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    1. The Battle For Your Heart

      by , 11-28-2012 at 08:54 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      One of the most amazing lucids I've had in ages!

      The Battle for Your Heart (DILD)


      Arcadia, a beautiful woman with long white hair (who seems to be some sort of deity) whom I falsely remember dreaming about before, announces to me and the team of people I am with that we must travel to a different part of the dream to eliminate a certain threat. She says it's nothing major, just something that needs to be done. I also falsely remember having this particular dream before, and I want a different ending than the supposed "other" time.

      We arrive at the house of a rather crazy but seemingly benign family who is supposed to transport us to where we need to go. Their refrigerator is actually something similar to a Tardis in disguise, so they immediately go about cramming me and my team into the small shelf spaces. I am instinctively aware that the family is evil and is going to turn on us soon, but we are too vulnerable to cause a conflict at the moment. I don't want to be attacked while trapped in the tight confines of this refrigerator.

      Soon, it doesn't matter what I want. The family (who is apparently some type of gang) attacks, but I manage to quickly get myself out and under cover before they can shoot me. A long battle ensues. Much of it involves a deadly back and forth shooting between my team and the crazy gang-family. It isn't long before I run out of ammo. I act as though my gun is still loaded in order to keep the enemy at bay as I search for a new weapon, hoping to do so before they realize that I'm basically unarmed. I'm somewhat surprised that the guns are working in the first place, as they usually malfunction in my dreams. I'm also worried about forgetting parts of what is happening when I wake up, because the battle has been going on for a long time and I know I'm bound to lose parts of it. (Sadly true.)

      In my search for a new weapon, I happen upon a high tech grenade that, in addition to a fiery explosion, shoots out spinning projectiles that will slice anything nearby to bits. I activate the grenade, shout a warning to my team, then throw it and run out of the house as fast as my legs will carry me. We barely make it out the door before the whole house goes up in flames.

      The battle against the remaining enemies takes me into the trees, where I am sniping down gang members who get too close. Out of nowhere, mutant zombies similar to lickers from Resident Evil begin scaling the trees toward me. One of the mutations splits it's head open, revealing rows of disgusting teeth along each side of its interior. Adrenaline kicks in and I manage to shoot them all in the head and kill them before they can get to me.

      With the enemies pretty much gone or sent running, Arcadia appears. "This problem runs much deeper than I originally thought," she tells me anxiously.

      "You mean because of the zombies?" I ask.

      "No, even deeper than that."

      As we walk back to Arcadia's control room, I slip my arm around her waist. She stops and removes it promptly. "Keep your hands to yourself," she reprimands me.

      "Well excuse me," I scoff with a little laugh, both surprised and somewhat amused at being rejected by a dream character. Grinning mischievously, I walk unnecessarily close to her so that our arms are pressed together. I expect her to tell me to back off again, but she doesn't.

      Back in the control room, we are suddenly ambushed by members affiliated with the gang. We take cover behind a pillar, taking turns stepping out to shoot. Arcadia is now Alice from Resident Evil. When she steps out to shoot, the enemy shoots first and manages to land a hit right in her chest. She kills most of them from the floor, then I step out and take care of the rest before kneeling down beside her. I see that the wound is very bad. She is moaning in pain.

      "No, shh, it'll be okay, I'll get you help," I tell her. (I'm pretty much only semi-lucid at this point and don't realize I could just heal her myself.) She tells me that the people in the building next door know her and will know what to do. Leaning down, I kiss her gently: a promise that I won't let her die. She looks surprised.

      I pick her up as carefully as I can manage, but she still cries out in pain from being moved. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I keep saying as I carry her to the aforementioned building. The man and woman who live there are deeply concerned, but before they can do anything, Alice dies. At her death, her shape disentigrates to a tiny stone figure with a bullet hole in the center.

      I am shocked. How could she be dead in a dream when I've been willing for her to live? NO, I refuse to let her stay dead! In a weird stroke of dream intuition, I literally breathe life into her through the wound until she is finally herself again, alive and well.

      Triumphant, I kiss her again. This time, to my surprise, she kisses me back. When I look at her inquisitively, she says I deserve it after saving her life. I smile happily, relieved that she is okay. The dream ends shortly afterwards.

    2. Hulking Out

      by , 05-13-2012 at 09:58 AM
      I was in a department store in a mall, although it was modified somehow into a type of factory. There were robotic machinery installed in a certain section of the mall. I know I was talking to a few of my DCs, though I forget the conversations. The guy I was currently talking to was showing me what they did to him. They had cut off half of his lower left leg and given him a metal cybernetic one instead. He didn't like it, and there was no reason to do this, his leg was healthy. I don't know if "they" were the machines, or someone who was operating the machines to do this to people. After he told me this, the eyeball machine spotted me, that I was normal yet without modification. It hovered directly over me looking down, and asked me what I wanted replaced. It had a sharp curved knife like attachment on its robotic arm to do the procedure. It was like, "we can cut off your arms, legs, or your nads. Choose which one." I'm thinking hell no, I choose none! I start getting really angry, and I turn into the Hulk!

      Of course you can imagine what happens next, "Hulk Smash!" I rip down the machine hanging from the ceiling and smash it. Then I start smashing a major portion of the department store, looking for more machines to destroy. My DCs are all cheering me on, because I am defying the machines and paying the machines back for what they did to my DCs. It was so cool to be the Hulk, and I'm roaring alot while enraged, trying to find the evil machines. I'm not sure exactly, but I think one of my DCs also turns into a hulk as well, and we team up to do battle against the machines. As we get closer to the main factory area, "they" send forth their mutants as well. Their mutants are all green monsters too, but not Hulks. The biggest mutant was shaped like a giant egg, with a mouth stretching almost the whole width of its body, sharp teeth, and had many tentacles for arms. The mutants rushed us. I grabed each one as it approached, and threw each mutant back at Mr mouth as ammo. All it did was open its mouth and swallowed each mutant I threw at it. I think it ate 10 mutants this way, that was all of them. It grew bigger, trying to hold all them in its stomach. I got closer to the mouth mutant and grabbed many of its tentacles while struggling with it. It resisted long enough to get close to me and swallowed me too, well mostly. I went to 3rd person view and seen my hulk hands still reaching out from inside the creature grasping its jaws.

      I must have became my normal self again, standing in front of the creature. I wanted to help my Hulk that was still trapped inside the creature, and struggling against it from the inside now. I don't think the creature had "room" to swallow me, because it didn't try. As I contemplated the creature, I learned something profound about its stomach, that it wasn't what it seemed to be. The other hulk was still circling the creature, I guess it was trying to figure out how to attack the creature without being eaten as well. My dream was about to end but I remember starting to force its jaws open with my hands in order to release my hulk again. Then I awoke.

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    3. 32nd Shared Dreaming Attempt - Vesterguard's Dream

      by , 09-17-2011 at 11:21 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Vesterguard's Dreams

      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      17-09-11 Some wizard is channelling a spell into a prison, controlling some inmates and guards, they are casting a black magic spell that will make one of the wizard's enemies' hart explode.

      I can't help myself, I am somewhat addicted to the magic and I continue. I hear a voice telling me it is dark stuff, but I am too intrigued.

      I am not supposed to be in the prison I am walking down the stairs to the right until I get down to the bottom. I then look over my left shoulder where the target is standing on a platform surrounded by 6-8 people who are helping with the black magic.

      Someone on my team is apparently releasing the other prisoners from their mind control. I think it is too late.

      Something about Bradley Cooper and Bob Downey Jr. We are part of a movie and it somehow involves a road trip. We are sort of re enacting a film and at one point a I get this comment, “no we shouldn't be holding still here, but rather arrive spontaneously from the other side”. Something about how awesome, yet unexpected if Bob Jr actually comes, but he ends up saying yes.


      A discussion takes place with Bradley Cooper who on drugs has seen a naked man shave his penis that looked more like a Christmas tree (or an elf). Then I see the vision and think there is nothing to be worried about.

      I am in some sort of resort I think, close to the beach and with trees all around and a shopping centre. My family and I are there.


      The dream jumps to me in the house of a private investigator that is following me for some reason. I meet an Asian woman in the house who after a little while, I think I threaten her a bit tells me where I can find this private investigator.

      I find him and now they are two against me and he is quite a bit bigger than me as well. He is Caucasian with broad shoulders and fairly long blondish hair.

      I start punching him in the face and alternate a bit between hitting him and the Asian woman while thinking something along the lines of “Evil bitch, you want equal rights? face equal consequences!”. Doesn't actually take a lot of rationalisation to justify punching a woman in the face. I think I get the message across that he should stop following me around


      Back at the supermarket it is daytime and I notice the small van of the PI. I see him standing next to it and start running towards him, I notice he has a knife in his hand but I don't care. I charge him, think punching him I the stomach and he stabs me high in my right arm.

      I briefly think that the pain is far milder than I expected, before I pull out the knife and look at it and notice the blade is fairly short. Then I charge further into grabling range of the PI (where he should have the advantage over me) and bury the blade in his throat.

      He doesn't resist for that long and I push him down to rest in an elevated bed of flowers knife still in his throat. Then I take his van, I wonder where my family has gone, but I need to get away. I get inside the van which is very small with only one seat and hope the key is still in, which it isn't but it can still start.

      Then I start driving up the pavement and people move out of the way (think the car can only drive about 10 MpH anyhows. The dream ends when I get stuck trying to drive into a tunnel, though the scenery returns in a latter dream and maybe even the pesky PI.

      I am by the same spot of land with the PI story line and now it is night time and windy as fuck.

      Someone is already in a plane waiting for me to return. The area has to be evacuated and has been a long time ago. I notice the PI's van is there and there is a man trying to get in it. He is no ordinary man though. His legs are gone and you can see his spine and guts hanging out. Besides his facial features looks slightly skeletal, maybe more like his has been flayed from his face.

      He doesn't seem to mind too much, he can still leap a good 10-15 metres and is shouting in a mad voice. I explain something to him or one of my companions that it will probably take him about 10 years to fully recover due to his innate mutant healing factor, but that he will recover none the less.

      He notice us and become interested and shout out cackling “You have a means to get out of this place?” He starts making his way towards the plane and I hope we make it before he reaches it. The dream ends.

      In said plane it is more or less on auto pilot and Bob (the actor version from the Dresden Files series) is guiding a child who is flying the plane.

      The kid has to dodge quite a lot of obstacles in the form of hangar ships out on the water, and sometimes he is selecting quite dangerous routes through tunnels and barely avoiding parked planes.

      “That is why we say Cari..Bou” emphasising the break in the middle of the word that is the name of the plane. The kid has a habit of pulling straight up or straight down and Bob wants him to focus on softer turns.

      I find two ducklings that are tiny. They can both fit in the palm of one hand. I decide to raise them so I grab a big bowl of water for them to swim in. After putting the first in and looking at it as it realise that it is pretty much a natural boat the other one loose both it's legs, which terrifies me.

      I grab it and put it in the water and the legs seem back.

      The entire dream is oriented about the trouble I am having raising these ducks and my family doesn't seem to care.

      I return and the water is being brought to boiling point and I find the small duckling on the stove without its legs again. (actually I remember writing down this fragment in a FA from the lucid I had).

      I return and the ducklings are now swimming around in minestrone soup.

      I am lying in my bed after a brief moment of being awake. I start talking to myself, just let the HHs roll. They don't really intensify that much, but instead I am faced with the feeling of starting to fall deeper into my bed and shortly after I wake up and immediately look at my hands. Surprisingly they look human, though something is off, they might be too chubby or something, but it is difficult to describe.

      I can't really trust it, but I am positive I was just falling asleep so I find a pot and drag it towards me telekinetically. Nothing happens the first second, but then the pot falls to the floor as I continue the mental pull.

      Chess! dream confirmed. I walk to the window and bump against it, but walk through it with a bit more effort and trust in the fact that it is possible. Right what do I want to do, “Blasting rod” I decide and walk over to some bushes and start rummaging through the shadows.

      I think I better not find some sort of lame drumstick like the televised Dresden series, but this is of course exactly what I find. I keep looking through the shadows of this bush and find scorched furniture wood that seems promising at first until I discover it is made of plywood.
      I feel the dream wobbling a bit and I start touching the grass and leaves towards the ground and trying to see if I can smell something. The leaves look fairly detailed, though I notice they have a tinkling spark to them that seems a bit off. Otherwise the colours of autumn are represented in the leafs green, red, brown and yellow.

      Rasmus B, an old school friend comes walking towards me from the direction of the house I was just in. I look up and point the blasting rod towards him to see if I can make fire. I wake up.

      FA: My flatmate comes back from holiday, his face looks weird, but I wonder if it is just because he is tanned.

      I look down and see my new blasting rod, though it is a bit more curved and have some semi-scorched colourings “Oh would you look at that” I think to myself “My blasting rod has manifested from the dream world” (DOOOOOOH!!! XD)

      I start carving in it and is amazed that I can make markings like a hot knife through butter, though the material seems as hard as ivory. I start cutting a small sigil that eventually becomes a big rather deep “V” to indicate that it is mine.
    4. 05/23/11 Hospital of Pain

      by , 05-24-2011 at 06:34 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Hospital of Pain
      I am in a strange place, but this doesn't seem strange to me at all. I am in what seems to be a fairly small town, but the town is really creepy. It seems to be daylight, but thick clouds and fog are dimming the light to more of a twilight, making it hard to see very far in front of me. There seem to be things moving in the fog, moving just beyond sight, and the feeling I am getting from those things is ominous. I remember the plans I made to meet MoSh and help him find Sam, he said he saw her in a previous dream, he saw her being held by demons in a hospital from Hell. I look around to find MoSh, though I am not sure if MoSh will be able to meet me there or if he might be dreaming elsewhere. Find the hospital. I look around as best as I can until I find a sign with a hospital symbol on it, and an arrow pointing the way.

      I follow the signs to the hospital, which is a very creepy looking place. I go inside and meet up with MoSh in the emergency room waiting area. MoSh says he can feel that Sam is in there, and she is in trouble. I tell him we have to find her. We split up to check the hospital quicker, heading up the stairwells at both ends of the main hallway. The second floor is where I encounter the first enemies. Ugly mutated things that have some humanoid features, but they also seem to have wings and their heads look like something a small child might make out of playdough.

      They also have the ability to cling to the ceilings and drop in to attack at the last minute. The other demonic enemies are on the ground, and they are fast. They move on all fours, more like big bugs than people, though it is clear they are walking on hands and feet.

      I fight my way through the enemies, making my way through the second floor. MoSh was to check the third floor, I check the fourth, and the fifth floor is the top floor. I find MoSh in one of the rooms on the top level, he has already found Sam, and she is in bad shape. Her skin is extremely pale, hair hanging lifelessly, eyes solid black, and a blank look on her face showing no sign of emotion.

      She looks way too zombie-like for my liking. MoSh says it's Sam, and she needs healing. I agree, and we both use healing spells on her. I can hear enemies outside the room, but something had to be done for Sam right away. The healing helps, color comes back to her face, but she still looks very weak. MoSh and I make a plan that I will try to distract the most of the demons while he gets Sam out. I form Witchblade into a sword and kick the room door open. I go out there and start slicing through enemies with the Witchblade, making as much noise as possible. I get lots of attention. I head farther up, emerging on the roof of the hospital. MoSh will be taking Sam down. Enemies come out from all directions, the winged ones are swooping from the sky, the insect ones are climbing up the side of the building and coming from the stairwell. I don't think of the magic song spells I know, but Witchblade seems to be working just fine for cutting the demons into small pieces. I hear a cry of rage or something, and I immediately know they have realized Sam is being taken the other direction. The demons depart in a huge group. I chase after them, picking off as many as I can from the group as it retreats. I continue doing this until I wake up, I hope I got rid of enough of them that MoSh is able to get Sam to safety.
    5. #141. Extranormals

      by , 09-09-2010 at 06:42 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I don't think I've been getting email notifications for the past few days. Weird.


      Ixburg, SK


      He's killed, just like that. His daughter, seven years old, is alone in their apartment across town. I'm the daughter.

      I slip from the bed, tiny and blonde and short-haired, and push open the door to the rest of the apartment. Somehow, I'm not surprised to see a man there. The man is stocky and blond, and I can see that he's grinning when the orange light from the window hits his face.

      I incline my head. "Sir." I say, my voice neutral.

      He grins wider and nods back. I step back into the doorway of my bedroom, and he brushes past me into the bright light of the hallway.

      He'll be back, if only to keep an eye on me. I need to leave.

      Quote Originally Posted by DreamViews DC
      It really doesn't count for the RPG if you make up the stories while you're awake.
      Quote Originally Posted by Samael
      That's why I'm posting in this thread, isn't it? You know, the planning thread. Plotting thread. Where we plot.

      I'm incubating a dream, okay?
      Quote Originally Posted by DreamViews DC
      You still have to write your character profile, btw.
      Quote Originally Posted by Samael
      ...I'm going to finish the story now.
      Unknown, IL


      I'm a man in a black suit, sitting in the back of a black car, which is driving to the outskirts of a town in Illinois. And we're in Illinois, of course, because the Organization tracked an Extranormal here. One false move, one positive test, and suddenly Jane Doe (Age 17, Grade 12, parents work from home) is about to be assassinated by a team of armed government goons.

      It's funny. Extranormals can't strictly be barred from going to school, or holding regular jobs. Hell, they can even travel. Different countries have different restrictions, of course, but the good ol' US of A is all about liberty. The Organization can track them, though. Legality's a little fuzzy, but some real dangerous ones pop up occasionally. What to do with them?

      Here's the thing: Extranormals go crazy all the time. They lose control of their powers and suddenly they're either a human icicle or a pile of ashes. Most of the time they take innocent bystanders with them. It's really no problem at all to fake a meltdown. Kill the EN, murder all the bystanders, blow shit up. It's easy.

      This one's powers are a little more subtle, so no flashy special effects. Fortunately, ENs tend to be a little crazy to begin with, so it wouldn't be unheard of for one to suddenly... snap. Possibly kill her entire family with a butcher knife. Double murder-suicide, neat and clean.

      The man in the passenger seat has the knife.

      We pull up the gravel driveway. The other three men silently open their doors and step out. I hide a grin by turning toward the empty road as I step out of the car. No one's coming.

      The plan is to enter the house and kill the parents, then ambush the girl when she comes home from school.

      Neat and clean.


      Her father died ten years ago.

      Her mother died even before that.

      And Jane Doe is a really stupid pseudonym.

      The only person in the house is the lodger who rents out the basement. That lodger is an Extranormal himself, a young black man who's trying to lie low. Obviously, that's not working out.

      I can sense him in the front entrance of the house, ready to attack the first man who comes in. I give the all-clear to the other men.

      The man with the knife kicks open the door and walks into an ambush. I shoot the other two in the back.

      Once upon a time, there was a man in a black suit. The man was supposed to sit in the back of a black car, and break into a house, and help murder an entire family. While he was still alive, this man used to really hate shapeshifters.

      Scare Factor: 3/10
      Rating: 6/10

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    6. Auric Reading and Vampires

      by , 06-19-2010 at 06:42 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 7, 2010

      Two vampires, former best friends, fight over my sister. People die. I don't trust my sisters' vampire boyfriend, so he gives me a gift. An
      auric reader. Later I relive the dream as a mutant! Semi-lucid.

      Night Time Note:
      Last night was my moon night

      Auric Reading and Vampires
      (Note: In waking life my older sister once upon a time had a boyfriend. Long story short, she married his best friend instead. But everything is okay, because he still showed up to the wedding as the best man. Now the vampires in my dream are nothing like them, except for the relationships between each other)

      I'm in a stuffy room with a bunch of older middle aged people. A lady asks me "How old are you sweetie?" I tell her "Oh, I'm 25." She responds "Why you don't look a day older 15!" Then my dad from halfway across the room blurts out "That's my daughter!". Uh, well this is weird. So I leave the room.

      I'm in a University/Apartment Complex/I'm not sure. I grab my art project and tell my sisters that I'm heading home. To leave, you have to climb up a staircase before you can exit the front door. The staircase makes a few sharp turns, so even though it's rectangular, it makes a spiral pattern. And when I say climb, I mean you literally have to climb the first few steps. I'm standing on top of the staircase looking at all the confused college guys below me. They can't figure out how to get their foot on the first step. So I yell at them "You have to climb it!". They look at me bewildered and shake their heads in frustration that they still can't figure it out. Are they drunk? Oh well.

      I'm walking outside and even though it's dark, I can still make out my car from the back of the parking lot. Wait a minute, my cars trunk is open? A small female runs from the back of my car carrying a large bag! "A thief? Someone is stealing from my car!" My sister who was right behind me, tries to stop me, but I run after the thief. She's wicked fast! She runs into the shadows and I lose her. My sister tells me that thief is the Urban Pirate. No one can catch her! That only made me even more upset, she stole my things!

      We go back inside, I don't remember why. A huge drama plays out but I don't remember all of the details. My sister dumped her boyfriend. It turned out, he was a vampire! He killed, ate and turned students into mindless zombies. When my sister decided that his best friend would make a better boyfriend, out of spite, he transforms his best friend into a vampire too. A kind of, well if I can't have her, no one can!

      I didn't like her first boyfriend, for obvious reasons. He was psychotic! The only times you saw him was when he was laughing and screeching flying down the hallway chasing his next victim. He was a loud, blood-sucking, obnoxious ginger head vampire. But my sisters new vampiric boyfriend, was a whole different story. Dark hair, dark eyes. The quiet type. Didn't smile. Didn't laugh. I didn't trust him.

      He knew I didn't trust him. He knew I didn't like him around my sister, he's a vampire after all! To win my trust, he gives me a present. It's an auric reader. The strange device floats above my palm and spins like a compass trying to find north. Then it glows! It shows me the colors of people's auras. And it reveals any hidden energy.

      auric reader was showing me something strange. A green toxic energy, an almost putrid green was floating just in front of me. I look around to see who this toxic energy belonged to, but there was nobody there. It's some sort of demon! The green energy swells and then enters the dark haired vampire. Well if he wasn't bad before, he is now!

      I grab my sister's arm and we quickly run away. Now there are two insane vampires on the loose. We hide in the restroom. It wasn't a smart idea, it was just the first thing that popped in my head. My sister gets sick and nearly throws up on me. I'm vomit-phobic so I'm prettying much screaming "OH MY GOD!" She apologizes but she's looking sicker by the second, like she could die from this. Wait, don't you have to die before you can become a vampire? Oh no! Did he bite my sister?

      My sister tells me we can hide in this bathroom cabinet. 1) I'm thinking, you'll throw up on me for sure 2) He's a vampire, he'll sniff us out. "No! We can't hide here!". I get a sense my sisters new boyfriend is already at the door. He's wriggling the door handle telling me to let him in! He tells me an elaborate story how he fought the demon, and a dozen zombies too. He also tells me what a good vampire he is, he hasn't killed anyone, unlike his insane best friend. But I don't believe him, what should I do? Then I remember my
      auric reader.

      I let it float above my palm again. It reads through the door and shows me his aura, it's the deepest indigo I've ever seen. Well no human is this dark, but it's not toxic, or putrid - just really really deep. So I decided this was an okay color. I open the door and he helps my sick sister out.

      The ginger vampire turned the entire school into mindless zombies! Together we gather the remaining members of my family trapped in this huge place. I use my
      auric reader to watch out for any unwanted energy. That firey red must be the ginger vampire, let's go another way.

      Now that my whole family is gathered, I find a way out for us. We just need to help my sister down these steps, and the fresh air will heal her. She only needs to leave the building to stay human! But her boyfriend started to distract my sister from leaving the building. I get angry and yell at him "I'm not going to let my sister be like you!". He looks hurt! But then he lowers his head and lets me take my sister out the building.

      The cool night air heals my sister. I become slightly lucid and think "I want a happy dream ending so I don't wake stressed!" And then, we found the ginger vampire and the urban pirate had fallen deeply in love. Now the two of them were laughing mad together. A dangerous a couple, but at least their happy! The urban pirate starts to dance like a drunken wench, my mom starts to cheer and clap her on!

      I think I'm waking up. I want to remember the dream so I start to recall it. But in reality I'm still dreaming, so I just replay the dream again.

      This time as I replay the dream I'm a half mutated freak, complete with a tail. I met a boy. He was a born with a tail. Everyone made fun of him and his whole life he hid his tail in shame. Until he met me. We held hands as we safely herded my family out of the toxic building, tails wagging and all

      And then I woke up
    7. I Am Half Krakin!

      by , 06-18-2010 at 11:15 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      March 28, 2010

      Snyopsis: It's a bleak future. Atomic bombs and mutants. I'm a cat mutant! And I find my home in the countryside.

      Night Time Note: I recalled the entire day backwards, my little Dream Yoga practice. I fell asleep faster recalling my day!

      I Am Half Krakin!
      (say it out loud it's funny)

      At first my dream starts off very random. I'm playing a game in the hallway! I have a dual perspective. On one hand I'm riding a black bird, the largest mount of the entire game, larger than even the dragons! And on the other hand, I'm just a kid holding this black bird toy, a very small and tiny thing, running back and forth through the hallway. I give a friend of mine a ride on my black bird mount! Well, more like my black bird swooped them up from mid fall! They were terrified! But I told them there was nothing to be afraid because this is the most awesome flying mount in this game.

      At some point I stop playing and enter a busy room. My dream is becoming more stable and vivid. This room is large, with a several story tall ceiling, giant windows, and an open round center with spiraling stairs leading to the level below. It's definitely a public space, it was crowded with people.

      I fly out the window and my dream morphs on me again. I get the impression this is the future, judging by the tall super 'futuristic' buildings. Maybe even a space ship or two. I'm in an inner city courtyard/park. The atmosphere is gloomy here, depressing really. I see two guys speaking Spanish and I tell them "I've been asleep since 2009! What year is this and what's happened?" With thick heavy accents they tell me it's been about a hundred years, and a lot has happened.

      I get a bad feeling. . . Something bad happened to New York? I ask them about it and they say "Sorry, New York is gone. A bomb one hundred times-" And I finish their sentence "More powerful then Hiroshima" There is nothing left of New York! They tell me not to even bother going there, unless I want to become a mutant! (that sounds fun actually)

      More refugees pour into this mega city, some of them aren't human. I don't think I'm human either! The sky is very gloomy. The aftershock of another bomb maybe?

      I think about going home, away from this depressing city. Suddenly I find myself floating down the streets of an old city. Very old! The buildings in comparison looked ancient! Which I liked actually. Grass and wild flowers had overgrown the sidewalks. After each street name were two letters, CO. I figured that the CO stood for Colorado. But this Colorado was right next to the former New York state?

      After flying through the city I fly through the countryside. I realized this was my home! All the houses were gnome like, possibly cob homes, with grass and wild plants growing all over their roofs. The grass was so perfectly green, I knew this had to be my home! It was a little slice of paradise in frightening future with war and suffering spreading.

      I ran into a group of people who were just having a good time on the streets. I don't know any of them, but they seem to know who I am. One girl rubs my nose! What is she doing? But by rubbing my nose she made me realize the bridge of my nose wasn't normal, it was more cat like. She asks me if I'm half Krakin, and I say yes. Sure I am! I don't even know what that is but I guess they are cat people. Another girl sees me, and I guess she has a thing for nekos - she grabs me and hugs and squeezes me real tight as if I were her pet! I purr anyways.

      My dream slowly becomes nonsense with a game of animal paper dolls, and an alien drawing I made that actually creeped me out......(why did I draw it??)
    8. Post-apocalyptic goth future

      by , 04-22-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream takes place in a bleak future where humanity has destroyed itself and all the existing styles are dark and gothic.

      It starts off in an abandoned house or barn with an oversized exterior through which an elevated train track runs through. The ledges around the house and near the ceilings are covered in bird feces and garbage and the whole place smells terrible, despite that it has several gaps in the walls and is quite drafty. I am looking around for shelter for the night. The gothic monsters and mutants created by the last nuclear fallout come out and prey on the surviving pockets of humanity when darkness falls. I am alone and scared and there is a strange tingling sensation on the back of my neck, though nothing is there when I rub that area. The sensation seems to increase at random intervals before suddenly fading throughout the entire dream and causes quite a distraction at times.

      Some of the details of the dream are hard to remember for the next few parts but I end up at some point on top of the train bridge when a group of people arrive at the oversized building. I think I scramble up there because I am not sure at first if the group are monsters or humans but thankfully they turn out to be the latter. At some point after the group arrives I grab onto one of the ledges near the ceiling and get my hands covered in bird poo. I think I was trying to get off the bridge but I slipped and flailed my arms for leverage and ended up grabbing the disgusting ledge, but the details are fuzzy. When I do get down to the ground and find my way to what's left of the building's kitchen I am surprised to find the the water is not only still running, but appears okay enough to drink.

      A man from the group arrives comes over to me and engages me in conversation. I do not recognize him from anywhere but his voice is soothing and I feel drawn to him because his presence seems vaguely farmiliar. He has short red hair and a goatee to match, violet coloured eyes and is dressed in a completely black suit. He is one of my dream characters whom I call Walter. He is oddly well dressed compared to the others in his group and myself as his clothes are clean and pressed while everyone else is wearing layers of dirty and ragged peices of clothing, mostly whatever they could get there hands on. Most fashions appear stereotypically gothic or Victorian in style. Even though I know his name to be Walter, he is refered to as Mr. Black by everyone in this dream, inclusing myself.

      After I have cleaned up, Mr. Black and I rejoin the group, though they do not welcome me as warmly as my new companion did. They seems distrusting and hostile and while I cannot place it, there is something about their general behaviour that unsettles me, though I cannot put the feeling into words nor do I feel comfortable stating my concern to my new friend lest I upset him. In what is left of a living room or a lounge, and underneath the train bridge, there is a relatively closed off room with a black fire marble fireplace which seems in fairly good condition compared to the rest of the building. A fire is started and the group huddles in a circle. Several people in the group, including an old woman with a hand-woven pink shawl, close their eyes and begin to chant in a language I do not understand. The atmosphere around us changes from quiet and creepy to downright hostile and demonic. The back of my neck begins to tingle again. I desperately want to get away from these people because my instincts are telling me that something is wrong.

      I try to stand and flee but Walter grabs my arm and pulls me back down beside him. He hands me a blue crystal goblet and tells me to place it in the fire. When I do so the room fills with a blue aura seems to paralyze those who are chanting, some of who who were trying to stand. The chanting people open their eyes, which begin glowing an evil red, and the old woman in the pink shawl begins to hover. The people who are not chanting or turning into demons scatter in a panic. Outside of the building the screams and moans of monsters can be heard and it sounds as if they are drawing closer. The people who run outside in terror no doubt meet a terrible fate at the hands of the waiting creatures.

      Mr. Black finally stands up and pushes me behind him. He suddenly has a long silver sword with which he stabs the nearest demonic chanter through the heart. The demon screams in an inhuman high-pitched way before burning up in a blue flame and becoming a pile of black ash. This is repeated several times before all of them are dead. I am scared at first but my fear quickly disapates because I feel safe in the presence of Walter, whom I know is a skilled warrior. Despite the fact that it is still dark outside Mr. Black tells me to follow him and he climbs on top the the train bridge and heads outside.

      We walk in the foggy dark for a long time, the noises of mutants all around us in the dark, until dim yellow lights appear ahead of us and the track suddenly dips down to a cobblestone street. Despite being at ground level there are no monsters around to harass us.

      There are buildings on either side of the street but they appear unihabited and in complete darkness. The details of this part of the dream are a bit fuzzy but we have to get to a trolley car or something, before some other people do, while avoiding more of the demonic chanters that appear at random. The back of my neck begins to tingle again and it is very intense, though there is nothing touching that area of my body and I am becoming annoyed at the sensation. The is something about going underground and wandering through large grey tunnels, but the details are fuzzy. We end up coming out of a water drainage pipe into what appears to be the remnants of a city square, with a crumbling fountain and running into a group of people or monster we were trying to avoid.

      Some how we end up back at the oversized building from the start of the dream when day arrives and there is something about magic and a ritual being performed by another group of people who have arrived there. It is being overseen by a young man with short whitish blond hair who has a rude and condensending attitude. I choose not to participate and instead go into what's left of the kitchen where a bloody Cabage Patch doll's head is trying to crawl it's way out of the sink under it's own violation.

      I wake up in a cold sweat. When I do wake up, the back of my neck is tingling like it was in the dream, though there is no apparent cause for it since there was nothing touching that part of my body. It was weird.
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