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    1. Organization and Device

      by , 09-16-2017 at 03:16 PM
      Morning of September 16, 2017. Saturday.

      Reading time: 3 min 34 sec. Readability score: 75.

      My dream atypically begins in liminal space of the type that is usually an end marker, which a parking lot represents. The main characters other than myself are Ray Romano from “Everybody Loves Raymond” though his wife is Jane Wyatt as from the much older television show “Father Knows Best.“ Ray, Jane, their fictional daughter (who seems like a young version of Zsuzsanna, though my dream self does not recognize her as such), and I are in a dark blue pickup truck. I am in the cab, but I later ride in the back with their daughter.

      An additional recurring dream state indicator (other than the parking lot) is the pickup truck itself (due to the play on “bed”). The first situation relates to an appointment made by her parents (I assume with no choice in the matter), because of a government agency coming to take their daughter to place her in a group home for specialized foster care. When other men arrive, parking at a distance from the truck, I take out a small cylindrical rod with a button on one end. I push it, and it transforms into a large pistol. I shoot at the car. After my third shot, it explodes dramatically and consumes four or five unoccupied cars near it.

      An unknown man on the opposite side of the truck looks on in a puzzled manner. He does not leave the area of his car. He stands behind its open driver’s side door. So as I do not get found with a gun on me, I press a button on the gun’s handle, and it changes back into the small rod.

      I ride in the back with their daughter. I tell Ray to drive down a particular road. Curiously, there are automatically operating French doors set up across part of it. (They are not a part of a building.) We go through these doors. I explain to their daughter about her need to grow up in a family environment with her real parents instead of by the government, which often results in cognitive dissonance through half-attained brainwashing. We talk for a long time, though I do not recall every detail. I agree with her that while some parents are not capable of viably raising children, that does not mean the government should have all children under their observation or utilize profiling based on race or cultural background.

      I am aware of owning an expansive organization and area of land in which people live as they want as long as there is no crime. We arrive there, and the family makes plans for their living arrangements.

      Before the three new people move into their new home, I talk about the confirmation of their state of health. The daughter says I am not a doctor. “Yes, I am,” I confidently reply.

      I press a button on my device, and it transforms into an unusual machine. Parts grow out as a result of nanite activity. It resembles an oversized embossing label maker. The girl kneels down, and I look at the top of the device as I hold it directly over her head. It has scanned her entire body for any health issues and reports (by the print that appears on the surface of the top) that there are no concerns. I have Jane kneel as well. The device does not display any potential problems. Ray seems to have a cholesterol issue, but I will address that later.

      An unfamiliar young black man is present. He seems to know me well. I ask him how his friends and family are. They are well. I go into a large room that has an ambiguous outdoors area on one side (a commonly recurring dream distortion that is impossible to resolve consciously). There are others in the room. One male is hunting for food. He shoots at a strange figure that runs behind trees and to the left. “Was that the Tasmanian Devil?” I ask cheerfully (though it looked more like a bizarre cartoon rabbit with human legs and wearing track shorts).

      I feel a change in my level of consciousness, so I go down a flight of steps to vivify my dream. (This is even though I am not lucid. However, long-term knowledge of reactive representation often carries over into the dream state).

      I am in a featureless field (a dream setting that represents an "empty” area of waking space). I decide to fly but not that far above the ground. I fly stomach down and use my arms to gain speed by pushing down against the ground to propel myself forward. I enjoy this more and more. I feel it will make me stronger in the arms while not tiring the rest of my body. I am aware of Leonard S (my pinhead friend from King Street). He is standing near a storefront that comes into view to my left. I am also aware of an older unknown male whom I feel may benefit from flying in the way I am as I consider he may need to strengthen his heart muscles in a less stressful way. (He seems about seventy years old.) I continue to fly this way. When I wake, my right hand is pushing down on the mattress though I am only partly on my stomach by way of my left side.

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    2. Traveling Thu Zombie Worlds

      by , 03-12-2014 at 08:34 PM (Into the Ether)
      Dreaming is insane right now. I wish I cared enough to write it all, but I just don't have the time. This is the only dream worth recording from the most recent onslaught.


      Awakening directly into my most favored realm I have a look around to see what has unfolded. I'm excited, usually excited to see what my mind has waiting for me. So far I'm in a house, it's dirty and trashed. I proceed through a few rooms and notice a few ghosts. They appear preoccupied with their own misery.

      For a moment I contemplate interacting with them but they don't even notice me clanking around through the mess, who knows if they can even see me. Also, they don't look very interesting, basically human in a ghostly form; after a bit of mind reading I can see they're still thinking of human pain.

      "HEY! We have to go! Hurry up!"

      A man is shouting at me. He's normally not that bitchy in his commands. I look out a window and it seems the ... world is ending? Zombies, havoc, smoke, debris.

      At first I fail to grab any items, what the hell do I need? Nothing. Things of sentimental value? Pfft. I don't collect those, I keep it simple.

      We head outside. He informs me we won't be able to return to this place. It's going to be completely destroyed, this is the end of this world.

      With news of this, I decide to go back inside and look for something potentially sentimental to take with me. Something to remember this entire world from, since it's going to be nonexistent. I mean, normal people do that right? Collect things? I'm standing back in the house now, searching for that item in the remaining moments of the world ending.

      I snatch up my eye shadow from the bathroom and few other trivial items before heading back out.

      "I'm ready."

      He's already begun setting up some device. No clue what he's doing, how he's doing it, or what the thing is supposed to do. I simply watch, sorta detached from the entire 'world is ending' chaos.

      He stands up and walks over to me, there might have been a couple other people with us too. I look to him for some sort of direction. He looks at the device, it begins making a humming noise and vibrates. There's some vague recall of blue lights emanating from it before we're pulled from existence.

      Less than a second later I find us standing in an entirely new world.

      We're in what sort of looks like an ice temple. The people around us are Asian in appearance. Seems like we're safe for right now. The man I came with finds another man and they speak for a while on the condition of this world. We walk outside and the sky is clear, people are out in the water fields harvesting rice. Except now I notice something unusual.

      There are zombies in their rice fields and also zombies on the exterior walls. I look over to the two men for some sort of explanation because it's a shade suspicious. The leader of the this world informs us they've been able to keep the zombies contained to this area but there's some concern about the future. More zombies would be unfavorable. They don't know how to deal with them and thought the man I traveled with would have a reasonable solution for them. They continue talking while I go to peer into the rice fields.

      Looking over a wall I can see the humans gathering rice near chained zombies. The zombies are reaching for them but the humans are careful about not getting too close. I can't help but wonder why they didn't just kill the zombies, this was an odd arrangement. I ask somebody about it and they explain that the zombies aren't doing any harm being chained in the water. So I ask about the quality of their rice since it's growing in zombie contaminated water. They mention it hasn't been an issue.

      Weird, but ok. It's their world. I head back to the man I came with.

      We head back inside. It's beautiful inside the temple, walls coated with glistening ice... although it's melting which might be a bad sign.

      The man is tinkering with the device again, same thing with the humming and blue lights.

      Less than a second later, new world. I still don't know what we're doing but I do like that device.

      We're outside on a dirt road, buildings and an old truck nearby. A girl heads in our direction and begins talking about something completely normal. Before she has a chance to say anything else, the man with me stops her. He's quick and direct as he gives her advice for the question she hasn't had the chance to ask yet.

      Or so I thought this was an entirely new world. As I'm reading her mind she's decently surprised he knew exactly what to say in regards to her unspoken question. I read his mind and it seems he's been here before. In fact, we've both been here. This is a past memory of his. I just don't have any waking memory of being here but my dreaming self has.

      He's politely gotten rid of the girl and he walks fast toward a nearby house. We enter and I stand around, almost waiting for more zombies or agendas. Makes no difference to me, this realm always ends at some time. It's just a place to hang while my waking body rests. I look out the window I'm leaning against, wondering when time will be up.

      Pulled from my thoughts by his footsteps, I turn to look. He's walking over to me then kisses me hard. I can feel how much he loves me, is in love with me. I'm in love with him too, tho it's not the waking me. Sadly this isn't a real world. It's A world, but it's not real. The waking me can't love in these realms. I want this realm and the waking realm. Continuity. One person, one mind, one love. Enough with the compartmentalization.

      Surprisingly he's aware of this. He acknowledges my desire to have him in both worlds but he hasn't found a method to transcend his love into the waking.

      I half-smile at him, I know that he knows and he knows that I know. So until then, it is what it is.

      Time's up.

    3. The Dome of Stars

      by , 01-13-2014 at 04:00 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #180: The Dome of Stars

      I have a false awakening in my house where I’m trying to do something as quickly as possible. What is it? Oh right -- I’m trying to get out because I’m having a lucid dream.

      I move through the rooms as quickly as I can. The layout is similar, but just different enough to throw me off. I wind up in the garage and there’s a new hallway off of the south wall that wasn’t there before. I follow the hallway into what appears to be a bordello. Five or six women who look like Victorian-era prostitutes are standing or sitting near a set of mirrors. One of the seated women is reading a magazine, a couple of them are applying make-up, and some are just standing around not doing much of anything.

      I feel like this is one of those LD scenarios where you’re supposed to be thinking sexy thoughts but the women mostly just seem like they’re relaxing on break. I really don’t feel like bothering them. I start asking them something about why they’re running the bordello in my house, but they start moving around and the scene feels a little confusing. I go ahead and phase out through the wall to clear my head.

      Now I’m out on the street. Across the street I see a man standing under the branches of an oak. He looks Hawaiian, heavy-set with a salt-and-pepper hair and a neatly trimmed mustache. I remember the Task of the Month, and approach him asking, “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?”

      He’s incredibly eager to answer, and a smile spreads across his face. “To make the most of things, <something something>, and…” He grabs one of my hands in both of his and finished triumphantly: “To cook with more cinnamon!”

      His enthusiasm is contagious and I joyously shout, “Thank you for that great answer!” I pause for a moment. “But could you repeat that part in the middle?” He doesn’t seem interested in doing this, though, and wanders away.

      Task done, now I just feel like exploring. I fly up past the top of the tree, reminding myself that “The world is yours…” I move up past the treetops and look out at the stars. It’s a beautiful night and I take a moment to enjoy the unfamiliar constellations. I notice one set of stars is exactly the same as a set in a different part of the sky. I laugh at my brain taking this “shortcut”. But then I wonder… did it only do this because I expect it to?

      I fly up higher and higher until I can see that the sky is curving above me. In fact, there is no limitless sky but rather just a huge dome that I can reach the top of if I just fly high enough.

      And I do! When I reach the very top of the dome, I see a small, glowing control panel! There’s a single flashing green button sitting there at the top of this dome of stars. But as I reach for it, I start losing altitude. I tell myself that “this is all mine” but I can’t shake the notion that I’m just not going to be able to reach that button to find out what it does. I reach up and up, trying to reach it, but the dream fades.
    4. Nov. 4-6 Dream Journal: It's gonna get awkward around my friends now

      by , 11-04-2013 at 10:43 PM
      I was a character designer working in a room with a long table with other people involved in the process. We are pitching ideas, though at this point we don't have an idea what the project is. I start doodling on a sketch, and it was to be a generic male lead of an adventure story to start. That's when the producer(?) says something like "no no... we need to go back to classic Alan Grant."

      So now, my brain retcons things, and our project is designing Jurassic Park 4, and I'm supposed to decide the look Sam Neil's character is going to be. I free hand Alan Grant with a pen (Dream me is ridonkulously good at drawing, it looks like): He's flying side ways shooting a pair of pistols like he's in Hot Fuzz, and he's wearing his original outfit from the first Jurassic Park movie, only with bandoleers across his chest and holsters. His head is also over-sized, so it resembles one of those mall caricature kiosk drawings. The producer loves it (because he's a goddamned frat boy idiot, I guess). This dream fades.

      Dream two had me in a government/military/agency building as some sort of mid-ranked officer(?), and I am feeling detached/disillusioned (at the time of this dream, I felt really disillusioned about my job as well). I'm in a classroom, and there are some college age students/cadets in there just hanging out.

      My friend R, who is an actual teacher in Spain right now, comes in. He gives me a big bear hug (totally his M.O.) and kisses me on both cheeks, European style (this part I'm guessing he picked up from Spain). I ask him, "shouldn't you be in Spain?" and he says he's just visiting. I'm assuming this is my brain covering my tracks, and with more practice, I can pick up on these things more quickly. He sits in a desk near the corner of the room, on the opposite end of the wall sharing the door, and I sit next to him on the floor and lean against the wall.

      We chat a bit, and the instructor appears. The room is suddenly filled with students. My friend T's younger sister, G, appears, and gives me a report -- apparently, there is a situation with whatever group it is that I am working for. But she also just settles down with R and me (so much for the situation) while the instructor lectures the class.

      At one point, the instructor stops his lecture so he can call out Fat Neil (from Community). He seems agitated that Fat Neil is eating a tub of Tang! powder straight, and they have a brief exchange that's something like this:

      "Do you know what that stuff is?!"

      "Yes sir, it's just sugar and orange flavoring."

      "Right. And it's not good for you. There's no vitamins."

      At this point, the instructor confiscates the Tang! powder, and gives Fat Neil a tub of what I think it Protein Powder. Fat Neil resumes eating powder.

      Suddenly, I realize that the walls are filled with gadgets and blinking likes, kind of like a supercomputer from out of a 60's Bond movie. The the dream got fuzzy before it fades.

      (I really debated whether or not to record part three here; but it's so fucked up, I decided, eh, what the hell?)

      Dream three is weird. I'm in a room, and I'm sitting in a chair. Sitting in a similar chair with me is someone that resembles my friend J, but it feels like it's a clone of her. We are just hanging out like we usually do, when suddenly she reaches into her purse and pulls out a device. She goes "check this out!" and puts said device to use. We continue chatting like normal, as if nothing happened, before I woke up.

      For the people who are able to read between the lines, no, it was not one of those dreams; but I do find it uproariously funny because we have an ongoing "let's see who can gross out/make each other uncomfortable more" contest in real life, and a) this may be my trump card, and b) she has told me so many similar stories along those lines that after I woke up, my reaction was "Hmm. Yeah, that seems like something she'd do."

      Also, nothing recorded for Nov. 5, and for Nov. 6, I can only vaguely recall that I was in the city, and I really wanted to help or save someone.

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    5. Nov 1 Dream Journal: It's kinda like Reservoir Dogs, but not

      by , 11-01-2013 at 04:59 PM
      Heist dream! Only, my dream began after all the job is over, and we are in a van deciding how to split the money. There is also a device in the middle of the van that is stacking and pressing the money, and it is somehow very important that the money is in there. It looks like a glass tube with metal contraptions around it, and inside the tube is the money and a folded plastic hose thing that does the "pressing."

      Conflict arises when we realize that we are still short $10,000 of money for the device. I somehow get assigned to fix the situation, but as I tinker with this contraption, I find that we are actually down more than the $10,000 that we initially thought. I'm not sure how I fixed the situation, but eventually I somehow got the number back to being only down $10,000; and somehow, being back to square one appeased everybody.

      There is no proof of this anywhere in my dream, but there is this sense that this heist dream is related to my job (not being snarky).
    6. Auric Reading and Vampires

      by , 06-19-2010 at 06:42 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 7, 2010

      Two vampires, former best friends, fight over my sister. People die. I don't trust my sisters' vampire boyfriend, so he gives me a gift. An
      auric reader. Later I relive the dream as a mutant! Semi-lucid.

      Night Time Note:
      Last night was my moon night

      Auric Reading and Vampires
      (Note: In waking life my older sister once upon a time had a boyfriend. Long story short, she married his best friend instead. But everything is okay, because he still showed up to the wedding as the best man. Now the vampires in my dream are nothing like them, except for the relationships between each other)

      I'm in a stuffy room with a bunch of older middle aged people. A lady asks me "How old are you sweetie?" I tell her "Oh, I'm 25." She responds "Why you don't look a day older 15!" Then my dad from halfway across the room blurts out "That's my daughter!". Uh, well this is weird. So I leave the room.

      I'm in a University/Apartment Complex/I'm not sure. I grab my art project and tell my sisters that I'm heading home. To leave, you have to climb up a staircase before you can exit the front door. The staircase makes a few sharp turns, so even though it's rectangular, it makes a spiral pattern. And when I say climb, I mean you literally have to climb the first few steps. I'm standing on top of the staircase looking at all the confused college guys below me. They can't figure out how to get their foot on the first step. So I yell at them "You have to climb it!". They look at me bewildered and shake their heads in frustration that they still can't figure it out. Are they drunk? Oh well.

      I'm walking outside and even though it's dark, I can still make out my car from the back of the parking lot. Wait a minute, my cars trunk is open? A small female runs from the back of my car carrying a large bag! "A thief? Someone is stealing from my car!" My sister who was right behind me, tries to stop me, but I run after the thief. She's wicked fast! She runs into the shadows and I lose her. My sister tells me that thief is the Urban Pirate. No one can catch her! That only made me even more upset, she stole my things!

      We go back inside, I don't remember why. A huge drama plays out but I don't remember all of the details. My sister dumped her boyfriend. It turned out, he was a vampire! He killed, ate and turned students into mindless zombies. When my sister decided that his best friend would make a better boyfriend, out of spite, he transforms his best friend into a vampire too. A kind of, well if I can't have her, no one can!

      I didn't like her first boyfriend, for obvious reasons. He was psychotic! The only times you saw him was when he was laughing and screeching flying down the hallway chasing his next victim. He was a loud, blood-sucking, obnoxious ginger head vampire. But my sisters new vampiric boyfriend, was a whole different story. Dark hair, dark eyes. The quiet type. Didn't smile. Didn't laugh. I didn't trust him.

      He knew I didn't trust him. He knew I didn't like him around my sister, he's a vampire after all! To win my trust, he gives me a present. It's an auric reader. The strange device floats above my palm and spins like a compass trying to find north. Then it glows! It shows me the colors of people's auras. And it reveals any hidden energy.

      auric reader was showing me something strange. A green toxic energy, an almost putrid green was floating just in front of me. I look around to see who this toxic energy belonged to, but there was nobody there. It's some sort of demon! The green energy swells and then enters the dark haired vampire. Well if he wasn't bad before, he is now!

      I grab my sister's arm and we quickly run away. Now there are two insane vampires on the loose. We hide in the restroom. It wasn't a smart idea, it was just the first thing that popped in my head. My sister gets sick and nearly throws up on me. I'm vomit-phobic so I'm prettying much screaming "OH MY GOD!" She apologizes but she's looking sicker by the second, like she could die from this. Wait, don't you have to die before you can become a vampire? Oh no! Did he bite my sister?

      My sister tells me we can hide in this bathroom cabinet. 1) I'm thinking, you'll throw up on me for sure 2) He's a vampire, he'll sniff us out. "No! We can't hide here!". I get a sense my sisters new boyfriend is already at the door. He's wriggling the door handle telling me to let him in! He tells me an elaborate story how he fought the demon, and a dozen zombies too. He also tells me what a good vampire he is, he hasn't killed anyone, unlike his insane best friend. But I don't believe him, what should I do? Then I remember my
      auric reader.

      I let it float above my palm again. It reads through the door and shows me his aura, it's the deepest indigo I've ever seen. Well no human is this dark, but it's not toxic, or putrid - just really really deep. So I decided this was an okay color. I open the door and he helps my sick sister out.

      The ginger vampire turned the entire school into mindless zombies! Together we gather the remaining members of my family trapped in this huge place. I use my
      auric reader to watch out for any unwanted energy. That firey red must be the ginger vampire, let's go another way.

      Now that my whole family is gathered, I find a way out for us. We just need to help my sister down these steps, and the fresh air will heal her. She only needs to leave the building to stay human! But her boyfriend started to distract my sister from leaving the building. I get angry and yell at him "I'm not going to let my sister be like you!". He looks hurt! But then he lowers his head and lets me take my sister out the building.

      The cool night air heals my sister. I become slightly lucid and think "I want a happy dream ending so I don't wake stressed!" And then, we found the ginger vampire and the urban pirate had fallen deeply in love. Now the two of them were laughing mad together. A dangerous a couple, but at least their happy! The urban pirate starts to dance like a drunken wench, my mom starts to cheer and clap her on!

      I think I'm waking up. I want to remember the dream so I start to recall it. But in reality I'm still dreaming, so I just replay the dream again.

      This time as I replay the dream I'm a half mutated freak, complete with a tail. I met a boy. He was a born with a tail. Everyone made fun of him and his whole life he hid his tail in shame. Until he met me. We held hands as we safely herded my family out of the toxic building, tails wagging and all

      And then I woke up