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    1. Screw Prince Charming, I Want The Beast Back (Task of the Year)

      by , 04-29-2014 at 03:55 PM
      WILD attempt after waking up an hour before my alarmÖ

      It feels like I've been asleep forever while waiting for some sort of dream imagery to appear. I decide to try something different and have my dream body climb out of bed. I see my bedroom really isn't that much different than usual (there's always something weird about it in my false awakenings). I move onto the bathroom, which also looks the same. In fact, the only weird thing I've found is that I'm wearing a very sheer white nightgown. I might as well be naked considering how see-through it is.

      Somehow, I find myself in the kitchen. I see dishes piling up in the sink and I start to load them up into the dishwasher when I realize I already did this before going to bed. I concentrate on my desire to try the Beauty and the Beast task, then leave the kitchen. I find myself in a dark room where the only light is from the fireplace. There are bookshelves lining the walls and two armchairs in front of the fire. Someone comes from behind and guides me towards one of the chairs, murmuring something about how I must be cold. This must be the beast. I turn so I can see his face, except he doesn't seem to have a head. Wrong story -- this isn't supposed to be Sleepy Hollow.

      The beast sits down in one of the chairs and pulls me into his lap. This time when I look, he really is a proper beast with a head and everything. To my surprise, he looks like the one from the Disney movie (I had hoped my subconscious would be a bit more original than that). But he has very soft fur and I spend a lot of time stroking it before whispering, "I love you." He's a bit too tall for me to kiss while I'm sitting, so I have to shift around so that I'm straddling his lap. But I do manage to kiss him, even managing to slip in a little bit of tongue even though there was no French kissing in the movie. I break off the kiss and pull away to see what the beast has turned into now that the curse is broken, and I find that I've just kissed Fabio.

      My gut reaction is, "EW!" because I really don't find Fabio all that attractive. He's more like a caricature of the type of guy I do not like. I'm so shocked that I somehow find myself standing in front of the linen closet in the upstairs hallway. I reach for a towel, then notice that there's an odd light at the back of the closet. Something tells me that it's a portal and that I should take it, so I slide between the shelves to get to the back of the closet. I find myself face-down in mud. Someone picks me up and guides me towards a waterfall cascading into a pool of water. Fabio is waiting there with a bottle of shampoo. I immediately think, "No way." The scene shifts and I'm back into the room with the fireplace. This time, Sherlock Holmes (the Cumberbatch version) is sitting in the chair opposite me. He starts trying to psychoanalyze my unusual reaction to finding out that Fabio was my un-cursed prince and he seems amused that I'd rather talk to him than play in the waterfall with Fabio.
      lucid , task of the year
    2. The Giant Killer

      by , 04-25-2014 at 03:39 PM
      Finally on the board for Task of the Year 2014!!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #206: The Giant Killer

      I sense a transition into the dream state, but just as it begins I hear our dogs start barking downstairs. Wife stirs in the bed next to me and I wonder how much of this is pure dream and how much of it might be sounds and sensations from waking life bleeding over.

      I will myself to roll out of bed OBE-style and I decide to phase downstairs to see what the dogs are on about. I pass through walls and the floor like a ghost and I think to myself that ďIím spirit walking.Ē

      I pass through one last set of walls and the geometry gets weird for a moment and I wonder if Iím losing this dream. I rake my fingers across the floor but I pass right through. Still, it seems to bring me back into the experience and there in front of me are our 2 dogs laying on the floor panting.

      Their food and water bowls both lay empty and I figure thatís what they were making a fuss about. Even though Iím still floating like a ghost, Iím able to grab the water bowl and sling it across the room and it clangs realistically against the floor. I consider asking Wife the next morning if she heard any of this commotion.

      I head out into the garage, walking like normal now. Rather than phase, for some reason I lift the garage door manually and walk out into the night. I move past the circular driveway to the grass, thinking of the Jack and the Beanstalk Task of the Year. I dig a quick hole and everythingís feeling very vivid now. I do a behind-the-back summon of a seed which feels very half-hearted but fortunately still does yield a tiny seed. I quickly cover it over with dirt.

      For water I move my hands in a little sprinkling motion over the little mound and a few drops of ďrainĒ fall. The plant immediately springs up through the ground and stretches skyward. It looks like a normal vine at first but as it continues up it looks more like a twisting rope bridge that goes all the way up into the clouds.

      I grab the lower rung and start hauling myself up but I feel like Iím getting nowhere and wonít ever be able to tackle all that distance. I decide that the planks are being reeled in from above and are pulling me up toward the clouds. It works! In a couple of spots the planks twist and turn oddly as if theyíre trying to throw me off, but I ignore this and before long Iím at the top! I float up over the edge into what looks like a restaurant thatís being prepared for a party.

      Two women standing nearby appear to be in charge of the scurrying wait staff. One of the women, an attractive lady in her early 40s, looks up at me as I walk nearby. She has a streak of her short brown hair bleached almost white. My task is the defeat the giant that lives up here, so I ask, ďWhereís the giant?Ē She points behind me and to my left.

      When I turn, thereís a guy roughly 9-10 feet tall walking through the door of the restaurant. Heís mid-40s with dark hair and a thick, barrel-chested build. ďSo youíre the giant?Ē I ask leadingly.

      ďThatís right,Ē he says and immediately takes a swing at me. His punch catches me square in the face but I decide that it will have no effect. I wind up not feeling anything or even falling back and it kind of feels like cheating. I strike at the man, trying what I for some reason think is a ďkidney punchĒ but actually hit him in the side of the gut. He winces a bit but doesnít move much.

      I follow this up with a kick to the body and the giant clutches at his chest. I feel like this is working but I become paranoid about losing the dream, so I leap up and grab onto the giantís face. I try to do this thing where I burn him with my hands but it completely fails. The failure makes me kind of vicious and desperate, so I gouge at his left eye with my right thumb and then strike him on the neck with my forearm. He collapses hard to the ground and I go with him. As Iím picking myself up to see whatís next,
      the dream ends.
    3. The King

      by , 04-02-2014 at 03:46 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #197: The King

      It's modern times, and Iím the king of a small nation. Iím sharing a smallish hotel suite with several royal guests. A few of the royal guests in the adjoining room are very upset with me about something and Iím pacing the room, dreading that I have to talk the issue over with them.

      I inspect one of the hotel desks and see two narrow drawers. Somehow I realize that the drawer on the left contains a picture of the girl that my son E (who I think is a prince) is engaged to. I open the drawer and see that the future princess is a cute girl in her late teens with long brown hair. I think for a moment how odd this pairing is since my son is only 4 years old. I struggle with this for a moment, thinking Iíve forgotten my sonís age, until
      I realize that Iím dreaming.

      I walk into an adjacent room where I think my kids are sleeping. Thereís a crib here but instead of a child, the crib contains my friend R (who appeared in a few of my early lucids way back when). R is squatting in the crib, not doing much of anything, so I grab him under the armpits and hoist him out of the crib. I tell him that Iím having a lucid dream and that I hope heís having one too (or maybe that I just hope heís having a lot of them recently.)

      He walks back to the main part of the hotel room with me, briefly exploring the kitchen area, before we turn toward a large picture window overlooking a lake. I invite him to come fly out over the lake with me, but he seems hesitant and apprehensive. He remarks that he doesnít think heís got the skills to pull this off.

      I say some reassuring words, and when I turn back to the big picture window, the scene has changed from a lake to a large office filled with cubicles. Thereís a woman with long, dark hair and glasses working quietly at a desk, and when she looks up to see us seems completely astonished.

      The change is a surprise to me, so I decide to head out the other way from the hotel room. I donít press the issue with R and let him just hang out in the hotel room. The hotel room exit takes me into a library with a high ceiling. I take advantage of the ceiling space by flying around. I help myself navigate around the room by pointing where I want to go, and it works great!

      After a moment I remember that I need to pursue my goals, so I land and make an attempt at the Jack and the Beanstalk Task of the Year. I produce a seed from behind the back and then plunge my hands into the industrial carpet of the library floor. I find that I can dig it up easily and all these little chunks of foam pop out of the hole I leave behind. I use them to cover the seed back up and start thinking about how I should water it to help it grow.

      As Iím thinking my way through this, the scene goes dark and
      I feel myself lying in bed. Iím super hopeful that itís just a false awakening, and I even hit the nose pinch. Too bad -- Iím awake!
    4. Jack and the Beanstalk FAIL

      by , 03-29-2014 at 06:54 PM

      Started out in some random neighborhood. Immediately I realized I was dreaming (SSILD FTW.) For some reason, I was wearing dishwashing gloves. Anyways, I jumped in the air, started flying around. I was looking at the wavy hills of Mexico City, almost slummy but still beautiful. There were no designated areas, all of the buildings were randomly organized together. For instance, a grocery store was right next to a house. I had decided the night before that I would attempt to complete the Jack and the Beanstalk TOTY. First step, need a bean. I found a gas station/marketplace; I landed and found two Hispanic people working there. There was a man standing over the stand and a lady reading a magazine sitting in the corner. I walked over and said,"pinto?" (I'm not racist, I know beans is frijole now.) The guy put his finger in a pot, pulled out a pinto bean and rubbed it onto my hand so that it was smeared. I look back up to him and say again,"pinto?" He rubs another bean into my hand. I starting staring him down. The lady sighs, stands up and present me a giant peanut. It's probably about the size of a basketball. It still has the skin on it, so it's dark purple. I take a deep whiff. Yup, that's a peanut. I smile and say "gracias!" I walk away and start flying. After about 20 seconds of flying I find a hole that had been refilled that is next to a house. I figure it's probably easier to use that than dig a brand new hole. I took off my gloves and dug in. I tried to summon a shovel or something, and then I realized: how was I suppose to dispose of the giant if I didn't have any weapons? I closed my eyes and tried to visualize a bazooka, beside me, and I immediately realized my mistake. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES IN A LD. I struggled to open my eyes; I did open them, but it was too late. The dream went into a FA.
    5. Indoor Gardening

      by , 03-25-2014 at 02:07 PM
      This lucid is from the morning of 3/24/2014. Still going for Task of the Year!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #195: Indoor Gardening

      Iím working in a busy office setting with my friend ďLeroyĒ. The very popular manager of the office has just been fired and everyoneís gathered to hear a speech from some stuffed shirt corporate guy explaining why this was done.

      ďLosing a beloved manager is like losing a friend,Ē says the generic corporate guy.

      Leroy farts loudly. I laugh, then turn to him and say, ďIím not sure how many friends youíll have if you keep doing that.Ē He doesnít seem to realize Iím joking and looks hurt. Now I feel sort of bad. I assume heís sensitive because we just lost our manager.

      As the corporate guy drones on and on, I start feeling very stressed. I realize that Iím late for an orchestra concert Iím supposed to be performing in. I sneak out of the meeting, looking for the auditorium. I walk down a long, carpeted hallway and find the auditorium doors on my left. When I step inside, I see that it looks more like a movie theater. I get a sense of how odd this all is and
      Iím enormously relieved when I realize that Iím dreaming.

      The scene rapidly begins to fade, so I rub my hands together and run back and forth across the front of the theater. It takes a moment, but after maybe 3 or 4 trips from one end of the theater to the other, the visuals all come back.

      The theater is large but there are only five seats right next to each other. I recognize one of the theatergoers as my friend ďSKRĒ, but hers is the only familiar face. SKR seems to be looking for something under her seat so I decide not to just focus on tasks rather than trying to communicate.

      I start going for Jack and the Beanstalk Task of the Year. I perform a behind-the-back summon of seeds, and my hand comes back with little nuggets attached to long wisps of cotton. I just go ahead like this is good enough and start digging into the floor. The concrete floor scoops easily aside, leaving a nice, shallow hole for the seeds. I stuff them into the dirt, cover it back over, and start looking for my beanstalk to grow.

      The shoots start emerging, but when they get to be about 4-5 inches long, they flop over onto their side on the floor. I tug at them a bit but they just feel like limp, frayed green carpet. I give them a tug and try to imagine them shooting skyward, but Iím not able to get tons of energy behind this thought.

      Now I see Wife walking in through the doors of the theater. Thereís a sensation thatís sort of like waking up and
      then I find myself in my in-lawsí house. I ďrealizeĒ that all of what I just experienced took place inside Unreal Engine 4 and Iíve now returned to the real world.

      Wife gives me a stern look. ďDo you have anything you should be telling me?Ē

      I sheepishly admit that I skipped out on playing in my orchestra concert so that I could have a lucid dream. She gives a serious nod and walks away. Iím glad sheís not too pissed off about this.
      The dream ends...
    6. Tea Party

      by , 03-20-2014 at 02:47 AM
      Date: 18 March

      Pre bedish: Vit C, l-arginine

      Not quite the same results with vividness compared to the last time (15th) that used l-arg, but the wbtb did it

      Pre wbtb dream: somewhat vivid but quite evasive for recall

      wbtb: 1/3 latte

      LD1: The beginning memory is quite vague but the dream starts in my parents' place where I shortly talk to dad, some minor awareness about this being a dream that goes away the next moment. A relative comes and I go to greet her but notice that she is shaking, try to calm her down and hug her but she shakes more. I take a look at my hands and for the first? time I see an extra finger next to each one (they are kind of separated yet moving together with my hand). This doesn't quite jolt me into lucidity as I don't give it any thought at all, still concerned about my relative. As I move a bit I finally recall the short lucid moment before and remember I was supposed to be lding. I walk around with no particular place in mind when I feel the dream starting to thin out. In addition, there is this real but dream amplified sensation of hunger in my stomach, which makes the dream even more unstable and me very pissed off. I drag myself forward near some furniture with a rather defeated mindset.

      Then I see dad sitting at a long dinning room table and recall the Mad Hatter Tea Party task. I think my mom was also there, so I turn to the kitchen and tell her to make me some tea. I look at the kitchen but my mom has disappeared. No, just when I need her DC she's gone, I turn around and try to summon her, which should be easy, still no DC. Quite interestingly, I do hear loud noises coming from the kitchen as if she is there - the water running, dishes, etc.

      I decide to summon a cup of tea myself and more like a habit, I move my hands closer as if holding a cup of tea and the next moment I start distinguishing the light tea liquid in between. After a bit, a china cup appears there as well. My mood is super elevated after this - an effective summon in direct eyesight - not what I expected! I place it on the table - its existence is very shifty, where I try to manipulate it into a proper looking and full tea cup. In the meantime, if not mistaken mom comes and leaves a small tea cup at the table. I pour some of the liquid from the large one into the small one. Now everything looks satisfactory. The cups are still a bit shifty now with blue decorations. This is probably the only less rushed part of the dream, where I actually decide to take a moment and examine the picture at the bottom of the cup and memorize it. It is a typical Chinese decoration in blue - a village person with a Chinese straw hat as if fishing barehanded in the river in front of a village. I even get to feel some cool false memories/info about the people that used this cup at this point in the past and their life.

      The next thing I need is a rabbit and I think about one while looking around, then turning to dad to see that he is holding one - a real rabbit, but as I come closer to examine it becomes a stuffed toy rabbit. Oh, well, it's still a rabbit. Now I need the mad hatter and as planned I want to summon Johnny Depp to represent him. This will be a tough one, so I decide to summon him as Jack Sparrow as this role has the strongest impression for my mind. I need to feel his presence, so I kind of shortly turn into him myself as I shout out full of emotion in a deep male pirate voice "Captain Jack Sparrow". A bit worried about the strength of my voice waking me up. This is enough to cause strong thoughts about the character and a JS DC appears in front of me. He's not wearing all the make up, but has pirate clothes and the dreadlocks. Similar to my cup summons, his facial features quickly change to those of a random DC. That doesn't matter now, I notice he wears no hat and if he is the mad hatter he has to, so I think about a hat, see one, then another one that I triumphantly place on his head. Ok, where were we? Briefly lose mental focus, then recall about the poem. I only manage to say the first word and the dream quickly thins out.

      My concentration/mental energy has been rather poor for a deild. I review the dream, conclude that this was probably it for this month, since it will be difficult to go through all the summoning again. I feel tired and decide to just sleep.

      A few short non-lds and then:

      LD2: Weirdly, (or not!) I'm at my parents place again. Initially we are inside and my parents interact with this strange retriever type of dog. But something's totally off with it. It comes wearing some sort of a napkin mask and as I try to ask the dog about it, it seems to be trying to talk - like a person with his mouth shut, he (later she) makes some noises that sound like real words that almost make sense to me. I begin to suspect that this is actually a person undercover. He also runs like a person in the yard and it turns out just that - some French girl is pretending to be the dog.

      We are outside now and some family friends are visiting. I make comments about the way they are dressed. Suddenly, it dawns on me that I am at the same location of the previous dream and indeed dreaming. I wonder what to do and discard the idea of going for the totm again since there won't be enough time to complete the task, yet since there's nothing else to do and maybe it's no coincidence I have another dream here, decide to go ahead anyways.

      There's a part that's open to the yard like a garage with lots of tables and all the family & friends DCs walking around and being super loud. I try to summon a cup again, this time one appears on the table where I'm standing. Also, in the distant end of the garage is another table with two large tea pots. I bring the cup over there, but it fills up with sugar as I examine the items on the table. I guess that's enough for a tea party and decide not to mess with the stuff anymore. The light in the garage gradually goes down - this is also the end of the garage, near the wall. The DCs make their way around the table, taking part of the tea party. I need the rabbit and without actively summoning it, notice that on one of seats around the table is actually sitting the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (1951), wearing the playing cards type of clothes. He is animated, which is strange, but I'm just happy about the summon and wonder what to do about the mad hatter. Again, unexpectedly as I look to my other side I see the mad hatter (1951). It takes me a bit to actually realize that I'm looking at the mad hatter from the movie. What is even more interesting is that I get this very convincing memory that the clothes that he is wearing in the dream are the correct ones - and he is a wearing green! (later checked to find out that it's the right attire). The dream becomes extremly dark at this point with one last effort I make all the DCs repeat with me the poem-like thing I prepared for this event :

      "Lucid dreaming,
      what's the meaning
      something's flying in the sky,
      awesome feeling
      rabbits speaking
      why, Ophelia, why?"

      The dream is gone and I end up with a short session of SP (being unable to move, while feeling my physical body, seeing only darkness). I wait it out, thinking I must have been on my back (slightly to the right but yes) and start telling myself about the dream.

      DEILD: I expect to wake up, but involuntarily deild back instead. My mental continuity is messed up and during this part I shortly believe that I haven't left the dream at all. I examine the mad hatter character residue who turns into normal DC. I go outside and wonder what to do as there still might be some dream time, briefly question if it was ok to do another task, where I think about going for toty. I decide to go ahead. Some background DCs and me are in the yard now. There's a small black hound-like dog running around that distracts me and I try to ignore it as much as possible, while thinking about the beanstalk. I see some sort of bean-like seeds on the ground and take them, looking for a good place to plant them. I open my palm and see them undergoing many changes - all sorts of colors and shapes and try to make them a particular sort of beans again. After some struggle they look like dark red beans and I place them on the steps where there is a lot of muddy soil and cover them with it. One stone's hanging above and I think it will mess up how they grow, because of my thoughts. Anyways, I start to think about them growing and they grow into small shoots. The dream fades.

      Note to self: All of the actively summoned objects were shiftier than the rest of the dream (cup, rabbit, js, beans)
    7. My LD journey

      by , 03-18-2014 at 06:37 PM
      Hello all,

      I'm new to posting here, have been lurking for about a year. I randomly had a LD about 1 1/2 yrs. ago, and wanted to learn how to have more. I've been reading about all the different methods, tried some of them half-heartedly, and have managed to have a few LD's. I am now ready to get more serious about my DJ and RC's, and hopefully have better success at LD'ing !.

      I won't be posting all my dreams on here, but I'll be updating my progress daily. Yesterday I bought a new 5-subject notebook, wrote down my 2 dreams from the night before, and this morning wrote down my 9 dreams I remembered. I usually have really good recall, so I'm lucky there. I keep my phone next to my bed so I can type in keywords when I wake up during the night, and those are usually enough for the entire dream recall to come back to me.

      RC's - the bane of my existence ! I've never been consistent w/ them, but starting today I am going to stick to them ! I havde an app to program alarms throughout the day, which I set for every 20 min. I RC by counting my fingers, trying to poke a finger through my hand, and looking around at my surroundings, asking if anything seems strange. Most of my LD's have just sorta happened spontaneously, where I realived all of a sudden I was dreaming. I have a hard time questioning the weird things during dreams; hopefully the RC's will help w/ that.

      Starting tomorrow, I'll check in each day w/ how the RC's are going, and anything interesting about my dreams, and hopefully soon I'll be able to report a LD ! Thanks for checking in !
    8. Magic Carpet School

      by , 03-18-2014 at 04:47 PM
      Yet another near miss on Task of the Year! I really need to work on learning to close these. Lots of fun though!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #193: Magic Carpet School

      Iím part of a large parenting group thatís exploring a gloomy cavern illuminated by translucent pools of water. After quietly exploring this place for a while, we all wind up back at one of the momís houses. Somebody suggests that we do a group hug, and we all awkwardly move toward the middle of the room.

      I notice that Andy Bernard from The Office is part of the group. He looks sweaty and awkward and I think, ďHey that guy who plays Andy Bernard sure looks sweaty and awkward in person.Ē I do a quick mental check to see whether this is a dream and decide that
      yes, it definitely is.

      I walk out of this living room into an elementary school classroom thatís in the middle of some kind of lesson. I pass through without interacting with any of the dream characters, wanting to get outside for a Task of the Year attempt. (The Aladdinís lamp task with a magic carpet and three wishes.)

      Leaving this classroom takes me to a second classroom and I start worrying that Iíll spend this whole lucid wandering through an endless series of grade school classes. I head for a wall, announcing that ďThis is a phase outside,Ē before plunging right through. I wind up in the void, but my hands and forearms are still brightly illuminated and clearly visible.

      I rub my hands together and slowly the void becomes filled with a swirling field of stars. This fades into a scene from the Matrix that has the Youtube logo and controls underneath it, and I see that I am watching a video whose length is ď0:98Ē. I briefly wonder if I went to bed wearing VR goggles or something and that the images are penetrating my eyelids. Scenes from The Matrix flash by and the image slowly rotates.

      Now thereís a crackling sound and my vision fills with a series of strange characters that I canít identify. I feel a sharp tug backward and I wait for the new scene to form. My vision reforms intoÖ another elementary school classroom, this one a little bigger with an adjacent windowed playroom. I head immediately for the exit and Iím pleased to find myself in an entrance area. I bolt through a set of glass doors and now Iím outside.

      Immediately I start attempting the lamp summon by ďfindingĒ it behind my back, but my hand just keeps coming back empty. After three failures, Iím really frustrated by this. On the last attempt my hand comes back with some little piece of dirty, wooden-looking junk about the size of a sugar cube. This time I pretend that this is the lamp but itís just way too small. ďBiggerÖ biggerÖĒ and do a little magician-esque gesture. It plumps up nicely into a real magic lamp! Itís way too light to be realistic, but who cares, next step!

      I rub the lamp, wishing for the magic carpet. I decide to be really specific, saying, ďA magic carpet. Make it rolled up.Ē A simple little rolled-up rug appears on the ground. I immediately think, Whyíd you ask for it rolled up? Thatís just a pain in the ass. I expect the magic carpet to unroll and it does, so I quickly sit down. As I do, it lifts me up into the air and starts flying leisurely forward.

      For my second wish, I quickly say ďDelicious cookie!Ē and a tiny little sliver of cookie appears in my hand, like someone had already eaten most of it. I find this awfully stingy for a magic lamp but I stuff it in my mouth. Itís chocolate chip, not bad at all.

      I think about how close I am to completing the task and the excitement gets the best of me. I get one last look at the roof of a one-story building as I float over it before
      the dream ends.

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      lucid , task of the year
    9. Three Wishes (Task of the Year)

      by , 02-28-2014 at 07:56 PM
      I was up late last night after working second shift, then had to get up early for a contractor stopping by in the morning. So I didn't get a whole lot of sleep. When I started feeling drowsy after the contractor left, I figured a nap wouldn't hurt.

      I'm looking at my smartphone and for some reason, I'm trying to search for information on Jimmy Kimmel. I'm having trouble spelling his name, with my attempt to spell "Jimmy" coming out as something else. I look at my hands and realize this must be a dream. I look up from the phone and find myself at work, except I seem to be on skates while the main aisle is made of ice. I start skating down the aisle until I get to the toy department. When I head down a smaller aisle, I see a magic lamp hanging on a display. I rub the lamp, which looks like plastic but feels cold like metal. I wait for the genii to appear, except nothing happens. I take a few steps and try again, and this time the genii comes out of the lamp.

      I wish for a magic carpet. The genii points to an endcap where there are plush purple toilet lid covers on display. He takes one and tosses it in the air. It seems to get larger and thinner as it spins until landing on the floor, now large enough to hold a person. I make sure to hang onto the lamp as I get on the rug. The rug flies through the air, heading for the front of the store where I magically pass through the plate-glass window. Outside, it is cool and cloudy. I do a few loops on the magic carpet before returning to the ground.

      At this point, I know I want a second wish but I'm a little stumped for what to wish for. I look at the clouds and wish that I was someplace warm. Almost immediately, I find myself wearing a rain coat and sitting at a small table under a large umbrella. I can see palm trees in the distance, and when I stick my hand out, I can feel the rain. I focus on the sounds of a tropical rain stormÖ

      And then I find myself in my garage at home. I open the garage door, reminding myself that I wished I was someplace warm. And instead of my driveway, I see a tropical forest with a dirt path winding through the trees. I follow the path, feeling squishy texture of the dirt under my feet. Eventually, I come to a large building. I realize that it's the home of my grandparents in India. I remember where to find the back door that leads to a kitchen. From there, I move to the large reception room on the main floor. I remember that it was my favorite room as a kid because it had a swing. Sure enough, I see a wicker egg-shaped chair that is suspended from the ceiling. I sit in the chair and let it swing back and forth. A drink appears in my hand, and I wonder what it is before deciding that it should be Bombay Sapphire gin, of course. I sip it and debate what to do for my third wish. For a moment, I wonder if I should ask for the perfect kiss and an image of Benedict Cumberbatch comes to mind. But I decide that I can't have him show up in every single lucid dream!

      Instead, I wish that I could speak to my grandmother. I see my Nana, my mom's mother, appear on my left hand side. She reminds me that this used to be her sewing room. I look on my right and see my dad's mother, who passed away before I was born. I really want to hear what she has to say, but she remains silent at first. I realize that I have no idea what she even sounds like because I have no memories to build on. Trying to draw her out, I ask, "What should I do with my life? I could really use some guidance." She remains silent, but this time she leans forward and kisses me on the forehead, then she gives me a hug. Then she tells me, "I want you to live. I have two beautiful granddaughters that I am so proud of and I want you to live your lives."
    10. CL and the Beanstalk

      by , 02-26-2014 at 04:30 PM
      Very close call on Task of the Year! I'll definitely have to go for this one again.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #188: CL and the Beanstalk

      I WILD into a scene filled with fleeting hypnagogic imagery which quickly fades into the void. I start waving my dream-hands in a repetitive motion, waiting for a scene to form. Nothing happens right away, though, so I start licking my fingers for a while to see if that works.

      Nothingís shaping up yet, though, so I try seeing how far I can stick my tongue out. I can feel it extending outward from my mouth seemingly on and on, and after a few moments I can vaguely see it extending away from my face into the distance. Curious how large I can make it, I will the tongue to expand and it balloons out in a huge, rectangular shape as large as a room. After a couple of seconds, I can see that yes, it actually is a roomÖ

      Now Iím standing high up in an office building, looking out over a city skyline through enormous windows. Itís late afternoon. I enjoy the sight of the skyline for a moment, rubbing my hands together.

      As Iím doing this, a helicopter rises into view from below my line of sight, turns itself directly toward me, and opens fire with dual-mounted miniguns.

      The office windows shatter and I feel myself being pelted with glass and bullets. Thereís no pain, but each impact feels like a definitive hit. I know that itís a dream but I canít stop myself from shying from the window, crouching down, and nearly cowering. I hold my hand out toward the helicopter then swipe it quickly to the right, flinging it away from the building and out of sight.

      The wrecked office is filled with random debris now, and I make my way past it to stand at the edge of the now-empty window. I recall Task of the Year (find and plant some magic beans, climb the beanstalk, and defeat the giant at the top.) My immediate goal is to get back to ground level, so I instinctively point to a lower rooftop perhaps 7 or 8 stories down and will myself to float to it. It works and Iím pulled smoothly down.

      Now Iím really enthused about this pointing thing, so I point at the street below, once again pulling myself down. Iím filled with confidence after this, so I just start knocking out Task of the Year steps as quickly as I can.

      I need bare earth, so I scoop the roadway aside, leaving a bowl-shaped hollow for my seed. I close and then open my hand, expecting the seed to be there. It is! (Looks like a pine nut.) I stuff the seed in the hole, cover it over with dirt and pat it down. A stalk immediately starts growing out of the ground and I jump onto it as it goes by. The stalkís growing fast and since I hitched a ride so early, the plantís doing the climbing for me.

      I streak past the nearby buildings and head into the clouds. Immediately a shirtless, ape-like giant with a long beard comes loping toward me, about 100 feet away. Iím preparing to do something violent and decisive to make absolutely certain that I nail Task of the Year, but excitement gets the best of me. The scene collapses
      into a false awakening back in my bedroom.

      I need to use the bathroom, so I get out of bed, head in there, and start peeing. My aim is terrible and I keep hitting the seat, the floor, the tank, everything but what Iím aiming at. This really frustrates me and I assume that I must be super tired.

      Just then I notice a strange, robotic laundry machine sloshing water onto the floor. Its label indicates that itís some kind of diaper-washing contraption. Our kids barely use any diapers these days so I wonder why we have it and why itís here flooding our bathroom.

      My 2-year-old son R walks into the room, followed soon after by a sleepy-looking Wife. Her hair is standing up in all kinds of crazy directions, including one nearly two-foot spike thatís going straight up. ďYour hair is pretty awesome right now,Ē I tell her. She giggles and checks herself out in the mirror. We have a good laugh about this until
      the dream ends.
    11. 2/20/2014 // first lucid dream in a long time

      by , 02-20-2014 at 08:31 PM
      Was just in a dream, sitting around inside a house looking at papers, when some old memory of me returns and I think about the time I was awake writing down lyrics on paper and I wrote, "jasons dreaming" that wasn't an actual dream but the memory of that event triggered something and I looked at the paper I was hold and sure enough a printer popped out of the bottom of the page and printed another page out from it, so basically one page has a printer hanging from it print forth more. And then I knew I was dreaming. I think the people around me also knew they were dreaming or at least some of us were, because I was whisped to another scene outside next to a fence and someone was in the background giving commands saying, "don't haunt these people or you will be haunted in return", then I jumped the fence and heard someone say those dogs are going to tear you apart, but I didn't care I was free and I was not afraid and I jumped so damn high I landed on the first floor roof of the building I was aiming for and it was a tall building many about 6 or so floors and I started spiderman climbing, jumping, and loving every moment of it. I finally got to a good flat roof area at the top, and plugged my nose and breathed in and still felt the air flow through my nose, and knew I was still dreaming. But the breathing felt good so I kept doing it, I kept plugging my nose and taking in nice deep breaths, and suddenly I awoke.

      Some more scenes before the LD that I remember:
      1. I was in some sort of war, and backed into a corner with other guy who was more more powerful than me, felt like we were playing a game. My ammo/weapon just wasn't doing any damage, but the big guy backed in the corner with me, he ceased shooting, because his shots were damaging my health bar as well, but I defended us vigorously.

      2. Was on a spaceship talking to some person, next to a console. Was very interesting, he definitely was not human, and the person sitting to his right had horns. Very multidimensional and full of volume in that dream. Tolec.

      3. A couple dreams were I had boners, and was playing coverup with my shame, but sometimes I just did not care.
    12. The Hybrid

      by , 02-20-2014 at 03:51 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #187: The Hybrid

      I have a false awakening in a strange bedroom that I think is some kind of condominium. Wife is here along with my two young kids E and R. I wonder whether I can go back to sleep and try to have a lucid dream but then realize that Iím having one right now.

      I charge toward the window but feel someone short grab onto my arm. ďWho is that?Ē I ask, looking down to find my 2-year-old son R clutching me. ďItís [R], Daddy. I want to go with you. Daddy, let me go with you!Ē For a moment I consider it, but once I think about my Task of the Year goal (turning into a fish-man and acting out The Little Mermaid), I decide no way. Iím way too nervous about bringing one of my kidsí DCs into the ocean.

      Rís grip slips off of me as I phase through the window. I feel a little guilty for a moment, but I remind myself that this isnít really him. Iím wound up in my backyard during what looks like mid-morning. I jump up into the air, imagining that there will be an ocean where my eastern neighborís yard ought to be. But when I get up there, it still looks like waking life.

      I have some momentary flight trouble, but I psych myself up with a few phrases until things are going the way I want them to. I fly west for a bit, slowly turning southward and expecting to see water untilÖ I see the ocean just ahead of me!

      I pop up into the air and then plunge straight downward into the water, happily swimming about beneath the waves. The waterís darker than Iíd like, but I try not to get too nervous or worked about this. I imagine my lower body turning into that of a fish, swim around that way for a bit, then look down to check my handiwork. Itís close, but not quite rightÖ each leg is still there but all scaly like a fishís body with a fin on the end.

      I look away again, swim around a bit more, trying to make it all feel natural. I check again and itís looking better, just about right, but now Iím feeling paranoid about my breathing. I feel like I canít breathe underwater and need to surface. Panicked that something is wrong with my breathing in waking life, I push for the surface and fall into the void. I keep doing repetitive swimming motions, though, trying to hold onto the dream. After a while of this, I wonder if Iím making swimming motions in bed. This finally transitions me into...

      Ö a false awakening where Iím lying in a large bed next to Wife. The roomís not my own, though. I recognize this as the condominium from the beginning of the dream,
      and realize that Iím still dreaming. I roll over to Wifeís side of the bed and start getting frisky. She murmurs sleepily but when I tell her that ďthis is all a dreamĒ, she becomes more engaged. We make out for a little bit, but the dream hits the void.

      After a moment, though, thereís a transition into an office environment. Wifeís still here with me so we continue making out.

      Spoiler for Sexytime:
      I notice one of the office workers, an attractive Hispanic woman in her late 20s, holding a stack of papers and talking to another employee. I tell the woman that she wants to join us and she responds, "Okay, good idea," and begins to undress while still sort of continuing to work. I guess my attention wanders, though, because after a moment she walks off to do some work thing, still partially undressed.

      After that Wife and I enjoy some sexytime beforeÖ

      the dream ends.
    13. Flying Carpets, Pudding Pools and, Finally, the TotY!

      by , 02-14-2014 at 03:10 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Well, I haven't been here in a while! I pretty much stopped with my whole online DJ, aside from the tasks, but maybe I'll have to change that But for this entry, it's still a TotY one, specifically Aladdin! Off to it, then

      The dream started off in a large, traditional Japanese house, with multiple rooms and corridors, but only one floor. I was in a big dining area with a good size table and about a dozen elderly women kneeling around it drinking something out of mugs, likely tea. I stood in the doorway looking at them and could see outside behind them -- there was a large gap in the wall where sliding doors should've been. It was sunny and summertime, everyone was in light clothing and I think I was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt -- the women were dressed in kimonos, but they were thinner and more breathable than more traditional ones.

      I walked past them and into another room where there were some end tables and a couple lamps, but nothing out of the ordinary. I continued to walk around the building, from room to room, just looking around, not really having anything in mind. I came full circle back to the room I was just in, but the women had gone out back and were suddenly having a barbeque. One was cooking hot dogs on a grill, a group were talking, and others were playing Frisbee. It was summer after all. I poked my head outside to see what exactly was going on, but just sort of stared for a little bit, zoning out at these elderly women dressed in kimonos and having a cookout.

      I came out of it and turned away, walking back the other way through the house. I came to a room that has a small swimming pool in it with a small ladder in the corner. There was tile around it amidst the hardwood flooring that normally covered the floor, and luckily I noticed something was amiss.
      I thought to myself, "Am I dreaming?" and plugged my nose to do a RC. I breathed in, and after a second, I could definitely breathe! It was a relief; I had been having a dry spell for a while which was broken recently with a really short, low vividness lucid which wasn't very satisfying. Being able to do a complete reality check with actual substance behind it was liberating. I looked around the room I was in, getting a full sense of what it felt like, and rubbed my hands for some stabilization. The walls were all vertical wood paneling but the ceiling didn't really look like anything; the room just sort of stopped and there was a roof, but no distinct ceiling.

      Either way, I was lucid! So I didn't really care too much. I looked around the room, thinking of all the things to do, when I noticed a lamp in the next room over sitting on one of the end tables. I had remembered the TotY, but couldn't really remember what the specific tasks were. Luckily, the lamp reminded me of the Aladdin one: wish for a magic carpet, then whatever for the other two. I walked over to it, picked it up, and rubbed it. It wasn't what you'd expect a magic lamp to look like, but it was smooth and shiny, so I figured it'd work. Of all things to pop out, a DC from a couple previous dreams I had (my Hindenburg (TotY from 2012) DJ entry described him well) appeared right behind me. "Hey, what's up!? he said, startling me. I turned around and couldn't recognize him at first. Seeing my confused expression he told me, "Don't you remember? I kicked your ass a while back! For the task?"

      Then it hit me, "Ooohhhhhh!... it's you. You didn't kick my ass, you kicked me in the head!" I retorted sarcastically. He had, in fact, kicked me in my head to wake me up. "It's just a saying, geez. You don't have to get so worked up about it," he retorted. "Anyway, you need a carpet, right?" That's true, I did have to take a magic carpet for a spin. "Uh yeah, you got one?" I asked. He nodded his head behind him and, sure enough, there it was. It wasn't magnificent looking at all like it was in the movie. It looked like a standard rug you would put a coffee table on over hardwood. But hey, if it's "magic" then I don't really care what it looked like.

      "Thanks," I said halfheartedly. I walked past him and hopped on the carpet. I floated up above the floor a couple inches, and I turned around to say goodbye to him, but he had disappeared. Figures, he never did stick around for a while. I look back at the room with the pool in it, lean forward, and start flying quickly towards the wall on the other side. I put my arms up in front of me and break through the wall, nearly losing my balance and being blinded by the sun. I hadn't done too much dream control in a while, so I was a bit rusty. I basically rode the carpet like a snowboard, since that's something I was used to in real life.

      I leaned right to turn around and take a look back behind the house to see the women still there, having their cookout. There were some guys there now, and the women were younger, much closer to the age you'd expect to have a random cookout and play Frisbee with. I got a good look at the house and the surrounding area and it was just as big as I had thought it would be. It was completely secluded with forest all around it and a small path leading out to a road a couple hundred yards out. I looked around me -- I was about 100 feet up at this point -- and could see a fairly large mountain in the distance. I circled a house for a bit a decided that this was probably good enough for the task and headed back to wish for two other things. After all, I could fly whenever.

      I dropped straight down through the roof approximately where I thought the room with the lamp in it was. Something about the roof must've been off, because when I went through it I got thrown off the carpet and hit the ground hard. I could feel the dream about to be fading. "No! Not now, dammit!" I thought loudly, and as I tried to spin and save the dream, I unfortunately
      woke up. However! I laid still and kept my eyes closed and tried to jump right back into the dream. I'm continuing this! I won't be defeated by some roof!

      And I was back in the room with the lamp, completely lucid! I did another RC just to be sure, and sure enough I was good . "Welcome back," I heard a voice say. It was him again. "Have a nice trip?" Wow, I didn't know he made bad puns too. "Oh yeah, lovely," I told back. "Can I just have two more wishes?" I wasn't sure if I could still complete the task (Ophelia tells me now that yes, a DEILD is fine) but I wanted to be safe. "Sure! But what're ya gonna wish fer?" He said colloquially. "Give me some ideas!"

      "Why not another task? Or... oo! I know! A Hindenburg blimp!" Wow, he just loves making fun of me, doesn't he . "Well then, Mr. Sarcasm, how about that pool over there becomes filled with chocolate pudding?" I pointed my finger at the pool. Why pudding? I don't know, I couldn't think of anything. Why chocolate? Because chocolate pudding is best pudding. Period. "Uh, sure, whatever," he spoke lazily. I watched intently as a small portion of the pool in the middle began to turn thick and chocolatey. It slowly expanded across the water and down to the bottom, just like supercooled water freezing.

      'Damn, that's a lot of pudding' I thought, and I walked over towards it. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a spoon (sometimes things are just where they need to be in dreams) and bent over. I scooped some up and right as I'm about to taste it I get kicked in by the aforementioned asshole. I fell in face first into the weird, chocolatey concoction, which was not at all like water, but I managed to right myself and breathe. He was standing there laughing, "Just be glad I didn't wake you up again!" He spouted rudely. I just spit some pudding from my mouth angrily
      I just now realize my lucids are often like little sitcoms/cartoons xD) "Well? What's number three going to be!?" He asked triumphantly. I thought about just wishing to be out of this mess and cleaned up, but that wouldn't be entertaining to do, let alone read .

      "How about you let me kick you in the head!" I shouted. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone, part of the TotY and a little revenge . "Well..." he pondered, "I suppose I am playing the role of the genie, so I guess I kinda have to." He rubbed his chin while he spoke. "Alright then!" I yelled, jumping out of the pudding pool. No clue how I jumped, but I also didn't have any pudding on me anymore. Yay dreams! He turned his back to me, "Have fun!" He shouted. Right as he finished I sung my right leg around and roundhoused him right in the head, just like he had done to me.
      I blinked and was laying in my bed, awake. GOD. DAMMIT. That asshole got me again. By the end of this task I better beat him. Perhaps it'll be some good motivation!
    14. The beauty and the beast

      by , 02-09-2014 at 08:42 PM
      Date: 06 Feb

      Wbtb: 1/3 latte

      I have a number of short lds that I chain through the void. Summary

      LD: In my old room, stabilize by touching furniture. Notice that lamps are on. Find a newspaper I try to read with difficulty for a while. The lamps go off, I become blind and then the dream blacks to the void. I stay there for a bit, waiting for the next dream.

      LD: In a car, get out of the car, notice my reflection in the windows. Hair is the same, but it gets in my face, I make a ponytail. I want to change the scene, try splitting the space, I feel another place, but nothing visually changes. I get bored, allow myself to fall back. This yields a number of sensations as well as weightlessness. The dream fades to the void. I wait for the next scene.

      LD: I find myself in a nice hotel lobby, bright flowers decorate the place. Some guest DCs, a monk at the distance catches my attention, I go to check it out. The monk is gone but a few DCs are paying their respect to a metal statue. I have some mischievous thoughts, but bow down instead. There are two more statues (not in service), metal turtles. The dream fades to black, I stay still for DEILD but it takes a while.

      Review in head, feeling tired, I fall asleep.

      DILD+: on and off lucidity, FA, in- dream wild and sexy time

      DILD: I find myself in this familiar place and start looking at the plants near the windows, try some tk on them, but it doesn't work. I think maybe there's a reason for this. Then I turn to examine the room, everything looks kind of blurry and unstable. My attention is caught by those lamps - three lamps, I try to identify if they come from a memory or just random ones, it's like my vision almost splits in two and there is a fourth lamp, but I try to focus more and they're back to three. I mentally make a note of the bad quality, then go down the stairs. I immediately regret doing so, because I run into the B6 DC and she charges at me. At this moment, I become quite concerned that this might truly be some sort of evil entity just using her form to terrorize me. It's just too active, so lively in the eyes and so aggressive. I have no choice but to face her. I think I say a few words, but her mood remains the same. Then I decide this is a good opportunity to do my breathing and concentrate on that. I do this for a while. In the meantime, she seems to have changed her mind about attacking me and is weeping.

      Memory gap, possibly another blackout.

      DILD: On the street now and I see this empty space in the horizon and recall I wanted to use something like this to draw a mountain. A bit uncerain if the dream will last long enough, with all the blackouts and instability before. I decide to go ahead with the summoning, yet before I do any motions with my hands I notice that the space isn't quite empty. It looks like in the very distance, as if seeing through the fog is something that looks like a large mountain. As I keep staring at it, it becomes much clearer and closer, till I find myself looking at a solid spot of the mountain covered with grass. The surroundings have changed without me noticing and I am at the foot of this huge mountain. I cover the majority of it with snow until I feel it's enough for the task. Then I examine the slope, which is initially way too steep to enable any upward movements. This worries me but I move to a part of it and feeling very excited summon a pair of ski and ski poles.

      I totally can't believe the summon worked as I have nothing to do with this sport. Anyways, I start gliding up the slope, which by then is less steeper. Contrary to my expectations from real life, this is not as hard and actually pretty pleasurable. I glide upwards the slope which goes up and down and it feels as if I am on a roller coaster. Then I reach the top of the mountain and feel adventurous, contemplate on jumping from the top or skiing down. Yet before I can decide what to do, the momentum carries me forward and I continue moving in the air. I notice that I feel no switch in sensations from gliding on the mountain surface to this weird air movement. My mood is great, I gaze to what's ahead and not below me. It is a beautiful view of green plains, with a weird building with one-two statues in the distance and a very large gray palace next to it.

      At this time it clicks this could so well be the palace I wanted to summon (while reviewing tasks during wbtb). I'm still skeptic that will be able to make it and complete the entire task but give it a go. Don't remember flying for a long distance, it's like the palace became closer as I started to focus on the steps of the task. I go in what looks like museum palace lobby, there's some thematic furniture, long red carpet or velvet curtains, don't pay too much attention to them. I immediately think dad. That's actually quite easy and there he stands in one of the side corridors. I say a few words to him, to mentally confirm this is going the way it has to be. Then start looking for the beast but there is no one in sight.

      The room I'm in is pretty small and there are stairs going down and I go to the lower floor, looking for the beast. I run into an old Chinese man that I try to make look scary but no matter how much effort I put into this, he stays the same. I obviously start making scary faces and roar in an attempt to distort his features into evil ones, but he looks scared as hell and is shivering. I can't believe my DC is afraid of me and where is that beast? A couple of DCs that I don't pay much attention to appear and there it is - a disgusting beast. It looks like one H. Bosch's animals - a mixture of different animals, like a large pink pig and echidna, strange fur and the nose of a mole. It also is spitting something poisonous from its month and hissing. I so much regret not being able to summon my much now friendly looking lion man at this point.

      Disgusted, I approach the wild creature, tell him I love him (it) and kiss it near what looks like its mouth. I remain with my eyes closed and wait a bit, but can still feel this thing aggressively making breathing noises and moving around. I know the curse has to be broken but nothing happens, and I can't take the little bugger any more. It's somewhat smaller now - the size of a cat maybe and I throw it away where it gets under some furniture. That thing keeps making the sounds, but looks wounded and in the next moment I see that it gives existence to a DC that comes out from under the furniture. To my amusement, it is a female classmate. Good enough I suppose. The dream soon fades.
    15. Small fry

      by , 01-12-2014 at 01:57 AM
      Date: 08 Jan

      Pre bed: 3mel

      Wbtb: 1/3 latte, around 34 mg caffeine

      I'm quite sleepy and resist waking myself too much, but still try to stay as awake as possible while in bed, repeating mantras and goals. I fall asleep with some long deep REM rebound.

      DILD: It's a very long dream where me and parents get ready for a trip. Then I meet a DC that feels like a kindred sprit, I am eager to discuss with him possible solutions to a problem we both have.

      A few moments later, I realize that this is a dream and remember my goals, freeze water and go fishing. The guy disappears somewhere. I am walking in what looks like a park and as I think about the task, I see that there are large puddles of water all around. Initially, I try to use them for the task even though they are too shallow and begin freezing them by willing it as well as by placing my hands down over one of them, where while they freeze, they emanate coldness and there's a cool mist effect lifting from the puddles! But then I realize this isn't going to work for the task and walk a bit further where there's a much larger and deeper body of water, like a pond.

      I will the water to turn to ice, but to my surprise nothing happens. This annoys me. I contemplate whether to just get on the water as if it is frozen, but am uncertain if it will work, if I continue to expect to sink if I step on it. In the meantime, the water finally freezes. When I look at the surface, I see that part of it begins to melt already and dig with my hands in the softened ice to make a hole. This happens quite easily with no discomfort from the cold. There's some coldness, but it's ok, since I didn't think about it too much. I put my hands through the hole, reaching as far as I can and expecting to run across a catch.

      I wait for a while but there's nothing around them and it gets kind of creepy what might be lurking in the darkness below the ice. In the area that's partially covered with ice, I can now see a number of small fish swimming around and succeed in catching one. It is a small tropical butterfly type fish but silver and red. As I hold it, my bf appears next to me and I tell him to take a picture, which I so much wish I could bring to rl, but before he can take the pic, the fish escapes.

      I become so happy that have completed the task, I lose lucidity and begin to tell the dream to myself. After a while, I realize the dream is still going. Now I'm on the street in some neighborhood, there is an unconscious movement from my part and I end up floating in mid air, slightly above the ground, very stable though. I correctly recall this feeling from many dreams I had and exclaim to myself that taking off isn't as difficult as I have thought (previously irl). This is a good opportunity to practice a bit of flying and I do some flight manipulation, where I try to think of the direction and my body flies well in that direction. Then I try to take a turn and go in the opposite direction, but it doesn't quite work.

      More rather random movements mid air and then I fly high up near a tall residence building, where I climb the last three stories using my hands. I somehow take a step back (see the building from a distance, although I am at the level of the third to last story). A black dotted panther on the balcony catches my attention. It looks kind of small, but actually it is the right size compared to the balcony and the stuff around it. The whole building seems small as if I am looking at it from a distance, yet I am very close to it. I briefly pay attention to that, but then wonder no more. There is a dalmatian in the apartment with the panther and I just so love exploring people's places, like in many non-lds. On the balcony below is a centipede, a very long one, apparently the same size as the panther (fits the balcony lenght). It doesn't look very appealing and I see two more on different balconies, I become vaguely aware that I am causing the one-many effect.

      At some point I discarded the idea of going for Toty, because I thought the dream might end, but since it's still going, I decide to give it a try. Somehow, I go down to the ground and begin exploring a dream version of a familiar street. The bus station is here, only residential buildings, some larger buildings appear, but nothing that looks like a palace. I head towards the larger buildings that seem suitable and try to think that one of them is a palace. It starts to change, more and more detail is added and it becomes a flashy top notch casino. I still believe I could change it to a palace by trying to add a few columns at the entrance, but just increase the level of detail/casino quality.

      I move on to the next building's entrance, which I recognize as some sort of amusement area. There's a distant dream memory also at work. Since I don't feel I'll get anywhere further with the palace, I eagerly get in, looking forward to having some fun. At this point I remember a dream where I took a super cool ride at a place that looked like this and become very excited. The lobby of the place where they sell the tickets is visitor empty, there's just the guy that sells the tickets, a girl that will ride with me and a male DC. The tall male DC next to my right is accompanying me to the cashier and I get a number of false memories and begin to have romance thoughts about him.

      The DC at the desk gives me weird instructions of how to properly hold to the cart and my behavior while next to the girl that's also taking the ride. She is new, so I have to be careful. Bla bla, my lucidity level is dropping. I go to the girl and we wait to be let in to the ride but the dream finally fades and I wake up.

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