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    1. The Weird Fish

      by , 08-07-2015 at 07:40 PM
      I think there were a lot of things on this dream, but I remember just one scene:
      I was inside a small, square-shaped cyan room, and one wall was replaces by a giant fish tank. There was a giant pipe incrusted in a corner and some fish laying in the floor.
      How did you find your way to this forum?-drm.png
      It was creepy, but the thing has turned creepier when the blue one flew into me (I'm sure there wasn't water) and tried to kiss me. I slapped the fish, but he returned and I slapped it again.
      That blue fish was quite strange. It looks like a regal tang-colored angel fish.

      How did you find your way to this forum?-sh.jpgHow did you find your way to this forum?-sh-2.jpg
      Well, what do you think it means?
    2. Columns of deep water, and a chamber in a dolphin-filled lake

      by , 06-22-2015 at 04:34 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      There was a huge circular aquarium with a giant monster fish in it, it looked kind of like a Coelacanth, but it had creepy Piranha eyes and mouth and was about the size of a school bus. On the wall next to the aquarium was a giant skeleton of the same fish. I desperately wanted to go examine the skeleton but I was so afraid of the live fish, he kept swimming at me and snapping, I thought he'd break through the glass. So instead I just admired the damn thing from afar. At one point, I joined up with a tourist group who were being led around the rest of the aquarium by a dude who looked like he didn't even want to be there. We went down some stairs, and I found myself in this amazing room underwater with a big window opened up to the bottom of the ocean. The water reflected off the floors and walls and the whole room was just bathed in this wild blue waving pattern. The guy said we were actually at the very bottom of the ocean and that we were a few miles underwater. Which kind of terrified me, since deep water has always creeped me out. Then I noticed that there was no window glass, the water was just suspended there, like maybe there was some kind of invisible force field holding it back. I took my hand and reached out into the water, and was shocked that it actually went in. But instead of crushing my hand, like I thought a few miles of deep water would do, it was super light. I moved my hand through it and it was like moving it through air, only I could see the water moving. It was a total trip. Later the guy wound up having some personal problem and herded all the tourist group into a room while he took care of whatever business he had. We all sat in there bored and impatient, and I felt very put-out by it.

      For some reason, I was given moderator status over an art group because the founder didn't have the time to deal with it anymore. As soon as I was given the reins, this guy submits three pieces of "art" explaining why I suck as the new moderator. They were really insane reasons, too. The main ones were because I didn't add a Sonic category under the video game art, and because I never invited these two specific artists to join the group. I tried to be polite to him and told him that if he wanted a Sonic category, all he had to do was request it, and that I wasn't going to pester people about joining because membership was free to everyone anyway. He got all butthurt about it and started screaming at everyone.

      I was hiding behind some boulders because I was naked. I have no idea why I was naked, what the heck. But I was super friggin hungry and saw a bunch of people eating pizza, but I couldn't join them because I had no clothes. On the ground was this teeny little shirt, but when I put it on, it didn't cover up anything so there in the rocks I stayed. This woman with long, sandy hair noticed me and invited me over to her hotel room to help me out. We ate pizza and she gave me a bed for the night, and I guess she gave me clothes because I suddenly had clothes again? The next day we wound up with cutesy little crushes on each other and she left for work and I went on my way. I tried calling her later but she was avoiding me. Apparently someone told her a lie about something horrible I did, and I just had to find her and clear my good name, so I went up to her work but she refused to come out and talk to me.

      I was in a huge estate, looking out the window over a big lake. As I watched, I noticed a big black shadow under the water swimming away from the estate so I kept my eyes on it. A little ways in, it poked up its head and I saw it was a dolphin. There was a whole school of them. Then I remembered Cory's sister had a canoe so I decided to get it and go out there on the lake to check out the dolphins, and the canoe had a motor on it apparently. Me and someone else took the canoe out along the edge of the lake that was up against the estate to where the dolphins were, and as we headed out there, I felt like the canoe was slowly sinking but I wasn't too sure so I kept my mouth shut about it. It turned out it was sinking, and it started going under as soon as we got out to swim around with the dolphins, but then we realized the lake was super shallow, like shallow enough to stand in. So we left the lake, hauling the canoe to shore. Later on I walked out there by myself, still along the edge of the water by the estate, and I was really careful as I stepped because I was afraid the water would drop off into deeper spots. Then I saw a big railroad crossing stick and was afraid to go past that, but I didn't have to because the dolphins were right there, so I stood among them and it was just the coolest thing ever. There was only one big one, so I guess it was the mother, and a bunch of little ones, and I grabbed onto the fin of the mother and she swam me out further into the lake where I discovered a secret chamber. It was a bit weird to get in, you had to duck under some shallow water and then come up on the other side. But the chamber itself was creepy, it had mossy stairs and a few sarcophagi, but... it also had a mini-fridge, so I filled it with neat orange soda imported from Germany that said on the cans that it would get chilled in the fridge in under six minutes. Which I thought was bullshit, by the way. It said it in German, like 'Unter sechs minuten!' or something, whatever. My dog Loki figured out my new hiding spot pretty quickly and would come down there with me. But later I discovered there was a scary something down there in the depths of the chamber, but I can't remember what it was, just that it was terrifying. To keep the scary something away, you had to avoid specific areas of the chamber, and I forgot and at one point I was running out of the chamber in terror.
    3. Jelly skies

      by , 06-06-2015 at 10:06 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was standing atop a rock platform, floating in the space surrounded by black, jelly substance. I had to jump to the other platforms, but when I tried strong wind pushed me into space, and when I touched jelly I've got teleported to my house.

      I appeared on the coach in the living room. My mother appeared and said: "Wind pushed you out? There's a combination that can stop the wind, so you could try again." Then she took a Rubik's cube, and after making a combination I got teleported again.

      I landed in a ghost town from western films. Whole place was surrounded by green-gray jelly, and there were huge fishes resembling dinosaurs swimming in it. There were weapons scattered around. I looked around, and saw that the whole town was taken by cultists of Tchernobog.

      I sneaked past a few of them, and found Springfield rifles used in WWII behind a church. There was a salloon in front of the church. Atop the high building, there were cultists waiting with bundles of TNT for me to appear. I jumped from behind the corner and started to shoot.

      Cultists with shotguns and rifles ran around like crazy, trying to shoot me all the time. Cultists from the rooftop threw TNT spreading destruction all around. My rifle was so strong that it knocked enemies many metres back.

      When I finally shot down all those brown robed men, a huge fish from the jelly started to swim in my direction. I tried to run away, but the fish was getting closer.
    4. Lucid Frags

      by , 02-02-2015 at 03:05 PM (Lucid Time!)
      There was a long and particularly drab space travel dream. I was landed on the moon with two other astronauts. One of them was dumping liquid fuel onto the surface of the moon so that our capsule would be lightweight enough to fly home.

      When I got on the capsule (That was huge on the inside despite being tiny on the inside.) my parents were there, along with many a familiar member of my family. They told me 'Happy 19th birthday' (IWL that isn't for another couple weeks. And they gave me this weird cake. It was like a small loaf of bread and filled with this thick buttery like cream. I didn't really like it and told them when my real party came, I wanted a chocolate cake.

      I got distracted from the birthday party scene because I had to dock the caupsle with a space station. I got the strangest sense of Deja-vu, as though I had done this in a previous dream or a long time ago.
      Why does docking with the space station feel farmiliar...?

      I was watching the superbowl, live from the stadium. The game had just started and the football froze in midair. All of the players started dog-piling and jumping to get at it.

      "Uh-Oh, looks like that's an illegal anti-gravity ball. Minus 20 points! And *some player* to the time-out square for you!"

      I realized how absurd this was. (Now IWL, I don't watch sports, and TBH I don't even know the rules of football all that well.) But this was just so strange that I had to be dreaming.

      I woke up though. I took a leak and then it was WBTB time.

      I found myself on my bed. (False awakening.) Though my bed was replaced with this odd powder, like finely-ground flour. I realized right away that I was not fully awake. I began to mess with it. I thought that the reason I was in my bed was because I was still partially awake and I shouldn't move too much because I might start to move my waking life body and wake up.

      At one point, I decided to smell it. It did have a smell, though faint it did smell a bit chalky, sort of like baking soda or flour. I can't say so exactly, but yay for finally smelling something in a dream.


      I was by a lake. My friend pointed out that there were squidfish in the water. I asked him what a squidfish was and he showed me. They were these fish, perhaps a foot long with all of these tentacles on the front of their face. They were carnivorous and ate other smaller fish whole.

      I then noticed that there were large fat fish swimming around in the air, a few feet above me.
      I became lucid, but the dream promptly faded.


      There was one other lucid fragment from this morning, but I can't recall what it was, just that there were three frags involving lucidity after my WBTB. I had the number on my mind all morning.
    5. Sea Side Bathroom

      by , 01-14-2015 at 12:05 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in the sea side. I think there were some people. I was looking for the bathroom. I found one.

      I saw a lot of fish for sale on the stalls.

      I was in an office. It felt... bad. Like I was trapped, but I went into the room by my own free will looking for someone or something. At first the place was empty, then people started showing up. Men and women. Some went down from the stairs. They were talking. I couldn't understand what they were saying or can't remember. I wanted to leave.
    6. 11-7-14 Duplicating Portuguese magnate!!

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:35 PM
      My deceased father and my aunt and sister and my grandfather made their own radio station at the base of a silo. They worked for a long time on it. Then they finished it and they came back to our house. I had a long conversation with my dad and we hugged.

      Afterwards I got to go out and look at the radio station. It actually looked like the inside of a library I go to. I was scheduled to perform a puppet show over the radio.

      My sister and I were walking down an old country road. We were close to the ocean, and parts of the road were flooded, forming tide-pools of various sizes. There was coral in them and all sorts of exotic fish and creatures swimming in the water. My sister didn't want to get her feet wet by walking through the pools so I carried her. But finally the walking got difficult enough that we turned around and started heading home.

      We arrived back at someone else's house other than the one we meant to arrive at. A Portuguese man came up to the door and started jabbering to the owner excitedly. He couldn't understand a word he said so he sent the Portuguese man away.

      A young man started having nightmares about a man named Dan Tacket who claimed to be the president of the Portuguese railway system. He would come into the young man's room, say something unintelligible, look the young man strangely in the eye and then rapidly multiply himself hundreds of times till he filled the whole room. Then all of him would swarm out the door, leaving the young man traumatized, screaming and yelling.
    7. Went to Chicago for no reason

      by , 11-14-2014 at 02:30 PM
      non-dream dream lucid

      Went to sleep around 1:30 or so, which is a HUGE difference from when I've been going to sleep recently.
      Woke up around 6:45. Might get another nap after this.

      I can't help but think that before this, I might've had a lucid dream. Incredibly hazy though.
      The only thing I can remember is I'm on my couch, and the bathroom light is on. No other light source exists and the room seems to be quite a bit different. The atmosphere is one of uneasiness, but it could quickly turn to anxiety if anything strange happens.

      EDIT: I seem to remember something else.
      I'm on my couch, and I'm moving around. There's lots of people here. It's hard to get comfortable.

      But the main event is to follow.
      Visiting Chicago for no reason
      Recall score: 8
      Lucid: no
      TGMG: no

      So I'm in Detroit. Lots of brown buildings with glass around us, as well as a monorail track above? We're in a pretty large open area, with lots of space. Lots of DCs around me (including television reporters), mostly centered around a rather large police van which at that point bursts open.

      Two DCs come out of the back. One looks kinda like one of the police investigator types. Shorter, probably older and lacking hair, and has a really deep voice.
      The other DC (taller, more mexican looking) is more aggressive, but it seems that the two have been together for more time than you'd think.

      So they come out and now they're standing in the middle of this clearing with loads of DCs surrounding (I'm in the group). All of a sudden the cop pulls out a pistol and points it at the other DC. So they kinda just stand there for a second. I try to get as far away from their line of fire as possible. Apparently a lot of the other DCs are as its hard to move around even though the crowd isn't amazingly thick.

      Eventually, and somehow, the criminal guy runs towards the cop, steals the pistol and in what seems like two seconds, the cop gets shot in the head. I'm immediately contemplating running like fuck, before everyone starts cheering. I'm like "wtf" before everyone starts clearing the area. I walk off, but I stay around long enough to see some of the TV stations come and look around. By this time it's starting to get dark out.

      One of the channel 7 guys comes and videos the corpse of the cop, before remarking "Put this on youtube and watch it become the next viral video".

      Next thing I know I'm walking down a street. Very brown, the stores are brown, the sidewalks brown, the awning that's above me is brown. There's a handrail to my right that I'm holding on to.

      After that, I remember my mom picking me up and we drive back home. So now I'm at home in my living room, and my mom is telling me to get ready. I get in the car and then in what feels like 5 minutes we're in Chicago.

      I get out of the car and look around for a bit at all the buildings. It's really really nice out, early morning, twilighty blue sky, and it's cold but not uncomfortably cold. I seem to recall a slight breeze as well.
      I'm thinking "There's places here that I don't even remember!". Last time I was here was in 2004 or so.
      Like the brown building with vertical glass windows and what looks like a wine cork on the top.

      At that point I start looking at the skyline and thinking "on one of those buildings is the WLS ch7 transmitter!".
      Of course, we had our own ch7 (WXYZ) but theirs is a lot fancier.
      At that point I recall a dream fact that WLS and a few other stations moved their transmitters off the downtown skyscrapers a few years ago!

      I look back away from the skyline and I eventually see another building off in the distance. The building itself was another skyscraper but not nearly as skyscraping as the ones on the skyline. It was mostly blue and glass. It has a red and white tower on it. "That must be it!" I think to myself. And just in front of it I see a lattice mast with three small towers coming off the top. "Another antenna I guess".

      So I get back in the car and before I even ask my mother to stop and get something to eat, she's already driving downtown towards a restaurant. Not in downtown but close. We stop and get out and walk into a building almost entirely composed of very thick green glass. It's a rather fancy restaurant, with lots of wooden seats and tables. We go and sit on one of the other tables to the side.
      Lots of DCs around us, all really nice as well. I choose not to really interact, but rather just take everything in.

      I can't remember what I ate, but I know it was on a plate. Was it fish? Fish rings a bell actually. Was really good.

      After I ate, I looked around, and I could see outside the building through the glass. Loads of DCs walking by outside.

      Eventually we walk out and we walk back to our car.
      And after that, it's back home. I
      wake up not too soon after.

      14 day dream recall:

      Themes + route:
      detroit > swat car > two guys comes out > they both fight for a bit > we're worried if we get shot > one of the two people who came out get shot > it actually turns out we were rooting for the guy that was acting more insane > TV reporters take a picture of the dead guy and make a remark about viral videos > we nope the hell out of there > walking down a street with a ceiling above us > arrive back at home > watch ch7 > mom tells me to get ready > go all the way to chicago (I don't even remember why) > look at skyline > WLS-TV > walk around for a bit > end up going into a restaurant (green glass walls) > eat something (it was on a plate) > go all the way back home > wake up

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
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    8. More Crazy Dreams!

      by , 10-27-2014 at 08:27 PM
      I had a dream that (it was my high school swim team again, along with my family) and we were in the sanctuary at the church where I went to preschool. Everyone was wearing their church clothes. The pastor pressed a button on this remote and a projector screen thingy came out. He turned on this video with fishermen fishing on a boat. Then, he started talking about when Jesus told His disciples who were fishing on a boat to pull up the net, and they didn't believe Him at first, but they did it. Then, the pastor went behind us and pushed the pews! He pushed us into the video! When we all sat up, we realized we were on the boat in our church clothes. The fishermen immediately told us to help them fish. It made me think of District 4 in the Hunger Games. My whole high school swim team was pulling on the net to bring up the fish, and it was CRAZY heavy. Meanwhile, this guy who's a junior on the team named Cyrus was playing his piccolo, and a fisherman told him to stop and Cyrus shouts, "No way, Jose!" so the fisherman made him walk the plank. "I'm a swimmer, you know," says Cyrus, "I'm not gonna drown!" Then his ex-girlfriend named Audrey who's the fastest swimmer on the girls team declares, "He's Cyrus Wallis, he can do anything!" The fishermen push Cyrus off the plank, and then they demand us to get back to work. We look down below to see Cyrus swimming the breaststroke into the huge net. Between him and the fish, it's extremely heavy, but we manage to pull Cyrus up to the surface and onto the boat. He's dripping wet, but we don't care. The fishermen ask us why he's on the boat, and we just say, "I don't know?" Then, they make us grab the live fish and throw them into the fryer alive. The fish were flopping around and they were hard to grab, so my friend on the team named Madeleine Brownfield let me use this trident like what Finnick Odair uses in Catching Fire. The fishermen get the fish out of the fryer and put them on paper plates for us to eat. The fish are whole, eyes and all. Madeleine and I both get a gross-looking plate of a whole entire fried seahorse and some slimy seaweed. We don't want to eat it, so we toss it overboard and then suddenly, we are back at the church. My dad is sitting on my lap. The End.
    9. 10-19-14 I'm a... fish?

      by , 10-25-2014 at 09:49 PM
      This girl I like turned herself into an animal for fun, and she suggested I do the same. I met her out in a field by a fence row. She was a beautiful exuberant fox, and she was excited to see me. I tried turning into a fox, but I ended up as a... fish.
    10. Fish/Underwater Maze, Roger/My Old House, and Wanting Coffee At the Mall

      by , 09-30-2014 at 02:08 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in some maze-type thing with some other people, I think my husband was one of them. It was like an underwater/fish theme. When you'd go down a new passageway, it would change the "story" or whatever was going on. If you went back, the story would change back.

      I was then sleeping on the ground somewhere. I had fallen asleep with the TV on (which took up an entire wall; it was like a projector) showing colorful fish and underwater stuff. It was some kind of documentary or something. I woke up and it was still on. I thought about how Dallas had left it on, but I actually liked that he did; I seemed to sleep well with it on.


      I was with a lot of people, many were guys. We were outside. We were about to star going back to high school. I was really focused on one in particular named Roger (no one I know IWL). He was tall and thin with light brown hair that came about his shoulders. I was watching him interacting with someone else. He then came up to me and we started to talk. I felt an intense connection with him. I wouldn't say I had a crush on him, but the feeling was similar, only it was a deep friendship kind of feeling. We would hold hands and stuff, but it was just because we were so close to one another. He did tell me that he had had a crush on me before. I don't remember my response. I remember us interlocking our pinkies. I think we even pinky promised something.

      I then was walking with him in the courtyard from my high school. We were holding hands and I was telling him that I was supposed to start my senior year, but I didn't have to because I'd already been a senior once before so I probably wasn't going to. He was supposed to be a senior as well.

      Then, I was somewhere else. I believe Roger was still there with me. There were many people around. Connie, a lady I used to work with was also there. I was seeing what was happening from an angled above view. Connie said she felt like she was going to throw up, and then walked a little towards her right and out of my line of sight. I heard her vomiting. She then was saying she liked her brand, new empty salon. As I was thinking "All except for the puke", someone else said the same thing.

      I was then in a house that I lived in when I was 4-5 years old. It was a huge wooden house. We, for some reason, still had some of our furniture in there. In the foyer, there was a huge, elegant dresser with a huge mirror. It was mine, but we had had no place to move it because it was so big, so we left it. I made a comment about it and looked in the mirror at myself. The mirror was so big it was like a full length, and I could see my whole body in it.

      I was then sitting at a table with my dad and a few people in the family that now owned the house. The people who owned it now were Indian. One, a man, was trying to tell my dad that they were going to charge him this HUGE amount of money, I'm talking thousands, to keep the things in the house.
      "Like always," he said, referring to the fact that that price was normal.
      I then chimed in, because I knew that wasn't right.
      "We used to LIVE here!!" I said in argument; we knew that the price was too high because we ourselves had lived there, and it wasn't that high then.
      The man who had been speaking fell silent. I looked in an entryway in front of me and saw one of their sons, who was a teenager. He was standing in the doorway.


      I was doing something for these two little girls, one older (about 7) and one younger (about 5). Their mother was there. I don't remember what exactly, but I want to say I was decorating a cake. I finished, and then I gave each of them a pair of black panty hose to put on. My fingernail caught on one pair, but I didn't see any damage. They put them on right there (they were wearing short skirts). The older one said hers had a run. I looked and saw a long run behind one of her knees.

      I then was in the mall. Dallas was there, and someone else I believe. I wanted to get a coffee, a particular kind that was unique to the place I wanted to go, and remembered the coffee shop that had been there (that I worked at IWL; a different one than the one I usually am referring to), but it had closed. I then "remembered" that they had reopened it briefly (this is in reference to another dream I had a few years ago about them reopening). But then, I also "remembered" that they had to close again, and now there was an eyebrow waxing place there (true IWL). I made a comment about wanting the coffee drink to Dallas and asked if there were any other coffee places in the mall. I was trying to remember if there were any, but alas, I knew there weren't. Dallas then said that the coffee shop I was thinking about earlier had reopened. I asked him if he was sure it was still there. He said he thought so. I then said I didn't think it was; it was "BrowArt" now.
    11. Lucid: Fish in air, dream character, lots of flying

      by , 08-02-2014 at 10:52 AM
      After a WBTB with only a vague fragment about work from before, I went back to bed.

      I woke up and it appeared that while I was sleeping my husband set up this great wooden train track for the kids as a surprise, and it was well received only my younger son was there to ooh and ah. My husband had also used Christmas lights, awesome. He said to open the shutter to where my orchids were to see more lights there. I opened and there were no lights, but it was amazing how many critters had come out over night: there were slugs and millipedes among my orchids and I was fascinated not concerned. Then I saw the large fish swimming through the air among the orchids, and I thought in wonder. "I am dreaming!" I tried to put my finger through my palm to RC, and as I tried but did not complete the RC I watched and the fish then faded into thin air, but so did my dream.

      I was awake, but I thought no problem, I can DEILD right back.

      I thought it failed, and so I considered myself awake when I found myself outside a house I considered my own in this dream. It was a dark night. I was excited about having had a lucid, so I danced outside with joy. I think this is when I realized I was dreaming, but I may have it confused. I remember that sometime in this dream I transformed dark into light very bright light but I do not recall whether this was here or later. I reached the front door, and there was this woman there who wanted to talk to me. I knew she was not real, so I was not concerned when she held on to my arm and started talking. I said "Dream character, begone." and I held out a palm of my hand toward her face as I said it. But instead of being gone she started chirping like a bird and transformed into a young man still holding onto my arm. I did not want to stay with him though, so I started flying. As I flew the landscape transformed underneath me. I flew above an ocean, and then above a town (I now recall the town looked kind of like made out of blocks). First I flew myself, but then I discovered a flying carpet underneath me. I was fine with that. I know some of the flight was at high speed but then I slowed down to enjoy the sights.

      I woke up and my husband wanted to talk to me, and I said not now I need to find my phone to record this awesome lucid dream. He was nice enough to leave the room, but my younger son came in and wanted something from me. I was searching for my phone in vain and getting more and more frustrated. Finally found the phone.

      And that's when I actually woke up. I double checked this time with a reality check. Ah it was not another false awakening! My husband was asleep, and I found my phone without trouble in reality this time. I wrote the lucid down. It was an awesome lucid and very vivid. Part of me wonders whether I forgot anything that happened after the flying carpet - I think there may have been a bit more to this lucid. But I am not going to let that worry me. Yay, lucid!

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    12. Black Eye, Cat In A Hat (Short Lucid), Fish Burglar (31.7.14)

      by , 07-31-2014 at 07:09 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Recorded at 7:15am

      I'm at the main shopping centre in my home town. I'm with my brother and I notice there's some kind of party going on. We see Nathan Carrot and he's looking a bit lost. I go over to him and get him a blanket, as if the blanket is some kind of in thing and cool.

      I'm standing outside the swimming pool entrance on the grass near the road. I'm with a few people including a security guard which ran the party I think, and a boxer. He is waving people back who're trying to come through the entrance. I see proctor and he's a bit upset at the guard who's telling people to turn back. He pleads his case about it only being 11pm.

      I'm in a clothes shop with only myself and the person that works there. I seem to be standing in front of an area of clothes for a while, and not doing a hell of a lot. I look back and see that the worker is dosing off at the counter. I think to myself that anyone who steals would go to town on this store if he fell asleep like that. He awakens as I start to walk out of the store. I say something along the lines of "bye sleepy head" lol.

      I approach a elevator and walk into it. I see a famous AFL football played by the name of Bryce Gibbs. It's just him and I in the elevator. I start a convocation regarding when he's next game is. He smiles and says something. I feel a little uneasy due to being In the presents of a celebrity.

      As I leave the elevator I see a group of people, which includes my brother and cousin Trav. I catch up to them and notice my brother is holding his eye. He tells me he got punched in the face by a women at the party. He seems pretty up beat about it though. He tells me he got punched due to lying about who was on the phone. He said that someone famous was on the line as a joke and for a fist to the face for it lol.

      I see either my cousin Rach or Sarah Wadsworth. They're waiting for the commonwealth games flame to be passed on to her. She offers for me to run with her and holding it at the same time. I think I will do it with her. She walks over towards the entrance of the place that sells dirt end stones and tells the girl with the flame that she's ready to take the flame off of her. I think to myself that she's in the wrong area and needs to be on the other side to get it off the person coming in the opposite way. The flame bearer mentions the same thing to her.

      She heads off somewhere and I wait for her at the bottom of a water slide. There's 3 or 4 possible water slides to choose from. I see a scene of people coming down the water slides and they look as if the speed they come down is slow. Some even come to a stop as they reach the bottom and have to push themselves off the edge into the water. I see personal belongings to my cousin or Sarah and expect the worst. I seem to think its Kaykey who's coming down the slide and that she pregnant.

      As I continue to wait I see 2 dogs which come up to me. They look similar to Trigger and Rex. As I pat them they growl, but I think in the sense of jealousy.

      I leave through a backyard and wait for my cousin/Rach/Kayley to hopefully meet me at McDonald's.

      Dream 2

      I'm at my house, inside my bedroom. I see my brother and Germain.

      I'm on the computer playing the game 'need for speed world'. I'm using a dark silver car, and try to impress the guys with my driving. I seem to be hitting walls a bit but driving ok. I can see the lucid dreaming affirmations flicking on my screen while playing. I hear a noise in the background and it's Germain doing something with his saliva In his mouth, as if he was swishing it in and out of his mouth quickly.

      I am now on the side of the road. It looks as if I'm near the train boom gates down monohans rd. As I'm standing there, I see the main character of the cartoon/book. He walks passed on the opposite side of the road. He looks as If he is in stilts. He's at least 10ft tall. I think to myself "WTF" as he continues to walk but at a unrealistic speed. I'm pretty sure something is not right and do a hand RC. I notice that I have a finger missing.

      I see a car drive passed and I wave it down so I can talk to someone [I've never actually had a proper convocation with someone in a dream, and would like to start experimenting with it]. The car continues to drive as I stand onto the road. I see a man in the distance walking my way. I start to walk toward him feeling pretty great, knowing exactly what I was intending to do (talk to the DC about anything). I reach him and try to talk but my speech is slurred again (my previous lucid dream was the same). The man kind of looks at me. The dream fades out quickly and I decide to do a DEILD but as I await my legs become extremely itchy which disturbs my focus, and the alarm goes off anyways.

      Dream 3
      Recorded at 9:05am

      I'm at the park near my old house and I see a sniped marksman in the distance, laying down on a hill. I think about scoping in and heading from a distance but I realize he has his back to me and decide to sneak up on him. As I get closed to him I hope that he doesn't hear me sneaking towards him. As I reach him he is kinda facing towards me and I panic and try and shoot him. All my shots miss, even a point blank range shot.

      We start talking after that awkward moment and he asks If I'm a noob and I kinda feel a little shitty at my performance as he says it, cause I rate myself a lot higher then a noob. I can see Rhianna the famous singer in the distance. I notice She's wearing fashionable clothes and just wandering around the park with a bit of a crowd with her. I think my brother and another person I know is at the skate half pipe across from the park. No one is there, so they can enjoy it for themselves.

      Dad comes over to where myself and the sniper kid is. Dad notices that the sniper has been fishing and steals his fish. The first fish has beautiful colors of triangles on it's back and front. Dad puts it in his own tub of water to keep it fresh. Dad grabs another fish from the kid, this time the fish is already in batter. He takes it out of the batter and places the fish down in the dirt. I think about the filthy ground with the fish on it and tell dad not to leave it there. He then places it in his water tub but the tub now has little water left. I start to fantasize about seeing Rhianna kissing me or someone else in public and see if it would end up in the headlines. I assume that with all the smart phones that the possibility would be high.

      Side Notes:
      I forget to stabilize my dream which doesn't help the length of the dream. I need to start reminding myself to really observe the surrounds and use the effective techniques. I seem to have a lot of lucid dreams around the time of my alarms go off. It's as if my body is beginning to awake itself which makes me more aware in my dreams which brings on the lucidity? I guess I can DEILD as my alarm goes off (I have preset alarms throughout the night which turn themselves off after a couple seconds)
    13. The Hilarity of my recurring DCs (Semi Lucid)

      by , 06-29-2014 at 11:36 PM (Lucid Time!)
      So me, Lia, Jack, and robot arm girl (Need a name for her) are vacationing on this tropical island. I remember seeing high, jagged cliffs and huge trees stretching hundreds of feet into the air. It was a magnificent island to be on.
      Unfortunately, we wouldn't be staying for long. Jack wants to take everyone out on a boat. We all head down to the dock only to find out that our 'boat' is a dirty torn up old raft with some rusty piece of scrap metal attached to the back that might have been some sort of engine. We all pile in. The thing can barely hold all four of us, and it's leaking.
      Jack leads the expedition onward. The 'engine' we have is pushing us along pretty slowly, and occasionally one of us will use a bucket to throw water out of the boat. We get out into open water to find it calm and still. A thick fog rolls in , and there are garbage rafts floating on the surface of the water. We cut the engine and begin drifting slowly. In one of the heaps of garbage there is a fishing pole. Jack asks me to grab it and give it to him. I do.
      He casts it into the water.
      Robot Girl: Psh, yeah right, like you could catch something...
      Jack gets a bite. Then all of the sudden he gets pulled so hard by the fish that he gets pulled out of the boat into the murky water. Jack grabs the boat with one hand and holds the fishing rod with the other and pulls us along. With this setup we were actually going faster than we were with the engine.
      I begin to speculate about the size of the fish that must be on the other end of that line.
      In fact the 'fish engine' goes on for a couple of minutes, and we keep on picking up speed. We get through the fog and realize we are approaching another island and like 20-30 miles per hour. This is the best part; the fish runs our boat aground on the beach and begins flopping around in the sand. Jack takes his survival knife and kills it.
      The island we have landed on has a seafood shop and they will supposedly have a master chef prepare any fish you catch. We all agree to eat... whatever kind of fish he hooked. I couldn't identify it. It was one of those big flat fish. It was almost sort of diamond shaped, and maybe 18 inches across. He cuts it into four pieces and then exclaims that he is too hungry, and can't wait for the fish to cook and eats his portion raw.
      We go into the seafood restaurant and they begin preparing the three remaining portions of fish.
      ]I am talking amongst my dream characters and become properly lucid.
      I wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. Divorce Fragments

      by , 04-18-2014 at 12:21 PM
      Night of 4/17/14

      Slicing up imperial guards with my katana

      I was fishing, almost caught a dog who tried to eat my lure
      dead/cooked fish on the ground, I had to hop around barefoot

      I was going through a breakup and my child was being taken away from me. I was the wife?

      Ice in the streets, went skating

      Updated 04-18-2014 at 12:30 PM by 68721

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Fish and monsters

      by , 03-08-2014 at 09:01 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      1. Me thinking that all the fish wouldn’t be able to fit in the room/box.

      Inspiration: Me making a new dream palace. In the dream, the image of the fish in it came to mind. Maybe because I was looking for a water Pokemon to put in the water area in Twinleaf Town.

      2. In a park-type area, Sarah from Helix was riding a bike around but then is being surrounded by monsters, but Alan comes in to save her.

      Inspiration: Watched a new episode of Helix last night just before I laid down. The surroundings reminded me of Pokemon Platinum, which is one of my memory palaces.
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