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    1. Intense emotions

      by , 12-05-2011 at 03:45 PM
      Before bed last night I decided I would chug some apple juice, a know vividity supplement. I only remember one dream from last night but if my perception of time in the the dream was accurate it lasted about an hour. I was in the game Mass Effect 2 and we had crashed on a cold and snowy planet, I was guided by a rugged man in his late 50's. We found a crashed spaceship and decided to explore it. It was drafty in the inside, the first room we entered was large and done shaped. In the midlle of the room was a large engine. My guide said that this was an older engine model and the energy waves that it put out temporarily altered human brain waves (it was an alien vessel). He said the effects of the enigine where not harmfull at all, they were in fact enlightening. The different engine settings (I believe there were five) each brought you to a higher level of conscious existence. With each change of the motor came a new emotion along with other sensory input that can't be put into words. By the 5th cycle I was in a complete sensory overload yet I had complete inner peace. A bright light filled my field of vision and I was transported to the door of a warehouse where a gun battle was under way. I watched as the battle ensued until I woke up.
    2. An evil twin?

      by , 10-09-2011 at 02:09 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      Okay, my dream last night was rather bizarre, but then I do have some bizarre dreams sometimes...

      In my dream, I'm on a space ship, kind of like in Star Trek. (I say this because Spock was in my dream; actually TWO Spocks!) Anyway, I'm on this space ship with another man who looks like Spock, but isn't. I don't remember why we were there, only that we were not supposed to be on board. We were talking about what if we were discovered by someone and the fake Spock said something like, "The only way they would know we're not who we say we are is if the ship lost it's artificial gravity. They would be floating around in zero gravity but we would still be able to walk around." Not long after he said this, though, that's exactly what happened. But while I was unaffected by it, fake Spock started floating. In the dream I knew it was because he had not ingested whatever it was we were taking to enable us to move around in zero gravity. (a pill or liquid or something.)

      In the next part of the dream, I'm watching things unfold as if I'm watching it on TV. A group of people are in what looks like the engineering section of the ship and Spock is there as well. (The REAL Spock; he is preparing to fix the artificial gravity.) Just as he is getting started, the fake Spock walks in. I'm thinking to myself, "He's going to get caught because 1. He's walking and there's no gravity, and 2. Now there are TWO Spocks!" But when I watch fake Spock approach, he is wearing what look like gravity boots. (They're not; they're fake as well but only he and I know this.) And he passes himself off as Spock's twin brother, which the real Spock, while giving him suspicious looks, does not dispute for whatever reason.

      In this next part, I'm not sure if it's part of the same dream, or a fragment of another dream:

      I'm suddenly in a large old mansion. I'm in a study or library and waiting for some friends of mine to return. Suddenly a panel in the wall opens up and there's a man dressed as a butler there but he appears to be made up of cotton stuffing inside a man shaped nylon covering, kind of like pantyhose. He is motioning for me to come with him, but I refuse because I know he is an imposter; the real butler is with the group of people I'm waiting on to return. Anyway, when I refuse to go with him, the man comes at me and tries to force me to come with him but I resist and we start fighting. We're struggling on the floor and I'm yelling for help and telling my friends that "I've found the imposter", but my friends are in another room or upstairs and cannot seem to hear me. Eventually I get the upper hand in the fight and get my opponent's head stuck underneath a chair or other piece of furniture. I'm punching and kicking him when suddenly he transforms into a friend of mine. He's pleading for mercy and begging me to stop hitting him. I eventually stop and help him back on his feet but as soon as he stands up, he runs off. I chase after him and as I do, he again transforms, this time into a dog. I'm chasing him across a green field towards a small creek. But he is running to fast and I can't catch him.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. 2 of 3 - May 10th, 2011

      by , 05-10-2011 at 09:49 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am my dream inarnate Chun-li, a chinese woman with long black hair. I am a part of a team of space explorers and we are attacked by a ship of rival explorers who have been following us and trying to stop us for some reason. We escape their grasp but our ship is damaged and we have to find a place to stop and repair it. We are in the middle of an unknown universe and we come across what looks like an abandoned space center. It is broken up into peices and our team is divided into groups to explore the various sections.

      I am with two others at first but I wander away from them and get lost, though I find a large bunker stocked with tools and food and other supplies. My communicator is not working and I cannot contact anyone else in my team. I also discover that the place is infested with thousands of alien rats that attack in hoards. I have a laser weapon, but I do not need it because somehow I know that I can telekenetically incinerate the alien rats with an intense fire, which I do so for the most part, though occasionally and randomly my powers "don't work" and I have to shoot the rats instead.

      I eradicate the infestation in the part of the space center I am exploring but find that my team has repaired our ship and left without me. I am furious and frustrated but without a working communicator there is nothing I can do. I go back to the storage area to sort through what can be used and what cannot when the entire ship sudders suddenly. I look out a window and see that the rival ship that had been trying to stop us before has crashed into parts of the space center.

      I am kind of worried because I do not want to be captured by the enemy, but on the other hand I would rather be a prisioner and taken care of than die alone on a ruined and abandoned space center. The other ship seems to use a tractor beam to pull the various parts of the space center together and then after a little while it detatched itself and flies away. I wander around a bit in the new sections of the space center that are now accessable and run into a member of the rival team who also seems to have been left behind. He is a handsome, muscular man with brown hair and he says his name is Jack or something.

      We are suspicious of each other at first but soon conclude that we have to get alone to survive. He is not a fighter but an engineer and mechanic and could repair parts of the space center to make it livable, or even flyable, but he needs my telekenetic fire powers to kill the hoards of aggressive alien rats that are flooding into all parts of the space center now that it is reassembles.

      We are able to secure one second of ship from the rats and make it livable, though I am not happy because there is only one bed and we have to share it. When we have to leave our secured area we go as a team and eradicate as many alien rats as we can. The dream becomes a bit blurred near the end and I think we succeed in eliminating the aliens and we start a romance but I cannot remember the details.
    4. Recurring dream about a spaceship mission to find extraterrestrial life.

      , 03-29-2011 at 11:15 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I've had a lot of dream fragments related to this lately.
      I dream them completely out of order, but they clearly belong together.
      They're all non-lucid and play a few years in the future.
      This is a try to connect them and fit them into chronological order, now that I feel I have enough fragments for everything to make sense.

      • Working for NASA
        I own a company specializing in all kinds of modern computer toys.
        We mostly develop futuristic user interface hardware, but recently we've gotten into the development of air plane cockpits.
        Most companies want more modern hardware than what is currently used.
        It's not like our stuff is insanely more user friendly, but it looks much more futuristic and it isn't really more expensive than the traditional stuff.

        NASA hired us to design all user interface devices on a new experimental spacecraft.
        It's supposed to achieve high speeds using a small nuclear reactor powering experimental Magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters.
        This would allow traveling to close planets such as Mars in much more reasonable time frames.
        We're supposed to design everything in the cockpit, and all other interfaces all over the ship.
        We're also in charge of creating a simulator where pilots can train flying the spacecraft and to figure out what the most user friendly control to operate this thing are.

        NASA doesn't agree with some of my ideas. They prefer designs where the pilot has little control over the spacecraft for some reason.
        I don't understand this and most of my designs feature direct user input, such as a joystick to freely maneuver the ship.

        Although I'm not working for NASA directly, I still get to play with their stuff and I spend many hours in the simulator I'm designing.
        After some time we get the bad news.
        The government has canceled all funding for NASA, so the project is scrapped.
        This doesn't directly affect us since we get paid on a monthly basis, not on project success.
        I feel very sad though, I never understood why most people lost interest in space exploration after the first few Apollo missions, and now
        they're scrapping the whole program.

      • Back to Europe
        I get a very interesting phone call from a company in Europe.
        They specialize in the development of nuclear fusion.
        The technology is solid, and produces clean renewable energy at an extremely efficient rate.
        However for some reason there exists nearly zero funding for this.
        I'm not sure if this is because it gets grouped in the "nuclear energy" category by the media and politics, which is stupid,
        or if there is some sort of conspiracy going on.
        The energy is clean, and the reaction doesn't produce hazardous radiation or any other dangerous by-product.

        Anyways, they want us to design the whole reactor controls and everything.
        They want a super futuristic look to help them finally convince the media that this is indeed the future of energy generation.
        This comes in handy because I was planning to move the company to Europe all along.
        The US military is pressuring me to work on fighter jets and similar things all the time, and it makes me very uncomfortable.

        After relocating to Switzerland I am working with said company on their reactor.
        They finally got the permission to build it. I also work on a supersonic airplane project.
        I enjoy working with everyone, they are not as secretive as the guys in America.
        They like explaining how all their stuff works and I get an immense insight into fusion reactions and supersonic airplane designs.

      • Taking things into my own hands
        The fusion reactor is a huge success. Some people are still skeptic, but most governments are buying the green and renewable energy.
        I make a ridiculous amount of money on this project and also quite a bit on the supersonic airplane.
        I talk to the guys responsible for the airplane a lot because they also work for the ESA.
        I ask them how reasonable it would be to put a small fusion reactor onto a spaceship to power Magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters.
        They confirm that it would be much more reasonable than a nuclear reactor, and would save an insane amount of weight because you don't need
        the very heavy contamination to protect the crew from radiation.

        I tell him jokingly that I worked for NASA before and still have all the computer, simulator and user interface designs, we should get some sort of
        new project going.
        A few days later he comes into my office and acts quite secretive.
        He asks me if I was serious about those designs.
        I tell him we never officially sold them to NASA, so I still own all of them.
        He says I absolutely need to come to some sort of ESA meeting.

        I have to sign the biggest NDA I have seen in my entire life to enter the ESA meeting.
        It's over 200 pages long, I jokingly say that signing this feels like selling my soul.
        In the meeting I learn that the ESA isn't messing about.
        They have developed a technology that allows traveling faster than light, or rather work around the problems associated with approaching the speed of light.
        It's very technical and I don't understand most of it.
        It involves forming a bubble around the ship, it reminds me of Star Trek.

        Finally most people besides some company heads and ESA directors leave.
        I am requested to stay in the room.
        More technology is presented, and it is clear that the presentation is going towards a space ship project.
        It all sounds oddly reasonable, even though most involved technologies are somewhat experimental.

        The final problem that is mentioned is financing, ESA does not receive enough of it for a project of this magnitude.
        They want to do some small tests with drones followed by a manned mission into another solar system, using the FTL drive.
        I say that given my recent acquirements I'd be willing to develop all computer systems for free and even invest some money into the mission.
        A few more company heads follow this movement...

      • FTL
        I am now working full time at a special facility used for this mission alone.
        It is absolutely huge.
        We launch the first FTL testing drone into space.
        I am sitting in mission control overlooking most of the technical systems.
        The drone is ready to test the FTL system.
        Everyone in mission control is extremely excited as we wait for the FTL countdown to run out.
        As the drone accelerates, our information becomes more and more delayed as it approaches the speed of light.
        All connections are quickly lost.
        But this was to be expected, we don't have technology to transmit information faster than light.
        The drone is supposed to fly ~1 light day within a few minutes, then stop and transmit a signal.
        If we have a position signal tomorrow we know it worked.

      • Hyperdrive
        We've tested 3 drones now, each one with a better FTL system. The 3rd one worked absolutely flawlessly.
        The engineers have dubbed the system "Warp Drive".
        I have adopted this into the user interface for the spacecraft.
        The director is complaining about it, he says Warp Drive would be very appropriate due to the connection to Star Trek.
        I suggest calling it Hyperdrive instead. He seems pleased with that.

      • Destiny
        All details of the project are clear now, and the ship is being built inside our facility.
        It uses a small but very powerful fusion reactor to power a new form of Magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters.
        It can generate an artificial gravity field, making life on board much easier, and enabling us to cancel out the extreme acceleration forces of the engine.
        Without this the passengers would be crushed by the g-forces during acceleration.
        It is also capable of atmospheric flight. It will fly into space by itself.
        This is actually necessary because it is way too big and heavy for a payload delivery system.
        It is also very solid, with a thick hull. This ship is not build around value for money.
        It looks very different than anything else we've send into space so far, compared to it everything looks extremely fragile.
        ESA plans a crew of 8 people for this mission.

        We're discussing the name of the ship.
        Someone suggests calling it "Ikarus", something about challenging destiny.
        I ask why not call it "Destiny" then? "Ikarus" has a bit of a negative vibe.

      • Pilot
        I am playing around in the simulator.
        I often go into the simulator claiming to test stuff, but I'm actually picturing myself being a pilot on the mission.
        I bet everyone knows about it, but I don't care, it's way too much fun. I'm also quite good at it.

        The director intercepts me as I leave the simulator. He says we need to talk.
        We talk about how I know every detail about the ship, how I designed most of it.
        Then he says I have by far the best simulator scores, which surprises me a bit.
        He suddenly acts extremely serious.

        He offers me the position of captain on the mission, he wants me to fly the Destiny.
        My mind is blown, I immediately reply with "Yes!"
        He asks me if I'm sure, if I don't need to consider the risks.
        I tell him that this is absolutely not necessary, my decision is final and there isn't a doubt on my mind.

      • Trouble
        The Destiny is nearing completion.
        All vital systems are installed, it's basically just missing the outer hull.
        But there is trouble. Some governments are voicing concern.
        The media throws some unreasonable accusations at us, that going faster than light might end the universe and whatnot.
        Telling them that we've already done it 3 times and the universe still exists does not calm them.
        I'm on some TV show defending against other random accusations, explaining why they make so sense.

      • The Signal
        The director informs me that they have received a signal a few years ago, from an unknown source flying by earth.
        He shows me the data... it doesn't make any sense.
        According to the positioning of the source of the data it must have moved faster than light.
        It was broadcasting a specific position nonstop.
        The director tells me that it is assumed the signal was of alien origin.
        I finally understand why some governments are concerned with the mission, we are going to the location broadcasted by this most likely alien object.

      • Lying
        Destiny is ready, so is the crew. The official launch is in 2 months, however we are actually going to launch in 2 days.
        I understand how governments are afraid of a mission that could potentially make contact with another species, but
        I really want to do this, and so does everyone else on the project.
        By faking a late launch date, and claiming that the construction of the Destiny isn't finished yet, we try to avoid the inevitable shutdown by the governments.

      • Launch
        Launching the Destiny is incredibly easy.
        You just open the hangars of the construction facility and fly it out to space.
        This is why we were able to keep the launch date a secret until now.
        We haven't received any official "no-go" from any government, so technically launching isn't entirely illegal.
        We are going to get into trouble though, that much is clear.

        I'm sitting in the Destiny with my crew.
        I am the main Pilot, Nicole is my Co-Pilot. She had very good simulator scores and is a trained astronaut.
        She's never been to space though.
        There is an engineer on the crew to maintain the thrusters.
        The 5 remaining people are 4 scientists and a language/culture specialist.

        The hangar doors are open, everyone pointing a camera at the facility can now see that the construction is finished.
        We are fully fueled, ready to go, just waiting for the signal from mission command.
        The hangar is right at the end of a very long runway, so we can just roll out and launch.

        I'm very nervous when I get the signal to launch. Thankfully the process is entirely automated.
        We're slowly rolling out, after about 100m the MPDT engage.
        They are absolutely brutal, you can really feel how much power those things have even though they're operating below 0.1% of their capacity right now.
        They need to be though, the Destiny weights over 400 tons with fuel.
        I am really nervous as the Destiny finally takes off. It's not like I'm worried that something would go wrong, it's just the excitement.
        The ship climbs at a progressively faster rate and the thrusters become stronger and stronger.

        The beauty of starting to see the stars during the middle of the day calms me down though.
        I verify if everything is in order. Everything is perfect.
        We enter orbit and bring the ship into the correct position for the acceleration maneuver for FTL.

      • Decision
        We're in orbit and in position.
        We have a video conversation open with mission control.
        They have just been told that we have to cancel the launch.
        We are ordered to come back down immediately. He obviously isn't pleased to announce this.
        Some official government type figure is with him demanding to comply immediately.
        They have voted a few minutes ago that the project is too dangerous... right...
        The mission director tells me to "try to cancel the acceleration maneuver".

        It is very clear what he's doing. The acceleration maneuver hasn't begun yet.
        He gives us the opportunity to say we cannot cancel it and continue on with the mission.
        I block communications and ask the rest of the crew if we should just go for it.
        Everyone agrees that we should.

        I enable the coms and tell the director that I am terribly sorry, but it is too late to cancel the acceleration sequence.
        The gov. guy gets really angry and demands that mission control remotely cancels the sequence.
        The director explains that this is impossible.
        Due to the nature of the mission, remote control would make no sense because we're out of reach most of the time anyways.
        The gov. guy is furious but accepts that he can't do anything.

        I activate the acceleration sequence. It is quite dramatic.
        Even though the artificial gravity field compensates most of the vibrations and the acceleration forces, it still feels extreme.
        We're being shaken violently and even though the ship indicates we are experiencing 3g of acceleration, it feels like much more, but it doesn't hurt the way more g's would.
        The acceleration maneuver lasts multiple hours. It is extremely tiring feeling such forces for so long.
        Finally, as we reach our wanted speed, the engines quiet down and the vibrations stop.
        We are now cruising about at many times the speed of light; the ship feels perfectly stable.
        Without looking outside you wouldn't be able to tell that we are racing at a mind-boggling speed.
        The outside looks very beautiful. The vision is distorted but very colorful.
        You just hear the gentle humming of the fusion reactor and the MPDT's working at very low power.
        We will arrive at our destination within approximately 2 weeks.
        Everyone is happy that everything worked out so far, and that we managed to actually pull it off.

      • Travel
        I have had multiple dreams about the next 2 weeks.
        I'm either piloting the ship, which is basically just staring at instruments or doing some maintenance work on some ship components.
        So far everything is working fine, a few hiccups in diagnostics but that's about it.
        Nicole and I take shifts staring at instruments, even though if something goes wrong navigation wise, there's nothing we can do.
        You can't exactly make a course correction going many times the speed of light.
        I'm trying not to think about what would happen if the hyperdrive fails. The truth is no one knows, but it most likely wouldn't end well.
        We're all wondering what waits for us at the rendezvous point, or if there is anything at all.
        I think I'm the only one fully expecting something or someone to wait for us at the rendezvous point.
        I'm convinced that signal a few years ago was form an alien probe designed to catch the attention of species capable of FTL travel.

        I'm usually just sitting in my seat staring at what seems to be stars rushing by, wondering what's going to happen next.
        I occasionally glimpse at the instruments. They always display that everything is alright and that we're on the correct course.
        It's oddly boring, but the excitement of what waits for us keeps me entertained.
        I sometimes wonder what's currently happening back home.
    5. Deleted

      by , 01-29-2011 at 06:46 AM (Torra)

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      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Puppies are bad for making bread with.

      by , 09-25-2010 at 08:06 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      So, it all started out when I'm in front of a Safeway and there's some guy who puts a gun to my head. Naturally, I get really pissed off at the nerve of some people. I reach into my pocket where I find a gun and shoot him. It's not a real gun, it's a taser. He is fine, but I leave him there and take his gun away, stomp on it and shattering it before scooping up the remains and putting them in the garbage.

      Next dream
      I'm by what appears to be a small lake/pond but has small waves like the ocean. I am holding my bag of sea glass and treasures and dump it into the surf. An old couple walks up and begins picking up the pieces. I tell them not to because I am only putting them there to clean them off. They seem disappointed so I go through them and try to find pieces to give them. I take a handful and give it to the woman and she is happy. I then walk around gathering all the pieces I can find and putting them in a little tin. By the time I am done collecting them all the lake has dried up completely.

      next dream
      I am in what appears to be a really bizarre school. For some reason a teacher pulls me aside and tells shows me a map. It's circular of some passageways and there are four different colored space ships. I have to go do something about this, stop them, find something. I'm not precisely sure. I take off and go outside where there are several people gathered around a table. There is a puppy and they are slicing him up to make bread. I am very upset about this. I love puppies. I don't think puppies belong in bread. The odd thing is is that the puppy looked more like a cartoon than a real puppy, and it didn't have blood inside it. As they sliced him he just made funny faces and the inside of him looked like bread.

      They also had two ostriches, a rhino, more puppies and a few other animals. I ended up releasing the animals.

      I had a conversation about how I'm going to record a rap album, and I kept trying to write rhymes. I don't remember any of the rhymes but I sure wish I did.
    7. Loose lips might sink ships but these kisses take trips

      by , 09-20-2010 at 06:56 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I'm walking around with some friends. They're old friends of mine, one of them is actually dead. They're all being really obnoxious and we're all laughing. We keep going into stores and just running around and making loud noises.

      I leave them to go to what I think is my house. There is a feeling of impending doom as I walk through this very strange cookie-cutter neighborhood. Boots comes walking towards me. He's going on and on about, what I think is his upcoming trip to Greece. Then he starts saying things like, "google garble gluck gar gar grrr god damn god damn gluck google, gratch." Which honestly, isn't something he would only do in one of my dreams. I started laughing, he smiled and then we parted ways.

      A girl ran out and greeted me. I don't know her, but I pretended like I did. She told me that I was crazy to be walking around without a purse. I mean honestly, what was I thinking? The war of the worlds was upon us and... wait, what? Yeah, the war of the worlds, possible looming apocalypse. I had to have a purse, at least.

      To my dismay, all of the girls many purses were very large pairs of womens underwear. When I say very large, I mean that they stretched from my waist to the floor and I was very uncomfortable with this. "Um," I started, trying to pick my words carefully and not be rude, "why do you have so many large pairs of underwear?"
      "Oh, well they're totally stylish."
      "I see," I said. I began thinking about how utterly stupid fashion trends are. I left the house without a "purse."

      Somewhere around this point I began singing Kimya Dawson songs, particularly Loose Lips. I felts as though it were looping through the dream.

      It made me think about being lost in San Francisco with a car full of friends looking for a show and blasting this song and all singing along. As I was walking it started going up hill and I was in San Francisco. The pavement was wet and it was dark outside.

      Somehow I managed to get to the battle. I'm still very confused about what it actually was. There was a huge gigantic tower-thing-contraption, that had a huge platform on the top of it. There were people standing on it and there were millions and millions of people surrounding it for miles. There were space ships omitting red and green sparks that were smashing into each other. Everyone was panicking.
    8. 07/25/10 Lost Star Ship

      by , 07-28-2010 at 07:06 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: I fell asleep with my usual list of goals in mind to start off with going to meet MoSh so we could view the dream he had a while back with don Juan where don Juan left a message for me. In addition to that and the usual list I have been including recently, Walms had said something about maybe dropping by my inner world then we would go find Xildron. But he had said he would come to me, so that wasn't so much a goal of mine as it was just an intention to be here when Walms showed up. My final goal was to meet with Blake in a dream. I fell asleep with my light / sound device on, and I was successful in slipping into a WILD…

      I was in MoSh's inner world, which was where I had intended to go when I had initiated my WILD. I walked over to MoSh's house and knocked on the front door, Asuka opened the door and smiled. She definitely looked 100% better than she had looked after her ordeal she had gone through after getting kidnapped. She had a smile on her face now, and stood back from the doorway to let me in. I spotted MoSh right away in the living room doing something with a small device that I couldn't see. I got close to see what it was, but I never got a chance to look at it properly before MoSh threw it against the wall and it broke open to reveal circuit boards covered with chocolate. Um… chocolate chips? MoSh said the piece of junk wasn't working. I suggested maybe the device wasn't working because this was a dream, and often times technological devices don't work properly in dreams. He said nah, those work fine in his dreams. I rolled my eyes at that and told him we were going to go view his conversation with don Juan, we could use my laptop back home. He didn't seem to notice that as odd, and he came with me through the portal to my inner world as if it was the most natural thing ever.

      MoSh and I emerged from the portal into my living room, where I saw it was full of all the cats I have ever lost, which was actually just three kitties… There was a medium length haired silver tabby named Che-Si curled up in my usual seat on the couch which is named, a short haired silver tabby named Bandit on the back of the couch, and a cute little tortoiseshell cat named Amber was curled up on the chair where my mother usually sits. I picked up and hugged Che-si, thinking about how wonderful it would be to get to hold her in my arms again… but I was holding her in my arms again! Sure, this was a dream, but I was holding her in my arms. I stroked the kitty in my arms, hugged her close to me, kissed her soft silky fur, listened to the sound of her purring in my arms… so cute… so sweet… and I missed her… I was getting completely occupied with my kitty until MoSh said something to me, reminding me that he was there, this was a dream, and we actually had a goal to accomplish. I set the kitty down and then sat down on the couch, picking my computer up off the seat to my right and turning it on. MoSh sat on the seat beside me.

      As I started up the computer and selected the dream journal program that only my dream laptop has, MoSh was looking intently at the screen to see what I was looking at. I opened the dream journal program and there was a list of dreams, but they were mine, so I selected MoSh's dream journal. MoSh was telling me a date to find the dream we were looking to view on, but I couldn't really understand what date he was saying, which was quite frustrating since I could understand everything else he was saying. I finally found a dream entitled "Don Juan At My Picnic Table" and I selected that one. The computer gave me a loading icon, then formed the hologram all around MoSh and me, making it look like we really were going into the dream.

      As I surveyed the area I immediately knew something about this was not right, in fact there were a lot of things about this that weren't right. There was no sign of MoSh (other than the one who came with me), don Juan, or even a picnic table anywhere in the vicinity. In fact we were in what looked like a space ship of some kind, one wall of the long hall we were in was looking out into deep space, it was quite a cool sight, but definitely not what MoSh and I had been looking for. I looked outside, and the stars looked really strange through the window… I wasn't sure what I was looking at, but there was a star fairly close to us that was providing light to the hallway. At the end of the hallway was a blue panel that was similar to the ones on the floor and wall, somehow I understood that to be a door. I saw that MoSh was also very disoriented and confused, he looked at me and said he didn't think don Juan had ever been to a place like this. I suggested we take a look around, MoSh wanted to exit the hologram and find the one with don Juan in it, but he finally agreed to check this place out.

      The passage we were in turned out to be a very long curved passage that seemed to be going around the outside edge of a huge space station, it was hard to see, but the passage was curving slightly to the left as we were walking. In some of the hallway segments there were more doors that led to the left, farther into the station, but we had yet to check them out. Finally we opened one of those doors and headed farther into the center of the space station. There were artificial lights in the interior of the station, I had been wondering if there were any lights in this place except for what the stars provided… and an old man met us at the door. If it hadn't been the fact the man was wearing space suite type clothing and looked to be a white man I might have thought he was a shaman, he had that aged and wise look about him. He said something about there being spies in the station, and they were going to steal the knowledge for themselves, then he collapsed, dead, I saw an arrow sticking out of his back… an arrow?! That was the last thing I expected to see in a space station…

      MoSh and I continued exploring the place, not really sure where we were going or how to get there. MoSh said he wanted to go back so we could try again to view the dream with don Juan, this clearly wasn't the right place. I was getting a little tired of the halls that all looked the same, so I was going to agree with MoSh, then I saw one more thing I wanted to investigate. Every so often in the strange walls there was a glowing spot, and these glowing spots seemed evenly spaced down the hall, and they weren't nearly bright enough to be providing light, which came from what appeared to be fluorescent tubes on the ceiling. I told MoSh just a minute and I went over and touched one of the lights, I jumped back a bit as a portion of the wall slid open, revealing itself to be a concealed door. The inside of the room was really weird with a glowing blue cylindrical shaped something in the middle of an otherwise empty room. Somehow I knew this was one of thousands of databases on this ship, I don't know how I knew, I just did, and each of these pillars stored some unfathomable amount of data…

      MoSh looked at the pillar but he didn't seem very interested in it, he clearly still wanted to get going to find don Juan. I told him ok, let's get back to the computer so I could try again to access the correct dream. I told MoSh that I had been in his dream journal when I found this, so that must mean it was one of MoSh's dreams that he had forgotten, or that is what it seemed would have to be the case. MoSh said he would remember if he had ever been in a place like this before. I said we all forget amazing things, reminding him that I had been in an epic battle with Walms' kid Xildron and I'd proceeded to forget the entire thing until I went back and dream viewed it. Either way, MoSh was unable to give any more insight as to where we were or the purpose of this place. So I focused on sending a command to the computer to end the hologram playback, but nothing happened. I realized I don't think I have ever ended the hologram until the dream was completely over and the hologram ended because there was nothing more to display. I wondered how much longer this dream was, MoSh looked a bit impatient to get back, but there wasn't a lot I could do about that right now. I told MoSh I wasn't sure how to end the hologram, he didn't seem to think that was even possible, and the fact we weren't stuck there was proven when I woke.
    9. Hurricanes

      by , 02-25-2008 at 02:32 AM
      Original dream dated Feb. 24, 2008:

      I dreamed about a church with a very high ceiling that was yellow glass with brown hatches on it. There was some confusion about whether or not it was appropriate for the nave of the church to also be a gym. There was some sort of space war going on, with spaceships flying all over the place over the church, and I think that's what turned into a hurricane.

      I was driving in the hurricane. I was worried, because I was always late for work and thought that this time I would get fired. I wound up turning down the wrong off-ramp because the wind was so strong that I couldn't control the car. When I got to work, I explained it to my boss, who thankfully looked worried rather than chewing me out.
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