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    1. Dream Views Trade Show Booth (Fragment)

      by , 05-30-2016 at 03:36 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: May ?, 2016 – ? (USA Eastern)

      (Note: This entry was forgotten on my voice recorder and I failed to record the date and time of the entry. I’m certain that it was May, but no idea which day.)

      I am at a trade show walking with a couple of familiar associates. We get our entry passes and walk onto the exhibition floor. One of the other guys tells me that they’re going to go over to our company booth. I let them know I’ll be there in a minute because I want to check out a couple of other booths. I walk for a bit and find a booth with a large banner that says “Dream Views”. I walk up and find OpheliaBlue talking with several people at the side of the booth. She waves and I wave back. As I get closer, an older guy with a nametag that says “Quirky” greets me. I ask him where Alex is and he points toward a conference room with closed blinds, saying “He’s in the middle of a meeting over there.” Just to the right of the conference room, Gab is sitting with some people at a table. I wave but she just gives me a blank stare back. I tell Quirky, “I’ll come back when they’re not so busy.”, then I walk off.
    2. Fogelbise Invades. ★★★☆☆

      by , 02-27-2015 at 11:26 PM (Zödra)
      Started last night with some interesting non lucids

      Switching Dates
      I am on a date with a cute chick. We are getting along really well and we are planning on going to a movie afterwards. She disappeared before the movie after the food and I can't find her. I am sitting at a bench and she pulls up in a car.
      "I think we still got time for a movie. you coming?" She says to me, and I jump in the car.
      "I thought that you were done with me." I reply.
      "I was having a good time, I just got lost." She laughs and we start driving around talking. I start to get a little more aware and my mind starts filling in some details. Apparently me and my wife were trying to get to know each other's friends by going on dates. It seems like a stupid idea, lol, but it stopped me from checking to see if it was a dream. I think I lost the movie in my memories, but we went to get my wife after and she was already done with the guy she was hanging with. She is at a place that looks like guitar center, but is selling swords and shields and stuff. I start staring at the shields crazily and think that something must be wrong.

      Wake up and back to sleep.
      Finally Slowing Down
      I am in my parents house and my old church is setting up there. My sister asks me to get a hold of one of the guys across the way and I throw a ball near them and yell his name. all the DCs start running at me to attack me. I realize that this must be a dream. I slow down. I have been too lucid to waste another chance here, I think about my goal... I put it in my pocket!!! I reach back and remember my goal is "something that can store anything". I look around and try to come up with something in dream, but all I see is broken card board box. I start laughing and I decided to try pulling up an in dream menu and nothing happens. frick. Something must be wrong with my dream powers. I take the stairs up to my old dream. I jump out a window and see that I am in the futuristic world with the VR place. It is all lit by artificial light and everything is futuristic. Except my parents house, it has enough light on it to make it look normal, except a big rock in front. I try the menu with both hands. This place must be blocking it. I start trying to think of ways around it, but the DCs start chasing me again. I fly up high enough that no one can mess with me and I pull out a plastic circle. I start forming it to look like the buttons in my menu. It doesn't work and I start messing with DCs. laughing at them and flying around. I wake up a little later.

      Back at the House
      I realize I am dreaming back at my parents house. I take all my surroundings in and jump out the window and land on the rock in my parents front yard. I sit on it and pull out the piece of plastic. I shape it into a perfect button and it turns into a rubber ball, I transform it back and try to keep the one button in the same place as the button should be. I slide it down to open up my menu and it opens, but I can't touch any of the other buttons. Something is definitely blocking my powers. I walk down and see some stores open. I see Fryingman (I don't pay much attention to him, dunno why, he looked like he was about my age, blonde hair) and I ask him what he has seen happening here, he said that he had seen fogelbise near and that he had gone downstairs. I think that fogelbise must have stolen all my dream powers. Must have put some sort of barrier around this area. I decide to check around outside so that I can remember how to get here next time, but all the lights are going out in the undergound and it is dark outside. I decide to go downstairs. The lights are going out starting at the top and going down. He is forcing me downstairs to meet him. I fly down and knock down a couple of DCs that he has enlisted to help him. They don't even slow me down. I see a ladder going down and I head down. The lights keep going out and I am barely staying ahead of it. I wake up before reaching fogelbise.

      Had a bunch of LDs, but these are the only two worth putting in my DJ. They were both quite long, but I hate typing!

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    3. Walking the Path

      by , 06-02-2013 at 12:24 PM
      Although this wasn't the right location, I did at least successfully find/conjure/whatever NewArtemis. Forgot all about swapping gestures and keywords, but it's all good... dry spell broken!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #99: Walking the Path

      I'm walking a beautiful nature trail. I sense that this is a place of peace and sanctuary outside of a hospital. I remind myself that I need to be sure that I'm not dreaming and I quickly realize that this is a dream.

      I hear two female voices from the trail up ahead and somehow I know that this is NewArtemis and her cousin.
      (No clue whether she even has a cousin IWL.) Art's cousin appears first, with Art trailing maybe 15 feet behind. "Come on!" calls Cousin. "You were right! It worked!"

      Cousin walks right past me, saying, "Hey! I'm [NewArtemis]'s cousin. She was so nervous this wouldn't work. She's been spinning her ring nonstop. That's what she does when she's nervous." With that, Cousin disappears from the scene, never to return.

      "Hey, [NewArtemis]!" I say, giving her a hug. "Good to finally see you!"
      ("Finally see you" is a little weird since I've encountered Art's DC a bunch of times -- was I implying this was "the real her" for the first time? Or just flapping my gums?)

      "Did you just break your dry spell, CL?"

      "I did!" We continue walking in the direction Art and Cousin were going, which has me doubling back toward wherever I came from. "Dude, I'm trying so hard to remember what I was supposed to do when we met up. I remember parasailing but I don't think that's right."

      She rubs her forehead or kind of scratches her head. "I don't remember anything either. Definitely not that we're supposed to go parasailing."
      (Art called this one right -- the parasailing thing was Task of the Month, not anything we'd talked about.)

      I hear road noise from nearby and I make some kind of comment about wondering where it's coming from. The scene shifts to where we're walking through the corridor of a hospital. I remember something I wanted to ask. "Hey, is it true what your cousin said? That you spin your ring when you're nervous?"

      She shakes her head. "No, that's total bullshit. My ring is kind of loose in the winter though." On the nature trail it felt like spring to me, and I'm able to remember that IWL it's summer.

      Art holds up her hands to demonstrate and I see that she's wearing rings on four or five of her fingers. Then she kind of wiggles her hands and now she has even more rings, including a thumb ring. She does this ring reconfiguration trick a few more times and I think it looks super cool. I wonder whether she's got the right number of fingers but she's moving around too much for me to count.

      We come to a T-junction where another hall comes from the left to meet the one that we're walking. I see my two boys E and R running off down the hall to make mischief. Art asks why we wound up here of all places rather than the Alamo. I say that I don't know.
      The dream ends.

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    4. The "Dream Guide"

      by , 05-13-2013 at 02:59 PM
      Although I didn't get my goals accomplished in this lucid dream, I did meet my first supposed "dream guide". Not as... competent as I might have expected.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #94: The "Dream Guide"

      I'm walking down a sidewalk past a construction zone. One of the construction workers is crouched down low to measure something. I notice that he's using our diaper bag to make the measurement. I wonder what on Earth is going on but I'm in a hurry. You know what? I don't even want to know. I wait until the worker isn't looking and then just swipe the bag, throw it over my shoulder, and forget about it.

      A little further on, I pass a couple walking with their daughter, a blonde girl of about 7 or 8. The girl glances at me as I pass. I think nothing of this at first, but after a few steps, I'm overcome by this feeling of being watched. I turn around to look behind me and the little girl is following me now, floating a couple of inches off of the ground. She has an unsettling, dead-eyed expression, and I hurry to get away. She's faster than I am, though, and as she seizes my hand, a horror movie "dun DUUNNNN!!" soundtrack plays. At first I'm spooked, but the effect is so ham-handed that
      I become lucid.

      "This is just a dream," I tell her.

      She smiles happily, no longer the fright figure of just moments ago. "It is!" she exclaims, dropping my hand and raising her arms over head triumphantly. "And I'm going to help guide you through it!"

      Cool, I could use some help... "So that means you're a Dream Guide?"

      "Oh, okay!" she says, not inspiring my confidence.

      "Can you help me out with teleportation?" I ask, walking down the street with her. The road soon turns to cobblestone as we move away from the construction site. There are fewer people around now.

      She shakes her head. "I haven't learned that kind of stuff yet..."

      "Okay," I say. "Well, my goal for this dream was..."

      She interrupts and speaks really rapidly: "You're going to summon NewArtemis and have her turn into a werewolf!" She grins, proud to show off her ability to read my mind. (She refers to Art by her DV handle.)

      I smile, amused. "That's right... [NewArtemis]. The plan is to use a handshake summon. Can you help me do that?"

      "Oh no," she says. "I haven't learned how to do summoning yet."

      The street seems to be ending so I hop casually over the buildings at the end of the street, float over them, and land on another cobblestoned street just beyond. The little girl follows, floating just slightly behind. We're at a T-intersection and to my left is the mouth of a dark tunnel. I say, "How about I show you how to do that handshake summon?"

      She nods eagerly and I extend my hand off to my right, out of sight, and repeatedly imagine NewArtemis performing the handshake. After a while, I feel the beginnings of a handshake. The little girl gasps and claps her hands. "What's it look like?" I ask. The girl doesn't answer and as I look at her now, I realize that she looks like a teenager and that her hair has lengthened and changed color. "Am I changing you?" I ask, starting to feel confused. It occurs to me how confusing it is to look at the girl while trying to imagine NewArtemis. It's like trying to remember how a song goes when something else is blaring on the radio. I feel like I might be morphing the girl into NewArtemis but I'm unsure whether I should switch to trying that. I'm becoming distracted.

      I feel an insistent tap in the palm of my hand, as if the middle finger of the person I'm shaking hands with was repeatedly poking me and trying to get my attention. My mind races between the summoning effort, the tapping in my hand, the girl's shifting appearance, and my own indecision as to whether the summoning is ready for me to turn and look. Soon,
      the dream collapses.
    5. The Night of the Weredog

      by , 05-02-2013 at 03:01 PM
      This WILD was amazing. Very vivid and realistic, rich content, successful summoning, and a Task of the Month success (plus a failure.) Forgive the length of this entry, but the dream was 25-30 minutes, and a lot happened! (Edit: After further review... best LD ever.)

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #90: The Night of the Weredog

      I experience a sharp transition that feels like a short fall face-first onto a paved surface. My arms are splayed out over my head and I can't move. I can see just a bit and it looks like I'm on a basketball court at night, but I'm afraid to open my eyes more to look around.

      I'm totally paralyzed. I'm conscious and aware but for some reason can't move, and I think I'm experiencing something similar to REM atonia. I know it's all in my head, though, so I start peeling my dream-arms out of this fake physical body by rotating them forward into the ground using thought rather than my muscles. It takes a little effort, but eventually I feel this set of "dream-arms" separate out and move independently. Soon the rest of my dream-body follows and I'm able to exit completely and get to my feet.

      It is a basketball court -- four of them in fact, all arranged together in one giant rectangle. I'm alone on this court but teenagers are playing small, informal games on the other courts. The courts are surrounded by concrete stands and a metal railing. For fun, I stunt-jump off of the metal railing and land back on the court, then see Wife approaching out of the darkness. She's dressed for bed and looks groggy. "You're still up?" she says. "Shouldn't you get to bed?"

      "Shhh, it's okay," I say. "Go back to sleep. I'm having one of my dreams." She nods, yawns, and wanders off into the darkness. False awakening averted.

      I roam around the basketball court for a while before regaining focus on my goals for the dream -- summon NewArtemis and have her do the werewolf tranformation for Advanced Task of the Month. I put my right hand out for the handshake summon and look away, pointing my gaze over my left shoulder. I don't feel anything at first, but I'm relaxed about it. I know it'll work if I just give it time. I imagine the sensation of a hand pressing into my palm, and then slowly, vaguely it takes shape. After a few moments, I give the "hand" a squeeze and it squeezes back.

      Without looking, I check for a forearm, probing all the way up to the elbow. "[NewArtemis], is that you?"

      "Hey! Yeah I'm here!" Cool, I think, but I want to be sure the summon's really solid before I look. I check the DC's arm -- quite thin, but it's there. I reach her shoulder and I'm a little worried when it just feels like bare skin.

      "So before I look... uh, what's the story with your clothing situation?"

      "It's fine, I'm dressed!" she says. "Come on, quit worrying so much!"

      Slowly, I turn to look. I'm shocked to see that I'm shaking hands with a short, middle-aged woman in a blue business suit. There's about a half second of sudden blackness and then a hard scene transition -- now I'm shaking hands with NewArtemis (no longer the businesswoman and back to her usual DC appearance) on some beachside boardwalk at night. Success! "Told you!" she crows. "Let's go!" She sprints past a burly, mustachioed man eating an ice cream cone, heading toward the sand. I follow, flying to keep up.

      As she reaches the beach sand, she notices that I'm flying. She looks annoyed. "You know, I can't seem to get my flying to work right now." I notice that I'm unable to fly more than a few feet off of the ground. I try a Hulk jump and can only manage a measly 20 feet or so. Seeing this, she tries a Hulk jump of her own and manages about 50 feet. "Ha!"

      There are some dunes along the shore and we practice competitively Hulk jumping up and down the dunes as we continue along the water. After doing this for a bit, we come to a long line of black-robed cultists standing at the top of a dune in a long series of rows, torches in hand. They're droning and chanting, obviously in the middle of performing some dark ritual. There are probably 50 of them in total and I think that this looks like a perfect place to go for the "mythical creature" Task of the Month. "[NewArtemis]! Do your werewolf transformation! These guys are just begging to get eaten by a werewolf."

      She looks doubtful. "I'm not so sure," she says. "Isn't this just a bunch of college kids doing a fraternity initiation?"

      Just as she says this, one of the "evil acolytes" flips his hood back. He's a friendly-looking blonde guy with a goofy smile. "Hey guys! Sorry if we freaked you out! We're just a bunch of college kids doing a fraternity initiation!" (He uses her precise wording.)

      I sigh. We continue for a little while longer, coming to a well-lit swimming pool. "Maybe we should go ahead now and do your werewolf transformation while we're thinking about it," I suggest, and the moment I say this, she changes fast into a big, black dog, bounds ahead of me, and leaps joyfully into the pool! She splashes playfully in the pool for a while, panting and grinning.

      But as she kicks up more water, the playful splashing turns into thrashing and now the black dog has turned into my 3-year-old son and he's sinking fast. I'm still aware that it's a dream so even though I badly want to pull him out of the water, I don't feel as freaked out as I would in waking life. I dive into the pool and even underwater I can hear my son calling to me. I can see and breathe without any trouble and I swim to the bottom of the pool, scoop him up, then fly back out of the water, landing poolside to tend to him. He seems unharmed and the moment I set him down, he runs off into a nearby grotto.

      I follow my son into the grotto, a low-ceilinged cave with a shallow pool of water, partially bricked walls, and some form of dim light that reflects off the water and plays across the cave ceiling. I find that my son E has changed back into NewArtemis in human form. "Sorry about the pool thing, man," Art says, rolling her eyes. "Hey, do Task of the Month on these DCs!" She gestures at a family of tourists that are exploring the grotto. (The task is to tell a DC they're not real and see their reaction.)

      I'm impressed that she reminded me of this. "Good idea! Hey kid," I say, addressing a boy of about 11, "you're not real."

      "Nuh-uhh..." the kid counters, looking cross and uncomfortable. Okay, that should be good for a Basic completion, but I'm looking for more.

      Now I address a bearded man in his mid-60s, who I assume is the boy's grandfather. "You're not real. This is all happening inside my dream."

      "Nonsense," the grandfather says, "you're not real. I'll prove it." He flicks me on the left arm, looking proud of himself. I counterargue by levitating him a couple of feet off of the ground and setting him back down. He blubbers for a moment, then looks off at one of the cave walls, mentally processing this existential crisis. I feel a little bad for him.

      "[NewArtemis], you should do this too, get those Basic wings," I say, only partly joking. She doesn't respond, and when I look over, she's changed into a man in his late 20s, short-haired, prematurely balding, and slumped against the wall in fatigue. He mumbles something about how long the dream has been and how tired it's made him. I throw the guy over my shoulder and carry him out of the grotto. When I set him down outside, he's turned back into a tired-looking NewArtemis. "Are you okay?" I ask. She says that she is, but everything has started to feel wobbly and unstable.

      Suddenly, the whole scene rocks and something pitches us forward. We both yelp and I fall flat on my face, my hands flailing out in front of me. I'm semi-paralyzed and the scene has gone dark, but I've managed to grab onto NewArtemis' left ankle where it feels like she's wearing some kind of thick winter sock. There's a loud rumbling in the background that sounds like an earthquake. "I can still move!" yells NewArtemis over the noise and she drags me slowly forward across some kind of rough gravel. My face is smashed down into the gravel so I can't respond. She keeps hauling us forward for about 15 more seconds before the scene collapses into...

      ...a false awakening in some unknown house. Mom is here and I excitedly start telling her about the incredible LD that I just had, going over as many details as I can recall. She tells me to keep my voice down -- my son R is sleeping in the next room over. I apologize, continuing the recollection in a softer tone of voice. After a while, this scene fades, too, and I'm awake.

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    6. Prison Break

      by , 03-14-2013 at 04:23 PM
      This was the first of two lucid dreams from last night. I've had a very irritating cough the last few days, so this gave me the perfect excuse to combine menthol cough drops with my usual Wednesday galantamine night. And yet again, the pre-game LD psych-up session with NewArtemis not only helps me get lucid but also makes her pop up as a DC!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #76: Prison Break

      I'm experiencing hypnagogic imagery that involves some dark, concrete courtyard. I go through some transition (not sure whether DILD or WILD) but I somehow wind up in this scene, fully lucid.

      I'm crouched in the shadows by a low stone wall. I'm dressed all in black and I have a submachine gun or carbine (with suppressor attached) clutched in my hands. I don't want to use it unless I'm forced to -- I know that I'm here to break someone out of prison and if I'm forced into a firefight I'll be surrounded by guards in minutes.

      I become aware that I have an earpiece in my left ear and NewArtemis is radioing instructions to me on how to pass through the prison undetected. Her voice is calm, clinical, and precise. "Stay low and keep close to this wall. Stop before you get to the light."

      I stay crouched down and creep along the wall toward a well-lit spot near a gap in the wall. My footsteps are alarmingly loud, like I'm wearing some kind of clunky loafers. I wince at the sound. I decide that I want to be barefoot and immediately I am. I skulk even more carefully this time, trying to move sort of like what's-his-face from "Splinter Cell". Now my footsteps are completely silent. I feel really smug about this.

      I stop just before reaching the spotlit area. Pausing for a moment, I rub my hands together to stay connected with my dream body. NewArtemis again: "[CanisLucidus], check your 2." I take this to mean "2 o'clock", and indeed at 2 o'clock I see a darkened guard tower. A lone guard with a rifle patrols here and I'm surprised to see that he's completely black-clad just like I am. I think that I have a good shot at killing him pretty cleanly from where I am, but I don't even want to go there.

      "He's turning. Go now." I think about rolling for a moment but decide that's too fancy-pants. Instead, I just scurry across the lit area and into a new set of shadows.

      "Good. Stick to the wall and head to the opposite end of the exercise yard. The way inside will be on your right." I move along the wall all the way to an ultra-dark corner of the yard. The doorway is about forty feet away, a pair of solid-looking steel doors arranged like the doors of an elevator. I'm wondering how I'm going to get in when
      I awaken in a fit of coughing.

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    7. Fooled

      by , 03-02-2013 at 04:54 PM
      I entered this menthol lucid via an in-dream WILD but never picked up on the fact that I had entered from a dream. I also got completely fooled by a false awakening, not waking up for real until long after the dream had ended. Because of that, a lot of the LD is pretty scrambled, including a couple possible Task of the Month attempts. Still, this one's filled with amusing little tidbits.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #71: Fooled

      I am wandering in my house during the day, thinking about lucid dreaming. I decide to visit DreamViews (on my Kindle?), starting with the Task of the Month thread.

      I see a post from PennyRoyal and suddenly remember that I'm supposed to be making him a fake ID. I remember that he badly needs this ID and I'm way, wa behind on producing it.
      (Needless to say, this is not true!) Being on DV and getting reminded of this task I'm putting off makes me feel like a slacker and a procrastinator, so I close the site.

      I sit on the floor of the living room and pick up a strange comic book with moving pictures. The hero, a billionaire similar to Bruce Wayne, does a parkour safety vault over a railing onto the front porch of his mansion. I watch the move replay over and over, thinking about how I should find a spot to learn the safety vault near the house or the office.

      Eventually I decide that maybe I should just practice this vault myself in a lucid dream. I lay down on the floor of the den to attempt a WILD and
      instantly emerge standing in the living room of my house! I gloat to myself about what a stud I've become at WILD. I rub my hands together and walk into the kitchen.

      There's a man standing in the kitchen and after conversing with him, I learn that he needs a sword. I conjure one into my right hand. The sword is awesome and looks just like the one He-Man uses. I give the sword to the DC, but he looks disappointed. He complains that "it's not a magic sword." This annoys me, so I tell him that if he wanted a magic sword then he should have asked for a magic sword. He hurls himself on the ground and throws a massive tantrum, bawling, rolling around, and kicking his feet like a toddler.
      (This may have been me granting a DC a wish, but I do not remember properly asking the question, so I will not count this as a Task of the Month completion.)

      Annoyed, I walk away from the DC. I look for the note that I left myself for TotM. I don't know whether I find it, but the dream destabilizes somewhere inside the house and I have a false awakening that puts me back lying on the floor of my den. I think about writing the dream down, but I'm distracted when I look over at our couch and have sexy thoughts about doing stuff with Wife on it. I'm surprised by how vivid my imagination is right now. I vaguely remember consuming menthol, but when? (I had peppermint tea at WBTB.) Is menthol why I'm thinking about happy happy fun time?

      Then I have another memory of recently eating popcorn.
      (Also true, right before bed.) I realize that I have one of those annoying little popcorn hulls stuck between my two front teeth. I absentmindedly conjure a box cutter into my right hand and use it to pick the hull out of my teeth.

      I finally remember to write the lucid dream down. I open up some sort of notebook to write the dream down but it's just filled with Wikipedia pages. These Wikipedia pages contain hyperlinks that respond to my touch, so I surf around for a while reading about stuff. I think about how much you can learn these days without even talking to anybody. I wonder how we introverts used to learn before the internet. Oh yeah, I think, there were always books. I happily surf Wikipedia for a while,
      and I remember nothing after that.
    8. The Celebrity

      by , 02-28-2013 at 04:01 PM
      I wish that I'd asked this character what he represented rather than falling back so readily to fight or flight! My emotional control wasn't great in this LD but at least I guided myself toward a Task of the Year goal.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #70: The Celebrity

      I WILD into a wooded campground. There's a crowd of excited DCs nearby, all waiting to meet this one guy who seems to be some kind of celebrity. The "celebrity" is an uncharismatic, mid-40s, somewhat ugly guy with a dark mustache. In spite of this, all of the women in the crowd are swooning and the men are excitedly pushing past one another for a chance to shake his hand.

      In between handshakes, the celebrity keeps doing these loud, visibly moist sneezes directly into his hand... just before using it to shake the hand of the next starstruck DC. I find the whole scene repulsive, so I decide to hurry past.

      As I pass by the crowd, the celebrity turns to me and offers me a handshake. I think that I'm supposed to be honored, but I have no interest in touching his sneeze-hand. I politely pat his shoulder and turn to leave, refusing the handshake.

      There's a murmur of surprise from the crowd, but I try to ignore them, thinking instead of the tasks that I have in mind. The celebrity charges toward me and thrusts his hand in my face, insistent that I pay my respects. No, thanks. I turn away again, but when I do, the celebrity disrespectfully slaps me on the butt! I'm unbelievably offended at being treated this way in my own dream. My first thought is to turn around and just wreck this dude.

      I decide that escape's the better move, though, so I Hulk-jump away. Somehow the celebrity grabs onto my leg as I go, though, and ends up flying with me. We land in another part of the campground and again he wordlessly extends his sneeze-hand toward me for a handshake. I try another jump, but he keeps hanging on.

      I'm really angry that he's interfering with my LD and I think of the Colosseum Task of the Year ('Have a "fight to the death" with a DC in the Colosseum.') Yes, I think that I've found just the DC for killing. "I'm taking you to the Colosseum," I tell him, and grab him by the throat. His expression never changes, but his neck, arms and torso start rapidly expanding as if he were packing on slabs of muscle right before my eyes. Within a few seconds, he's transformed into a hulking, dangerous-looking gladiator.

      Still holding him by the throat, I jump again. The celebrity looks like he weighs about 260 now, but fortunately I can move him easily when I jump. I have a gladius in my hand, but I hold back on using it until the time is right. My enemy is wearing some kind of armor now, and he's no longer looking for a handshake. I give my gladius some practice swings and mutter some threats that I can no longer remember. The celebrity doesn't respond.

      Now we crash down on a floor of sand. I think that this is it! I can see a low stone wall all around us but above that it's just darkness where the crowd should be. I will the scene to come into focus, but the darkness just descends heavier and heavier until
      the dream ends...

      Lost Lucid Dreams and Fragments
      I also had a number of longer lucid dreams last night that were mostly wiped from my memory! My guess is that these were very low-level lucids where I lost lucidity. I'm a bit distressed to know that I am capable of losing LDs like that. I'm pondering what I should do to address this.

      Lost Lucid #1 - I'm flying high over a huge canyon near sundown, aware that I'm dreaming and holding a pile of dog poo in my bare hands. I am in a hurry to get somewhere.
      Lost Lucid #2 - An old man is in my kitchen showing me how to make gold out of simple household ingredients (including mud.) I know that I'm dreaming, but I watch in fascination.

      Also, one lucid fragment:

      Lucid Fragment #1 - I'm looking at a DJ entry on DreamViews. It has a single comment with a very long first paragraph. I become lucid when I see that the comment is from "BadArtemis" rather than "NewArtemis". Quickly wake up.

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    9. The Scorpion

      by , 02-24-2013 at 05:03 PM
      This is the second DV member lucid I've had in a row! For some reason, my subC is teeing these up for me right now, which is cool. Hope it keeps up.

      I noticed that I was fairly stupid throughout this dream, including the lucid portion. I took a pretty high dose of melatonin at bedtime, so I wonder whether that was related. Good vividness though!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #69: The Scorpion

      I'm walking through the desert, heading down the slope of a tall sand dune. The sun is high and bright. I feel relaxed almost to the point of sleepiness.

      Suddenly, I feel a sharp, painful stab in my foot! I decide that I must have been bitten by a scorpion. I try to remember if you're supposed to die when that happens, but I think maybe it just hurts like hell. When I look down to find the "scorpion", all I see is an unhooked safety pin lying in the sand. The safety pin dances a bit and says, "It's me! Paigeyemps!"

      "Yeah right," I tell the safety pin.

      "Seriously, it's me!" The safety pin wiggles a bit. "I got shrunk down and I'm too small to go anywhere. So I found this safety pin and I stab people with it when they come by so that they'll help me. I'm really thirsty."

      I find this totally convincing and I feel bad for doubting her. "Of course I'll help you! Let me get you some water!" I look around and see that about 100 feet away is the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. Oops. I feel silly wandering around in the desert when I'm this close to the Vegas strip.

      I walk toward the Las Vegas strip and somehow I find an empty cup and a big bottle of water. I fill up the cup and bring it back to Paigeyemps and her safety pin, feeling like quite the hero. The little safety pin waves around a bit and she says, "That cup is filled with bacteria! I can't drink that!" I'm sort of embarrassed that the cup is so dirty and I wonder how she's able to see bacteria so well. I figure it's because she's so little, but something seems funny about the whole situation. All of this "heavy duty thinking" seems to get my brain into a higher gear and
      I become lucid.

      Even though I'm lucid, I still feel very, very stupid. I think that maybe Paigeyemps could use a bigger signaling object than that tiny safety pin, so I conjure a knife into my right hand. It occurs to me that it would probably be bad to have her out here in the desert knifing everybody that comes close. I toss the knife over my shoulder.

      "Hey," I tell her, "I'm actually lucid now! Let me just shrink down to your size and see if I can help."
      (I wonder why I didn't try to make her bigger instead. ) She says something along the lines of "cool" and I focus my vision on the safety pin, willing myself to shrink down.

      The shrinking effect feels sort of like zooming on Google Maps. I focus on the spot where the safety pin is and will myself to move closer and closer to it. There's a momentary visual streaking effect and then everything looks bigger. After a few iterations of this, the grains of sand look more like huge rocks and for some reason they're glowing. From up close, they look beautiful.

      "I think it's working!" Paige shouts. "You look much smaller!" At this point, I see a tiny humanoid-looking figure hopping around among the grains of sand! Encouraged, I do a few more cycles. On my last zoom, though, I zoom in on the wrong spot and find her completely out of view.

      I call out to see if I can still find her but there's no response. I figure that I'm totally lost. I don't know how to proceed so I try hopping around like a sand flea for a little while. I get tons of height when I flea-hop like this and sand-boulders fly everywhere when I land. This is great! I do that a few more times until
      the dream ends.
    10. Losing My Grip

      by , 02-23-2013 at 10:32 PM
      I doubled up the menthol at WBTB and I think it definitely had a strong effect on the early dream content. Also, it was cool to finally bring a DV member into a lucid dream! Reading DV during WBTB was a huge help, I think.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #68: Losing My Grip

      I'm in a long bedroom, and immediately I realize that this is a dream. Wife is reclining on the bed in her winter pajamas, reading her Kindle. On the opposite side of the room is a large window with its curtains open. Sunlight pours into the room.

      "Hey," I tell Wife, "I'm having a lucid dream!"

      She looks up. "Good! Have fun." She returns to her reading. I know that I'd planned to go to Angel Falls for Task of the Year, but my head is buzzing with sexy thoughts. I look out the window for a moment. The sun's too bright to see outside and the window is consumed by a warm, yellow glow.

      When I turn my gaze back to Wife she has changed. The Kindle has vanished and she's gone from lounging in flannel pajama pants to laying over the bed in a negligee and booty shorts. My urges are going crazy. I decide that I'm not getting any of my goals done this dream. "What did you just do?" she says, looking amused.

      "It's the menthol," I tell her. "I had 6 bags of peppermint tea. I think it's making me frisky." She raises her eyebrows and tilts her head forward, looking skeptical. "It sounds like an excuse," I admit. "I make too much out of these drugs. Kind of like how I think galantamine gives me magical powers." For some reason, I turn and force-push a clock off of a nearby dresser and shout "Galantamine!!"
      (So embarrassing. What a dream-dork. )

      I join Wife on the bed and start to kiss her. The sensation is incredibly vivid and I start getting caught up in these really strong fantasies about what's going to happen. (These were crazy, cosmic fantasies that involved space, time, and dreams-within-dreams. Sadly, most of the details got scrambled up.) The fantasizing quickly runs away with me, and I'm close to losing lucidity. Before we can start doing anything, I hear the sound of little feet on the floor near our bed and a little voice say, "I see Mommy!" I freak when I realize that our two boys are here and lose lucidity. The sexytime mood leaves the room as quickly as it arrived. Wife is now back in her flannel pajamas and it looks like nothing was ever happening. I'm relieved that she's so good at acting normal.

      We go downstairs with the kids and start going through a semi-normal morning routine. After a very long time spent doing mundane morning stuff, the boys are helping me bake bread in the bread machine. As I'm taking the bread out out, R (my 1.5 year old) climbs up on the counter. Before I can stop him, he burns himself on the bread, bonks his head on the bread machine, and tumbles all the way to the kitchen floor. This scares me but the accident is so comically absurd that
      I regain lucidity.

      The boys run off and I see that Wife's looking at me. I tell her, "Don't worry, that whole thing with the fall was just part of this dream." She says okay and joins the boys in the den.

      I notice that the living room is filled with a strange darkness. I catch figures moving in the darkness but I can't make out who or what they are. They don't seem hostile, and I somehow decide that they're DV members and that I want to pull one of them into the scene. NewArtemis, Alyzarin, Xanous, and OpheliaBlue are in there. I catch little flashes where I sort of "see" their faces without seeing them. (It's a little hard to explain.) I choose to bring Xanous in. (Even though the sexytime mood from earlier is long gone, I feel like it's a really bad idea to bring a female DV buddy into a menthol dream.)

      I turn my head away from the darkness and extend my hand for a handshake. I expect Xanous to walk into the kitchen and shake my hand. After only a second or two, I'm gripped by a firm handshake... I turn to look, and hell yeah it's Xanous! He's in a gray t-shirt with some logo and he's laughing about something. Before I can say anything, he rapidly shrinks down until he's about a foot tall, but somehow I'm still shaking his hand.

      My vision goes black but I still have a hold on the handshake. I ask Xanous what he thinks I should do but he just says something unintelligible in a weird robot voice. The handshake slips away and I fall back to the gladius trick. This doesn't do anything, and I alternate between swinging a sword and slapping myself in the face. It doesn't seem to get me anywhere.

      After a bit,
      I wake up, staring straight at a wall. Wait, Wife should be where the wall is. Still dreaming. I try to move but I'm totally frozen. I start contemplating an OBE exit before I wake up for real.

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      lucid , false awakening
    11. Never be Auron

      by , 11-06-2012 at 01:16 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm at some sort of huge comic/videogame convention, but it's different....like real. Scenery changes to a fantasy land, I see people sitting and drinking at a tavern, and it triggers lucidity. Duals are going on both in real life and on video games. I slowly transformed into Auron with my residual clothing technique. People who saw me were super intimidated. Not bad. I continued walking around looking for a challenge, and saw this room littered with street fighter joystick boxes. All of them had Dalhsim, and I couldn't help but laugh at everyone who had to buy one at the last minute. There was this guy there. Dressed in all black leather, black hair, skin was pale. He had a smug look on him, and he was waiting for me to attack. I lunged forward, and he blocked it with his hands, and threw me back. Then he pulled out a sword and gun and started shooting at me. I dodged the bullets, but was caught off guard that this guy was using real weapons. Maybe my weapons were real...I'm not sure...control is fading. This guy is just owning me with ease. He uses a spell that threw a swarm of killer clams at my ankle, and they munch away at my flesh while heading up it. I knock them off with my sword, but all they do is disappear and reappear back on my ankle. The DC is laughing at me saying I can't do anything..... Oh Hi Irken I'm in a random small class room, and I just rolled up a fat blunt. It's like the size of a hotdog, but it's falling a part. I take a hit, and realize I'm going to need to doctor it up. I head to the sink and put some water on my hands and try to reshape everything back in place (I really don't think I would have had enough spit to work it right) and Irken walks in. He wanted to smoke, and he bought his own. I told him I had to finish putting this crap together, and we'd hit it. Some other random DC comes in, so I put it out, and hid it. Meanwhile he was talking about some math class that he had, and I asked him "was it calculus?" He said yes, so I pulled out my book and asked him if that's the one needed....he did, so I decided to sell it to him for only 20 bucks. I knew it was at least resalable for 80 but it's all good. Then my bro comes in with a huge box that has all these games in it. I don't know if they're demo's or what but I ask him "why does gamestop always hook you up". He then tells me about how much he spends there on average. I don't know what to do with the stuff, because I only have old school systems.
    12. it's a party yall.

      by , 11-04-2012 at 05:35 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm at the doorstep of a pretty big house. The grass is bright green....the weather is great. And Limitless opens the door. We smile, and I gave her a half hug, and we had a slight conversation, and then her mother came out. She introduced me to her, and she was pretty cool. We walked inside and there was a party going on. The house had polished wood floors with white walls, and I remember seeing someone sanding on a ladder while pouring someone a shot. U was there too, and I was telling her how it had been so long since we last saw each other. Lim asked me what I wanted to drink, and I suggested vodka since I was pretty sure they didn't have any tequila. I don't think I ever got my drink, but I remember collecting all these sea creatures to place in a bag to keep. Later on I asked her if The Unknown was around because I wanted to meet him too. She said he was upstairs in her room. We headed up, and I woke up.
    13. Stuff

      by , 06-24-2012 at 06:36 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      There was a guy who had these miniature toy soldiers that would obey his command of grid coordinates. It was a tun bases war game and they would automatically kick down doors and what not. It was pretty cool.

      There's this semi that transfOrms into a moving base. The front part of it becomes the height of a double decker bus. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I'm on top of it while its transforming, and we're going at least 75 down the interstate. It's funny because my major concern wasn't getting shot by these people diving it, but falling off. I was with a team of maybe 3 or four and I kept thinking "we need to kill these guys quick". I even thought about how if I died it was over...unlike a dream.

      Well they took everyone out, and I climed into the front part and sat in the passengers seat. This thing had the ability to drive in water and we went down a river and there were a lot of kids fishing. I really wanted to that instead of spy work. One guy told me the fish weren't even edible. It didn't matter to me though. I also saw white tigers on the bank. I was trying to figure out how and why they didn't go out there and kill everyone.

      By now the guy tells me to drive when we hit land. The controlls are kinda like a motorcycle, but it's super unresponsive.

      I remember this other dream where I was making music out of the noises that were made when moving the courser around with this game. I think Naiya was there, and she was a little impatient. We started playing, and the. I was sort of in the game. I ran down a hallway and said to a group of people " knock knock", someone said "who's there". I said "Nickle plated 45" and pretended to shoot all of them.

      Then Alex Trebec is on the phone with the whitehouse and he's trying to set something up where people can come over there more often.
    14. Just checking in

      by , 06-12-2012 at 08:30 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      The transition was extra weird. When I felt the vibrations, I felt something or someone push me a few inches into the bed. Then they said something, and put a barrier over the bed and threw me and my mattress into the next room

      I was looking at a sunset and the room I was in didn't have a wall. I thought about stabilizing and waiting a moment but it was clear that everything was ready to go. I was gonna head into my room to see who slung me into my dream and said " eh, let's leave it a mystery".

      I really had no thoughts of what to do, I started flying off randomly. Each time I would come back near my house but things were different. More water, more random stuff. I went swimming in a newly formed lake and there were all these sea creatures in it. I got out after a few minutes because I had a "watch something tries to kill me and I spend the entire dream owning it" feeling.

      Nothing else to do...maybe I'll see what kaomea is up to. I tried making a few portals but they weren't working. some sarcastic girls came up and started asking what I was doing. By this time I had 'she loves me not' out and it really took some restraint it to chop them to bits with it. We went for tic for tack while the sword was materializing, but this time, it didn't fully appear. I think part of it was stuck in another dimension. Anyways, I stuck the sword into the remenants of a portal I tried to make, and the asphalt turned into liquid and gave way to a portal.

      I jumped down it and out the corner of my eye I could see The World That Never Was. Damnit, I know I don't have enough time so I continue on down. I arrive at an airport terminal and Kaomea is there waiting on me. She has her arms crossed like she's been waiting for a while. I played it cool and outstretched my arms and she hugged me. She told me that "she was mad at me" when I asked her how she was doing. "Who's mad at you?" I asked. Then she went back to having that grumpy look she had before and said "you should know".

      The damn dream snapped (i had no clue that it was going to end and everything dematerialized instantly) and I had a FA. I was reading my DJ and Dreamprofessor replied to my last entry saying that it was too early for me to transition and that's why I never got into the dream. I was figuring out how to say "I know what the hell I'm doing" in the nicest way and when I got out of bed, my boxers were soaked....wet dream soaked. I was looking down and saying "what the fuck....I didn't even do anything". I started thinking about the previous dreams and ran them through my head. Nope, no plan B action what so ever. Well I was really hot, maybe it's just sweat....nah, this ain't sweat....fuck. And I woke up.
    15. IRC / Phone Call

      by , 05-25-2012 at 02:29 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: May 25, 2012 – 4:45AM (USA Eastern)

      I am chatting on IRC with several DV members when OpheliaBlue logs in and types something. The text is not visible, nor is it black on black because highlighting reveals no text. Just as I am typing her a message to let her know, my phone rings. I answer and it's OpheliaBlue on the other end of the line. She speaks what she is typing although there is no visible text in the IRC window.
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