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    1. Journey to the White Rabbit Pt.2

      by , 04-16-2019 at 05:00 PM (Moo's Wild Cranial Rides)
      Journey to the White Rabbit Pt.2 (DEILD)


      I was in the middle of a small dream about something I cannot recall and notice as my feet start lifting away from the earth I was firmly planted on that I am dreaming. Lucid, I hid the ground and darkness engulfs me. I try to shout "Clarity Now!" but I feel that I'm still too connected to my real body and saying it any louder will wake me up. The small whisper seems to have worked but as I start thinking about waking up starts getting me nervous about losing lucidity.

      All of a sudden I see a dream forming in front of me, my brother appears laying in his bed. It forms with the air rushing past my ears and I step into it without hesitation for some reason. I remember for ending up in another bed adjacent to my brother's and immediately leap out and wake him up. I then remember to stabilize the dream and I look at my hands noticing at least two extra smaller fingers on my left hand. I laugh and rub my hands together. I then set out on my first task to find the white rabbit. I remove a black curtain that is acting as a door and start saying "White rabbit, white rabbit where are you white rabbit", through the looking glass indeed.

      I waltz downstairs and as I turn the corner there is a small rabbit staring at me, this little brown guy was not the white rabbit I was looking for however. I felt that this was a trick and started to ask the rabbit for the code. The rabbit reaches for something with a paw so I bend down and into my extended hand it lays down a torn piece of paper.

      I quickly try to read the paper but realize it's in some language I cannot understand with bizzare symbols I have seen in no form of communication before. One word stands out and as I look at it I see it shape bending into the rabbits request, "FOLLOW". Unsatisfied I ask the rabbit again for the code and he simply spits out the other half of the paper charred to a crisp.

      As quick as lightning the rabbit lunges at my arm and starts trying to pry my flesh from bone with his vicious little teeth.Still being lucid I attempt to make the evil rabbit simply disappear as I've done before. I grab it by the nape of his neck and shout "You are not real disappear!", nothing. I try and try again but each time I become more hopeless.

      The last time this happened what did I do? What was different? I thought to myself. A distant memory hits me about needing to visualize it disappearing somehow through some action. Excited my gaze shifts like a lunatic around the room to find something to achieve this task with. The window pane in the door catches my eye and ,as I raise the rabbit to the heavens, I envision his disappearing as I force him through the window. My arm gains speed and my wounded hand whips this fury fiend's neck. Thud. No shattered glass. I start panicking and wailing the rabbit into the window.

      Realizing that for some reason I've manifested rabbit proof glass to sabotage myself I open the door and launch the rabbit onto the front step. Why didn't I do that sooner? Why did I choose the violent option? I was here to talk with a dream character not scare, maim, or kill one. Realizing I am failing my goal for this lucid dream and disgusted in myself I watch as the poor thing scurries under a bare bush my blows have obviously wounded the tiny creature badly.

      With just his head exposed I no longer see a vicious monster but a small innocent rabbit. As he crawls carefully out from the bush I can see a massive open wound. Before even getting the chance to feel like a bigger jackass his fur moves in waves towards it engulfing and healing the wound. Amazing! ...Wait, I'm in a dream still don't lose it now man. I manage to convince myself of my situation as I watch the rabbit hop into one of my shoes on the step. When did I leave that there? Wait. Is he trying to hide from me or ambush me as soon as I step outside? I murmured as I returned to thinking about the small demon it was just a few moments earlier.

      I quickly open the door and turn the shoe over and out he plops on the step. Phew! He didn't attack, we both probably thought, I backed away and left the door open as an invitation to enter. An apology for my hasty reaction, I thought. He looked me up and down then hop after small cautious hop, it wound it's way back to the side of the note I had dropped. I see what looks like a smile appearing on his cute face. "Finally!", I rambunctiously shouted, "would you be so kind as to help me find the code?".

      My realief does not last however as the once cute grin expands further and further. I froze in fear, I couldn't believe what I saw. In the place of what used to be adorable (but painful) buck rabbit teeth stood a giant army of razor sharp stained teeth between a set of snarling lips that had extended to fit their new tenants. He can't harm me, I'm in a dream, I'm in a dream dammit! Somehow despite the horror in front of my I start to relax a small bit and as if he noticed my fortunate transition his fur turned black.

      I sat still engaged in a small staring competition with the beast for a while, not out of fear any longer, but the apprehension that if I moved it would chase.What felt like an eternity passed and still, nothing. Screw this I have to get something done in this lucid dream I can't waste this opportunity I've worked hard to get.

      Starting to feel like I'm losing lucidity I remember what someone wrote in a guide and I shift my focus around to try and maintain the dream. As I break eye contact with the beast I hear a snarl come from it's jowls. I hastily made my dash out the door but before I could slam it shut he wormed his way out beside me on the step. Without so much as a thought I grabbed the little cute bushy tail, the only thing cute left at that point, and flung him back inside. Success! Two little fiery red eyes peered back at me from the other side of the door.

      After all this a sane person might have stopped the hunt for the white rabbit, I however have no claim to sanity and even more so I was upset to have this lucid dream wasted by my foolishness. Whipping around I try run down the street hollering yet again "White Rabbit are you out there?! I need to speak with you Mr.White rabbit." Thinking that if I put more emphasis on the colour of the rabbit I'd be less likely to have a run in with another beast like before.

      Pat, pat, pat. I hear someone but as I look towards the source of the footsteps I see nothing. Pat, pat, pat, pat. Inching in closer and closer and at a increasingly hurried rate but still I see nothing. My ear rings as I hear just one footstep with an thunderous boom that sounds like it originated from inside my ear canal
      . I wake up.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Attacked; Ophelia visiting

      , 10-29-2015 at 06:44 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Still on nightshifts since my coworker is on vacation.


      Ophelia is visiting. We are in my mom's house. I'm telling her about my new dutch oven and she askes if it's certain brand. She is distant and not very interested. Other people that are with her are more important to her, but she is not really with them either. I ask her if I can take them out for dinner, but someone in her group shows me their itinerary with restaurant already included, and I'm not invited. I hear her on the phone later, something about protective custody or restraining order and I get an image of her son.


      1. We are visiting an outdoor place where they reenact medieval events. Somebody is getting a mock hanging by lady on a bridge over a dry creek putting a rope around guys neck, then running with it. I don't think the guy likes it anymore.

      2. My female friend leaves to pick up her kid from school. It's :39. I go potty and through a small glass window on the door I see 2 people walk by. This shouldn't happen because we are inside her house. I get a bad feeling about it.

      Few more people walk by and stop by the door. They want me. Their leader, young, skinny tall guy tells me to get out. I ask him to give me pls few seconds to finish my business and I'll open the door, no problem. I get a sence of impending doom, like something you never thought would happen is happening to you and that's it, you are done.

      I open the door and we discuss the difference between like and love. They start putting white rope around me but suddenly I fight back. I keep taking the rope off, wiggling away from it, cutting it off while they keep trying to put more and more loops around me. I say NOPE, I keep taking it off, then I punch the guy. I look at him close and now he is a huge guy and I'm thinking it's not gonna be as easy as I sometimes imagine it to be.

      3. I have a new smart phone and I'm taking pictures with it. I just remembered (reading reviews of enamel dutch ovens cracking) that as I tapped the screen, a huge crack opened on it from top to bottom and there was a separation of 1/4 inch of so. I looked at it in disbelief. how the heck did it crack, I was reasonably gentle.

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    3. July 18-19 2014 (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-18-2014 at 11:43 PM
      I think I only had one whole sleep last night, when I woke up I almost forgot my dream but then I suddenly remembered it (thank god).

      The first thing I can remember was being in this enclosure type cage with some kind of dog and I was tired of "staying behind these walls and want to go to the outside world" (Attack on Titan reference?). I soon climbed over the cage fence and escaped.

      The next thing I remember was I was at some beach and there were heaps of masked people sort of lined up like this:

      Do u realy take the time to read others ppls dream journal?-61610-004-9fe5df71.jpg

      and they'd claimed the land and it was forbidden to go enter if you weren't apart of their cult. So I tried evading them by going a bit to the side where there was one and I thought maybe I could sneak past. As soon as I set foot on the sand, I was detected and I was attacked with bows and arrows, swords, so I flew up and got out of there.

      Next I was in some kind of hall with one of my friends and we were looking after kids that all acted like dogs. Then at some point I was shopping in a supermarket and soon after that I was in my school. Another one of my friends (she was in a previous dream "AVATAR - With Koalas?" and called her Jodie for the sake of the story) came back from her holiday from Africa and we introduced her to the new guy at our school, who we'll call Ethan and next thing you know, Jodie swears (brief history: She's really sensitive to swearing, hence why this was such a shock to me in the dream, I should've realized I was dreaming at this point because it was so unlikely aha).

      I don't remember what happened after that and I woke up
    4. 5/4/14 - Brief lucid

      by , 05-04-2014 at 11:52 AM
      The farthest I remember back, I was in my room. I realized I was about to miss the bus (a common theme in my dreams as it is a prevalent fear IRL), so I frantically got ready and left. A few things were odd. My dad's girlfriend was there and they were both awake. It was morning, but it was dark (coulda sworn it was nighttime before). There were more people walking outside than there are usually.

      I got to my bus stop in time, but the bus drove right past me and almost hit two people. I went to chase it (in retrospect, I'm surprised I could run in a dream), but I realized it was not my bus. As I walked back to my stop, I figured this was unusual and did an RC; lo and behold, I'm dreaming. I feel myself become lucid and I hop into the air. I'm intent on having a world of fun, but the person next to me starts attacking me, making it impossible to concentrate, so I wake up.
    5. Oct 25 Dream Journal: Frog Jobs

      by , 10-26-2013 at 12:37 AM
      I dream that I'm an editor starting my first day of a new job/assignment. I stumble into an office, and before the door closes, I think the rest of the offices looks like it was from the set of Scrubs. This office is rectangular, and has a large desk facing away from a large window, so I sit down and start to write.

      In the middle of my work, a nurse brings another editor (who I also know is a new hire) into the room. I start to apologize for using this office, but the nurse cuts me off before I could begin, and I soon realize she thinks I'm a doctor and this is my actual office. Both the nurse and the other new editor subsequently become under my direct supervision. I'm not sure what happened, but this causes me to become the hospital's Chief of Staff somehow, and the nurse becomes my right-hand woman and the new editor becomes my executive assistant. Sweet.

      Somehow, a frog gets under my desk. It's situated in a way where when it jumps, it'll bang its head against the bottom ledge of the desk and rebound back to where it is, as if it has only one jump setting. It doesn't seem to be hurt (or understand what it happening), so it keeps jumping and banging into my desk. None of the other nurses who try to catch him are able to, so I finally get a blanket and put it in front of the frog so that it'll jump into it, and then I just wrap it up.

      My plan worked for a bit, but because of the blanket cutting it off, the frog instead jumps into my shins and begins attacking me with its teeth and claws; yes, apparently in this reality, frogs will fuck your shit up. Thankfully, the dream fades.

      I also vaguely remember I was a cop in another dream, but that's about it.
    6. Shot up with drugs

      by , 09-28-2013 at 10:27 AM
      Always a fun thing, to be attacked (even in your dreams) in your bedroom. I was kneeling, for some reason, on my bed towards my dresser. It's not unlikely, I have a habit of doing that if I'm looking for something there or setting my phone/other gadgets to charge.

      Someone came from behind, totally silently, and injected me in the neck. When I turned, there was no one there. My boyfriend came in soon after and I told him (though I don't know how my dreamself knew) that I'd been dosed with heroin.

      Now, not knowing what heroin actually does to a person, my mind got creative and decided it would make time do strange things. One moment, I was in the bedroom still, talking to my partner. The next, I was in a shopping centre. I'd completely lost the time where I was travelling, but in my dream I knew that there should have been time. Then, as I was walking, everything started moving really quickly, leaving me standing still in a stream of relentless and rapidly moving people.

      I slipped into a charity shop to be out of the flow and, without knowing what I was doing, started looking through the wares. They had second-hand mobile phones, and I looked at one that had an old style RPG game. I played it a little, but it seemed familiar. I finally figured out that my boyfriend had the same game (he doesn't, but... in the dream.).

      When I woke, I felt a very strong urge to check with my partner to make sure he had that game, even though I knew he didn't.
    7. First Year Marriage Problems

      by , 06-11-2013 at 06:52 PM
      I was married to one of my friends (L). She was pregnant by about two or three weeks, apparently. I had some strange vision that she and I were going to be murdered by some creature if we stayed in our house. I thought nothing of it, but the vision was rather detailed. It was a similar setup to the visions in final destination. I saw three men start breaking in. They were quasi-mortal and were very strong. L and I hid in our room, but somehow I knew that we would die because we were still in the house.
      Shortly thereafter, they found us and killed us. This brought me out of the vision to about 5 or so minutes before the break in. Somehow, L knew men were about to break in, but she had not had the vision. I told her we had to get out of the house. There was no possibility of our survival for as long as we were in there. I told her to get to the door and to run the moment I opened it. She did not believe we would be able to make it and neither did I, but I knew that it was our only shot. So I opened our living room door and we ran out into the night.
      We had a legitimate head start, but they eventually caught up. The dream gets a little fuzzy here, but between this point and the next three events happen: one: I kill the three men, two: L gets stabbed somewhere in the abdomen, and three: it becomes daytime. In a panic because of the potentially mortal wound my wife has taken, I pick her up and yell for someone to call an ambulance. For once, they arrive within a minute or two. I also am injured, so they treat me and her at the same time. I only have minor injuries, I think, so I get angry that they would waste time with me. I know that I was not going to die with my injuries.
      L’s pulse stopped somewhere during the ride, but they claimed they could keep her alive by pumping these fluids into her. I was skeptical, but I had nothing to say. It was that or she was dead. I don’t remember much more than this other than it actually did have a happy ending. Both L and I lived, and (I think) our child lived. I know that was a big concern, especially considering where and how she was stabbed.
    8. more nightmares

      by , 11-01-2012 at 11:04 PM
      inside a tree tried to incubate outside
      there was a huge hollow tree.....and i was inside it and it looked like a house....and stairs lead to more and more levels......and i got yelled at for showing the small children the slide.....and the fort.......and i kept trying to go to the top but kept getting chores to do or yelled at.....it was dark outside when i finally got to the porch at the top but i didn't get to explore for long.......then i had to go to another area that looked like a laundry mat....and i was putting art spray on stuff so it wouldn't smudge.....and this kid kept attacking me......so i had to hold his arms.......and then he said he would stop but kept doing it.....then i was in a place with clothing racks.....and i was finding clothing that fit for people.....and the kid that attacked me stopped when i took off his heavy winter coat.....and then i was in an open space with lots of tables......and people were doing lots of random stuff.....and my "mother's boyfriend" got pissed at me and threw a hand held electric saw at my face and then another at my arm and it cut me.....and i ran out and blacked out when i got outside the building/tree (different from normal nightmares/dc more actively harming me rather than making me watch horrible things happen to people i care about)

      cat fight
      i was with my best friend at the home i grew up in.....and we both had kittens....and i had to level mine up to beat the other kitten with a bunch of random stuff.....like play doh to represent earth....and a tomato......and spring water (from a bottle)...and then it was orange with spots on it and a bit larger than a house cat.....but i couldn't find the other thing.....and woke up because it was loud in my apartment irl

      note: xanax
    9. Fri Sep 14

      by , 09-14-2012 at 08:30 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Car Argument (LUCID)

      From the back seat of the car, I'm having a minor argument with my parents. The situation seems a little ridiculous to me, and when my mom leans over to reveal completely gray hair done in a long braid, I'm pretty certain I'm dreaming. After a nose RC, I'm sure of it. Thank goodness I don't have to deal with this argument any more. But as I try to figure out how to get out of here and start working on my dream goals, I realize that I'm waking up. The interior of the car seems to fade into the view of my bedroom from my bed. For instance, my mom's gray hair becomes a fold in my blanket. Well, that's too bad. [Thinking about this now, there's a good chance that that was actually a false awakening. I'm not sure, though.]


      [This dream was definitely inspired by the series of videos called "The Walls 2" recently recorded by Yogscast on YouTube, which I watched the day before yesterday. It also happened quite late in the morning (for me)--around 10:30.]

      We're playing PVP Minecraft in 2-person teams. There are only two teams left. One member of the enemy team is chasing the other member of my team, while I in turn chase him. We run back to my team's base, then we sandwich him between us and kill him with swords. Excellent! Now, the other guy is hiding underneath the ground here. There are lots of holes in the ground and lots of tunnels, and it's all very confusing, so we're not sure how to get him.

      We decide to build an enclosed room with a roof and a tower. So my teammate and I sit down with the Legos and start working. I begin by making the tower, which is a really tall wall built from 1x2x1 blue blocks. I get bored with how slowly it's going, so I try just spreading the blocks like I'm extending a folding telescope. It doesn't work, and my friend laughs at me for trying. Anyway, eventually I finish the tower and start working on the other half of the roof.

      Suddenly I hear a violent snarl and I feel as though my head's been seized in the jaws of a big, angry dog. The snarl continues as it starts shaking my head back and forth, up and down, like a very erratic vibration. I spend a panicked second trying to decide what to do--is my friend playing a prank on me?!--before I wake up. It feels like the vibrations continue for a moment before they stop. I sit for a minute in shock before doing an RC and confirming that I'm awake.

      [It's crossed my mind that maybe that was a seizure, but I doubt it. More likely I imagined it. Either way, it was a strange experience.]
    10. Attacked by a dragon

      by , 05-23-2012 at 04:30 AM
      [size=36pt]Attacked by a dragon![/size]

      walking on some stone path, there is grass around and there is a stone bridge coming up going over the cutest little river. I go up onto the stone bridge and look out to the water as I pass over it, I am heading to a castle that is probably a mile away up the path on a hill.
      But as I go towards it I see a large dragon come over the mountain. The dragon is HUGE! Probably a wingspan of 50 feet with colors of brown and red! o_o I have to admit I was kinda shocked to see it.
      It obviously sees me, I step back off of the path as it swoops down and lands just yards away.
      Things going through my head:
      - Oh sh**
      - I'm probably going to die
      - :0 a dragon AWESOME!
      - If it snaps I am going to dodge to the left so I'll go into the water (knowing that I am a waterbender) thus if it breathes fire I will be able to not be burned.
      - Wonder if anyone else is around?

      At this point the dragon does a powerful blast of energy which I have almost no time to dodge, I try to though and am hit and fly back onto the grass. Some type of brown FUS RO DAH thing. (the unrelenting force on skyrim is blue this one is brownish red) I am thrown into the grass and tumble probably 20 feet in all but roll and spring up to my feet, the dragon takes off and circles my location flying low to the ground. He does another loud roar which is longer then the last. Storm clouds appear (which are also brownish, but it isn't like everything is brown it looks really good and realistic!) Lightning and thunder crash and zap in the sky, there is tons of noise from the rumble of the thunder, it starts to pour rain down, it is some type of dirty water which is also pretty brown.
      Things going through my head:
      - I wonder what type of dragon this is? maybe some type of earth dragon?
      - Yes! water I can bend this!
      - Maybe now I have a chance to get away..

      I run up onto the bridge and the dragon lands from where I started off at in the beginning of the dream, I jump up onto the edge (like the stone railing that is on each side) and thrust up a blow with water, it works but the dragon is huge and it does no more then dumping water on it. It roars again and looks up stream before taking off. I look to where the dragon looked to and see a massive flood of dirty water (like you would see in a flood in india or something) coming straight towards me!
      Things going through my head:
      - o.o
      - O.O

      I brace for impact, I know that I can't withstand this much water rushing at me, I try to jump over the beginning of it but I don't jump soon enough and am swept down and plunged into the water, I force myself (somehow with my waterbending) to the surface and take a deep breath, I still see the dragon flying just about to land again. I try to do some waterspout thing that lifts me up out of the water riding the waterspout and it works, I ride it over to the edge but another wave hits the bottom and I am flung onto the grass onto the side of the river that the dragon is on. I quickly roll to my feet and get up just as he snaps at me, as fast as I can I dive to the side and narrowly miss becoming a soggy ginger meal! From here the dream becomes blurry and I soon wake up.

      There are some notes on this dream that I want to point out.
      - In this dream the thought of reasoning with the dragon didn't even cross my mind
      - though the thought of where is claire did pass my mind at one point though I don't remember when in the dream I thought this.
      - the other night in my False Awakening when that girl that was sitting in the windowsill to my room and she told me to find claire, from that dream I haven't seen claire in any of my dreams.
      - This dream was definitely not a normal dream, it's like the difference between a normal DC and your dream guide.

    11. Hypnotic Night Terror

      by , 09-28-2011 at 08:46 PM
      Last night I induced sleep paralysis. I went into the state more quickly than I usually do and I was praying in my head. The more I prayed, the more waves of buzzing sensations coursed through me. Normally I enjoy sleep paralysis episodes, but this one made me anxious. I couldn't loosen up or let my mind settle.

      Eventually I fell asleep and had quite a few dreams but the last one I remember clearly.

      I was in my room and there was a guy with me. He was shining a red lazer in my eyes and saying he was going to control me like this. I closed my eyes to prevent this but I could still see the light through my lids. So I took a magazine and shielded my face with it. I could still see the red light! The guy was becoming more angry with me and pushed me to the floor.

      I struggled with him and rolled over, straddling him. I took the lazer from him and shined it in his eyes. I kept screaming "Shut up!", over and over at him. He shut up. I had somewhat control of him. He was still gripping my arms tightly so I chanted "Let me go!" over and over as well. He let me go.

      I crawled off him and kicked him aside. He was dazed and his expression blank. His skin began to change. He grew deformed. His eyes were gone and he looked like a skeleton with a film of old orangey macaroni and cheese all over him. I freaked out and tried to escort him out of my room.

      He stopped at the doorway and shook out of his daze. "What happened?" he asked.

      I pushed him out completely and told him to go look at himself in the bathroom mirror. He did and I shut my door. I could hear him screaming and wailing and breaking things. Since my room doesn't have a lock I had to lean against it in order for him not to break in and he tried that. He pounded on my door and screamed, threatening to kill me.

      Eventually he left but the pounding on the door came back. It was my little brother. He wanted to be let in because the guy was after him too. I let my brother in and shut the door behind him. The deformed guy attempted to break in again. My brother wasn't scared or vulnerable like he usually is in my dreams, he wanted to kill him.

      That's where the dream ended. I woke up breathing very hard.
    12. Psychic Attack & Bad neghborhood

      by , 06-22-2011 at 06:54 AM
      June 21, 2011


      When I first came to DV I knew I was bored with my dreaming life and needed to focus on it to find some kind of solution. I have had some interesting experiences because of DV but still I felt an emptiness to it all. Then I realized recently I needed a challenge. This virtually impossible since I am all but god in my dreams, totally invulnerable but also with no challenges. Yes DC’s threaten me but I dispatch with them with so little effort it is barely amusing. Then I saw The Green Lantern movie the other day and I realized that like in the movie I needed not a physical threat to overcome but a psychological challenge, fear, I needed to overcome any fears I may have. I was not sure what those fears might be but I was about to find out.

      A little Green Lantern vid to show you some of the basics.

      I went to bed a little late at about 1:45 and as usual for this past month worked on my presleep visual imagery of Cerebro from the X-men but mine is a little different. I have gotten to some great visualizations that actually make my head feel almost disconnected and Cerebro is to help me focus on my abilities and grow them and somehow it’s working my subconscious has been extremely active lately. I completed some mental exercises through the Cerebro exercise and fell asleep during this as usual.
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	x-men-cerebro.jpg 
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Size:	17.6 KB 
ID:	2299

      Type: Horror/Battle.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and later Lucidity: 1 23 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I'm at a stadium high up in a glassed in level the last rows of spectators on the top. I can’t see anything from this height but there are people sitting around outside this area some of them are sitting on the roof facing the city and parking lot below. (It is early in the night and dreams are chaotic at this point and I fully realize that and have not only gotten used to it but have become at peace with this, I no longer expect “reality” in such early night dreams. Maybe its just me but everything I have heard about REM sleep is crap, I dream nearly all night.) One of the men, a young guy about 20 years old stood up and I wondered what he was doing. Then he stumbled a bit and almost fell off the very top of the stadium.

      Hey did you see that? That guys nuts.” I said to the guy sitting next to me. I shook my head but it was just a dream.

      Then the guy standing on top of roof of the stadium caught some clothesline rope around his neck and floated up into the air and even into our glassed in area that’s when I could see he was dead. I felt sad that the poor guy was dead now.

      He floated around the back of our seats but when he came around my left hanging in the air, his face was bloody. It wasn’t that his face had blood on it but it was a lot of caked on blood in a gooey mass of blood partially dried, like he had fallen and his brains and blood pooled and dried on his face. I have seen worse I’ve seen actual autopsies (and actually think they are amazing) but here was this guy who had his whole life ahead of him and now its so sad and discussing.

      My lucidity kicked in and I was outraged at being so upset in the dream.
      I realized I was already upset and thought how I could turn back or erase the past.

      See that right here?!” making a circle with my fingers over the whole upsetting scene. “Get rid of that!

      No.” I heard in an evil villain voice.

      Despite the disembodied voice, the defaced suicidal dead man was gone replaced by a burn spot like when old films burned to a blackness of a burn spot.

      Then where should it go?

      A man looking like the Anonymous logo
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Anonymous-anonymous-10587357-449-529.jpg 
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ID:	2301 but with an all white featureless face appeared in the air about 15 feet away over the burn spot in the dream that I had created.

      Back into the body” He said.

      I needed to protect my body from whatever this negativity was!

      All of a sudden the man turned into a cloud like in The Green Lantern (TGL) of yellow and smoke and thrusted out attacking me!
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	green-lantern-movie-parallax.jpg 
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ID:	2300


      It happened so unexpectedly fast I instinctively formed a shield up again like in TGL! I saw it so clearly, the transparent shield and I could feel through my mind the force of the fear on the other side trying to break through. The fear was a thing and it was trying to make me fear it and it was working. All my fears kicked into over drive, can I defend against this thing, how long could I hold out? I could actually feel its distance from me!


      It attacked again part thought part terror. I summoned light sabers but it only defended and did not do anything to it. I felt myself being pushed back in a panic but I resisted by keeping my mind busy on the battle.

      I realized I was no longer in the dream state but was still being attacked by whatever this is! What is going on here? How long could this go on?


      The cloud of yellow fear thrust at me yet again and I rebuffed it with a huge fist but these attacks where coming at a million miles a second, I could barely think fast enough. I began to realize I needed an offensive move but it was all happening too fast to think about it!


      I visualized a huge chain going around it but this did little and then


      I saw it form a small chainsaw and I did the same, I rebuffed it again!

      I was gaining confidence in this psychic battle.
      I formed a belief that I could withstand this force for eternity if needed. I had learned, from the dream world long ago, beliefs where extremely powerful tools and how I could create them at will.


      I saw it coming yet again and formed a psychic shield over all of me and it pounded against it once,




      three times and I knew it would hold. Now I could open my eyes up safely having essentially won. I was sweating and a little shaken but very glad I won that hellashish attack!

      My room was still dark, time 3:15. I went to bed at 1:45, “so much for REM sleep.”

      I could still feel the fear though and a shiver when up my spine all alone in my dark room. I had the impulse to jump up and turn on the lights but “no I must defeat this here too!” I was no longer afraid, I needed to embraced it! I pictured the poor horrible bloody face and not fight the fear but not believe in it either. I examined what was so scary about this, more like a sad horror really. Gradually it was less and less scary and the room felt more and more like the air cooled safe household that it really was.

      I rolled over and went back to sleep. If there was something evil out there, or in my dreams, I knew how to defeat it and if it needed a rematch I would have been happy to oblige, I knew its deadly weakness and was no longer afraid.

      Dream 2

      Type: Regular Dream. Repeat with new many elements.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I am new to moving in an apartment complex in a bad Hispanic neighborhood. There are a couple of tough looking dudes standing next to my new place’s door and they don’t want to move out of the way. I get up close to them and they look at me threatening and I say “excuse me” they move a bit and I unlock the door and walk in. On the floor I find some bullets in an old black sock from the last guy that must have lived here, I make a note to get as gun. I go back outside and see some kid pushing around another kid then run off. I think about how not to have that happen to me and a teen shows me a handful of salt balls in his hand, I could tell from his thoughts that he would crush them throw them in an attackers eyes.

      I am standing next to a bus stop sign and I realize I have no way of getting around, I can’t recall having a car and don’t have any money even for the bus! I go back inside to look for lost pocket change.

      Inside the dream changes time and I have been there for months now and my friends (all Hispanic guys I have never seen before IWL). The big guy comes in and puts some mail on my table and goes back out to the hall and brings in a large high tech rifle and gives it to me. Everyone oo’s and ah’s over it and I look at it for a second and then put it in my closet for safe keeping. The place of mine is a huge mess and I am afraid if I put the rifle on something it will fall off in all the clutter and break the scope on it or something. I then go out the door with all my friends.
    13. Nightmare - homeless guy attacking me (morning of 5-17-11)

      by , 05-18-2011 at 07:10 AM
      My memory of how this began is kind of sketchy now:
      I'm working on a class project with 2 other students. One of them, a girl, gets mad at me for some reason - unjustifiably as I recall. Since I can't stand to be on bad terms with someone IWL, naturally in my dream I seek out this girl later on to straighten things out.

      The following I remember vividly:
      I'm alone in a house at night. I'm possibly in that girl's house trying to find her. I walk past French double doors that are wide open; beyond them is a dimly lit back patio. There's a homeless-looking man sitting on a covered porch swing outside, and he's glaring at me. Part of his clothing is green, and he has a bushy beard. He looks threatening, he's not supposed to be there, and the doors are open - so now I'm scared. He's watching me, so as quickly as possible, I shut the right side of the double doors, and just as I try to shut the left side, he lunges at me. Holy crap!! I try to shout for help, but I find my throat severely congested and I can barely make a sound. He comes at me reaching with one arm, menacingly. Desperately, I reach out to grab his hand in an effort to stop him from grabbing me... and I wake up in bed, actually grabbing at thin air!

      I've added this to my mental list of nightmares to revisit in future lucid dreams. Nothing against homeless people - heck, I give them money IWL - but I'll beat the living piss out of this particular DC the first chance I get. No one lunges at me from dark patios and gets away with it!
      ***** UPDATE *****
      About a week after I dreamed this, a REAL homeless man who VERY CLOSELY RESEMBLED the nightmare DC came into my work IWL and acted very strangely. He had the same bushy gray beard, the same creepy look, and was even wearing green!! He asked about getting a job, hit on me, and started undoing his fly as if he planned to expose himself to an older woman who was getting fitted by our seamstress (I work at a drycleaners). I was about to tell him to get the fuck out, but he decided not to whip out his junk, and finally left.

      Updated 06-21-2011 at 06:07 AM by 36293 (update w/relevant anecdote)

      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    14. Not withough my hard drive!

      by , 05-03-2011 at 05:29 PM (Trial and Error)
      I started out doing what I was doing before I fell asleep, which was working on homework for school on my roommates computer. Only I am on her computer in what looks like an elementary school classroom. With a whole bunch of desks you can put things in. My boss (irl) Charlene and friend from school (irl) La La are randomly there too.

      Suddenly Larry C. (friend from school irl) runs into the door way armed with some kind of weapon that looks like a taser, Charlene and La La seem to know exactly what is going on and start running for the door. Before they can get there Larry fires hitting all of us with some kind of medical suction cup and begins electrocuting us.

      I fall instantly to the floor in horrible pain, writhing as the jolts go in waves through my body. I the suction cup begin to get warm, hot, and then start burning. Soon my whole back is hot, and my muscles are so tense they feel like they are going to snap. La La begins to say how she can not believe that a "Burn-y" is so intense. I figure she has been shocked more than once, and that this is not even the worse of it.

      It seems to go on for minuets but finally subsides, leaving me as an exhausted, fried heap. Charlene is up in an instant and grabs me saying "Get up we gotta GO!" I can barely move my body at all but force myself to my feet. She begins to put me towards the door but I resist saying "No I have to eject my hard drive first! I can't leave yet!" She lets me go to the computer and eject my drive. They keep giggling at me in almost a mocking way. I realize they are laughing at me because I am white.

      After I get my drive we run out of the room and down a hallway. I start hearing small beeping noises as we are walking, and think that there must be motion detectors along the floor. So I jump and begin to glide through the hall way using my arms to keep myself buoyant and to steer.

      We leave the building to see the entire "gang" (or whatever) that is trying to attack us. I jump again and try to gain distance above them, but I can't get enough air. I am high enough to stay out of reach as everyone grabs at me but I am sinking in the air.

      I end us where the leader is. He is much larger that everyone else and quickly snatches me out of the air. He holds me up by my wrist and gives me a look. I know he wants to break my fingers so I begin to try and wiggle away.

      That is when I wake up.
    15. 5th February 2011 (six dreams)

      by , 02-10-2011 at 11:13 AM

      ~ In a house that looks like Dean's house in West A, a middle aged couple have 10 children, 5 girls 5 boys, on the landing I look into one bedroom, bunk beds line the walls in a blue room, there are kids wandering about looking at me like I am out of place, I walk into the kitchen, smells like breakfast, the parents are trying to get all 12 meals made, I then go into the bathroom and sit on the edge of the bathtub just to think, I see 2 women sitting in front of me, one with a camera, I look down and I am naked I cover my breasts, it seems tv showy, woman with camera (long blondy brown curly hair wearing glasses) asks 'would you strip off naked and have sex on camera?' I think about my body and how self conscious I am then think f**k it and say yes and walk across the room naked.

      ~ Kind of in West A, I get on a bus, Rebecca D is on it and Coralena H (not seen them or 6 years or spoke, were never close) the buss is full of girls who I am not sure like me, I sit near the back, feeling awkward, I walk to the front of the distorted bus, but on my way a blue peacock starts attacking and biting me, I'm shocked at the assault but not that there is one on the bus, it's a male peacock and it's feathers are blue and shimmery green, it is amazing to look at inbetween trying to subdue the big bird. I press the stop button on the bus and bird disappears I look out the window and there is a beautiful deep blue sky nearly night time, I see a waterfall but on top of the waterfall next to a bush I see a dead womans body, bloody (I blame watching seasons of Medium for this) I realise this is what the bird wanted to show me.. the bus driver calls the police, they are swarming the bus taking details from the other girls, and they are proud of me for spotting it.

      ~ In a weird dark room and a PC is on, there is a white cupboard under the computer near the right side, I go in trying to find some goodies, I see a white tub with SD10-K written on, inside are medium sized white pellets perhaps 300 of them, I put one in my mouth crunch it slightly then realise it could be anything, I go on computer onto google and lysergic acid pops up, I think wow this is awesome, I then have 2 more tablets and the dream ends.

      ~ (again I blame Medium tv show for this one) A woman befriends people drugs them and then offers to take them home to safety conving them they've had too much to drink, she then kills and robs them, I find out she is going to target me and take my dads store of gold. I pretend to react from what she gives me in the club, and then act drugged leaning on her the way home, in house I collapse between two big red chairs, though open my eyes slightly to watch her, when she turns her back I jump on her but she is strong, I run out of the house into the back garden screaming trying to wake up the neighbours, she tackles me so I put my fingers in her eyes to cause damage, she then does it to me hurts me, I hear my dad shouting she gets off me quickly and tells him she brought me home concerned and that I attacked her, she is playing innocent, he believes her and offers her the spare room, I am outraged and argue with him.

      ~ I'm then in Mr Rossi's art class in my old sec school, and pick up someones art sheet, it shows different peoples eyes drawn and coloured in paint, on each eye there are 3 outer rings of colour, they aren't really neat as I look closer, each colour had a cool name, ingredient of ones eye colour, think one was called calladium? weird wonderful names for each colour.

      ~ I'm out shopping in a mall with my parents, I see Martyn H (ex bf) he looks slightly different but smiley, my mam speaks to him, I pretend I haven't seen him, with it being awkward I then think fk it and we give each other a huge cuddle our groins touching, it's nice, he then whispers to me 'remember when we had sex in the chair watching that dvd?' I then see the scene he is on about and smile (though in reality that never happened).
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