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    1. Ramming into cars, and weird butterfly phobias

      by , 10-10-2015 at 06:48 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)

      I was riding along in my car with some other people, and Cory was driving. One of the passengers was my mom. We came along some traffic in Huntsville, near the intersection of South Memorial and Lily Flagg I think, and Cory was not slowing down fast enough to keep from hitting the car in front of us. I kept screaming "SLOW DOWN SERIOUSLY." and he was just all NAAAAAH, so I'm sitting there shotgun bracing myself, and sure enough he rams right into the car ahead of us. Which was some really tiny electric car thing, either blue or green.

      The guy ahead of us pulled into a U-turn area and into the big parking lot where people park their used cars for sale, and I noticed his bumper was falling off. Cory was making no move to turn and go over there, so I say "What the hell? You can't just run away!" and he says "Yeah I can, people get hit all the time." I eventually convince him to turn, and we're all sitting in that parking lot, exchanging info with the other guy. I was looking my car over, and it seemed to be okay except for some paint chipping.

      After settling that problem, we continued forward. I told Cory I wanted to drive since he sucked so bad, but he was adamant that it wouldn't happen again. So... now we're driving along some open highway in the countryside, and what does he do? He friggin runs right into the CEMENT TRUCK in front of us. I was super pissed at that point and yelling at him, and we all pulled over into a gravel parking lot for some bed and breakfast place. Cory got out to talk to the truck guys, and I got out and inspected my car. It was still OKAY, but it was missing some things... the driver's side mirror was gone. I was looking around on the ground for the missing mirror and I remember finding it next to a big pile of small square pieces of glass. For a moment I thought the glass was from my windows, but luckily it wasn't. That mirror would never move around automatically again if I glued it on myself, but I figured it would be fine moving it manually... first world problems and all that...

      Also I took Cory's stupid keys away. I put them on my keychain and noticed my mailbox key was cut in half. It was a lamentable thing.

      While Cory was out talking with the truck guys, me and the other passengers went into the bed and breakfast. We sat on the couches for a while and ate some food, some cheap gas station food like individually wrapped Twinkies and personal-sized bags of chips. Cory came in, and said the truck guys were being nice and picking all the ruined fragments off my car, so we still sat there and I bitched at him for being an idiot.

      I had to take my Lamictal pill, so for some reason I put it in a big glass of water, which was stupid because once it gets wet, it gets reeeeaaalllly bitter. So then I'm in the bathroom and drinking the water, trying to swallow the pill, and I just can't get it down because of the bitterness. I swear to god I stood there for like ten minutes trying to figure that out.


      Cory and I went to visit some botanical gardens in the fall. We brought along our dog Loki. There was a big door that led to a butterfly area, and so I ask Cory if we can go inside. He's really surprised and asks if I REALLY want to, and I say yes because I want to face my fears, and I was TERRIFIED of butterflies in this dream for some weird reason (WTF?) So we go inside, and let Loki off the leash so she can run around.

      The butterfly area was a rectangular grassy area surrounded by tall hedges on all sides. In the middle was a rectangular pond with really clear water that was light blue and had lily pads and stuff all in it. There were birds all over, and a big blue crane wandering around in the water. There weren't too many butterflies, since it was cold out, but there were a couple Monarchs, some yellow Swallowtails, and some black Swallowtails... and some big white ones I couldn't identify. Possibly cabbage butterflies but giant-size?

      Anyway, a few swooped at me, and I stood my ground. Cory was quite proud of me. Then he left me to my own devices and went to take photos of some of the birds. I walked around the pond looking at stuff with Loki running next to me, when she stops and does her business. I noticed blood dripping out of her when she did it, and I was freaking out and called Cory over. He said he couldn't see anything, and I was like WTF the blood is RIGHT THERE, but he was adamant about seeing nothing. As we're there on the ground I see a tiny baby hedgehog wander up next to me, rolling around all cutely and stuff. I get all giggly like OH MY GOOOOOD. I'm afraid to touch him because I couldn't remember if their quills were super sharp or not, but Cory pet him and then left. So I sat there playing with the hedgehog for a bit. It wandered up to Loki's business, and did some business of its own... gross. And I'm all "What the hell are you guys doing, trying to fight for territory or something?!"

      I get up and wander around the pond for a while longer, and notice Seru standing at the entrance. He's got his arms crossed and says something to me and smiles... I can't remember what he said. Something about the butterflies, I think? I also might have been something about leaving. One or the other. I remember thinking for a moment that he was the guy I came into the butterfly area with, and I got confused. He was the last thing I saw before I woke up.


      Just a dream fragment where I was walking around in a house. It was very cozy like a grandparent's house, at least, it made me feel that way. The floors were small wooden planks and felt really old.

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    2. A dog attack, and flying to the moon

      by , 08-24-2015 at 06:02 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was living on some kind of farm area and there was a chain link fence between my house and the neighbor's. My dog Loki escaped from the house and went running over to the fence, and at the same time I saw the neighbor's two bigger dogs, like both retrievers or something, run over and snarl at her. Loki was just walking along obliviously while these two dogs tore at the fence to get to her, and for some reason I was stuck at the door and couldn't go running after her, so I was watching helplessly and screaming. The two dogs tore through the fence, one went through the middle and the other went under, and they attacked Loki and I could hear all her whimpering and I was just flipping out. The two dogs eventually backed off and I ran over and Loki was lying on the ground covered in blood with a huge gash on her belly, and I started crying because I thought she was dead, but I looked and her eyes were open slightly and she was breathing, and when I picked her up her tail wagged a little. So I rushed into the garage but the car was blocked by someone's car who was visiting the house, and I screamed for Cory so his friend moved the car and Cory and I got in our own car and drove off to the vet. I was sitting in the passenger seat with Loki all distraught. It took a long while to get there, and when we stopped Cory got out but we were at CULVER'S... he came back to the car with two pints of ice cream and I was like WTF! I woke up pretty shaken.

      I had a lucid dream, I don't remember how I became lucid, but it happened while I was standing in a dark grassy field looking out over a starry night sky. I rubbed my hands together to stabilize myself and scanned the horizon for the moon. It was pretty low on the horizon and slightly covered by some dark trees, but as I looked at it, I thought "I wonder if I can still do that ki flying thing... aiming for the moon would be a huge success." So I did! I focused my attention on the moon as a goal and I jumped into the air, flying towards it. I almost fell at first, and kind of dropped to the ground a bit, but I ignored it and kept my focus on my goal, and soon I was flying at super human speeds with the moon growing bigger and bigger. The moon was coming up pretty fast, so I threw my legs forward so I could land on my feet and descended. The moon was pretty small... it was like the size of King Kai's planet. I wandered around and looked at all the craters, then sat down and ran my hands through the sandy ground. Moon dust! The stars in the sky were even more awesome on the moon. I noticed off to the side was a little deep cave, so I leaned over and thought it would be cool to have moon-people, so I cleared out a bunch of rocks and stuff blocking the entrance and I saw some movement inside. But then I woke up.

      I was in some kind of school-type setting, with a bunch of other people, and this guy kept checking me out and starting hitting on me and stuff. When he came over, I leaned over and whispered to him that I was going to go in an empty room down the hall, and that he should come out five minutes later after me, so we could meet up without everyone in the class knowing what was going on. So we met up in the empty room and had sex. Right afterwards, all the other people decided to move to that empty room, so we had to gather ourselves really quickly and pretend like nothing happened.

      There was a mini-dream I had when I dozed off, it just involved me picking up daddy long legs spiders and one of them kept biting me. I looked at him walking along my arm biting me over and over and I was just all "Why you gotta do me like this, bro?!" Bah.
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    3. A curse in a pot

      by , 07-30-2015 at 06:25 PM
      From a disembodied perspective, I'm watching my IRL self. He's looking for something in this room, currently looking at an illustration of Loki hanging on a wall. The disembodied version of me is curious about the IRL version of me, and I've set up this space in order to observe his reactions. There'd been some previous incident where he'd taken on a sort of ritualized trickster role and unintentionally drawn my interest; he's not aware of me. (Though trickster's not the word I would have used in the dream and it kind of irritates me to use it now, but it's the best way to put it - a sense of something in common between the Loki illustration, the devil statue, my disembodied perspective, and the role my IRL self had played.) I've just now come to the conclusion that the thing that originally grabbed my interest had to do with taking on different roles rather than something inherent to him. This doesn't make me any less curious, but it alters the situation. He's now looking at a small black and white sculpture of the devil, and I switch to his perspective while he's holding it.

      As my IRL self, I'm interrupted by the arrival of several IRL people. Eventually I wind up standing over a large pot with one of the women, and she's stirring whatever's in it. She calls me by the wrong name, and I correct her, annoyed. She repeats my real name, and makes a promise involving it, talking about dire consequences for anyone who violates this promise. Afterwards she describes the pot as holding the curse she's just spoken.

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    4. Harnesses and Thor

      by , 09-04-2014 at 02:46 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 03, 2014

      (I just realized how kinky that could be... Harnesses and Thor... tehehehehe)

      Harnesses at Hot Topic

      I was in the weird-ass mall on my dream map, and I went into a Hot-Topic-esque store. It had four floors, and the bottom floor was underground, and had super high ceilings. And rock walls. I took an elevator down to the bottom floor, and turned left to the desk where I would get a harness. I was waiting for my harness, but the guy who was going to give it to me, who I think may have been a friend from middle school, was distracted or wanting to try something out and so I didn't get the harness for a while. Once I did have it, they hooked me to a line hanging from the ceiling and showed me how to control my movements in the room using some levers and ropes.

      So basically, people would come in, and hang from the ceilings as they shopped for studded, belted, black striped, and graphic-T clothing 8D

      Then there was an earthquake, or something. Maybe an alien invasion. Something epic and destructive.

      Thor in the Parking Lot

      I was walking in a parking lot. There were very few cars, and they were mostly clustered near the door to a large building that stretched for a long ways. Michael Fassbender had just parked his car and gotten out, and walked toward the building. I had to put my backpack down somewhere, so I decided that in front of his car would be the perfect hiding spot. I think Zukin was with me, but I'm not too sure. She may have been there before I put my backpack down, but then had to leave, or something.

      I left my bag there, and started walking toward the building, which I now somehow knew was a grocery store. I was nearing the group of cars, and now could see that Loki (Tom Hiddleston ermagerd <33), some other super villain, and an old friend from highschool, were chatting around one of the cars. I heard someone approaching, and looked up;

      Thor was walking toward the car as I was passing it, and said, "What villains do I see surrounding this car?!"

      I stopped, turned and held up my hand. "Hey now. They're not all villains. That's my FRIEND, Thor."

      He stopped in his path, turned to me, blinked a few times, and then raised his hands. "Mah bad." He said.

      I went into the store, got some Nestle chocolate chip cookie dough, and was on my way out when I saw another of my old friends, who had made a cookie cake with the same cookie dough I'd just gotten. I wanted to try some to make sure I would actually like it, and so I broke off a piece of the cookie cake. I put it in my mouth, and I swear it was the tastiest cookie I've ever had and it was so good. IT was like all butter and sugar. I woke up wishing real cookies were that phenomenal.
    5. Porcelain Torture

      by , 04-12-2014 at 07:16 AM (Inside the Mind of Mattlantis)

      I haven't been keeping up with my dream journal this week cuz I've been kinda busy with homework, and honestly, being a bit lazy. I did keep notes, but I did notice a slight drop in my recall because I wasn't making entries properly. However, I got to top off the week with another lucid, so I'd say it was WERTH. Here's my dream from Tuesday.

      I was in a strange water park which consisted of random slides and porcelain surfaces and tubs that were incredibly bouncy (the surfaces resembled the material the slides are made of in the picture). I was enjoying myself and possibly talking to someone as I slid around and bounced high into the air. At some point I obtained a large back of chips (the kind with multiple types individually wrapped inside the large bag), and I stumbled upon a hole with water flowing into it made of a similar material, so I slid down it with my chips. I ended up trapped in a chamber with bloodstains on the floor and walls with several other trapped people, who were apparently starving. Two grabbed me and pulled me to the wall, while the rest converged on the bag of chips and tore into them.

      The dream skips a bit and I remember being on a sloped rocky hill, chasing "some villain" who resembled Loki. I could see his health bar in the corner of my "HUD," and he was poisoned and almost dead as I snuck up behind him, whittling his health down with the poison and my strikes. He eventually collapsed, and next I was looking down upon Summoner's Rift from League of Legends, as if I was playing, but I was also one of the characters. I was face-checking the brush at top lane when I was ambushed by Darius and Mundo. I don't remember the details, but I ended up killing both of them with a little health remaining.

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    6. Erase and rewind

      by , 09-20-2013 at 04:10 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Standing behind the van talking to a girl about World of Warcraft. I keep rewinding the scene to fix things. Iím inside the van and realizing the back isnít latched shut, Mom tells me what to do. I reach back carefully and press the small black latch in (like the ones to hang things on). Mom wasnít concerned, she was going to leave it open.

      Inside someone (Sarahís?) house, something about a bag of half-cooked popcorn (the popcorn was inlaid into the bag) and another bag, I take it with me but worry about burning it since I donít know how long it had already cooked for. It looks burnt already.

      I ask for a pill and go to the bathroom. I take it, but thereís another pill left on my tongue, itís half of a pink pill.

      I think Iím being kept contained. I think something about Loki (The Avengers).

      Notes: Really cool bit when I kept rewinding the scene, I think I remember thinking of it as Ďgoing back in timeí, but in the dream or IWL?
    7. Twice the Weirdness

      by , 08-13-2013 at 04:56 AM
      Morning, 13th August, 2013

      Dream 1:

      Harry Potter and Loki are stuck in separate green, grimy cells. They both happen to have computers and MSN each other out of boredom.

      Dream 2:

      I am in the middle of a 'lucid dream' (dream inside a dream) when suddenly the dreamscape becomes hazy and I wake up to hear noises in the house. I jump out of bed and hide from the view of my bedroom door. Two men in suits come barging in, shining torches around instead of using the lights.

      They look around my room and I keep quiet, then they suddenly find me and grab me harshly on my forearm - saying something about me being a lucid dreamer and that I have to go away for experiments - and take me away.

      We go outside to their hover car and they tie me up with a rope that connects to the car. They fly off with me hanging by the rope. I see a blue portal open up in front of the car and I'm very curious. We go inside and I see a shiny futuristic city with lots of shiny silver. They park the hover car and ... (I forgot what happened between this.)

      I am in the city's supermarket being escorted by one of my captors, and because I am a 'lucid dreamer', a specimen to them, they feel the need to sanitize the floor I just walked on - a janitor does this with a mop, and he's following me around. I decide to have some fun with this and step on the floor so much times in front of the janitor just to see his shocked and exasperated expression. (It was actually pretty funny.)

      And then the dream ended.
    8. Lucid River

      by , 07-15-2013 at 10:26 PM
      Slept from about 5pm to 130am.

      normal dream
      dream sequence leading to lucid

      Iím in a game store. E is working there. I'm there to get an expansion to some game we've been playing. She pulled out a sheet of paper that I thought at first was a job application but wasn't. I got what I needed and left. The journey was... odd and mostly forgotten till I went down some stairs - trying to get back to some people I knew. The bottom of the stairs was blocked off by a bunch of people in chains. Teenagers. Apparently someone threw a party when they were babysitting. Groups of us (people in the area- bad place/time) were sectioned off into different rooms. They had a group of adults come in - looked like bikers - hard people. To scare us? They started a trivia game - a question about taco bell - something that had stuck with taco bell since the founding of the first store. I had first try on this one. I brought up how the founder was rumored to have been big on live sacrifices and asked if that had anything to do with it. He said it did not and I gave up to the next person. It was apparently something that played in the background of a lot of taco bell commercials. A reference to a movie or game or some such that did not exist.

      My mate and I were in a car together. He pulled off to the side and someone was.. following him? Trying to get to him. He drove off and up the rode a bit. Made me get out of the car and kept going. I started following him on foot - almost up a hill till I got to a parking garage. I was distressed that he left and worried about him. As I was walking there was a bunch of other people on foot going the same way. One guy had on roller skates - I think he was one of the ones after my mate. Iím in the parking garage - some sort of gathering of people here. I was naked. Grabbed someone's jacket and then she got upset with me so I gave it back. ((Here I think I became briefly aware of my body due to discomfort in the dream and a light sleep - and I thought going to bed sleep deprived would make me sleep deeper)) I tried to imagine clothes on myself because it was silly that I was feeling insecure. It worked - briefly. Something loose and guy like. Comfy. Then it disappeared. I decided I didn't care and wandered down to the stream (down a hill off to the side of the garage). It was very murky, but I got in anyway. I wanted it clear so I visualized this strongly and it cleared. I was giggling joyfully in my new found powers. I swam around a little - enjoying the feel of the water and the trees all around the river. I swam back to the bank near the garage - all of the dream characters that were in there had come down. Clustered near where I jumped in. Someone was afraid of getting a cd out of a cd player. I held my hand out to it and willed them to open one by one (there were several cd trays in a column). The last was a tape, not a CD. It was supposed to be a message to someone (me). I decided to oblige and listen. Instead of putting it back in the player I made it start playing in my hand and used the center piece that turns the tape to turn the volume up. I had another little tehehe moment of playfulness at making this work. There was nothing I could decipher in what came out. Music and gibberish. ((I had felt this dream slipping in several places and brought it back. I loved the sensation and control and didn't want to let it go. There was no real 'ah hah! I'm dreaming!' moment. It was rather gradual. I was aware within the dream that both the lucidity and the body awareness were due to the light sleep. I pushed the body awareness down to barely noticeable so I wouldn't full myself out that way when I was still playing. I felt in the dream that the message must be important if my dream characters were bringing it to me like this, but I think it just wound up being a way to drag me back under. At this point I had a false awakening and started writing all this down. I then 'went back to sleep'))

      Dystopian type world Ė mega corporations. The milk company wants to make cheese. I (head of the cheese corp) deny them the ability to Ė donít want the competition.

      My mate and I are having sex Ė like REALLY good sex. We somehow manage to make it to the bathroom (for a shower?) while still going at it. There was some sort of portal in the bedroom. A new friend of ours is in the living room. There is an altercation between her, a different friend of hers (over the phone), and my mate.
    9. Subbing and a Supervillain

      by , 11-02-2012 at 05:35 AM (Dreams from the Deep)
      Sleep Time: 11:30 p.m - 4:00 a.m

      Football Class

      I'm subbing at the high school and the students are talking about football plays.

      I attemtpted to wild at 4 a.m but failed.

      4:00 a.m - 6:00 a.m


      I'm in a room with Loki. I don't how or why.

      Subbing Lyrics

      I'm subbing again. We are having a class discussion about lyrics to som dream song. A student is arguing with me. I tell him to quit arguing but he won't. I wake up.