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    1. #201. U-haul

      by , 08-20-2015 at 03:56 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm at a networking event that's in someone's living room. In this dream, the very nice houses in the city are on a peninsula overlooking the water, and the host has a big house that fits everyone. It looks a lot like my house, but bigger.


      I'm at the dumpster in our complex, and I've found a couple of really cool chairs that I could use in my studio. My husband is not happy with the prospect of dumpster chairs. I now realize that the chairs that were really nice a minute ago actually have broken lifting mechanisms.


      I'm sharing a dorm with my mom and my brother. This is not a happy arrangement. We've just moved in, and the management is now telling us that we need to move to another one of their properties because they're renovating.

      I'm arguing with my mom over whether we should rent a U-haul or take several trips in the truck. She vetoes my U-haul suggestion and says that we can make the truck work, but I say we have two hours to move and we need to take at least three trips in the truck.

      A panel that we're loading into the truck snaps, and it flies with force towards my mom's throat.


      I realize that I'm dreaming.

      With my mind, I catch the broken pieces as they fly towards my mom, absorb the kinetic force, and let them drop, harmlessly, to the ground.

      I remember that my next task is to teleport—and that I want to teleport to a neighbour's house to fulfill two goals at once—but the dream is getting fuzzy and I'm starting to drift towards consciousness.
      Blearily, I think that it seems silly to teleport into a neighbour's house when it's right next door. I wake up.


      Malfoy is sending a robot after me. It would be a physical threat, but as long as I pick it up and hold it on its side, it can't actually get to me, so that's a bust as far as evil plans go.

      The robot follows me uselessly around the room.

      We're in a playground, and I've hijacked Voldemort's followers by pretending that I, Harry Potter, am actually the next incarnation of Voldemort. (Or maybe I am?)

      Malfoy is teetering on top of something that looks like the Cirque du Soleil-inspired stunts from Mad Max: Fury Road. He's trying to prove a point. He falls, but he's currently invulnerable.

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    2. 11-9-14 Hide and seek with the Dark Lord

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:48 PM
      I was ambushed in an old decaying barn by Voldemort.
    3. Disturbing Nightmare

      by , 01-13-2013 at 10:51 PM
      Alright I guess I could post something, so here it goes(this is an old dream, but this dream got me to join DV).

      This is one of the nightmares I had during the time I was terrified of Voldemort from Harry Potter, so I knew these people in the dream were death eaters.

      My mom and I were at the store and when we walked out, there were these two guys sitting on a trunk of a truck staring at us and when we got in the car and drove off, I looked behind us and saw that those two guys were chasing us, but riding on bicycles. I climbed through the back of the car(it was a Honda Odyssey) and closed the trunk(we also had the two back doors open o_O). Then when we got home, there was a knock at the door and we saw some lady looking through the window and she had cats all around her and she was holding a knife and she looked like she was screaming. My dad kinda held me back(like both trying to hide me and not really) so I knew that she was trying to get to me. Then I opened the garage door and about 20 people were standing there(and one was my brother ). Then the dream ends after that.
    4. Voldemort, Submarines, and a Strange Hiest

      by , 10-27-2012 at 07:08 AM

      Had a dream about submarines and Voldemort.

      Broke into the local newspaper office. We went way into the back where storage was kept. There was a large pile of plushy animals and squirt guns. The heavy door behind us closed and I needed to guess the password. I guessed right. Outside the window of the back room(which was slightly below ground level) was a side walk. Through the window in the dark I saw a man's shoes and he was whistling. They either caught us or where planning to catch us with a large sack.
    5. 07/15/12 Harry Potter and the Lightning Wand

      by , 07-15-2012 at 11:44 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I am at my friend Alicia's house, and we are watching a movie. It is one of the Harry Potter movies, but I don't recognize which one. The setting is in some kind of swamp, and I don't recognize the place at all. The situation is that Harry, Ron, and Hermione have found and destroyed all the horcruxes except for the one in Nagini. So in the movie we are watching Harry, Ron, and Hermione sludge through a swamp in search of Nagini, who has a horcrux inside. I decide to take a break and get a snack, so we pause the movie and I go into the kitchen for a snack. I find there are some chocolate cupcakes out there, and I help myself to one. I step out the back door to enjoy the warm weather, but everything around me changes. I find I am now in the swamp out of the Harry Potter movie.

      I turn around and see there is no sign of Alicia's house, so I start looking around the swamp. I realize I have a wand, and now I must be in the Harry Potter movie somehow. I decide to see if I can find any of the people from the movie, maybe kick Voldermort's ass. As I am making my way through the dark swamp I see something moving. It's a big snake! I use a stun spell on the snake, figuring there's no need to go off killing the wildlife. The snake is stunned, so I continue searching. I hear voices up ahead, so I follow the sound. I find what I was looking for. Voldemort and Wormtail are talking quietly to each other.

      Apparently I made too much noise. Voldermort turns towards me and attacks me, using a death curse. I deflect that with a Whiplash spell, which clearly surprises him. He does some kind of spell that appears to use Wormtail as a sacrafice in order to give himself more power. I see him absorb the life energy out of Wormtail, who is knocked backwards by the force of the spell. His wand goes flying, and I grab that telekinetically. So now I have two wands! Voldemort casts another death spell at me at the same time as I use both wands to cast Battery, sending lightning bolts from both of them. The three beams meet in the middle with a bright flash of sparks and fire. I get the idea that the two blasts of lightning might be more powerful combined, so I cross the streams… I can't help but think of Ghostbusters when I do that… and the two beams of lightning intertwine to form one. The wands become hard to hold steady, vibrating with a life of their own, but I manage to hold it stable. The combined lightning bolts overpower Voldemort's spell, forcing the entire ball of fire and lightning back to Voldemort where there is a large explosion, and Voldemort is incinerated. Right then there is a flash of white light and then I am back in Alicia's back yard. I go back into the house to see if Alicia is still there, and it turns out she has continued watching the movie without me. She says that ending never gets old… Voldemort go boom!
    6. 34th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Mayatara's Dream

      by , 09-20-2011 at 04:31 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Mayatara's Dream

      Dogs and cat
      With my mom on a car on the highway. We see a disoriented dog on the other side of the road and we're afraid he may be hit by a car. As soon as we can, we turn around to go get him, but when we arrive there it is too late, this dog and another dog we hadn't seen, were squashed on the road.
      A bit further ahead we see a wandering cat on the side of the road and we save him from the traffic, but the poor cat doesn't seem very happy with his new situation and as soon as we stop the car on a later point in our travel, he runs away.

      Lord Voldemort in 1940's
      We keep going through the road and at a certain point we get stuck on a traffic jam at the entrance of some town. I look around and all the cars are from the 40's. I wonder if it's some old car convention, but then I see that people are also dressed as in the 40's and everything around, buses, houses, etc, all are from the past.
      I make a silly question to my mom: if she remembers people dressing like that when she was a kid and she clarifies that she ain't that old and I think "Ups, you're right, you were born in the 50's. Sorry!" The mystery of why we were suddenly in the 1940's remained.
      The traffic wasn't moving at all, so we got out of the car. People couldn't really explain what was going on, but there were rumors of something terrible happening in the nearby town and of dead bodies all over. Then, an horrendous vision: a dead black baby came floating down the gutter by the side of the road and the ladies screamed and turned away their eyes, horrified.
      I decide to go find out what is going on. I leave my mom behind.
      At the entrance of the town there is a property with a palace and I feel a really dark energy there, so I go inside to look for the villain. It is Lord Voldemort! Strangely enough, he knew who I was and he was waiting specifically for me. I feel confused for a while, but he had clearly gone through the trouble of dragging me to the past and to a very specific place, causing a lot of chaos, just to get me.
      He magically shuts all the exits of this palace and although inside it I have all that I need and he offers me all sorts of gifts, I am not allowed to get out of there. He is working me and playing mind games with me, but I don't understand what he wants from me. If he wanted to kill me, he had many chances of doing so. I try to kill him several times, but I fail and still he doesn't kill me, just threatens me with horrid consequences if I keep pushing him.
      Every once in a while he kills someone in front of me or informs me of something horrific he did and I feel my anger growing. That's when I start realizing this might be a "Darth Vader - Luke" kind of thing. He probably wants to recruit me to the Dark Side. I resist the negative feelings and just keep looking for a way to get out or to find a weakness in him that I can exploit.

      (Unfortunately, this time, I can't recall the conclusion of the dream...)
    7. Magical Mayhem

      by , 07-29-2011 at 08:54 AM

      Missed Next to Normal somehow. Found eighth Potter book same time as Voldemort. He started reading it out loud. We were both sucked into the book and fought. At some point Dumbledore was sitting and talking to me. For some reason we got into a duel.
    8. April 6 2011: Semi-Lucid; Voldemort VS Rasengan!

      by , 04-07-2011 at 04:39 PM (The path to Lucid Mastery)
      Non-Lucid, Semi-Lucid

      The dream I had last night was really weird and it almost resulted in a LD! The only reason it didn't was because the situation at the moment I realised I was dreaming was very threatening, so I forgot to do a RC and stabilize my dream.

      When the dream started, I was staning in my backyard on a sunny day. Then, my mom called me to get something (I don't recall what it was) from our shed. So I went into the shed and started looking around, but when I looked under the couch I noticed our Hippogriff (from Harry Potter) was gone. I hurried out of the shed and told my two youngest little brothers (I've got three) our Hippogriff was gone. They said they would try and find him and left the backyard, only to return moments later with a half-eaten head of a bull and a young but apparently unharmed (besides being dead) deer. This startled me and I told them to put it back where they got it as the smell might attract the now loose Hippogriff, which might be dangerous.

      Then my mom came outside to see what all the commotion was about (my little brothers had already left). So I told her about the Hippogriff. It seemed to scare her a lot that our Hippogriff had escaped, while I wasn't that worried at all. I told her to calm down; the Ministry (as in the Ministry of Magic) would capture the Hippogriff and erase our memories. I was just toying with the idea of blinking when they'd cast the amnesia spell to negate it when several hooded people appeared out of thin air.

      There where about seven of them. They were all pretty short, about a head shorter than I am (I am around 1.8 metres tall). I couldn't see the faces of six of them, as they had black cloaks with hoods over their heads, concealing their faces. The one in the front, the seventh, did have his face uncovered. It was Voldemort and the other six were Death Eaters. Voldemort didn't say a word but walked straight past us with his Death Eaters until he was standing next to our house and then he turned around. I was really scared and my mom was making squeaky sounds, as if she tried screaming but couldn't. I was afraid Voldemort could attack at any moment and was about to run away when I realised that I shouldn't be afraid in a dream.

      Now I realised I was dreaming and I didn't have to be afraid anymore so I charged at Voldemort without doing a RC or stabilizing the dream first. The running was rather sluggish, but it didn't matter since Voldemort didn't move at all. I crossed the final bit of distance between us and punched him in the face with my right fist. When I made contact Voldemort simply disappeared and the death eaters around started running away, still not talking and not even trying to fight back.

      I figured I'd better use some more agressive methods so I summoned a Rasengan (from Naruto) in my right hand and smashed the closest Death Eater in his side with it. The effect wasn't what I expected; lighting came off on impact as if I'd used a Chidori instead and the Death Eater didn't appear to be very harmed besides staggering a little bit. I turned around and saw Voldemort again, now facing me instead of running away like his Death Eaters. I ran at him again, this time not sluggish and tried punching him again, but he dodged me and tried punching me himself, only just missing me. Then I summoned another Rasengan to my right hand and hit Voldemort straight in the face with it, which caused him and to disappear along with his Death Eaters.

      I then walked inside to go to the toilet and as I was entering the bathroom
      I had a False Awakening. I was really excited so I got out of bed and ran downstairs where my mom was already having breakfast. I told her what had happened and then the dream ended.

      I didn't wake up for the rest of the night (nor did I recall any other dreams). When my alarm went off I sat up in my bed and tried to recall any dreams when this one came back to me and I wrote it in my DJ. I'm really excited about my nearly successful DILD and I hope I'll have my first full DILD soon!
    9. Duel with Voldemort in the Dragon Ridge

      by , 03-02-2011 at 05:02 AM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      I was walking along some train tracks. I was some sort of duck… Joining me in my travels were a chicken and a cat. We heard a train coming, but we didn’t know which way to look until it zoomed out of a nearby tunnel and nearly flattened us! We waited for it to go back through the tunnel in the other direction – the tracks were set in a loop behind us – before walking through it. On the other side of the tunnel was the Dragon Ridge. The mountains were jagged and unforgiving, and some of them looked as though recent rock slides had buried sections of vegetation. The other animals turned into Nicole (the cat that was not a cat) and Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (the chicken that was not a chicken). Nicole pointed out a heart-shaped rock high above us. It lay on the summit of a smaller mountain. We had to be close to Naven, she said. We climbed over a hill of loose rocks; they were so finely grained that Zedd got his feet stuck in them like quicksand. On the other side of the hill, we found a lone cottage. When we entered the building, I knew immediately that evil had made this place its home. The interior was an exact replica of my grandparents’ house. I sat down in the dining room with a sign that read “Yeah!” in bold, red letters. Before long, Voldemort entered the house. I was fortunate this time… He went straight to the back door and exited onto the patio. He came back in through the front door almost immediately after, went to the back door again, and… This time, he turned around. Our eyes met. He glided across the dining room with his black cloak billowing as though a violent storm was stirring up inside the building. His hand clasped the wand sitting on the table. Immediately, he fired a volley of spells at me. I repeated his words, tossing the same spells back.

      “Expelliarmus!” My wand popped out of my hand. Crap. “Crucio!” I fell to the ground, effectively paralyzed. I didn’t feel any pain, though. Voldemort put a foot on my leg and stood over me with his wand pointed at my heart. He smiled. Slowly, he pronounced the name of the killing curse. “Avada… kedavra…” A green bolt of energy shot out of his wand and bounced off my body. Voldemort’s face contorted. “What?! Why can’t I ever kill you?!”

      “Because love is forever, stupid,” I said. I shot him with the same spell several times in succession before he finally died. I was glad I was able to protect Zedd and Nicole from harm.
    10. #187. Trinkets

      by , 02-24-2011 at 05:08 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      Door after door leading to white hallway after white hallway. "You must remember the way," he says, "For you will return alone."

      The next room is an airy loft, warm lights illuminating hardwood floors and brick walls, black leather furniture and red accents. Light streams in from the windows, but I don't look outside. My focus is on the jewelry box which sits on the black coffee table.

      Dark stained oak, cheap brass clasp. Approximately six inches across, four inches tall, five inches deep. I flick open the cheap brass clasp. Red velvet? Darker. Not black, too repetitive. Inside the box is an onyx pendant, oval-shaped, set in silver.

      My mind filters the details automatically, but I'm focused on the brief spark of red energy, invisible threads latching onto my energy reserves and trailing through another level of the dream-world. A horcrux, then.

      Dark. Underground. Cavernous. Walls drip with slime and... blood, yes. No smell, no sensory input other than sight. Area is large, but confining. Can feel the thing trapped here, straining against its bonds.

      Sharp movement. Living, shapeless mass of flesh and grinding bone. Something claws its way from inside, tears the creature open from the inside. A humanoid figure steps out of the bloody, writhing thing. This is the monster.

      "Run," I say to the other man. "You need to get as far away from me–"

      Too late. The room goes pure white in an instant, powered by the horcrux's parasitic bond. A cloaked figure unfurls itself across the room, stands up straight and I make a sharp gesture with my ebony wand, shouting and pulling on the emotions that I need to fuel the spell.


      White noise is deafening and the room gets brighter than should be possible and - nothing.

      He sits poised on the far end of the couch, staring disapprovingly at his cup of tea. Earl Grey in delicate white china, set in a saucer that he holds in his left hand. I'm on the other end of the couch, looking straight at him. I probably have a cup of tea, or maybe it's sitting on the coffee table.

      "So," I say casually, "From one dark wizard to another..."

      He smirks at that. "A dark wizard, Harry? You?"

      "This time around, it's different." I say with a scowl, "What was the first curse I cast at you, again?"

      "As I recall," he says, taking a sip of the tea, "You attempted to cast the killing curse."


      "You lack the hatred required to fuel the spell." He explains, and he meets my eyes. "This version of you does not love, Harry. All you have is apathy."

      Trinkets. Scare Factor: 3.
    11. First lucid dream to stop nightmare!

      by , 12-07-2010 at 01:55 AM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign
      For me to remember, dreams are #067300, and lucid dreams are the color below blue, #4169e1. Nightmares are dark red, #8b0000, and dream signs are the light purple, which is up one and left one from blue, #483d8b.

      Sweet! I stopped a nightmare with a lucid dream! Harry Potter seems to be a recurring theme these last two nights.

      Harry Potter Nightmare

      I was Harry Potter. I was being moved to my house from somewhere else because Voldemort was growing stronger and it was more dangerous. I was with the Order of the Phoenix.

      We took off, and immediately Death Eaters fired spells at us that turned limbs into fruit. None of us got hit but Hagrid, in the face. Because of his half-giant genes, he didn't die because of his head being a pineapple or something, he just had a sliver of skin turn green from between his nose and eye down to his chest. He grew more sinister.

      We lost them and landed at Hagrid's shack. There was me, Lupin, and Hagrid. There was a Death Eater tied up. We were interrogating him. After a few moments Hagrid began approaching the Death Eater intending to eat him. This was began his fruity affliction messing with his head. He kept making excuses to eat him. ("Just one bite!", "No, I'm not getting closer, you're just seeing things!", "Just let me eat him!")

      Lupin knew it wasn't safe so he gave me three purses with important items inside them and apparated me to my house. I was alone. I smelled the air and sighed of relief. "Home sweet home," I said to myself.

      I looked inside one of the purses and hid the other two, just incase. I saw an iPod Touch. I took it out, zipped the purse, and then hid it. I looked through the apps on it, and saw an app called Remus1422. I opened it and saw a bunch of cryptic messages in letters and numbers. This had to be the secret way the Order would communicate with me. I couldn't figure them out.

      I heard a soft noise from outside. Oh no. What if Voldemort knows I'm here? I hurried to the garage, closed the door, and locked it. I prayed that the sound was a false alarm and not Voldemort, because I was totally alone. I waited. Suddenly I heard a noise. I turned towards the closed garage door and Voldemort, laughing, was sliding through the bottom with use of magic. Already half of his head was into the garage. I panicked.

      What do I do?! Wait a minute...
      I'm dreaming! I got excited, and felt a rush inside me. I pointed at Voldemort's head, now inside the garage up to his neck, and yelled "Die!", and his head promptly fell off. I was so happy with myself that I opened my eyes in real life on accident and the dream faded to reality. I was awake, at 2:52 AM.

      I am happy with myself. I stopped my nightmare! Although I woke up anyway, I wasn't afraid. I would have not been able to get back to sleep for hours, or maybe even all night, if I hadn't turned lucid and prevented the nightmare.
    12. #97. Telephone, Take 2

      by , 07-02-2010 at 08:40 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Friday, July 2, 2010

      Teleporting is hard.

      I'm standing by a river. The sky is bright blue, and the dry grass is long and yellow. I'm looking up at the sky, staring at an illusion that's some kind of sculpture, a clue into my quest during this dream. (This was a long and meandering dream, but I don't remember most of it.

      I'm the producer for a play. It's going well, but during the middle of it, Harley Quinn and the Joker show up and start dancing. The crowd cheers, and I'm not sure if this is part of the play or if the characters actually showed up.

      "Write as if it was my plan all along." - written in journal

      There's a parkour club in Quickton. I tag along.


      I'm Harry Potter, fighting Voldemort. He sends me into an alternate dimension, and I have to get back to my friends. There are death eaters in the buildings around us, raining down stunning spells as if they're snipers. "If you get hit seven times, you're dead," says my companion. I deliberately get hit by stunning spells, counting, and they send me back to the previous dream.

      The windows are leaking. We have to stop it because the magic could get in. We're holding the building against Voldemort, but it's going to be destroyed soon anyway, so we do a quick job. Hermione staples stucco wire under the windows, and I use an air nailer to keep the frame in place. The way that I'm holding it in the dream would probably break my hand IWL.

      I'm either Harry or Voldemort, fighting the other one. "Expelliarmus! Expelliarmus! Expelliarmus!" I shout, matching the other character spell for spell, effectively blocking them. I realize I'm probably Voldemort. "Avada Kedavra!" Seriously, these spells are kind of hard to remember.


      One of Ben's friends, a guy my age, is pissed because I just told him off for something. He throws a few punches my way, but always misses. He attacks me in earnest, throwing punches hard and fast. I block them easily, redirecting them in circles. One punch hits me, but I barely feel it. The guy is getting more and more frustrated.

      Finally, my brother pulls him off me, and we go rob a grocery store.


      FA. I wake up in a house that resembles my rental in Squamish. Ben and my cousin Reg are in the basement. I look at my right hand and count my fingers. They're blurry, and my fourth and fifth fingers keep fading into one another. Weird. This doesn't feel like a dream. I try to remember a more dependable RC, and pinch my nose. I can still breathe, but shouldn't I be able to anyway? No, wait. I have my mouth closed. I really am dreaming. I wonder if the boys are gonna go all nightmarish on me.

      I think back to my lucid goals. 1) Talk to a DC on a phone. 2) Find Hazel. 3) Teleport. I go to pick up the landline, but change my mind and grab my cell phone beside my bed. I call someone; I don't remember who. I talk to them and hang up. I type into my contacts for Hazel, but the number isn't there. I phone information, ask for Hazel. The woman on the other end tells me crabbily that there are a lot of Hazels in the world, which one do I want?

      "The one from DreamViews, obviously."

      "This number is not in service."

      It's night outside. My mom is sitting in the car, apparently waiting for Ben. She has some weird emo-style haircut, and I'd be more weirded out if I didn't know this was a dream. I use telekinesis to lift up the fringe over her eye, checking for zombieness. Obviously, I'm not completely lucid. Ben leaves the house, catches a ride with my mom.

      Reg is still here. I have my hand outstretched, focusing on wherever Hazel might be. I'm trying to draw myself there so I can teleport. I turn around briefly.

      "How do I teleport?" I ask the DC.

      "How the hell should I know?" asks Reg. He pauses and sighs, "Just... stay like that for a while. Until you wake up."

      "Or it works?"

      "Like hell."

      The dream starts fading into different solid colours, and I wake up back in the Squamish-room.

      I hand check again. Most of my fingers are missing. I pinch my nose. Still dreaming.

      I go outside and there are a bunch of dogs on the porch. There are also a bunch of people talking about their pets.

      Telephone, Take 2. Scare Factor: 2.

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