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    1. [Dream #16 - 2/2/2016] A Dream About DreamVeiws

      by , 02-02-2016 at 06:33 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      An image depicting a diary

      Quite funny how I had a nap due to being depressed about my former situation and this dream was what formulated from it.

      I remember being on the site and looked at my Waking Journal following the post right after the one I made earlier about whether or not DreamViews was the right place for me and found that one of the staff had replied stating something and mentioning some user with some very hard to understand name would be able to help me. I then went and looked through the introductions section and found that person with an overly large signature of Shadow the Hedgehog wearing a black trench coat and some some sort of Sonic'esk avatar. I couldn't read what that individual said but I was awoken by my mother yelling at me me for taking a nap and to stop sleeping my days away and to make her food.

      Notes: None to note.

      • Date — 2/2//2016

      • Went to bed — I cannot recall, I was depressed and just laid in bed before I took an unexpected nap.

      • Woke up — 12:00PM

      *Time logged — 5:15PM

      • Total sleep — N/A

      • Stress level throughout the day — Depressed

      • Techniques/Practices

      *Daytime — RCs

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      • Dream Signs — N/A

      • Perceived Length — 10 Minutes

      • Emotions — Worried, Stressed

      • Awareness — None

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    2. DVD Player, Dream Fragments (2.8.14)

      by , 08-02-2014 at 12:32 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I give an old lady a DVD player to keep. She sets it up herself and must of had a few problems with it. I try it out and notice that everything is working fine for a moment until it starts playing up. I check behind the DVD player to see if she has connected it up properly. I notice that she has only connected one cable up. I grab the box that all the cords are in and tell her she forgot to connected the rest of them. I see a cord which is only used for a car, I tell her about that cord and what it's use is for. I remember that I needed a HDMI cable which wasn't in the box, I must have left it at home. Instead I use the other cables instead.

      Dream Fragments:

      1. Im waiting to get a haircut. There's people waiting also, about 3-4. The barbers call out names when they're ready for a haircut.

      2. I'm looking into the mirror and see that I have an eyebrow ring. I start to clean it and I see layers of scabs come off of it.
    3. Nov 1 Dream Journal: It's kinda like Reservoir Dogs, but not

      by , 11-01-2013 at 04:59 PM
      Heist dream! Only, my dream began after all the job is over, and we are in a van deciding how to split the money. There is also a device in the middle of the van that is stacking and pressing the money, and it is somehow very important that the money is in there. It looks like a glass tube with metal contraptions around it, and inside the tube is the money and a folded plastic hose thing that does the "pressing."

      Conflict arises when we realize that we are still short $10,000 of money for the device. I somehow get assigned to fix the situation, but as I tinker with this contraption, I find that we are actually down more than the $10,000 that we initially thought. I'm not sure how I fixed the situation, but eventually I somehow got the number back to being only down $10,000; and somehow, being back to square one appeased everybody.

      There is no proof of this anywhere in my dream, but there is this sense that this heist dream is related to my job (not being snarky).
    4. Nov 22, 2012 - Lucid Teacher

      by , 11-23-2012 at 06:00 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      5:28 a.m.

      Talking with a sibling. "Be part of the solution, not part of the problem." I think someone was again teaching me to be lucid. But it's still more of a presence than a person.
    5. Wood as a Recording Medium?

      by , 04-03-2012 at 10:10 PM (Ultra-Rad Dreamage Supreme)
      This dream started off with me walking through a shopping mall. As I was just strolling along, a girl standing out in front of a store walked up to me and said she needed my help. She was about my height, my age, had dirty blonde hair just below her shoulders and a slight New Zealand accent (which was totally hot).

      She was trying to explain her dilemma to me, not in a frantic manner, but rather cool and composed. It wasn't making sense to me for some reason, so I ended up telling her to just take me to the problem so I could see it for myself.

      We walked out into the parking lot and there was an airport shuttle van waiting there by the curb. I jokingly asked, "You're not going to kidnap me and rape me, are you?" She laughed and said "I like that, but no." (Liked the joke, not raping people haha) I appreciate a dark sense of humor here and there.

      We arrived at a dilapidated old building surrounded by a chain link vence. The vence had a wooden or tarp screen on the inside of it so you could not look beyond it. As we walked into the gate, the area opened up into a messy junkyard. Old rusted cars, discarded appliances, it was all there. For some reason I specifically remember seeing a green 90's Subaru Forester.

      We came to a dimly lit room where there were wide wooden planks running across one of the walls. The planks had markings and notches etched into them. The girl went up to them and ran a dry washcloth across the wood and music started to play! Right out of the wood! It was an electronic-indie type song... Which was ok... but the cool thing was that this chick somehow managed to record music directly onto wood. No speakers, nothing; You somehow plugged the microphones into the planks (I didn't get a look at the interface between the mics and planks), recorded, and just ran the cloth over the planks and the song would play.

      I was completely amazed and immediately started asking questions. Apparently she played all the instruments herself, recorded and mixed the entire thing. I grabbed the cloth and ran my hand across the etchings. The sound of the cloth sliding across the wood made the song sound like it had a phaser/flanger effect on it.

      I was in love. If there's one characteristic I find more attractive than anything, it's intelligence (humble intelligence at that). Smart, kind, gorgeous, New Zealand accent, inventing new recording mediums that defy the laws of physics, sign me up. Dammit dreams, why do you tease me!!

      I suddenly remembered that I had come here to help her out with something. She told me she actually didn't need help with anything, she just wanted to show her crazy "wood recording" to someone who would appreciate it. Radical.
    6. A Man Dies in my Kitchen

      by , 01-31-2011 at 04:58 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      I had three dreams last night.

      In the first dream I'm in the piano room with my parents. The wooden desk from my older brother's room is there. For some reason there's movie posters on the wall opposite the fire. There are lots of little white dolls around the floor. I know that they're XKCD dolls that I must have bought. I think one was cracked.
      I'm now in my bedroom with my brother, who is holding a stick or something, accidentally smacks my telly. I look at the damage, and there's one dead pixel and a small dent.

      The second dream was very strange. I was with a group of people who even now I can't recall at all. We were in some sort of puzzle from a game. There were different sections all in the one area, each with a different terrain. I was in the jungle area next to a person. I pointed to a stone section saying we'd come from there, event though I have no memory of ever being there. Over the wall of this section I see a desert section. There's nothing there but an insect (or bug) that looks like a cockroach. It runs around when a small animal digs out the sand and eats it.
      I'm at a different section of the puzzle now. I have to get across to another section. To get across I have to get across a flying fox. The only problem is that it's uphill. The Stig from top gear goes first and does it fine. There are people on the other side. I give it a try and fail. The people all start giggling at me, because I "don't know the right way to do it." I eventually manage it, by stopping the rope half way and pulling my self up.

      In the third dream I was in my kitchen. A character from the TV series "New Tricks" was there as well (not as himself). For some reason I knew that he had done something bad in his past, but I decided to forgive and not judge him.
      "Where are the glasses?" He asks me
      "They're up there in the top cupboards" I say, as I point to the cupboard.
      "I can't reach them; I have something wrong with my back."
      Even though he says this he still gets a glass. As he puts it on the bench, I remember he slowly fell asleep. I knew something was wrong, because he looked like he was in pain. A man, who looked like a WW2 soldier, walked into the living room, and I tell him to quickly call the police.

      Since I went to sleep so stupidly late, I never even woke to my alarm. I should have better luck this week, as I'll finally have a proper sleeping cycle.