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    1. Cockroach fragment | [19.07.2019]

      by , 07-22-2019 at 04:03 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      "Cockroaches" in my way
      I needed to crawl through a thick bush of sorts, towards my mother waiting behind it for some reason. In front of me, on the stem of the plants making up the bush, sat two gigantic "cockroaches". I "knew" they were cockroaches when I found them in the dream, but in reality, they looked like a sort of moth, stretched into the shape of a cockroach and resized to a size double the size of my hand. I wanted to push them off of the stem, but I took them instead. Something like this always happens in my dreams. I then tried to set it on the dirt, but for some reason, the back of it had a crimson-colored substance on it's back, sticking to my hand as if it like super glue to my hand. After a few attempts of getting it off using my other hand to attempt to push it off, I tried to set it back on the stem. It moved its legs and gripped onto the tree, somehow very easily coming off of my hand, as if it could control how sticky the red substance was.

      I actually forgot to submit this when I wrote it.
    2. An awesome fragment | [22.06.2019]

      by , 06-22-2019 at 02:37 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      I am out in a field with just grass with some trees around, looking at a very low hanging colossal supercell with strong rotation and very amazing looking shelf clouds.
      I also remember the shelf cloud rolling by me in my home, making me grab my camera but the cable was still attached. It passed by really quickly and I would've caught it, but my mother blocked me for a second, making me miss it as I get to the kitchen. I was very disappointed and sad, and maybe even start arguing with my mother.

      This dream definitely took inspiration from all the stormchasing videos I've watched that day.

      The second part of the dream likely happened because of my fear of missing out on something rare.

      I don't know which of the two parts happened first.
    3. Nature, buses, revenge (fragments)

      by , 03-29-2017 at 03:16 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I was in my city, then somehow i wandered off into nature, and found myself in a settlement in the middle of nature, on the plains, there was little rivers flowing, abandoned buildings and such, then I found , kind of a tribe with occultists and hippies, there was a river that was secluded with rocks and cardboards flow into a lake.
      These people believed in nature and living in balance i guess? Then at a point i learned of that there were other people like me who wandered off and joined in,

      It was sunset all the time in the dream so the scenery was beautiful .

      Then the dream switched, me and some people were on a way that was cracked to the ground and some buses got stuck, I screamed "you fuck, get going already".Then the bus driver got out and was like wtf , so i asked whats the problem with the bus, then we checked the tires that was wrecked .
      after that the dream switches back

      Later I met with my friend from school , he had a different hair now though.
      I wandered around that settlement a while then I suddenly heard riot, turns out my friend got killed and the people started to fight against eachother for survival, kinda battle royale situation escalated, some people fled into a place with the leader or main person of this cult whom i met later.
      But now i ran around in this chaos, some ppl tried to kill me, they teamed up against me, so i fled from the lake where it all broke out, ran in the water among the old
      buildings, then I stopped ,
      in a building was birds, they started to fly around me , and I felt a natural energy in myself, I started to throat sing, it was kinda similar to kargyraa but alot more epic and deeper. I became one with nature , through the singing i were able to comunicate with the birds, I felt balance with myself, it felt really good, some kind of singularity I guess. I went back to comfront the riot, with an army of birds gathering above me, then I ordered the birds to kill them all, and they did, some 7-10 people died on the river.

      Then I've let go of the birds.
      Later I've met with that woman who I assume leads this tribe or what : She looked like xoxaan from star wars legacy , but with white hair and white clothes, bit similar to an assassin but without hood .
      we were floating above a rock in the middle of the plains and walleys , and some other men in dark clothes floated around us too. We talked and then kissed. Thats when I woke up.

      Updated 03-29-2017 at 03:22 PM by 92016 (forgot a fragment)

      dream fragment , non-lucid
    4. Tree People

      by , 05-31-2016 at 04:46 AM
      So I haven't posted in a long time. I want to get back into writing my dreams down so I can lucid dream again which I have not done In a long time. Well here goes nothing

      In my dream I find a tree that somehow has a world of tree people in it. The tree people have some important job that has to do with keeping nature in balance. Apparently every tree person is very important and they are all needed. The leader of the tree person approaches me and tells me that one of their people have ran away and become a human women and that if this tree person does not return then they will have to turn a human into one of them to replace the original. The leader tells me that they have picked a small girl that they will steal and bring into the Tree world to do just that. I tell the leader that I will bring back the Tree person instead. I leave and track the women down but she is happy where she is and tells me that she never belonged in the tree world and if she goes back she will die. I return to the leader and tell him that since I could not bring the tree person back that I will replace her. The Leader agrees and I get pulled into the tree. on the other side is a city in a nature setting. the buildings are trees and the sidewalks are pebbles. I wake up soon after.
      The end
    5. Dreaming is not Dreaming

      by , 08-13-2015 at 05:03 PM
      After my lunch I fell asleep and had a WILD out in the countryside. I kept telling myself "When I am dreaming I will know I am dreaming". I woke up a few times knowing I was dreaming as I seamed not to be stabilising. Then I fell asleep again. I could see my son Matthew and my ex-Wife Melissa. Melissa was giving me a list of instructions on what to do when I was minding Matthew while Matthew was looking up at me smiling with not a bother on him. Matthew is 8. I looked into his face and then I knew I was dreaming. There was something about the twinkle in his eye and as I stabilised myself looking at him. Melissa had finished giving me the instructions and had gone away so immediately I said to Matthew would you like to go flying. He looked puzzled but then he said ok. So a grabbed him in my arms and flew up into the sky. I could see the clouds around me and could feel the height we were at. Then I remembered about the black hole. Probably last months task but anyway it is meaningful to me. I told him we were heading up to the black hole and he looked puzzled again but said ok. We went up into space and found the black hole quite quickly and kinda disappeared into it. We were in there for a while. I wanted just to see what would happen next. Now this is when I realised that dreaming is not dreaming as the whole of our perception including ourselves turned into the Buddha in the form of a golden statue. I stayed in that state lucid for some time not very long and then opened my eyes. All my thoughts had stopped and I was one with nature looking up at the sky. I then realised that the whole point of dreaming and waking life is to understand this and stay in this reality. The lucidity in daily life and dreams becomes much more vivid and I am able to understand and see everything clearly. This is definitely reality free from personal interpretation. A flower is a flower and a tree is a tree without any other stories going on. So dreaming is not for dreaming but for being fully present in the dream and daily life.[/SET_ANCHOR]
    6. The Quest for a Movie

      by , 07-15-2014 at 10:05 PM
      I'm in my living room with mom and AJ when a commercial for "Wolf Children" comes on TV. It mainly showcases clips from the snow scene. It showed them howling. It was dubbed in English! A better dubbing than the original English! "Why are they redubbing it in English?" I ask.
      "Why are they only showing the snow scene?" AJ asks.
      "I like this one better!" I say. "Let's go get it!" I look at mom; she smiles and nods.
      The scene cuts to a mall. There aren't that many people around. I'm standing at the entrance to the store that sells the movie. Before I go in, I look back at mom, who had fallen behind.
      I go in without her. There's a long, windy hallway I walk through before I step into a small room.
      It's decorated oddly. There's a case with a glass front and a chair behind it, but that's the only normal thing here. In the corner directly across from the case is a glass tank built into the floor. A half-capsized rowboat sits in the smooth water, not creating a single ripple. Fake waterside plants line the edge of the tank and a partial tree looms above that! In fact, fake plants practically fill the room!
      I found it fitting seeing as Wolf Children features a lot of nature. I also think it's creepy, as an alligator could call this room home.
      I walk to the case and peer in. Sitting upon other things I didn't care about, was the movie. I grabbed it, and started to walk out when I noticed a chubby, balding, bespectacled man in the doorway, slowly walking towards me with a creepy grin on his face. I easily walk around him. The man follows me down the curvy hallway. He's catching up too!I quickly run out into the mall with my prize in hand. Mom catches me and says "Let's go." worriedly, as if she knew a creepy guy was chasing me. I look back to find him in the doorway. He's not smiling any more, now he looks angry.
      Then, I wake up.
    7. 25 Apr: gnomes rule the world

      by , 04-25-2014 at 01:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I see my cousin João playing with other kids on ths street park. I join them. There's a kind of standalone treehouse from which we can slide down and jump and I have great fun, but I start noticing some strange thing about these kids: they are all athletic, enjoy being outside and are fierce enviromentalists. That's good, but a bit suspicious. I notice my cousin is extraordinarily kind and good boy, and I fail to recognize him as I remembered. Then I see a kid hugging a tree and that's ok, until the point in which every one of his hairs light up on the tip and fuse with the tree trunk, like the connection the aliens on Pandora have with the other animals and plants. Ok, what is going on?
      That's when they take me to the coast and I see numerous tiny creatures, like gnomes and goblins, rising from the sea. They tell me they have been secretly transforming the kids and will now make a full scale invasion of the planet, to stop the humans from destroying what's left of the world's ecosystems. They make an implant in me, that is supposed to tranform me into one these kind, peaceful, green mutant, like the kids, but I resist the brainwashing power. I mean, I am already like them, but I want to still think for myself. In the end I think: is it that bad that they will turn every human into a nature loving person and the world will be ruled by mythical guardians of nature? I guess it's just fine for me!

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    8. Ancient nature, burning city

      by , 04-20-2014 at 10:18 AM
      So, this is the first dream I write down in a long time... bad me, I know.

      Anyway, it all started in a rural area of England. I was visiting a nature conservation area, it was a forest of breathtaking beauty! But not in perfection or order, but in raw expression of nature and life! I was travelling inside this forest by boat along rivers. Trees stretches over the water, covered by moss that showed their antiquity. What struck me the most was the smell... it smelt so wonderful in this forest, the smell of forests in all its glory!

      As came to a small lake i decided to dive in and swim around. It was wonderful, I felt so much at one with nature! I was afraid of leeches or other parasites in the water, but after inspecting my body I could find no trace of such creatures.

      Later, still in the same dream I think, i had returned to the city. A giant fire had broken out, and everyone was scrambling to get out of the city. I ran to a friend, who was at a barber shop a few blocks away. He say there was no fire, just because he could see no fire outside his windows. We (I had another friend along) finally managed to convince him to leave. We ran out towards the forest, knowing that by passing through it we would reach another city.

      Many others was fleeing the same way. Oddly enough, there were many races from the Elder scrolls games that was there, and instead of just fleeing they attacked us! I tried to make them stop, but had to fight through them. We fought with medieval weapons, I had a sword that I don't know where I got from...
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. 30 Sep: Seeing the patterns

      by , 09-30-2013 at 08:28 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I'm at some airport, but not a conventional one, either it's interplanetary or interdimensional. I was with some girl friends, but I loose them in the crowd. I end up in the restauration area and from there I walk out into an open area that I recognize from another dream I had some day. There's a stage and a girl is rehearsing for a concert later on. I keep walking up a dirt road because nature looks alien: there's a tree with raspberries the size of big apples and the soil looks like a creamy chocolate cake. As I watch the trees, their roots and branches and the river to my left, I notice patterns overlapping. The branches of a certain tree fit precisely against certain stars in the sky.
      A guy appears behind me and says "Can you see the patterns, repeated and interconnected?".
      "Yes, but if I move to a new position, I stop seeing this overlapping pattern, so it's just coincidental."
      "Look again, you'll just see new patterns emerging. No matter what angle you look at things, you will always find repeating and overlapping patterns, just different ones, infinite numbers."

      As we keep walking, I know I am dreaming, but it requires no reality check to confirm it or stabilize it. It holds very naturally and very clear. I actually feel that I can stay there forever. I realize how much I could learn if I decide to stay. I am decided to stay and unravel all the secrets of all the universes.
      But then I wonder what will happen to the girl body I have left sleeping on a bed... Will "I" enter a coma? Sleep for the rest of "my life"? What about my family and loved ones? I don't worry that I'll miss them, I worry that they'll suffer not understanding what is happening to "me". I feel obliged to come back. (Damn!)
      But for now I keep walking with this guy and he takes me to a really nice hostel in the mountain. My room faces a terrace over the river, that connects to other rooms. All is well on this peaceful place, I'm just contemplating nature, when a couple of men in black come out of another room, dragging my friend. When I approach to ask what they're doing, they tell me to go away or they'll take me to. One of them has some kind of weapon that points at me and I wake up.

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      lucid , memorable
    10. 8/31/13 lucid dream- natural living

      by , 09-01-2013 at 03:06 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      This is a lucid dream I had yesterday morning. The majority was not lucid, it only went lucid near the end but it was at a pretty good point.

      The beginning of the dream I found myself living in a world where everything was still in it's natural state. There were no buildings or roads, the earth felt new. I was living in an ancient forest, and one day while exploring I found the edge of the forest and saw that a family had built a small home. I started to get to know them and eventually they considered me a family friend. I decided to live more in the open and built my living area on the edge of the forest where I could see my new friends. I mainly walked around the families property, watching them farm, when I herd news about something huge being built. I went over and saw that a enormous dam had just been constructed, making the river back up to form a lake, and leaving the land on the other side a huge, bare, hole with equipment in it. I just stared at this with awe, but at the same time I was deeply saddened. I picked my way through the hole, feeling unhappy about what they were doing to nature, when a girl about my age (she was played by my ex friend I stopped being friends with in 2011) asked what I was doing and I told her. She went back home and I followed her, intrigued about there being more people setting near by. I found she lived in a community, but a different kind of community. Each person lived in wall-less square sections that were defined by a black line on the ground showing their living space, but they did have a door that worked, even though it wasn't connected to a wall. There was also some kind of force field that when you tried to look into your neighbors living area it blurred your vision not allowing you to see them. I was standing in the girls living area, talking to her, when I realized that I was dreaming, because nothing like this could ever exist in real life. While talking to her I noticed she looked very depressed and I wondered why. At this time I herd some commotion outside and went to go see. I saw that an asphalt road ran between the two rows of living areas and a bunch of kids from them were out in the road talking about starting a race. They were going to start from this end, run to the other end and then back again. I asked if I could join in and they said they didn't mind. At this point, I didn't feel like running, and to make it more interesting I made mario kart vehicles appear by lucid means. The remainder of the dream was us all racing up and down the road while I used some lucid influence to keep myself from wrecking, and to make it even more interesting by making things like ramps appear. I woke up after we had raced a couple times.

      After waking up I talked to my fiancée for a bit then tried to do a WBTB but failed as I couldn't go back to sleep. I almost did it though; I started getting some blurred, dream like visions playing before my eyes but just couldn't seem to fall asleep and gave up.
    11. 2/11 Fall Orchard

      by , 02-11-2013 at 11:46 PM
      First of all I am amazed I even got a dream last night. I got extremely addicted to playing pokemon crystal and I played it til 5:30 AM, then I just didn't even set an alarm, did not WBTB, did not do any techniques just fell asleep.

      non dream [COLOR="#4B0082"]dream[/COLOR]

      Sleep: 5:30
      Wake: 10:30

      [COLOR="#4B0082"] I dreamt I was going camping somewhere on this long road trip, and I was going to meet this person I was going to go with, in real life she studies with me (name is jessie) When I was driving at some points I had a shiny blue mustang and at other times I had a white motorcycle with black and green secondary colors. I parked outside this restaurant with glass walls so you could see the people inside really clearly. The landscape was about the size of about 9 football fields in a square and was all one big grassy field, except there were many hills. At the edge of the square there were leaves that look like they are from the fall. I tried to go pee but before I unzip my pants I see this helicopter looking for people that are trying to go pee, so I say I might as well go in the restaurant. So I go back to the restaurant The restaurant had a wonderful modern design with the glass windows looking out at the blue sky and the autumn landscape, it was really beautiful. When I was inside the restaurant all the sudden me Bruce Willis and another guy were about to fight all these ninjas that came out of nowhere. That's where the dream ended.[/COLOR]

      Definitley gonna try to get back on schedule, maybe I had such a great feeling of achievement of finally getting a lucid dream the night before I had no motivation left for me to continue trying to go into a lucid dream. I definitley need to keep up these habbits.
    12. 6-21-2012

      by , 06-21-2012 at 04:48 PM (Mr. Pig's World of Dreams)
      I'm watching a movie. (Or maybe I'm in the movie, it's hard to tell.) A man with brown curly hair who looks kind of crazy is talking to his son while we walk onto a beach. This beach has been in so many of my dreams, I'm surprised I didn't recognize I was dreaming. The sand is full of rocks and shells and it's slightly chilly. The sky is darkened like it was going to rain. The man is talking to his son about zombies. I don't remember the first part of the conversation.
      "Now, why couldn't the first zombie be from Kansas City?" akss the father. Kansas city was where we were talking.
      "Because he would have to be infected by another zombie and wouldn't be the first," answers the son.
      "Very good."
      The father goes on to explain that patient zero has to be an alien species from another planet. He then takes of his mask to reveal that he's not human, but a creature that looks like a mix of Batman, Venom from Spiderman, and some crazy smiling cartoon character. He is a zombie alien.
      He jumps (or flys maybe) toward a portal in the sky made of spinning clouds and lightning. The camera dramatically zooms in on his face and the movie looks more like an anime show now. He looks down at the boy and yells, "Wanna kill some humans?" The camera jumps to the boy, who now looks like a younger version of the alien, with the background like an anime fight scene. "Yeah!" he yells back excitedly. The father flys to the middle of the portal, where about ten superheros are sitting in wooden chairs and relaxing. "Batman!" He throws Batman out of the portal, to the ground. "Superman!" The same happens to Superman. "Mickey Mouse!" Mickey Mouse, with his sidekick, is also thrown to the ground. The sidekick makes a joke about Mickey purposely getting thrown out to try to hurt him while foating toward the ground in a bathtub with an umbrella. I woke up shortly after.

      I'm trying to install a mod on Minecraft. I create a new map to test it. I downloaded the wrong mod. I don't remember what I wanted it to do. The world is half hills with no trees and half dessert and thick forests spread out around the paths. The creator of the mod says to me through his microphone that it should work right. I tell him it isn't what I expected.
      I'm now in the game, but it doesn't look like Minecraft. The forests are realistic and there are no blocks. The hills are smooth an beautiful and look mowed like a golf course (but there's no detail in the grass, the ground it perfectly smooth.) The green grass beautifully blends with the white sand and I walk down a path surrounded by the trees. The path splits many times but I always choose the path that is closest to the sun. Eventually, I find a large open plain up to the horizon with no more forests I see a few animals and maybe a village in the distance. I hear Mary's Song by Taylor Swift playing in the background (which is weird because I've only heard that song a couple times) and I notice that I'm dreaming, but I'm not really aware of the fact. I think to myself that the music is coming from my room in real life so I wake myself up. There is no music playing. And I completely forgot about lucid dreaming...

      Task for Tomorrow: Have a lucid dream.

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      non-lucid , side notes
    13. Island lucid

      by , 03-26-2012 at 04:48 AM
      This may have only been semi-lucid, because I went along with the plot of the dream a lot, but it was still nice. I was taking a boat to an island with people I didn't know. I was excited for it. The line to get on the boat was long, but it ended up moving really quickly. Someone said that the boat only came once every 20 hours in real time. I was a bit worried that it would fill up before I got to it, but I ended up getting on fine.

      We arrived at the island, and I'm not sure at what point I became lucid. I did a nose plug RC to make sure. At one point I tried walking at a tree and believing really hard that I could walk through it, and it worked. When I was going around doing stuff, my eyes felt a bit sore, like they were kind of dry and tired, but I felt myself slipping away if I closed them for too long.

      There was a meeting at a building on the island, where we were going to talk about games we were going to play and stuff. I think there was a game where we all had to turn into animals, because I was thinking about how I would turn into a cat. I got to the building before the meeting started. The inside was all light exposed wood, and there were lots of people there. It was big, too, with really high ceilings. I started talking to this guy, and he wanted to see my deviantART. I pulled out my phone to try to navigate to it and show him, but it was really difficult. The phone wasn't working very well, and I was having a hard time typing my name. I think I managed to show him a bit of it, but ended up giving up. I was only slightly aware I was dreaming at that point.

      Then the meeting was going to start, and I was a bit more aware. I wanted to stick around for the meeting, but I didn't want it to be boring, so I decided I would fly around during it. I imagined pink feathered angel wings growing out of my back, and somehow managed to make it happen. I shot into the air and started swinging on lights and decorations and such that were hanging from the ceiling.

      That's all I can remember now. The dream felt like it had been really really long when I woke up, but I'm sure it skipped sections to make it feel like that.
    14. Mario forest

      by , 03-25-2012 at 04:41 AM
      I was in a forest with L and E, and we were looking for a secret lake. We stumbled across a part of the forest that reminded me of Mario. There were big spotted mushroomy things and tall round hills in the background. We found a small pool surrounded by green walls of some sort with white polkadots. We walked along the edge of it, but it wasn't what we were looking for. There was more to this, but I waited a long time to write it down, so I can't remember anymore. It was fun, though.
    15. The Green Rooms

      by , 02-18-2012 at 08:40 PM
      I run into my ex-girlfriend. She is walking so fast I have a hard time keeping up. I ask if she is avoiding me. She says yes. I say one more thing and then leave her alone.

      A series of rooms. In each one, there is a challenge involving fighting (or possibly fishing) before the next door will open. More than one room has a stream with eels. A lot of these rooms are quite large and have natural type features- streams, animals, trees, plants, etc. The room I'm in now has giants. The lights go out. Fighting in the dark is difficult and scary.

      I journaled in my dreams again, so I missed writing down the other part of my dream because I thought I'd already written it. I've forgotten it now. I hate when that happens.
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