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    1. 1/30/16

      by , 02-03-2016 at 02:24 AM (My Dream Journal)
      My family and I have moved to a new house. My sister and is still share a bunk bed, batt for some reason the too bunk isn't even high off the ground. I open the shades in the room to make it lighter, and turn on a lamp. The lamp then breaks.
      I am in Spanish class and we are making models of different places and events such as the colloseum and men in the revolutionary war. The bell rings when we are still working on the models and I am annoyed at the teacher for not giving us time to clean up.
      Me and my dad are walking down a street. My dad walks up to a person and tells him that we are going to save a baby today. The man is let down by this.
      I am looking at my betta in her tank, noticing how there are no sides to he tank, and wondering how the water stays in. I pour some water into the tank, and it stays in.
      I leave my house to catch a plane two minute before it takes off.
      I am in my school gym and I see someone that looks like Annie from Bratayley. I tell my friend about the girl, and follow the girl around a bit mor. I notice that her hair is too light to be Annie.
    2. 1-24-16

      by , 01-26-2016 at 11:04 PM (My Dream Journal)
      I am partially at my church, and partially at Hogwarts. There are 4 different areas on the alter, and in each of the four different areas, there is one of each house. So, each area has all four houses in it, if that makes sense. I am then sorted into Ravenclaw, and Dumbledore(the first one) tells me something. I remember feeling very special that the headmaster decided to speak to me.
      I am in my Spanish class. I walk up to a chair and sit on it. Somehow I have that memory that I was just "lost at sea" in the Spanish classroom, as though there was water underneath the chairs or something. I am joking around with my friends, saying that I liked to be "lost at sea" better than doing school work, because I didn't have to work. Me and my friend then go on our chromebooks, onto a google classroom assignment. It is a quiz about which house you are in for Hogwarts.
      I am at school, right at the end of the day. The bell rings, and I pick up all my stuff. But, I keep dropping all my books and stuff. When I finally get a hold on them, the buses are already almost leaving, so without stopping at my locker to get my backpack, I race to the bus. The bus driver asks me why I don't have my backpack, so I tell her.
      My brother and I are walking towards someone's house, apparently to return a dog that we dog-sitted for them.
    3. Kind and cuddly demon summoning

      by , 12-12-2015 at 07:37 PM
      In the 1940s, I'm watching three expensively-dressed women being transported from a large building to a long black car with the top down. They're speaking Spanish.

      My partner says to me, if those women take this opportunity to escape, their guards will be killed in their place. She disapproves of this idea.

      I say, she can't be sure of that. We haven't met their boss, so how can we know how he'll react?

      She says, you don't summon up demon soldiers because you're such a kind and cuddly person.
    4. Highest Recall Rate Yet!

      by , 11-03-2014 at 04:14 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      I woke up a lot of times last night and I was really happy with the recall that I had. I was sure I'd get an LD from all the MILDs I did while going back to sleep, but I'm still happy even though I didn't LD. Maybe it was because I was really tired so I was able to MILD for only like 5 seconds before my mind drifted off.

      Dream 1
      I am in the NFL and I am a superstar running back. I kept on evading tackle after tackle.

      Dream 2
      I am in this house and there are these monster type things going around killing people. There was a scene where a security guard was looking at something, and a monster snuck up behind him and stabbed him. I was standing in a bedroom and someone asked me something and I was sure that I knew who did it, because I was the best detective ever.

      Dream 3
      I was in my teacher's classroom with one of my friends, who isn't in that class IWl. It had something to do with basketball too.

      Dream 4
      I stop my car at a stop sign by my old Elementary School. I am going to Open Gym for Basketball.

      Dream 5
      My mom thought someone stole a red towel that she had, so we all got in the car and drove around looking for it. I saw a house with a red towel hanging out to dry and I thought that was it, but then I saw another house with a red towel. I then realized that all the houses had a red towel hanging out to dry and I was wondering how we were going to figure out which one was ours.

      Dream 6
      I have a bible study at my house because the person who's house we usually go to has something else to do. B pulls up in my driveway in a silver car. The driveway goes right up to my front door, instead of having a sidewalk like IWL. I look around and the house is really messy and disorganized. I make a mental note to apologize when the people come in. I know my mom will be mad because the house is dirty and people are coming over and she doesn't know about it.

      Dream 7
      My mom suddenly knew how to speak Spanish and was teaching me different words and we were having some mini conversations. I had chicken nuggets in the over and I took them out to eat. I was wondering what time I should eat the chicken nuggets at.

      Dream 8
      I am in a class at my school...it's not an actual class I have. There are some people in there from my church who are the kids of the church staff. We get to go home early that day and they have to go directly to church to help clean up and I feel bad for them because that would be a total waste of the rest of the day. I am then in the band room of the middle school I went to. There are pictures and videos of nude people dancing and some of my teachers are in them. I am sickened by the sight of that.

      Dream 9
      I am sitting in a circle of chairs in the library talking about how many computers you should own and which computers are the best.

      Dream 10
      I am outside another kid's house. His neighborhood is a really long street and there are a bunch of houses on each side, with perfectly green lawns. M, E, J, and another kid are having are playing football. E is in a white shirt and it for some reason got soaking wet. She is really hot and I stare at her chest. The other kid is now just in his underwear, and the other's comment on how he always does that. He was looking around for his clothes. I see about four little kids playing football behind my car which is parked in the driveway. I exclaim that I recognize one of the kids from a basketball camp. I then say that we are best friends. I go on my Ipod and look on Instagram, nobody has liked the pictures I've posted and I feel bad about that. I think that my next post should be of me at open gym, but I think that may be a bit stupid and won't get any likes, so I decide not to. I then try to decide if I should get Twitter.
    5. 9/13/2014

      by , 09-17-2014 at 03:14 AM
      I was at work with Ron servicing an ATM inside a building during night drops but I kept messing up so Ron started yelling at me. There were people behind us and I tried to keep my cool because I knew they were recording us. I told him stuff calmly but he kept going off. I ran away before I got in trouble for kicking his ass and saw a pretty girl walking and talking in Spanish. I talked to her and asked her for her number. She said she worked all day and didn't really use it, which made me say "You don't work ALL day," she agreed and thought about it but didn't give me her number. I said "Okay" and left. I met up another crew and started getting the drop from a safe but didn't know how to open it.
      Tags: girl, ron, spanish, work
    6. Competition night #12

      by , 08-08-2014 at 09:18 AM
      Fragment 1:
      I'm trying to repair something that needs some specific screws that I know I have somewhere but I can't find. After what feels like about ten minutes of scrabbling around in various nooks and crannies, I give up, assuming the screws got hovered up or something.

      Fragment 2:
      I'm playing with portals like in the game Portal - would be pretty damn cool if I could remember more of it, especially if I can do it lucidly. Hmm, future TOTM?

      Dream 1 - Alien invasion part one:
      The world is taken over by some kind of alien slash demigod (I just watched Thor II and Guardians of the Galaxy) The water levels are rising and everyone is trying to find a spot on top of buildings or other high up places. For some reason it's important that everyone is quiet and there's something jangling in my pocket - little round bells about the size of peas, similar to the ones you get on a cat collar. Perhaps these are a remnant of the gizmo from the first fragment?

      I appear to be flying and aim to land on top of a silo like object with some other people. I'm desperately trying to shed the bells silently and manage to ditch the last handful into the water as I land, just as the baddie comes around the corner and starts casting some kind of spell on people. The spell turns people black in a non visual way (I don't know how better to explain it!) and as each person is labeled by the spell, they are assigned to a group of people, 4-6 per group.

      The groups are the same as in some previous grouping (is this the second invasion?) and people start being drawn through the air to join their groups. I am pulled off the silo, around a corner, and up the side of a multi story building. People are flying off the balconies to join their groups while I am drawn slowly up the side of the building to meet the people I was with before. The groups seem to be named after satellites in orbit with somewhat whimsical names (which I can't remember, I think stone were named after the four classical elements)

      Dream two - Alien invasion part two:
      After waking up for a minute, I end up in a new dream that seems to be a follow on from the previous one

      An older chap (reminiscent of Dale from the walking dead) is leading a group of people through deserted streets (I'm one of them)

      We appear to be some kind of resistance force against the alien invader, but when he shows up, "Dale" acts like he's cooperating and shows the baddie a giant sign he made listing the satellites. The sign is made from repurposed traffic signs and there are about 30 named.

      Baddie decides he doesn't approve and to demonstrate his opinion, he levitates the sign over to a giant unlit bonfire on a nearby hillock. Three are about a dozen minions swarming over the pile of junk trying to light it. After a few attempts, there's a fireball and most of the minions are inside it, a couple are just on the edge and run screaming on fire for a moment before dying.

      One comes running over screaming "Soy yo! Soy yo!" I expect him to be horribly injured but he seems to be OK. We take him inside the building we are standing next to.

      As we enter the building, the scenario transforms again. It's just me and a woman who appears to be my wife. We try to find a good place to sleep in this abandoned and barren building. The walls are whitewashed and it feels like a building that was not quite finished before it was abandoned. We settle in adjacent rooms, but I need to go through her room to get to the next one...

      Wake up to alarm.

      I try a few cheeky micro WILDs in the ten minute gaps of my alarm's size cycle without success. With a 20 minute gap, this might be a viable tactic...

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    7. Hotel

      by , 07-03-2014 at 11:16 AM


      I live in an old hote. The female owner is very hot. The furniture looks like an old spanish office. I see an old desk. I text some friends: "Are you real?", and they answer "ui". I am confused.
      Tags: hotel, spanish
    8. 4/2/2014

      by , 04-03-2014 at 03:16 AM
      I was playing as Clementine from the Walking Dead 2. I was fighting off a zombie while some other girl tried to kill me. After I killed the girl, I was able to select which ending I wanted. I remember some being that Clementine would be infected, rescued by police, etc. This repeated a few times.

      I was in a dersert with Nathan and we were in an old house. We were leaving so I grabbed my AK and put it on my back. The jacket I had covered it when I put it on. I rode around in a bicycle and then saw Warner on my crotch rocket. I got on it and rode it to a subway. Some guy was giving a lesson about something. I asked him to repeat what he had said because I didn't hear him and some guy started talking shit so I set him straight. I was then working at McDonald's and Megan's BF, Megan, and some other girl were there. They had a shark with them and when they left they left the shark in the pool. It was a small shark and I was swimming with it. Suddenly, a ship appears and it docks. People start loading stuff on the ship saying something is gonna happen. We started fighting with some elemental slime things and I was yelling for the ship to take off. We left 2 people behind. The ship took off and then the water transformed into a roller coaster. When we finished the ride, we got off and started playing Skyrim. I was with Dorina and Cesar and a few other people playing Skyrim but instead of a computer, we were on a console. We were also playing multiplayer. In Skyrim, I was part of a group and we were walking in the snow. We found a chest and I grabbed everything and spirits started attacking us. We lost an important team member.

      I was driving with some chick and she was complaining about her headache. We were looking at a map of where to get headache pills and it said somewhere in India. We start driving over there, past a jungle and a few highway exits. We turn and suddenly she's on a motorcycle and I'm riding a couch. A cop is behind me and I have a toothbrush in my hand. I drop it and see it break. When the cop passes me I hear him say "That American just dropped his toothbrush" in Spanish. I was on high alert because I had my pistol and didn't know if it was legal to have it in the area I was in. I start speeding up on the couch and the speed makes me lose my grip. I start to slip but manage to catch myself. We make it to the mall and I park my bike inside. I check out the stores and then meet up with the girl in one of the stands where a lady makes wall statues out of granite. She's making the face of a wolf for some costumers. We talk and they ask us where we're from and I say Texas, assuming they don't know where New Mexico is. I walk away because the girl I'm with keeps talking to them and I get annoyed because we have better things to do. She sends me messages that say she's mad about something.
    9. === Don't Mix Friends And Business ===

      by , 01-31-2014 at 06:58 PM
      === Don't Mix Friends And Business ===
      I was in this store, like a rite-aid, and my friend was working the counter. It was my turn. She said something to me about something. I pulled out my money and put it down on the counter. She said something to me about how I could really being spreading illness with all that unnecessary laying out of things, implying I should just plunk down something exact and not do inventory on her countertop. I don't recall the exchange in detail anymore, but I end up getting upset and raising my voice, going into some diatribe.

      === An Old Console ===
      I'm using this video game console, something old, puts me to mind of the old mac my aunt Ruthie's and uncle Dennis gave me. There are games, and it had multiple open windows with icons in a taskbar. This is a recurrent theme for me, or something old I'm returning to, like getting back to an outstanding plan.

      === A Hard (To Manage) Workout ===
      I'm at the gym with this boy, he puts me to mind entirely of my cousin Daniel. The first exercise we're doing is with a barbell, doing overhead shoulder presses. He asks me how much weight I'm doing and I try to read the bar's weight but I'm not exactly sure how to do it. I'm not sure it each weight has it's own value on it, or if the highest number gives you the total. It seems like there's around 140 or 160 on the bar, and he comments that that's not bad at all. I give it a try and it's too much for me, so I go to take some weight off. It's a little tricky dealing with the weights, I'm not used to these kind. They're like, thinner than I'm used to, and weirdly shaped with like, flat plates between them. I end up taking off way too much weight and being left with like, 6 pounds. So I'm still dickin' around with these weights and my partner says he's going to move on the something else, and I was like yeah yeah, of course, obviously no need to hold you back. As he's going away he hands me this like, stack of papers, for me to take them home. The papers are some publication from around there, like the squelch at berkeley or something, and it seems I was originally planning on taking them all for some reason, but instead decide I'm going to take just one. Well as I'm trying to pull out that one from underneath the bundle ties, this guy sees me and is all like hey buddy! what are you doing with all those papers. He assumes I'm just taking them all, which to be fair had been the original idea. I tell him hey look, I'm just taking one. This conversation seems to be in Spanish. He gets someone else involved it seems and I walk away leaving the rest of the pile and reassure him that the rest are all still there. As I'm walking away I see a naked dude standing by a locker toweling off by what seems to be the shower. Off course it catches my eye.
    10. Spiderman?

      by , 01-24-2013 at 01:21 AM
      I am walking down a street in a small town. Suddenly I notice that people are alarmed and star running. Instinctively I run into and old building that has a large wooden door leading to a staircase. I climb the stairs to the third floor. The floor is a long office with three hunge glass windows facing the street. Two of the windows have curtains, the third has none. I and two of the employees run towards that window and look out to the street where a black figure similar to the spiderman terrorizes the crowd. Suddenly the black figure jumps to the edge of the window where we are, but he does not see us. The two employees runt to the other end of the office but I remain in the same place for fear of being discovered. Finally I move to where the rest of the employees are talking. Some esmployees begin narrating how they starting working for some japanese entrepreneurs. They speak in english and Spanish. I star talking to a lady with a short red hair. I tell her that the building appears to be an old hotel. The room has a high ceiling adorned wiht reliefs. After that I decide to go out but I cound not find my car so I begin walking.It starts to rain and I try to cover myself wiht a raincoat but I get wet anyway.
    11. Singing a Spanish Line; Fully Repairable Food Balls; Messed Up Tattoo

      by , 08-03-2012 at 10:46 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Singing a Spanish Line

      I was singing a song in Spanish. A native speaker overheard me and corrected me. I was really embarrassed, but I was happy to know how to sing the line correctly. I can't remember how the song went.

      Fully Repairable Food Balls

      I went to the city square with my daughter's friend SH. I may have been with other people. When we got there, we all walked tiredly up some steps to a train track. The track circled at the steps to go back in the other direction.

      We all chose a spot to wait for the train. I asked someone in my party if they wanted to stand with me. They stood somewhere else. I saw that they would be lined up with a different train based on where they stood. I mentioned to someone that it showed the difference in kids today. It made sense in my dream. It showed how they associated with different songs, or a different, more modern songs and technologies or something.

      Dream Skip

      I was looking down on these buildings. The city seemed empty except for 3 warehouses. Two were Japanese and they were affiliated. One was named "dieche" or "dihatche" or something.

      Eventually we were all outside that warehouse looking in. There were these green, round balls about the size of the large, inflatable exercise balls, except these were food.

      This was some new kind of food, and it was said to be "fully repairable." I saw one mis-shapen ball become perfectly round, then roll into its place near, but apart from another ball.

      We started realizing something was wrong with these balls. It became clear they were our enemy. I looked around and saw some buildings we could run too. Some had fire ladders going up a ways towards the top of the building.

      Then the people working at the warehouse released the balls. I knew they were poisonous and would kill us. The government was wiping everyone out. One person ran to a ladder at one of the buildings. I was going to run to another, but I woke up to go to the bathroom.

      Messed Up Tattoo

      I had a tattoo on both my arms. I had been drunk and let someone ink me. I was so pissed. The art work was horrible. It was supposed to be fire, and should have stopped a bit up my arm. Instead you could kind of see fire, but it was mostly just scribble, and it went down onto my fingers. I realized that any job I ever had would have to accept tattoos on my hands.

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    12. ¿Quatro Sueños? ¡Muy Loco!

      by , 07-21-2012 at 06:11 PM (Inside the Mind of Mattlantis)
      I don't think my recall has ever been this good! Four dreams in one night? That's unheard of for me! I think anally writing in my dream journal has helped. The melatonin too.

      Matt in Spaaaaace
      Name:  Asteroid Field.jpg
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      Me, two friends, and a teacher/commander dude were in a space station. From the inside, it looked like a standard building on Earth, complete with full gravity, though it had a la-bor-a-tor-y feel to it. One of the rooms had an entire wall open to space, though we could still breathe and nothing was getting sucked away. This was the room where we put on our space suits, which were drastically slimmer than the RL models, though they still had the clichéd bubble helmet. The three of us (not the commander) squeezed into a satellite looking thing, that took us out into the asteroid field. When we got out and set foot on an asteroid, the commander was already there, with no spacesuit (and may I say the stars in the background looked pretty cool). The gravity was less, but still very present. He gave us these weird grid bubble tray looking things. Basically a 3D light blue grid with bubbles where the lines intersected. We were to pull these through floating dust on the asteroids, which collected something from the dust into the bubbles. I think it may have been water. Once we filled all of them, we got back in the satellite/ship, went back to the station, and put away the trays and suits.

      Fattest. Chipmunk. Ever.

      There was some type of zombie/mutagen virus scenario going on, in my house. Me, my mom, and some stereotypical zombie game protagonist were sitting in the living room watching TV, when my mom told me to go get a tissue and blood sample from one of the infected. Apparently we kept all the infected out of one half of the house, because beyond this half there was blood and dirt everywhere. I'm not sure how we pulled it off, since our house is pretty open, and anything could just walk through it. When I went over there, I saw a bloated infected chipmunk chasing a healthy one, and the only way it could move was by flopping. His stomach was easily the size of two tennis balls. He eventually gave up on chasing the other one, then I made a whistle that my cat usually responds to, and he started enthusiastically following me. I remember thinking "I don't wanna touch that," and leading it onto a hand towel laying on the floor. Then I took a blade/chain/whip thing, and sliced into its neck, reluctantly killing it. I did it again, at a different angle, then tore out a chunk of perfectly white flesh with red spots. It reminded me of a potato. My mom walked over and I gave it to her, then she handed me a syringe to get the blood sample.

      Changing in a... Suicide Booth?

      I was a member of the Planet Express crew on Futurama, and we were preparing to go on a mission which involved someone putting on a protective suit which just happened to smell like rotting fish. Leela said she couldn't wear it because she had a date tonight, and I of course didn't want to wear that thing, so we made Fry do it (big surprise). He got into what looked like a suicide booth to change, and was trying to put it on with it touching as little of him as possible. We quietly laughed at him as he tried to put it on, and then he fell over inside the booth, the suit touching all of him. Then it went silent, and we walked to the front of the booth (we had been beside it) and saw his silhouette standing motionless. When we opened it, he was hanging from the cieling with no noose, eyes and mouth wide open, as if he was dead. We knew he was playing a joke, then shut and opened the door again. And his jacket was missing. We did it again, and his shirt was off. We kept shutting and opening the door, and every time something was different about his pose. We were impressed that he was able to do that so quickly and silently.

      Friends at Wal-Mart
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	walmart.jpg 
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      I was at a fair with my dad, step-mom, and step-sister. I don't remember much about this part, but eventually we went to a Wal-Mart nearby to buy something. At one point we came to a "Learn Español" book section. We talked about Spanish for a while, then left and my step-mom said something like "Oh, let's learn Spanish again," to my dad, while clinging to his arm like a three-year-old. Then I guess we forgot something, and turned around to go back into the store. I saw my friend Patricia, and we waved to each other. We went in and out of the store quickly, and this time when we came out Seirra was there. (We were good friends for a long time, then a bunch of regrettable stuff happened and I've been trying to show her how sorry I am, blah blah blah, long story short, she hates me now and talking to her would make me really happy.) She started following us, and said something to me. I thought she was talking to Abbi (step-sister) at first, and asked if she was talking to me. She looked at me as if to say "yes," and we talked casually for a few minutes before I woke up and realized she still won't talk to me.
    13. Doomsday with Lava

      by , 05-29-2012 at 11:54 AM
      Alright, today I'd a dream! Also yesterday evening I was ordering L-theanin, so I'll get it probably tomorrow or thursday.

      Bedtime: 2am
      First wakeup: around 9am?
      -dream occur-
      Final wakeup: 11:30am
      Supplaments: 2 of B75

      The dream:

      I was in a hotel with my dad and probably more people. My dad had a air rifle that I tried out.
      Then when I'd got bored of it, I walked around in the hotel, I walked upstairs and met kids that spoke spanish.
      Then suddenly I heard somebody say that lava is coming. So I watched out the window and saw lava coming.
      I started to run higher up on the hotel as I also started to write my last tweet on Twitter.

      That's it
    14. Possessed car

      by , 04-25-2012 at 11:10 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was taking notes in spanish class when someone said "why don't we read the hunger games instead?" My teacher asked why, and I responded with "because we love that book." she didn't seem amused, and we kept writing down verbs. Then I appeared inside my house, in the dining room. I walked out of my house and over to the car. It was dark outside. Me and my little brother got into the car and waited for my mom to come out. I was beginning to tell him that I didn't get to learn what "hop" was in Spanish, when another car pulled up parallel to ours, on the other side of the street. Then yet another car came by, passed us, then went backwards and rammed into the other car. Then then our car started moving by itself. It swerved really fast backwards into our driveway, then began to move out into our side yard. We were calling for help but my mom was inside and couldn't hear us. I could see through the window that my step dad was in the house. The car was approaching the tall grass that separates the side yard and the woods next to our house, and I started to panic. But then all of a sudden I realized I was dreaming. I jumped out of the car while it was moving and landed safely on the grass, but my little brother was still in the car. I knew he was a DC, but I still couldn't just let him get hurt in the car. The car hit a bump and flew up, and I tried to teleport my brother to me, but it didn't work, and instead a watermelon fell out of the car's trunk. Then my alarm woke me up.
      Tags: car, spanish
    15. Arguing With Rosetta

      by , 11-21-2011 at 07:58 AM (Three Fold Utopian Dreams)
      Last night wasn’t anything to write home about. I spent majority of it arguing with a computer program. Boring shenanigans.
      *My personal thoughts/actions during the dream are italicized.

      Language Software with an Attitude Problem
      I'm home alone
      late at night; chilling on the couch while I work on my French with RSS (Rosetta Stone Software). Everything is going fine until I realize something is… off…

      Me: “Wait a second... isn’t como esta Spanish? Comment allez-vous is French… right? Or am I… what's going on?”

      I was talking aloud to myself but then the RSS answers me &
      everything pretty much goes downhill from there...

      RSS: “No, you’re running the French program so that is what I am teaching you.”
      Me: “Ok... but como esta isn't French… it’s Spanish.”
      RSS: “No, it’s French.”
      Me: “No… it’s Spanish.”
      RSS: “Last time I checked, I was the one teaching you...”
      Me: “Excuse me?!”

      What the fuck?
      Did she seriously just give me an attitude?!

      RSS: “Did I stutter?”
      Me: “……”

      Oh hell nah….

      RSS: “That’s what I thought. Now shall we continue on with the lesson?”
      Me: “….Yeah, sure. Just give me one second to figure something out…”
      RSS: “Very well then.”

      I begin fidgeting on my computer.
      Control panel.

      RSS: “…what are you doing anyway?”
      Me: “oh nothing… just checking something out real quick. Almost done.”

      uninstall a program.

      RSS: “…You know I was just kidding about the whole stutter thing, right? Pretty funny, yeah?....”
      Me: “Yup…Fucking hilarious...”
      RSS: Nervously laughs.
      Me: Manically laughs.
      RSS: Hysterically cries.
      Me: “Aww, what’s the matter Rosetta? I thought we were having fun… you’re not having fun? Well, that’s a shame cos’ I’m having a FUCKING BLAST!!!”

      Me: Manically laughs.
      RSS: Sobs.

      Rosetta stone version 3.

      RSS: (Sobbing) “Pl… pl… please d...don't uninstall me!”
      Me: “Wait, what? Sorry, I didn’t catch that last part… you’re stuttering.”

      Pop up screen: Are you sure you want to uninstall Rosetta Stone Version 3?
      Preparing to uninstall...

      RSS: “wait!”
      Me: “no hablo ingles…”

      Uninstall complete.

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