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    1. High Tide

      by , 01-27-2018 at 01:08 AM

      Rescue helicopters head out to sea on a mission during a storm. I know that their rotors have more than four blades a piece--even though they are in flight. (Perhaps my consciousness has a high frame rate or a high-speed shutter?) The waves encroach upon the house as the tide comes in. Peering out the open French windows, I worry about tsunamis, as in past dreams.

      Dreams? You mean, like this one? Why, yes, this is a dream, isn't it?


      A wave washes toward the house, almost touching the wall. I ignore my surroundings and try to achieve stability by rubbing my hands together. This is the first time I actually remember to try the technique. I can feel my astral hands rubbing together, but I don't know if it helped me stay asleep. Next I try to spin around, but I can't. Then I awake.

      As I lie awake, the purple afterglow remains a while: This time, instead of origami, it is an image of what looks like a hurricane seen from space, or a spiral galaxy, rotating counter-clockwise. I see individual flakes of purple or fat violet stars swirling lazily around at a period of perhaps ten seconds per rotation—although only about six seconds elapse. I close my eyes tightly and the image persists. The plane of the galaxy is tilted down about thirty degrees from edge-on. It finally fades. I note that the content of the purple window relates generally to the storm in the dream.

      That thumping sound you hear is my patting myself on the back in congratulation for having averaged one LD per week in the past month!

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    2. Lucid Dream - Morning of Dec 8, 2017

      by , 12-10-2017 at 01:48 AM
      This was my first LD since joining DV!

      I was looking out of the front door window of my childhood home (the drapes were pulled back, and the . It was a foggy night or early morning outside. I see my mom leaning up against the van she used to own, talking on her cell phone - the yard was longer than in reality (most spatial areas tend to be skewed and expanded in my dreams). It's also dark in my foyer, so I walk through into the living room. The furniture is a lot more crowded than my real living room, and I'm still psyched out from a previous dream about people hiding in my home, so I scan the dark room for signs of life. All of the sudden, I look at my hands and realize I'm dreaming!

      Everything pops into vivid color. The dense furniture of the living room is gone and the only thing there is a long table close to the kitchen (the room is skewed longways). There's a huge amount of food on the table, so I approach it. I remember to rub my hands together, and the stabilization is amazing! The lights are now dim, but definitely on. I pick up a salt shaker, then a food item (an apple maybe?) remembering this tip, but it doesn't do much to stabilize the dream. While walking, my balance is kind of off (feeling all the sensations of my dream body is still new to me, as I've had plenty of brief moments of lucidity, but maybe 2-3 really vivid ones).

      At this point I'm scared I'm going to lose the dream, so I fall to the ground on my hands and knees, and it helps a lot. I can hear a faint Christmas song coming from the kitchen (where the lights are off). I try to draw a door on the wood floors, and I see a faint white outline there, like when you press down on a computer screen. I wasn't clear with my intentions though, and halfway through drawing it, I get stuck somewhere between visualizing a deep ocean, then a deep ocean with a rock below and above. Because of my loose convictions, the door fails. I stand up and read a Christmas card that my family has taped to the door (or it might just be a decoration - they tend to do this kind of thing come Christmas). I remember what everyone says about text in dreams and read it once (nonse with a few real words in no clear order), then close it and read it again. The text changed! I thought, "Wow, that's neat!". Rather than fading back into a waking state, I feel as if I closed my dream eyes and simply popped into wakefulness.

      As far as the process, I woke up about 5 hours into my sleep and used SSILD (I thought it was unsuccessful after doing it, as I was "too awake" and it took some time to get back to sleep). I'll definitely be doing this technique again! Although it was relatively short (20-30 seconds), it was one of my longest LDs yet! Very exciting stuff.

      I also wrote some other non-lucid dreams in my phone, but I don't have time to transcribe them here right now. I'll try to be better about DJing, but I might have to add all entries for a week on a set day or something as it takes some time for me to write these out. That's it for now!
    3. October 21 2016 Lucid Fragments

      by , 10-23-2016 at 12:46 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I don't really have much to say about this lucid.

      I was walking in this passageway with bushes to the right of me and a hill into forest to the left of me. I realized this was a dream. I started to run and look at my hands becoming lucid. The dream turned into a realistic reality. The dream started to shake. I shouted "ILLUMINATE" and the dream flickered. I shouted it again and the dream stabilized. I decided I wanted to fly. I remember I was thinking about how people can't fly in their dreams if they doubt themselves so I believed I was going to be able to do it and then I started to fly forwards. I flew into the blue sky forwards with the field under me. Eventually I turned around and fly in the other direction. I was so amazed by the view, I thought it was so real. At the end of the lucid I started to float up into space and saw the earth underneath me.

      And then I woke up.
    4. Tasks of the Month: Taste in Mouth/Stretching arms

      by , 05-11-2016 at 10:43 PM
      I completed two Tasks of the Month last night. My lucid moment was tucked in the middle of a bunch of other dreams and I don't remember what exactly lead up to lucidity or how it faded.

      I do remember that I was lucid and wanting to do the Tasks. I thought of the one to taste in my mouth whatever I had eaten last. At first I didn't think I could do this since I didn't remember eating anything in the dream. But I tried anyway. I worked my tongue around in my mouth until I noticed that I had some crackers in my mouth...mostly in my teeth, as if I had just chewed one up and swallowed most of it. It tasted like a butter cracker, and what was left was kind of smooth and slippery.

      Then I decided to do the other task which was to stretch your arms and seeing how far they could reach. I noticed I was on a road or alley. I could see walls on either side of the road. They were about 20 (or more) feet apart. I figured this would work nicely. I started with my right arm I reached out toward the wall. Since I had never tired this before I wasn't sure how easy or hard this would be. I just concentrated in my hand touching the wall. I could see it getting closer until finally I could feel the wall. I pressed my hand against the wall and then held out my left hand. I did the same thing, focusing on my hand touching the other wall. It didn't take long until that hand was pressed up against the wall as well.

      It didn't really feel like I was stretching, but I could see both hands on the walls that were 20 or so feet apart. So I had accomplished the task. It was cool to know that I had the ability to do that.
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      lucid , task of the month
    5. Task of the Month: Sky/Obama

      by , 02-23-2016 at 07:40 PM
      I did a WBTB and had the longest LD I've had in a couple of months.

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in what was supposed to be my bedroom. I had been trying to do a WBTB but had been interrupted. Someone had woken me up and made me come out of my room. I was feeling a little grouchy. I really wanted to be able to go back to sleep so I could have a lucid dream. It had been a while since I had been so busy, and I thought that this morning would be the perfect time. I walked back into my room. My twin bed was in the middle of a very small room. There were two doors to the right of the bed. One of the doors (the one that I had walked through) was a sliding door that was grey in color. The rest of the room was light blue in color. There was another door near the foot of the bed, also on the right side that was a normal door that was painted white.

      I walked around my bed toward the window on the other side of the room. I could see through the sheer curtains that it was already light outside. Quite light. It would be way to late to try to go back to bed now. I felt frustrated.

      I looked down at my right hand. I saw that my ring finger was very short and stubby. It was also fat--more like a thumb than a finger. I wiggled my fingers and saw that it bent more to the side than straight over like the other fingers. What a weird ugly hand I had. Why couldn't I be normal like everybody else?

      Another girl suddenly came into my room. I don't remember who it was, but my dream self seemed to be comfortable with her in my room. I showed her my hand, wanting sympathy. Her response was to hold up her own hand. She had a pinky finger that was almost exactly like my ring finger. It was also super short and fat.


      I know what this means. Duh. Why did that take me so long to recognize that I was dreaming??

      But that doesn't matter. I'm lucid now. I need to do some
      Tasks of the Month. Aaaa....what were they again??? Oh yeah. Look at the sky and hand Obama a baby. And something else, but I can't remember. Well, I'll just start with those two and maybe the others will come to me. Where could I find Obama? No--look at the sky first--that's the easy one. Get that one checked off and then work on the harder one.

      So I ran over to the window again. I pulled back the sheer curtains and saw that the sky was a beautiful dark blue with layers of white clouds on the horizon. It was completely normal. But that was okay, it didn't have to be weird or anything to be counted. Okay, not bad. I had one task down. Now on to another.

      [There is a transition here and a missing piece that I no longer remember.]

      I was in a car with a little girl and her mom. Something had gone on with me and the girl. I think we must have been talking about lucid dreaming. Her mom didn't seem to happy with it. I had been telling the girl to look at the sky so she could do the Task too. The mom didn't want her girl to try to do any "Task". I then made eye contact with the girl and motioned for her to do the "finger through palm" Reality Check for her mom, so her mom would understand that we were lucid dreaming and this was all okay.

      I watched as the girl told her mom to look at her hand. She placed her finger on her palm and slowly pushed it though. The mom's eyes got big as the finger slowly came out the back side. I smiled and shugged my shoulders a little when the mom looked back at me.

      [Another transition and missing time here.]

      I was now flying over a beach. I looked out over the water and could see some very large waves coming in. I saw a crowd standing on the shore. I flew to them and warned them about the waves. I told them that since this was a lucid dream that they all had the power to fly away. I showed them how I was flying and how it was possible. I then grabbed the hands of two young girls and started flying. I didn't wait and see if anyone else flew away too.

      The girls were a bit heavy. I told them that they could help us fly better. I told them to kick their legs like they were swimming. And so they did, and at that point we flew so much faster and higher.

      We flew for a while and I noticed that I was now in a building. I wanted to do something else. I saw a woman below me that I knew was the girls' mother. I landed and let go of the girls and immediately started flying again. I tried to think of something to so. I saw a guy below me. I wondered if I should kiss him. But as soon as I got close he said very firmly, "No--You won't be kissing me!" Wow, that had never happened before. Usually Dream Characters like me to kiss them--or are at least indifferent. Alright then, fine--I don't want to kiss anybody that doesn't want to be kissed. I would find something else to do.

      I flew into another room. There was a younger teenage boy in the room listening to an I-pod. He was too young to kiss. But I realized that his I-pod could give me the opportunity to do another task I had wanted to do. I wanted to listen to a new song from my favorite band Angels and Airwaves--something that they hadn't written yet--something that my mind made up that would sound like them.

      I asked the boy to share his I-pod with me for a few minutes. He was okay with that. The boy's mom was then there by him and asked if I was going to play love songs. I could tell that she would not be happy unless I was playing love songs. I told her that Angels and Airwaves had quite a few songs that could be considered love songs. I then started to sing the song Breathe by them: "Don't you know, that I love you..." See, that was a love song. And then suddenly Daniel was behind me and started to sing the words to "True Love" by them. Yes, thank you Daniel for supporting me.

      We had them convinced. I looked at ithe I-pod and decided that the best thing to do this was to just expect the song to be there and to push play. But like most devices in dreams it was super confusing.

      I couldn't tell how to make it work. I finally got it to play music, but it didn't sound like Angels and Airwaves at all. How disappointing. This would be the third time I had tried this goal and failed. I tired several more times and had no luck. Why was this goal so difficult for me?

      I noticed that we weren't alone in the room anymore. A group of saxophone players had come in to the room. Their jazz band was starting to play music of their own. I tried to ask if they would stop while I tried one more time. But they continued to play.

      Well, I at least got music. Just not the music I had wanted.

      [There is another transition here.]

      I was back a the beach. I knew I needed to get on with the Task of finding Obama so I could hand him a baby. As I flew over the people on the shore I scanned it for our president. But a young beautiful black woman held up her arms and waved me down. I knew she wanted to go flying with me. I flew down and grabbed her arm and together we flew back up into the air. I decided to ask for her help. Sometimes dream characters can be very helpful.

      I told her I was trying to find President Obama. Did she know where I could find him. She said yes, she could help me. She pointed down to the shore. Below us I saw an older black man who was dressed in a dark suit. He stood out from all the others on the beach who were wearing swim suits. He was not Obama but looked to be a security guard of some sort.

      We landed next to him and the girl started talking to him. She obviously knew this man. She told him that I needed to meet Obama so I could complete my Task. He looked at me with a little bit of a skeptical look. But the girl told him that this was my dream. That's why we had been flying. This would be okay. Could he please help me.

      The security guard softened a bit at that point. He told me he wasn't supposed to do this, but he handed me his phone and said I could call the president. I looked at the phone. I had no idea how to use it. I handed it back and asked for help. The man pushed a few buttons and soon the phone was ringing. He handed it back to me.

      "Hello?" President Obama answered. Gulp. What do I say? But I just spit it all out-- I was trying to complete my Task of the Month and I really needed to meet him so I could hand him a baby. He paused and then told me he was in the middle of eating a pizza. I told him I really needed him to do this. Again, he said he was busy--that he had other things to do that were way more important.

      At this point I decided to lie. I told him that this Task was extremely important to do as well. That if he didn't do this something horrible would happen to the world. This was actually a life and death situation.

      He then sounded like he would consider meeting me.

      But at that point I woke up.

      I had two immediate thoughts; I was so disappointed that I hadn't finished that Task. I also had a huge wave of panic as I realized that I had come to the end of an extemely long lucid dram and I wasn't sure I could remember all of it. I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing down key words:

      Room, Hand, Girl


      Car, Girl, Mom, Finger thru Palm


      I finished my list. Phew. I was happy that I had remembered most of what happened apart from a few transitions.

      And then I woke up. For real.

      There was no list. Aaa, I would have to do it again. But I realized that it came pretty easy this time because I had written it all out in my dream. That wasn't the first time I had done this.
    6. Hissing Hands

      by , 01-30-2016 at 07:30 AM
      Morning of January 30, 2016. Saturday.

      This dream mostly involved a focus on “forcing” energy from my hands. Typically, the energies that flow from my hands in dreams where I heal people is a sort of blue lightning. In real life, I had discussed this with other posters on the dream journal website who had the same experiences. It was interesting that directing blue lightning from one’s hands is not that rare a dream event with certain dreamers.

      This dream does not feature the blue lightning but instead has a sort of “hissing” emerging from the palms of my hands. The force seems less automatic than with the blue lightning dreams; that is, I sort of mentally initiate the sound and implication. My wife Zsuzsanna and our children and I are present as we are now. My mother-in-law and Zsuzsanna’s youngest sister are also present. The setting is completely unknown. It seems to be an unfamiliar residence my mother-in-law lives in near a rural area. There seems to be a backstory of her having to move out soon. There are many small items everywhere in her house, including a miniature yellow rubber duck on her kitchen table.

      The situations where I mentally force my hands to “activate” certain inherent energies create a sound that is similar to that of a garden hose. Perhaps this is a play on rainfall due to a very intense period of thunder and lightning in reality here yesterday (which knocked our power out for several hours) - and it is interesting that lightning and rain go together and my blue lightning is replaced by the “sound of rain” (again, in a situation that does not involve healing). I do not seem as confident here as with previous dreams of various forms of energies from my hands and I do not seem to have a specific reason for doing it. Curiously, my mother-in-law and her youngest daughter do not act aggressively and obsessively as they do in real life. The energies that flow upward from the palms of my hands seem like small and long transparent cylinders of very pale silver light, almost like a “raining upwards” effect but no feeling of wetness or impression of water. These scenes take place outside at night (or just before dawn) in a rural park-like area.

      Tags: hands, hissing
    7. The Castle

      by , 12-06-2015 at 12:13 PM
      sometime in 2014

      The Castle

      I woke up in an old castle where i would attend classes that were focused on me finding out what I wanted to do in life. The overall consensus was that I was not happy because I didn't know what I wanted to spend my whole life doing. But I think I began to question whether I really wanted to pick one thing. The monotony of spending the rest of my whole life doing one thing sounded like a hellish existence of repetition. I didn't even want to think about things before doing them at all at that point.

      I liked the idea of free choice and pondering all the options and directions to go so I left the class and went downstairs. I heard the door up stairs open as this other classmate came down trying to get me to go back to class. I resisted and went around back the stairs where i saw these glowing shimmering lights. I went underneath into the shadow cast underside of the staircase and reached for these glowing objects but when I was about to grab them they shot out like streamers all around the room. I turned a corner and the classmate kept following me. I knew he was trying to get me back; at this point it seemed like by force. I was getting bad vibes, like the whole thing was controlled and I was in a prison like loony bin where the caretakers where to ones who had actually lost their minds. I ran into a dead end, turned around and the classmate was blocking the way saying I had to go back to class. I told him I had free choice and ran passed him toward the glass doors to the outside. I started to pick the lock looking out through the frosted glass into the green hue overtones of the outdoors, but gave this up and smashed the glass with my fist to save time being that I was being chased at this point.

      I ran out across the grass and took an immediate left around the building where people were playing football as my classmate and a few others are chasing me yelling to catch me. The players are alerted and join the chase. I pick up speed and jump a fence into a hedge-maze where I take a few rights and a few lefts until i lose them. Then I realize that I'm lost myself and this feeling of being trapped for eternity sweeps in as I slowly loose consciousness...

      I wake up in a bed in a small stuffy room with my mother sitting above me reading off a list of the symptoms that I have like "paranoia, anxiety, depression, deranged thoughts, loss of will, short-term memory loss" She's trying to help but it made me feel like the very act of a assuming these problems projected them on me. I felt like I was being diagnosed to the point that the diagnosis was creating the very symptoms they were focused on treating. The forced help mentality of projected mental health issues was what was in-sighting my paranoia that thereby drove me to jump straight out of the bed and run downstairs, back out through the glass door I had broke. I ran straight this time across into a huge field of old recycled cans. I was literally wading through aluminum cans where my feet wouldn't even touch the ground any more. The cans formed a hill and as I waded on the light became visible as I could see that the cans were piled against a wall. On top of the wall I looked out across a bay with a lighthouse in the distance. I jumped down onto the beach and sat in the lotus position looking at the waves. It was at this point that my body felt weird like I was electrically charged and I knew I was dreaming. I looked at my hands and they started to melt like I was on mushrooms, the overexposed high detail of my finger prints shifting and changing sizes. I looked up and my friend Sarah was here and she wanted to go swimming. I wanted to fly so I began to float upwards over the water as she swam. As I looked down I slowly began to sink further and further down into the water where I sank and woke up in real life to my fellow dreaming black cat Phantom sleeping on my chest.

      This is just one of my lucid dreams that I've had that involves my main reoccurring dream-signs:

      Getting Lost (Normally underground in tunnels)
      Flying/ Falling (enjoy both when falling I like to land on my feet)
      Being swept away by water beyond my control
      A castle
    8. November 22nd 2015 TOTM

      by , 11-22-2015 at 07:24 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Basic Task ii - Ask a DC to tell you a joke (Rodrodrod)

      Other things occurred earlier in the dream, but the first thing I remember was a character in tall snowy mountains. He kept walking around and yelling "wooliath" or something like that. The dream follows him up some steep slope in between jagged mountains to the very top. Then, I'm in the dream with my friend Terry. We speak about some random thing and then I'm looking over the cliff. Suddenly, I accidentally fall forwards off the mountain. My mind questions how far up I am and how far I have to fall. The first thought that pops in my mind is that I'm so high it's like I'm skydiving. Sure enough, I fall through some clouds and beneath me I see the earth. I'm miles in the air. This actually puts me to some excitement but I fear that when I hit the ground it might seem all too real and it will hurt. Anyways, my view is of a lot of water and some land masses on the edges. I'm falling closer and closer to earth when I realize that this is a dream. When I realized it, I just decided I could float up right as I got close to earth. Before I hit the ground, my momentum shifts and I'm flying upwards now. I look at my hands and decide to do some reality checks. First, I rub my hands together to feel some friction. Then, I do some math. "2+2 is four. 3x3 is 9." Okay, I'm solidified now. A thought comes up, "okay now what I do want to do?" At first I was going to just explore the dream but then I remembered the TOTM and decided I go onto the ground and look for someone to ask to tell me a joke. So, I fly towards the ground through the clouds until I see a bridge over water. I fly down and land under it now standing in shallow water under the bridge. I look over and see two people against a wall. I do not know who the person is on the left, but on the right is my friend JP. A smile lights up my face and also his as I walk over to him. I say hello and then ask him to tell me a joke. He refuses and says that it will disgrace his family and also the university that we go to. I lose interest in his story and turn around. My left eye starts to close so I try to look at my hands and rub them together but the dream collapses.

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    9. Long LD: Wall Portal/Re-Entering Dream

      by , 06-08-2015 at 03:15 PM

      I had a fairly long lucid dream last night. Unfortunately, it was earlier on in the night. I thought I had gotten up and written it down. But now I see that I had only done that in a dream. So a lot of the details are fading from the dream. But I will share what I remember.

      I was in the middle of a long complex dream. I was in an apartment in a tall building. In the part that I remember the bad guy was coming after me with a needle and was trying to drug me. I somehow ran away and out onto a balcony many stories high. I climbed over the rail and swung myself under the balcony to hide. but I realized that he would most likely look for me here. So I jumped down to the balcony below me and dropped over the edge of that one too. I started making my way down towards ground level.

      Somewhere in here I realized that what I was doing would probably terrify me in real life. I must be dreaming.

      I took off flying. I remembered a conversation I had where I was telling someone how real flying felt in dreams. So as I flew I really paid attention to all the sensations that went along with flying. With anything in dreams, the more you look for the details, the more you will find them. So I noticed the wind in my hair. I especially noticed how my stomach lurched when I swooped down very fast.

      I ended up flying into another building. I saw a Japanese lady standing next to a table. There were beautiful plants on the table and part of the table was like a tank with about 6 inches of water in in. For some reason I really wanted to stick my head in the water and breathe the water in, since I knew I could do that in dreams. So I did. I couldn't get my whole head under water, but all of my face was covered. I took a breath and took the water in. Afterwards I pulled my head out and noticed my mouth was still full of water. So I gargled the water. My lucid self thought that was quite interesting. I had never gargled in a dream. I guess that's something we all need to experience.

      I then wanted to do some sort of task. I hadn't prepped myself the night before. I didn't have a clear plan of what I wanted to do. I had too many things on my list. The first thing that popped into my head was to do the Dreamviews' Task of the Month, which I thought was to run at a wall and transport to another place--similar to Harry Potter's platform 9 3/4. (In retrospect, this was not a current Task of the Month. It had been quite a while ago. I haven't even looked up this month's Tasks because I have been out of town and busy).

      I saw in front of me a wall that looked like it was made of rock. I was still inside of the building so I knew it was fake rock. It almost looked like fabric. But I figured it would work as well as anything else. I ran and pushed myself through the wall. I was a little surprised at how easy it was. (I had a long streak of dreams where I would try to use my mirror portal and would keep hitting the mirror and bouncing off.)

      As I came out the other side of the wall portal I saw that I was in a very large dark room. All the walls in this room seemed to be made of fabric. They had scenes of mountains painted on.

      At this point I suddenly felt myself wake up. I felt a little discouraged, but I decided that I was going back to the dream. I concentrated and pictured the room. Slowly it started appearing around me again. I felt quite satisfied with myself for getting back. This is a skill that I have been working on lately and having some success with.

      To keep myself in the dream I rubbed my hands together (a good trick for dream stabilization). I also lifted my shirt and rubbed my hands on my stomach. I wanted to make sure my dream body was very solid.

      I can't really remember what happened next. I know I did some more things and then woke up again. I was able to get myself back in the dream a second time. I did a few more things, but those things have faded since I didn't write them down. I don't think they were big tasks, just little things like flying and noticing things.
      Maybe something will come to me later today.

      But anyway, even though this wasn't a spectacular LD, I felt good about it. I have been getting lucid more easily again after my long dry spell. And I am also getting better at bringing myself back to the dream if I lose it too soon. That's a great skill to figure out.
    10. The creepy house

      by , 03-10-2015 at 10:16 PM
      Backlog: 5 March

      Average wakefulness, I do my best to fall asleep. I get some very strong and bright visuals with a fast transition into the same room. It gives the inital impression of seeing through closed eyes. I examine my hands for a while, then get up and go to the other room. The dream ends.

      I wake up, then have a couple more wildlets I can't recall.

      A more coherent scene, now it looks like the dream leaves me somewhere outside on an unknown road. I pass by a small gingko tree and end up in a forest area where I address the dream and express my happiness about being here.

      My mental clarity improves and I recall the task I wanted to do today - walk in a house and describe what's happening. There is a lonely tall house in the midst of all the trees and I head in its direction. It has no windows just a single old door that I try to open but cannot figure the direction. It's supposed to be pushed but there is resistance, so I decide to pull instead. It doesn't work because it is stuck. I think about our recent conversation with bemistaken how she would phase through the door, but I don't want a drastic scene change at the moment. I hold tightly the door and pull it. It looks like a door, but at the same time now also looks and peels like a large piece of wallpaper.

      And surprise, surprise it reveals just another door. Ah, the typical dream bug! I briefly wonder about the feedback loop causing this and try again. I peel another door to reveal yet another door behind it. Oh, come on! I am not thinking so much about this. Got to concentrate on expecting what is behind the door, yes, it is opening to show the inside of the house. I punch a hole in the now somewhat solid door and pull/peel it to finally reveal the entrace. Yay! No more doors! I get inside. To my disappointment, it's an unpleasant looking place. A completely empty place with creepy stairs going down to the basement and up to the next floor. I start going up the stairs when the scenario worsens and see a kid rush towards the only small window in the place. It appears to be running away from something and I don't want to find out what that is. I decide this is enough for basic and head towards the window.
      I soon wake up.

      I deild (3 more scene changes), having some fun after running out of tasks to do.
    11. #69 - very short LD

      by , 02-28-2015 at 09:18 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream - Very short LD
      I'm walking on the pavement towards a dairy (quite a famous dairy where I live called Rob Roy) in the town I'm currently staying in, I decide that I should look at my hands and as I do this I realize I had done this pretty recently (for like 5 minutes before going to bed) and simultaneously just became lucid. I stop in the street kind of noting where I am and instantly try to shout 'clarity', but my voice is quiet and the dream isn't stable. I wake up, I lie in my bed and go back to sleep straight away, this time I decide not to open my eyes and try to 'hear' the dream world. I can hear the wind, and I know that I should hear the cars but there aren't any... I open my eyes but I don't enter the dream world, instead I'm just lying in bed awake >_<.

      The whole thing was extremely short, must have been about 10 seconds and it's the only dream I can remember from last night. It's also the first time I've looked at my hands before going to bed, while I did couple this both WBTB and SSILD I think it aided in getting me lucid.
    12. Advice in a sanatorium

      by , 09-19-2014 at 06:48 PM
      I've spent the past few scenes in this huge house, and I'm currently walking through a door that I expect to take me back to a place I'd been in earlier in the dream - there's a character I'd intended to meet up with again. Instead, I find myself in a room I think of as resembling a sanatorium - there are long rows of beds on each side of the room, with a few curtains here and there for privacy. On each bed there's a woman in a hospital gown, writhing like she's in a bad demon possession horror flick.

      I go lucid and try to remember if there are any lucid tasks I'd wanted to perform of the ask-a-DC variety - no, there aren't any. But I believe dialogue is the only lucid trick I can do right now. So I ask something of the various women and get short, boring answers - I don't remember what I asked or what those boring answers were. The last one I asked gave me a longer answer involving a reference to an earthworm - I noted her response as nonsensical but phrased poetically, which I thought of as a step up from the straightforward and boring responses from the others. I'm now mentally comparing them less to demon possession horror flicks and more to Greek spirits - Furies or such.

      Towards the end of the row of hospital beds, there's a woman who's much older than the others. She objects to me - calls my behavior intrusive. She takes my hand in hers, saying this will help her see me - representing that this should be a two-way conversation, rather than just me one-sidedly questioning them. Closing her eyes for a moment, she asks what's blocking me. My first instinct is that she's referring to meditation, mysticism, that sort of thing. But since she didn't say so specifically, I go with a safe response: I talk about general life concerns. She cuts me off and clarifies that she was indeed asking about meditation and mysticism and such. I, sounding annoyed, say I was getting to that - which is a lie.

      But we continued talking about general life concerns anyway - specifically career things. Everything we said on the subject sounded sensible (even after I woke up), and she pointed out a good solution that I disliked - I thought it sounded like more effort than it was worth. She quite reasonably laughed at me for that - for wanting a perfect solution to just come along without any effort.
    13. One very strange morning

      by , 06-04-2014 at 01:34 PM
      (Ahhh, so this is my first fully-aware lucid dream and I am so excited!

      I'd been trying to WILD that night with no previous sleeping just to see if it would work. I also very briefly looked at the DILD technique (like literally around 5 minutes). Either way, neither worked and I woke up in the morning completely dreamless. Either way, considering that I had got some sleep prior now I half heartedly tried WILDing again. It did not work again, however...)

      ... I can't remember anything about my dream before this point but the first thing I remember was checking my left hand and realising I had 8 fingers*. I started to become lucid but this world seemed so real! I was laying in my bed at my Dad's house and it all looked so... in place*. I checked a couple more times and sure enough, although the numbers kept changing, my hands kept sprouting extra fingers!

      Not sure what to do, I tried turning on the light and sure enough, the switch did not work. It was at this point that my Dad began to speak. I was sure he said something about me waking up, which made sense since I was in my bed and it did seem to be morning. Either way, I opened my door and there he was. I said hi to him and my step-mum, taking note of the fact that there was an extra door in the hallway*. Up to this point, I had been considering shouting something out loud to the world in order to attempt to change it in some way however I didn't since I was worried this might not really be a dream and also, if it was, that my dream-dad might do something weird if he heard me. I told him I was going to go in the shower, hoping I could speak whilst drowning out the noise then, but he told me to stay put for a little while.

      Going back into my room, I decided to take a look at one of the books on the shelf. I picked Harry Potter in the end. Opening it, I can't remember what the words on the pages actually said, however there were poems, at the bottom of the pages, written by the author to her dad. The letters d and q were highlighted in a bold, bright orange colour on each page as well. I also noticed that it looked like someone had drawn on the pages, writing their own poems on the pages as well*. Scrolling back through the book, the highlighted letters were no longer highlighted. I was also aware that, downstairs, my dad seemed to be letting someone into the house.

      Either way, after checking my hands a couple more times, still a bit in disbelief, I covered my mouth in my hands and shouted into them the first thing that came to mind - "Take me to the beach!". When I opened my eyes, I was still in the room but gravity seemed to have flipped 90 degrees, with the floor in front of me and with me standing on the wall. I tried again and everything went black. It was at this point that a little bar at the bottom of my vision appeared, kind of like the progress bar on a YouTube video. Wanting to try again I rewound a little way backwards before closing my eyes and promptly waking up.

      (Dream Notes!

      * - It was only after waking up that I realised I had been looking for 6 fingers as a sign of real life, as oppose to 5. Turns out I apparently can't count in dreams >.>

      * - There were, looking back, actually quite a few things wrong with this scenario. First of all, in real life, I had fallen asleep at my Mum's house, not my Dad's. Second of all, my bed at my Dad's has been moved to the other side of the room, but in the dream it was still in the old position.

      * - I wonder what would've happened if I'd gone into this "extra" room? Maybe I would have seen something dark and secret?? :O

      * - I can't actually remember what the other writing said although I remember there being arrows pointed to the poems, like someone was trying to add something onto the end of them?

    14. Lucid Dream: Making Out and Flying though Solid Objects

      by , 05-28-2014 at 11:19 PM
      I just realized how long it has been since I have written down any dreams. What a shame since I have had some decent ones in the last few months. My lucids have been few. But I have had enough to know that I'm still a "lucid Dreamer". If I put more thought into it I could increase my numbers significantly.

      My last LD was a few weeks ago while I was on my backpacking trip in Coyote Gulch. I always like to have LDs when I am in cool places. It makes the experience more memorable.

      So I will share it now.

      Lucid Dream:

      The start is fuzzy. I do remember something occurring that made me question reality and I started to fly. I was pretty happy because it had been a while since I had had an LD. I remember just trying to get the most of my flying by trying to feel the wind and movement. I remember the dream starting to fade so I rubbed my arms with my hands and then hugged and rubbed my body with my arms.

      I remember seeing this guy and wanting to make out with him. I remember sitting on a couch with him. I know he knew I wanted to make out, but he was looking back and forth between me and his girlfriend that was sitting next to him on the other side like he was trying to decide what to do. I told him, "If it makes you feel better, I'm not real." And then I added, "For that matter she isn't real either." But as is typical of most of my dreams, I thought he was real. I told him when he woke up and his "girlfriend" and I were gone, he would be glad he made out with me in this dream.

      I don't remember much about what happened after that. I think we ended up kissing a little. But nothing too memorable.

      Then I was flying again. I seemed to be inside this large old building, like a cathedral. I was near the top. I saw this pane of glass. As I got closer I was that this window had two panes. I suddenly had the desire to attempt to fly through them. In every LD I try to do something that I either haven't done before or something that is a little difficult for me. This way I feel like I am growing in my lucid dreaming skills. I have had trouble in the past flying through solid objects.

      So I flew at the window and started pushing myself through. I went slowly and there was some resistance, but I was going through--which made me feel successful and happy.

      Unfortunately that is that last thing I remember doing. At some point I woke up.
    15. Competition Thread #17 night 5 & 6

      by , 03-13-2014 at 01:41 PM
      Tuesday night: 1 fragment= .5
      Wednesday night: 1 dream = 1 pt.
      1 fragment = .5
      successful WBTB = 3 pts.
      Lucid= 5 pts.
      successful RC = 1
      Successful stabilize= 2pts.
      hand through a solid object = 4 pts
      move completely through solid object= 8 pts.
      Total for tuesday and wednesday = 25 pts

      Lucid on Wednesday:
      I went to bed at 9 p.m. I woke up at 2 a.m. and fell back asleep at 4:30 a.m.
      I am at a "school" which is in appearance my grandfather's house. It is fulll of people. Looking out a window,I see some threatening people approaching. I sneak out the back door and lie down in the gravel driveway, playing dead. My brother appears and tells me that we need to help the people in the school. We enter a house that is alongside the driveway, looking for something to use to defend the people in the other building. I climb a flight of stairs (the interior of this house appears like a barn). There are throwing darts (from the game) stuck in the steps. I pick them out as I climb the steps. At the top of the steps I see someone who looks as I did when I was about 12, doing something on a strange looking computer. There is something weird about the perspective. Thinking about this, I realize I am dreaming. Lucid, I state "I am dreaming" i Look at my hand to RC, it is very distorted. I have one thick central finger with little crumpled fingers growing out from each side. I rub my hands together to stabilize the dream. It feels like I am rubbing my hand on sandpaper. I feel "heat" from the "friction". I look around and the scene has changed. I am in a bedroom. One wall has blue wallpaper with white dots on it. The other walls are painted light yellow. There is a window. I remember my goal to push my hand through a solid object. I push both hands through the glass in the window pane. They pass cleanly through. I decide to crawl through the window. I bend down and push my head, shoulders, and torso through the pane of glass. When my head enters everything turns grey and indistinct. After passing through the window I am in bed. It is the guest room at my grandmother's house. I think I have woken up. I do a quick RC, looking at both hands. They are tiny, like a dolls hands on the end of my normal arms. I am still dreaming. I try to get up from the bed, but the covers are really heavy and moving is difficult. I wake up in my own bed.
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