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    1. 30th October 2011

      by , 11-11-2011 at 01:18 AM
      I am in a hospital and i have a very bad cough i am also struggling to breathe and it feels awfull. I am standing up and have to lean over as i start coughing prefusely, i can't get my breath and my chest feels so tight. I begin to dribble as i cough and to be fair i couldnt give a shit who see's me dribbling and spitting A nurse comes over to me and says "here use this" she puts an oxygen mask on my face and i feel like i can breathe again, she says "it's an inhaler, it will help!" I feel alot better and she takes the mask from me and tells me to go and get a shower before going to bed, she then leaves. I walk forward and i see a big room infront of me it's like a hospital ward. I look to my right and a little behind me and there is a small room, i see a shower cubicle and it has a red triangular bar next to it like something for an elderly or disabled person to hold onto. I look again in the ward, double checking to see if there are anymore showers but i can't see any. I turn back to look for the nurse behind me and she is standing there watching me, I point to the shower cubicle and say "that one there?" she says "yes" while nodding her head and smiling to me. I walk towards the cubicle ((dream skip)) I am in a place like a massive empty room, there is only 1 bed in here and it is placed up against the wall. I am sitting up in bed and have the blankets over me, it's a grey blanket, a nurse is sitting on the bed with me, she is wearing normal clothes, she is really friendly and i remember feeling a closeness to her, like she was very motherly towards me and very caring towards me. I felt as if i knew her. We are talking and i feel a little poorly again and seem to be struggling a little again with my breathing, she tells me to take the inhaler again but says " next time you need it i can't give it to you because we aren't allowed inhalers in this hospital" In my dream I am my daughters sister and i say something about her boyfriend, the nurse says something which i can't remember but she thinks my daughters boyfriend is my boyfriend, I am shocked at this and say " he's not my boyfriend he's L's" As i am talking to the nurse i see a few tiny flies on my bed, the nurse looks and says "where have these come from?" i say " i don't know" She carries on talking to me and i begin to see more of the flies appear, i look at the nurse and i see 1 running around really quickly in the middle of her fore head and i think "can't she feel that?" I shout out to her "ON YOUR HEAD!!!" She flaps about and gets off the bed trying to shake them off her. I panick and think " i have to get out of the bed, there are probably loads of them in here crawling about on me!" I pull the covers off me which are covered with flies and i see flies running all over my legs.. I have blue leggins on and they are covered in these tiny little fly things, i jump up and shake and furiously shake them off me, suddenly i am covered with them again ((at this point i actually wonder to myself how this is possible)) i again wipe them all off me. A male doctor comes to me and says something to me about having to move to another hospital, then i wake up.

      Dream 2

      I am in the bus station and i'm wandering what bus to catch. I see the bus that i need and get on it, it's packed. ((everytime i get on a bus in my dreams it's always packed)) I am sitting at the front of the bus, i am talking to an elderly gentleman and a younger person. Our bus is waiting to go but there is another bus infront of us, our bus pulls up close to the other bus so that the front of ours touches the back of the one infront, I think to myself "I dont like being this close" The bus infront has to quickly reverse for some reason, our bus then reverses, I wandering whats going on and know that there is a panick for some reason. As we reverse the bus infront of us reverses and comes to rest at the left of our bus. I look forward to see whats going on and i can see a fork lift truck, it's facing the front of the other bus and it's fork's are lifted into the air just a little higher than their heads. I look across to the driver of the other bus and he looks at me as if to say "PHEW, THAT WAS CLOSE!!", i nod my head to him and say, "you were really lucky then, that could have gone through your heads and made a right mess!! lol..then i wake up

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    2. Flies and strange things...

      by , 05-14-2011 at 09:49 AM
      I was outdoor. It all were a little bit creepy, with the bees and flies, flying around everywhere. But i desided to go out anyway... In the garden, bees had created a sculptur of a great bee. Now were the bees and flies flying after me, so i desided to go inside... I ran the fastest i could, and was in the house before it was to late. In the house i saw a strange girl. I think she had black hair and big eyes, not enourmous, and her eyes changed often from blue to orange... And i can't remember what happened next... But i can't remember me talking to her, i had never met a DC like her. She was a bit creepy and like a person in real life at the same time...
      Tags: bees, flies, girl, strange
    3. Some Fragments & Flies in my nose! Ack!

      by , 03-13-2011 at 01:50 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      Some Fragments:

      My ex keeps putting my bed covers over top of his BBQ, covering the meat he is cooking there. I keep telling him to stop, but he doesn't, saying that he likes the smokey flavour he gets when he uses my bed covers as a lid

      Owen is visiting and we're trying to figure out what would be the best job for him. I am looking in his online profile to get some ideas, but I feel like I'm trespassing or snooping.

      My son is sat at a large table with all kinds of fruit and veg on it. We are testing each to find out which he likes.

      Flies in my Nose!

      I have a sickness of the eyes and I can't seem to focus properly. Blurry, I go up to the doctor and they tell me it will be expelled soon. I sit down in a dentist like chair, or rather, I lay back, as they turn on a big overhead light. I ask them what it means that 'it will be expelled soon' and they tell me that 'it' is an insect that is in my nasal cavity. Sure enough, one tiny fly like creature comes out of my nose in a stream of liquid, then another. I am told that this happened because of the cubed tobacco I have been eating. I think of where I got it, and I see Teddy from Gray's anatomy eating it too. I picked up the habit from being around her, I rationalize.
      The doctors collect the flies to send to pathology.
    4. Reoccuring Dream

      by , 10-04-2010 at 09:36 PM
      I have had a similar dream that has occured 3 times now in the past 2 months that I can remember. The first 2 dreams of this kind happened within the same month. The 3rd one happened just last week. In all 3 dreams there was a spider web and a spider. The first dream there was a fly that kept flying into the web and I kept telling it No! Stay away from the web & stop flying into it...but the fly didn't listen. I woke up as I saw the spider crawling to the fly. The 2nd dream involved a butterfly that was stuck to the web and couldn't get away. I watched as the spider attacked the butterfly and ate it. The most recent and 3rd dream involved a small bird, maybe a sparrow, that kept flying into the web similar to the first dream.

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    5. Bee and fly servant

      by , 09-16-2010 at 07:02 PM (The Midnight Train)
      I have a bee and a fly doing something for me. Every time I give them some sort of signal, they fly into my cage which is outside my old house. The cage is made of a net. It seems to be suspended in the air. It is dark outside and I can't see anything out.
      Tags: bee, cage, flies, k-1
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