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    1. Time Travel School Dream

      by , 07-02-2017 at 09:25 PM (Dream)
      Side Notes
      Time Travel School Dream

      I got sent back in time in my 6/7 year old body, I was in 1st Grade again.
      My first thought was 'I have to do all 12 years of school again?'
      In the classroom we went over basic stuff like ABC's and Adding/Subtracting
      It was lunch time so we had to go to lunch, I remember talking to the teacher who said "Kiba (from Naruto
      somehow he's a classmate) has OCD, so we can't do Ice Cream today."
      I walked to lunch from the main office direction, I saw Cameron (who wasn't even at my elementry school) and
      I had to try and become friends with him again, if I'm not careful everything in my life can change for the better
      or worse.
      I sat on a table and I saw Kiba with his Spider: Akamaru and the Spider was eating his Orange. Akamaru ate the
      Orange from the inside out.
      We were in Music Class, I remember thinking I'm weak and Fragile, I also felt Nostalga for being back at the
      Elementry School.

      Other Part of the Dream(?) or maybe a Fragment
      I saw a school bus, it was way bigger than me, it was full of kids.
      Going back in time to fix your mistakes sounds good but, it could create more problems and could change other important things in your life. It would also be awkward to be a kid again, also I'm almost done with school and would not want to do those 11 Years again. I'm going to start and type my Dreams up earlier than before bed because: I heard while you sleep your brain thinks of what you did during the day and I could end up getting a Lucid Dream early during REM sleep.
      July 2nd, 2017
    2. August 30, 2015

      by , 08-30-2015 at 09:49 PM
      Dream I:

      There's very little that I can remember from this dream, but Dakota and I were at another house. I believe that we lived there together. Anyway, there was a fire up above--it's very difficult to explain, but we could see the fire because it was like the first level of the house had a porch and so did the second, and you could see the second porch from down on the first. There was even a ladder to get to it. As I was saying, there was a fire up top, and when he and I noticed we began working to extinguish it. It was very isolated, though, and although we knew it could spread it wasn't at the time. I believe we did end up getting rid of it.

      Dream II:

      Either I was playing a video game or the dream was like a video game, because the objective was to save the king by defeating these levels.

      Throughout the dream I was somewhat conscious of my tulpa, Augustus, and I think I was wishing that I knew someone else who had a tulpa of their own. That being said, I couldn't afford much attention to Augustus because I was a knight for His Majesty, and it was imperative that I be the person to reach and save him before the others.

      Most of the levels were very easy, because although the enemies were shooting at me I was protected in some sort of vehicle, and therefore I was able to kill them off before they were able to do the same to me. On the last level, however, I was without any form of protection, and so they shot me several times. I died, but I kept trying again (which is why I think of this as a sort of video game) until I finally shot and killed all of them.

      Then, finally, I was near the king. He was at a Chunin Exams sort of place, and all of us (the knights) jumped out and tried to reach him first. I know that the rest of them were Naruto characters, but the only one I definitely remember was Tenten, who was dressed in more of a masculine style from the Renaissance era.

      She got to him first and somehow stopped the oncoming attack--I don't remember how. I remember that the king--who was a bit pale, with sort of longish hair that came to his shoulder blades--looked bewildered, totally confused. I remember feeling a bit of fear, because I wasn't the one who got to him first (what would he do with me?). But the king was just fine and amiable, and he did not hate anyone for not getting to save him. I suppose he was too grateful for Tenten to be hateful!

      After that, Tenten and I hung out a bit. I knew that she said she had a tulpa, but I wasn't sure if I believed her. I remember her cooking for me, though; I think she was trying to show me how to make something. Fire rose from the pan, and I had the distinct impression that her tulpa was right behind her, and I believed her.
    3. Plays

      by , 10-27-2014 at 08:16 PM (Casting Shadows)
      Went to bed at eleven forty-six and woke up at six-seventeen.

      The dream lasted for six days.

      My parents finally accumulated enough money to buy alcohol, and they got really drunk. The next day Johnny goes out to town with them and they come back he's the first one inside. His hair is shorter than what it really is and his voice and personality are that of Donny from the previous Big Brother season. Every time the door opens, I can see that it's overcast. I can also see that there are at least three big black boxes in the car--that's how much alcohol they bought.

      "It sure was mean of them to buy all that beer," he said from Daddy's seat. (Not wearing a hat, wearing long-sleeve white shirt.)

      My dad comes in, still drunk, and I don't exactly remember what they said but I think Johnny was saying that he was better than Daddy, and of course Daddy was getting madder and madder. Father kept telling him to get out, shouting at him, and I thought a fight was going to break out, but finally Johnny leaves.

      The dream fast-fowards through the weekend and stops at either Monday or Tuesday. There were two projects from Art i was meant to do, and I can't remember them very well, but one of Jackson's was to draw a Pokemon. He tried to tell me it was so realistic that you could hear it as if it were real and then he played a dinosaur noise on his phone, but of course, I called him out on it.

      Wednesday the thirty-first rolled around, and it was just my luck that I even found the beginning of one of them (the same project as Jackson's Pokemon). Still, I did turn it in (I also recall walking around the Art room, though what I was doing I don't remember. I do know that I had a bit of trouble squeezing through desks and chairs).

      At the end, the teacher announced that we would all be going to a pageant and something else, and tomorrow we would get our tickets. (The pageant was actually a play.)

      The next day I was standing in line to get my passport and ticket for the plane. The machine that gave us both was in the school. Gail was in front of me and Chris M. was behind. I had meant to look and see what everyone else was doing, but had instead dozed off. I only came to when Gail was putting her money in this plastic pink cup that looked as though it would eventually be pulled up like a bucket from a water well. The passport and ticket were side-by-side, but I stood there for a moment, trying to figure out which one I should grab, or how I should grab it, until Chris picked up both of them and handed them to me.

      As I walked out of the school, the principal was standing by to see us off. I asked what the other thing was that we'll be doing and he explains in a comical manner and some girl behind him laughs.

      It's night outside, and the Art teacher, someone else, and Chris are waiting in the car for me. They eventually turn into my parents (I don't remember who replaced Chris) and I began to wonder how long I would be gone. I unfolded my passport and it said something like,

      6 from 9 weeks in a Sweepstakes Hotel
      3 of which payed for by Sweepstakes!

      In the real world this would mean that I'd be gone for only three weeks, all of which would be payed for by Sweepstakes (which was some dream company I suppose), but in the dream either it meant I'd be gone for six weeks or I only thought I would be gone for six weeks.

      The play was going to be about Naruto and my dad commented and said that he thought it was already over and I said that the guy who does it is wrapping up.

      We--all of the students--would be the ones starring in the play.
    4. Big Store Event, Not Attending & I'm Too Over Powered in Runescape, Please Nerf

      by , 09-10-2014 at 07:10 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Big Store Event, Not Attending (DILD)


      Itís just one of those dreams where the virtual experiential reality is so high, that Iím slightly shocked for not having some existential questioning going on if this was a dream or not. One part of me wanted to delude myself into thinking itís real, just for the sake of not being apathetic towards the dream characters, and the dreamís potential value in general.

      Judging by the body sensations that Iím experiencing, thereís a lot of tension, almost as if thereís some big event where me and the dream characters that look like some of my co-workers are going to participate in. Itís the type of feeling where all the other challenges you had to face creep up on you, but then you come to a realization, and a satisfaction that you overcame them.

      I can feel my feet tingling, traveling up to my knees, and finally near my stomach. I started to feel an emptiness inside that was oddly comforting.
      So I just let time pass by, letting the conversations from other co-workers become diluted, and slowly getting accustomed to this highly vivid virtual experiential reality. There was a female there whom I had a deep affection with, though I feel the word is too strong seeing how the relationship in real life wouldnít really go that far.

      She still expressed the type of disposition where she would take advantage of her looks to fill the void of the insecurity that she has of not having something to love her; this dream character existed in a way where every single quality I could possibly use retrospect and analysis about her was clearly exhibited, and all she did in the dream was pass through the small lane in the middle of the bus to get out and go somewhere.

      I reign in these odd feelings of affection towards this dream character, most likely because I already have predispositions to avoid those kinds of interactions with them so that those feelings wonít bleed onto how I communicated with them in waking life.

      Everyone else just felt like random noise, and I did my best to show some interest with the existence of this dream characters. But when one of them stated that weíre not attending whatever event weíre close to, I immediately lost interest in the dream.

      Instead of trying to accomplish some goals of mine Iíve had on my mind for -insert x entity- knows how long, I just get bored, and just drifted back into non-lucid dreaming.


      I'm Too OP in Runescape (DILD)


      I realize Iím playing a MMORPG that has a Runescape-esque feel to it. I figured I might as well enjoy watching whatís going on. I believe Iím playing as some old man with a long gray beard, and all heís wearing are some white desert robes in the cold.

      The overall color schemes consist of blue and gray, and I had a feeling that the area I was going to would be the God Wars Dungeon, seeing how thereís a huge pit with a rope hanging on the side. I had a feeling that if Iím only going into a pit with only a white desert robe, and a staff that looks like the Polypore staff, Iím probably really powerful in this dream version of Runescape.



      I go inside the pit, and I find myself in an area thatís a very spacious battle arena. I do a quick walk around, and I have to fight some purple tentacle creature that seems to be rotating its whole body, or tentacles vertically at rapid speeds. Itís pretty hard to comprehend the existence, and locomotion of the creature in general, and my initial reaction was to activate some prayer abilities like Protect from Magic, or something like that. I even see the Prayer screen as well, though it didnít seem to me that I activated it at all.



      I believe Iím switching to a melee weapon since I got pretty close to the tentacle monster, though Iím pretty sure I used Mage, or Ranged on it. Iím paying close attention to my health bar, and it seems that I need to activate Soul Split, especially when I came into this place with no food whatsoever. I realize this before going into the pit, but it was already too late since I couldnít really get into the dream that way to start changing the environment, i.e., I was too indulged in the task of playing this game.

      I hear the sound effects of the Soul Split, which I presumed was working, and fortunately it did. I manage to kill the tentacle monster with ease, and I didnít even bother to check if I had a Prayer limit. I guess it was implied that I could use any Prayer ability without worrying about my Prayer points being drained.

      If playing as an old man with a gray beard and having to rely on a Prayer ability doesnít imply religious implications unconsciously being expressed to me, then I donít know what the purpose of this dream is.

      And just went I thought I could get out of this one, another weird creature appears. The overall composition of it is akin to a dolphin, and it has a light blurry violet color to it as well. It apparently can levitate, and shoot high pressed air at a high rate. Or maybe it was steamy water that was high pressured.

      I honestly donít know how I dealt with this one, but I do know that I spent most of my time just running away from it, and dodging when it shoots the high pressured stuff at me. Whatever happened, happened, and the next creature is very hard to recall its overall body composition.

      I just knew that at that point, if I could handle the previous entities with ease, with only having a few moments where I thought I was going to die, then Iím obviously over powered in this game. I defeated all of them, and I forget what happens next.

      Oh, and there's another non-lucid dream where I tell one of my relatives (female) that I liked the Naruto Shippuden villains more than the protagonist, but again, not going to invest time in recalling this dream.
    5. Uploading new skills/powers

      by , 03-27-2014 at 10:16 PM
      Brief notes/journal entry

      So, not really much into manga these days, but Naruto Shippuden was on sale a few weeks ago and I decided to buy it to possibly enhance my dream powers. Only had time to play 3-4 hrs so far (last played two weeks ago).

      Why am I giving all of these details? Well, with only this amount of exposure to the game I got 3 Naruto related dreams - Naruto on the cover of a mag, Naruto manga books and today a cool Naruto battle.

      I recall only a frag of this non-ld but it really cool. I was watching something game-like at the same time participating as in a normal dream, made some moves with my hands and several times produced this (animated?) fire that reduced the opponent's hit points. Don't think it was a full match to a particular move from the game, but really amazed with the ease my subcon picked the whole thing up. Must do more experiments.
    6. Naruto

      by , 12-10-2013 at 04:56 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      dream 1 - I see Juroara and Lmrhone in some kind of school class. We talk about something but I don't remember.

      dream 2 - I'm at my house, in the kitchen doing something weird. The little colorful birds try to keep going under the water in the pot. They can even live under it. I grab one and try to free him. I wash him at the sink, he tries to bite me. I open the door and let him go. I can see him flying really fast forward and he's gone.

      I think after this I run in the backyard stepping on the rock beds with bare feet. I call my family. It is raining slightly.

      WILD 1 - For some reasons when I try to lift my dream body I think of morphing into Leonardo DiCaprio. Why?? I'm blind as hell, but I am convinced that I've really morphed into tall DiCaprio with nice dark suit. It feels like Inception. But I fade out.

      WILD 2? - With the intent of another WILD attempt, I'm at my own house again, trying to go to the other place by opening the refrigerator door. As I open it I see bright white portal in there. I go in and the scene fades into white.

      Then I was standing on the porch of my room veranda in my hometown apartment. I get lucid while seeing beautiful tall trees among the apartments. I remember my own morphing dream plan that I wrote IRL. I try to morph into Naruto, imagining my body shining with bright yellow light, and my body vibrates and the skin all becomes shiny white. The feeling is awesome. After 1 second, I am morphed into Naruto, with his orange suit and black colored face on the shoulder range, and my hair all turns to spiky blond hair with long black bandage on my forehead. It is perfect.

      I leap into the air and gather my hands to do a jutsu. 'Multiple clone jutsu!' I say in Korean. Suddenly I hear so many Naruto yelling behind me going 'yaaaa~~'. But I don't see them anywhere lol.

      While I'm flying in the air, I see a bird nest built by beautiful big plumes with a bird building it.

      I try to summon Rasengan on my hand by quickly moving my left hand to make it, but it doesn't work. I gather my energy on the hand but that doesn't work either.

      Anyway I leap side to side between apartment buildings and land on the ground safely. There are so many people. This is apartment 4 section.

      Suddenly a very tall titan Rock Lee invades the apartments. I don't know if he's really Rock Lee, but he has longer hair and that distinct green suit that Lee wears. People start screaming and running away. I run away too, but I'm not really scared. For some reason I am wearing a big bag, and throw it away as I don't need it. But I'm convinced that there are paper rolls that have other powerful jutsu written, so I carry the bag on my back just in case if I need them for dream control.

      I leap in the air and throw shurikens to titan Lee. I leap in the air once more, and then twist my body to throw the shooting stars at him in cool position. I think I see another titan.

      And then I don't know what happens. Scene skips but I don't remember.

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      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    7. Naruto Inception?

      by , 11-13-2013 at 02:14 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      13.11.2013 1/2

      Alguma coisa relacionada a Naruto e Inception. Lembro do Naruto antigo na entrada de Konoha, prensando alguťm na parede. A conversa tinha algo a ver com Inception e eles estarem se preparando pra algo. Sakura tambťm estava ali.
    8. Thought-Form Imposition, Azula is Crazy, I'm Airbending, Huge Battle Ox, and Money

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Thought-Form Imposition, Azula is Crazy, I'm Airbending, Huge Battle Ox, and Money (DILD)


      The exercise I did for an hour about 2 days ago is really helping my recall alot, but I'm beginning to think it's much more than that helps with recalling this dream despite having to take my time typing other dreams. The exercise is basically made for me to imagine things without being able to put conscious judgment in anything, and how I'll have to rely on unconscious thoughts to stream in to connect the dots.

      Now, this isn't what I'm doing for this dream, this is what I actually experienced, the exercise itself is completely different from this. This is just a result from that practice, and of course, the discipline I tried to give myself with recalling as many dreams as possible. The thing is, instead of me being so focused on recalling dreams instantly, I'm letting my mind form those events because I know that as long as I want to recall them (which isn't that hard obviously), the more the mind will make those connections to make the dream a bit more cohesive.

      Now, you're probably wondering if one doesn't recall their dreams sooner or later, it might become less valid. Well, with how the concept that's made with the unconscious mind, it seems that if someone thinks that, it's really the person underestimating what your mind can do if you just allow it to do its job of helping you remember things.


      The environment I'm has a major color of green and shades of it and has a darker overlay to it as well. It feels as if I'm within the depths of some ancient chamber that has all sorts of secrets and jargon all over the place.

      I interact with several dream characters, and I can't really make a cohesive structural plot to do this because there's so much going on at once, but I will try my best. Anyway, I go to a dream character that looks like an albino, and he has a floating orange object in his hand, so I go up to him and ask what he's doing.

      He declares to me that he's training how to make thought-forms imposed into his reality, and how the orange object he's holding that's floating on top of his hand about 3 inches up is the thought-form he's trying to make. I take a closer look at the object that's floating about his hand, and it kind of looks like some weird fruit. Imagine cutting Mango, and finally getting to the seed, but there's still some orange-yellow flesh surrounding it. Now imagine scraping the flesh with your teeth that would give the flesh that doesn't come off as easily a slightly curvy and smooth spiky look to it.

      Like this,

      except the ends are bit longer and wavier. And there are a few red orbs/eyes/balls on this weird looking object as well, and I see that a few more dream characters have thought-forms similar to the albino I'm near. He's wearing a black monk outfit similar to the Las Plagas monks wear in Resident Evil 4. I turn back to look around the environment again, and I see Naruto in Kyuubi mode, and he's using the Kyuubi arms to hold onto a dark orange orb.

      I can't recall why he's doing this, but it seems to be something very important to hold on to seeing how everyone is worried that he might make it drop down in what seemed like a bottomless pit. I think at some point Sasuke shows up for something, and as Naruto is continuing to hold the orange orb, it seems something throws off his balance.

      He isn't able to hold the dark orange orb for very long and it drops all the way down to the bottom, and Sasuke I believe gets irritated on Naruto's clumsiness. Naruto closes his eyes and tries to give a fake laugh, and I end up diving towards the bottom.

      The dream shifts completely where after the darkness subsides while still falling all the way down head-first, I noticed there's some kind of tug on the pants that I'm wearing. I turn my head quickly to see that it's Azula from Avatar.

      From this point, I'm shifting back and forth from third person, spectator, and first person view, and as I'm trying to get Azula away from me, I noticed that I shift between the body form of Aang and myself. I end up taking the role of Aang, and realized that if I airbend at the right time, I won't fall faceplanting the floor.

      I look down really quickly, but I can't make out the surface other than it being a light brown-ish or khaki colored tiled flooring. I noticed really huge columns that were a mix of brown and orange, and I believe there were a few lit fire torches maybe 30 feet above from the surface.

      And as I'm trying to get Azula off me, she continues to persist and is holding onto the regions of my pants near my ankle more. I try shaking my legs a bit to see if she'll lose her grip, but it seems she's not going to give up. I decided that when I was about 15 feet away from the ground, I somehow managed to make an Airball and flipped myself over on it and landed softly.

      Not sure how Azula took the fall, but as I'm preparing to run and create another air ball to sit on, Azula is already back on her feet. She prepares herself like in this video clip below:

      Except this time, she's lightning bending to propel herself, and as I'm instantly creating an airball to travel on and escape her, it seems she's having a hard time catching up to me and sustaining the lightning. I don't really look back from that point other than hearing her grunts as she talking to herself wishing the lightning bending would've worked for her.

      Pretty sure if she wanted to kill me, she would've done it right from the start. But you know, logic doesn't come in like in a snap that when you're fucking falling down 200-500 feet from above. And I remember her showing up in my dreams at least two times, and it's in really awkward situations. I wonder......

      Anyway, my recall of what occurs as I'm continuing to travel with the airball is patchy, and all I know is that there's a dream shift that still relates to this dream I'm having. I'm in a similar environment like I described in the first portion of this dream, except this time, the area is much more expansive and even comforting despite of its dark setting.

      The walls and columns are all still green, and I believe the fire is green as well, which makes a huge contrast from the patches of darkness in random places. I can't recall what happens next other than another dream shift in a similar environment, only this time, the atmosphere and lighting has a yellow-orange hue to it (leaning more to yellow).

      The more I traverse through the depths of this presumed ancient underground, the more I feel there's going to be surprises just waiting to happen. I find myself walking at what seems to be a dead end, and there's some wording on the walls the seems to be instructions on how to operate the switch in front of me. I had to go around a wall in the middle to the left to reach this area, and I press the switch for a bit to see what will happen.

      Nothing happens as yet, and then there's a dream character that looks like the same albino monk I met holding a floating fruit that looked like a Mango. This dream character informs me that I have to keep pressing the switch in order for something to work. I think there's a leveling format involved where there's the maximum number listed and I had to hit the switch, or twist and turn it a certain amount of times to get the result.

      The monk leaves I believe, or maybe I just become less aware of him, but anyway, the moment I make the maximum turn/rotation/push/whatever on the switch, it magically slides in a bit more through the hole it came out of. Imagine the event here like watching a movie like the Mummy or even Indiana Jones where if the person presses something they don't know they're dealing with, you start building up tension that something is going to go wrong.

      Well, it's pretty much like that, and there's a lot of rumbling occurring, and the ground and the whole area shakes for a little bit. I go back around the wall in the middle where the switch was behind, and looked up.


      I couldn't have described the moment any better, there's a huge statue with glowing orange eyes that has the visage of an ox. It's pretty slow due to its gargantuan size, which gives me more time to find a way to get out of this place, things have gone too crazy for me to try and find anything anymore in this area. I go straight towards the huge statue that's probably 200-300 feet away from me, and I go to the right with the stack of columns perpendicular to me to get some cover.

      And as I'm running straight on the right side, I noticed there's a set of glass windows bordering something inside, and I peeked to see that beyond those glass windows is an exit. It's dark, but it's definitely my chance of escaping.

      Suddenly, another entity comes in from the dark opening, and it's basically a mini-version of the large statue that's probably coming after me. Imagine for a moment of how a person would play a game with someone else where they go around in circles trying to catch each other, but then one person stops and waits for that person to come into that direction; and how we predict where a person's going only for them to make a sharp turn in the opposite direction.

      It was kind of like that, except this entity was a bit more competent to fall for such tricks. I end up going to the right inside the entrance from the set of glass windows bordering the interior area that has white lighting and is more bright than anything in this ancient environment. Then as the beast comes in from the opposite direction, I quickly turn back and tried to make a dash, but then the beast catches on to what I'm doing, and it makes a sharp turn as well.

      All I remember is trying to get out, and probably trying to get away from the mini-ox humanoid entity,
      the rest is just a mystery to me.

    9. Four Dream Fragments (Maybe a Lucid)

      by , 07-28-2013 at 08:23 PM (Casting Shadows)
      [This is the second time I've gone to sleep and remembered a few dream fragments. It's good that I'm remember bits of so many dreams but I'd be more satisfied if I could remember whole dreams. ]

      1) Faye is concerned about something, but I can't remember what it is. It looks as if though the setting is my old school UMS, and she takes me to one of the bathrooms. I remember that there are showers in there, though, which there definitely aren't in real life.

      2) This setting was back in Ucon in the first trailer that my family lived in. The neighbors behind us were the children that live around where we live in now, though. I remember that we had a porch with an awning above, and that is an addition.

      For whatever reason, I was trying to bake cookies. My mother took over, though, and spent the entire dream (about two days) baking. I once asked why she kept doing it and she told me it was because she liked decorating.

      At night my dad went outside to take out the trash. It was a weekend and the two of them didn't have any alcohol to drink so my mother asked me what he seemed like to me. "Great," I replied, though that was more of my attitude towards the scenario than what I thought he was feeling. As I was going into the bathroom he came in from the back door. I'm not sure what he said, but I think it was something along the lines of "I'm not a chump."

      The next day the children behind us were being extremely loud. It was hard for me to think and my mother couldn't concentrate on baking so she asked me to go out and tell them to quiet down (which I was doing anyway). As I got out there they were all starting to pile into a European van (the driver's side was on the right rather than the left) and a woman (brown hair, looked to be in her thirties) was the one driving. I leaned in the passenger's side and prepared to tell the children to shut up, but I couldn't spit the words out. The woman started reversing and I stumbled a bit. "Climb on in," she said, but I refused. I turned around to go back inside instead.

      3) Jeff, Bart and I were out hunting in the woods. The sun was peeking out through some of the trees and so if I had to guess it was in the afternoon. I'm not sure what we were hunting, but I know it wasn't animals. The three of us climbed up a hill and passed some other guys and eventually we got to a log cabin.

      4) [Here it is, the "maybe lucid." The reason I don't know if I knew that I was dreaming or not is because my thought process resembled what it is when I'm lucid, but I don't actually remember ever thinking "I'm lucid, this is a dream, I can do whatever I want." Whether it was a lucid or not, however, I did execute a fair amount of dream control.]

      There was some sort of war going on. Some man--a captain--was being controlled by me. I made him do "something" and I also made him quit to become an average citizen. He told me that if I didn't want to practice martial arts then I could always do some kind of fighting style that resembled that of a cat. I already knew this and thought about Yugito Nii of Naruto.
    10. The Great Adventures of S. Barbie

      by , 07-26-2013 at 07:19 PM (Casting Shadows)
      [Ugh . . . another Sims dream. This is pathetic. I didn't even play that game yesterday!]

      I was a Sim, and not the only one. There was a whole busful of us when it came to the afternoon when the sun was setting. I'm not sure where we stopped at but it was a mildly abandoned scene somewhere alongside a wood where the road was gravel. We were all allowed to step outside of the vehicle and socialize for a bit and I found myself talking to some blonde with a rather large nose.

      "I heard that they're changing the game," she said to me as we watched someone rode by on a bicycle by us. "Making it better. Thank God--I hate these noses."

      Along the way I found a computer (or something akin to it) and on the screen was "Slut Barbie." I wasn't sure why the company would entitle a toy that and was curious. The main menu was pink and sparkly and reminds me now of something like Stardoll, but in the dream I was more interested in S. Barbie's background and main story. I don't remember her background, but as for the main thing. . . .

      She and the main character of Naruto: Shippuden (which is Naruto Uzumaki) were like tiny people living on top of a tortious, which may or may not have had a turquoise shell. On the tortious was what looked like a box that was attached at the bottom but not with the corners, and did not have a top so that viewers could watch what was going on. As time went on, the four corners of the box slowly fell backwards so that they would eventually land on the shell, but that was unnoticed by me. I remember that the outside of the box--as in its color--was white, but on the inside S. Barbie and Naruto were stuck in a swamp-like area.

      A romance story, it looked like. I recall that Naruto just "wanted to know the 'real' her," and so, true to that sort of plot line, S. Barbie was mostly closed-off and introverted, slowly opening up to him. The box's walls were like an alarm clock, though, and by the time they fell to the shell Naruto was gone--whether he had chosen to go was not known--and S. Barbie was left heart-broken. She became bitter and unhappy and she may or may not have developed a thirst for power.

      By now S. Barbie is outside of her box--and I'm seeing the world through her eyes. She's in my trailer and while there is a part of her mind that refers to my dad as "her father" she doesn't seem to have any emotional attachment to him, either positive or negative. She has found a little brown pill--an "Ox Pill"--and has gone to the room that my family keeps all of its junk in. She is using a cardboard box as a table and before she consumes the Ox pill she's complaining about all of the roaches she sees.

      Of course they're scared of him ("him" being my father), he's their leader. S. Barbie swiped at a few of them in hopes that they would eventually become afraid of her and would make her their leader.

      Who I assume would be Watari of Death Note came in at this point, dressed in either a tuxedo or suit (though I know he was wearing a bow tie). I recall that he referred to S. Barbie (who, remember, is still sorta/kinda/not really me at this point) as some popular English name, or at the very least one that I've heard of before. "Miss Bueronot," perhaps. Watari noticed the pill but I don't believe he made a comment on it.

      dream fragment - I am walking on a dirt trail that is surrounded by both tall and short blades of grass. It's sunset and the sky above me is a darkening combination of red and orange, and the ocean below me--for I am on top of a cliff--is calm. I'm fairly sure that I've been in this area in a lucid dream before--perhaps the last one that I can remember. Someone has either jumped off of the cliff or is simply hovering in the air because I surely didn't see any strings attached and yet they were clearly spread-eagle off of the ground and above the water below, as if they were wanting to dive.

      There were probably huts and other signs of civilization to my right, but I didn't look.
    11. The Rebelion

      by , 04-27-2013 at 05:25 PM (My Lucid Dreams)
      One of two lucids last night, the other one was way less interesting.

      Lucidity: 9/10
      Control: 7/10
      Vivacity: 8/10

      I'm in an amusement park, with my sister and my brother. They drag me in a deadly attraction.
      The rules are simple : you gotta pass several deadly traps. Only three persons can survive. If over three persons do, one' s gotta sacrifice himself and some people will come and kill him.
      We pass through all the trap; I specifically remember one where there was loads of (very) dangerous spiders.
      We pass through those, and we all survive. Oh, ok then.
      My mum comes and wants to do it with us. I' m all like " WTF ?! we' re four, one of us' s gotta die anyways ! "
      But they don' t listen to me, and once again they drag me into this shit. We pass all the traps, they all have some trouble passing through the spiders ...
      We' re four.
      Every one panics, and my brother decides to sacrifice himself. He gives me a letter in which he says that i' m a good sword fighter and that he' s got a key that opens some important things (I' ll have to find that important thing in another lucid).
      I become lucid.
      I think about dreamwalking but I feel an epic battle coming; I would miss that for nothing in the whole world - not even a shared dream.
      A wave of excitement hits me. I see a shadow in the nearby forest (under us, we' re at the sixth floor of a building).
      It' s fast. I look for a weapon. I want a weapon. I get to a carpet full of swords ... no shurikens. I wanted a shuriken to try my technique "duplication" out, but I' ll have to do without it. Dammit
      I get a sword, it' s got sharp teeth like butcher knives do. I come back in the room and I look through the wide window.
      Heck yeah.
      A tsunami of enemies is running to us. They won' t get us. I lock the door, break the window and jump in the scrimmage.
      I punch and cut everywhere, people are flying everywhere, that' s terrible. After some time fight I get that the only way to win the battle is to kill the leader.
      I jump back in the building and look for the most powerful guy. There you are.
      I fly to the cave in which he fight a guy; I throw my sword, hoping to use my technique ... I forgot the name. I try to duplicate the sword just by thinking of it ... but as I feared, it does nothing.
      The sword hits a ... Susano' o


      I land on the floor, hard.
      The guy looks at me, he was fighting another guy before, not anymore.
      Somehow I get pretty strong (really), and we start fighting ...
      but I wake up before beating him up - or get beaten up.

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      lucid , memorable
    12. Comforting Hawkgirl, Boat Traveling in Sepia Environment, On a Blimp with Light Yagami

      by , 03-14-2013 at 06:11 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Comforting Hawkgirl (Non-lucid)


      My recall is kind of skewed, but I believe I can get a decent overview on what happened.

      I remeber being immersed in an environment that felt completely remote from previous experiences that I can't recall too well last night. I remember the darkness creating a sense of comfort, but that could be due to the person that was next to me. I had this attraction towards a dream character that looked exactly like Hawkgirl from the Justice League.

      She was wearing the mask shaped in a form of a hawk, with a dark gold in the middle going all the way towards the beak of the helmet and black on the sides. I believe there were trees, and they were dead, most likely similar to some of the trees at my University when it's not Summer as yet.

      However, the darkness itself confused the beauty of this dream environment, it was dark and would be scary if I didn't have a dream character by my side that I had an attraction with. It was like the perfect place to have a side to side conversation with any dream character I preferred. The ground below me mostly consisted of bland colors in the range of gray and a bit of white.

      There were stones fused with the gray concrete, and I could remember hearing my footsteps more than usual in a dream. It almost felt like a mini-Alice-in-Wonderland kind of theme where nothing but the dream character and me existed, or at least was of significant importance.

      I felt calm, relaxed, I had no objective to do anything random like my dream self usually does when non-lucid. I believe I'm holding Hawkgirl by her right shoulder with my left hand. I'm getting an image that I'm wearing a white dress shirt with light gray office suit over it and a light gray dress pants as well. I'm probably wearing basic laceless brown shoes that were polished as well, and I have the white dress shirt un-buttoned all the way down to the top of my chest.

      There are stone benches on the side of the ground placed conveniently for two people to talk things out. Hawkgirl's emotions suddenly became more apparent to me, and she's starting to cry. I felt as if I'm being stung mentally because I wanted to know what was wrong with her and why she was crying.

      Somehow her tears managed to go through her mask, and she quickly gets her right hand to wipe her tears. The logic with this felt kind of weird since the texture of the mask should be able to have liquids slide right off it with ease, but I was more focused on her emotions.

      I propelled my right hand forward to the stone backless bench, and told her we can sit here. She's still wiping her tears, and she proceeds to sit down. I do the same and I get closer to her and wanted to take my right arm and give her a side hug to console her.

      From this point, I can't rememeber specficially on what we talked about, but I do know it was definitely something that was bothering her mind for some time. Even though I don't have any recall on that presumption, it just felt like that, and based on how she was in the original Justice League show before Justice League Unlimited, it's like she wanted to give me a secret.

      I felt like crying alongside her as well just because it felt comforting to just cry, kind of like having eustress (positive stress). Whatever we talked about, I felt her warm body lean towards my chest. Her back is facing me and I wrap her gently around her neck and listened to whatever it is she discussed with me.

      The environment started to become insignificant at this point, and I was more focused on wrapping her around my arms and trying to empathize with her. After that, I can't remember anything else.


      Going Under a Bridge with Sumire Ryuzaki and Child Naruto (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this one is that Sumire Ryuzaki from Prince of Tennis, and maybe Naruto when he was a child were near me as we're on motarboats that seem to operate by themselves. It felt like that for a while until I realized there was a rope connecting between us, literally.

      The rope probably was 20-30 feet in length, and I was in between Sumire Ryuzaki and Child Naruto. Naruto was wearing a gray shirt and orange shrots while Sumire Ryuzaki just wore the same outfit she wore in Prince of Tennis.

      The dream environment had this red-ish Sepia atmosphere, but we as individuals still maintained our basic colors. We were riding the boats and preparing to go under a bridge. This bridge was fairly wide, maybe 50-70 feet wide, and was composed of bricks. The bricks were probably brown, but that could probably be due to the Sepia-Red-ish tone that was apparent.

      Beyond that bridge was a very bright light, and it was impossible to see what was ahead. Whatever it was, it definitely was better than being stuck in this bland and almost timeless environment.


      Light Yagami and the Hard-Skinned Blimp (Non-lucid)


      I'm on top of a Blimp that seems to be hard-skinned because there were a few needles flinging at high speeds near it. The setting is night time, and below me were city lights everywhere. I didn't acknowledge this sensation in the dream, but it felt amazing, the wind blowing through me, I felt so alienated from below that it was just comforting.

      Then Light Yagami from Death Note showed up. He's wearing a white dress shirt buttoned all the way up except for the neck and is wearing dark pants and brown shoes. He looks relaxed, and then looks at me seriously at first, but then goes back to being neutral. I don't know what he's doing here, but he seems to be enjoying this as well.

      That's all I can remember, the blimp is going somewhere, kind of like the midnight train going ANYWHEREEEEEEEE.
    13. The First Dream

      by , 02-28-2013 at 05:51 PM
      My little brother and I are at a state park looking at the snake exhibit the snakes are somehow odd looking, and my bro is talking loudly about the colors of their scales. (something he would do irl) then they act angry and agressive.

      suddenly I am in an episode of Naruto and the young team Kakashi (before sasuke defected) are confronting Orochimaru. everything goes dark and all i can see is someone is swinging a shiny blade on a string, then the light is back and everyone is a puppet. they fall and break, then I woke up.

      Causes: I am working on an eagle scout project at a state park. The second part is probably because Orochimaru often attacks with snakes.
      Tags: naruto, park, snakes
    14. Epic Fight to the Death!

      by , 02-13-2013 at 05:00 AM (Golden Tales From The Dream World)

      Okay, this was actually a pretty cool dream.
      I'm not sure if I've ever had a fight like this that was this intense.
      Even though it was non-lucid, it was pretty awesome.
      Although to be honest, it was a pretty short dream (only a few minutes),
      I just added a lot of padding and description so it wasn't just "I fought someone in a cage arena".
      And trying to describe what actually happened in the fight was difficult too.
      You don't really take too much note of things, you just fight, and try to win.
      At some points your body just kind of moves on its own.
      Hopefully I can have a fight while lucid so I can take note of more details.

      February 10th 2013

      I belong to a secret organization.
      An organization that breeds the greatest soldiers known to man.
      We are similar to the CIA POOs(Paramilitary Operations Officer), we have unmatched skill, are top notch assassins, and work in complete secrecy.
      Technically speaking, we don't exist.
      I am an up and coming apprentice operative.
      Each of us operatives is assigned a handler, they're our boss, our mentor, and our secretaries (as in they handle all the paper work).
      Today my handler has brought me to some sort of warehouse.
      In it is an arena with a fence cage surrounding it.
      We aren't the only ones here though.
      There's another operative here as well.
      She's about my age (around 17).
      She's wearing a dark green bullet proof vest, black pants, and surprisingly a mask.
      It's oval with no physical features on it, though it has a nice looking design painted on it.
      The only physical characteristic I can make out about her is her long dark hair.
      I know exactly why I'm here.
      Apprentices such as myself need to pass a certain test before we become full fledged operatives.
      A fight to the death with another operative.
      This girl is my opponent it seems.
      I have no qualms about doing this, I've been trained my whole life for this moment.
      And I most certainly don't intend on losing.
      We both enter the cage and our fight begins.
      I charge at her.
      She's pretty fast, unfortunately for her I'm faster.
      We exchange blows with one another, I can tell I'm the one here with the superior strength.
      She jumps backward, realizing a direct engagement won't work against me.
      My heart is racing, I've never had a fight like this before.
      I rush toward her, deciding it's best to not give her time to think.
      However my hotheadedness doesn't do me any good.
      She detonates a small explosive in front of me that sends me flying backward.
      I hit the ground pretty hard, but none the less I bring myself back up.
      Now now, isn't that cheating?
      Since our fight hasn't been stopped I guess not.
      This time I'm not going to give her time to pull off something like that again.
      I run at her much faster this time.
      Now we're quickly exchanging blows while moving through the arena.
      She does a back flip to put distance between us.
      This time I land a good hit on her.
      Now this fight is mine.
      One after another I land multiple blows, throwing her to and fro.
      I throw one last punch square in her chest and send her flying backward.
      She's on the ground, defenseless.
      I move in on her to finish her off.
      I take a look at her handler as I get closer.
      He doesn't seem distressed at all, as a matter of fact he's enjoying this quite a bit.
      A shame, even in the end no one cared for her.
      Will the same fate be mine one day?
      These feelings of doubt don't have enough time to develop.
      Now directly above her I prepare to inflict my killing blow.
      Suddenly a flash of light and a shock wave accompanied by flame and smoke take me by surprise.
      Once again I'm thrown backward.
      Her mask, it too had an explosive inside it.
      Of all the damned things, how could I not see that coming?
      My armor has been heavily damaged, without it I'd be dead right now.
      I take a look at her, surely that bomb must have blown her head off.
      But it seems as though my assumption is way off, there isn't a scratch on her face.

      (It may be worth noting that she looks exactly like Hinata Hyuga).
      Dreams Over Imagination-hinata_hy-ga.jpg

      I see, it was a projected blast, like one from a claymore. How bloody convenient.
      She gets up and takes a look at me.
      We're both battered and out of breath, none of us will be fighting anytime soon.
      Tags: fight, naruto
    15. Lucidity at last

      by , 02-13-2013 at 01:39 AM (Golden Tales From The Dream World)

      Well I did it, I got lucid again. Since I restarted my dream journal anyway.
      Unfortunately it seems my telekinesis has all but faded away
      Even the minor movements I used to be able to make no longer work,
      (the last lucid dream I had before this I could use telekinesis but it was really weak).
      Don't worry though, I've been putting a lot of effort into retraining myself to use it.
      Soon I'll reclaim the title of Galactic Emperor of My Dreams.
      Anyways, at least I'm making progress.
      Also I was catching up on Naruto this week, so it bled heavily into my dreams.

      February 8th 2013

      I was at the ninja academy with a bunch of other ninjas. We were talking about various things, at one point the class made fun of me for something stupid I said. Suddenly the mood changed. Sasuke, the rogue ninja hell bent on destruction, was headed our was, and we had to gather everyone here to take him on. Kakashi was to lead the strike. I could tell Sasuke was coming because there was a thunder storm always looming above him, and it was headed right for us.

      I transition to my grandma's apartment. I began to summon up my pyrokinetic powers for the upcoming fight when it dawned on me.

      "Yes! I'm dreaming!" I clapped my hands together excitedly.

      I'd been trying so hard to fall asleep before to no avail.
      Now here I was, somewhere that wasn't my bedroom, I didn't have to RC to know it was a dream.
      I decided that I was going to try to practice active control, since it's the one thing I have the biggest problem with.
      I decided if I did some kind of hand sign and blurted out words it would work.
      (watched way to much anime).
      I clapped both of my hands together and intertwined my fingers.

      "Active control! Pyrokinesis!"

      I kind of sounded like an idiot, and felt like one even more so.
      I took my hands and brought them closely together.
      I pictured an orangy yellow ball in between both of them.
      The result I got was the same as it would've been had I tried it in waking life, total failure.

      "Understandable, I typically never use pyrokinesis any how." I thought to myself.


      I raised my hand at an object sitting on the end table next to the bed.
      I tried hard to make it lift up in the air, visualizing it levitating.
      To be fair I did so half halfheartedly.
      Nothing. Damn.
      Deciding that my attempt at active control was a failure, and knowing I had little time, I decided to take in my surroundings.
      Specifically, I was looking for abnormalities.
      I spotted something out of place, a picture frame of my grandma upside down on a shelf.
      But it was balanced on the shelf at an angle that wouldn't have been possible IWL.

      "There's one!" I thought.

      I began looking around more.
      I'm actually very surprised, the room is in almost perfect detail.
      Right down to the way that things are arranged in certain places, the walls, the furniture, it's as if I'm actually here.
      Then again, I've lived here the majority of my life, and I've been here in my dreams more times than any other place as well, more so than my current home.
      My brain has had years to map out and replicate every last detail of it.
      It's funny how sometimes we forget just how much work goes into making our dreams seem real.

      (However this was beginning to work toward my disadvantage).
      After inspecting the room I left the room into the hallway in search of more anomalous behavior.


      A little piece of paper with a question mark sat on top of a book shelf where a picture frame or something was supposed to be.
      I thought that it must have been something like an error, a bit of data that didn't load properly.
      Or maybe my subconscious forgot what was there to begin with.
      I went into our main living area where the dining table is.
      My dad is there doing something by the desk.
      In my head I'm looking for more abnormalities, but all I see is normal, normal, and more normal. I'm quite impressed.
      I head into my laundry room and spot a pokemon card on the floor.
      I pick it up to examine it and see that it's a drowzee card.
      No control or another world-73_drowzee.jpg
      It looks like this but is blue and has a lot more text on it, though it doesn't appear out of the ordinary.

      I don't bother trying to read it since it'd all be gibberish anyway.

      "Son, have you seen my wooden boards for the desk?"

      "Hmm?" I had no idea what he was talking about.

      But something's missing huh? Guess that's something else to add to the list.

      "Ah! Here they are!" He pulls two wooden boards out from the desk like magic.

      Hmm, guess not.
      There's also a bunch of screws and small wooden pieces on the desk.
      It looks like he's installing new drawers, or something.

      "Now, I'm gonna get you to put in these drawers."

      "Ehh!?!?" You bastard dream don't try and change the subject. T^T

      "Remember how I was teaching you about pistons before? Well now to put those skills into action. " (for whatever reason he referred to screws as pistons).

      A false memory of him doing so aches at the back of my head.
      I don't want to install your bloody drawers, do it yourself! I think to myself.
      But I'm ignoring him, I was too concentrated on trying to move a pen cap even but an inch, and failing miserably.
      My grandma came out of the kitchen to the dining room as well.

      "C'mon on now. Do it for grandma. You wouldn't want to disappoint me now would you?" She says.

      Pfft, I don't have to do this, unless,
      am I really awake?
      No that's impossible that doesn't explain the dream signs,
      but I wasn't able to use active control either. Maybe this is really happening?
      Wait, do I live hear again?

      My morbid curiosity of the situation is cut short as I bang my head on my wall, waking myself up.

      Quick side note:
      I only noticed this afterward since I visited my dad's place just a day after having this dream.
      The model of the apartment that my brain uses in my dreams is a lot older, maybe 4 years previous from now.
      I know this because some time ago they took the desk and moved it from the hallway to my room.
      On top of that, the reason that I didn't find the pokemon card out of place was because I used to have them lying around all the time.
      For the longest time, there was even a pokemon card in the laundry room, in the exact place that I found it in the dream.
      Now here's something else that's weird.
      Because I spent most my time in my room there when the desk was in the room, in my dreams, it appears in that room too.
      So basically, in my dream model for the apartment, the desk is in two places at once.
      Quick conjecture I thought I'd share.
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