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    1. What does this symbolise for me? 🐟🐬🐳🐋🐠🐡

      by , 12-09-2016 at 05:15 PM
      At Frankie's,

      Fish coming out of the plants around me as I walk they seem to be coming from anywhere I look - they are alive ...it's a bit weird ~ I want to run but I realise I am dreaming! I stop and allow the fish to land on my hand one by one as if effortlessly manifesting from thin air. I look at them closely - they are mostly black and flat but alive.

      "I am dreaming" breath and slow down ✨
      I ask my friend what this means what it symbolises - He said it means I must take these abundant fish everywhere I go, give and share them with everyone -" like a gift "I thought and this made me happy - but then he explained that by giving everyone the fish they would then be connected back here to him and that was important. I felt deep inside that there was something not right about this this ...controle ...I wanted to think nice thoughts about it and in giving the fish generously " how nice etc" 🌈but I just couldn't 😬I felt it was a bit of a con and wander if I should be involved in this giving of fish so that this control I could be had...I am puzzled and saddened as I wake.

      We are in a big complex - G has a major role to play I seem to be of value and am doing my best yet I am keeping myself in the back ground. I become aware there are some teachings on - being given- I feel I should be there ...but wander why I am not...I see there are some who realy want to go and I could easily go but I am not...I am told its on Tatagatagarba. I finally go in, late, and slip into a seat anf put headphones on. It's wonderfully loud music and I love it - I start dancing and moving around with delight - people think I am a little mad.
      I am jumping around on a mooving train I can't find G and shout if anyone saw him...no ...the train is picking up speed going passed the platform now ...I can't be sure G is on the train ...shall I jump off and wait or stay on....I stay on...the train is moving too fast - I am away and hope G is with me🌺

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    2. Lucid ocean; Flying; Indoors

      , 10-26-2016 at 01:45 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I guess last few times I was doing classic middle of the night WBTB. I didn't do this since I tried it when I first started with LDing.

      I was asleep at 4 am when I heard the watch chime, I was just getting lucid, and then heard it again at 5 still lucid. Got up at 5:45 after some non lucid.

      Last night
      9:40 pm - bed
      1:27 am - 2x300 Alpha GPC
      went straight back to sleep to get up later
      3am - got up for a WBTB
      3:34 am - 2x4mg pure galantamine
      and going straight on a sofa with back raised to half sitting position, on my back.

      Was rather sleepy so when I heard my wach chime at 4am, I was already asleep. I decided to turn to my right side. I think I turned to my left next, before I got lucid.

      I was in a mall and we were apparently Canadian. Our canadian ID was getting us in trouble, so we went to a forgerer to get us some new IDs.
      He had a creek behind his place and I wanted to jump in a swim.

      I am outside and I want to fly. I float up and grab one of the branches of a tree that was growing somewhere much higher than I was. It looked like a jungle vine hanging from the skies. I held on to it and I felt it will help me fly. Then I thought I can just make huuge swings on it since it was so long and I did. That was awesome feeling. Going fast and feeling wind on my face.

      I dropped to the ground and wished hard for it to be an ocean. It changed into water and I sank down. The water stayed brownish murky but I made out outlines of some huge sharks and whales swimming by.

      I'm in a mall and I walk into a small side room. I drop to the floor and I want to swim in the ocean again. I look down and the floor is painted with an ocean scene. Beautiful blue water with sea creatures of all colors. I just flopped there for a while when I realized it's not gonna happen.

      I'm standing on a shore of a wide concrete cannal with a rather steep slope leading to the water. I look closer and there are fish swimming in oval shape in this completely clear water. I watch in fascination small fish, big fish, blue fish, red fish, haha, mantas and all kinds and shapes and sized of fish slowly swimming by.

      I'm showing somebody how to phase through objects. I pick a trashcan on the street and walk through it like a ghost.

      7. Last dream, already non-lucid.
      I think this is still at the forgerers place. Somebody wants to put fish into my aquarium and I say hell no, I barely waited the fish out to die, I don't want any more fish. They say "but they are alive" and sure enough, 2 tough fish are swimming around. The more I look, the more creatures I find living in there. I think I start changing the water.

      This should be a dream sign for me. Reading Ophelia's DJ last night during WBTB, when she said aquarium is her dream sign, I realized I have lots of aquarium and fish in a water dreams. And then I have both of them, haha.

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    3. A slightly racist fish dream!

      by , 10-05-2016 at 01:25 AM (Journals From The Void)
      Pretty cool little vivid dream I enjoyed last night. If you are easily offended though, this dream is a bit racist at parts. Not too racist though.
      The whole world is submerged in water, and humans don't have any trouble living there.

      I enter a building shaped like a museum of some kind. It's a movie theater. When I enter the water-free building, the national anthem plays, and a holographic bald eagle flies by me. I sit down and the holographic movie plays. I have no further memory of the movie

      When I leave, I walk past a few people who are band mates IRL. They are sitting in line for the movie. I go to the parking lot (yes, there are cars), and see a large black man. Out of racism fear, I hide behind a pillar for safety. When he walks by me, I see that he's just fat.

      "Why you hiding?" He asked.
      "Sorry, you looked a lot more dangerous from far away," I respond.
      He walks off to enter the line, offended.

      I swim off the edge of the platform that the building was nested on. As I do, I am approached by one of my band mates.

      "Hey, check this out!" They said.

      A screen appears in front of my face. It has a picture of a large, hollow, yellow, cucumber-shaped plant with violet petals around the top portion that contained a hole. In the hole was bubbling, green syrup. Below the image, it said 'gives consumer a 17.21x speed boost.'

      "So cool!" I remarked.

      Suddenly, a brown and purple striped, rocky-skinned fish swam by, which I scanned somehow. Later, while looking at my scanned fish, I saw two evolutions of it; one with one large plate behind its head, and one with the same plate, only divided into thirds by large gaps.

      Regarding the one with gaps, I said "It looks very Japanese."
    4. fish; Ophelia; portal

      , 09-16-2016 at 03:38 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 8:30pm - 7am (day off)

      DR 1:
      Some kind of a indoor canal. I'm standing on the banks made of gray stone and mortar. Walls are vertical. Looking in the water at the fish. They are smaller and some bigger. Cant see them very clear because water is kinda wavey. I point at one saying it's big, but someone says it's just an illusion, it's not so big.

      Pull off a cover from a low barge, Ophelia standing next to me. We see a green, slim snake get into some crevice between boxes on the ship. I say how good we saw it, instead of finding it later as a surprise.

      DR 2:
      I'm on top of the very tall hill. It's all sandy and sand stones. I'm climbing even higher on a large rock formation on the top. I'm trying to find holes to put my feet in and grab on. Then I realize what I'm doing and question it, realizing it will be hard climbing down the other side, because of steep and unstable.

      A large boulder gets lose and it's rolling down the hill. I look down at the town street with people walking by and I yell at them to watch out.

      Now I'm on the street, in front of the store near the church in the square of my hometown. I feel wind picking up. A younger guy in white shirt that's blowing in the wind, yells something that ends with ... bitch. As in "that's how it's done, bitch".

      He askes me if I feel the portal wind getting stronger. I feel it and it's blowing me away. I grab and stand into a near doorway while feeling a very strong, almost magnetic force pushing me away. We both wonder out loud who is coming through the portal on the top of the hill.
    5. Night of June 8th, 2016

      by , 06-10-2016 at 06:52 PM
      Night of June 8th, 2016: Missing Shoes / Fishboy
      So, in this dream I ended up on my school bus without any shoes on (I had black socks). As I arrived at school I decided I would go to the gym and take my tennis shoes out of my gym locker. On the way there, I ran into a police officer who offered to open the locker and retrieve my shoes for me.
      Here, the dream cuts away from me and instead goes to a 3rd person view of the officer, with me nowhere to be seen. He is seen walking into some sort of mall/store/restaurant thing and getting sidetracked, but I heard him say something along the lines of "It's too much trouble to open the locker; it'll be more cost effective to just buy her new shoes."
      Not sure what happened after this but I switched into a completely different dream. I was being chased (in my front yard near the tip of our pond) by 4-5 teenage guys with unknown/fuzzily remembered intentions. Possibly to hurt me? Either way, one was British and seemed to take a liking to me. He, jumping into the water, turned into a strange black fish resembling a catfish without the whiskers, but more blob-like, and started singing. I remember saying, "Don't you dare turn this into a musical," despite my fear of the whole turn of events. My whole yard flooded, and he was following me through the water. The water was murky and dark, and he went under. I, of course, was very freaked out and hopped onto the back of my friend Mallory (no idea where she came into the dream, but who cares) and tried to hold my feet out of the water.
      I desperately pleaded her to help me take my feet out of the water so the fishboy couldn't get me, and she suggested I just take my feet out of the water. Oddly, my feet were stuck and my vision suddenly impaired.
      I then woke up.
    6. Chatting in Class and Mutated Fish Infection

      by , 05-22-2016 at 03:25 AM
      I was in a college class with a dream character who reminded me of a guy who borrowed my skimboard at the beach several years ago IWL. We were chatting like we were friends and then partnered up for an assignment where we had to draw pictures of our life. He drew a bunch of cats and it reminded me of the artwork from the chapter Dream of a Thousand Cats in the comic book I am reading. And then I had this idea like he should draw a picture of an Oscar statue-like cat holding a miniature human Oscar statue human in its paws. I tried to draw a kayak on my paper.

      Then there was a dream where there were humans being infected by an infection that was spreading from some mutated fish. The fish were light and dark brown, striped, and had spikes on their backs. Some had also grown legs and long tails and were beginning to walk out of the water, through which the infection was spreading to humans. My family had taken refuge in a bunker but the fish were trying to crawl in. Some dream character was chopping at the thing with a machete, saying it won't hurt them but will just hinder them from crossing the line into the human living quarters. And the thing turned into white rows of separate blocks but kept on crawling before it turned into a white bird and flew away.
    7. Taboo 2 (a gift from the Source)

      by , 04-07-2016 at 10:07 AM
      Morning of April 7, 2016. Thursday.

      There is a backstory to my dream of having collected water from a shallow pond. I am not sure of the setting or its location. My sister Marilyn (half-sister on my mother’s side) is nearby and as she appeared before I moved to Florida in 1967. My family as they are now are also present at one point.

      I look into the water and below the surface I see many implied one-celled animals (which you can only clearly see with a microscope in real life). Marilyn also looks on.

      I see a glowing transparent centipede, swimming downwards (which puzzles me since I know centipedes are not aquatic), forming a moving staircase shape (like a mobile escalator) eventually going out of sight. The one-celled animals (mainly protozoa) swim down out of sight but are visible at other times.

      Eventually, a small fish jumps up out of the “aquarium” which surprises Marilyn. I am somewhat surprised as well, because I thought I had gotten the water from a pond that was not deep enough to be suitable for fish. I am not sure where the fish is after the jump, perhaps on the floor. (A fish out of water represents the dreamer coming out of the dream and as a result, my dream shifts to the waking transition.)

      Later, I am holding an antlion larva. Over time, I notice blood on the tip of one of my fingers. It seems that it had been biting me (even though they do not bite in my experience). However, it also seems to instead be the result of a hangnail. Still, I ask my sister whether or not antlions eat people.

      Again, a fish is a projection of the dream self in the dream state (and water represents sleep and the flow of thoughts in the dream state). The one-celled animals may be a reference to minor neuron activity or a subliminal association with other dreamers. An aquarium is a downsized focus on the dream state itself, representing the human mind on one level.

      The unlikely “phasing” centipede swimming in the water represents a shift in consciousness. In this case, as it swims deeper, it forms a symbolic staircase to link to the nonlinear events throughout my life and down into the depths of the unconscious. This is evident by the link to a version of the original childhood “Taboo” dream (sparsely recurring, no more than perhaps four times) and upon checking, I found markers and parallels. It has the same basic setup; that is, looking at an aquarium of (visible to the naked eye) one-celled animals, though this was in third grade in 1970, one version found to be on today’s date exactly forty-six years ago (and which appears to have been partially influenced by the movie “Jigsaw”, about a man finding a body submerged in a bathtub). I have not held antlion larva much since third grade. This ending element represents a typical waking transition because an adult antlion resembles a dragonfly, which is a flight symbol. The bloody finger may be an association with our youngest son’s hangnail. The reference to “eating people” is a reference to coalescence and the dream self merging into whole consciousness during the waking transition (especially the association with “lion” as a lion is often a form of the more aggressive emergent consciousness). Also, an antlion is shaped somewhat like a human thumb, where my youngest son’s hangnail was. The antlion’s mandibles may be an association with the hangnail itself.

      Other phasing staircase references (as the “water centipede” in this dream) can be found in dreams such as “Rocket Science?” (July 2, 1976), where a sheet of typing paper mysteriously “rolls” down from the ceiling (which represents the liminal state between sleeping and waking) and forms a staircase pattern or brief “escalator”. This focus greatly intensified that dream. A similar event occurs in “White Noise Staircase” (February 21, 2014). Identifying phasing staircases may be beneficial, since I believe that it may also be relevant to a deeper bond with the Source and wholeness, as a staircase is a link between sleeping, dreaming, and waking).

      A centipede may be a dream’s rendering of the human spinal cord. In water (as in this dream) it serves as both a reminder of the human physical form as such and immersion in the dream state via the staircase or escalator metaphor. On one level it is the energies of my unconscious awareness returning to the Source. In the first version of “Taboo” from 1970, it was more about “sea monkeys” (brine shrimp) on one level. These “sea monkeys” also represent the human spinal cord.

    8. 1/30/16

      by , 02-03-2016 at 02:24 AM (My Dream Journal)
      My family and I have moved to a new house. My sister and is still share a bunk bed, batt for some reason the too bunk isn't even high off the ground. I open the shades in the room to make it lighter, and turn on a lamp. The lamp then breaks.
      I am in Spanish class and we are making models of different places and events such as the colloseum and men in the revolutionary war. The bell rings when we are still working on the models and I am annoyed at the teacher for not giving us time to clean up.
      Me and my dad are walking down a street. My dad walks up to a person and tells him that we are going to save a baby today. The man is let down by this.
      I am looking at my betta in her tank, noticing how there are no sides to he tank, and wondering how the water stays in. I pour some water into the tank, and it stays in.
      I leave my house to catch a plane two minute before it takes off.
      I am in my school gym and I see someone that looks like Annie from Bratayley. I tell my friend about the girl, and follow the girl around a bit mor. I notice that her hair is too light to be Annie.
    9. Globes from Goodwill

      by , 01-28-2016 at 10:54 PM (My Dream Journal)
      I am trying to take a picture of one of my bettas flaring. He is staring directly at the camera. For some reason when I take the picture, the clicking sound isn't there, although the picture takes. Because of that, my mom rudely tries to take the camera from me.
      I am in school with one of my friends who says that she was the illustrator of a book. At first I don't understand what she means.
      I am in the basement of my church, running around doing cartwheels and stuff. I then run at the wall and jump, hitting specific places on the wall with my hands. All of a sudden I am in the car with my family. My mom tells me to return some things to Goodwill, so I run in and put them randomly on the shelves. I start to walk towards the exit when I see two globes. One is $41, so I ignore it. But, the other is $8 so I think I can get it. I take it off the shelf and start looking at it to see if it is worth the buy. I decide it isn't because it looks like the continents/countries have been painted on. I walk back to the car and tell my family sorry for taking so long in the store. (They don't really care.)
      I don't have very good memory of this dream. In it, I along with several others are taken to a special room. No one else is allowed there. I can't remember what made it so unique.
      I am driving home with my dad, and I wake up right after this. Right away I wonder how I got from the car to my bed, and then I realize that I had just woken up. (I do a RC just in case.)
    10. Lucid thoughts

      by , 01-27-2016 at 11:49 PM (My Dream Journal)
      I am in my bedroom, cleaning my two betta's tanks. I put them in a cardboard box without water, and then pour water in it, on top of the fish. I put my hand in the box to keep the bettas apart, but my brother tips over the box. I get really mad, and look for the bettas to put them back in the water. But I can't find them, so I assume that they are dead.
      I am running with Annie from Bratayley. She is ahead of me, and she runs through my neighbor's open garage to the trampoline. My neighbor is there, but she isn't mad, like I was afraid of. In fact, she tells us to jump on the trampoline because it reminds her of her deceased husband.
      Me and some classmates are on a hike, walking over a bridge over a creek. One of them is grossed out by the water, so I jump in to show them that it's no big deal. Everyone else follows me right away. Then we start having a water fight with some of the people on the edge of the creek.
      I am by my school locker and there are lots of different types of sports gear in it. I ask my locker neighbor if it is his stuff and he tells me no. I put the stuff on top of my locker and decide to just leave it there.
      I am at Goodwill shopping for ice cream with my family. My mom suddenly notices the floor splitting, and she says, "I knew it!" Then I am with my Literacy teacher from last year, and I ask her if the floor was cracked like that in "the last chapter."
      I walk into my elementary school's gym, and see from something on the wall that says Bratayley's amount of subscribers. I notice that it is the same amount as it was from when I checked earlier that day.
      When I wake up, I eat breakfast, and then go back to bed for about twenty minutes before school. During this time, I enter directly into a dream. I am outside with my friends, but we aren't really having fun, we're just standing there doing nothing really. This next part, I have know idea if it happened while I was awake or asleep. Here's what happened. I though, "God, if you won't let me have a lucid dream, can you at least let something fun happen right now?" I then fly up off the ground, and make the people below me disappear. I start jumping around from ball sphere-like things in the sky. I then remember something I had read yesterday about why some people have difficulties flying. (They are too worried and try too hard.) Because of this, I wonder if it will work for me. I jump off one of the balls, and slowly fall, but I am not falling to the ground, It is slow and graceful.
      I honestly have no idea what exactly the last dream was all about. I still can't remember if the thought, "God, if you won't let me have a lucid dream, can you at least let something fun happen right now?" was in the dream or when I was awake. But, it was an interesting experience anyways.
    11. Monkey Barring On A Ship

      by , 01-17-2016 at 10:42 PM (My Dream Journal)
      My mom and I are on a ship, but not really on it. We are trying to get out if it, but we are using monkey bar like things to get around. They seem to go on forever, and they go across a few feet, then we have to slide down, and then there is another set of "monkey bars." These monkey bars, however, are really unsturdy, and I tell my mom that I am afraid to cross. She tells me that these are the last set of them, and no matter what I do, a river of water will flow out and flood everything. She tells me to go "the cookie route" which apparently is right. I swing on the monkey bars to the right, and suddenly we are in our house, in the aftermath of a flood. I see my betta laying on the ground, so I pick him up and put him in water. He seems to be moving, which surprises me that he is still alive. My sister is all sad because one of our hamsters is dead. I was pretty happy that he was dead.
      Ok, background knowledge needed here. I am NOT some sort of animal hater. It's just that once two of our four hamsters die, my sister and I will be allowed to get pet rats. So in my dream I was thinking "one down, one more to go" because I wanted to get the rats sooner. (I checked this morning to see if the hamsters were alive. They were.)
      I am in the middle of some sort of video game. It is winter and snowy, and I am in the hills. The game is that I have to keep the car/snowmobile going over the hills. I just have to press the arrow keys on my keyboard, which I do. The car/snowmobile never falls off the hills, which gives me satisfaction.
      I am at Pick 'n save, and a boy my sister used to like is there, giving out bread samples. He gives me one, but for some reason, I am suspicious of it. I walk over to a group of people, and tell them that I think it is really suspicious. They tell me that there is a security camera directed at the boy that I can watch. I ask them where it is, and they tell me it is on the side of my house. At this point the scene transfers to my house in the summertime. I say some joke about buying Harry Potter merchandise, and the dream ends.
      My family is at a restaurant. We sit down, having just bought a thing of pizza. My mom tells me to go up to the buffet and get her a salad. I am extremely annoyed, but I do it anyway. All I remember after that is getting nacho sauce and putting it on the lettuce.
      I am at my church with two of my friends, and we are getting doughnuts. For some reason I am mad at them. I get a doughnut, but realize that in two minutes I have to go and teach the kindergartners. I remember being sad that I can't eat my doughnut.
    12. The Red Candles

      by , 01-06-2016 at 12:26 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am in a really large building, even though it had only two rooms. (the rooms were vary big.) I'm with with some school mates, and a teacher. One of the students, Tayah, is trying to leave the building, but the teacher says, "I have security cameras," and we all had to stay in the building.
      Sometime later, it is in the same setting, yet I am there with my sister and Grandma. I am giving my grandma a tour. The back room has a tower that is filled with candle in it, and a water fountain thing in the back. There are also long tables for people to play board games on. The center of the front room is filled with machinery, and on the outside is empty. I remember sitting on one of the machinery pieces and telling my grandma that it is where I practice with my stand partner playing the violin. The scene changes to my house, where my bettas are sick. Them and their tank mates have basically frozen still. For some reason, the tower filled with candles can help them. I go into the tower, and get red birthday candles (the type that supposedly will save my bettas from dying.) I noticed that one of the candles says "poison" on it, so I decide to not use any of the candle. Sometime later, I am in the loft in my house, thinking about that dream. I remember thinking, "I hope it wasn't real."
      In another dream, I was in a book store with my mom and another lady. I peered around a corner, and saw a whole bunch of Harry Potter books. (I LOVE HARRY POTTER) I was looking at a giant film making Harry Potter book when my mom came up, and pointed out another HP book. When I tried to show her the one I had, she ignored me for a while, and then started looking at the film making book. For some reason, there were lots of pictures or people at a dance at my school in it.
    13. Fish out of water

      by , 12-27-2015 at 06:39 PM (My Dream Journal)
      My most prominent dream last night was about my betta fish. My mom and I were going to clean her tank, but she wasn't in it. My mom then told me that she had put my betta in my hamster cage for some reason. We retrieved the fish from my hamster's cage, and put her back in the water. Miraculously, she still was alive. When I asked my mom how long my fish had been out of water, she wouldn't answer.
      Another dream that stood out to me was one in which Annabeth from Percy Jackson was receiving a trophy that said "Atlantis" on it for defeating a man she was competing against.(not sure what for.) The man that she had defeated was being nailed against a cross like Jesus. It was a weird dream.
    14. The Evolution of a Muskellunge

      by , 08-22-2015 at 02:22 PM
      Morning of August 22, 2015. Saturday.

      In the first part of my dream, there is a backstory being reviewed with some clarity (though seemingly in a different level of unconsciousness than the rest of my dream). It is an event related to when someone supposedly photographed a shark in a highly unlikely area in a lake, though it is not clear that it is at a lake at first. It seems that at least some people think it was taken in the ocean. The “shark” is shown near some people including two children (male and female), some of them in the foreground and making it hard to identify the animal as a shark. It seems unusual that people would be so close to a shark for the sake of resulting in such a photograph in which it could not be fully identified anyway (as the picture does seem staged). There is only the one photograph.

      Eventually, it is revealed that the fish is not a shark but a muskellunge. Somehow, this large fish ends up in our bathtub, where my family and I keep it for a time. It is seemingly at Barolin Street (where we have not lived in years), though the bathroom is a bit different. The big long fish fills much of bathtub, which remains half-full with water until the scene changes later.

      Time seems to pass, perhaps a few days. I go in to look at the fish and it is no longer moving. It is much thinner than it was, possibly even dead. It looks somewhat transparent, and the bathtub is now only about a quarter full. I go and get a large bucket of fresh water and pour it in. Eventually, the fish starts moving again.

      Later, when I look again, the fish has transformed into an unclothed dark-haired male (of about twenty) of an almost divine essence, though also much like a younger version of me. He gets up, though remains standing in the bathtub. He talks to Zsuzsanna and I for a short time, but I do not recall his words. I do recall asking him how he can understand the human language (and I do use “human language” instead of “English”). I ask him this very close to his ear. He seems cheerful and healthy. From here, my dream fades.

      The muskellunge is a symbol of Wisconsin, where I lived from mid-1978 to the first part of 1994 (as well as when I was very young, from 1963 until 1967). The fish is this dream’s emergent consciousness factor, additionally validated by the fact that it becomes a younger version of me. As I had sustained and vivified my dream deliberately (though subliminally) with water reinduction, this makes my emergent consciousness less like my current conscious self for a time.

      There may also be an association with “The Incredible Mr. Limpet”, a 1964 Don Knotts movie I saw several times in my youth and enjoyed very much, though that in fact involved the opposite plot; a man transforming into a fish.

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    15. Catbird Fish (DILD)

      by , 08-11-2015 at 08:39 PM
      Ritual: It's been over a month since I've done any deliberate dream practice, due to a combination of low motivation and being really busy in WL, so this morning I woke up early to feed the cats and decided to turn it into a WBTB. To reinforce my intention, I took a very small amount (2mg) of galantamine, backed up with alpha-gpc and l-theanine. I lay on my back and tried to concentrate on my intention to get lucid, but my focus was almost completely lacking, and eventually I dozed off only to be startled awake by my own snoring. I turned on my side and fell asleep without any further efforts.

      I am in a store that specializes in custom-made, artisanal candy and chocolates. There is a table covered with samples, and I am surprised to see one set labeled with the names of my dad and a cousin, apparently commissioned by them for some event. It consists of three types of chocolate meant to be dipped into three different flavored creams. I want to try all three, but there is only one sample of each flavor and I am competing for them with other customers, so I miss out on one or two.

      My disappointment is eased when the lady proprietor brings out more samples, but these turn out to be biscuits and candy, rather than the chocolates on the first table. Still, they are very appealing in all their colors and textures, and I am standing over the table unapologetically sampling one thing after another when I feel a strange tremor in the floor. The motion becomes more intense, and the other customers start to panic because they think it is an earthquake, but I recognize that it is a different kind of motion. It doesn't feel like the ground is shaking under the building, but rather like the building itself is sliding over the ground, which is of course impossible, unless...

      "Don't worry, everybody!" I say authoritatively. "This is a dream." I open the front door to see if I was right about the movement, and sure enough, the whole building is sliding sideways through a forest at great speed. While I wait for our journey to end, I continue munching confections: I was particularly enjoying one fennel-flavored cookie shaped like twining leaves and tinted delicately green. Recalling that I was planning to resume my diet tomorrow in waking life, I figured I should take advantage of this opportunity to stuff my face with calorie-free dream food!

      The building eventually came to a halt, and I went outside to explore the new environment. I recall it was now an urban area, but some of the transitional details are vague. Somehow I met up with my husband and another guy, no one I recognized, and we drove through the city in a really nice convertible sportscar (modeled on the picture of the BMW i8 he showed me last night in WL). I think we were going to see a movie but maybe it wasn't showing (I don't remember watching one) so we went back out to get the car. It was parked some distance away, so to retrieve it faster, I concentrated on making it drive itself back to us, and to speed things up even more, I had it fly through the air.

      "Thank you, robot valet," I said, as the car gently landed in front of us at the curb. My husband got in the driver's seat, and I got into the back again, but when the DC squeezed into some weird sidecar niche, I climbed over to take the passenger seat. For some reason the car had a British layout, so the driver sat on the right with the passenger seat to the left.

      Since I had demonstrated that the car could fly, we took off directly into the air to avoid street traffic. However, our flight path didn't feel stable: we were getting buffeted in strange ways. I pointed out that while this car was incredibly aerodynamic on the ground, it was not designed for flying: a sturdy little pod would be better for this purpose. We dropped back down to the pavement and now the car performed beautifully, hugging the ground with impressive traction even though the streets were wet, and roaring forward at incredible speed.

      "Where are we going?" I asked. Even though I wasn't in the driver's seat, as the dreamer I felt like I was actually the one steering. My husband said he wanted to pick up some things from the Hall of Records, and helped me locate the building. Inside, it turned out he was retrieving some parcels that had been mailed to him. He mentioned that one package was three days late, because the sender had needed to mail out a movie script first. "Why didn't he just bring them both to the post office at the same time?" I asked, to which there was no satisfactory answer. The parcels contained research materials, and now that my husband had them in hand, he wanted to do some work. "Okay, you work," I said. "I need to go do something."

      I had remained partly lucid the whole time, but I had been enjoying the dream enough to let the narrative play out. Now that things were wrapping up, I remembered that I had planned to catch a fish for the TOTMs. I went around behind the building and conveniently found a stream flowing by. The water was shallow and crystal clear, so I peered in to see if I could spot any fish. What I actually saw swimming underwater were... kittens!

      "Actually this will make things easier," I reflected. Now I wouldn't need to bother with a fishing rod, hook, and bait. Kittens were much easier to catch! I dangled a length of ribbon over the water until a kitten surfaced and started batting at it, then lured it closer to me until I could scoop it right up in my arms. I concluded that the creature I had caught was a "catbird fish" (I'm not sure why it wasn't just a "catfish," but this was the term that seemed right at the time) and knew I should examine it closely so that I could write a clear description in my report.

      Once I was holding the animal, it was no longer the size of a tiny kitten but had swelled into a plump armful. It was no longer quite cat-shaped, either: now looked more like a stuffed animal with the bodily proportions of a totoro: big rounded torso and very short arms and legs. Although my "catbird fish" didn't physically resemble a fish, I sensed that there was something fishlike about its bones, even if I couldn't see them.

      I studied the head first, which was still cartoonishly cat-like overall, but with significant differences. The mouth was very unusual: more narrow and vertical than that of a real cat, almost beaklike the way it protruded, but with large exposed teeth. There were two large incisors on the top and bottom, but both sets of incisors were adjacent to one another in the center, more like those of a rat than a cat, but wider and flatter.

      After studying the mouth closely, I looked back up and saw that the round, wideset eyes were now completely white. I recalled noticing normal pupils before and wondered if they were rolled back in the head. Just when I was thinking that the creature was starting to look a bit scary, with its weird mouth and whitened eyes, suddenly it spoke up in a very friendly voice: "Hello!" I responded in kind, smiled at it, and continued my examination.

      It had the fur of a cat, brown tabby stripes with patches of white here and there: a white triangle on the throat and chest, a little white on the belly, and white gloves. I checked and determined that all four paws were white. After looking over the creature thoroughly, I returned the "catbird fish" to the stream.

      The environment had shifted around me: the stream was no longer outside, but occupied a room in a building that had put together exhibits pertaining to different countries. I wondered which country had supplied my "catbird fish," and looked around until I saw the words "This is Canada," inscribed under the surface of the stream. I wondered what other countries were being exhibited—somehow I knew there were supposed to be five of them—and if I could find any rooms with bodies of water suitable for fishing. It would be cool to catch dream fish from several different countries!

      I wandered around the building looking for the other exhibits, but to my disappointment, all the others were closed. I went to the front desk to ask about this, and became even more incensed when I noticed a sign informing me that the price of admission was $898.99. I complained angrily to the desk clerk: how could they justify charging so much when only one of the five exhibits was even open?! He simply pointed me to a second sign, which listed a complicated set of refunds that reduced the price of admission to only $1.25.

      "Oh, alright then." I figured $1.25 was a reasonable fee for the one exhibit I had seen, and was willing to pay. I had a bunch of change in my left hand, and started trying to count out five quarters into my right palm. The first few attempts inexplicably failed due to the shifting numbers and appearances of the coins. "This is really hard to do in a dream," I commented, and wondered if it would be easier if, instead of trying to shift the correct number of coins from left hand to right, I put them directly down on the desk as I counted.

      I started making a little pile of quarters, but had only counted out two before coins that had initially resembled quarters turned out to be square when I set them down, and I had to start a separate pile for them. The third round, quarter-sized coin that I managed to produce had a square hole in the center like those old Chinese coins, and the fourth one had three triangular holes, but by this point I realized that this would never get done if I was too much of a perfectionist. All I needed was one more vaguely quarter-shaped coin to complete my stack of five, but suddenly all the ones still in my hand appeared to be the wrong shape and size. I picked something arbitrarily to finish the stack. I was well aware of the irony of going to so much effort to pay for something in a dream, but since it was so unexpectedly challenging, I felt that it would be a good exercise to try to see it through!

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