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  1. Accuracy of cities?
  2. (Part 1/2) HeLp please! I think I have one foot in the door of lucidity, but, one foot that's not.
  3. First LD Attempt
  4. Isn't lucid dreaming meddling with affairs that shouldn't be meddled with?
  5. Strange dream don't know why I dreamt this
  6. the real self vs ego
  7. Question about finding your Rem Circle
  8. Coincidence or not: Dream altering reality
  9. Violently shaken awake by an entity!?
  10. Naps (REM)
  11. Dream of a lucid dream?
  12. I need some motivation...
  13. Curious to my next step
  14. I know I'm dreaming but I'm not getting lucid?
  15. If binaural beats change to a different frequency will you immediately change with it?
  16. Minor Annoyance, help?
  17. Dream recall, is there a correct recall?
  18. transformation techniques / advice
  19. Had my first lucid dream in months.
  20. I want to try FILD tonight but...
  21. Hot Fingers?
  22. I was able to turn each eye off!
  23. Great thinkers, dear dreamers, how can we be sure lucidity is real?
  24. Not new, but how did I just have 5-7 lucid dreams in 30 mins?
  25. Curious
  26. Cursed with full awareness+zero control
  27. Can someone please help me remember the name of this technique?
  28. "Escape" from Reality
  29. Help!
  30. First LD in months...advice needed.
  31. Dreaming I am lucid dreaming
  32. Two questions from Russian dreamer
  33. DreamViews Buddy Program - July 2015
  34. Can you manipulate your emotions? (hard to explain, please read further)
  35. How to practice ADA ?
  36. If I ever have a child...
  37. Had a dream as if i was re-living yesterday. Except things had changed! Is it normal?
  38. Help Controlling And Achieving Lucid Dreams
  39. Dreaming while awake
  40. Need tips for flying in LD's
  41. what way of entering lucid dreaming was this?
  42. Thinking about lucid dreaming too much I don't know what I need to do.
  43. Possible reality check cue noticed last night...Ice water in dream not cold
  44. My lucid and non lucid dreaming experiences
  45. What do you do for your nightly routine?
  46. Can Intention Kill Recall?
  47. A simple tip for dream journalling motivation
  48. Frequent nightmares and sleep paralysis
  49. HeLP!! I'm basically TAP-DANCING on the edge of lucidity and am not too sure how to fully cross over
  50. Looking For LD Help
  51. Unusual happenings & guidance needed
  52. Sleep paralysis persisting vibration
  53. ADA 7 Mindfullness
  54. Lucid Dreaming in a Coma? Possible?
  55. I hear myself breath
  56. My dreams are too strange to put into words help
  57. Mysterious Man...follows me around?
  58. what to eat before bed to trigger lucid dreams ?
  59. Dreamsigns which one?
  60. Is this reality check routine adequate?
  61. I keep becoming lucid when I'm about to wake up
  62. Practice
  63. Any tips for recognising Dream Signs and performing RC's !?
  64. Dreaming that you are lucid, while not lucid
  65. Your view of the lucid dreaming world
  66. Recurring dreams about guy I've never met
  67. am i nuts ?
  68. MILD
  69. When you get improved dream recall/lucidity do you dreams feel more like memories instead of dreams?
  70. Do you trust in your lucid dreams - thoughts ?
  71. WBTB
  72. dream recall
  73. vivid dream
  74. An over-looked lucidity principle: Personality Fragmentation and its strong applications
  75. Give me some light
  76. first lucid dream
  77. learning lucid dreaming
  78. carlos castaneda
  79. A Positive aspect of lucid dreaming
  80. A very weighty problem...
  81. Mutual Lucid Dreaming
  82. Changing the dream scene (share!!)
  83. CAT experiences
  84. Could handedness be linked to the ability to lucid dream? Answer the poll :)
  85. Saw A License Plate
  86. No DC's in the Dreamworld
  87. Weird wild?
  88. Something funny ya'll should try
  89. DILD Technique - Hitting a Dream Sign Everytime!
  90. Listening to binaural beats when outside
  91. Vivid or Lucid?
  92. DJ - Paper vs Electronic
  93. Tips for someone who wants to start Lucid Dreaming?
  94. Sleep Paryalysis or sensations hultionations
  95. Frustrating/Funny moment in my dream
  96. Help me dream in first person
  97. I became lucid, and for the first time was able to control something
  98. New to lucid dreams
  99. Why does so few know about lucid dreaming
  100. Recurring DC who I'm married to?
  101. I feel like giving up trying to lucid dream because of sleeping pattern? Any tips?
  102. How to make sense of a jumbled mess of dreams?
  103. Dreaming under the influence
  104. Strange occurrence.....
  105. Does This Still Counts?
  106. What's more important?: Awareness or memory/recall ???
  107. Make it stop please!
  108. Lucid, but can't remember how.
  109. I'm new to this, but have had an experience
  110. Absolutely crazy experiece that I need explaining...
  111. Dream Journal Recording methods
  112. Use of crystals for dream Recal
  113. lucidity?? help!
  114. Talking to my subconscious
  115. Close!
  116. Lucid in the void.
  117. Will continuing your lucid dreams from where you left off work?
  118. Training in Secret - Unsupportive Spouse
  119. Killing People in Your Dreams
  120. DreamViews Buddy Program - June 2015
  121. Bad guys in Lucid Dreams.
  122. Why MILD and WBTB not working anymore?
  123. Questions about time, fears and licidity inside dreams
  124. Embarrassing things you did in real life thinking you are lucid
  125. Sensations you've felt when when falling asleep, in sleep paralysis, or while WILDing.
  126. Question about dream clarity
  127. Ejaculating while in LD
  128. Strange things happening when I LD
  129. Selective Lucidity...
  130. Things starting to get real with SP, never been more aware - or afraid.
  131. Why I lucid dream.
  132. Strong emotion in the dream
  133. Something that i could not find on the forum
  134. How do you stay focused on lucid dreaming?
  135. Strange lucid dream(lets)
  136. How does shared dreaming work?
  137. What is the purpose of writing dream journals?
  138. 100 anchors to use in WILD! updated
  139. HI or dream fragments or something else?
  140. Max Lucidity ? The most lucid you have ever been?
  141. Best feeling I've had in a lucid dream but don't know what to make of it?
  142. What do you do when you feel like you are making no progress?
  143. looking at your to do list during an LD
  144. Visualization - How do you improve it?
  145. WBTB Technique - What is the sweet spot (on average) in regards to timing.
  146. Hypnotic induction of lucid dreams - Anyone tried it?
  147. How do I keep motivation and stick at it this time?
  148. Weird WILD Experience
  149. Do not be scared of Sleep Paralysis .Learn how to turn it into a lucid dream
  150. Enhanced CAN-WILD technique
  151. Are those considered dreams?
  152. Songs stuck in head after waking up?
  153. Are lucid dreams like RPG games?
  154. The journey begins
  155. You know you should have LD when...
  156. Different ways to enter LD
  157. Is this a good progress?
  158. Sleeping in different areas increases Lucid Dreaming?
  159. Your lucid dreaming hobbies.
  160. Strong Sensations during WILD - Physiological reasons?
  161. Your Longest Lucid Dream?
  162. When fall asleep I wake up somewhere else :S.
  163. Shows about dreaming (links)
  164. Getting into lucid dreaming again
  165. Had 30 LDs but still need help
  166. How do you no that it was a MILD.
  167. anyone ever just randomly go into SP?
  168. Subconscious learning and lucid dreaming.
  169. Using the 4-7-8 Trick?
  170. Your routine.
  171. Forgetting a dream and remembering 2 hours later, insane skill or insane luck?
  172. I forgot my lucid dream.
  173. What do you during the day in regards to lucid dreaming?
  174. Do you need a story?
  175. DreamViews Buddy Program - May 2015
  176. Loosing lucidity.
  177. Looking for results on any experiments
  178. Top 5 things you like to do in lucid dreams
  179. Is It possible to have "mutual" dreams?
  180. How can you have lucid dreams often?
  181. WBTB Works once, never again?
  182. My 3rd lucid dream!!
  183. Entering a dream after very tired?
  184. What happened???!!!!
  185. First real lucid dream
  186. can you use lucid dreaming to plant hypnotic suggestions?
  187. Cant figure out if i was lucid or not
  188. Do you control/steer the lucid dream or let it take the wheel?
  189. Nfri's Contest of the Month May 2015 [suggestion]
  190. How do I induce sleep paralysis?
  191. "Bored" in a lucid dream....
  192. Questions To Ask In Dreams
  193. Hemisync Method
  194. Are books about lucid dreaming recomended?
  195. Meditation.
  196. Wasting time in LD
  197. Lucid Dreaming [2 volumes]: New Perspectives on Consciousness in Sleep Ryan Hurd and Kelly Bulkeley
  198. A tip for stabilizing
  199. Is this normal?
  200. I had one of the longest and most profound lucid dreams in my life
  201. Lucid Quote
  202. The Most Powerful And Obvious Lucid Aid of All
  203. How many things have bought for lucid dreaming?
  204. Was Stephen LaBerge a natural lucid dreamer when he was a child? (+ some more questions)
  205. How many time it took you to lucid dream?
  207. Short LD; weird after feeling.
  208. wondering what these kinds of dreams are about...
  209. Lucid Dreaming Day 2015
  210. DJ Question...
  211. My second LD eludes me...
  212. 1st WBTB attempt = SUCCES! It lasted so long I forgot how it started
  213. LD remembering
  214. shortcuts
  215. April 12 Lucid Dreaming Day 2015
  216. Lucid Dreaming for Artistic Inspiration
  217. Teaching little kids?
  218. Two Lucids in one night
  219. Two Lucids in one night
  220. Does focused thinking have a practical use while lying in bed?
  221. ANAMNESIS a short Film close to LD
  222. how many weeks (or months) needed for get lucid from DILD or WILD ?
  223. How to Have Awesome Dreams (even impractical)
  224. "Almost" had a lucid dream again
  225. DreamViews Buddy Program - April 2015
  226. 3 weeks of fragments
  227. General newbie looking for guidance. Appreciate all replies :)
  228. inducing dreams without the use of traditional techniques?
  229. Lucid Dream through will (theory)
  230. An Honest Question About Adulthood LDing
  231. How long are your typical lucid dreams?
  232. Eating before bed affect sleep?
  233. Weirdest dream I've ever had
  234. Finally a long Lucid!
  235. Can you become lucid at will?
  236. Met My Dream Guide, But Something Kind of Scary Happened
  237. Lucid Dreaming As A New and Developing Evolutionary Trait
  238. WILD last night (no prior sleep)
  239. How did your purpose for lucid dreaming evolve?
  240. Question from a friend
  241. All the possible times to dream/lucid dream.
  242. Smoking and LDing
  243. Slightly confused about self-awareness
  244. My old ex-classmate appeared in a dream after I saw him for about 2 seconds
  245. What did i experience?
  246. How do i improve my recall?
  247. Fauna in dreams
  248. Getting Back Into Things (And Questions!)
  249. DreamViews Buddy Program Application Thread
  250. I think I am missing some awesome things..