary entry) on a website.

      Once inside, we all sat down and Josh started saying that I needed to remove the diary entry as he would never ask me out, I had written that we were dating. I was crushed. Aaron took his side speaking to me as if he was my father; telling me off severely.
      Soon after I left in hysterics, felling humiliated (I know even the dream version of me is a drama queen).

      Suddenly, I was on my way to a biology lesson with my friend Charlie and this kid Evan from school. Evan was being loud so this scary teacher came to tell him off whilst me and Charlie ran too our separate lessons. The assistant teacher of this lesson was taking our names and when I told him he spelt my name wrong he answered "Sometimes people get names wrong, even yours" I sat at the desk still feeling sad.

      Recall massively improved from last night, dream signs are emerging.

      Teal = Awareness dream sign
      Purple= Context dream sign

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    7. Initiation

      by , 11-23-2012 at 06:19 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      7:15 a.m. - day dream + MILD

      9:23 am

      {An initiation in Tibetan Buddhism? (no idea what an initiation in Tibetan Buddhism is like, or even if there's one) I was lying face down on the floor/mat. One man stepped on my back to massage me as well. It didn't hurt, and I barely felt anything. There was chanting that I don't understand, and an instruction that I should hold the paper with some characters on my toes. I find it hard to hold on to them, but I persisted. Then I was taught the first character: "Ba". I was shown how the character is written, but one of the guys there is blocking my view, with his legs. I think it was unintentional. I was asked what it means, and I think I know, but I simply forgot. I was chastised, and reminded with clues. It ended with the meaning 'store,' like a place where you buy stuff, but it seems it has also the meaning of 'storing energy.' It was just one character out of a whole set. I think 'te' means hands, like kara-te. But I never got to that point.

      I was in a place where people are racing in toy cars. Supposedly for kids, adults are the ones driving them in a race track.

      I was at home in our hometown. People were talking inside the house. Outside, I noticed some peculiarities. It was barely visible, but I saw the shadows of planets on the sky, and one huge planet in particular. Or maybe it was a black hole. All I know is that there are small black circles and one huge black circle on the sky. I tried taking them on my trusty camera, cursing myself for not charging the battery before. Fortunately, it still works. I captured the photos. The sky looks different. Instead of the usual blue sky and white clouds, it's mostly dark violet, with a ranging yellow and orange sun that looked more like a moving painting, a few points of lights that must be the stars, and the black spheres that must be the shadows of the planets, or probably black holes. And there's the huge one. I'm positive it's a planet, and not the black hole. I showed everyone, but they can't see them. I showed them the pictures, but they said they're tricks of lights or just unclear.

      Some friends and I are playing a computer game. A shooting game with robots and all in first person. We were losing to an opponent who can summon small robotic allies that have low health but are annoying. Together, they can defeat every single one of us. I think my robot was defeated and I watched a friend's robot trying to escape the small black robots. I got so irritated, I brought them out in real life. They were standing on a ledge just under the roof of the mall. I challenged them and threw a basket at them. It almost reached them. I saw the traffic nearby. There's a cop stopping a car for something. I was thinking of grabbing that car and throwing it up. I just walked away.

      I think there was some sort of panic. I am looking at a blonde boy. He received some sort of package, but were told (not sure by who) not to open it. Then everything just went wild, with friends and allies walking around in some sort of middle-age market, along with the people already present. The 'owner' of the town was talking with a guy, both friends of mine (don't know them irl), and the guy asked if there's lotion around. The owner just talked mostly nonsense. He talked so much he didn't notice that guy already went away. He talked about how rude that was, etc. We met with another friend, who owns a caravan, and we talked a bit. S/He looks dressed in maroon, looking very rich. He reminds me of an image of one of the reincarnation of a Hindu deity, except that of the usual blue, he's brown. After a while, we came across the guy looking for a lotion, and he just smiled shyly and walked away. Then the owner met with two of our fiercer friends who enjoy challenges, and who challenges each other quite often. They ran around the market fighting (not sure how), overturning and/or destroying everything in their path. One reminds me of Hercules, not the cartoon one. He has long, dirty-blonde hair, a strong almost-wild face, and muscular body. The other guy was not so clear, but I think he has black hair. Both have incredible strength. At this point, the owner's features are clearer. He has a mustache, with a top hat? His clothing reminds me of Steampunk, and I think he was riding a vehicle that is very much Steampunk.}
    8. A Nice bit of Recall

      by , 12-01-2011 at 06:43 PM
      Dream 1
      I was in my living room and my family was there, the time was early morning. I picked up the sky remote and pressed a directional button, I believe it was up and I saw the info bar it said Old School Cartoon Network. I pressed the info buton and it said something like "Watch Old School Cartoon Network for shows like Ed,Edd & Eddie and Dexter."

      I changed the channel and saw Megan Fox swimming in a nice ocean. She was wearing a black bikini. I was surprised that her voice in the dream sounded the same as her voice in real life.

      Dream 2
      I came home from college for break and saw that my whole family was there even my grandma. I was there with 2 of my friends. I had to move something with my Dad and when I went back to see how much time I had until my next lesson started, I was late.

      It's a bit like an FA.

      Dream 3
      I'm now a white guy in a storage room wearing overalls. I spoke to a guy who wore grey overalls, he went on a bit of a rant of some sort.

      Then a group of teenagers burst in and I fought them. I have no idead what they wanted or why they came but 2 of them ran away and one of them, who looked like Chris Smalling got a Stone Cold Stunner from me. I turned around to see him on the floor motionless.
    9. The flood + Norwegian lesson

      by , 07-23-2011 at 02:24 PM (The journey of JussiKala)
      Dreams were just blurry fragments. Typing as much as I remember
      The flood.

      So I was at my grandparents house. They had just ordered some new exercising gadgets such as a treadmill and such. The delivery men just left them on the yard there. We went and tried out that every one of them was functional. Then went in to eat for a while. But when came back to see the outside, there was a 3m high flood there. I went there swimming to retrieve all the gadgets. Came back with a couple of them at a time. Retrieved them all in the end. I think this might've done something


      Norwegian lesson.

      So I just started a new course, norwegian. So here I was in class and the teacher told us all to get our netbooks up. Everybody else got it easy but mine bugged. The guy gave us a few minutes to achieve a certain goal with this one program. I had difficulties because I couldn't get mine working, but I eventually managed to do it within the last couple of minutes there. I talked to a couple of the other students, who had apparentl ybeen raised to speak swedish, and could speak swedish, finnish, and english. I wondered that they must have it easy with this all because the two languages are very similar. They told me it's still difficult.
    10. Wave 9 and 10 (Québec): The hard way

      by , 08-08-2010 at 06:47 PM (The Meerkat's Lair)
      Nothing to write about Wave 9, except that since I was in another bed that did not count and my dream streak is still at 3 while my record at 4.

      Now wave 10:
      I learned the hard way a lesson this morning: RC EVERY FREAKIN MORNING when you wake up.

      Wake up in the hotel at morning. I look at my watch; 7:50. Crap, my family is still not up. Normally my brother and sister wake up at about 7. Especially at a hotel. Then I lye down and actually think to myself: Should I do an RC? Or not? Yes? No? And finally I go back to sleep thinking like nahh watever.

      Wake up again later. Im like: Ahh what a beautiful morning! Its sunny! Yay! Im happy!

      (looks at watch) And its just six fift.... No. No. NO. NO Its not 6:50! It was 7:50 a minute ago!

      A serie a swearing, mental screaming (sleeping family) and despair ensues.

      Noooooooooooooooooooo. How? HOW? OMFG!

      And so kids, thats why you RC every morning
    11. Strange College

      by , 07-27-2010 at 09:57 AM
      Well this is my first dream journal entry, I'm not going to use names, instead I will use abbreviations for privacy related reasons, so if you see just a letter or two that's someone I know in real life.

      I dreamed that I was back in college (I'm British, so college, not university, I don't really know what the American counterpart is) studying Archaeology, even though I finished college at the beginning of the summer.

      A relatively attractive blonde girl asked my name in my Archaeology class and I awkwardly showed her by pointing to it on a laminated sheet of names on the wall, for some reason I didn't ask hers. Me, E and her were the only people in the class, so we went to an early lunch where me and E saw M leave a room with a big white furry coat.

      I then had an ICT/Computer lesson in a new large room with a new bald male teacher. He was examining a popular music essay of mine and S and J were in my class as well as JF. I talked with J about Macs and PCs but ended up comparing them to rice, or something strange like that.

      We then went for lunch and I looked in my bag and found a lunchbox which I thought I had eaten in a lucid dream but still had food in (note that I haven't actually attained a lucid dream yet so I don't know where that came from). I then went out and saw JF and some of his friends and J and I acted strange and ate rice/cereal bars but got them everywhere. The new teacher sat on a radiator behinds us and I didn't notice him till they mentioned him.

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