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    1. Free stuff and bad guys

      by , 10-31-2018 at 03:58 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      It begins with me commenting that a bunch of people had left their stuff behind in this big bus-type vehicle. Me and others start going through everything, realizing that there was quite a lot of stuff, plus a whole bunch of drawers. Little things keep falling out of overheard compartments, once a big coin, another time a folder. Somewhere along the way I start thinking of the people as students, as there are a lot of notebooks and textbooks. There’s also this partition full of clothes I’m excited to explore.

      Suddenly the tone changes. The bus had been in an accident.

      I remember carefully making my way to a bathroom and washing my hair, like something had gotten in it. There were multiple used towels and I had to decide one which to dry my hair off with.

      I’m following my sister as she walks toward an Asian women standing beside some tables with lids made of wood. As we approach, my sister says, ‘Don’t worry, this is my little sister.” The woman still seems worried but she allows me to help. We need to empty all these cases of valuables fast because bad guys could be coming.

      I’ve got a handful of these golf ball size rocks when she tells me to “get the stones”, and I look over and see different colored shining small stones.
      There is an Asian boy standing in front of me, about nine years old. The woman watches in horror as he takes an earring and pierces my thumb with it. I’m trying to keep calm (even though I felt no pain). The woman says, “He’s trying to scar you.” I hand him the next earring, a blue stone in it, and he repeats the process (old earring gone).

      It’s fuzzy here but there was a bad guy, and as we were trying to get away, we came across the severed head a black guy who had been on our side. Another guy (who reminds me of Chris Farley) was missing, and the bad guy pointed and said ‘he’s there’. It was the place of the accident. It looked like a steel railing had been rammed into.

      I run into the clothes partition, clothes strewn everywhere. I get down and start crawling into the corner through them, confident that there’s a way out there.

      I’m outside and see three orange cats in different places, and I know that they belong to the students from the bus. I say something like ‘this is why I didn’t bring my cats, they’re indoor only’. I feel like just before I said that, I questioned where mine were. I also remember there was another scene of looking in a wooden pen at three fluffy cats of mixed colors.

      My sister is driving me in some small vehicle while I pretend to be injured. I’m at the front of the vehicle lying on my back on a slab of wood. She kept getting mad at people in the way, and there was this one man in particular who jumped from a bike or something into the back of a van where the doors were open. He’s crouched inside looking out at us when my sister suddenly spits at him. The man says something about ‘fire’ and I felt that something was wrong about that. Should not be fire but something else. Then I spit too and hit the back of the passenger seat. I was waiting for the reaction, because my spit was acid.

      I don’t know where this fits in, but I was talking to my friend Cole and I said something like ‘oh no, we left our cards at the bleachers’. We had already picked up most of them but left behind some less desirable ones. I got excited thinking about this one there of Pizza from Food Fantasy, but assured Cole that it would be wrong to steal it even when the owner left it behind. The cards themselves were actually floating, shimmering over the seats and you just touched them to obtain them.

      Clothes: When am I not thinking of clothes lately.
      Sister: Been thinking about her lately, we’re doing a movie night soon.
      Earrings: I think it was yesterday that my mom told me about this trick to clean tarnished earrings.
      Orange cats: My own new cat and an outside cat I saw/talked about recently.
      Cats in pen: Saw a gif of a dog squeezing in with another dog into a cage thing yesterday.
      Cards, Pizza: From the current event in an app game I play called Food Fantasy. Maybe also from Magical Days: The Brats’ Parade since I’m playing an event there too.
    2. Expectations Theater

      by , 09-12-2018 at 06:43 PM
      I'm walking back into the water park I was at previously. I want to go into a VIP pool area so I head that way. A lady checks my wristband first to make sure I have access and lets me though. Once inside, I see a girl and some other people that I know already in the pool talking to each other. I get a running start and flop into the pool right next to the girl. She's very irritated at me and holds me underwater until I can move away. Once I surface, she yells at me that she was having a serious conversation and that I ruined it. I feel like an outcast and simply say "okay" before walking off and away from the pool. I dry off quickly and put some fancy clothes on for whatever reason and head out to explore. I'm walking through a large room with tiered floors and rooms off to each side. I peek into one room and find that it's like a dorm room. I realize the whole place I'm walking through is just a strangely laid out dorm. I stop exploring further because I realize I'm wearing a green shirt with blue pants and it looks ridiculous. I have to go and change somewhere. Later, I'm walking into a huge theater room with people walking around and looking at me funny. The whole setup is supposed to be a trick on me for some reason, but I go with it anyway. The building really is enormous, and I'm staring at everything in awe. A girl sitting near where I'm walking comes up and takes my hand and leads me around the theater area. Behind the theater seats is a large shopping area and we walk up some stairs to get there. We pass a jewelry store before going back down some more stairs and arriving at a bar that overlooks the theater.
    3. Ghost House Treasure Hunt

      by , 02-20-2018 at 04:23 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 02-19

      Ghost House Treasure Hunt

      I am with some other people and we are going into an abandoned house of some kind. It is a large place and I am wanting to get photos and video footage of the place. It is night time outside, so the interior of the house is very dark. I have a flashlight that I use to find my way around. I hear the other people with me, I think there are two of them, but I don’t think to turn the flashlight around to see them better. The place looks abandoned, dusty and dirty, and a bit creepy, but I’m not afraid. I want to get videos and photos that I might be able to use for making a video game, I am not thinking to find ghosts or anything creepy here. I see a spider scuttle up the wall when I shine my light on it and that seems to freak out one of the men with me. I just tell him the spiders are more scared of him than he is of them. He says he’s not so sure about that. I add that the spider we saw was a tarantula, and they are completely harmless to humans even if one does bite him. I use my flashlight for light and take a few photos of the antique furniture in the room.

      I leave the first room, which was furnished like a living room. I then enter what appears to be a dining room. There are plates and silverware on the table, as well as blobs of gross looking stuff that might be whatever is left of a dinner set up many years ago. I wonder how any trace of the food is still there, animals and bugs should have eaten it by now. I take more photos of the table, the chairs, the plates, and even the gross stuff on them. I am now wanting to document everything I find, I have the feeling I won’t be able to ever return here. I see some stairs and head up to the second level. There is a bathroom up there that smells like a rotting zombie just had diarrhea and didn’t bother to flush, then collapsed by the toilet and continued to decompose. I think I might be sick, so I just snap a couple quick photos of the bathroom before closing the door and moving away quickly.

      I glance behind me to see if the people with me are still following me and I can barely make out their dark forms in the dark hall following me. I go into a large bedroom that must be the master bedroom. The master bathroom smells every bit as bad as the first bathroom so I close the door to minimize the smell. Now I start taking photos of the room. After taking some photos I go to a chest and open a few drawers. There are old and worn out clothes in the drawers. I then start wondering if there might be anything of real value still here. I start searching through more drawers. I come to what looks like a large jewelry box and I open it. The jewelry box is full of shiny sparkling jewelry. I wonder if any of it is real and valuable or if it might all be trash costume jewelry. I reach in and pull out a pair of earrings. One of the men with me says I’d better not put that on. I tell him I wouldn’t try it on until I’ve cleaned it thoroughly. He says no, he means the fact it’s cursed. I don’t take the comment on the curse very seriously. I keep looking at the jewelry. There are some nice looking pieces here that I want. Every time I go to take something, however, the man with me gets upset. I decide that in spite of thinking earlier that I could never come back, I would find a way to come back and collect this jewelry. No one else was using it, so it wasn’t really stealing!

      I leave the master bedroom and look in the other rooms. I am wishing I could get separated from the men with me so I could return to the master bedroom and collect the jewelry. In one of the other rooms I go into a closet and grope around the far wall to find another exit. I find myself in another bedroom and I go from there back to the master bedroom. I go to the jewelry cabinet and pull out anything I can get my hands on into my purse. When I turn around I see a woman with long dark hair standing in the room and watching me. She looks annoyed, but also a little amused. She says the jewelry is hers and I shouldn’t take it. I do a double take, I don’t remember seeing her before… and this house is supposed to be abandoned. I comment that I thought it had been abandoned, I didn’t realize someone might come back for it. She says she can’t come back for it, but I should be truthful… those beautiful jewels would be disgraced to be worn by a fat ugly pig like me. She says she will wait while I put the stuff back. But now I’m annoyed at her and I throw a piece of broken wall at her. That goes right through her… she’s a ghost! Instead of being afraid I realize she can do nothing to stop me from taking the jewelry. I tell her if she’d been nice I would have put it all back, but since she had to be a bitch and insult me, I’m keeping it. I walk right past her and into the hall. One of the men is there. He asks if I woke the curse. I tell him the curse is as impotent as a bullet with no gunpowder.
    4. Yard Sale Finds

      by , 10-12-2017 at 08:53 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-12

      Yard Sale Finds

      I am at a yard sale of some kind. I am there with my friend Alicia. Alicia is away looking at something else when I spot a jewelry box. Somehow jewelry box looks quite familiar. I am having the idea that the yard sale is about to close up for the day, so I don’t have much time. I open up the jewelry box and start looking through it. Someone has left quite a bit of jewelry in the box. I am thinking some of the pieces might be good for holding positive energy, but since I don’t have much time to look, I just start grabbing pieces that look promising. I grab a small tray and start filling it with the pieces of jewelry that look like they might hold positive energy. Rings, earrings, pendants… I get the tray field quite a bit. I’m concerned that it might be expensive. When I go over to the cashier I see a pair of angel wing earrings that I add to the pile. To my surprise, the cashier tells me to just take it and I don’t have to pay. Alicia comes back over and joins me. She asks what all that jewelry is for. I tell her it’s for my mother, even though my mother doesn’t wear much jewelry. For some reason I don’t want to admit it’s for me. I look at the angel wing earrings and they look like ear cuffs. I try to put one on but I’m having trouble getting it to stay in place. I’m still working with that when Alicia and I head out onto the sidewalk to walk home. Apparently this yard sale was in her neighborhood, and we walked to it. I am just walking along and chatting with Alicia when I wake up.
    5. Flea Market Theft

      by , 01-12-2017 at 02:35 AM
      Non-Lucid: I was in a flea market that I've never seen before & I was stealing things, mostly jewelry & eventually got caught but talked my way out of it. For whatever reason this dream was very long & boring really. I stole a whole lot of stuff.
    6. The LD Fail

      by , 09-17-2015 at 02:05 PM
      After writing down the dreams from earlier I took a nap. Note: The dreams from earlier happened in five hours, and the nap occurred ninety minutes later.

      I don't suppose that I have been working hard enough to set a lucid dream intention, because even though I had a LD it was disappointing, in a way. Almost because of my nightmarish personality in it, and not because I didn't get done what I wanted to (I can do that good stuff tomorrow).

      I'm not sure how I became lucid; all I know is that I was in the dream and just was. In the dream my mother, Dakota, and Jon all lived together (which is correct). I was in my bedroom doing . . . something, but then the rest of them all went with one of Mama's co-workers for their birthday party. When they were leaving out I looked out a window and Dakota had nailed a fake book to his finger (it was like a piece of jewelry, so imagine it like a very little book that was a ring) and wrote a long message on the ground. I don't remember what it was, but I remember that Jon was telling him he should probably be really careful to make sure that the "ring" didn't get infected.

      When they were gone I proceeded to choke a cat. Seriously. The poor kitty was terrified but I kept going . . . and then when I guess it just got too scared for me and I felt guilty I turned it into my own dog and kept holding him. He was scared, too, but I kept trying to hold him and comfort him. It worked a little bit, but not much.

      I believe it was at that point when I wasn't quite sure if I was dreaming anymore. I knew all of that had been real, but I wasn't sure if I had woken up. The more I walked around, however, the heavier I felt, and the more convinced I became that I was indeed still dreaming.

      I went back into my room to put on a skirt so I could be a whore outside ???????, but instead I went into the girl's bathroom. It was fairly big and was more like the kind of bathrooms that schools and Wal-Mart have. There was a sign at the door that was written to parents about their children acting up, but I didn't pay too much attention. My mother called me, and so I woke up.
    7. Vandalism and thievery

      by , 08-06-2015 at 08:38 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Each night I was going out of a hideout with another dude, to vandalise and steal. First night we went into jewelers store. It was easy to pick the lock, and we entrered the store. It was dark, though we could clearly see our destination. I went to an energy box, and turned the power off in the whole building, so alarm wouldn't ring. After that, emergency generator in a basement started to work. I entered the dark, cold basement. There were shelves with boxes. I checked them, but found nothing of interest. I shut down the generator, and went back upstairs.

      We proceeded to smash display cases, take jewelry, and set fire in the building. Then we just went away, walking calmly through dark alleys into our hideout. No one was bothering us on the way, and city guards were busy with calling for firefighers.

      Next night, we wandered dark alleys for a while, and entered a park in the middle of the city. It was a pride of the city, with ancient trees. We took spray cans and started to draw random stuff on the trees. We sprayed most of the park, leaving only the part which had cameras working. When we noticed the cameras, we quickly escaped to hideout. This was not the end, as we were followed by guards. We had to hide quickly. The dude ran somewhere, and I started to climb up to the attic. I was in the darkness, watching the guard trying to find me, and then walk away when he couldn't.
    8. La'ulb, clipped wings, avoiding huli jing

      by , 11-22-2014 at 07:14 PM
      A young woman's confronting this guy, a friend of hers, though she's annoyed at him at the moment. He's arranged things so as to create this sort of antichrist kid - it doesn't really have anything to do with her, but she's angry about it anyway, and is feeling tricked and betrayed by him in general. She asks him if he's Lucifer, expecting the answer to be yes.

      "Nope. One of the major demons." He says it casually, he's smiling easily through this whole conversation. He's doing some kind of work in a manhole, and she's standing up on the surface with her arms crossed.

      "What did you (word that means both infect and possess) my boyfriend with?"

      "La'ulb. But it's clean, and I can take it off."

      There's this young musician trying to get permission to leave a royal court - he wants to travel to a different country. He has to make a plea before the king, and he's deliberately trying to emulate the speech of an older man, a traveler passing through, who'd impressed him - as a disembodied observer, I'm amused, but I think it's a bad idea; it'll just make him sound artificial. He makes a comparison to a young bird having its wings clipped.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      After a short scene in which I'm reminded that cheating on a god out of boredom is not the best of ideas, followed by a shapeshifting fox turning up at my IRL door, I've wound up in a bit of trouble.

      I'm now heading for the rear exit of a theatre, trying to avoid being seen by the group of women - not humans - who are coming up behind me; but through the glass door, I can see a pair of fox demons approaching - a pair of women all in white, dripping in silver jewelry. After hesitating, I decide I'd rather take my chances with the fox demons. There's a crowd of people, mostly girls who work here, coming in through that door, but I don't feel very optimistic about my chances of getting lost in the crowd - until one of the girls quickly slips off the blue robe she'd been wearing over her clothes and wraps it around me, and someone else puts an arm around my shoulders, pushing my head down so my face can't be easily seen.

      He pulls me over to a side hallway and gives instructions to one of the showgirls to fetch the change of clothing he'd arranged for with her earlier. I know him - he's vaguely sinister but not in a way that I consider a threat to me personally, and I generally admire his skill at getting things done. It's a bit like having Hannibal Lecter on your side.

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    9. Snake-Kong and the Mouth of Hell

      by , 05-28-2014 at 06:46 PM
      Okay, this is a bit of a long one with a lot of miscellaneous actions, but the really interesting parts are in red...

      I stood in a circle with a large group of people at an outdoor celebration of sorts, headed by the owner of the restaurant I work at. He spoke for a while, then we all dispersed to mingle.. however there was a colossal snake slithering around the entire time, often getting close to me. It was about twelve feet high and was extremely wide and long, with huge beady eyes. It was a mottled brown and black color. I told a couple people that I would go and meet the snake, but I knew he could smell fear and it scared me. I walked around a while, talking to DCs and avoiding the huge snake. Eventually I was outside a large tent-corridor a distance from the gathering, and the snake came through. It kept trying to come through various doors, but I would zip them up before it could enter, though I was letting it smell me so that when I came toward it, it would know me and be friendly. A DC distracted me by pointing out a comic behind the snake that I knew explained its back-story, but I couldn't see it clearly.

      The snake transformed into a massive gorilla, like King Kong. He charged through the door, grabbed me, and picked me up, taking me a distance away into the night. We spoke a while, and though I can't remember the details, I knew that by talking to me he learned about the concept of death, of which he had been blissfully unaware before. I also knew that he associated the concept with me, which made me feel threatened, though I was acting cool, calm and interesting on the surface. He wanted to show me a trick, as he had apparently spent his life forced into circus work. He threw me lightly into the air, and though I could imagine him tearing me in two with ease, he lightly caught me. I let him throw me again and relaxed myself utterly, and knew pure joy as I knew I was safe in his massive grasp. We went inside, and I was now friends with the snake-ape. There was a council of his owners. I attempted to slip past them, but they offered me a breakfast fajita, which I politely accepted. They began to talk to the proud and insolent Kong, who was newly awakened to the concepts of mortality. One of the chiefs asked, what were you talking about? I responded, we were just talking about life. Technically true, dream self, well played. The gorilla was talking about his past, perhaps his mother had been poached by the corrupt council. They attempted to assuage him with soothing, honeyed words that shuffled the blame from them. One woman turned into a bird and massaged his back with her claws, which he liked. Before I figure out the conclusion, I awoke.

      Wake, sleep, dream. I was in a classroom without a teacher. The kids were passing around bowls and bongs and getting ripped, myself included. Then, authority figures entered and demanded we register our drugs, mainly acid, as weed was still illegal. I kept the bubbler I had hidden under a blanket.

      I was home again, and my mother left, exhorting me to be moral. I got in a car with some friends and went to a hill near my house to smoke the ganja I had left over from the classroom. We went into a massive trailer and sat in a circle. A couple other friends came in, along with a guy who must have lived there, then they left to go adventuring. I sat and smoked a bit, got bored and left. I came across a group of women playing volleyball in an empty swimming pool, and saw others climbing pine trees. The hill was well populated. I walked down to the university gym and saw more girls playing volleyball, and some guys playing a game. There was food on the sidelines and many morbidly obese players.

      Next, I was at a camp or retreat of some sort. We were all hanging out and I was acting a clown, cracking jokes and goofing off. I went to the bathroom, walked in and cleaned a urinal, then walked out. Turned out I was in the ladies restroom! A couple guys followed after me, too. A tall, extremely beautiful woman came up and laughed about the mix-up, and I told her she now had to use the guys, because it was all mixed up. She had writing on her lips. I offered to kiss her, but she asked, right or left? I said, right, and presented my right cheek for her to kiss. Later, we played a game like hide and seek. I decided to hide in a box, but couldn't decide between one or the other side of the room, so I didn't have time to get the box closed, and was immediately caught.

      I'm in a magnificent cathedral. I'm with someone, and see a friend about to go play a guitar onstage, and he waves at me. A priest walks up to me, and asks, are you confident?to which I simply say, yes.He leads me to a wall. There is a small, tight mouth, an opening, on the bottom of it, covered in runes and glyphs, wrought in beautiful stone work and pouring out red and orange. It looks like the mouth of Hell. He says something to the effect of, it's good you're confident, you'll need it, or we'll see, I can't remember. I barely fit in the gap, and began a slow facedown descent, using hand-holds on the passage to keep myself from tumbling. I see two scorpions, and wonder, why am I down here? I'm not even Catholic. After a while of indecision, I exit into sunlight and fresh air. Another priest stands there and asks, what you doing? The real challenges are ahead, you must face your demons.I pathetically say I need shoes, look down and I'm wearing them. He extols me to have courage and continue, so I go back into the mouth, down, down, down. I'm on a stair case that's unbelievably cramped, with hundreds of even tinier scorpions that I run over, worrying that one is in my shirt. I'm now in a dark, quiet and misty stone corridor bathed in glowing white and blue. I enter a room to the right, and find myself looking at two animal spirits floating over stone wells. One I can't access, but the other purports to be a mirror of the soul, and speaks proudly and with disdain. From a third person perspective, it consumed me, and I now look like Harry Potter. It was all fire within, and he discussed a Reformation of sorts. Whether the historical one, or a personal one, I don't know.

      Then, there's my brother next to me. He has a beautiful amulet and he gives it to me to help me. I thank him, and awaken.
    10. NONLUCID Quest to Save the World

      by , 05-06-2014 at 05:38 PM
      Supp: Melatonin, B6, REM rebound (ganja)

      A friend and I procured a large bag of sausage links and scurried off to an industrial plant, skateboarding on our bellies and jumping over obstacles, where a myriad of school buses were parked. No one else was there. We went in, he vanished, replaced by a brooding hero who was to join me on my quest. He offered me my weapon, a very large stone, along with a choice of a few pieces of enchanted jewelry. I donned an amulet and a headpiece, and we entered in. The first sight to greet my eyes was a couple of dwarves, which my manager from work had just warned me about. The room they were in was tilting, and they were flying up against the wall wildly. I walked past them and started clobbering the heads of whoever I would meet. They didn't strike me as violent at all, but they were enemies, I suppose.. at one point near the end, a defeated enemy took my stone from and hit the head of one of his friends so hard I'm surprised he just looked dazed and not dead. I took the stone from him. I exited to a center column of a tower, where I found nature mixed in with the mechanization. A group of important people were there, I walked across a bridge that zipped over the empty space and verbally assaulted the general in charge, as he didn't understand the magnitude and significance of what I had just done (neither do I, hahah). He wore five hats, and took them off, put them on again. A co-worker told me we had saved the world. Not bad for acting like cavemen.
    11. Talking boxes

      by , 09-08-2013 at 10:13 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I’m down an isle at Walmart looking at these colored square boxes with cloth covering (x) on a shelf. Before I saw them, I’d been looking at some other shape. The boxes have voices coming out of them, spewing phrases. The label on the blue one (that seemed a more purple color before) has a paper for it that says the voice is Uchiha Sasuke in bold.

      My sister, Rane, was talking to a person at a nearby checkout desk about a faulty fancy lamp with several small lighbulbs (at least six). I was tweaking them, trying to get them to work, and the lights kept flickering at different levels, but none of them very brightly. There was another smaller lamp nearby that she could alternatively get, but she wanted the bigger one.

      Two girls down the box isle ask me to call their mom to come there because they want to buy two necklaces. I gather the pieces on them in my hand - they’re flat, colorful gems with metal working around the edge. One is bigger than the other and I wonder if the other girl won’t be jealous, but neither one seems dissatisfied.

      I call the number the girls give me (had a 7 in it). A woman answers but doesn’t seem to be their mom.

      “Does a woman and two kids live there? I’m looking for a…” I look to the girls while covering the speaker. “What’s your mom’s last name?”

      They tell me - it has some l’s (like four) in it at the beginning and end.

      “Okay, I can’t pronounce that.” I try anyway over the phone.

      The woman says, “You mean Becky L____? She’s next door helping out.” Apparently with a rummage sale?

      I tell her the situation and she goes to get her. I hear her tell someone in the background, “I gotta go get my roomie.”

      Inspiration: Was feeling nostalgic for Naruto yesterday and had read some comments about Sasuke’s attitude after the latest chapter. Phone call probably comes from a previous dream. So many store dreams… Come to think of it, I get food money in a few days and have been desperate for it for a while. Foooood, need it.

      Notes: I woke up once before with some recall, but shirked it in favor of sleep.
    12. Country Story; Mom's Jewelry

      by , 02-09-2013 at 12:35 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Notes for dreams so I can go back to bed:

      Lots of land with bails and bails of hay, only dark.
      Someone said, "If all this were mine, I would re-hole every horseshoe until they were perfect" or something like that. I saw a horseshoe with a hole in it in my minds eye.

      Then I was sitting with a boy who stitched up some grey, suede leather so that it contained some RR spikes in a leather tube. I helped by banging a another spike into it so the head stayed above the leather. (I have six new RR spikes IWL). The leather tube eventually turned into a hat.

      I asked him to help me stitch one for myself. He then revealed a larger black hat for me. Then it turned out to be a football, which disappointed me.

      Then I had to use the bathroom. I went in and the john was really small and had no lid. As I started to take my pants down, someone disturbed me. Jesus!

      At a weird party, my brother got a piece of clothing caught on the top of a door. Someone took a piece of mom's jewelry so I did too, but I decided to return it.

      I Went up stairs picking up miniature pitchers along the way, then a lady picked one up and tossed it back to me.

      I returned the jewelry, then it morphed into a cool gun. It was small and crude, made of wood and brass or gold. You pulled back on a stick which was connected to something so that when you pulled the trigger, the stick was released and it would hit the projectile inside. It was awesome.

      Then there were a bunch of brass dishes. (Yuck, right?). I had a false memory that I grew up with it. (IWL I did grow up with similar stuff) I was putting them away, admiring the shape of some of the cups. The were like a mix between a Chinese tea cup and a soup bowl. They seemed to be the perfect size.

      I was watching video of women rubbing their nipples. All of them were perfect.

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    13. 07/24/11 Three Nights of Dreams

      by , 07-25-2011 at 02:37 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Over the past three nights I have been continuing to try to boost my recall using a self hypnosis program, and I have had recall more consistently, although there haven't been any useful dreams. It seems my recall is a bit better but my dreams are dumb… Here are the dreams I had.

      07/22/2011 (Friday)

      EVE Online
      I am flying a space ship from the same point of view as in the video game EVE Online, viewing the ship from above and behind. Unlike in EVE, however, I am flying the ship low over the surface of a mountainous planet. I am flying through some very vivid and detailed canyons in search of something, some piece of loot lost by pirates when they were destroyed when orbiting the planet. Somehow I am convinced the item has survived reentry and also had some way to slow its descent so it didn't make a crater. I start wondering if that was a mistake… maybe it wasn't able to slow down and it punched its way through into an underground cavern. I fly farther down a canyon in search of a cave large enough to fly my ship into so I can search underground.

      07/23/2011 (Saturday)
      Weight Loss Success
      I am in my room selecting out clothes as I get ready to go to school. I am running late and I don't want to take the time to find my clothes, which don't seem to be where I put them. I find an old red skirt that I know is too small for me. I decide that since I have lost weight, maybe it is no longer too small… so I put it on. It fits perfectly! I finish dressing and I run out to tell my mother how much my weight loss is showing, my skirt fits again! She is happy for me and says I look nice, but I had better get to school. I leave for class, thrilled that my diet is bearing fruit!

      07/24/2011 (Sunday)
      Stealing Bases
      I am with Tigress and we are walking down on the south side of town near the local swap meet. She wants to go somewhere, I am just following her. We end up at a ball park where a baseball game is about to start. I say I don't want to watch baseball, but she can, I'll hang at the swap meet until the game is over. She says forget the game… let's go. I follow her, thinking we're both going to the swap meet. We end up at another entrance to the ball park. I repeat that I don't want to watch baseball. She is a bit annoyed, but goes into the stadium to find a seat. I leave as they are singing the national anthem while saluting a flag that nearly drops on my face. I go to the swap meet and find a jewelry store. I am browsing when I hear a couple of people planning to shoplift. One will create a diversion, the other will steal. The diversion begins, I take advantage of it to steal a gold necklace and a ring. I notice that the necklace is priced $659. The two who had planned the theft get caught, I sneak out. Now I'm a thief. I wonder what I intend to do with the jewelry… wear it? Maybe. Sell it? Maybe.

      This Old House
      Tigress and I are exploring a house, it is a large old house that I don't recognize at all, and it has a really strange layout. We enter into a small room that has a lot of knitted wall hangings, it is clear the previous owner of the house liked to knit. I have the idea it was a little old lady who has recently passed away, and she has left the estate to… to me? To Tigress? I'm not sure. But somehow the house is ours, Tigress' and mine. I have to pee. I look around for a bathroom and I find one. I am a bit concerned that the water won't be turned on, but it is running. The toilet is weird. Really small, no lid, but there is water in it. So I use the toilet. My addition fills the tiny bowl past the fill point, triggering it to flush automatically. The flush itself splashes water past the fill point, triggering another flush. That flush triggers yet another flush… that could go on forever. I don't know how to stop it, so I leave.
    14. All This Fuss over Jewelry

      by , 05-10-2011 at 06:38 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      We're very poor and have an extremely strict budget to live on. While on our way to a food shop I notice a jewelry shop. I can't help but drool over some of the trinkets while my (ex) man waits outside. I come out, very depressed, knowing we can never afford anything in there, especially not the necklaces I love so much. I tell my man so and he drops everything, practically running into the store. I can hear him asking about second hand jewelry.

      A friend that I suddenly notice with me asks me if I'm happy. I smile and say that although I think it's a nice gesture of him to do this for me, I do wish he'd have done it later while I was not here. I explain that I know he will buy something, and just come out and hand it to me, rather than saving it to give to me on Mother's Day, for example, which is in a few days. As I predict, he does just as I said he would. I ask him to take it back and give it to me on Mother's Day.

      Suddenly we're mugged by a very tall man who doesn't even bother to hide his face. A fight breaks out, and its actually me that's kicking his ass while my man watches from the sidelines. I am so angry, telling the thief that his is so low for stealing from people who can't even afford to buy food. There is going to be a court case and I'm very emotional.

      Dream skip and I'm at a garbage can outside that same jewelry store, sorting through what I find in there, looking for something of value. I'm shocked at my luck that I actually find something - a fairly expensive set that someone has taken a few pieces off and thrown the rest away. It looks as though they took only a few pairs of ear rings and tossed the rest, which includes some bangles and a ring. It's not really my style, all in kind of a floral print, but beggars can't be choosers, as they say. I notice a price tag that reads $124.99. I also find some ornate elephants that are covered in dirt which I wipe carefully away.

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    15. Broken Door

      by , 02-21-2011 at 04:36 AM (My Sleepy Mind 2010/2011)
      Original Date: Today!
      Type: Ordinary - Non Lucid
      I was in my bedroom which had a table and a tv, not a bed and not like my real bedroom and there was a makeshift kitchen behind it where the wall would be. I was talking to Nick on a walkie talkie and I was startled by someone appearing in the doorway, it was my neighbor's girlfriend. I was shocked how she got in cuz my door is always locked. We sat and talked for a bit then my neighbor came over to get her. As they were leaving, he turned to hug me and said he would be back over later. (We've seen each other in passing, but never spoke a word to one another) I just said "uh huh, sure you will" while rubbing and patting his back, not understanding why he would say this when he had his girlfriend. They left and I locked my door. I went back to the room, was talking to Nick and suddenly after a time the neighbor was back in the house, he said he wanted spanish rice and pulled a bad from the cupboard in the makeshift kitchen, but it was dry lima beans with rice mixed in it. At some point, he was gone and there was a stranger girl in my living room in front of the door. That's when I noticed my door was broken, like my neighbor broke it when he or his girlfriend had left! It's hinges were off and there was rust on a broken piece at the bottom. I was very panicky about this while talking to Nick about it over the walkie. The neighbors I could see outside sitting on chairs playing with my dog while the stranger in my house was talking to me about stupid things my neighbors would do or talk about and how they'd act in the car. (I think she was a friend of theirs and at one point I actually saw her in the car with them while she was talking about it) (in real life I never see him with any friend) Then my dog was in the house, I was in the kitchen, and saw her squatting to take a crap on the floor, I started to go to stop her but then was just like fuck it and just kept talking. (My ex was in my kitchen, he used to be a cook, he took off his shoe to show me giant mushrooms that he cut and put in for padding. This was supposed to be my boyfriend Nick because of his arduous job, but turned into my ex.) Then the dog went to the living room and crapped more in front of tv. I went around to pick it up and throw it out and when I went into the living room there were people bringing in chairs and there were pieces of jewelry sitting on white pieces of cloth like for gifts or a display or party and I think it was being organized by my ex's mom, but I did not like this in my house.

      Objective Context:
      I heard my neighbor and girlfriend talking loudly when I first woke up at 430am (no doubt from them). Not wanting to go outside or back to work in 3 days. Feeling safe and content in my home.

      Age of Dream Ego: 26

      Associations to the Dream Settings:
      Invasion of peace and privacy, feeling violated with loss of control. No control over my home, where I feel most safe.
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