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    1. 12 Sep: Tobogan competition, missing an exam and disgusting cyst

      by , 09-12-2019 at 10:17 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At some city with a river and I do my daily travels with a little boat across it. I also use the boat as a tobogan on certain land areas. One day there is a competition for urban tobogan sliding and I rush to participate, but it is only guys and they mock me and bully me. But I join anyway.
      Then there is some vice police that is annoying everybody, because typically this event is associated with a flourishing prostitution parallel business. The cops look at me sideways because women here usually are hookers and also I am half-naked because of my sports outfit which is a bit like a swimsuit.

      At the university, about to have an History exam, but I am in the Biology department gathering stuff I have been leaving there. It's 5 minutes for the exam, but I want to leave everything neatly packed in boxes to pick them up later. I check the time and call a friend to ask for the room where the exam will be. She says it is 5 pm and the exam finished hours ago. I say it's impossible because 5 mins ago was about to be 2 pm.
      I'm freaking out about my time lapse. I spill a cup of coffee that's on a table over another girl that is apparently taking a nap on a chair. She wakes up, I tell her about the exam and she tells me not to worry because all exams were delayed to next week and my friend was probably trolling me.

      I notice that the cyst I have on my back is soft and squishy so I squeeze it. It moves down and stops at my hip. It drips really smelly gook when I touch it, so I go look for a bathroom. I can't find one and for some reason I end up on the street and realize I am fully naked now. The cyst now looks like the cocoon from where "the" Alien comes out and starts to open. A jelly gook with jelly eggs starts oozing. I squeeze to get it all out and also start spewing mushrooms, starfishes and octopuses. Then, closer to the end, tree leaves also come out and then it empties. I feel extremely light and I can't care less about being naked on the street.
    2. l.

      by , 10-12-2018 at 01:07 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up at around 9:20 recalling one or two non-lucid dreams, sat up to make note of one of them and forgot the other.

      I was in a town I don't recognise and it was night time. I was head to some place and then I ran into a stray dog, which looked like a mix between a dalmatian and a husky or something. But it was very scruffy and some fur was missing. Though I felt sorry for the dog I was initially wary that it may be aggressive or carrying fleas.

      It got very close to me, rubbing against my legs but I kept moving on and it kept following me. I was going into some sort of garden/park and there were small trees but they made enough shade even at night that it felt considerably darker now. There were pairs of wild cats or something and they did look aggressive.

      I was avoiding getting too close but the dog following me started growling and barking at them, I said "shh silly dog, stop that!"

      The cats didn't react very much, but I was afraid they would but the dog stopped provoking them and continued following me.

      Eventually at the other end of the park there was a brick wall, part of a building. In the wall there was a square doorway, literally a hole in the wall.

      Inside was a small dark room and there was a mini shower for the dog and some dog shampoos and things. I turned on the shower or it came on by itself and the dog became a person. At that point I thought the dog shampoo might not be such a good idea anymore since it wasn't meant to be used on people.

      Then there was some transition and it was implied I was on the other side of the building; it wasn't as dark now, it was starting to become day. There was a dirt path and a barn or something and a boy with a backpack.

      I was here like the boy to do some sort of exam, but I remember I had some pills, 4 or 5 of them and oddly enough I put all of them in my mouth at the same time, and struggled a bit but managed to swallow them. They were all different colours, as I remember holding them and looking; white, light blue, magenta and something else.

      Then I walked towards the barn and I remember walking up a couple of steps and entering. I think someone was there but my memory of the dream kind of ends here.

      Some notes:
      • The dog was smaller than I would expect for either of the two breeds it seemed to be.
      • The cats looked a bit like lynxes or bobcats or something, they were fairly big but not much bigger than the dog.
      • The bit with the pills was particularly odd; I never carry pills around, but of course there's some contextual residue that I take supplements before bed sometimes. The fact that I took so many at the same time was odd too because it can be difficult to swallow just one large pill without a drink, let alone a few more at the same time.
      • I remember the dog shampoo bottle looked a bit like a plant feed bottle; it was plastic, red body, green cap.

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous score: 32.0

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 2.0
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream: 1.0
      ++ Help someone in need: 1.0 (the dog, I felt like I was helping my letting it follow me, as I didn't know what would happen otherwise and would feel guilty otherwise)

      = Total score thus far: 34.0
    3. May 7, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 05-07-2018 at 04:38 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      In the dream I'm in a huge room in some sort of factory or school. There are desks leading up to a chalkboard and the ceiling is very high up. I'm taking a final exam and I'm the last one to finish. Everyone else is walking away like they're finished. There's a metal structure at the back of the class. People are on the other side with the professor going over the exam. I was walking up to the teacher when I overheard her discussing answers. I started copying down the answer. At some point she was going over a question and said it could be true or false she'd give credit to anyone. I wrote something down. I went back to my desk and people started coming over to me surprised I wasn't done. I unfold the test into this massive 5 by 8 piece of paper with the exam pages spread out.

      I had another dream I was at the pool lifeguarding but I can't remember anything beyond that.
    4. April 18, 2018

      by , 04-18-2018 at 08:19 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The idea was I was a child of Chris Brown and I was taking an exam. I must've been 3 or 4 years old. In this suburban house was a room on the first floor with a bunch of other kids taking the exam except they were cheating. We were afraid the teacher would come in and catch us. I went to the third floor and went to the back of the room to cheat on the test by using my phone. I remember someone telling me to use quizlet to cheat but I never brought my phone up to look up answers. The test was about 50 questions but I only managed to get through 15 or so. On the top floor Chris and a bunch of other adults came up and a lot was going on.
    5. Feb 26 to 27, Cool L D chain with an interesting plot,

      by , 02-28-2018 at 12:07 AM
      Here is the visual dream journal drawing entry for the day

      Here are my dreams from February 25 to 27, 2018.

      Round 1

      In my first round of dreams, I just had some vague memories. One was of a woman I know moving to a house near me, and seeing her move in. Another was of being in a restaurant and handing someone a big pack of linens. Something at the local food store. Something with my sister at a restaurant. My old neighbors were sitting near us. We ordered beverages. I left a 2 dollar tip. We decided not to stay because the rest of our family wasn't there.

      Round 2

      Round 2 of dreams my memory was starting to improve again. It started with something about not doing too many house chores so the person can take care of themself. Then a part with T P, a friend from school, in my room, looking at a paper. We had to put the room lights on and they were yellowish. Maybe a carry over from yellowish lighting at the library that day.

      Then I was in a bathroom stall. Listening to a lucid dreaming podcast about how people can recreate sensory experiences with their mind. And recreating sensory experiences with my own mind. Then I went out of the stall and there was a pile of dirt on the ground. I didn't want my dad to think it was food so I started to sweep it. Then I was afraid to harm the plants on the ground where I was sweeping so I stopped. I was making music in my mind.

      Woke up and thought those through.

      Fell asleep again and dreamed about strawberries. Then a truck pulled up and dumped out a bunch of dessert food. A cartoon character said, "put some cookies on it", and cookies covered the big strawberry. Then dessert toppings got poured all over the whole "dream screen". I woke up from this laughing.

      Round 3

      I was in a room full of people at a meeting type thing. I was having a 3 minute share. My timer was running but other people kept talking. I just relaxed and said they could have my share time. E S tried to take my phone and look up an article for me to read. I didn't want him to take my phone because I have personal journals on it. I had to fight him as he tried to pull my phone out of my hands. I walked out of the room. There was more stuff I wound up forgetting.

      Then I was walking through a hall. A mahogany red wall appeared in front of me and I tapped it with a silver ladel to open it. i walked by a room of some people saying something like, "Ganondorfdalf" and was upset they broke my concentration. To my right I saw a screen playing something that could have been the Hobbit. I was thinking that I would be able to watch The Hobbit on cable T V now since it had been so long since it was out.

      Then I had a false awakening where I woke up in my room but in a dream. The lights were on. I was standing up using my voice recorder. An Indian woman was in my bed, asking me to come lay down. I told her I have to finish dream journaling. Then I decided I could go lay down with her because there is plenty of time to dream journal. But then I was afraid I would forget my dream.

      Then I was at the foot of my bed and saw a cigarette on the floor. I realized this might be a dream because there is no way there would be a cigarette in my room. I put my finger through my palm. I realized that I don't need to record my dreams into this voice recorder because it won't be there physically when I wake up. (then again, if it is all just electrons, maybe there is a way it could!) . I went to lay down with the indian woman and pushed the voice recorder off the pillow. I tried to tell her about my dreams so I would remember them upon awakening.

      Then we were in a big grassy field in broad daylight. There was a scary porcupine creature we were trying to get away from. The woman hid in the bushes and called her cat to her. Then I saw a bull heading straight for her from off in the distance. The bull became a black Escalade with all shattered windows. It continued to barrel right at her. I tried to pull her to me with telekinesis. I stared at the shattered windows on the Escalade as it flew through the air in slow motion. I woke up.

      I laid in bed a little bit and thought it through. I thought I would like to go back into the dream and see what happened, or if I could save her. I waited a little bit and then felt some vibrations.

      I did a W I L D or D E I L D. I was conscious as I transitioned into dream state. What I first saw was like a fuzzy T V screen with black and white fuzz. I heard it going "Shhhh". Then I saw red text on a black background like a news channel. It said something like "untimely death". The woman was shown in a picture as having died. I felt horrible about this but tried to stay detached and just see what the dream would show me. The dream asked, "Do you want to know why she died? What is the reason?" Something like that. Then it showed a video game rendering of what must have been me, sweeping a walk way with water on each side. The dream said, "Inadequate Sweeping!" As the reason she died. It showed me smiling and waving at the camera twice. The video game version of me. And both times I had differently cut hair. I looked like an animal crossing or lego video game character. The dream showed puddles forming on the walk way after I left. That must have been why my sweeping was inadequate. It left puddles. I figured the dream was saying she slipped and fell in due to my not being careful.

      I woke up from that in my physical bed, feeling somewhat upset. But also excited about how vivid a dream it all was. I stayed still, recalling it, hoping to be able to D E I L D once more and try to rescue her. However, that was all I got. I recorded the dream.

      Round 4

      I was in a class room. There was a girl on the side of the class room everyone was making a big deal about. We were getting exams back. I looked at someone else's scores and felt guilty for peeking. I got a 97. The teacher was saying how I did so well because I pay attention well. I was thinking this was because I am so dedicated to dream recall. I noticed the amount of minus ones on my paper in red ink added up to more than 3. So how was that a 97? I was thinking of what an awesome dreamer I am.

      Then I was in a video game. Or playing a video game. Within the dream. I spontaneously realized it was a dream. Spontaneous Dialed. I felt fear as I made my character run from a big spider. I could shoot red fire balls. I crossed a bridge and shot some other enemies. The screen switched panels like old zelda games. I was amazed at how cool it was to be playing a unique video game in my dream.

      Then I had a false awakening. I dreamed that I had woken up from playing this on the T V. My sister was there and I told her how cool I am because I dreamed of a fully functional video game. I was nervous though because I hadn't recorded the dream yet and I was afraid I would forget it. My sister was asking if she could watch the Honey mooners. I asked her if she could watch it on her phone so the sound wouldn't distract me from dream recall. I was going to go up to the living room to record my dream. I was at my Nana's house in the Den. I started to panic because I was way too active and probably forgot the dreams by now.

      I woke up in my physical bed, relieved. I thought the dreams through and had a sense I had still forgotten a good amount of scenes before the exam part. Well, nothing I could do at that point, they were not coming to my mind.

      Round 5

      From this round of dreams all I remembered was scrolling through a bunch of texts and picture messages. One had this picture of a blue guy with a red guy over one shoulder and a whitish guy over the other. There was another graphic text about not having gluten or wheat products. There were a few more dreams from that time but I wasn't able to remember them.


      Good night of dreams. I have been stepping up my waking life recall so that will hopefully help with dream recall even more. I listen to my dreams on an M P 3 during the following day to reflect on them at a deeper level. I have been doing some home remedies for restless legs which seem to have been helping.

      If anyone has problems with restless legs and wants to know the different home remedies that are helping me then please comment saying so and I will explain.
    6. [26/27-01-2017: 13th and 14th competition night]

      by , 01-27-2017 at 10:40 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      Nothing recalled.

      The exam

      I was in school, just about to take an important exam. There were several prepared seats where one could take a registry and start counting and writing. There were many people, interrupting participants in writing, taking pictures. I took the registry and started writing random numbers in it.
      Tags: exam, school
    7. [08-01-2017: Breaking chains, exam]

      by , 01-08-2017 at 03:08 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my house. I entered parent's bedroom for some reason and saw my father in chains as if he was locked in a dungeon. The chains had control over him, making him aggressive. I immediately rushed to free him, breaking the chains. There were three chains and with breaking each one of them, a fingernail from my father's finger was torn. I finally managed to free him. Then I found myself in school, just before an exam starts. Curiously my father was taking an exam too, though it was different. I can't recall much from my exam sheets, but I remember father asking me about some other countries and details about them, even stuff like coal mines.
    8. Poisonous Snakes

      by , 12-09-2016 at 11:12 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      A vague dream about exams.

      I am in a dream where I am underwater, and black snakes attempt to bite me. They are poisonous. I however have a 'hose' which they swim away from.
      Tags: exam, snake, water
    9. #1 - Lucid Burglary & Fragments

      by , 06-15-2016 at 02:34 AM

      I'd known about lucid dreaming for a long time, but it took longer for me to experience it, and it was essentially spontaneously. I'd found I could accidentally go through a WILD-like trance when struggling to fall asleep after waking up early. The dreams would start off at a distance, like a television screen, and then become 'real', often as dream chains that I had some conscious influence over. Sometimes they were fragmented (e.g. being frozen in darkness, having very blurry vision, or the only sensation being the feeling of flying very fast), but now and then the clarity and reality of the scenes I experienced would blow me away. Still, I was unable to stabilise them. A few days ago I discovered that spoken commands like 'increase lucidity' could turn a vague fragment into a full-fledged visual scene, which was encouraging.

      Waking Myself Up From A Burglary Dream

      I'd told myself that I would write up any dreams I'd have that night and post them to DV for my first entry, so it's only fitting that I ended up having my first (semi-)lucid nightmare. After waking up in the morning and went back to sleep, I had a dream where I was sitting around a table with a few people, including, I think, a family friend. I was concerned about an exam that was coming up. I was worried that a question about acid-base chemistry was going to come up; something involving a base in ammonia, and I was sure that it was some other substance than the ammonia itself - NaBH4 or NH4OH. But the exam was cancelled because of an outbreak of 'parainfluenza', and this news was accompanied by the image of a woman with sore-looking yellow eyes. Since it was cancelled, I could rest easy and go to sleep.

      This led into another dream where I was at home in the night, looking down the stairs so that I could see an area near the front door. I heard noises near the front door and looked closer. There was a fairly short man standing there. I thought it was my father - though I wasn't expecting to see him - so I called out to him. Rather than respond in kind, he shushed me, and I realised that it was an intruder. More of these intruders came through, so I retreated into a nearby empty room. At this point I began to suspect something was off. I thought I might be dreaming, but if so I wanted to wake up, so I could be sure and not have to worry about the intruders anymore. This wish suddenly ended the dream. It was replaced by text filling my field of view, being read off by a calm male voiceover. It said something along the lines of, "Welcome to your lucid dream. Wake up now or wake up dead in two weeks." At the time I think I had enough critical faculties to not be sure if this was right, but I realised I was in sleep paralysis and I really wanted to get out of it. I found that, surprisingly, I could slightly move my body with great effort. With what felt like a lot of willpower, I forced myself to move and woke up.

      There wasn't any lingering feeling of terror, which is my usual criterion for a nightmare, but I think this fit the bill, if only because it made me realise that a semi-lucid dream could still be unpleasant.

      Video Game Fragments

      I was watching a boy playing a FPS game, switching between my view of him and a view inside the video game itself. He was clearing a large building with many corridors similar to a hospital - of what enemy I don't know - and then went up a curved staircase, which had many offices running alongside it, arranged in a staircase fashion themselves. The general aesthetic was wood and blue light. By entering this area he went into a sort of mini-game where he blitzed through the offices at high speed, which also involved strips of light flashing on his mousemat very fast. I thought it involved predicting the lights, but when I asked he told me that it was actually a very fast memory game, which observation seemed to confirm.

      I thought about the idea of being sleep-deprived from addiction to virtual reality. I imagined a person distracting themselves from their tiredness by immersing themselves more into it. I have a dream in which I see scenes from an online FPS game called Xibalba, which I think actually represent a place within one level. Bizarrely, I also pondered the merits of a religion that worships the electron transition in one type of molecule (containing nitrogen!) versus a rival religion that worships another.
    10. [14-06-2016]

      by , 06-14-2016 at 11:46 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was preparing for my vocation exam and then got into a car with my pal and my sister. They have packed back of the car with random stuff. I started driving my car but it felt weird. I realised that it's not my car but rather my another sister's car. I adjusted my seat and drove onward. It was really dark, but I could see buildings and road as if it was bright day - they were surrounded by darkness.

      Suddenly I found myself in my school, in front of a classroom where exam would take place. I met many people that I haven't talked with for a long time. A teacher appeared - woman, long dark hair, wearing a gray suit - and told us that it's time for first group to enter. I wasn't signed to that group so I had to wait with few other people. We were waiting and waiting, and the exam didn't ended for their group so we all went out for some time. Then another teacher - a skinny, black haired woman in early forties - appeared and started shouting at us, telling us to get back to school. I recognised her as my previous maths teacher.
    11. [11-04-2016]

      by , 04-11-2016 at 02:51 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First fragment

      I was with group of adventurers, we were fighting our way up an incredibly tall tower. We were fighting with horrible monsters.

      First dream

      I was in school. It was a really hot spring day, during a break I was searching for a place where it's a bit colder. First I went downstairs to the second entrance, there were kids running around and playing. It still was too hot, I went upstairs and opened a window. A cold breeze blown through the window. As soon as I opened it, teacher called us to class. It was mostly empty, there were like two people left. They had an important exam, while teacher gave me a golf ball that opened itself, revealing more balls. They were all written with text about second world war and authors that written during that time.
    12. [25-01-2016]

      by , 01-25-2016 at 10:53 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in school. The classroom was heavily crowded. One of my classmates was having an exam at English lesson. He considered one question, but then another classmate whispered something, waved his hand and a puff of gray smoke shouted out of his hand, and striked the exam classmate on the head. This removed all of his knowledge from his head. Rest of us laughed. I recall that during casting, he muttered "Domus durbentia -'Dementia!"
    13. #149 - seds exam / goddess nightmare (5/11/2015)

      by , 11-05-2015 at 10:26 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - seds exam
      Me and my friend John are in a car and driving around for part of a field trip related to the sedimentology paper we're studying. I remember being near the coastline and seeing some calm water while we're on a dirt road nearby under the canopy of some pine trees. I think we're pissy about something. We're back in the paleosed lab in our geology department studying for the exam now which is related to the field trip we've just been on. John tells me that the other people studying have placed the 'backshore' zone *here* (he shows me somehow, maybe with a picture). I get annoyed, "dude they're doing it wrong. Look at this" I start illustrating the beach and shoreface zones in their entirety and start teaching him about everything. "Well damn mister sedimontologist huhuhu" he says jokingly (kind of an inside joke where he's saying I'm a smartass ).

      Dream 2 - Goddess Nightmare
      This dream was a little weird. I remember being on a boat, surrounded by water. I know that in the direction behind me is land somewhere but I can't see it. There are other people on the boat but I don't recall seeing them. There's internal dialogue going on, I'm just.. Thinking?
      "The beginning of the world was due to the contact between the gods and goddesses" (this is similar to Greek mythos I think, Oranos the sky father and Gaia the earth mother). I'm in the water now, the boat is non existant and the dream is showing the distance between gods. I represent a god that is wading in the water, while in the distance I know there is another god but she's only just visible and is wading in the water. It's supposed to be impossible to contact one another, but the dream story says that we do and that is how everything begins.

      It is now a different time, the 'present'. Mankind has to be careful of the gods and goddesses because they walk among us in disguise. They require constant sacrifices every day. Some seduce their prey and kill them in their houses. I think a hot woman picks me up and we head to her house. She's actually a goddess (surprised?)... I think she goes into another room to get change and tells me to wait here (in the living room I guess). I think I somehow discover she's a goddess as I seem to see her on her bed in a red fishnet body dress thing. She was doing erotic stuff and I was like "oh shit she's going to kill me" so I ran and hid. Another person turns up and she kills him instead. I'm hiding in her closet but it's full of 'skins'. Like body suits she can wear to disguise herself. Behind them all is another door which takes me into another bedroom. She's still after me so I think I bolt out the window and onto the grass outside. I run downhill on the lawn towards the main road and manage to escape but the whole time I was terrified. Like she could get ahead of me somehow and come around some corner with an axe like they do in the horror movies O_O. I decided I wanted to wake up so I did.
    14. {Precognitive} - Exam, terrorist attack

      by , 10-30-2015 at 05:02 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was going to school. It was during a flood. I had maths. I entered the classroom, and the teacher already took me for exam. I had to write a project. I started good, though I had to explain my thoughts on it to the teacher. Luckily I passed. Later when I was back home after school, everything was enveloped with red glow. Alerts in radio said about terrorists attack.

      *Later this day i had two sudden exams in a row, in one I had to explain my way of thinking to the teacher. Hope that terrorists part won't get real.
    15. #143 - grade

      by , 10-29-2015 at 09:04 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      I really couldn't be bothered doing anything last night. I didn't want to get up for a WBTB or SSILD, couldn't be bothered writing any notes about my dreams either. The only one I recall is the last one because it legitimately tricked me.

      Dream 1 - Grade
      I remember being in the paleosedimentology lab room at the geology department in my uni. I was sitting down when my old english teacher (and home room teacher) Mr. Rogers from high school showed up and gave me the results for my first exam, Marine Science. I seem to see him as a geology professor for some reason...
      "Whoa. 91.5%?".. The grade on my exam is awesome, I'm completely stoked. I knew I had been trying harder this semester because it was my last year and I also wanted to prove that I wasn't lazy (usually I just wing a B+ without much effort). I think Mr. Rogers asks if I had just been studying really hard, insinuating that maybe I had cheated or something. To be honest I didn't study that hard ^_^ but I was still really happy. I think I start rolling around in my bed at this point in a semi-wakeful state, thinking about texting my girlfriend the good news.
      Suddenly I realize I'm in my bed... What? Oh, son of a b*tch!! It was a dream!...
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