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    1. 23 Jul: Earthquake at my mom's and Indian goddess again

      by , 07-23-2019 at 09:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At my moms, although a slightly different house. It is in the middle of a city. But still at the top floor. On her room is my late grandma, still alive, laying in bed. I am with her. On the next room is my mom, my dad and some other relatives. The wall separating the two rooms cracks horizontally. My dad thinks the house will crack more and I think there has to be a reason behind it. That's when everything starts shaking. Through the window we see other buildings shaking violently and breaking apart. My dog Soraia is with us, I keep her near. Parts of our house start to collapse, like some outer walls. My grandma on the bed falls down with part of the room. My mom cries in panic. I suggest we all move to under the doorstep. When finally things are more stable, we assess the damages in the house. After the shock I say it is time to go outside because is dangerous to stay. My mom offers to go down the building's staircase and I say it should be me going, because I think it is dangerous for her. She insists and I warn her that she might find dead people. We hear a child cry somewhere on the floors below. She goes anyway. I gather my cats on a crate. Fairly easy to do except for Cuscus which forces me to go to the collapsed room looking for him. Meanwhile my mom returns, says the stairs are blocked 2 floors below. Couldn't find the child. We consider staying there until rescue comes but it might take weeks and it is not safe. So we find there is a connection between the roof to other rooftops of buildings that fell over each other. Through there I find ta way for us to reach the street. Most people seem disoriented but we find a group which seems to have a plan and knows where to go. I consider we join them. Then I am warned that some bad dudes are trying to steal one of my pets from where I left them in crates, near a car. But it is not a cat they are taking away, it is a falcon. I run and insult them but eventually the falcon flies away and escapes them. Then I call him back and he lands on my arm.

      With friends, at some ancient site, like a temple or palace, awaiting for our Guru's teachings. As we wait for info about what's going to happen, Rinpoche drops by and hands over a bunch of papers with poems. He says we should go make copies, distribute them and study the texts. Then he turns away to leave, but our eyes cross and I understand I should follow him. I follow him through a corridor, I stop seeing, everything is dark and then it's like I enter another time and dimension. The floor is covered in flowers and on both sides of the aisle there are people throwing flower petals and offering precious substances. I spot Rinpoche again at the end of this path and at the entrance of a private garden area. When we are there alone, we kiss. He becomes a young, athletic, beautiful prince, with long hair with a bit tied up on top of his head. I also turn into an Indian looking princess-like beauty with a vaporous white dress. We enjoy the sensual delights of being alone and free to love in this solitary magical retreat. Apparently for a long undisturbed time. We have a son. At some occasion I am bathing in a lake and playing with my boy. From a short distance, I see my love looking at us, very serious. He is majestic and he carries a dagger in his right hand. As he walks towards me, I get in some kind of horny surrendering trance. I get out of the water and I lay down on a stone surface and welcome him in my arms. He lays down with me. But he is talking very seriously about people in some other time and dimension. He says with aggravation that they will at some point stop going to temples and looking for us. They will instead go to shopping and movies and other mundane things and we will have to be with them, among them, doing those things with them, for them. Then I black out and start drifting in what I would describe as the multiverse, a dark void where a myriad of universes are laid out in an infinite geometrical matrix and I see them unfolding in their infinite diversity, overwhelmed.

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    2. 23 Apr: Bullies, babysitting and a sexual fantasy with Eva Green (graphic)

      by , 04-23-2019 at 09:28 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I watch a friend bringing his gay boyfriend home for a dinner with the family. Family is unaware they date, and maybe even that he is gay. So it comes as a great shock when they casually mention it. Also, the guy had a recent drug problem and his parents are highly controlling it and all hell breaks lose when he shares that his boyfriend is a meth addict in recovery. They leave the dinner and go to the train station, it is raining and they kiss and make out. A train arrives and some guys that usually bully them get out from it. The couple decides to walk away and avoid them.
      Then I am caught in the action, as I stand in their way to allow the guys to escape. The bullies get pissed at me. I escape, but later I am in school and they bully me at the sports field. I don't feel fear, but I want to expose them, so I find a way to record them bullying me. They mock me, force me to do push ups and other silly things as they say intimidating things and somehow I end up naked from waist up. But I feel pleased because I got footage of it and pictures of the 4 guys. I run to the house of a friend. At her window is Conan Osiris (the musician) who is apparently her friend and looks surprised to see this girl running in topless. They borrow me a blanket that I use to cover myself and then everybody feels more comfortable to hear what I have to say. Then we make a plan to show these images the next day to some teacher or the director.
      But the next day there is something going in the school behind closed doors at the auditorium, some presentation or so. Outside in the lobby there are many strange machines like ATMs and we are told by a lady at a desk to take a machine with us and join the presentation.

      Late night with my mom at a retail shop to buy a blanket for some baby. The shop closes and we are the only ones left. I am actually excited we might spend the night in there, but a worker spots us and tells us to go towards the exit. We argue we haven't yet found the blanket and because it is for a baby, she feels moved and helps us finding it. Then we take it home to the baby, which we are just taking care of and I have no idea who the mother is. I fall in love with the little one, but I get disappointed that he rejects all the food I give him. My mom feeds him chocolate desserts and it's the only thing he'll eat. I argue against it, but she says it's too late to break the habit. I say if it was my kid I'd cut all sugars.

      Watching and then taking part of a Tarantino movie, so excited with how awesome it is. I am walking into a heavily guarded compound to talk to some bigshot, who happens to be played by Eva Green. I have to exit the building to an interior garden and have to meet her at the garden house, which is also heavily surrounded by guards. I am led by an attendant. First the girl goes in with a dress to hand over to Eva. I hear that she doesn't like as much as she likes the attendant's own dress, but accepts it anyway. Then I am allowed to go in and my first thought is how incredibly hot she is and I hope she changes the dress in front of me. She doesn't but anyway we don't talk much.
      I simply go towards her and grope her. I grab one of her breasts and suck it through her thin clothes. (I'm not a lesbian, but I just find her the hottest and most beautiful woman and I would definitely do her ). Then something bizarre happens and I become her! Now I am horny for myself. I start to undress in front of a mirror and I suck my own breasts (a dream ability I have!). I touch myself while admiring my goddess-like beauty. I am not Eva Green anymore, I transformed into a Buddhist deity, even more beautiful and irresistible. I can't hold up the hornyness anymore and I find a rubber toy on the table and I use it for my pleasure.
      Some guard comes in and sees me, but I am not disturbed by it, nor do I feel like having him join. He feels awkward and slowly walks out in silence. I continue pleasing myself in front of the mirror and I climax gently and continuously and feel an amazing sensation of well-being rushing through my veins (not just in the dream, I actually had an orgasm in RL).
    3. Continuing The UFO Crash Universe

      by , 02-16-2015 at 12:55 PM
      I fall asleep at around 4:30 PM. This dream series was very reminiscent of the Time Travel UFO dream I had a week or so ago. It involved the same universe throughout the entire thing. It all started in Preschool. I was in a weird preschool class for some reason. I must have been young. I do not remember much of the class, however when I got out, the same friend from the other dream was ready to drive me home in a bus. He then drives me to the same area as the last dream, where his house was still in the woods, and the playground (which I looked for, but could not find) was somewhere nestled in the forest. The dream ends in a mountainous or extremely hilly area. There is a large bridge with a huge swingset on the bridge that swings you over the mountain. I rode it, feeling free. I noticed a few family members popping up in the area, then fireworks going off. I then see that the entire area turns into some kind of festival, where thousands of people are sitting in bleachers facing the forest and the fireworks. I then decide to walk into the festival area and little did I know, my old algebra teacher from high school was there. She didn't seem overly excited to see me, however. I signed her visitor booklet because she had a pen for her animals there and was showing them off. It was a bit like a fair. I wake up for the first time of the night around 2:00AM. I then check the time and roll over and go back to sleep. This is when the dream becomes odd. The dream turns into a video game. It becomes a game similar to the game Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS. However, this is a very open world, it had to do with my home town of Bloomington, Indiana. The whole game was in this town. It was extremely realistic, and the person playing the game was streaming it to Twitch TV. Me and my friend become stuck on something in the middle of a road above a highway. The player then builds an island somewhere close to us. Finally my friend decides to get onto a bus. I snuggle close to him to keep warm, because it was cold and rainy. I do for the entire trip home, which in real life, from the bridge over the highway should not have been longer than 5-10 minutes. (I'll begin to refer to this friend as J.) I finally get off the bus in front of my house. The door of my house has massive amounts of graphiti, and I walk inside. I dont know why my dreams like to do this, but they like to switch the interior of my house to the other houses I've lived in. (This is all in the same world still. I'll explain later.) Now, I walk in and ask "why is there so much graphiti on the door?" She replies "that's just what the kids around here do. Can't help it." It had things like racial slurs, etc on it. Now the dream switches a little bit. Inside, the dream lays out my living room as the current living room I have, except the fish tanks I have have been moved to the other side of the room, and there's a dining table in the living room as well, right in front of a TV. The dream continues the video game theme, however. The fish tanks move around the house a lot, until the dream puts them outside. Of course, the exterior of my house, or the land I live on, is actually the woods I lived by at my previous apartment. I go up to my bedroom, where my mother is talking to a lady out the back window, who is on a very tall ladder (we lived on the second floor of the apartment building, and the back windows faced to the woods. This is not the same forest as J in the dream lives in.) My mom is talking to the lady when I jump on the bed and she falls partially out the window. The dogs also have been partially out the window as well for some strange reason. I pull them all back in so they don't plummet to their death. That's where this dreams ends and I wake up at about 4:00AM. I check the time and turn over, where I have some extreme hypnagogia for a few seconds, and I'm back out. The dream begins in the same world as the last. (I will illustrate this world, as it seems to become more and more solid of a world in my dreams for some reason.) I'm riding in the car with my father, who I'm trying to convince that we're both dreaming, and that we should become lucid. I show him my favorite reality check, which for some reason actually works the same way as it would have if I was awake instead of sleeping. I then take control, where I have the 3rd lucid dream of my life. I end up only taking full control for a few seconds, because I wanted to see how this dream would play out by itself. I end up very high in an airplane out of nowhere. Where I'm playing with altitudes like I'm playing Microsoft Flight Simulator. My mom is in the plane, and I tell her I'm going to land. I stick my head out the window and tell her that there is an airport below us called Isral airport (It was a misspelled version of "Israel.") I tell her I might try to land there or another larger airport to the right of it. I then switch to some odd game view where there's other planes in the sky with me and I press a button in the plane, then other planes begin to crash into each other in a very weird animation style. I find myself flying street level with other cars back in my hometown in front of my rival high school. I struggle with controlling the plane and my wing hits another car. Sliding off. The breeze then picks up the plane and throws it around everywhere, making the plane freak out, then suddenly we're back to my house. Only now, I'm in a strange, large, open room right beside my house. I can't remember what is happening in there, but I go to steal some aquarium equipment from a shelf in the room. Some guards see me and kicked me out. The small fish tank gets taken to the forest, and the large fish tank gets put in that large room. I walk into my house from the large room, and then I walk back into the open room, where a ride has just appeared, where all you do is hold on. There is no safety equipment. It throws you through a loop and goes through the loop multiple times until the ride is stopped. Then this is when everything becomes interesting. Out of nowhere, this guy named Samus comes out, who is the deity of the game. He controls everything. He flies around, making sure his game is working the way it should be. I'm not 100% sure if I'm lucid at this time in the dream, but I can assume that I am. I then tell him that I want my fish tanks back in my house, because I cannot view them outside. He then takes out a piece of paper, which he presses a button on that scrambles a few settings. Everything is made double its weight, so it's harder to pick up anything. I get my family to try, but everyone is in pain from it, and I let it go for now. I then begin to fly around the little creek in the woods behind my house. I see some black fish and some goldfish in the little creeks. I then decide to go for a tiny swim. This entire dream's weather has been the same. Rainy. I'm switching from swimming to flying in and over the creek until something falls in the water and transforms into a monster. Samus is heard speaking about this as a narrator, I keep flying higher and higher to avoid the monster, until I'm high enough to see the entire globe of this dream, which is an oddly shaped spheroid. The manmade things like the roller coaster thing by my house stick up, and on another island far away, you can see another building that showed up in the UFO dream. I then teleport back to the ground by my house and stare at the ground for a bit. I forget what happens next, so I'll skip to where I can remember. I then go to the pet store to buy a lightbulb for an aquarium that had a bulb go out. I get home, and the package ends up being these little fizzy circles that you put in the tank and it's apparently supposed to light it up. I put it in my mouth and it fizzes like one of those head ache tablets that you put in water. I spit it out into a toilet which appears in front of me out of nowhere. Somehow I get a real lightbulb and go through a lot more to put the bulb in the hood of the aquarium. The aquarium in the large room is put back in the house, but the aquarium in the woods still stays. I then begin to talk to Samus, which then takes us back into a car. Samus puts the level of difficulty on "exam," which is supposed to be a bit less harder than the difficulty it was on earlier. After a roundabout, we see a monster in the distance, which looks like a tall gray figure with a perfectly circular head and blocks for a body. We then begin to drive down the road opposite to the monster, and the sun comes out a bit. The little blessed palms my mom likes to keep in her car begin to catch fire on top of the dashboard. I begin to grab them to put them in a safe place under the dashboard but my mom gets mad and tells me to put them back. I spend the rest of the dream trying to keep the palms in the shaded parts of the dashboard, and that's when I wake up for the last time at 5:50AM. I then pick up my iPhone's word processor and write down this DJ entry, which I just now finished at 6:50AM on the dot. It took a whole hour to write this. Dang...