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    1. nothing much

      by , 11-18-2017 at 05:20 PM
      In an apartment it appears to be xmas time and my daughter is up and about. I look out the window and below I can see many alley ways. I magic a gameboard that goes zipping out of the window. I go down and nose around but I come across some people up ahead who are in a modern style tent, they are huddled together dealing drugs.

      note: i'm thinking of going back to viewing images in my minds eye, as they are always far more interesting than my dreams.
      Tags: white house
    2. Speed-run ToTM and a dare dream, one-shot killing a turkey and brief chat with a DC

      by , 11-13-2014 at 12:12 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Speed-run ToTM and a dare dream, one-shot killing a turkey and brief chat with a DC (DILD)


      I believe this is possibly the lamest ToTM I have ever worked on, and to be honest, I did not even see this coming. I have been coding for a new dream journal software like a maniac... and well, every time I woke up in the middle of the night, all I had in my mind was a bunch of code (that I wont paste here lol) and yet, I got a lucid dream. I naturally woke up around 7:30am (alarm clock triggers at 8:00am) and I was laying on my back, just relaxing to wait for the clock. After a while I found myself driving down the street. I was in what I believe to be a manual transmission car, as I had to switch gears manually. I got inside a building and I was driving down the stars, but now, I was riding a red bike:

      I was driving through aisles and up and down the stairs, and yet, I had a manual transmission strick to switch gears,
      realizing how it could be even possible... realizing that it was impossible for a bike and realizing that my car just turned into a bike and I was indoors, so I turned lucid.

      I was surprised by the dream, and feared that anytime soon the alarm clock was going to trigger. I saw a small child in the middle of a big empty room and I asked him:
      - "What are you grateful for?"
      - Chocolate! - he replied.

      I was like, okay... and then realized that asking that was not a ToTM.
      - What is my name? - I asked him.
      - Manolo, like the supermarket - He replied
      (That is not my name nor I have seen a super market named like that.

      I recalled I had to tell him that it was a dream, so:
      - This is a dream - I exalted.
      - No, I am awake, we are not dreaming - He replied.

      I rose my hand and showed it to him, claiming we were in a dream. My hand looked perfectly fine, five perfect fingers... so I was like, what the hell. I looked at my hand again, perfect... another false positive. I knew we were dreaming because of the bike, I looked a third time and then, two of my fingers were overlaying each other and they were like holograms. I realized that the child was doing his own business, but since he replied, I was done.

      I then decided to walk backwards, as I believed it was a dare. Simple task... I walked a good 50 steps backwards, but nothing out of the blue happened.

      I then went ahead to remember the other ToTM without much success... so much coding, so little reading I told to myself. I believed that the bonus task was to steal the turkey that the President saved and decide its fate. I figured if I tried to fly outside the building and look for the White House I was not going to make it in time and the alarm clock would ruin it. I pretended that behind a door I was going to find the White House.

      I opened the door and I could see grass and heard birds chirping. I was able to see the White House (even though it was a mix of the white house and Congress, looking something like this

      I saw the President, but it was not Obama. It was a made up African American dude, dressed in business attire. The First lady was next to him, but also made up. I think she looked Chinese. There was a turkey standing next to them, so I figured it was the turkey they saved. I started feeling my cats in bed and started to feel I was waking up rapidly, so I had to do something... I just grabbed the turkey's neck and said, "Your fate is to die." I started to strangle it and little after, I woke up. Since the dare is to decide the fate, I'd say I completed it, as I have decided it would die. I wouldn't have made the choice though if I wasn't waking up, I would have done something much more exciting. This is somewhat short entry, this dream felt quick, very quick.

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    3. Body Language, Giant Guitar, Two False Awakenings

      by , 08-25-2013 at 12:38 PM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      8/25/2013, 9:30-6:00

      Notes: I finished reading a book about body language before going to sleep last night.

      Dream 1 :

      I was in town, walking around thinking about open body language. I was correcting people who had closed body language in the park area in front of the funeral home, and in front of the general store. I walked from the park area to in front of the general store. I most remember this conversation some old guy in a suit was having with some young guy in a suit. The old guy had his arms and legs crossed, and I think his coat was buttoned. He was also facing the young guy directly. I went over to him and told him he had to keep open body language if he wanted to be friendly with people. I uncrossed his arms and legs and told him about keeping his palms up. The old guy just continued his conversation with the guy, barely noticing me. There was also a lot of dialogue I forgot in the dream.

      Dream 2:

      I was at the Malverne middle school across the street from the high school. I think there was like a rock and roll festival going on there. Many guitars were inside the school. Also, when I went outside on the auditorium side, it was raining and there was a GIANT guitar on the area in front of the auditorium. Someone came up to me and said it was raining, so the guitar didn't work. The person pulled a string to show this, and the guitar didn't make any noise. I was watching the guitar for a while until suddenly, a nuke went off! To the southwest, I saw a mushroom cloud of fire rise from the ground. It wasn't an iconic mushroom cloud. It had too wide of a base and not enough top area. It sort of looked like this:
      How many Levels?-nuke.jpg
      After that, I ran back into the school, and the dream ended.

      Dream 3:

      A false awakening. I woke up in my bed in Malverne to my mom and dad talking in their room. My brother might have been there. That's all I remember.

      Dream 4:
      Another false awakening. This time, I woke up in a white house with white walls and everything pretty much white. When I got up, I remember my parents talking in their room again, wherever that was :/. I also remember saying something to them with an intercom next to my bed. Then, I got up and walked around for a while. That's all.

      Dream 5:

      I don't remember this one very much at all. I'm not even entirely sure it was a dream. I remember machinery: like gears and stuff; giant gears. I remember climbing up them and jumping and stuff up a mechanical tower.
    4. Disaster planning huge ship (with public potty scene)

      by , 05-30-2013 at 11:44 AM
      In is long and complicated dream, I seemed to be in charge or at least deeply involved in disaster planning a huge ship. (In hindsight I wonder, The Titanic? But it was in modern times.)

      So as part of this effort I had to write this huge manual on contingency planning, and for this I needed input from a White House staffer. While our project had a White House liaison, but I thought that this one would not do, so I contacted someone else (who happened to be a bearded black man) and persuaded him to give me contact info for someone in the White House. I reached the woman on the phone. She was in the backseat of a car or limo. (Interestingly enough whenever I talked on the phone with someone in this dream, my perspective changed, and I was seeing them during the conversation.) The woman said that this was her time off, and that she had other plans, but I asked her "Do you want this contingency planning done or not? And we are supposed to get help from the White House." So, given these persuasive arguments she of course changed her plans, and came to study the documentation with me.

      Meanwhile my coworker (who was the only person in this dream whom I know in waking life) would demo for us what looked like a huge contraption with words and sets of large lights. On the left it would say something like requirement xyz or test abc, and then there were those huge lights that were lit if that requirement or test was completed. I remember noticing that this took up most of the little room and only covered a few requirements and tests thus far. my next thought was, "It is good then that this ship is so huge."

      The next scene, still on the ship, is an integration of someone else's dream I read on DV yesterday into my own! (With some changes of course.) I was about to pee on e potty, and so I found a chair and an attachable potty, sort of like one my kid used to have, but a grown up version. One of the people on the disaster recovery team or maybe a White House liaison commented that he always found it kind of embarrassing whenever someone peed in public. I responded that whenever you are on the phone while peeing, which surely you do all the time (no, I don't!), it's like peeing in public, and he should just get over his embarrassment. After all we need to get this work done, and there is notice for frivolous privacy.

      Toward the end of the dream I remember being dissatisfied with the effort be ause the quality of writing did not seem good enough to me, sort of assessing disaster recovery documents literary merit, and finding them lacking (shocker!). Another person reassured me that whenever he wrote an abstract (very short as opposed to the work written in this dream,which was a volume larger than a phone book, much larger), he would be dissatisfied, but then put the abstract to the side for a while, and return to it after a while, and then the writing seemed much better that he originally feared.
    5. Stuff

      by , 06-24-2012 at 06:36 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      There was a guy who had these miniature toy soldiers that would obey his command of grid coordinates. It was a tun bases war game and they would automatically kick down doors and what not. It was pretty cool.

      There's this semi that transfOrms into a moving base. The front part of it becomes the height of a double decker bus. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I'm on top of it while its transforming, and we're going at least 75 down the interstate. It's funny because my major concern wasn't getting shot by these people diving it, but falling off. I was with a team of maybe 3 or four and I kept thinking "we need to kill these guys quick". I even thought about how if I died it was over...unlike a dream.

      Well they took everyone out, and I climed into the front part and sat in the passengers seat. This thing had the ability to drive in water and we went down a river and there were a lot of kids fishing. I really wanted to that instead of spy work. One guy told me the fish weren't even edible. It didn't matter to me though. I also saw white tigers on the bank. I was trying to figure out how and why they didn't go out there and kill everyone.

      By now the guy tells me to drive when we hit land. The controlls are kinda like a motorcycle, but it's super unresponsive.

      I remember this other dream where I was making music out of the noises that were made when moving the courser around with this game. I think Naiya was there, and she was a little impatient. We started playing, and the. I was sort of in the game. I ran down a hallway and said to a group of people " knock knock", someone said "who's there". I said "Nickle plated 45" and pretended to shoot all of them.

      Then Alex Trebec is on the phone with the whitehouse and he's trying to set something up where people can come over there more often.
    6. 16th January 2012

      by , 02-13-2012 at 12:48 AM
      I am with a young boy, he is about 7 or 8 years old. I am also with 2 women, 1 woman is about 53 or so and the other woman is about 28 or so. The elder woman is the mother of the young boy and the younger woman. We are all looking around a big house and something happens ((I can't remember what)) and the 28 year old woman dies. ((dream skip)).
      We are now sitting on a wooden bench and suddenly the 28 year olds ghost is sitting next to her mom and we can all see her, she winks as if to say "see, they can't get rid of me!" we are all really happy she is back, even if she is a ghost!! ((dream skip)).
      Me, the older woman and the young boy are now in a big field and the grass is a lot taller than what we are. We make a noise just playing about with each other and then we hear someone in the distance make the same noise back to us, they are playing with us and keep copying us and we are all laughing about it. We are now driving down a steep hill in the woods on something, I am lying down at the front and I say to the woman behind me "what are we on" she says "a car" I'm a little puzzled now because I can't see a car around us but I feel like I'm on one. I have my blanket wrapped around me, I must have been a bit lucid here because I am questioning things but not enough to realise.
      We now hear a noise again, it's a voice in the woods, the same voice that we heard earlier. The older woman copies it and again we hear it back, I say "shhhh!, it's a mans voice" she says "no it's a woman's" then we hear it again and I say "that was a woman's voice then". The person copies us a few times and we laugh, all of a sudden things change, we can now hear the man arguing with a woman, he's going mad and then we hear a gunshot, we are all shocked and shaken up hearing this knowing that a murder has just taken place!!! We now hear a young child crying then suddenly another gunshot and it all goes quiet.
      We all jump off the car which I still can't see , myself and the young boy run to one side of the road and his mother runs to the side opposite us. The police come running down the road to us and I quickly grab the boy out of the road away from danger and hold him tightly, the policeman says "look at them just standing in the road" he's really angry and shoo's us away to the side of the road more. The boys mother is very shaken up so we go over to her and we all walk to the top of the very steep road together. We can see the big white house on our right where the murders have taken place and we all feel sick to our stomachs, I'm thinking "my god, we just heard them get killed in there in real life" we get to the top of the steep road and the boys mother walks off infront of us and goes into the woods. I now think "ha, I know what happens now" myself and the boy follow to where she went. We get to the entrance of the woods and she has disappeared just as I knew she would. I think to myself "yep....she's gone into the woods to die!, I knew it I've had this dream before!" I now look to the floor to see if there is a hedgehog there like there was when I last had this dream and there he is, a hedgehog the size of a dog! just like I expected, I now know for definite that it's the same dream. I look at the young boy and say "she's gone to die in peace", we now feel a gust of wind blow on us, it's her spirit letting us know she has now died but is still around us. The young boy smiles at me, he doesn't seem upset. I see a small bench and go over to it, there is a book on the bench for the boy from his mom, I knew there would be but this time there was also a letter. I open the letter and it's written in a child's writing, it said something like "from Bridget with lots of love, this is especially for you" there was more but I can't remember it all. Me and the boy sat down. The book was from the olden days, the cover is pale and the picture was an olden day drawing of a boy and a wheel barrow. I opened up the book and read to the boy, then wake up.
    7. Between two worlds

      by , 01-13-2012 at 08:26 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Loads of dreams last night...tried to focus on Kaomea, and I saw her. I was going through her dream journal with my phone in my bed, and dozed off while I was reading it....but I think my eyes were still open. Either way, I had vivid HH of plam trees in my darkened room. It was if they were surrounding my bed. The first dream seems like two dreams are happening at once. The thing about it, when the other one switches up really fast, it's all in black and white....just really weird, and hard to keep up.

      I"m at some public area, and I think I'm treating someones broken arm or something

      *dream immediately changes scenes*

      I'm in a helicopter with Kaomea...everything is black and white. And I don't know whats going on.

      *dream changes scenes again*

      I have this thing stuck in my leg. I'm explaining that the Army put it there, and it's for allergic reactions. I can use the eppy whenever I want to, but I never had use for it. I'm slowly digging it out, and I can visualize the tissue in my leg and placement of the device in relation to my finger. I finally pull it out and wonder if there's anything left in it. The pin is orange, and my wound starts healing immediately. Too late to rethink putting it back in there.

      *scene changes again*

      We're arriving on the front lawn of the white house.

      *scene changes again*

      I have blanket over some girl, and I'm wrestling a demon out of her. She finally stops struggling, and when I remove the blanket...she's pretty calm. I asked her if she remembered anything that just happened, and she was drawing blank. "Good", I said, and took her to her mother who was T. All three of us walked to the kitchen where my friend D's mother was, and I introduced them all. I had a hard problem recalling her name...before I could even question why I didn't know it....

      *scene changes again*

      I'm running down the side of a skyscraper, and gravity obviously has no effect.
      *dream(s) finally end*

      At the house
      I'm at my house with J, and I notice his mothers ex is speeding off in an old orange car that I've never seen before. J was explaining the model and make, and I was watching the guy drive down the ditch before jumping on to the road. Just then my nephews came over, and C had on an army shirt. He was playing with it, and he ripped it up. I asked him why would he do such a thing, and I play wrestle with him a bit and tell him not to do that to his shirts...especially those shirts.

      *scene changes*
      I'm in the middle of the air in the world of Dragon Ball Z. I'm showing someone this technique that I thought he should have already learned. There are several floating mountains that I demonstrate on. First I gather my energy, and then I let off a Ki blast. When it flies....I fly faster than the blast itself, and intercept it. The blast hits me, and I use that gathered energey to shoot another blast that's way powerful than the previous one. It obliterates the floating mountain into pebbles. I did this several times before waking up.

    8. The dragons, The cricket and The fonz bunny.

      by , 09-15-2010 at 06:27 PM
      I was on a pebbly beach, white pebbles if i remember right. To my right, the beach extended for a while before meeting a tall cliff which then went out to sea. My left was completely clear. The sea was completely covered in strange white seaweed, which closely resembled those curly bath balls you can get for washing. As the waves came in they gently rose and fell. Far out I could see some water. The sky was an overcast grey, with dull clouds soundlessly drifting along. I turned round to face a cliff with several outcrops spread unevenly across its face. I managed to reach one of these, though i dont know how. A small girl in a light orange dress was looking out to sea through a telescope. I asked her if I could use it, and she said yes. I sat on a rock and dug my feet into the gravel, because for some reason I thought that someone might push me off.

      I then turned around to find the cliff gone and replaced by a lush green grassy hill leading to what seemed to be the white house. I went inside and found out that it was actually my familily's house, and so I headed to my room. The door was built diagonally, and on both sides there were baulstrades. Never heard of privacy i guess... I walked down the small flight of stairs and found myself in a bare room with white walls and a beige carpet. There was a large pair of doors leading ouside, and i walked out to find myself in another garden.

      In front of the house was a large area of grass, but further out were rows after rows of 1cm thick hedges. I explored the gras and found a blue dragon who needed me to feed him crickets. I found hundreds in the hedge but picked only three. I felt them tickle my hand, and one tried to bite me. Turns out the dragon dissapeared. Figures... I then met the duracell bunny dressed as the fonz, who asked if I wanted a beetle from the hedge. They were realy beautiful, so I got one and came back. However, I had apparently failed some kind of test, so my schools field would be.... GASP! CONCRETED! I actually couldn't give a f*** so I went back inside. I sat down in my room but then woke up.