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    1. Giant Monsters

      by , 08-25-2017 at 06:02 PM (Journals From The Void)
      I am one of four or five people on a series of islands inhabited by monsters. I vaguely remember a small monster destroying my plane as I flew over the islands. I look out into the distance and see two monsters fighting each other, in the ocean surrounding the island. One is a grayish black monster with four black crystals jutting out in the four diagonals on its back. It seemed to be made entirely of rock, and was somewhat rounded in shape. The monster it was fighting was an all white monster seemingly made primarily of bones, with its arm bones transitioning into spear-like structures as opposed to hands. It was lanky in figure, giving me the impression that it was fast. I estimated them to be around 5-7 stories tall, with the white monster slightly taller than the gray monster. The oldest survivor suggested we cross to the nearest island to find a way to escape the monsters.

      We arrive at a small, sandy peninsula at the edge of the island. There are smaller versions of the monsters from earlier there, fighting each other still. Instead of 5-7 stories tall, these were only five times as large as me in the dream. The rock monster notices me. It charges at me in the middle of the fight, nearly killing me with a single attack. It goes back after the white bone monster, attacking, dodging an attack, and charging back after me. I somehow dodged, climbed onto the top left crystal on its back, and, drawing the sword I apparently had, I stab the rock monster. I don't remember how, but it was defeated by a single attack. Luckily, the bone monster was also gone.

      The group had already crossed the small divide between the islands. Now it was my turn. I knew that the water was dangerous, because the monsters had a tendency to show up more in the water. As I entered the water, suspenseful music began to play. I reached the shallow part of the other side of the divide before I woke up.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      The dream was really cool, but not very meaningful. It was really exciting though, and there was a good, large amount of dream content there.

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    2. 2/9/16 - Familiar Beach/World Beyond the Wall (SLD/FA-DILD)

      by , 02-09-2016 at 10:20 PM
      Ritual: I had time to sleep in this morning so I was motivated to get lucid. Went to bed at midnight and woke at 6am to feed the cat. Didn't do a full WBTB, but took a few supplements (alpha-g, choline, l-theanine) plus a tiny amount (between 1-2mg) of very old galantamine. I lay down on my back to delay sleep onset and practiced progressive relaxation, a few SSILD cycles, and counting. Couldn't count very high (usually not past six, my focus is terrible these days) but clearly noticed onset of hypnogogic imagery and managed to put in a number of rotations before falling into dreamless sleep. When I awoke after a few minutes (guaranteed if I fall asleep on my back), I turned on my right side and let myself fall asleep normally, feeling adequately primed and hoping for the best. This "kitchen sink" approach has pretty much become my standard and despite being really haphazard has a decent success rate, often resulting in WILDs. This time I had an NLD or two that I don't remember well, then the following semi-lucid that turned into a DILD.

      SLD: I am on a beach. All is not well: there are what look like tiny floating islands approaching from across the sea, and on each one stands a little stone tower and a menacing-looking figure in black armor with a horned helmet. The armored figures to be using the islands as transportation. Though not quite lucid, I remember that I have certain broad powers in this place, so I walk along the beach until I spot a couple empty islands, and try to summon one toward me. It turns into a little white sailboat and promptly sinks. I try to summon the second one, and the same thing happens. So much for island hopping. I turn right and continue to walk along the waterfront.

      Something seems oddly familiar about this place—I've been here before, haven't I? I note the urban architecture up ahead, the sprawl of a city just past the beach and I'm distinctly reminded of a particular dream I had once, years ago now. It was here, I am sure of it, though this corresponds to no earthly place. I don't remember much about that earlier dream, except that it started in one of the apartment buildings a few blocks from the beach and then I went down to the parking lot, but saw the beach in the distance. [I think I actually found it, an entry from 12/29/13, but I misremembered the order of events: I was in the parking lot initially, then dropped by the beach before going up to the apartment.]

      Various people are wandering around the beach, and a distinctive figure approaches. He is a thin old man with stringy, longish grey hair, carrying three lidded boxes in different colors, each about eighteen inches square. "What do they call this bay?" I ask him. "Sigismund?" he suggests, then modifies it. "Or Sigisroot?" He seems uncertain. I am about to ask the name of the city, but we are interrupted by the approach of a huge wave. We try to scramble up the beach but don't make it in time, and the wave crashes over us. I have to struggle against the pull of its wake, meanwhile trying to reach around to find the old man, to help him if possible. I grab someone's hand in the water, but it turns out to be a short, dark-haired woman. After helping her to shore, I come across the old man again on the beach. He has made it to safety, but lost two of his boxes. I feel partly responsible for the loss of his boxes, so I go back to the water to look for them. I locate the boxes but their contents have spilled. Apparently they contained cassette tapes, so I dredge as many as possible out of the water and wet sand, restoring them to one of the boxes. After I've grabbed as many as I can find, I return the boxes to the old man.

      FA-DILD: The dream resets, perhaps a half-waking, and I am in my house again. I start reviewing what just happened, and write down the name of the bay, both variations—not sure I realized at the time I was writing in a dream notebook. As I think over the events of the dream, I realize I must have been semi-lucid at the point where I was trying to summon the islands and then recognized the setting from prior dream. I reason that if I was semi-lucid then, I must be actually lucid now. Dream logic is terrible, but this time it did the trick—thinking about lucidity made me recognize that I was still dreaming. Since I was back in my house, I decided to do the TOTM of walking through the wall. I had interpreted "my room" to mean the bedroom, so I head in there and immediately turn left to look at the wall. I'm pleased and surprised to find an ample stretch of wall between the door and bookcase (surprised because in WL there is no free wall space in the room at all, to the point where I thought I would have to do the task by going into the closet!) Instead, the dream has obligingly provided sufficient room for me to stand in front of the wall, so I press both hands flat against it and concentrate. The wall resists the pressure at first, so I increase it, then watch as my right hand starts to sink into the surface. The wall crumbles under my hand like weak plaster with an impressively realistic texture and sensation. As I continue to push, a whole section about two feet wide dislodges and falls inward under my right hand, and then I push my whole body forward and break through the rest.

      I find myself in a cramped, closet like space, empty yet messy somehow, like it was poorly constructed—for instance, there are exposed 2x4s at odd diagonals. There is no visible way out, and I remember back to a time I was exploring the use of mirrors as portals and got stuck in a labyrinth of empty rooms that became ever smaller and more claustrophobic. [The dream I was thinking of occurred on 4/17/14, and the earliest experience of this kind I recorded on 12/18/10]. Simply recognizing the dream's tricks gives me the confidence not to be waylaid by them again, so I turn left and push through that wall too. Unsurprisingly, I am in an even smaller, darker, and more cramped space. I remind myself to remain optimistic and keep pushing forward with the expectation of getting out. I push through a couple more dark, tiny, empty spaces and then find myself in one that is different. It feels like an actual closet, with coats. What catches my eye is the style of those coats: they remind me of the cheap winter coats we wore in the 1970s, made of smooth synthetic cloth in drab colors and augmented with wide fake-fleece collars. I push through the coats and finally tumble free into an outdoor space.

      It's one of those transitions that are so striking in dream. I had been struggling in narrow claustrophobic space with poor visibility, and suddenly everything has changed: I'm in open space, the air is clear and fresh, the light is bright, colors are vivid, my vision is sharp, and I feel a surge of ebullience. I remind myself that it is worth it, all the trouble I go to over dreaming, even if dream isn't always cooperative, because of experiences like this. I even notice that little flutter in my solar plexus that I associate with deep dream.

      I move forward, on my hands and knees at first. I am at the base of a steep hill, and there are a number of animals sitting on the hillside, placidly watching me, including several ape-like creatures. As I crawl through the grass, I note the distinct texture of it: it might not be grass at all, actually, but some kind of ground cover with stiff, spiny stalks that flatten rather than bend under my hands. When I get to my feet, I see that a number of these stalks have actually adhered to my palms. They look like black tubes about three inches long and only a couple millimeters across, hollow, with a longer thin hair sticking another inch out the end. I try to pluck one out and it won't come off. I have the impression that even if I manage to pull off the outer tube, the hair will be left behind. It occurs to me to wonder if this explains the ape-like creatures, which seem unusually intelligent and anthropomorphic: did other people come here before me, and end up with so many of these hairs attached to their skin that they became furry?

      I consider flying, but decide not to: I'm really interested in this place, and flying would destabilize me from this particular scenario, if not the dream itself. So I continue walking forward on foot, reminding myself both literally and figuratively to stay grounded. As I reach the end of the flat terrain at the bottom of the steep hill, I look up at the animals arrayed on the upper terraces, who are still quietly watching me. What should I ask them? I never seem to get anywhere asking the names of things, so I decide to be clever, and call up to them: "What would be a really interesting question for a newcomer to ask?" No answer. I repeat myself, but still no reply, so I start climbing up toward them.

      When I reach the upper terrace, things get complex. I can't remember what passes between me and one of the creatures, who is more man-like now, before he pulls a knife on me—though it is unclear if he he is using the knife to threaten me or the grizzled, older-looking apeman creature who is sitting to his left. I wrest the knife from his grasp, which knocks him off balance. He nearly falls off the cliff (which suddenly seems a lot steeper now, almost vertical, than when I climbed up it a moment before) and grabs on to my waist to save himself. I check my moral compass and find that I feel no compulsion to save him—something about his attitude puts me off—so I peel his arms away and he falls to the base of the cliff, presumably to his death. The elder creature has retrieved the knife, which is now lying at his feet, and I go over to look at it.

      When I pick up the knife, I find it to be a wide, cleaver-like implement made of thin cardboard with silver foil stuck to it. There is writing on the cardboard side, and I read through a whole confession, apparently by the creature I just sent to his death. The text describes an elaborate scheme that involved getting me pregnant and then killing me after the child was born, because it concludes, "I won't regret killing you when I see your features in the face of our infant." I find this repulsive and it resolves my lingering doubts about whether letting him fall was the right thing to do. I ask the elder creature if I can keep the knife, and he doesn't speak, but I take his silence as assent. I notice that there is a second knife on the ground, made of roughly-forged steel or iron and elegantly curved like a viking blade (the handle a loop of the same metal), that resembles like the one I wrested away initially, so I swap out the mock-up I'm holding for the real blade, and walk forward on the hilltop.

      I encounter another man, this one entirely human in appearance except for a strange feature: his face is completely wrapped in grimy white bandages, leaving only a bit of forehead and his hair explosed. The bandages are thicker over his left eye, but seem to adhere closely to his right—I can see the shape of the eye bulging under them—so I conclude that must be the one he somehow sees out of. Despite his odd appearance I feel an immediate affinity for him, in contrast to the last guy. He leads me into a building, where a girl approaches us and asks me, "Who made that knife?" I look at the blade in my hand. It doesn't bear a long text like the mock-up, but there is a row of runes along the top edge that I can't read. "He's dead now," I reply laconically.

      In the entryway of the building, we immediately go through a door to the right, into what looks like a machine shop. The machines are in the center of the room, and two people are operating them, but I can't tell what they're making. The machines have some kind of spinning disk that either cuts or polishes. The bandaged guy is telling me about a hardware store somewhere. "That's where the first ship came from." I have the impression he is talking about a spaceship, and gather that there is a whole complicated plot behind all of this, but I don't know the details. By the time we finish walking through the room, I am waking up.

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    3. Bound themselves to the chains of ghosts

      by , 07-23-2015 at 04:56 PM
      I'd been looking at a map showing three islands that had been conquered by someone else; I'm unconcerned about the islands themselves but am considering their influence over the surrounding sea routes.

      Now standing on the deck of a ship, I'm speaking to a military leader from another ship, part of the group that conquered those islands - he's a passenger, not the ship's captain. He addresses me as Enchanter, which amuses me. I express my surprise that he's willing to deal with me if he recognizes what I am - I was under the impression that his people thought of my kind as demons. Isn't he worried that he's risking corruption with this conversation?

      He indicates that many of his attitudes have changed since coming to this region. He describes how he'd arrived with four of my kind sealed on his ship; while on the central island, they'd broken free and in doing so, as he puts it, "bound themselves to the chains of ghosts." It's a reference to the past of that island - once they were no longer sealed away, they became entangled with local legends, automatically embodying the locals' beliefs. The way this man sees it, they are no longer themselves - by breaking free of their seals and into this world, they've trapped themselves in these roles, living out ancient history. He sees this as a negative thing. I don't. It's the way we work.

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    4. A griffon and a ring around an island

      by , 06-04-2015 at 07:09 PM
      A woman's landing a griffon. People come to meet her, and as she talks to one of them she's going to her bag and attending to her armor, getting out gloves and a helmet that weren't practical to wear while she was riding. She's talking about the things that need doing, acknowledging that some of them might be impossible at a small outpost like this, without the easy access to resources you get in the cities. And there's an animal strapped to the back of the griffon, restrained to keep it from hurting itself during the ride, in need of medical attention. They're next to the stables, but the griffon's too large for that - once everything's unloaded, it curls up on the ground like a cat, beside a tall fence.

      That woman and the man she'd been talking to are walking past me into a circle of armed enemies. Someone in the crowd says, "It is the corruption against the corruption." They sound surprised. I'm ostensibly on the crowd's side, but I arranged to bring these two here tonight, and I expect them to kill the man who leads this little group, currently sitting on a kind of throne. Although I say nothing, I see him watching me and I can tell he understands my intention - or more likely he's imagining some grand paranoid plan; but my plan here is very straightforward, just his death. I'm aware he and I are a minor nuisance for these people I've brought here, just something to be dealt with on their way to something else - I have a vague association with the moon - not at all the grand schemes he's been imagining.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm traveling through a city and taking the opportunity to meet with an old friend who was reassigned here recently, a promotion. She works in a form of law enforcement. She's talking about the changes on the island where we last saw each other, talking about the ongoing conflict there. She says the forest has been burned down, so they'll have no more place to hide. There's no more way to get past the patrols skating over the water - I have a mental image of a ring, a platform floating on the water, encircling the whole island, with the port itself as the only opening.

      She describes all this as if they're good things. Time was, she'd be helping me get my people out of places like that. She's met the man who leads the people in that forest - his people aren't mine, but their situation is nearly identical. But I'm thinking, I shouldn't be surprised - the last time she helped me, something happened that frightened her. It's why she stopped working with me. My people weren't at fault, but I'm not surprised that she'd take that fear out on them. But listening to her now, talking as if my people should be locked up, it's like she's forgotten I'm one of them.

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    5. 22nd Oct 2013 Video game fragments

      by , 10-22-2013 at 02:37 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's WBTB/naps.

      Dream 1:

      I was playing an rts with SilentEternity that looked like c&c generals. We were playing on some deserty level with hills against bots, one of which was using green color and gla faction. We were winning but bots were very stealthy, all of their units and buildings sometimes were becoming invisibele and they kept rebuilding main base building all over the map which was saving them from losing. Eventually level timer ran off and made enemies automatically visible all over the map and we finished them off.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some kind of RPG game about dragons, i was moving around various islands and there was huge dragon statue on one of them. Then i was chatting with someone which name started with W and ended with 3 on skype(Not an actual someone i know).

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was playing an tbs that looked alot like battle for wesnoth with with 3D movement of units, there were some units that were giant birds and some units that were dragons. I was scouting the map and then some voice asked "Will you wait?", i responded "Yes".
    6. Flying over NYC

      by , 09-11-2012 at 07:59 PM (Exterminate)
      Everything may not be in correct order...

      I remember I was in this like play, and I was an adult female. A creepy guy was beside me talking about something, then I guess he scared me, as I went above into the air vents, and he followed, I remember spraying something on him, don't remember what it was. Skip ahead, I wanted to go to this one secluded island off the side of NYC, and I was trying to make a getaway, but I was stuck listening to this guy..He offered to help me, but I didn't trust him. I sneaked away, onto a nearby island, and decided I needed to get somewhere specific. I floated into the air, scared at first not knowing if I could control it, but then I figured it out. Fists forward, superman like but with both fists, I found flying downwards brought my up, up brought me down, left and right worked fine. I could build up a lot of speed, but never got too far into the sky. My main goal was not hitting power lines or cars, but also worrying what others were thinking of someone flying past them while they were driving. I fly all the way to one corner of town, and stop as it is getting dark, and I am getting tired. There is an antiques shop, and an old restaurant. I tell the guy trying to help me over cell phone where I am, and he comes, I eat while he is on his way. I look at the things left over, I guess I got like fries and something else, the containers they were in were like McDonalds, but darker red, and old fashioned. It appears there are monopoly stickers on them, so I read them, one said "Discount on blah blah" The other one was free shake or something like that.

      So the guy comes over, I steal his car(rude..), find a few things inside throw them out, and run the car into a 20 foot deep or so ditch. I then fly away across the town, as I am on the exact other corner of the town that I wanted to be in, it is daytime again, and I just keep flying. I reach my destination, it looks like nobody has ever been on the island, I am in paradise.

      I feel like there was more to this dream, like with the car, just that stop mainly, and at the beginning, that play.. I think I have been to that place before where the play was..I can feel another dream coming to me from either last night or a few nights ago, but I can't quite remember what it is about .-. Actually, it is probably yesterday's dream that I couldn't remember..
    7. Alternate Realities and Worlds Alike

      by , 06-06-2012 at 09:18 PM
      I have 3 dreams to share, happened this past week. Been having a dry-spell til recently (practicing ADA, helps a lot).

      The Monastery Date: 6/2/12
      I was with two females. I was female myself in this dream. It was dark outside, cloudy, mucky, generally nasty looking. The two females and myself were wearing skin tight suits (not latex or anything, something along the lines of evangelion suits.). We worked with some private company or government of unknown origins. For some reason, our mission was to find some type of artifact in the Monastery (as it looked). It was a dark building with a spire and a few colored windows. While searching through the building, we must have triggered a trap because giant stone guardians we looking to fuck our shit up. We were not equipped with any weapons, thus we split up and hid. I found a nice dark corner behind a wall of glass that had vertical white plastic blinds hanging down them. I knew one was following me and smelling for me. However, on the opposite corner of the room, another one appeared and as it turned its head around, scanning the room, I ran out the nearest door and hid under a large stone table where it was dark. To my surprise, the other two females were there, though they were very battered. We called in two medics to assist us. -End-

      Plains of Clouds Date: 6/5/12
      Very strange area in my dream. The sky was overcast, yet the clouds were about 10 feet off the ground (~3 meters). I witnessed a strange phenomenon, however. The underside of the clouds were a bright, golden yellow, as if the sun was shining from underneath; the sun could not be see. People had ladders leaned against the clouds and were climbing on top of them. The clouds seemed so dense, you could walk on top of it, as if they were solid.

      Star Ocean Battleships Date: 6/6/12
      Several others and I were on some raft, like a military raft about to board onto a ship. The ships we were about to board were huge, about twice the size of a U.S. aircraft carrier. I do not know the ship class however (freighter, carrier, frigate, battleship, etc..). The ships were in front of us, one on our left and right. The ship on our right was a silver-blue with strange sails underneath the ship, as its mode of transportation. The ship on our left was red with beige lining and seemed to float like a normal ship. I could not tell whether the ships were fighting each other, or meeting face-to-face. Both seemed to sit there, about 150 meters apart. There were little islands to the north-east of the blue ship. It had small islets that you could walk on and a rocky shallow that was about a couple inches deep that bridged the mini isles. As our raft approached, a "woman of the sea" boarded our raft. I say this because she came out of the water, randomly. No one on the raft seemed to care, and she found a seat next to me. She was naked, yet beautiful. I couldn't make her out in detail because the sky was dark, filled with bright stars. Our craft landed and the crew that was with me seemed to disappear. The woman and I walked across the islands where we passed a cabin that was filled with warm light. We did not enter the cabin, for it was not ours, and we instead walked around it onto a longer stretch of island. We proceeded to have intercourse, though I do not remember what caused this to happen. It was dark and I couldn't see where she was in terms of her position atop of me. As I grabbed my genitals so I could insert into her's, I could feel her, what I presumed to be, vagina against the back of my hand. It felt accurate in detail. Then we proceeded to do what mammals do best, in terms of production.

      These dreams were semi-lucid, I could feel parts of the dream yet I had no control over them. I was not even prompted to do the reality checks because they felt natural and real, regardless of the situation. I am practicing ADA to overcome this problem.

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    8. Sword Base

      by , 09-14-2011 at 07:09 PM
      I dreamed that there was a crowd of people in a big room which looked like Sword-Base from Halo Reach. At one point they were all chasing this sea lion. It ran into another small room and tried to activate the force-field door to shut the crowd out. However, it was still half in the doorway and it pushed it back into the room with the crowd.

      Then there was a seagull carrying a whale back to it's natural habitat. It was flying over a bit of ocean. There were lots of small islands consisting of just rock and some sand below the steep cliffs. The sun was setting, casting an orange glow over these islands and the few clouds. It was beautiful - like something out of a painting
    9. The Chronicles of Dreamia: The Music, the Girl, and the Islands

      by , 01-23-2011 at 12:13 AM
      January 21-22, 2011

      Don't remember much! But I dream something about music. In real life I had went to a school concert where people perform their favorite music. I guess I dream about that.

      I'm at school. In the hallway I saw the girl I like. She said something like,"Your gonna have to catch me!" She ran away to the beginning of the hallway.
      I looked back and everything turned blue. Blue fog too! Then a SUV was on the hallway that goes a little uphill. It was backing up. I said to myself,"Someone told ___ i like her!"
      The blue fog turned into water, I rose up to the surface of the water where I saw three extremely small lands. They were connected to each other by wooden bridges. Then, I woke up.
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    10. Islands

      by , 01-17-2011 at 09:03 PM
      1: In my dream there were 3 islands, all of them were small with a large pole sticking up out of the middle. Me my brother and some random people are flying around in a 747 above the islands, I grab a parachute and we all jump out into the ocean. I swim to an island by myself. (some how my dream has the dilution that climbing poles is impossible). So when I it there, somehow my dream shifted gravity and I walked right up the pole. That's when I noticed we all looked like video game characters drawn in supermario. We all were pixelated. The other people came to my island and begged me to tell them how to climb the poles.

      2: I am then transitioned into another dream. All I recall is that my brother and some girl are sitting on te floor with me. There is a tv playing snow.
    11. New Habits

      by , 06-09-2010 at 05:17 AM
      Quote Originally Posted by Hannah4445 View Post
      Monday- May 31, 2o10
      I was on some type of island, I had been sleeping on a hammock. Then of course, George comes out of no where and asks, “How did you sleep?” (WTF where did he come from a rock? WTF seriously he just popped out of nowhere…) “pretty well. I guess I don’t remember going to sleep at all” I said. “Haha, probably from all the sand you ate, you like sand do you?” (Umm why the hell would you let me eat sand? What kind of boyfriend are you? You didn’t find that weird that I was eating sand? WTF?) “Umm, yeah…probably.” I managed. (I ate sand?) “Well im going to go to the smoothie place and get some cheese ok?” (Why would the smoothie place have cheese? This dream gets weirder and weirder.) “Ok? Have fun?” I said. I took the magic helicopter and tried to pilot it. But in the end, I died. (Poor me...) That’s really gonna put a damper on my new sand eating habits….
    12. Toy Store, Demons

      by , 10-27-2008 at 02:58 AM
      Had a dream, something about needing to get away from my house ASAP because a demon had been there, we had tricked it but it was going to return once it figured ir out. I was a pre-teen and had two pre-teen/teen friends, and I think I was a guy. Anyway, we packed stuff really quickly and took off in a station wagon. We got to this city full of bright lights and decided to go into a massive toy store. It was huge, several stories tall and the walls were made of glass. We played with a lot of the toys and I found a pile of stuffed horses, each as big as myself. I spent some time hugging one of them and decided I liked them, and wanted to buy one, but I wanted to buy a stuffed unicorn and they didn't have any unicorns.

      Finally, the demon caught up with us, and we had to battle it. One of my friends somehow became a party member who was a man with blond hair, in his mid-twenties, and he was one of my best allies and a good fighter. We thought we were winning, but it turned out that the thing was just toying with me - before it took off, it turned my friend into a stone statue of a gargoyle. So not only did I now lack my best party member, but he was also my friend and he was dead.

      I teleported into an alternate dimension which was an island, with three stone statues that had glowing blue gems in them, and this was where I fought the demon. However, I think I may have lost. In any case, I woke up.
    13. The Sea King

      by , 09-25-2008 at 08:33 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is the second dream I had on September 25th, 2008.

      I am floating above a large inland sea surrounded by high cliffs and thick forests. There is a long winding railroad track that runs along the circumferance of the sea by I do not know if it is used because some parts of it dip down and are sumberged. There are two islands near the center of the sea where tiny humans live. Or at least they seem tiny compared to me and everything appears in minature. I am invisible and no one can see me. There are two groups of people that identify themselves by colour; the red people on the eastern island and the blue people on the westen island. The people have different cultures and beliefs and though they have everything to survive independantly of each other, they constantly war with each other because of their differing spiritual beliefs or something.

      I suddenly find myself at the same scale as everything else and walking along the train tracks along the northern edge of the sea. After a while the track dips down into the water and heads towards the center of the sea. I keep walking and find that I can continue walking along the track without drowning or becoming bouyant. I follow the track down to the center where a submerged but seemingly abandoned city exists. Some of the buildings look modern, even futuristic, while others are made of a slightly glowing coral. There are many colourful lights around the city and they illuminate a giant bearded merman sleeping in the very center. He looks a lot like the classical sea god image but he makes me think of the father from Disney's The Little Mermaid, King Triton. There is a mighty golden trident at his side which is almost as large as he.

      The is suddenly a great deal of tension coming from up above and I can sense this telepathically. The energy of the tension is so strong that it wakes the giant Sea King, who sighs wearily. He sits up and grabs me with his massive right hand (though very gently, and I know somehow that he isn't going to hurt me) and grabs his trident with his left hand before surfacing quite rapidly. On the surface nighttime has come and the Sea King and I can see that the two islands of people have amassed great armies on their respective islands, seemingly to destroy the other once and for all. The giant merman quietly tells me that he is the god of these people and protects them, and that they fight each other because each believes that they are more favoured by the god over the other, which they believe makes them superior and that the 'lesser' island should submit. Thus the fighting never stops.

      The Sea King tells me he is tired of the fighting because he cares for the red and blue people equally and though he wishes neither any harm he is considering letting them destroy each other so that the constant warring will finally stop. He places me on a giant clam shell and sends me towards the islands, to warn the warring sides of the god's growing apathy. I am visible again and I talk first to the red people but most ignore me while others threaten me. I then go over the the western island where the blue people live. They are suspicious because they saw me come from their enemy's island, but are more willing to listen to my warning. In the end though, the blue people say they will still fight, partly because they know the red army is going to attack anyway.

      I return to the Sea King and tell him what happened at which point he becomes very angry. He swims between the two islands and raises himself up out of the water as far as he can and towers over the tiny islands, whose people cover is fear. The Sea King declares loudly that neither island is favoured over the other, that they are both equal and that the fighting has to stop. He also says that their unique and seperate cultures should be celebrated as complements to each other, not as opposites.

      The red army suddenly lunges forward and makes its way over to the blue island. They continue from their little boats and charge forward as if to attack. They reach the blue army and it looks as if the two sides are going to violently clash with each other, but instead the armies merge and walk through each other as if they were transparent. As this happens the blue and red peoples become different shades of purple. The armies and people mingle together and laugh and hug and dance. There is a drunken reverie to celebrate their coming together as the Sea King returns to his place at the bottom of the sea and goes back to sleep. I watch the partying from afar, feeling like an outsider and do not participate in the celebration because I seem to have become invisible again. My last feelings in this dream were of isolation and loneliness, then I woke up.