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    1. Deaddie Murphy

      by , 01-12-2011 at 12:55 AM (Dreamjumper)

      Eddie Murphy ate a fly. Then it flew out of his mouth unscathed.

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      Tags: celebrity, creepy
      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    2. My Eye

      by , 11-11-2010 at 12:45 PM (My poisoned mind O_o)
      After spending much time away from the internet I finally return
      This is a creepy dream, and naturally at the time I didn't really have anything wrong with it, I thought it was kinda cool.

      My right eye is in my mouth, I look for some water to put it in cause I don't want it to dry out. I'll get some help about what to do afterward but first that water.
      I find what I'm looking for fill it at the tap and spit the eye into it. I notice the eyeball has 2 pupils/iris, curious. And some other bits but I don't really notice them. No idea what they were.
      I'm talking to someone. I say "Hey" and I get the reply "なくなちゃった!" This means approximately "you lost it!" in this circumstance. It's Japanese making this the first time I can remember that I've dreamed anything in Japanese. I open that eyelid a bit in front of them and they complain, but I notice I can still see a bit with it, so I assume part of the retina is still present, which doesn't seem to fit what I saw when I spat it out. But I don't know enough about this kind of thing. I'm a bit upset that it's gone yet I don't really care.

      Upon waking I was a tad disappointed in discovering the continued presence of my right eye, then decided it's probably for the best as I regained sense.
      In retrospect if I had payed more attention to the oddity of the retina still being there then I ma have been able to go lucid, but otherwise very un-lucid.

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    3. 10/24/10 A Tale of Two Assholes

      by , 10-27-2010 at 12:28 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: I have read in different places that writing dreams in the present tense helps aid in the recall of those dreams. Since I have been having so many fragments lately, I'm going to give it a shot for a while starting with this dream.

      I am at my ex boyfriend, James's house. I can tell it's getting a bit later in the evening, and I am thinking I still want to get to the mall to the computer store before I go home. For some reason I don't want James coming with me to the mall, so I haven't mentioned to him that I want to go there at all. I am trying to come up with a good excuse to leave his place early so I will sure have time to get to the mall before they close, but I am having problems with that. Finally I tell James I have to make a stop on my way home to get something, and of course he wants to come along, he says there is still plenty of time to run my errand and then come back in time for me to head home. So since I am unable to come up with an excuse as to why I want to go without him, I agree that we can go together. James and I head out to my car and drive straight to the mall with nothing eventful happening on the way there. In fact, we don't even say much to each other along the way, which is a bit odd, but in the dream I don't notice this is unusual.

      Once we are in the mall I head for the computer store to look at the games, I know exactly what I am after, though I still see no reason why it should be secret from James… it's just a feeling I have that I want to keep it to myself. In the computer store I head directly to the PC games, straight to the latest installment in the Assassin's Creed series, which is entitled "Assassin's Creed: Descent into Madness." I pull the box off of the shelf and find it is the last copy there, I feel fortunate to have found it. Apparently the plot includes the Assassins from all the different time periods ending up in the same place, the Templars attempted to meddle with time to allow them to gain possession of all of the pieces of Eden, which has damaged the fabric of space-time, so the Assassins have to target specific Templars who were damaging the space-time continuum to prevent this damage before it happens… Cool, I think, time travel! The box cover shows Altaïr, Ezio, someone I don't recognize but is clearly an Assassin, and Desmond, who had apparently trained as an Assassin as well. I know right away that those are three ancestors Desmond interacted with through the Animus and then Desmond himself. James is behind me, he says he thought I didn't have the money to buy him a video game he had wanted. I say that I don't, this money was set aside for Assassin's Creed, which I had already promised myself. I tell him I do have to buy myself something sometimes, too. He tries to pull a guilt trip that I obviously don't love him since I had hidden this money, acting like he has a right to be angry because I lied about not having the money for his game when I had kept the money for my game. I look at Assassin's Creed and I am able to be unaffected by the guilt trip as I go to the checkout and pay for Assassin's Creed, for my game.

      In the main part of the mall, James is still trying to pull a guilt trip on me, and I am still resisting it as I think about playing Assassin's Creed when I get home. I notice there aren't many people in the mall, apparently it is almost time for it to close. I tell James we had better get going or I will be late leaving to get home on time, he acts really depressed over the game. We are on our way to the entrance when I see something that catches my eye… a really big guy with a dark aura of some kind, he looks more like something I might see in a cheesy slasher flick. He is about seven feet tall, is dressed all in black, staring at a woman in a very threatening manner. I point that out to James, but he doesn't seem to think anything of it. I tell James it looks like there might be trouble there, maybe we should go get the police, that big man looked like he was seriously threatening that woman. James says it's not our business, but I feel drawn to them, to follow them and make sure nothing drastic happens. The big psycho killer type leads the woman away, the woman doesn't seem to be resisting, but I get the idea she is too afraid of the big guy to even try to escape. James reluctantly follows me along, I follow them into a theater without having to buy a ticket or anything, where the woman sits down with the big guy to watch the movie. I sit down behind them where I can keep an eye on them and still not be seen. It's a pretty crappy movie, it looks like it was made by a first quarter student in my school, the acting sucks… the composition sucks… the camera work sucks… everything sucks. It sucks so bad it's almost funny. The movie was about a couple who broke up, I could tell it was supposed to be more of a tear jerker than a comedy, but the sheer crappiness of the movie made it much more amusing than sad. The characters in the movie speak like zombies, with absolute no emotion at all, as if they are just reading their lines like a bunch of retards.

      I notice the woman get up and walk away from the big creepy guy… but the big creepy guy is gone now, there is an average looking man there, only about six feet tall or maybe even a bit shorter, decent looking but not overly hot, with a friendly smile. Great… I'd lost the big creepy guy. But at least the woman is away from him. Apparently the woman has had enough of the movie, she is heading for the door which is standing slightly open and allowing some light into the room. Instead of leaving, however, she just closes the door. My attention is drawn back to the movie again when I hear someone speaking with some degree of emotion for a change, and I look to see MoSh is playing in the movie! Awesome, MoSh has an acting job! Too bad he is surrounded by idiots… He is talking about someone he thought was his dream girl, but he says that it doesn't matter since he had found the wrong person. The woman is clearly affected by this, and she starts crying, with the big creepy guy standing over her… I have had enough of that creepy guy.

      I walk over to the creepy guy with James following me and telling me to stay out of it, but I am ignoring James entirely. I reach the man and ask him why he is following the woman around, what is it he is looking to gain from this. He gives me a dirty look, his eyes are solid black, it's like looking into empty dark voids, the aura of dark energy around him seems to grow and try to envelope me, to pull me into the darkness. James, behind me, is now staring into the creepy guy's eyes, seeming to be zoned completely out. He takes a couple steps towards the creepy guy, who grabs James by the neck and squeezes extremely tightly until I hear James' neck actually break with a brittle snap. He throws James body aside and glares at me, I notice that the woman who had been crying is gone now, I wonder where she managed to go. At least it appears she got away from this creepy asshole for now. I find I do not fear this guy at all, so I walk right over to him… my head is about the level of his chest… but I glare straight up into his bottomless abyss eyes and tell him if he is looking for trouble, he was going to get it… because I'm his worst nightmare. He doesn't respond, but I am now thinking about dreams, so I do a quick nose-pinch reality check and discover I am dreaming.

      Now that I realize I am dreaming, I know I have a wide array of powers at my disposal to take care of this oversized asshole. I tell the asshole I will give him a small sample of what he will face if he doesn't back down immediately, at which point I open up with a blast of energy in the same manner as Vegeta does in Dragonball Z, I hit the asshole with a Final Flash of light energy. The entire theater is suddenly illuminated with the light from my blast, and the big creepy guy is sent flying down the aisle into the movie screen with a huge explosion. The last thing I see on the movie screen is an image of two people with their backs turned on each other, I don't recognize the people, then that scene collapses in on itself as the creepy guy crashes into it. Everyone in the theater is now standing up and clapping, giving a standing ovation to something I am not aware of… or maybe they're clapping for my kicking the creepy guy's ass… I'm not sure.
    4. Let's consider this my first DJ entry...

      by , 09-02-2010 at 01:23 AM
      For the online DJ system, that is. I have two books filled to about 350 pages total thus far and it's been a long time since I shared any :l so here we go, I'll start by retelling some of the ones you all have missed out on:

      The New House

      My family hears word of my Aunt Brenda buying a new place a couple hours from where she used to live. Invited, we pack up via time lapse imagery and begin our 3 three hour drive out of our way to meet the new house. They'd only moved in yesterday, and hadn't even come close to exploring all 50+ different rooms in the house. It was a mansion that somewhat reminded me of the manor from the Resident Evil 1 in size and complexity. However upon entering, the place seemed much unlike that mansion in RE1, for it was clean, tidy, and welcoming.

      After the expected greetings and whatnot with my Aunt and cousins, I naturally follow my oldest cousin, Dale, to his new room. I complimented his TV, which was a forty inch plasma with crystal clear picture. Dale corrected me, saying that it was his computer screen. Amused by this, I took advantage by watching youtube videos on it for what should have been hours. Soon, I went downstairs for dinner; apparently, I had missed the tour of the house from what they had explored thus far. Supper consisted of great homemade stuff.

      After dinner I was shown to my room, (there was just a transition to the moment my Aunt opened the door for me) and I immediately collapsed on the cozy bed. A brief lurch forward in time, a few hours. I hear crying, and then a brief scream. The door to my room opens and then slams. Heart racing. I contemplate and idealize what could possibly be happening, but I can't summon a reasonable conclusion. Determined to convince myself it was just the wind, I forced myself to try to sleep for the rest of the night.

      In the morning I went downstairs to see if anyone was up yet. There was nobody. There was a paper note on the fridge that hadn't been there the day before, which read, "The small room with the small door handle-- we don't go there!"

      I paced until everyone was downstairs and awake. We ate. Dale had a friend over as well as the friend's mother. Dale and his friend would just sit staring hypnotically at the computer screen, waiting for his mother to speak to which he would immediately reply with an aggravated "Shut up." and grimace, possibly swearing under his breath in anger.

      I said I was going to the bathroom, so I walked downstairs and turned a few corners and found it. Upon opening the door, the tap erupted violently without any of the handles being turned around the faucet. So, I went upstairs to find the other bathroom, ignoring the impulse to ask where it is. I walk through the room of my other cousin, Marina, which was sort of like a dual entrance-way room (a door on either end). I also notice another cousin of mine, Pam, was crashed on the bed. I emerge into a small hallway from her room, and immediately hear reverberating footsteps at a fast pace, sounding quite close. The door behind me slammed shut. I was completely alone in the narrow corridor; I could feel no human presence.

      It was illuminated with a nostalgic sunlight, deep and warm and hard on the eyes. There were three doors along the wall beside me. The door on the left had a shuddering handle. Hearing my heartbeat echo in my ears, pulsing madly and loudly, I open the handle out of overpowering curiosity. The sound of a thousand dying screams at once all hit me in one concentrated outburst, windy. Visions of decaying corpses, mutilated half-deads, and the tortured all dance around my peripherals. In the back of my mind I have an image of fingernails, rotten and overgrown, peeling slowly off the fingers of these leathery people, and it headaches me greatly. I slam the door shut. It immediately opens again as soon as I shut it, and the room looks fine. An old record player sits in the corner, spitting out some distorted jazz out of the brass trumpet. I close the door, my heart thumping being more vivid than ever.

      As I look over to the sunlit windows I see a shadow moving underneath them, along the floors, and quickly away from me. At this moment for some reason I realize that there are no lights installed in this part of the house. I walk to the end of the hallway and look both ways. The hallway becomes darker, the carpet rusty, the whole atmosphere dirty like that of an old cheap motel hallway, even the smells. I turn my back and return to Marina's room. The bedsheets were torn off and Pam was gone. As I made to leave, out of the corner of my eye, I see multicoloured toe socks peeking out from under the bed-- Pam was under the bed.

      I leave the room, but as I step away from the door I see a terribly vivid image in front of me. It was a woman with greasy and dirty gray hair, accompanied with a rotting gray face with cracks alongside, tearing away at the remaining skin on her face (not a lot). She was wearing a silver night-gown. Stains of red here and there, and many puke stains, particularly down her middle. She ignored me, fell to her knees without acknowledging me, and screamed the same scream I had heard only last night. She got up and glided away, sobbing to herself.

      I ran downstairs, turned a corner to find my Aunt and a few other people crowded around the bathroom door downstairs. The other things that had been in there before were gone, and now was a urinal, which was also backing up.

      We left the house, assuming, never to return.
    5. Wave 3: Early Bird

      by , 08-01-2010 at 05:56 PM (The Meerkat's Lair)
      It is the 3rd night and im starting to get the hang of dream recall. I have not had a night without a dream. Yet. But every morning i wake up with no dream in mind, fall asleep after a while and THEN get a very clear dream. I believe thats why WILDers wake up early in the stage of REM. It kinda makes sense and is completely natural. I guess. So anyway I wake up in the middle of the night completely empty.

      Heres the thing: I had NO IDEA I fell asleep. I look at the time; 5:30. Holy crap. BUT I DIDNT NOTICE I FELL ASLEEP! Then i went, maybe im deaming. Check. Nope. Very awake. But its dark like midnight outside! So I start again but as I try to fall asleep I see the sun rising and morning pointing his ugly face. Crap i have nothing.

      So heres the dream:
      Im fighting a creature that looks like a mix of the Joker and Johnny Depp (in Alice). I never touch him during the dream; he throws stuff which I avoid or catch and throw back. We are fighting in a scenery that looks similar to the forest in Alice (though i didnt see the movie).

      After a while I end up next to a ladder which leads to a dark attic/cave. I hesitate and decide not to go inside in fear of meeting a Skulltula (huge spider in Zelda that hangs on ceilings). Down there is a turquoise (greenish blue) flashing light. I am not myself; I am a big bearded man. Then what appears to be a clone of me and my wife (?) jump down. The light becomes huge and they never come back.

      Back with Johnny, in my living room this time. He throws some kind of boomerang like Batmans, but when i catch it it becomes soft and flexible. I also catch and throw a thing that looks like a Liechi Berry in pokemon, only much bigger. I find a way to lock him up outside behind the main entrance. I see his blurry face through the window. Then I turn around, go up the stairs and when I look back: he got back in. Then i scream : HEIN? COMMENT YA FAIT POUR RENTRER?!
      (how did he get back in?!) Then i wake up.

      Note: This was not a nightmare. Simply a weird, creepy dream.

      I remember vaguely another dream before that where I tried to impress Ali the Bachelorette by writing mean things in a window of a room. Then she would get inside the room and see all those sweet messages I wrote all over the walls and ceiling. All of them were signed: Ray,Ray,Ray,Ray.... I think i was helped by a group of asian policemen. Thats it.
    6. A Walk Around the Neighborhood

      by , 06-14-2010 at 01:00 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was walking around the neighborhood with my mother and my sister. In my hands I was holding our pet dove. She was being very quiet, gently cooing. When we got about halfway around, a bus dropped off a small kid. The sun was setting fast, so I started running home (dove disappeared). It was getting really creepy, so I did a reality check and found that I had 5-6 fingers (it was hard to tell in the darkness), but I didn't want to acknowledge that I could be dreaming because if I acknowledged that I was dreaming then I also acknowledged that there were things in the dark that could get me!
      Tags: bus, creepy, dove
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