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    1. #215 - Hunted by a friend?

      by , 03-22-2016 at 08:02 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      It was day time on a school trip, there was a group of us and something about a killer on the loose. He was apparently after us and more specifically, me. We were on a bus at one point and I remember seeing other kids on another bus, they were in the same group or something as the killer and are his accomplices. Wait, so the killer is a kid?
      I'm in a building now, it's the hotel or whatever that the class is staying at. I'm sitting at a desk and I'm Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle. I had earned money from doing something (I think selling notes for class) and bought a gun for self protection. It's night time here and the gun is in front of me on the desk under the light of a small lamp, then the killer shows up. I can't remember how but I shot at the killer which was lucky because he had a gun too. But it's surprising because the killer is actually Aaron, a childhood best friend. I remember getting a scolding from the teacher (I mean after all, I'm like 10 in this dream and I have a gun..), later on I end up with my gun again but this time there's modifications. Oh sweet modern technology for being so damn cool. This part was really vivid and awesome, I added heaps of attachments to the gun I had, turning it into a full on rifle. There's a firing range which I shoot at twice, jesus that's powerful. I fiddle around with the rifle and dismantle bits and pieces before reassembling it, there are lots of details here that I can't write up. I'm in my room again and I have the gun... Wait, what was that? I swear that I heard something but it was just so faint.. I raise my gun slightly and then as if he was just going to peek around the corner, I see the killed (Aaron) poke his head through my door.
      *BOOM* I have a sort of panic moment where I let loose a couple bullets in his direction, he's stunned that he didn't get the jump on me and that I have a huge ****ing gun. He ends up getting apprehended in the end..

      I also remember something about a killer except this time he has a square upper arm scabbard which has a dagger sheathed in it. He jumped out in a comic-book fashion with lines of effect whizzing past him while he drew his weapon and prepared to stabby stab..
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. #200 + #201

      by , 02-14-2016 at 11:53 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      What an awesome dream to have on my 200th DJ, it was really stable and quite long. I entered that old 'cave-man mode' once I couldn't think of anything to really do.

      #200 - Telekinesis is a wonderful power
      I was in a hallway during day time, I followed the hallway until it led me to the back entrance of the building I was in. Ahead of me was a kid, I don't think we were supposed to be there since there was a wedding event going on or something and only the staff were allowed back here. A waiter comes out the back in the standard dark trousers, dress shirt and lower waist apron. I wrap an invisibility cloak around me and the kid, the waiter is suspicious though and gets some dust to blow into the air. He's trying to detect us, we hold our breath until he gives up and leaves. Phew!
      I talk to the kid a bit about how invisible people can be really difficult to fight, "I'll teach you a spell just incase you need to use it on invisible people" I say. I raise my wand (where did I get this?) "Ignitus!" I say with force, a bright blue flash radiates out in a delicate fashion, I show him twice I think. I talk about how invisibility is easily countered otherwise it'd be a real pain to deal with, many mages have come up with ways of dealing with people who use it, the spell I taught him is just one of many. I think I walk outside a bit and sit on the grass, there's a gravel driveway for cars to come up to the building nearby. I turn around and head up to the entrance to the building, as I go inside I notice that it's night time.
      I'm aware enough to become lucid and I turn around and head back outside. I'm in a botanical garden with the sky dark above me, there's some white-lighting from a lamp in the garden. I decide to give telekinesis a go for the dream challenge me and Emnition have going. I look to the side and see four chairs lined up (I assume they were for the aforementioned wedding gig), raising my hand I will them to lift up... Obediently they all fly up a metre of the ground, I'm a little amazed at how natural it feels and how stable the dream is. I swiftly swing my arm left, hurling the chairs with an intense force directly into the brick walls of the building I came from. Next I look at 2 nearby large green rubbish bins, raising both hands they rise before me.. I scrunch my hands into fists and the bins crumple and compact. I release them and they fall to the ground as a plastic heap .
      Next I look at a wooden park bench + table nearby, once again I telekinetically lift the object. This time I want to rip it in half. Using both my hands I make a ripping motion, but instead of getting torn in two the bench has this strange glitch effect. The two halves I intended to split kind of rolled outwardly without separating or tearing in any fashion. Bah, whatever. I decide to move on from telekinesis and find something else to do in the dream, it's been going for at least a minute already and is quite stable, though not the most exceptionally vivid (still really good though). I decide to try summon my first ex girlfriend, intending to complete that old dream goal which I no longer care about (though at this point in time I thought I did). I call her name and walk around the edge of the botanical garden, I round a corner expecting her to be there but no luck. I try again, calling her name twice more before rounding the other corner. I see a figure up ahead, success! I run on up to her, her back is facing me. I swivel her around and start flirting + kissing, she's really receptive and things progress instantly Things got sexual pretty quick as cave-man mode consumed me, it was a little more vivid at this point which is great for obvious reasons unfortunately like in most sex-dreams I woke up before getting properly satisfied.

      Dream 1 - Candy store lucid
      It's night time and I'm in a small well-lit candy store. I turn to my right to see my friend Daniel and his gf Josie bouncing around in an action that looks like they were having sex. They weren't, thankfully, otherwise I would have felt pretty awkward. Apparently it was some new dance craze O_O I head over and start talking with them, there's so much candy around us. I think Josie and Daniel both work here since they're behind the counter. I seem to realize that I'm dreaming, upon this realization the dreamscape changes dramatically but I don't even notice. The light in the room goes out and beside me is a cute chick but she isn't very busty. I'm pretty much in cave-man mode as I instantly decide that I want her, since it's a dream I decide to enhance her bust with my omnipotent dream potential, I place my right hand on her left breast and will it grow . Unfortunately the dream wasn't particularly vivid or stable, I had intended for both breasts to become really nice but instead only one grew... And pretty weirdly. It kind of just shot out, it was longer and harder than it should have been. I became aware of how dark the room actually was and looked up at the the girls face, she really is quite skinny. There's a certain evil feeling coming out of the dream that I tuned into."Ugh, well if I get her other boob to grow then take her shirt off I can just rely on the dream to correct the weirdness" is what I thought. But before I could give it a go I ended up 'waking up'. In real life I was lying on the couch and when I woke up I was the wrong way round, I had this feeling that I was drooling intensely and was slobbering everywhere. I then checked my phone and saw a message from my ex saying "Hey! Hows it going? I really love you and your fossilized wood stuff ..." there was more to the text but I can't remember it. I had told her about all the fossil wood and stuff I had found on my recent trip, which is actually true in real life. But I stopped as I read it and was like "Uhhh what?! O_O", I was confused about why she would say 'I love you' in that sentence and found it a little inappropriate. I had a feeling that she meant it as a friend but it still felt weird, I didn't manage to click to the fact that it was a dream.

      Dream 2 - Baby crazy
      I remember looking after my daughter, she was just wandering around in my parents house and it was when she was quite a bit younger than she is now. We entered the kitchen and I was practically hover handing to make sure she didn't fall over, she wandered into the kitchen cupboard and my mum came in and distracted me somehow. I was really annoyed because it was somehow inconsiderate and I wasn't able to talk with her because I had to look after my daughter. I turned back to look at my daughter but she was gone. I instantly freaked out and we started looking for her, at this point I looked around at my surroundings and saw my cat Peaches lounging around, as I looked around I kept seeing lots of her. I rounded the corner and looked down the stairs fearing that my daughter had fallen... I was really scared. I look down and saw at the bottom of the stairs... My cat peaches O_O. Lying on top of another Peaches, there were so versions of my cat.

      I woke up and next to me was my cat sitting there sleeping...

      Dream 3 - Old friend
      I must have had a dream much earlier on in the night where I had discovered my friend Aaron, it was insinuated somehow that he was dead and I made a burial for him (thought there was no body I think).

      I'm in an institute in what I think is post-apocalyptic (non-zombie, possibly nuclear). It was a concrete facility at the bottom of a deep crater. I have a feeling there was a water on one side. I can't recall what I did while I was inside this facility but I remember that there was a doctor who decided to break the rules and tell my I had to GTFO. He punched a button and sprinted, dragging me and throwing me through an opening outside, then jumped to follow. A door slammed down behind us and we high tailed the hell out of there, it was really intense. I think they were planning on capturing me unawares and using me as a guinea pig (I have a feeling they experimented on lots of animals too). We made it to the top of the crater and sat side by side... It was a calm moment, the person next to me was no longer that doctor, but instead it was Aaron. We talked, I hadn't seen him in so long. Then it dawned on me... And I punch him really hard. "I thought you were dead!!" Tears instantly start flowing and I'm consumed by this extreme sadness, I'm holding him with one hand while the other is on the ground keeping me stable during my emotional fit.
      I wake up, a little stunned by the intensity of the dream.
    3. #109 - skating on water / lucid in Waiwera

      by , 09-05-2015 at 05:24 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream 1 - Skating on water
      I recall skateboarding around (I don't skate at all IRL) a platform of concrete stairs by the coast with a couple of people. The sky's filled with dark rain clouds and I see some viking-like boats by the nearby shore. I forgot most of what happened until eventually me and a friend come back to this area. We're in a hurry to stop one of the viking boats floating away. The sky is pouring down as I bolt down the stairs towards the shore, I spot a skateboard left by one of the people I had been skating with earlier (I believe his name is TK or TJ). I spot TK still skating around, he sees me snatch up one of his boards and follows to see what we're up to. I jump onto the board and bolt towards the shore. I'm still going forward even as I reach the water, which my board just absolutely glides across from the momentum of the speed I had build up reaching there. I see another board in the water and do a trick onto it.. But it failed and I kind of just slip and continue on with the whole waterboarding thing. In my head I think to myself that it's okay because my friend behind me will need a board to keep up with me on. We reach the ship and just start like.. Doing something? I don't know... We did something and everything was okay. I remember saying something like "oh no, I can see the gorilla, he's nearby so we have to hurry". Behind the boat maybe 50m away was a silverback gorilla just casually walking around. But now I noticed the sea level was rising so we head off. I should probably describe the shore a bit better, there are lots of rocky outcrops in the area which poke out of the water, it's a smooth red-brown hard rock too. We head over to some of these rocks following someone who seemed to know the way. What we end up doing is akin to some serious rock-climbing on slippery surfaces. We climb around the rocky area, I distinctly remember how detailed and vivid the place was. It was pretty incredible. I remember the pools of water rippling as the rain hit the surface. But at some point I saw that the gorilla was climbing with us at the back of the group (the guy in the front was some buff dude who reminded me of a martial arts master, then it was me, and behind me was my friend who was a bit slower. At the very back was the gorilla). I felt and saw the hand of the gorilla as I realized it was getting closer, but I ended up waking.

      Dream 2 - Lucid in Waiwera
      I remember just walking down a wooden walkway, my feeling was that I was in Waiwera. The walkway wasn't long (about 15m in front of me it ended), to the right of which there was a white beach house with a blue roof. To the left were a couple palm trees, beyond which was a mudflat during low tide. Ahead of me I saw my old friend Aaron, I don't know what was going on but in my head I keep thinking that he was on a tricycle but I just can't seem to remember it. Anyways...
      As I was walking I just knew that it was a dream. I had the option to continue in the dream state or become aware and take control. I decided to take control and pushed my mind into an aware state, it felt like a struggle but the transition was interesting. I then proceeded to walk around, looked at my hands, clapped to solidify the lucidity and then walked again. I then tripped up and ended up in a crab like stance, trying to hold onto the dream... I then woke up pretty amazed I got lucid (since I haven't been able to recall any dreams over the past few days).
    4. #98 - another close random WILD and a deep dream

      by , 07-12-2015 at 07:28 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream 1 (2 nights ago) - Hangin' out with Aaron
      I seem to be in an apartment with my friend Aaron, we're camped out with tents inside the living room behind the couch, the whole thing was pretty chill and fun.

      Dream 2 - Almost a WILD
      This isn't a dream, but it's worth mentioning, had another random moment where I just kind of felt myself falling into a dream like the previous night, I must have been too focused on it or just not tired enough because I somehow shooed it away.

      Dream 3 - Deep shiz
      The kind of dream that makes you sit and think for a while about what it means... I don't usually care for dream meanings as it's an effort and usually just random shiz, but this one struck home...
      I was in a living room with my girlfriend and our families, the room was dark and everyone was watching the TV which was the only thing providing light. The weird thing is that there were 2 versions of my girlfriend... one on my left, one on my right. The one on my right was the more realistic version, the one on my left was a more ideal version. The left version was quite affectionate to me and had a 10/10 body, she pushed me to the side and pashed me - I could feel the jealousy emanating from the real version of my girlfriend nearby. It felt like I was cheating on her or something.

      So I've interpreted this a little, everyone wants perfection and affection..
      non-lucid , side notes
    5. #94 - Sharks, why is it always sharks...

      by , 06-30-2015 at 01:45 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream - Shark themed dream
      It was a nice summer day, there were people on the beach nearby, I was talking on the phone to my close friend Matt about sharks which is probably how the theme of sharks got kicked into gear... As we were talking a canoe-like ship washes up onto shore suddenly, the head of it was in the shape of a shark. I said to my friend "why don't you come to the beach, a shark just washed up and it'd be a good example", implying that it was alive even though it clearly wasn't. The canoe-like ship became more boat-like without me noticing, and I heard a dream character shout something like "I wonder how long it'd last", to which another dream character replied "about a day?" as they debated where it could last long at sea. They come to a consensus to push it back off the cliff and into the ocean (sneakily it seems that the beach was now a cliff, which the ship was half-way off of).

      Blurring through this bit, the ship is pushed off and I jump off with it, the cliff was probably 50 metres too. While plummeting care-free I glanced at the ocean, to the left was a beautiful white sand beach and in the water nearby was an Orca ('Killer Whale') and another smaller shark (probably only half a metre). When I landed in the water I quickly scrambled myself onto the beach, fearing the snapping attacks of the little shark and not caring too much about the Orca (I guess I see them as pretty peaceful). Things definitely blur past around here, it was like I was on a field trip suddenly where my marine science teacher at uni had filmed a video of the field trip (this gets done sometimes as it's cheaper than actually taking the class out for a field trip).

      On this field trip it was like we were being shown about the population densities of humans spread out over the world, and in this one country there had been a neglection towards populating it because of native tribes and also because of how the island was structured (I swear it made sense in my dream ). We arrived at some old ruins on this island, it was like we were actually in the video yet the perspective changed occasionally to being an observer. Near the old ruins our teacher peered around and spotted an old submarine shaft or something, she climbs down it as the island begins to flood due to high tide. Next we started our underwater adventure, I think I was geared up and put into a cage-like thing with an opening at the front, this was all underwater and I've no idea how I was breathing either... A 'fake-shark' swims past, it was someone dressed up in a yellow-fabric shark suit who was simulating the experience of being attacked by a shark.. The fake shark smashed against my cage and then thrust its head in and gnawed on my arm. The man inside revealed himself and it was my geology teacher! Steve! Pretty surprised

      Not much else happened after this I think.. but it was a pretty long dream.

      Dream - Aaron?
      I think I had a dream about seeing my old mate Aaron but I forgot it...

      First time trying to remember my dreams in a while, going to try and get back on track with lucid dreaming since I have time now.
    6. #91 - Surrounded by friends

      by , 06-17-2015 at 07:40 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream - Surrounded by Friends
      This was a pretty nice dream... I lived next door to a friend and he was having a party or something, he seemed to have them all the time and I didn't always go I think. They order pizza a lot too, I was surprised how the pizza man had never accidentally come to my door because of the way our houses were, they were pretty much conjoined with a single shared gate and no driveway. The gate was part of a brown picket fence and the pathway leading from it split in two towards our doors. I went out to join the party, it was like I was finally rejoining them though, as if I had isolated myself for a long time and wasn't used to the atmosphere. Someone yelled that he was taking a picture and everyone got together, I recognized a lot of friends and among them was an old friend called Aaron. Aaron and I had been friends since we were 2, but he moved away and we fell out of touch after a couple years, but it was a really nice dream, like we had done a full circle.
    7. #35 - Obstacle course race/Looking after my daughter

      by , 10-21-2014 at 08:55 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Didn't really attempt a proper SSILD last night, turned off all my alarms so I could try and get a good sleep, which I did . Recalled 3 dreams but the last dream I had was forgotten while writing them into my DJ.

      Dream 1 - Obstacle course race (~4am)
      Me and a lot of other people are involved in some kind of race. The scenery is typical New Zealand green bush, the track we were running along mazed around with streams on both sides. The first part of the race involved everyone running along this track, it branched off in a few directions, I decided I could try the direct route by just jumping into the shallow stream. I didn't anticipate it slowing me down so much, and eventually I climbed back up onto the track. Shortly after I reached the second part of the race, where there were rails stretching left to right along the ground, spaced about half a metre apart with tall grass and puddles between them. Everyone had to jump from rail to rail, the alternative was that you'd just trip over them trying to run across to the end of this obstacle (I seem to remember a few people breaking their ankles when they missed a rail). I leaped from rail to rail, building momentum until I had a good stride going, I became quite focused on this and nearly fell over when I bumped into a woman. We both hurried onwards, some sense of urgency kept us going in the race. I reached the end of this obstacle, and there stretched an expansive short-grass field. At the end was a playground which I identified as the finish line, to left of it I could see the corner of a fenced off tennis court (I didn't seem to really look at it, hence the corner being in my peripheral vision). Everyone that had made it to this point was sprinting off, giving it everything they had to reach the end. For some reason my running was a bit 'weird', I seemed to be skipping and flailing my arms back and forth (I believe I was trying to create a swinging momentum with each skip to propel myself further). In the dream I thought this was the best way to maximize my speed, everyone else seemed to be running normally though. I had a feeling that everyone else was worn out by now, and I managed to spot my friend M and A (I haven't seen A for a long time, he was a childhood friend who moved overseas). M was running pretty damn fast, he shouldn't have been able to since he has asthma and is pretty against exercise. To my right I noticed that it seemed like a nice sunset was happened, and the hill sloped upwards in its direction, in retrospect I wish I had gone up and seen it. I seemed to come in the top 10 or the racers, and it resets to the start of the race. I'm now standing with a bunch of others in orange overalls on the top of a hill, at the bottom of which are a bunch of police setting up the race. We're convicts. A friend is next to me and starts saying he's going to make a run for it and jump onto the race track and escape that way. He bolts off down the road and I follow, knowing that if he was to succeed he'd need a good distraction, I think my plan was to yell out I saw something in the opposite direction he was going to go.

      Dream 2 - Looking after my daughter
      I'm in my parents house, my mother and wife have gone out shopping and have left me and my daughter to play. It was a really nice dream, she and I were playing with her toys and I was talking to her good feels, not a particularly long or eventful dream though, but definitely memorable.
    8. "A Message for You"

      by , 02-17-2013 at 10:05 PM
      [Dream Type: Non-lucid | Time: 5 minutes max]

      Red = Explanations
      Black = Dream itself

      This was a short little thing. Last night was sorely disappointing as I was going to do a WILD to enter a lucid dream, only to be awoken by my brother's cat trying to break my blinds again. My body as even like, "Noo... I feel like staying stiff!" and I couldn't get back to sleep after that.

      So this is just a short thing I had in my mind while I attempted to sleep...

      This features two characters, my precious main character Reiki and a male she meets named Aaron. This mostly takes place in a friend's magical school universe, where Reiki is the student and Aaron is one of her teachers.

      "A-Ah! Kiahone-sensei!" Reiki shouted, dashing down the hallways if the school. She slid to a stop in front of a black-haired man, Aaron. She dropped her hands in exhaustion. Aaron gave her a look, raising an eyebrow. "You could have just sent me a message instead of running around to find me."

      "I-It's fine..." Reiki huffed out, sitting down on the floor and folding her legs. "Ow..."
      Aaron sighed. "Exactly what I mean, Shutuagi."

      "I said it was fine..." Reiki muttered, looking away.
      "I am supposed to make sure you are fine as requested by your father. While you attend this school, you are my responsibility."

      "I already know that..." Reiki said under her breath.
      "Of course. Now, what did you need?" Aaron asked, looking down at her.

      "I-I-I..." Reiki immediately stumbled upon her words. She jumped up from her position on the floor and pushed a crumbled up piece of paper into Aaron's chest. She dropped it there and ran off down the hallway, crying. Aaron looked at the piece of paper, snatching it up before it hit the ground. He unfolded it and straightened it out.

      "I-I'm sorry for disturbing you the past few days... If it's fine with you... I would prefer calling you by your first name as it's what Shu does with his workers to be casual... I-I'm sorry for bugging you!"

      Aaron turned his head back towards the direction that Reiki ran off in. He immediately dashed towards that way, calling out her name.

      "Reiki! Please wait! Reiki!!"
      Tags: aaron, oneshot, reiki
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    9. The President Would Like To See Noah's Ark.

      by , 11-06-2011 at 11:37 PM
      I am in a tiny classroom for kindergarteners, but I'm with Chellie and Aaron. I am seated facing them, they are seated forward, and all three of us are quoting lines from funny videos we've all seen. Chellie faces the blackboard at the front of the class and goes to say something, but doesn't seem to want us to hear it. She has her hair in two blonde braids and grabs each with her hands, making another video reference which I find hilarious. She looks around to me, clearly not expecting anyone to hear what she'd said, and laughs with me about it.

      Later, I'm the President of the United States, and am in some huge dark room where a number of large items are on display. I understand the items to be important relics and artifacts collected and saved by the American government. I'm casually playing with a straight bass that is twice as tall as me, when my butler shows me an artist-drawn picture of Noah's Ark, another artifact the government apparently has possession of. I get excited at the prospect of going to see it, and we change rooms, but the dream moves to a different scene, and I don't see the boat.

      Updated 11-06-2011 at 11:39 PM by 29957

    10. The suckiest lucid dream I've ever had

      by , 07-27-2011 at 12:46 AM
      I have not had internet for a few days. I really don't wanna type all the dreams I had, so I'm just typing the one I had last night, cause I was lucid and excited about that. In order to understand this dream, you gotta know that I did not go to sleep until 8 a.m. this being because me and Cay were up watching Silence of the Lambs and Beatles movies. Time well spent. We were at Cay's house and fell asleep in Cay's bed.

      This is where my dream starts, we wake up in my bed, at my house. I don't question this. However, when I roll off my bed to stand up I step on something and hear a moan. I stepped on a leg. "Hey... Hey! Who are you?" I'm strangely calm for there being a stranger under my bed with his legs poking out. The response I get is, "Your really going to make me move? -sigh-" Aaron crawls out from underneath my bed and stands up beside me, rather drowsy looking. "Your not my boyfriend," I say to him. Aaron smiles at me. "Maybe you are? Gah. Whats your name?" "Aaron." "Shit." (that's what my boyfriends family calls him, which explains my cursing) "How old are you?" "Seventeen." "Your not him!" I do a reality check, boom. Lucid baby. Cay is suddenly up and dressed, ready to go somewhere. She grabs the purse she rarely uses and says, "Let's go." I don't know who she was talking to cause she leaves alone in her family's massive truck.

      At this point, Aaron becomes British. Most likely due to watching two Beatles movies, cause he sounds quite a bit like John Lennon. "What'cha wanna do?" "Find that freakin' temple." I say and go outside. "How ya gonna do that?" I try to teleport. It fails. I pout. Aaron starts stroking my hair like my boyfriend does and says, "There, there, love. Let's drive." "I barely know how its pronounced, much less am I gonna try to drive there." "Know what it looks like?" "Yes." "That's all ya need." He's driving my brother's car again. We go towards this place called Buffalo Market where I live, and end up at the temple where this little gas station should be. I'm puzzled. "This ain't right." I then notice Cay standing outside circling the temple. "Promise it is, dear," Aaron says and we both get out. This thing is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, also. "Your still wrong, Aaron. No one else is here except us, and I'm highly doubting thats even really her. She'd have figured somethin' out by now."

      She disappears shortly after I say that. "Fuck." I'm getting discourged. "Aaron, I'm sad." Aaron walks up to the temple and knocks on the side of it three times. A little door appears and opens. Out runs Brandy, Lady, and Sophie. My two dogs and one of my cats. "No Penny?" My other cat. "That's why I only knocked three times." My cat Penny, is a little unfriendly. "Was this supposed to help?" Aaron looks at me like I'm retarded. "Pick one and cuddle." I picked up Sophie and she was a lot more cuddly then she is in person. I like that... for a little while. Then her eyes suddenly turn red, her claws get really long, and she scratches the shit out of Aaron's leg. I scream and go to help him when Cay's twin wakes me up.

      Gah. That dream is so long and boring and weird. I'm so sorry if you made it this far.
    11. ):

      by , 07-17-2011 at 11:16 AM
      The last dream I had, freaking sucked. It started off with me and my boyfriend and we were arguing. We'd been arguing the night before, so that probably had something to do with it. We were on some sort of ship that had rooms resembling the rooms at my own house. By the end of the argument we had worked things out and all was fine. Shortly after we left to go to the store (the ship was docked). We never went to the store and we were gone for like a week.

      When we got back I found my sister really upset, crying on some stairs near the ship. When I asked her what was wrong she told me my brothers girlfriend had slept with, C.P., a guy she's been talking to for quite a while now. Naturally I was already upset with M.P. (brothers girlfriend) but it got worse. Me and Wes fought again that night. I apparently blew things out of proportion and broke up with him. When I realized that I had made a mistake that night, I went to apologize to him. He was staying in what was my brothers room before he moved out. I walked in and the lights were off. I started to say I was sorry and when I turned on the lights, M.P. was in the bed with him, both of them naked. I was at first hurt. Like my heart had been ripped out and there he was holding it in front of me.

      Then I got extremely pissed. M.P. was sitting there smiling at me. I grabbed her by the hair and beat the crap out of her. W.I. (boyfriend) screaming his apologies the entire time I am. When I had thoroughly beaten her, I turned back to W.I. and smacked him as hard as I could. Hard enough for him to hit the floor. Then I ran off the stupid ship crying. W.I. tried to chase after me but I ended up in some vineyard where Aaron was taking a nap on a in the middle of the field. I tripped over him since my vision was severely blurred due to the tears. He grunted and sat up, staring at me.

      I glanced at him and muttered a sorry but when I tried to run away he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me down to the ground beside him. He put his arm around me and let me cry. Much like one of my friends would do. when I was calm enough to talk he reassured me that I didn't deserve to be put through that and that I should move on. That I was better than that, and that I had every right to beat the shit out of M.P. Then he rolled over beside me, and dozed off to sleep. The last thing I remember is laying down beside him to take a nap. I woke up crying my eyes out believing it was real.
    12. I had to rewrite this three time

      by , 07-12-2011 at 06:01 PM
      Dream 1: In my first dream last night, me and my friends had all turned into my animals... Body swapping is something that has never been in any of my dreams.
      Cay was my cat, Sophie. Their both clumsy and have fluffy hair.
      So, how about that matrix?-ajflsdkf.jpg

      I was my cat, Penny... not really sure what happened there. That cat is evil. So maybe its because neither of us is a people person.
      So, how about that matrix?-n1525250533_30122848_4266013.jpg

      My friend D.C. was my dog Lady, both very protective of the people they love.
      So, how about that matrix?-n1525250533_30122852_4518818.jpg

      And my friend L.G. was my dog Brandy, they both love to eat.
      So, how about that matrix?-n1525250533_30150849_4299008.jpg

      Now, naturally my friends are freaking out that they have turned into my pets. I however was more concerned with what happened to my pets spirits and our bodies. We were all back on my bed in my bedroom. I told my friends to look for their bodies. I found my own body asleep under my parents bed, which is where Penny hides 90% of the time. Cay's was on the countertop in the kitchen, where Sophie likes to sleep sometimes. D.C. found her's outside in the ditch that Lady likes to nap in. And L.G. found her's in Brandy's favorite chair asleep. I was first thankful that they were all asleep and not up roaming around and causing trouble. Then I began to wonder how in the hell we got this way and how we were supposed to get back in our real bodies before they woke up. We searched my house and while I was in my brother's old room I found an amulet, but woke up because Sophie had jumped on my bed and began walking around on my chest.

      Dream 2: Not really appropriate to write about on the internet. So were just going to move onto the next dream.

      Dream 3: I "woke up" in Cay's bed with Cay at the end of the bed watching Old 97's youtube video's on her laptop. She's been obsessed with Rhett Miller lately. I did my nose reality check like I've been doing every morning and realized I was dreaming. I nudged Cay with my foot, a gesture that normally would have thrown her off the end of the bed. She didn't budge. I teased her about her tired appearance and called her by her nickname, Jim, to see if she was the psycho Cay I'd come to know in my dream. She teased back and called me by my own nickname. A good sign that she wasn't crazy in this dream. I decided to just lay in Cay's bed until the dream ended. I wasn't really up for adventuring anywhere tonight.

      Shortly after though, Cay's mom comes in and tells us to pack to go to Florida. Neither of us questioned why we were going to Florida or why I had such a large amount of clothes at Cay's house. On our way to Florida (which only took about ten minutes) I noticed Aaron in a red Dodge Neon that looked just like my brother's, Git-R-Done magnet and all. Since I wasn't panicking I teleported into Aaron's car, this didn't confuse him at all and he just smiled at me. "Hey," I greeted him. "What's up?" He said. "You going to Florida too?" I asked. "Yup. We were supposed to meet at the hotel. I guess you became lucid though." So apparently my DC knows the course of my dreams. Which is good to know. He turned the music up to loud for us to carry on a conversation, so I sat silently listening to Say Anything, most likely what was playing on my ipod since I fell asleep listening to it.

      I found Cay when we arrived at the hotel that was directly in front of the beach, with Aaron right beside me. He has a habit of running off and sleeping in random places. As soon as I found her though it turned dark outside and the water in the ocean turned black and it was all very ominous. "Op, we should get to higher ground," Aaron commented and strolled off towards the elevator. I grabbed Cay's hand and started to pull her with me but she wouldn't move and said, "I wanna go to the beach, Spock." I looked at her in disbelief. Maybe she was a psycho. I managed to call Aaron back over to where she was and shove her into the elevator and to the highest floor of the hotel.

      I watched as waves consumed the beach and came closer and closer to the hotel. The electric went out as soon as the first waves hit the base of the hotel. Cay was complaining about no air conditioning when tons of people came through the stairs door. I opened the door to one of the suites and the three of us locked ourselves in there away from the people. I struggled not to have a panic attack, because even though I knew it was a dream it still scared me. One of my worst fears is drowning. I remembered a way to wake myself up though and
      woke up after about six or seven attempts. My fears always seem to find a way into my dreams. I am not okay with that.
    13. Welp

      by , 07-10-2011 at 12:59 AM
      I guess I'll just jump right into this. My most recent dream was last night and it was about some sort of zombie/monster things. They were attacking everyone so naturally I retreated to my house in the country where I locked every single door and window and proceeded to trying to contact my close friends and family. A girl from school who I don't know very well, and am just not fond of in general for no real reason, shows up and I recalled that she was apparently my roommate. I was stern in telling her that she was to bring no one to the house that I owned except for immediate family. She just stared at me and I went back to contacting my friends and family.

      Once I had them all there I then boarded up all doors and windows except for the back door. I noticed that I had a neighbor while standing on my porch one night. For some unknown reason I knew his name was Aaron Withrow, and I knew he was only seventeen years old. I asked R.C. if she wanted to come with me to creep in his house. Now, normally I don't go around breaking into people's houses but I knew the person who lived there and wanted to see if he was still alive. As far as I knew the monsters had not yet been that far out of the city. The amount of citizens there was enough to satisfy their hunger for the time being. His house was far less protected than my own, so naturally I felt like I was being paranoid.

      I rummaged through his house looking for something but didn't know what. The interior of his house was a bit...disorganized. He is a teenage boy though, and a very heavy sleeper I might add. I went to his house almost every day with R.C. and would search his whole house for something that I desperately needed, and each day he was asleep in his locked room and never woke up. Except one day, when R.C. decided it would be a good idea to knock on his door after I became frustrated and yelled that what I was looking for was probably in that locked room.

      I was searching the cabniets in his kitchen when I heard shuffling behind me, that I assumed was R.C. and turned around to find him confused and looking rather tired. Before going on, I will tell you that I have an awful habit of making your mom jokes way to often. "Who are you?" He asked me, pushing hair out of his face and grimacing at the amount of light in the room. "Your mom. Why are you awake?" I replied. "Why does that matter? Why are you in my house?" He was starting to get angry. The last thing I needed was an angry DC. "I'm looking for something. I don't know what it is though. Can I check in your bedroom for it?" "Go ahead." He said, and sat down at the kitchen table. His room was unusally tidy for the appearance of the rest of his house. I found a cell phone on his nightstand and took it. It was what I had been looking for and then me and R.C. left after I promised Aaron that I would be back the next day to talk to him. I didn't know why I wanted to talk to him.

      I went home and went to find my grandpa (who looked nothing like my actual grandpa) and he confided in me that he was in the FBI and that the cell phone that I'd been looking for held secret information about the monsters in the city and that if something were to ever happen to him I was to delete it immediately after. Shortly after him, my supposed grandma and their dog all died together in my parents bedroom. I hugged them, cried for quite a bit, then deleted everything on the cell phone.

      Then went into the living room where everyone was sitting around listening to the song 500 Miles and I started singing rather loudly and could not stop. A few days later monsters started attacking the house and Aaron ran to my house severly freightened. I didn't feel so paranoid now about boarding up my house. When the monsters started breaking through the boards, much like in that stupid video game about Nazi zombies that's title escapes me right now, I began panicking like I often do and woke up. No lucidity but a lot of similarites to the dream my friend R.C. had and she was asleep in the same bed with me, so we suspect it might have been a shared dream.

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    14. After getting drunk w/ mike's friends

      by , 02-21-2011 at 10:28 AM
      The Dream:

      I'm teaching Cassidy how to fly. I don't know why. I know I was semi-lucid because I could control my flight. We were in a dark city with brick walls, like the ones in Spiderman. Mom and Ashly were also there.

      I briefly remember hanging out in Aaron's livingroom like we were the night before.
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    15. Road Trip

      by , 12-20-2010 at 03:29 AM (Beyond the Horizon)
      I was in a car with someone I met recently, and some other random guy. We were coming back from the beach, and we got to my house. They started doing something in the backyard. I was in the laundry.

      How uneventful.
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