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    1. Superstition is for the Birds

      by , 12-07-2017 at 02:17 PM
      Morning December 7, 2017. Thursday.

      With water induction, I find myself walking over a walkway made up of boards of various lengths. It is also implied to be a road (or low-set bridge) for cars (though only one passes from the opposite direction at times to where I move out of the way a short distance), over water (either the ocean or a large lake), though I remain unsure of the location. Walking with me to my immediate left is an unknown male in his late twenties. He reminds me of an otherwise younger John Leguizamo (though I seem to be much younger as well).

      “Be careful, it’s a pigeon,” he tells me. A mostly black pigeon walks across the walkway, perpendicular to us, and from my left to my right. John’s spoken statement causes me to become a bit more aware, but I do not understand the relevance.

      Looking at him, his face seems to remain frozen, with an annoying grin. “Is it now?” I say, but he does not respond.

      I am trying to grasp the situation when I realize that it has something to do with “not letting a pigeon cross your path”, though this is otherwise distorted from the nonsensical “black cat” superstition.

      Looking at him again, his face is in a different annoying expression, also somewhat like a grin.

      I decide to “not let the pigeon cross my path” by turning right and following the pigeon, as it had apparently stopped and is walking slowly. Still, this will lead me off the side of the walkway if I continue. Instead, I find myself walking on my bed. There is a strange falling sensation as if my body was not fully perceived. I am concerned that I fell atop Zsuzsanna, but this is only a false awakening.

      Decoding template follows:

      • Dream type and explanation: This dream uses “return flight waking symbolism”, which is created when the physicality of the conscious self identity is ambiguously perceived prior to the RAS (reticular activating system) neural gating that regulates the sleep-wake transition. Consequently, the dream self identity subliminally anticipates falling, rising, sustained flight, or other illusory movement based on the misperception of the vestibular system’s equilibrium dynamics.
      • Dream state induction type: Water (most common, at least once per sleeping period).
      • Dream state indicators: The bed (in the false awakening).
      • Liminal space symbol: The walkway over the water and the false awakening setting.
      • Preconscious factor: John Leguizamo.
      • Liminal space cessation trigger: Contemplating illusory nonsense while in the dream state itself (yet not realizing it).
      • Flight symbol to dream exit point (symbolic waking transition): The pigeon as “returning” me to my bed, symbolized in my dream by the false awakening. (Typically, the preconscious points out this dream feature as such, which here, I become annoyed at, probably out of liminal dream state awareness in not wanting to wake yet.)
      • Liminal dream control seems to be a partial element, evidenced by my “freezing” (and sustaining) of the preconscious and implementing my own focus of choice, even though it otherwise manifests my false awakening into the offset dream.
      • “And they try to pigeon hole in you in hollywouldnt but dont u let them!” - John Leguizamo.

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    2. 10th July 2013 Fragments

      by , 07-10-2013 at 12:00 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      There was some talk and then i was looking in window and there was pigeon going inside other pigeon somehow and they transformed into some bigger abomination of pigeon.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      There was something about small red dragon.

      Dream 3(fragment):
      It's fragment from probably yesterday, recalled it only after nap.

      I was in bathroom and toilet was clogged up with some magazines apparently.
    3. 27th Apr 2013 Pigeon, Problems with speakers, Mini lucid moment

      by , 04-27-2013 at 08:58 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was in my bed and i was outside and i was looking at some random pigeon.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was in my room and i was having some problem with cables and speakers, location of everything on the table was messed up, like one of the speakers was hanging on the lamp somehow(i don't even use speakers IWL), but i thought it was normal. After a while there was weird sound coming out of somewhere. I checked the speakers but sound was getting weaker. I decided to check the lamp, and sound apparently was there. I suddenly remember that this sound is very familiar, and sounds like binaural beats, but i don't have headphones on, which means i am dreaming. Dream fades out though before i can do much and i wake up.

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      dream fragment , lucid , non-lucid
    4. 16th April 2012

      by , 04-17-2012 at 11:27 PM
      Last nights dreams

      Dream 1

      I am lying in bed and don't realise this is a false awakening ((doh!!)) I am holding a baby frog in my left hand....I think "I'd better put this in its cage or I'll squash it when I drop off to sleep" I'm now confused and think "why am I holding a baby frog, it should be a baby pigeon ((I'm hand rearing a baby pigeon at the minute)). I now hear someone shout "mom" but it doesn't sound right so I think "ahhh...it's just hypnogognia" I now hear a young boy say "mom" I open my eyes again and see a young boy on the bed beside me, I say "what?" he says "can you top my phone up for me?" I say "you haven't got a phone" and wonder what he's on about. ((shame I didn't realise I haven't got a son lmao))

      Dream 2

      I am in bed in my room again ((another false awakening)) and a friend of mine is in my room with me, she says "it's good that you gave P £2 for chips" (( lol I gave my daughter P two pound for chips yesterday))

      Dream 3

      I'm in an arcade place ((like the ones on holiday or at a fairground)) there are lads of machines, some you win money and others you win knickers I wasn't winning on the money machines so I go and have a look at the machines where you win knickers. There are some knickers loose in the bottom of the machine so I take out a pretty Lacey pair and my daughter L who is with me says "ohhh there nice, win them for me" so what I had to do was swipe the barcode of the knickers across the thing on the machine and it would tell me if I had won or not, but again I never won. I am now getting angry with these machines and I'm trying to figure out why everyone else could win on the machines but I couldn't
    5. 12th April 2012

      by , 04-14-2012 at 12:30 AM
      Dream 1

      There is a fete. Myself, my girls and my Dad went. It is now time for us to leave so we all have a walk back to my house. On the way home my Dad stumbles because he is drunk and his lower leg comes off! I see that it is a prosthetic limb which I didn't know he had, anyway I laugh as I pick it up and say to my Dad "do you want this?" he also laughs and says "yes just stick it back on" so I do.
      We are now home, I'm getting changed and my Dad walks in on me..he then quickly walks back out and shuts the door and he pretends that didn't just happen. I now go into another room and there is a plastic carrier bag on top of the dresser. I look inside the bag and take out 3 bars of chocolate..they are all sticky and melted, I take out 3 other things but can't remember what. I place all the stuff on the side and go downstairs. My Dad is in the kitchen, I go in to him and he sits down at the table and says "your Mom sent the bag of stuff for you" I think to myself "I bet some of that stuff is for my Brother and Sister but screw them!" ((lol))
      The kids are all playing in the garden and my Dad is still pissed up and then I wake up.

      Dream 2

      I'm in high school, I look in my bag for my time-table to see if I'm in the right class but I realise that I haven't got one. I look at the people in my class and think "I don't recognise these lot". There are 2 other classes next to this one so I peek inside them both but I don't feel like I shoul be in either of these other 2 so I go inside the class that I was first at and decide this one must be the right one.
      I have my baby pigeon with me because she hasn't been very well. I have a female teacher and this teacher loves my pigeon, the teacher calls out to one of the pupils and says "ring ((whoever)) and tell her she's ok now!" she then starts cuddling my baby pigeon. I say to the teacher "she's really loving" and the teacher replies "they are very loving birds". The teacher now shows me her necklace, it's made out of her dead pigeons beak and has a red diamond at the top of it, there are also what looked like 2 small teeth on the necklace aswell which hung either side of the beak.
    6. 16th December 2011

      by , 02-10-2012 at 02:58 AM
      Last Nights Dreams
      Dream 1

      A woman has brought me an adult Pigeon to look after and I am taking really good care of it. I take it out of the cage to give it a fuss, I stroke it and put it under my chin to snuggle, the Pigeon loved it!. I sit in bed with it (( the bedroom is different to my real life one )) I have the Pigeon on my finger by my left shoulder, after a few minutes it grips onto my finger really hard but something was wrong...my hand was slightly twisted so I knew it wasn't right, it got really heavy and was weighing me down, I try to get the Pigeon off my finger but I can't. I eventually manage to lift myself upright and I realise that the Pigeon is now under the duvet (( I found this odd because a moment ago she was on my finger )). After a struggle I manage to get the duvet off the Pigeon. The Pigeon suddenly goes all stiff and I say " ohh god, she's dying!" ((I also find this odd because she was fine a minute ago)) I now manage to get the Pigeon off my finger and hold her, I say "come on, please come on" but she died. I am now holding a Pigeon with a baby girls head on it the head was bigger than the body and slightly swollen, the face was also a little deformed and twisted. I now put her on the floor because she's stopped moving but then I see her twitch and she yells at me "Angela!...how can you leave me like this!!!" I quickly pick her up and hold her cheeks, I then say "please baby come on, come on!" I'm trying so hard to keep her alive but her eyes begin to roll and she pulls a face, suddenly she has a Pigeons head again and she let's out a painfully squeal with her beak...she is now still and dead.
      Her beak is now all twisted, I go over to my Hubby who is lying in bed and I say "she's gone!" my hubby then says "shhhhh" and I see my Uncle A behind me. I giver her to my Uncle A and she is now a tiny baby girl. My Uncle A holds it in his hands and my Hubby says "just chuck it up the garden!" I am shocked by this and then wake up.

      Dream 2

      Myself, my Hubby and some other people are in a room, some bloke is having a go at my Hubby. This bloke comes over and hits my Hubby...my Hubby doubles over clutching his nose in his hands. My hubby now lifts himself up and says something to the bloke that hit him and my Hubby gets really angry, he really scared me aswell. My hubby suddenly launches at this bloke and lands a right good punch into his face...the bloke goes flying across the room and lands on his back on the floor. After a while the bloke gets up and all the left side of his head is smashed in from where my hubby punched him. The bloke now hurries off and I'm really proud of my Hubby then I wake up.
    7. 9th December 2011

      by , 02-10-2012 at 01:41 AM
      Last nights dreams
      Dream 1

      I am outside with my Pigeon, I put her on the grass to see if she can fly yet but she runs off a little, I try to catch her but before I do her wing falls off , I pick her and her wing up and fix her back together. I now let her go again and she wonders around the grass, I'm still worrying about her wing and then her head falls off lol. I quickly go over to her, her body is just lying there and her head has rolled a little away from her body. I pick up her body and place it on my lap and now I pick up her head. I look at her head and then look at her neck area, her neck area has got like a plastic maze thing in it which has a little ball in it, a bit like the ball mazes you get on the top of kids bubbles, there is also a small catch that fits onto her neck that I need to attach the head to. I put her head back on and hear it click into place and she is now all better
      Dream 2

      I am in a house and there are a few people in here too, there are 2 main people, a man & a woman. I think the man was my partner in my dream. Anyway... I'm trying to light my fag when my lighter suddenly bursts into flames, I'm holding it in my hand and see all the flames but it's not burning me and for a minute I find this weird and wonder why the flame's aren't burning me. I throw the lighter and ask " does anyone have a light?" I get one from someone but it doesn't work so I throw it. The main man and me are now having an argument, I'm accusing him of having an affair with this woman, he denies it and packs his bags. The woman starts packing her bags as well and I say " see, I knew you two were having an affair with each other!" he shouts and then they both get into the car, wave then they leave.
    8. 7th December 2011

      by , 02-10-2012 at 12:19 AM
      There is something wrong with the Pigeon and I have to help her. People are trying to get me to help but I don't want to because I'm scared (( I wouldn't have been scared in real life)) no one else will help her though, they have to do something to me to get me to help the Pigeon but I can't remember what. I'm lying in bed and get up, I still have my pyjamas on and now decide to help
      Tags: bed., bedroom, pigeon
    9. 10th August 2011

      by , 08-12-2011 at 12:31 AM
      I am playing a game of dice again ((I only had a dream like this a few nights ago)) Now I am observing and no longer playing. I am watching to see who the winner is and whoever wins can go by the pigeon!

      I keep having fragment from nights when I cant remember my dreams, they pop into my head and then out they go again, it's so bloody annoying but I'm trying hard to remember as much and as many as I can
      Tags: dice, game, pigeon, winner
    10. 19 Dec: Saving the world with a mage

      by , 12-22-2010 at 07:10 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      00:30 GMT

      Escaping attacker
      I’m locked in a room. Some guy comes in and tries to have forced sex with me. I knock him down, by hitting him on the head with something. I run out and escape by jumping/flying through the middle of the building’s staircase.

      I’m with my granddad. My boyfriend tells me he went for a walk with him, but he didn’t enjoy it., because my BF demanded that they hold hands. I think that’s embarrassing and I totally understand my granddad. He is not that mentally incapacitated and to prove it he asks me out of the blue how to print a scan of a receipt on its original size because the printer keeps printing it A4 size. I promise to teach him.

      3:00 GMT

      Ambiguous new age healer
      My mom accompanies me to some new age therapy appointment. I am not interested at all, but the lady doctor has some very interesting crystal Buddha heads for sale. I go there a second time to check for prices and she nails me down to a second appointment. I find out this doctor has a darker side. First time she was all light and colourful, the second time she was dressed in dark and received some hard-core friends in her office. She interrupted the consultation to arrange some later rendez-vous with them. I use the break to call my mom and arrange a night-out at the movies with her. I guess she said no, because I end up going out to a restaurant with this doctor and her lady friends. She kinda mocks me for being vegetarian and asks me if at least I’ll have some eggs. I don’t like her attitude. Her friends ask if they later can go to her house – where apparently they’ve never been. Then we’re joined by my BF who brings along some Spanish friends. We share my food because supposedly there's no more food for them to eat.

      5:30 GMT

      Room sharing
      My dad is sleeping in a bedroom in what seems my mom's home and me and my BF have to go to sleep on the same room, on a mattress on the floor. We try not to wake him up. He hears some noise and he wakes up slightly and glances quickly to check out what it is, but we hide not to wake him up even more. Then when he closes his eyes again, we lay down to sleep.

      Drugs and lesbians
      Over a long table on open air. A very cheerful group. I join them and fill up my plate with rice and sweet corn. Then some agents appear and want to arrest us all on the accusation we all have been smoking drugs. I ask which drug exactly and they say “mushrooms with mint”. Oh, that must be nice! I did see one guy smoking a pipe, but that was all. I leave the table for some reason and when I come back they are talking about me. Apparently my alibi is that I wasn’t around when the actual drug smoking took place, because I was having sex with a girl on some room inside the house. I’m shocked! I was indeed with that girl, but we had merely been studying. I then recalled that we had previously met on the hallway two other beautiful girls who were assuming their relationship for the first time and I had given them my blessing. Apparently that was enough to classify me as a lesbian to. But hey, as long as it kept me out of prison...

      Talent competition
      Later, we’re gathered in a kind of gym, where some competition is going on. We’re not participating, but watching from a higher platform with no rails to lean against. I feel vertigo and I lay down on the floor so not to fall as I watch it. Contestants are showing their varied talents, from acrobatics, to hoola hoops to dancing. From the first round of contestants, the winner is my friend Evangelion on hoola hoops. That’s funny, because he is so tall and slim, he looks simply hilarious doing it. Then I realise this is stupid, my fear of heights. After all I can fly! Why would I feel vertigo? I start getting lucid although a bit flickering sometimes.
      I decide to fly down there and show my ability and maybe win something. I fly several times around the salon at high-speed. Everybody seems very impressed. I hear some comments that such and such guy can also fly, but not as good as me, he more like swims through the air. Yeah, I know, many people do. I win this competition round but I refuse to keep the award to myself. There’s a little dog on a tiny wheelchair, which is sick from AIDS (silly...) and I dedicate my award to him.

      Then a sort of mage appears and since I’m so good at putting a show, he defies me to come along with him to help him out with saving the world. I follow him and outside the world seems to have gone nuts. Tornadoes everywhere sucking houses into the sky, water torrents flooding streets and dragging rocks the size of a car, a really dark sky, but the next second all goes back to normal. I don’t know what’s going on, but I fly bullet like after this guy, wherever he is taking me. I then stop when I see the most strange thing: Frozen and hovering on air are two pigeons: one in upper position and the other upside down, both with their wings open as if they were flying when they got frozen, but grabbing each other by their claws. The mage and some other younger guy who appears at that moment, tell me to forget what I saw and not mention it to anybody. And I “ask what exactly shouldn’t I mention to people? “. He replies “That the laws of physics no longer apply.” And I ask if the fact we are flying around in the open didn’t show that obvious fact already.

      City strolling
      Still lucid but with a gap in dream recall, I then find myself strolling in a city like Paris, with my BF and my mom. I literally hop around, feeling very happy. I guess I helped save the world somehow and all is glowing in a golden light. It’s all so colourful and cozy. All the people look like friendly characters with round faces. The colours and shapes of buildings and banners announcing fresh bread and antiques are just lovely. My mom and BF call me, because I’m staying behind. I am trying to recall how I got there, but before I do, I wake up.

      7:30 GMT
    11. Columbo’s Pigeon

      by , 01-01-1989 at 07:01 AM
      Night of January 1, 1989. Sunday.

      I find myself wandering around in an unknown city, though of which is not very defined, walking from out of an alley, becoming more aware of my existence, though with only partial passive lucidity. It seems to be early evening, though there is not that much light. A low-lying mist, of which comes up halfway to my knees, drifts over some areas of the ground.

      After perceiving a few unfamiliar people on the streets, I find myself in the presence of Columbo (the fictional TV detective played by Peter Falk). At first, I am somewhat wary of his presence (though I have no thoughts of having done anything wrong) but then I realize he is only puzzled by his surroundings and sees me as someone of whom he can ask directions. I do not recall all of the conversation but when I start to tell him where Fifth Avenue is after he asks, he holds his right hand up (as an indication for me to wait a minute) and takes out a yellow legal pad and pen from inside his rumpled beige trench coat.

      Unexpectedly, a pigeon soon flies out from under his trench coat. He takes a step back and looks up, with a very puzzled visage, as it flies away. I feel very amused.

      dream processing dynamics; causes, and meanings:

      the presence of mist is a factor of being in the dream state (as sometimes inferred and used as such in movies and stage plays)

      reticular activating system mediation as vestibular system personification as Peter Falk as his fictional TV character detective Columbo because of being in the dream state as being “a mystery to solve”

      liminal anticipation of the waking process causes transference of vestibular system correlation as a bird in flight (rather than the biologically induced sleep start)

      Preconscious: Columbo, Emergent Consciousness Factor: flying pigeon, Dream Type: vestibular system correlation (bird in flight metaphor)

      This is a unique transmutation of the “walking in a city and tripping, misstepping, or stepping off the curb and falling” dream, which has otherwise occurred on a nightly basis for over fifty years.