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    1. 2017.04.09 - Brother's Games / Trump's Gopher

      by , 04-11-2017 at 12:14 AM (Discovery of the Mind: Xereniak's DJ)
      Brother's Games

      Recall Begins:

      A vast world spreads before me. From the heights above the treetops rises a great plateau, towering above the pathway upon which I stand. I Know that I must scale this great wall before me, with nothing but a parasail, stamina, and great determinat... wait a second, this is another one of those "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" dreams. Jeez, I haven't played that game in weeks and it's still the physics engine my mind chooses for everything.
      I make my way up a mountain trail with light shrubbery about. Up the trail, there is a checkpoint, to stop and inspect travelers. I know they're searching for me. Nonetheless, I continue up the way until I arrive at their inspection station, where they begin searching my goods. They're checking my things, which I'm not too worried about, but I'll be in trouble should they decide to pat me down, for concealed within my sleeve is a home phone. The shape of the phone protrudes through the fabric, but I stand on the other side of them in hopes they will not spot it. I feel its buttons against my skin within my tunic, and I am severely startled when they begin to pat me down. Surely, like this, they will find the home phone concealed on my person. When all hope seems to be lost, I re-initialize the dream, sending the guards back to their original positions, not knowing I was ever there. I had all my things back, but one thing remained: my position within space remained the same, and as I was standing on the other side of the guard station, I had managed to slip past them. I continue onwards into the cabin which they had been so zealously guarding. Once inside, I find /...fragmented details.../ in the entry way. Up the stairs, however, I find a console, running a copy of my brother's game "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess". Of course, with his permission, I fire the game up and begin playing, although the game's graphics felt a lot more like "Ocarina of Time".

      Recall Ends.

      Trump's Gopher

      I traveled from my home to my day job, a 7-3 shift as a crew trainer for Donald Trump's Cabinet. I was still being trained on the position myself, by my waking world coworker J and some other guy whom I do not know. I also sucked tremendously, but Mr. Trump himself was much too busy to take notice and fire me. For the job itself, I had to appear to be a girl. Not entirely sure why, but one blond wig and a costume change later I was working hard at my job to... erm, actually, nobody ever came. I mostly just got paid to snoop around Mr. President's communication equipment he used to send messages to Vladimir Putin. Instead of using old school, U.N. approved touch tone wires to send messages, this setup sent the message by LED cables (wtf????). These cables looked quite spectacular, with towers soaring across the wide mountain range away from the high altitude plateau upon which we built the... some kind of administrative office, but it was definitely like a ski lodge. When I got home, my family seemed to have left on a vacation without telling me where or why. Dream me took no issues with this, and instead headed to the basement to play a game like "Space Engineers", but also it was "League of Legends" and I was a Singed player chasing down a Lux. I almost had her, when these weird bug robot things started flipping me over their heads, and they just kept doing that for awhile (during this process I was moved inside a kind of land rover). Eventually, my craft ran out of hp, but it didn't explode until they were done tossing me. Then the ship and I were transported to my starter platform (all still in my basement), where I tried fixing the ship up for another round of getting tossed around by the bug robots. After 3 times of this, and having to scour for materials each time, I just started taking the ship apart so I could build something new with the components. The frame fits quite snuggly as a house roof.

      Recall Ends.
    2. 2017.03.27 - Date by Design

      by , 04-07-2017 at 11:50 PM (Discovery of the Mind: Xereniak's DJ)
      Recall begins:

      My father is leading a video game design team in a briefing room at what I can only assume is the engineering firm he works for. A certain man among the others who are sitting at rows of standard windows computers is utilising a curious interface device for his work. The device is comprised of a human bust, incorporeal, which sits upon the desk surface, facing towards the user; and one human head, held in the right hand, which is moved in 3D space around the bust. It appeared to function in the same way as a basic pad and mouse do for the rest of us. The man, whom I felt was a senior of mine, began at my behest to avail his works to me. I see on the display a 3D ape model. It is being utilised for an asset in the video game which the team is designing.
      /jump/ The senior modeller is complaining about the difficulty of the ape as a boss monster. Observing the game, it appears to have the "The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild" battle system. I offer to try and defeat the enemy for him.
      /jump/ I (Link, from "The Legend of Zelda") am shield surfing down the snow capped mountain, escaping from the rampaging ape. I believe my original intent was to fight the ape, as I reverted back the dream 3 or 4 times to attempt battling it, nearly prompting lucidity. Before this occurred, however, as I repeated the act of fleeing the beast enough times, the ending began to fill in, and the ape was erased from the dream history. Now, I was merely shield surfing down an increasingly less winter, and more summery slope, with white water rapids, and greenery, abounding. I continue downwards, past the gorgeous natural formations carved into the rock by aeons of water erosion, until the scenery returns to winter near the base. Near the base is a setup reminiscent of my old scout camps, although thinking on it, there was not a soul in uniform.
      /jump/ I am no longer me, but for a short time, I yet appear as I did entering the camp. I am, however, now the Pokemon Ditto. I come across a small group in the camp, in what appears to be a cove built on a wooden platform overlooking a cliff, with an evergreen pine forested valley far below. The group situated within, who's members I am impressed to say were from another town in the province attending the camp, consisted of one teenaged man, likely aged 16~17, and about 4~5 women ranging in age from 13~17. As an outsider to this group, my logical conclusion is to destabilise the trust and familiarity within the group's members by transforming into them, one by one. The man becomes upset and leaves, and I remain as a woman within the group for the remainder of the recall.

      Recall End.
    3. 10/30/13 Puppet Master

      by , 10-31-2013 at 08:11 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Puppet Master
      I am in a dungeon of some kind. I am making my way through passages and tunnels of stone. I am thinking of it like a dungeon from one of the Legend of Zelda games. I see I am there with Link. We continue into a larger chamber where we are immediately attacked by some strange creatures. They look sort of like spiders, but they only have four legs. They kind of jump around the room. They are all about the size of wolves. They come at us as soon as we enter the room. Link starts fending them off with his sword and shield but he seems to be holding back. He says he doesn't want to kill them if he can avoid it because they aren't acting of their own free will. He says normally they are quite peaceful. I think stunning them would be a good plan. I use the song spell Battery by Metallica to summon some lightning, but I focus to keep it at a lower power. Sparks fly through the room and knock the strange creatures unconscious. Link checks on one of them to be sure it is alive. He nods at me and starts to continue to the next passage. I tell him to wait, I will charge his shield with electricity so he can knock enemies unconscious with it. I do that using Battery by Metallica again. We encounter a few more of the strange creatures in the hallway but Link knocks them unconscious with his electrified shield. We enter a large cavern now. It extends to unknown depths below us. I look down into the blackness and it looks bottomless. There is a winding path that leads across the room. The ceiling is far above us, almost hidden in the darkness. Fires around the edge of the chamber keep the chamber lit. I briefly wonder how anyone got to those torches to keep them lit but I don't spend much time on that before I see something on the other side of the room. It looks like a huge and creepy doll of some kind.
      LMAO I AM NOW CHRISTIAN-clown-top1.jpg
      It looks like one of those evil clowns like Pennywise from the book It or something similar. The clown doll is alive, and it is holding puppet strings that are hanging down into the darkness below. Even though they don't appear to be connected to anything I figure those are what the thing is using to control the strange creatures in the dungeon and who knows what else it is controlling. There are armed guards standing along the narrow passage, blocking the way. Link says they are acting of their own free will… he knows that because they were enemies before the Puppet Master showed up. So we make our way along the narrow path. One of the guards lunges at me. I time it just right to grab hold of him and push him off the edge of the pathway into the darkness below. Link shoves another one off with his shield. I actually jump over Link and grab the next guard before he can react and I push him off of the passage as well. The Puppet Master is getting angry, saying he has to do everything himself. But he doesn't do it himself. Instead he summons forth a lot of strange creatures. Many of them are like the ones in the passages, others look sort of like ewoks with white fur.
      LMAO I AM NOW CHRISTIAN-ewok.jpg
      Link says they are being controlled by the Puppet Master… but how do we set them free? I tell him I am sure all we have to do is cut the Puppet Master's strings. He looks past the army arrayed against us and at the strings hanging from the creepy clown doll. He sarcastically asks if that is all we have to do… clearly he doesn't think it will be that easy. How do we get past the guards without killing them? They are all innocent. I am thinking of Prototype, so I use moves from Prototype. I jump. But I don't just jump, I crouch and charge up a large jump. I then glide right over the Puppet Master's pawns. I form my right arm into a blade and slice through all the strings on the one side. Link is just staring at me now as if he can't believe what I just did. The Puppet Master screams in rage and about half of the army blocking Link just looks disoriented. Before he can attack me I do another charged jump and cut through the strings on the other side. Now all of his slaves are disoriented and none of them interfere with Link as he passes through them. Link says the only way to kill the Puppet Master is to destroy the gem on his forehead. I look up and see there is a red gem there that is glowing. Link says only the sword of light can do it. I have my doubts that the gem can hold up to my Prototype sword, but I decide to play along. I take hold of Link and charge a jump, getting us out of the way just before one of the clown's huge hands crashes down in an attempt to crush us. When we are high enough Link jumps off of me and drives his sword into the red gem. Red sparks fly and the gem shatters. The Puppet Master collapses to the ground with Link still standing on top. The former slaves of the Puppet Master are still a bit disoriented, but they seem to be regaining their senses. The spider creatures are dispersing. Some of the white ewoks are coming towards Link and me. They are talking to us. One of them says he does not know how to thank us for freeing them from the Puppet Master's control. Link isn't listening to them. He asks how I did that. I ask what he is talking about as I transform my blade back into a human arm. He points at me and says that. I tell him it's a long story and I'm sure I don't have time to tell it. I am right about that, and Link has barely begun to ask me more questions when I wake up.
    4. Games, games, and more games. Except for the one.

      by , 03-02-2013 at 07:07 PM

      #1 - He's really a nice guy, just trying to make a living.... [Non-Lucid]

      At first I was at a family party in this dream, and I was playing a Legend of Zelda game with my cousin K. I remember seeing Link wearing some kind of crazy golden armor (maybe based on the one in Twilight Princess? I can't remember what it's called right now...), but then the TV screen started to envelope us and the game plot was actually happening to me instead of me controlling Link. K, the grim reaper, and I were at some kind of odd opening up to an ocean located under a building of some kind, there was no shore or anything like that. I believe there was some kind of ship visible off in the distance, and the grim reaper had given me a fishing pole and was trying to get me to use it to catch a test target he had placed in the water a bit further out from us. I almost got it but not quite, but then I decided to get up and go explore the area behind us instead, and when I didn't find much I logged off and my perspective zoomed back out to being at the party. This next part I have no idea about because I can't remember what it means, this is just what I wrote down in my notes when I woke up:

      "Also, I misinterpreted some weird rules about reality thinking that any wrong move reverted you to a past state, but it turned out I was a little wrong about it and it wasn't quite so bad, but I can't remember exactly how...."

      Your guess is as good as mine, but it sounds intense lol. After that,
      I woke up.

      #2 - What if it is all a game? [Non-Lucid]

      I was again playing as Link, this time specifically from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but the perspective was different than either in the previous dream. It was that effect where the TV screen takes up your entire field of vision... so you're really just moving the character with your mind and perceiving them as yourself, but you still see them from behind in third-person and perceive it like you're using a controller on some level. What's odd about this dream is that I started out in a Super Mario 64-like map, and I was even looking for stars to collect, but at one point I got stuck at the edge of a map and ended up clipping through the ground. And I fell down into a N64-eqsue rendered version of my house and backyard, and specifically into the corner of the swimming pool.

      From this point on I also had a permanent walk-through-walls effect, along with a slightly increased and slightly unrealistic-looking walking speed. I walked around my house a bit and just had fun moving through walls and admiring how surreal this all was (because it was REALLY well done and very video gamey) and I saw a NPC incarnation of a younger version of my friend M walking to the backyard in a one-piece bathing suit. I walked around her for a bit, and then I went back to the pool. I walked into it and it was much deeper than normal, and there was this guy fish thing (don't ask me, it's in the notes lol) and a weird three-pointed Mario star that was made up to sort of resemble a fish, and then somehow this all became an American Dad! episode.

      I believe it showed Avery Bullock, and he had payed for these freaky fish tattoos on his eyes and he was able to do this creepy stare with them and transform into a huge fish himself, the whole thing was very psychedelic. I remember this surprising at least Stan, Francine, and Steve. Then the whole thing just turned into a still third-person view of scrolling through bottom of a wiki page and seeing some Pokémon pictures, with the only one really standing out being some unidentifiable red thing and a Marill.


      #1 - So who the hell was he, anyway? [Non-Lucid]

      I was again at a family party, and I had barricaded myself in my room for some reason, though it wasn't my actual room. I had a ton of stuff shoved against the door to keep it closed, but then (probably based on watching too many comedy shows), my cousin P just opened the door easily, because it opened in the other direction, and pushed it all aside and walked in. Cue a "Well... shit." As P walked in, so did some guy who I'm not sure was a real person, because he's just as a blurry and impossible to remember the look of as any other random non-lucid DC is for me. But at the time, I was convinced that this was someone who I hadn't seen since we were kids, like he and my cousin were childhood friends or something and I just stopped seeing him when they stopped hanging out as much or something like that, and we were both doing the whole "wow, you've really grown up" thing. We seemed pretty friendly with each other, so I guess in the context of the dream we had been close in the past. The three of us just kept hanging out in my room, and at one point P became my friend M when I wasn't paying attention, I think not long after we all looked out the window and saw a lot of snow on the ground and in the streets (and we were in the second floor, which my house doesn't have).

      The whole time the guy and I were getting pretty involved in our conversation and starting to get pretty touchy-feely. He was talking about how he'd gotten out of a relationship recently, and he was noticeably very horny. He kept getting really close and personal with me, hugging me from behind, leaning up against me, and etc. I was getting pretty worked up myself, and the tension was getting really thick. We weren't saying anything but it was really obvious, and I remember M seeming kind of annoyed about it and thinking that there was a reason, but I can't remember what it was now. After a while the party was starting to wind down and everyone was leaving and M pulled me aside to ask me not to do anything, but the guy overheard her and suddenly pulled out this video recording of him telling some kind of sob story. I think the video was saying something about how he used to be married, or at least something similar to that... and I remember it including the line "I wasn't always in high school.", but that's about it. M felt bad after that, and she was getting ready to leave. I was thinking that I had to go stay at my aunt's house overnight for some reason so I was going to say something, but then I just randomly realized that I actually wouldn't have to, so I forgot about it. When M left, everyone but the guy was gone, so we locked ourselves in my room and I could feel the tension increasing to a breaking point... and then
      I woke up.

      God damn it.

      #2 - If only real matches were as intense as this! [Non-Lucid]

      I was playing some kind of Super Smash Bros. kind of game with M and her boyfriend D. We played some normal rounds first, and then somehow I managed to pick Axel from Disgaea 2 as my character. I also managed to get us to play on some intense demon altar stage. I don't remember exactly who they were playing as (I want to say that M was playing as maybe Princess Zelda or Peach, and that maybe D was playing as a character on a horse?), but I think it might have changed over time, too. The sucky part about this dream is that it was actually really vivid and intense, but the action was so crazy and fast that I still barely remember any of it. I remember I was riding a horse at one point as well, and we had the capability to use some incredibly cheap tricks like hypnosis to win the battle. It was crazy! As the dream started falling apart, the scene became a third-person view of a cartoon show and Axel had become Popeye. He was saying something weird or trippy, but I can't remember what it was now, and then I woke up.
    5. To the New World! Or not...

      by , 10-09-2012 at 02:26 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had one dream last night about having to find enough space for a jigsaw puzzle that wanted to solve itself.

      I had another dream that may have been subtly influenced by the fact that yesterday was Columbus Day. I had set sail with Green, Red, Blue, and Vio (Four Swords Links) to discover a new land. Instead of having a ship, though, each of us was on a small raft. We were heading "roughly west". We passed a lighthouse, and, after a couple minutes, we stopped at the shore of a small town (no, we hadn't discovered anywhere yet; we were just stopping for the evening because it was getting late).

      We went inside a building somewhere and found out that the mayor of the town was Mr. Pilgrim, who we were going to meet. I'm pretty certain he was Scott Pilgrim, but I woke up before I could meet him.
    6. Well, I guess that was lucid...

      by , 09-12-2012 at 02:03 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      In my first dream last night, I was playing Wind Waker. I was trying to get to a certain place (somewhere in the southern part of the Great Sea), but it was hard because I kept nearly getting swept up in one of those cyclones. It was kind of annoying. When I finally got there, there was no island, but the Flying Dutchman's ship was there. I boarded the ship.

      Here, the dream switched to first-person, and I was also myself now. On the ship, I ended up in a kitchen. In the kitchen, I had to help wash cups and mugs. I happily complied and thought it kind of reminded me of being at camp, since part of a volunteer's job is washing the cups we use for lemonade each day.

      I woke up from that dream but soon went back to sleep. In the next dream, my computer was acting all weird and I didn't know what to do.

      In the NEXT dream, I was in my room. I could hear a bunch of kids outside, so I peeked out my window. There were a few of the younger kids from church and a bunch of kids I didn't know. Then, I got a phone call. It was from a girl who I guess was an acquaintance of mine in the dream. We talked for a few minutes.

      After I got off the phone with her, I decided to have a lucid dream. I sat down and closed my eyes, as if I were going to meditate. I soon started getting vivid hypnagogic imagery (I was still consciously aware of my body the entire time), which my dream self interpreted as a dream. In the "dream", I was playing Pokemon Blue, but it was all glitched up. Since I knew I was dreaming, I decided to have fun with these glitches. I know I was in Cerulean City, but I don't really remember much of what happened. The "dream" started to fade, so I opened my eyes to wake up.

      I got up and headed for my laptop so I could update my dream journal, but I woke up on the way there.
    7. Looking for a Cat Toy; Discovering an Island; Pretending to be Cats

      by , 09-11-2012 at 02:45 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      In my first dream I recalled last night, I was in Kokiri Forest with Saria (from Ocarina of Time). We were in a treehouse, looking for a cat toy for some reason. The cat toy we were looking for was one of the ones that's just a little ball with a bell inside. We found three of them.

      In the next dream, my friend Lizz and I came across a small, deserted island. We ordered pizza, and, surprisingly, they actually delivered pizza to that island. We drew pictures of Pokemon, which became animated, like they were going to come to life or something. We eventually left the island and went back to my church, entering in the back door, which goes to the gym. A bunch of the kids from church were following us in, and I had to tell them to be quiet so they didn't wake anyone up, since it was past midnight.

      I had another dream last night. I was outside. There was a girl pretending to be a cat, so I joined her.
    8. Okay, that was just bizarre.

      by , 09-10-2012 at 04:36 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I was playing what I think was Spirit Tracks. I was in some room that doesn't actually exist in-game. Supposedly, I could find various dungeon bosses in that room. I wanted to see the boss of the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, but only Anjean was there (NO idea what she was doing there). Disappointed, I walked away, but I soon returned to find that Morpha (Water Temple boss) was there.

      My POV then changed from the game back to normal. I was outside with my brother. We were both playing our DS's. We connected them via link cable (not sure why, since they're supposed to be wireless) but got a virus warning, so we disconnected them and turned them off. I'm not sure how I knew, but the warning was for some computer virus transmitted through the grass to technology that was nearby, which is really weird...
    9. Zelda Again

      by , 09-06-2012 at 02:39 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I was playing some sort of Zelda game. For some reason, I was playing as Zelda instead of Link, who wasn't even there. For some other reason, Zelda could fly, though not very well. I spent most of the time trying to fly up to this random floating platform.

      At one point, I heard the music that plays in Spirit Tracks when Dark Trains are nearby. I turned around and saw a Dark Train behind me, but I wasn't worried about it because I knew it couldn't go off the tracks (besides, I was in the air). Later, I saw two more on a separate part of the tracks (and the music was playing again). One of them looked a bit like Thomas the Tank Engine. It looked like it was going to crash into the one in front of it.

      In the next dream, I was at home. I can't remember what I was doing, though.

      I woke up from that, then went back to sleep. This time, I was in a large room that was kind of like the lodge we stayed in for the Camporee, except more square. I looked up at the clock and saw there was half an hour until whatever we were doing next, so I decided to get my laptop to update my DJ. Then, Jonathan, a boy from my church, warned me not to take too long because using a computer for too long is bad for you.
    10. like dis if u cry everytim

      by , 09-04-2012 at 03:03 AM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I was on some website that was selling replicas of masks from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Interestingly, the site looked like an IRC client. They were selling masks one at a time, kind of like an auction without the bidding. All of the masks they were selling were the same, at least at the moment I'm not sure which one it was, but my mom and I had supposedly made one already. They were all really expensive selling for over $100 or even $200... until I saw one for $17.

      I'm not sure how the next scene is relevant in any way,. I saw a building with a sign that said "like dis if u cry everytim", and a boy complained about always finishing something in 0:07 (as in 7 seconds) instead of 0:06. For some strange reason, instead of saying it out loud, it appeared in a text box at the top of the "screen"/field of vision. Also, I somehow knew it was a young boy (probably around 8-11) speaking even though I couldn't see or hear him.

      Next (or possibly earlier, I don't remember) was a fragment involving playing something that was a cross between a kazoo and a train whistle.

      I also had one other dream I remember from last night. Many of us were sitting in a circle in our living room, which was much bigger than it is IWL. We were playing spin the bottle, though it was a little different than usual; whoever's turn it was had to spin the bottle three times, then get kissed by the three people it pointed to in order. When it was my turn, the first spin stopped on a little girl, the second on Jonathan, a friend from church, and the third on someone I can't remember now.

      The girl kissed me on the forehead, then Jonathan kissed me on the cheek. He had been playing his DS and was still holding it; after he kissed me, the guy on screen said something about how we were 8% compatible with each other, then went on to say something long and completely unrelated, only to repeat it in Spanish before I woke up.
    11. Zelda Crossovers with Everything

      by , 08-29-2012 at 03:17 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I was playing Spirit Tracks. It was at the part where Link and Zelda play the sacred duet before the final battle. Afterwards, instead of going onto the final battle, I was taken to a map screen (not the rail map). I had to choose one of three places - stay and fight Malladus, go to some place I can't remember now, or go to some strange tower (not the Tower of Spirits). I selected the tower.

      When I entered the tower, it turned into a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-esque game, though battles worked the same way as in the main series games (judging by the graphics, I'd say G/S/C). I can't remember what my main Pokemon was, but I ended up entering a battle with 1 HP left. I was afraid I might have to switch out to Zubat, which I really didn't want to, as I only used Zubat as an HM slave (I suppose I was on a one-Pokemon challenge).

      Just as the other Pokemon had started to attack, I yelled out, "Stop!", pausing the battle. I searched desperately for any healing items I may have. Nothing. I reluctantly allowed the battle to continue. The wild Pokemon finished its attack, causing mine to lose its remaining hit point. However, it wasn't defeated, despite its remaining HP being displayed as "nil". It also gained a new move in the top slot (overwriting whatever was already there, I guess). I can't remember what the move was called, but it was a special move, only usable by Pokemon with no HP remaining (kind of like how Struggle can only be used by Pokemon with no PP on any move). I used this new move to restore more HP.

      After the battle, I found myself in Vermillion City (you know, I think this may have been Pokemon Blue - there was little variation in colour, save for a bluish tint on everything now, and it had 8-bit graphics, of course). My Pokemon forgot its new move, which was replaced by Clamp.

      Some point soon after, I woke up. I looked at the time - it was already 11:00! I got up, and, in the living room, I found a book that read "Oracle of Ages" on the side. I picked it up and looked at the cover. It appeared to be some crossover between The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and... Star Wars. I decided that was ridiculous and not worth reading.

      I woke up again and looked at the clock. It was actually almost 7 AM.

      I went back to sleep and had another dream in which I was in the car, thinking about another Zelda game - Minish Cap this time. This one happened to be a crossover with Vocaloid. I was trying to remember who I'd decided to play as (since I'd only borrowed the game, so I don't still have it). I had a feeling I'd picked Len, but then I thought I may have chosen Rin instead. I knew I'd picked one of the Kagamine twins.

      Soon, we arrived at home. Inside, I saw my cat, Princess, sitting happily inside a large cardboard box (she loved boxes). I remembered that Princess died last fall and, realizing that it couldn't be her, asked my mom where this cat had come from. She told me she'd taken it in; it was a stray she'd found on our porch.

      Next thing I knew, there were now two of these cats. At first, I thought that Princess had come to see the new cat, but, like before, I remembered that it couldn't be her because she was dead. Again, I asked my mom where the second cat had come from. Before she answered, I decided it would be a good idea to do a reality check, given the strangeness of the situation, but I woke up before I could.
    12. Fragments Again

      by , 08-26-2012 at 11:42 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had a dream last night that involved collecting pieces of candy (Smarties - the American kind - to be specific) and making note of which ones we found on a chart. The candy was all hidden in my living room, and the chart was on the dining room table (we have a combined living room/dining room/kitchen area, all as one big room).

      In the next dream, I was watching some weird TV show, in which a school nurse went crazy and killed one of the kids.

      I woke up after that but soon went back to sleep and had a dream that I was checking Facebook and saw that one of my friends had spoiled the ending to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (ironically, he's never played Skyward Sword IWL). I can't remember what he'd said, but I kind of wish I could remember, so I could see how close it compares with the actual ending when I finish the game IWL.

      The next dream... I don't even know where to start with this one. I remember it. I can't recall anything I can really put into words. I can hardly even recall any images. I can barely even remember anything that happened. Yet I know that I can just... remember it - this feeling of acknowledgement of having dreamt it, I suppose.

      I guess I'll try to write what I can remember and put into words. It was kind of dark. It was also a video game - and a rather frustrating one at that. I remember the mini-map in the corner. There were four dots on that map - two red and two yellow. The red ones were me, and the yellow ones were the enemy. I can't remember who/what I was, though, just that I was represented on the mini-map as two red dots.
    13. Going to Atlantis... or Not

      by , 08-25-2012 at 03:01 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I don't remember my first dream from last night too well. I remember playing tennis, though.

      In the next dream, I was at Earth Camp, and we were playing some weird game outside. One girl accidentally touched some poison ivy (which actually did look exactly the same as IWL), so I instructed her to go inside, not to touch anything with that hand (for the sake of being careful), and go wash her hands thoroughly with soap and water (if you happen to touch poison ivy, you have roughly ten minutes before it gets absorbed into your skin; you can wash it off before then and not get affected at all).

      After waking up in the morning, having plenty of time to sleep in, I soon drifted back to sleep. I saw an image of a landscape (on a computer screen, I think) with hills and mountains. I then looked down at the similar landscape beneath it. I switched my attention from one to the other a few times before realizing the bottom one was actually underwater.

      Suddenly, I was there, as a mermaid. I looked around. The scene was breathtaking. Off in the distance, I could see the city of Atlantis. It was amazing!

      I kind of followed the other mermaids. During the summer, we could swim around in the ocean wherever we pleased. Winter was coming, though, which meant it was time for us to all return to Atlantis.

      Now, I wish I'd become lucid by that point, because that part was probably one of the most amazing dreams I've ever had. Once we started heading back to Atlantis, though, it just got weird.

      A dolphin started chasing us, trying to eat us. This soon led to what was almost like a game; I was then trying to get the attention of a nearby shark (which seemed to take no interest in me whatsoever), so I could lure it towards the dolphin and get away.

      When I finally got past the dolphin (without the help of the shark), it turned into a video game that I was now playing (2D, 32-bit graphics - think GBA game). There were now a TON of enemies I had to avoid. I did good for awhile, but then one of them got me.

      Instead of losing a life or getting a game over, there was dialogue explaining that it was all a dream which was now ending. I don't remember specifically what it said, though I do remember the words, "This is a dream. It is time for you to wake up now." Of course, I interpreted this is that part of the game having been a dream in-game, not even thinking that I could have been dreaming, too.

      The next part seemed like more than just "waking up", as it transitioned to an entirely different game. I was now playing Spirit Tracks. I was in Aboda Village, which, for some reason, was in the northwestern corner of the Forest Realm. I only had the engine of the Spirit Train, so I had to go find and collect the other three train cars. Fortunately, they were pretty easy to find; I just had to head east and go in a straight line.

      After finding all the train cars, I decided to stop at the nearest station, which happened to be at Castle Town. Unlike Aboda Village, Castle Town was in roughly the correct place. There was a woman there who wanted me to take her somewhere new. That was the last thing I remember before waking up.

      I looked at the clock and saw that only around five or ten minutes had passed. This was kind of surprising, as that dream felt like it was AT LEAST a solid half-hour.

      I drifted off to sleep again and had a dream in which I was looking at questions on a math exam I had to take. It seemed really easy. I don't remember the questions now, though, except for one: "Count to your favourite number."

      After waking up from that and going back to sleep yet again, I had another dream about playing Spirit Tracks. This time, I went to a house that supposedly had no one living there; there were supposedly just cats and puppets. Except... there actually was someone there. He was an Arabic man with a French accent. He asked me various odd questions about someone I'd apparently taken to the Tower of Spirits.

      Suddenly, I'd somehow activated some multiplayer feature, which brought up a list of nearby players. The list was ridiculously long - surely there weren't THAT many people playing the SAME game right now, and in wireless range! Well, apparently, there were.

      That's when I suddenly remembered two important things. One, I wasn't supposed to be playing any video games, since it was morning and I hadn't become lucid that night (part of my reward system for LDing), and, two, I should type up my latest DJ entry before doing anything fun. With the intention of updating my dream journal, I shut off the game, causing me to abruptly wake up.
    14. Lots of Fragments

      by , 08-20-2012 at 11:11 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      Okay, here's what I remember from last night...

      The first one I remember was at my house. In my room, in front of my TV, there was a box full of VHS tapes and DVDs. These were in the "library", so they would come and go as people "checked out" and "returned" them (people didn't actually come into my room; they would go to the library, where checking out a video would cause it to disappear from my room, while returning one would cause it to reappear).

      One of the videos was The Minish Cap (a movie based off of the Zelda game, I'm guessing); I decided I'd come back for it later so I could watch it with my friend Lizz. It was on a VHS tape, by the way.

      When I came back later (I can't remember any parts of the dream in between), it had been checked out already. However, it was available on DVD, but I didn't want that one because I wanted to watch it in my room (which doesn't really make sense, since I have a DVD player AND a VCR in my room, so either would work).

      After waking up from that, I decided to attempt DEILD again. I was barely awake when I woke up, which I figured was good for DEILD. I decided I wanted to enter a Zelda-related dream, so I pictured the first Zelda-related thing I could think of: the Spirit Train. I probably could've come up with something better, like a specific location, but keep in mind that my mind was far from fully awake at the time.

      Anyway, I quickly slipped into a dream, but, instead of a lucid dream, I entered a false lucid dream instead (i.e., I had control but didn't know I was dreaming). When I woke up from it, it actually took me a moment to actually figure out if that had been a dream or if I'd just imagined it while still partially awake (like in hypnagogia), but I concluded that it was definitely a dream because, although the actual memory of it was really fuzzy (making it harder to tell), I could definitely remember being able to see everything (as opposed to just knowing it's there without actually seeing it, like in daydreaming or visualization).

      Anyway, shortly after entering the dream, the Spirit Train disappeared. I quickly concluded that it had disappeared because there were no tracks, so I made the Spirit Tracks appear and summoned the Spirit Train again. I did this by just wanting it to appear, which caused it to appear right before my eyes (I'm assuming this worked because I knew it was supposed to be there and had been there just moments before). The rest of the dream consisted of me making the Spirit Train reappear a few more times (since it kept disappearing) before waking up.

      I had another dream last night, in which a bunch of girls were using my laptop to look at pictures of Martin Luther King, Jr. for some reason. I went outside to the backyard (my backyard). I could the local elementary school next door, which, for some reason, seemed perfectly normal. Anyway, there were these guys outside, and they used some weird handheld device to fire an electromagnetic pulse into the air, which caused a pulsating ball of light to appear in the sky.

      I had one final dream, in which I was watching Doctor Who. The episode started with a dream that Amy Pond was having. It was rather surreal and... not like a dream. It would show an image of her against a white background, then switch to a quick scene from her dream (the background never changed, though), then back to the first image, then onto another dream, and so on. One of the scenes was the Doctor kissing her...

      Anyway, shortly after she woke up, I woke up.
    15. Annoying Dark Trains are Annoying

      by , 08-17-2012 at 03:55 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      1. I was in the car, sitting in the back seat. I was trying to sleep because I was tired. I checked the time, saw that it was five-something in the morning, and briefly wondered why I was up so early. I remember passing a university at some point.

      2. I was playing The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. As with most of my video game dreams, all I could see was what was on the screen. However, I almost always find myself playing console games; Spirit Tracks, on the other hand, is for the DS and is almost exclusively touch-controlled. Interestingly, I knew I was touching the screen with the stylus, though I couldn't actually see my hand or the stylus.

      Anyway, I was in the Forest Realm, in the part where the tracks go just about everywhere and there are usually Dark Trains around. The Dark Trains, however, were faster than they normally are, and the arrow showing which way they would go wouldn't appear until they were just about to turn, so predicting where they would go was much harder. Oh, and they could take shortcuts that only Dark Trains could take. Basically, they were ridiculously difficult to avoid.

      After getting hit twice by Dark Trains (if you haven't played Spirit Tracks, you get a game over whenever one hits you) - and nearly getting hit a third time - I got frustrated and fed up with them. It turned out I had my Action Replay in my DS, so I pressed Start, which paused the game and brought up a set of options. One of the options was labelled "Star Wars Shouting Power". I had no idea what that meant, but I ignored it and selected to bring up the list of cheat codes. I turned on the code to get rid of the Dark Trains and resumed playing.
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