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  1. Poor dream memory & lucid dreams
  2. Reality Checks get interrupted?!
  3. I think I might have Lucid Dreamt last night. Did I?
  4. My TotM Process
  5. Share your Shapeshifting Experiences
  6. Experience vs Recall, fragmented dreams...
  7. Questionnaire on inducing lucid dreaming
  8. Is it safe to use WILD for your first time ever lucid dreaming?
  9. Whenever I became lucid, the dream collapse
  10. How to make a dream sign of this?
  11. Long time lucid dreamers: Do you still get amazed by things in dreams?
  12. Do you have a base of operations?
  13. Do you guys have particularly good nights on the anniversary of your first lucid dream?
  14. Realise that I'm dreaming but can't controll
  15. Was I About To Wild That Night?
  16. Entering WILD. Imagination or concentration?
  17. What was your first LD like
  18. Who is holy mary
  19. On Shapeshifting and Extension of Self
  20. Could this have been a hallucination?
  21. Music From The Dreamscape
  22. A return to The Onieric
  23. Lucid Dream MILD tips?
  24. Unique Visual "Effect"
  25. Prospective Memory Calendar
  26. Long LD but some of it forgotten
  27. Dream Person need to meet again.
  28. It has been a very long time since my last lucid...
  29. Building worlds/familular places in dreams
  30. lucid dreaming question.
  31. I would like to know if there is any meaning in my dream or am i reading too much into it
  32. 1 Year Later
  33. Mistakes you never seem to learn from in lucid dreams?
  34. About to give up on Lucid Dreaming? Don't.
  35. Disappointed with LDing
  36. New weird creepy dream has to do with real life...
  37. Weird dream..... Rude bits!
  38. I want to know what my dream means Please help!
  39. Can't Get it Right
  40. In a changing cubicle with James!
  41. Lucid dreaming buzz hard to sleep
  42. An (Admittedly Dumb) Alternative Mean of Flight
  43. HOW TO HALLUCINATE NATURALLY - Hypnagogic Surfing
  44. Help! What do these things mean?
  45. Starting over
  46. Attempt at WILD
  47. A problem with WILD
  48. FILD (First Attempt Failed) Need Help!
  49. How many lucid dreams have you had?
  50. Lucid Dreaming ✹ The Truth
  51. Lucid Dream Within a Dream, but no Control?
  52. Lucid Dream MILD questions?
  53. I just had my first DILD! But...
  54. sleep paralysis
  55. Having problems with the awareness behind the dream
  56. Does Anybody Hear Your Own Thoughts In Your Dreams?
  57. All Day Awareness Questions
  58. Was this Lucid Dreaming...or not?
  59. DILD Difficulties
  60. Getting "half-lucidity"
  61. What do you like to do in an LD?
  62. Help wanted with a painful dream
  63. How long are your standard dream journal entries?
  64. Rosemary may have similar effects to Galantamine
  65. Are there lucid nightmares?
  66. Anyone with a dream 'alter ego'?
  67. Dreams and Lucid Dreaming confusing me.
  68. A (Fairly Simple) Tip for Those Who Want to have more Lucid Dreams
  69. What does expert-level dream recall look like?
  70. A level above lucid dreaming ?
  71. Having Trouble Hearing Sound in lucid dreams
  72. Music in Lucid Dreams
  73. Andy Warski & Daniel Love - Lucid Dreaming Live Stream
  74. Am I Dreaming?
  75. Looking to chat to some frequent Lucid Dreamers for a mini-doc project.
  76. I didn't know that all dreams were not like mine...
  77. A very easy new lucid dreaming technique [START Technique]
  78. Time and dreaming
  79. So I became lucid this morning...
  80. Age and Lucid Dreaming
  81. Extremely fast heartbeat/ Heavy Breath / Exaggerated shaking
  82. Difference between having LD's naturally vs using Galantamine/Choline?
  83. Lucid thoughts in a non-lucid dream?
  84. Visual Snow In My Dreams
  85. Need tips for stablizing my lucid dreams
  86. Lucid Mind Hack - How to Use Coincidence for Lucidity
  87. Lucid dreaming while stressed?
  88. Trying SSILD and FILD in one night?
  89. Problem With WILD Technique
  90. Don't know why
  91. The Meaning of Dreams
  92. How to Effectively Visualize: Part 2 - Incubation
  93. How to Effectively Visualize: Part 1 - Incubation
  94. Poor Dream Recall, but Great LD's?
  95. SSILD tips?
  96. Can you dream about inducing LD?
  97. Months without LD..any reasons?
  98. Apathy when LD:ing?
  99. Any New Breakthroughs For Lucid Dreaming?
  100. What was this strange Dream ?! Help please.
  101. Thank You Experienced LDers!
  102. I want to Attempt a WILD (and Recover from a Dry Spell...)
  103. I need an expert level advice - weird dreams of mine. (adult content)
  104. I Just can't seem to get it.
  105. I almost always know I'm dreaming but this time was different. Help?
  106. Lucid Dreaming - Mindfulness (VIDEO)
  107. subconscious guidance
  108. just another question
  109. 1st timer need help asap !
  110. Tips/experience with darkness/blindness, lack of dreamscape, how to get out of it?
  111. Need some opinions
  112. Is there a way to find my REM sleep?
  113. Anyone ever had this horrible feeling?
  114. Is it possible to get a heart attack from LD?
  115. First lucid dream
  116. Everyone Lucid Dreams..?
  117. Looking for Dream Buddy
  118. Telepathy .. Ongoing.. Need answers
  119. DC's Encounters. Exchange of experience
  120. Lucid Dreaming Day EVENT
  121. Could you reprogram your subconscious to give you a lucid dream every night?
  122. How do I wake up in the middle of the night on my own?
  123. Easily Fix Lucid Dreaming Control Problems
  124. Questions about WILD/Lucid Dreaming
  125. Has anyone ever LD'd themselves as a superhero?
  126. Quick Reality Check Tip
  127. Preping for Lucidity
  128. How many ssild attempts per night
  129. Normal??
  130. is it a lucid dream?
  131. Visitors during sleep paralysis/lucid dreaming
  132. My Best Approach to Lucid Dreaming
  133. Dream inspired music
  134. Is this possible?
  135. Mindlessness = Lucidity?
  136. Legion TV Show - Lucid Dreaming Inspiration Developing Nicely
  137. Dreaming about an unknown specific person, what to do?
  138. Dream Journal: Small, useful PHP script written by Sorieno
  139. What you did in your first lucid.
  140. Auditory Hallucinations
  141. YOUR BRAIN IS LYING TO YOU! (Lucid Dreaming and Illusion)
  142. Dark rooms
  143. what's up with nfri
  144. Trying to focus
  145. Blindfold?
  146. Please help me decipher this frightening dream- pt. 2
  147. RC Method - Drawing on your hands
  148. Aware you're dreaming, but just dream anyways
  149. Please help me decipher this frightening dream- pt. 1
  150. Strange moments in dreams that made you lucid?
  151. Best reality check?
  152. How to not overdose on b6?
  153. Good induction methods beginners
  154. Finally!
  155. Was my experience a lucid dream or astral projection?
  156. I might have discovered something that helps with DILD
  157. Music Composed in a Lucid Dream
  158. Extremely vivid lucid dream (?) + Time Dilation
  159. Tried Calea Z.....
  160. It ain't over 'til it's over
  161. Stress and lucid dreaming
  162. Moving in the Right Direction?
  163. Easy WILD Induction Technique [VIDEO]
  164. Can someone help?
  165. Question about mantras
  166. Abstract Dream sign?
  167. Using multiple methods in one night
  168. Does meditation help with D.I.L.D??
  169. Meditation
  170. Study for lucid dream control
  171. Another dream question?
  172. 5 Lucid Dreaming Myths Debunked
  173. Extreme laziness help
  174. Summoning DC's? How can I do this better? Not just people, but animals too?
  175. Was this 1 or 2 LDs?
  176. Dream recall is super bad :D
  177. Get back to lucid
  178. Is it really okay to lucid dream ?
  179. Dream Recall Meditation/Exercise (VIDEO)
  180. Dreams cutting in and out
  181. This makes no sense
  182. Lucid Dreaming Bibliography
  183. Is it possible that I am just incapable of LDing?
  184. Who here meditates??
  185. Technique for LONG lucid dream via sleep deprivation
  186. Concerning WILD
  187. Lack of details, sense of self in dreams
  188. Trouble "waking up" fully
  189. Your Lucid Dreaming Questions Answered
  190. Something weird happened when I tried to FILD
  191. What is this called? and why I do it?
  192. How is the reverse blinking technique supposed to work?
  193. Phone and internet before bed
  194. Feeling vibrations immediately after becoming Lucid and I'm punished if I HOLD on (I'm confused)
  195. FILD /WILD/WBTB and RC questions. Please Help
  196. Just achieved MILD lucid dream consistency!
  197. The next time i feel scared i will become lucid!
  198. Need Help Please (FILD and WILD)
  199. Anchor WILD technique - NEW VIDEO
  200. What Practise/Technique Has Gave You Best Results?????
  201. Anyone ever experience a dream error message/crash?
  202. Please Help!
  203. My dream recall has suddenly disappeared.
  204. Can i get some answer?
  205. Does anyone ever lose lucidity in a dream but you still think you're lucid until the dream ends?
  206. Experienced lucid dreamer slowly losing control after strange dream experience...
  207. DO NOT READ THIS THREAD (Lucid Dreaming Mind Hack)
  208. trouble. plz help.
  209. Do You Have A Portal Into a Lucid Dream State?
  210. Mediation blackouts and the ability to detect being stared at
  211. Are there any other natural lucid dreamers here?
  212. MILD prospective memory training results
  213. Difficulty with successful wild
  214. Simple Lucid Dreaming Meditation
  215. How can I WBTB without bothering my light sleeping partner?
  216. A "Non-Sounding" RC trigger?
  217. Lucid dream count signature
  218. My 1st post :)
  219. Random thts,lucid or OBE?
  220. Can't Focus
  221. Hi wondering if it would be possible to...
  222. 5 Essential Techniques for Longer Lucid Dreams
  223. Is it normal to lose clarity when you become lucid?
  224. Effects of sleep deprivation on lucid dreams
  225. Need help on Turbo charging awareness
  226. If we'd be all naturals
  227. What is supposed to happen after SSILD?
  228. Sleeping Lab (Dream journaling software) (PC/OSX/Linux)
  229. What to do in the void
  230. Black Ninja Stalking in dream... What or who is it?
  231. Failed reality check
  232. i had a dream...
  233. 6 Easy Lucid Dreaming Tips
  234. Procedural Memory and Dream Content
  235. I got sleep paralysis
  236. Wake back to Bed issues and frustrations....
  237. Dream Journaling Questiom
  238. Lucid or Dreaming...?
  239. New Year's Dream - Hatsuyume, a Japanese Tradition.
  240. Awe Inspiring Vividness
  241. A self called natural lucid dreamer on ADA
  242. How to blast fire and shoot tracer ammunition from the palm of my hands in a lucid dream?
  243. What do you guys do when you WBTB?
  244. Lucid dreaming wrist band?
  245. How could a reality check not work?
  246. Is waking up 5hrs after SSILD, fine?
  247. How long was your longest lucid dream?
  248. Becoming lucid from writing
  249. couple of questions about lucid dreams in general
  250. Partner Assisted Lucidity Technique