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    1. Change in Earth's Rotation, Work/Recess/Paper Praise, and Open-World Gaming

      by , 09-21-2014 at 11:25 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching something play out about this teenage boy who was going to have a meeting at his house about a change happening with the planet's rotation. There was someone, an adult woman, who was trying to stop him from having the meeting. He did finally have the meeting, and I saw this really cool holographic image of what I guess was the Earth spinning with some gold trail coming off of it when it spun.


      I was at work, but it was outside in this big field. It was still the bakery; there was an open building in the middle of the field. I saw Brittany, a girl I worked with at another job, shopping. Others saw her too and said hello, saying she didn't even look like she had had a baby (she had a baby a few years ago IWL). She then started to work there. I guess she worked at another store. I "remembered" that she sometimes came and worked at our store. I also saw my brother there, talking on the phone. I tried to get his attention to talk to him, but he was ignoring me. Was he mad at me for some reason?

      I then walked out of the bakery and into the field. There were many people there, all outside for a very big recess. There was a school nearby. I ran into my first real boyfriend from high school, B, and someone else, a girl. They were smoking this huge, weird, skinny pipe that had traditional wooden yellow pencils sticking out from it all over the place. B asked me if I wanted to smoke. I took the weird pencil pipe and wasn't sure which side I was even supposed to smoke out of. There was smoke coming out of it, and it smelled horrible. I asked what they were even smoking, and B said it was weed and something else, can't remember what. I thought about taking a hit and being high, which would break my sobriety. It would also impair my thinking, so I decided against it. Besides, with all the smoke billowing out of that thing, I'm sure I got some sort of second-hand hit without meaning to.

      I then was inside the school in a classroom. I was there with only a few others, and the light was off in the room. We had written these papers about what we wanted to do with our lives, and we would actually get to spend some time doing a sort of internship having to do with the subject of our paper. I had written about wanting to help disabled children. The teacher had already read the papers. She then told me that mine was outstanding and really praised me for it. I thought about an internship and spending a lot of time with children. I was nervous, because I really haven't spent time with little kids since I was a kid. I saw a group of people walking towards me. There were kids, adults, and what looked like a League of Legends character, Fizz I think is his name.


      I was playing this open-world online game where you could pick your character. I was some small either blue or purple fox-like character playing with another one that was either blue or purple, whichever color I wasn't. We were running around in this field, doing some platforming and stuff. We did this for quite awhile. My character would sometimes say something in a feminine voice, like gameplay tips or something.

      We then were in this boss room that we didn't mean to go into. It was a circular room with another, smaller glassed-in room in the middle. All these guys started to come out. The person I was with was now my friend Caitlin, though she was still the fox in-game. I heard her voice say something about the boss in a panic, but I can't remember what. We ran into the glassed-in room for safety, and watched more and more guys come out. We needed to get out of there somehow without getting hit. We eventually made a run for it and got out of the boss room and were in another weird-looking dark room. It was creepy because I didn't know if enemies would come out, but they didn't.

      I was outside again, but this time, with a different character, a more humanoid one this time. More running around and platforming. There was a point where I was alone and platforming, and my character gave me a tip about gliding. I then was in first person, and felt like I was actually the character in the air mid-glide.

      I then kept waking up every few minutes and going back to sleep briefly and entering the dream again, knowing that I had to be up for work soon. I kept seeing different, later times in the dream than it was IWL, andI'd wake up and look at the clock, only to see a few minutes had passed.
    2. Sex in League of Legends and Other Weird Stuff - NSFW

      by , 06-09-2014 at 08:12 AM (MasterMind's Weekly Journal)
      I was in bed by 24:30 and man I need to get laid... Right now I am focusing on my driving license and practise my willpower with no fap, also just currious to see the changes in mood, motivation, productivity etc. But I clearly see the change in my dreams...

      I had more dreams but these were the ones I had I before waking up.
      I was in a league of legends game, but I experienced it in first person view. I choosed to be a character that looked like a bear and I were in some fights here and there.

      Subliminal Messaging-namnl-s.jpg

      Then a woman that was in the enemy team pushed me down, I was no longer wearing the bear-costume. She looked at me with angry eyes and I think I got more aware, not lucid. But aware enough to realize that the situation wasn't very serious. She was sitting on me so I put my hand under her skirt and started to finger her and she started to moan.
      Then she unbuckled my belt and started to ride me. I remember thinking "Hmm this feels weird, not like it use to feel.." I then put some saliva on my hand and lubricated and it was wet and slippery and it started to feel just as amazing as real sex.

      Then Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones, not the nice and cool one from the shows current date, but the fucked up evil one from the early series, shows up. And he tells me that he is going to f*ck me up!
      Not sure if he ment literally or figuratively.

      I don't want to know and luckily for me the dream scene changed here. And if you think this is weird, the next part is even more messed up...

      I was in my town and walked by some kind of musical flash mob group. I can't remember what they were singing, but I remember re-watching it three times. It got illogical and I was standing on a high wall getting proposed by a dude. I was experiencing the dream now as a woman.

      Subliminal Messaging-lucid-dreaming-man-flying.jpg

      I got happy and started to sing a whole new world, I jumped down from the wall and started to glide fly, I increased the speed by gliding down and then going up again.

      I landed in a school yard. I had my three rings on me, yes for some reason it was three rings. One purple on my longfinger and one gold and silver ring on my ring finger. I looked at them, they were shiny but unrealistic. I open the door to the scool and think to myself "My first day as a teacher."

      I open the door to my classroom and see that half the class is naked and a man that I apparantly knew who it was, was also naked and he was guiding the student through some strange dance and there was a big sign saying "A whole history of poop" and I thought to myself "Is this some kind of method to make history fun for the students?!".
      Then I just stopped and watched and they did really impressive dances, and then two girls twerked and started to fight about who danced the best.

      Then my alarmclock woke me up. Thank God for that.

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    3. Angry Lionel Blair and the giant tree balls…

      by , 03-30-2014 at 05:38 AM
      In my dream, there are these big christmas tree shaped trees, with these large clear balls dangling off branches. The trees are extraordinary tall, 100s of meters high, and just as wide. These clear dangling balls have these little openings in them allowing me to slide in by floating up to these balls, the balls have warm water swishing about inside them and feel very safe.

      I float up to one of the balls and enter, but then i get stuck inside and i begin shouting for help.

      Then Lionel Blair appears from nowhere, dressed in his ill fitting suit that he wore a lot in the 80′s, together with his perfectly coiffered hair and sharp eye brows, and he begins shouting at me, telling me to be quiet because i am making too much noise and he cannot tapdance with such a din.

      I shout for help but Lionel gets angrier and angrier, slapping his feet on the floor and raising his eyebrows even further…

      Sadly the dream ends there!


      Lionel Blair, dont have nightmares...

      *The Yellow One*

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      memorable , non-lucid
    4. The beauty and the beast

      by , 02-09-2014 at 08:42 PM
      Date: 06 Feb

      Wbtb: 1/3 latte

      I have a number of short lds that I chain through the void. Summary

      LD: In my old room, stabilize by touching furniture. Notice that lamps are on. Find a newspaper I try to read with difficulty for a while. The lamps go off, I become blind and then the dream blacks to the void. I stay there for a bit, waiting for the next dream.

      LD: In a car, get out of the car, notice my reflection in the windows. Hair is the same, but it gets in my face, I make a ponytail. I want to change the scene, try splitting the space, I feel another place, but nothing visually changes. I get bored, allow myself to fall back. This yields a number of sensations as well as weightlessness. The dream fades to the void. I wait for the next scene.

      LD: I find myself in a nice hotel lobby, bright flowers decorate the place. Some guest DCs, a monk at the distance catches my attention, I go to check it out. The monk is gone but a few DCs are paying their respect to a metal statue. I have some mischievous thoughts, but bow down instead. There are two more statues (not in service), metal turtles. The dream fades to black, I stay still for DEILD but it takes a while.

      Review in head, feeling tired, I fall asleep.

      DILD+: on and off lucidity, FA, in- dream wild and sexy time

      DILD: I find myself in this familiar place and start looking at the plants near the windows, try some tk on them, but it doesn't work. I think maybe there's a reason for this. Then I turn to examine the room, everything looks kind of blurry and unstable. My attention is caught by those lamps - three lamps, I try to identify if they come from a memory or just random ones, it's like my vision almost splits in two and there is a fourth lamp, but I try to focus more and they're back to three. I mentally make a note of the bad quality, then go down the stairs. I immediately regret doing so, because I run into the B6 DC and she charges at me. At this moment, I become quite concerned that this might truly be some sort of evil entity just using her form to terrorize me. It's just too active, so lively in the eyes and so aggressive. I have no choice but to face her. I think I say a few words, but her mood remains the same. Then I decide this is a good opportunity to do my breathing and concentrate on that. I do this for a while. In the meantime, she seems to have changed her mind about attacking me and is weeping.

      Memory gap, possibly another blackout.

      DILD: On the street now and I see this empty space in the horizon and recall I wanted to use something like this to draw a mountain. A bit uncerain if the dream will last long enough, with all the blackouts and instability before. I decide to go ahead with the summoning, yet before I do any motions with my hands I notice that the space isn't quite empty. It looks like in the very distance, as if seeing through the fog is something that looks like a large mountain. As I keep staring at it, it becomes much clearer and closer, till I find myself looking at a solid spot of the mountain covered with grass. The surroundings have changed without me noticing and I am at the foot of this huge mountain. I cover the majority of it with snow until I feel it's enough for the task. Then I examine the slope, which is initially way too steep to enable any upward movements. This worries me but I move to a part of it and feeling very excited summon a pair of ski and ski poles.

      I totally can't believe the summon worked as I have nothing to do with this sport. Anyways, I start gliding up the slope, which by then is less steeper. Contrary to my expectations from real life, this is not as hard and actually pretty pleasurable. I glide upwards the slope which goes up and down and it feels as if I am on a roller coaster. Then I reach the top of the mountain and feel adventurous, contemplate on jumping from the top or skiing down. Yet before I can decide what to do, the momentum carries me forward and I continue moving in the air. I notice that I feel no switch in sensations from gliding on the mountain surface to this weird air movement. My mood is great, I gaze to what's ahead and not below me. It is a beautiful view of green plains, with a weird building with one-two statues in the distance and a very large gray palace next to it.

      At this time it clicks this could so well be the palace I wanted to summon (while reviewing tasks during wbtb). I'm still skeptic that will be able to make it and complete the entire task but give it a go. Don't remember flying for a long distance, it's like the palace became closer as I started to focus on the steps of the task. I go in what looks like museum palace lobby, there's some thematic furniture, long red carpet or velvet curtains, don't pay too much attention to them. I immediately think dad. That's actually quite easy and there he stands in one of the side corridors. I say a few words to him, to mentally confirm this is going the way it has to be. Then start looking for the beast but there is no one in sight.

      The room I'm in is pretty small and there are stairs going down and I go to the lower floor, looking for the beast. I run into an old Chinese man that I try to make look scary but no matter how much effort I put into this, he stays the same. I obviously start making scary faces and roar in an attempt to distort his features into evil ones, but he looks scared as hell and is shivering. I can't believe my DC is afraid of me and where is that beast? A couple of DCs that I don't pay much attention to appear and there it is - a disgusting beast. It looks like one H. Bosch's animals - a mixture of different animals, like a large pink pig and echidna, strange fur and the nose of a mole. It also is spitting something poisonous from its month and hissing. I so much regret not being able to summon my much now friendly looking lion man at this point.

      Disgusted, I approach the wild creature, tell him I love him (it) and kiss it near what looks like its mouth. I remain with my eyes closed and wait a bit, but can still feel this thing aggressively making breathing noises and moving around. I know the curse has to be broken but nothing happens, and I can't take the little bugger any more. It's somewhat smaller now - the size of a cat maybe and I throw it away where it gets under some furniture. That thing keeps making the sounds, but looks wounded and in the next moment I see that it gives existence to a DC that comes out from under the furniture. To my amusement, it is a female classmate. Good enough I suppose. The dream soon fades.
    5. 14 oct 2013

      by , 10-14-2013 at 10:52 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • I am gliding effortlessly from the sides of buildings like a flying squirrel. Up/Down Left/Right doesn't seem to make a lot of sense in this dream. I do recognize the place as the Beguinage in Louvain. An unknown woman is following me while on a cellphone. It is nighttime.
    6. 25th Feb 2013 WILD - Suddenly Different Room

      by , 02-25-2013 at 03:57 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Not as much success than previous WILD entry there, but still interesting. I originally planned to do TOTM but i guess i forgot about that mid-dream...

      I am in my bed, eyes closed, i feel different somehow and binaural beat i am listening to is ending(it's not looped), i take off headphones and the still head a bit of ending, thus confirming that i am in dream. I get up and recall my goals, i remember to stabilize, i try feeling the bed and i also rub hands. I look around and i am suddenly in a different room of my house now. My next goal was to try phasing through balcony door, but i get a bit puzzled since i am in a different room. I notice a door 'leading outside' that's placed there instead of windows that are there IWL. I run towards it and imagine phasing through it, but door opens by itself as i touch it, so i end up falling.
      Mid-fall i try to teleport towards balcony, but fail, then i end up accidentally closing eyes, but after i open them it don't seem to effect the dream and i am still falling. Suddenly i feel the wings, so i slowly glide to the street.
      I look around and there are alot of people walking around, i notice that some of them look like my family, but nobody really notices me. At this point i presumably forgot my goals, so i decide to just explore. I also decide that it would be good to move faster, so i start running quite quickly, there's at least a few meters between steps. Dream starts fading out and i wake up.
    7. First Night - Semi Lucid and other Dreams

      by , 07-29-2012 at 02:08 PM
      Lucid | Commentary | Non-Lucid

      Wow, I'm really suprised I achieved a lucid-like state within my first night. This definantely has boosted my self-confidence, and I feel like I'll achieve the real thing tonight! Anyways, last night I woke up a lot, which may have helped my odds in becoming lucid. I also would like to appologize for the impersonal style of my dreams and the lack of conversation, hopefully my recall will improve so that I can personalize my journal a bit.

      Confusing Fragment

      I was attempting to induce a lucid dream with Dreath (from Soul Eater) and someone else in my room by a method similar to DEILD/CAN-WILD. With all the alarms, I would 'wake up' (really a false awakening) and think I was in reality, which made recalling this dream especially confusing when I woke up for real.

      In the Darkness

      Some awareness was triggered between all of the false awakenings of the last dream, which I think resulted in this short semi-lucid dream. In terms of awareness, I was proabably at a 5/10.

      I was in my room. I took a look around, but I could barely make out objects because it was so dark. I tried to make the room brighter by attempting to manifest an orb of light within my palm with the intent of light, but nothing happened. I looked out my window, and the first glimpses of the sun were starting to penetrate the night sky. I looked at my car, and the trunk and doors were wide open. 'Crap, I must have left them open from yesterday,' I thought, but obviously this was a false memory.

      Friends and Gliding

      I was in a huge complex with several segmented rooms. I searched for the bird from before, and found her; however, she took a more humanoid form that resembled a huge black woman. Apparently, she had feelings for me in the past, but we cleared that up now and decided to be just friends. The next thing I know, I was in a cave-like room that had a redish hue to the rocky walls. The scene reminds me of shaolin showdown, in which I was using hang gliders to combat various enemies.
      [Scene Shift]

      I was getting the groceries out of the car for my mom. I felt something against my skin; it started to rain. My meal for today was prime rib, and it looked absolutely delicious in the packet. I traveled to the parking lot next to McDonalds about 7 minutes from my house and met with my girlfriend and her friends. Turns out of them had a hand glider, and I had an urge to fly it (probably from the last dream). I got a running started, and lifted myself of the ground, and the hang glider caught wind. I was lifted high into the air, and even in a non-lucid, this was an amazing experience. I looked down, and I noticed that my hang glider had now turned into a sort of levitation skateboard. As I was looking, I noticed how freaking far I was from the ground, and got intimidated. This intimidation resulted in me loosing my balance, and I was forced to take a rushed emergency landing towards to ground. Back at the house now, the rain started again, and I went to the car to retrieve the prime rib for my mother to cook.

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    8. We Are Dreaming! Yay! Go Crazy!!!

      by , 05-07-2012 at 05:16 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      Sunday, May 6th, 2012
      We Are Dreaming! Yay! Go Crazy!!! (DILD)


      Sorry I haven't been as active lately. Last week was soooooo busy with end of semester work. I should be back to reading DJs and being active again this week!

      We Are Dreaming! Yay! Go Crazy!!!

      AT is at my frat house. She is visiting me and asks me to help her out with something. Someone she lives with or near is up to something. I agree. All I have to do is befriend that girl she lives near/with.

      Girl #2 comes to the house and sees AT. They act as if they are friends so I think everything must be all right between them. I talk to Girl #2 for a while and before we know it, we are talking and laughing about all kinds of things.

      Girl #2 walks into a room in the house and I follow. AT walks away from us. Inside the room, the girl opens a closet door in which she has stored all kinds of items. Apparently, this is what she is hiding from AT.

      She gets something from the closet, then leaves the house.

      AT finds her way back to me.

      Should I tell her what Girl #2 had hidden in her closet?

      I am about to tell her, because I know and trust AT. She is a good person.

      A blur in memory.

      I am in my Philly house. I am standing in front of the door that leads to the backyard. It is nighttime. The door has one of those square window designs. Through the reflection of the windows, I see a pair of yellow shoes. They move on their own.

      I wonder who might be outside. Then I realize the windows are reflecting someone who is inside this room with me!

      But no one is in the room...

      Another blur in memory.

      I am in a huge wide building with like 5 floors. The walls are pure glass! Through it I can see outside. The sun is setting and it looks amazing.

      A couple of girls are here with my brother and I.

      It hits me.

      This is a dream! We can do whatever we want!

      Immediately I turn it into a crazy party that is not possible in waking life. I tell everyone to control everything however they want.

      Everything becomes flashy and bright-colored. Talking ponies run around the building. Some people fly while others glide. I run and glide around everywhere for the hell of it.

      I tell everyone to be careful and to not fall out the glass window walls.

      I hallucinate all kinds of scenes and it is just a mash of dream party craziness.

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    9. Trying to Skydive

      by , 08-23-2011 at 09:38 PM
      It wasn't really a lucid dream, just one of those dreams in which I'm having a lucid dream. I was in a field, floating upward so that I could skydive in my lucid dream. But I couldn't get high enough. I tried about 4 times, floating upward, trying a few different things, then gliding down. It was fun to glide down, I seemed to have wings like a flying squirrel, but I wanted to get thousands of feet up and free-fall. I tried not looking at the ground and just going up for a couple minutes, but when I looked at the ground I was still only about 100 feet up.

      Later, I was walking with my family down a sidewalk and arguing with my mom over whether one could skydive in a lucid dream. I tried to tell her how real lucid dreams feel and that it would be possible, and she said she knows, that she's had lucid dreams before and knows they can be real but still doesn't think it's possible to skydive in one.
    10. Not withough my hard drive!

      by , 05-03-2011 at 05:29 PM (Trial and Error)
      I started out doing what I was doing before I fell asleep, which was working on homework for school on my roommates computer. Only I am on her computer in what looks like an elementary school classroom. With a whole bunch of desks you can put things in. My boss (irl) Charlene and friend from school (irl) La La are randomly there too.

      Suddenly Larry C. (friend from school irl) runs into the door way armed with some kind of weapon that looks like a taser, Charlene and La La seem to know exactly what is going on and start running for the door. Before they can get there Larry fires hitting all of us with some kind of medical suction cup and begins electrocuting us.

      I fall instantly to the floor in horrible pain, writhing as the jolts go in waves through my body. I the suction cup begin to get warm, hot, and then start burning. Soon my whole back is hot, and my muscles are so tense they feel like they are going to snap. La La begins to say how she can not believe that a "Burn-y" is so intense. I figure she has been shocked more than once, and that this is not even the worse of it.

      It seems to go on for minuets but finally subsides, leaving me as an exhausted, fried heap. Charlene is up in an instant and grabs me saying "Get up we gotta GO!" I can barely move my body at all but force myself to my feet. She begins to put me towards the door but I resist saying "No I have to eject my hard drive first! I can't leave yet!" She lets me go to the computer and eject my drive. They keep giggling at me in almost a mocking way. I realize they are laughing at me because I am white.

      After I get my drive we run out of the room and down a hallway. I start hearing small beeping noises as we are walking, and think that there must be motion detectors along the floor. So I jump and begin to glide through the hall way using my arms to keep myself buoyant and to steer.

      We leave the building to see the entire "gang" (or whatever) that is trying to attack us. I jump again and try to gain distance above them, but I can't get enough air. I am high enough to stay out of reach as everyone grabs at me but I am sinking in the air.

      I end us where the leader is. He is much larger that everyone else and quickly snatches me out of the air. He holds me up by my wrist and gives me a look. I know he wants to break my fingers so I begin to try and wiggle away.

      That is when I wake up.
    11. 02/13/2011 - "Freestyle Walking"

      by , 03-18-2011 at 10:25 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Freestyle Walking"

      I was walking through the street with a group of what I think were probably (ex-)fellow TMC employees. There was just a huge mob of us, strolling along through the parking lot of a strip mall. I definitely did recognize A.B., who really make me think that the entire crowd was made up of my co-workers at the time. Off to one side, we passed an almost comically large truck/van. Someone told me that there were G.I.'s in there, undercover. Again, almost comically - there was an oh-so-incognito, massive antenna sticking up out of the top of the vehicle. The first urge that I had was to blow up the van. I got into Call of Duty mode, and saw a HUD come up in front of me. I kind of "scrolled" through weapons, seeing the barrel of one come up in front of me, before I switched to another. Yet none of this made me lucid. Someone beside me told me that I should use the Mac-11's. I told them that I was planning on using grenades. Whatever my intentions, I didn't ever actually get around to blowing up the vehicle. I ended up just abandoning the idea, and we kept on walking.

      Stepping passed an intersection, I saw this insanely hot girl, crossing the street. I could only see her from her back and profile, but she was smokin. She looked Spanish, with long, wet hair, pulled back in a ponytail. She had a purple-ish shirt on, with a low-cut back and a tattoo visible between her shoulder blades. I can't remember what it was, though. Her body was incredibly fit, muscular in just the perfect propotions - remarkably toned, but not the least bit masculine. I lagged behind a bit to check her out, and nudged a few of the people around me to look over at her. A.B., who is a bisexual girl, was like "Hell yeah!" Apparently there was someone leading our group, because some girl beside us asked if 'so-and-so' would mind if we all stopped, so she could go to the bathroom. None of us figured it would be a problem, though someone in the group said that 'she (the group leader) might'.

      Noticing that we were all falling way behind, I tried to speed up my step a little bit, to catch up with the group. When I did this, I noticed that I began gliding; sliding across the concrete parking lot with my sneakers, as if I were in a hockey rink. At first, it began to freak me out. I couldn't figure out why it was happening. Quickly, though, it just became fun. I was passing everyone, without the slightest effort - just kind of speeding up by sheer intention alone. At one point, I turned around, 'skating' backward, asking a few other people in the group about how hot they thought that girl back there was.

      Suddenly, another tall, more-slender black man 'skated' up close to our group (also gliding on his own shoes, as I was). Without breaking stride, he cocked back and punched one of the white guys in the group, laying him out with one hit, and skating then toward me, as I was the next person in his path. Just by looking at him, I could tell that I was either going to have to defend myself, or I was going to get knockedthefuckout. Still sliding backward at a speed which just about matched his glide, I slipped aside his first punch. He then reached both hands in at me, grabbing me by my shirt and one arm. My left hand grabbed one of his arms, and instinctively drew my right hand down to my pocket, grabbing hold of my folding knife. Just when I was drawing it out of my jeans, I woke up.
    12. Lucid Dream #13

      by , 09-26-2010 at 03:00 PM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 8/10
      Vividness: 9/10
      Length: ~20 Min.

      I believe this one was a WBTB. So let's get started. I was walking with some people and when I found out that I was in a dream I decided to try to fly. I thought it was really cool that I could glide over and over again. When I saw a cliff I, for some reason, put a helmet on. I don't get it. But anyways I jumped off and I glided over a bunch of trees. It was very detailed. I soared behind this one building and landed on my belly. I got up and decided to jump on top of the building. I jumped on the first 3 stories of the building. Then the next. So I looked around because I had a better view and I could see where those people were. So I looked to my right and I saw more people. There was a tree next to them and I wanted to try to make a lightning bolt spider web and I did. I swung down there and looked at the girl, she was trying to find movies. I said "you can't summon movies, your limited by your own imagination." She said "oh" then I was thinking how awesome it was to be in the dream for a few seconds, feeling the texture of the ground. It was white. So then I got up and decided to try running fast. I found a good stretch of land and ran, I was kinda fast. So I tried it again and this time I kinda ran in place. This time I was so fast everything was all blurry. I could see that the planet that I was on was round and I could only go in circles. So I found them and did it again. This time the planet was smaller and when I looked behind me I could see the guy behind me as if I didn't go anywhere. Then I woke up.
    13. Not quite lucid (23 July 2004)

      by , 06-05-2010 at 12:14 AM (Way of the Lizard)
      This was also last week. There was stuff leading up to it that I don't remember, but...I was on a freeway curving out over a large, still body of water with some trees growing out of it and lots of greenery along the banks. I didn't have a car, but was just gliding along the road at very high speed (a common dream sign for me). I was going so fast I flew off the road and was heading for the water, and for a second I flashed back to a childhood falling-off-a-bridge-and-drowning dream, and got scared, but then I thought "this whole situation seems familiar, I'll bet I can get out of this." So I slowed my fall, and looked around for a place to land. There was a stump sticking out of the water, and I aimed for it but missed, and I was still losing altitude, so now my legs were dragging in the water. I made another pass, and now there was a statue growing out of the stump, like maybe a statue of a saint in robes with one hand stretched out, and I missed again but saw a tree closer by, and got to that (waist deep in water) and climbed up out.

      So, I figured out I was in a world where I could slow down and control a fall, but didn't figure out it was a dream world.