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  1. Weird half awake, half asleep state
  2. Does ADD or ADHD effect my lucid dreaming attempts?
  3. Partial Control
  4. What should I do with SP?
  5. Reality Check Idea (Re-reading Text)
  6. PSYBLADE: September Side Quests
  7. PSYBLADE: The Advanced Serial Dream RPG!
  8. bed shaking
  9. How much would/do you give up for Lucid Dreaming?
  10. Supplements impact on beginners
  11. Encouraging My Next LD?
  12. Getting used to the 'feel' of the dream world.
  13. Would you like to share your lucid dream stories on my blog?
  14. How do you remind yourself to RC daily?
  15. Can you get into a lucid dream from your first sleep?
  16. anyone have luck with audio recordings?
  17. trouble with WILD
  18. sober vs intoxicated
  19. Inconsistency and focus for beginner
  20. Super intelligence in the dream world?
  21. Third person Lucidity
  22. Can't Find Your Dream Signs? Read This!
  23. Second Lucid Dream (Tick) + Need Anwsers
  24. is this semi lucid or something like that?
  25. Reality checks FAIL (without fail.)
  26. i dont have dream signs
  27. What am I doing wrong?
  28. problem
  29. Different Every Time
  30. My Varied Question?
  31. New Experiment by SourceFox
  32. What does it mean?
  33. Anyone else feel panic or fear as soon as they become Lucid?
  34. what happened!?
  35. hypnagogic/hypnopompic stuff: sleep paralysis or something else?
  36. Has anyone ever performed at a concert in a lucid?
  37. woke up but still heard my self sleep?
  38. what is this?
  39. Using computer in lucid dream
  40. Becoming Lucid Advice ?
  41. Minecraft Dream
  42. Is this possible? (Memory relatedf)
  43. Your Dream Guide?
  44. Morality in Lucid Dreaming
  45. IF YES, how win wenger image streaming can lead to ld or obe ?
  46. Tips For Dream Logic?
  47. A man in my dreams is appearing in real life. Help!
  48. How To Have My Second LD?
  49. Dream guide proof cage
  50. Help with dream journal?
  51. Why couldn't I see my hands in my dream?
  52. False awakening?
  53. Do You Remember These Lucid Dreamers?
  54. What is this?
  55. I'm confused about the lucidity of my dream...?
  56. Almost a DEILD
  57. hypnogogic imagery or random situation ?
  58. In 5 years..
  59. Sleep Paralysis?
  60. A lucid dream out of nowhere
  61. Light switch ruined my first extended lucid dream, (it worked when it wasn't suppose to)
  62. New to lucid dreaming, any tips?
  63. Does this count as a lucid dream?
  64. What are peoples reactions when you tell them about Lucid Dreaming?
  65. I found my dreamguide? Seriously this dream character was pretty different
  66. I got dream blindness for first time.
  67. On Auto Suggestion
  68. Anyone Here So Good At Lucid Dreaming that They Have to RC To make sure they arent dreaming?
  69. Sleep breathing
  70. Lucid Dream Toilets
  71. How to lucid dream?
  72. remembering my dreams
  73. What is this ?
  74. forcing my brain to shutdown, is it good point for ld or obe ? and how ?
  75. Some questions by a new dream voyager...
  76. My first 'On purpose' Lucid Dreams
  77. Strangest lucid experience ever, I just had to get it written down and share my experience.
  78. How extend time in lucidity?
  79. LD Problem
  80. Rem
  81. I'm Stupid...
  82. Oh, frustration. Le sigh.
  83. can increasing the length of your dreams increase REM therefore having you awake more refressed?
  84. can setting alarms during the night affect your quality of sleep?
  85. So newbies know
  86. Could you recover stored information usually unaccsessable in your sleep
  87. Lucid at the end of REM Cycles?
  88. My attempts at lucidity in my dreams
  89. spectating my dreams ?
  90. Dreaming game
  91. Heres a task
  92. making an avatar for your dreams.
  93. Lucid Ghost
  94. Looking in mirror
  95. Is A.D.D. medication bad for dreams?
  96. Feelings in dreams that you've never experienced in real life?
  97. Does Daydreaming makes Lucid Dreaming easier?
  98. Need some help with DILD xD.
  99. a weird way of lucid dreaming ?
  100. Write things in your dream and write it when you come out?
  101. Very very frustrating...
  102. Lucid Dreaming Gives Scientists a Window Into the Nature of Consciousness
  103. Why is lucid dreaming unique?
  104. Randomly waking up at night.
  105. I think I created and manipulated a DC last night?
  106. Brief Lucidity?
  107. First Lucid Dream
  108. Mild help?
  109. Lucid Dreaming Literature?
  110. Lucid Situations
  111. Bad lucids/nightmares experiences
  112. Why can't I remember??
  113. Dream Guide questions
  114. When writing in dream journals...
  115. How to overcome fear of Sleep Paralysis to become lucid? (And other questions)
  116. Is Lucid dreaming a special thing for people to obtain?
  117. Throat chakra meditation, subconscious wisdom and lucid dreaming
  118. Should I use the alarm clock method?
  119. Slowly losing motivation.
  120. Seriously weird... O_o
  121. How long do lucid dreams feel like they last?
  122. Anyone want to share some stories of successful WILDs or DEILDs?
  123. No Stabilization Needed
  124. What is this, and will I eventually fall asleep consciously?
  125. Lucid Dreaming !
  126. QUESTION: Am I a lucid dreamer??
  127. We ALL need to try this in our Lucid Dreams!
  128. SUCCESS! But was it WILD, DEILD or MILD?
  129. Give A Noob Ideas for His First WILD/DEILD
  130. Body Wont Fall Asleep?
  131. Slash's Video Tutorials [REVAMPED]
  132. Should I try this for my next lucid flight?
  133. Possible? Yes. Likely? ??? What can be done in lucid dreams?
  134. Successfully staying lucid
  135. Has your 'vibrations' changed?
  136. what am i doing wrong?
  137. Why we dream
  138. Lucid Dreams From Childhood?
  139. Concise Transcript of 57 minute Dreamviews Podcast 2:
  140. Jekyll and hyde
  141. I am going to have a lucid dream tonight!
  142. Dying In Dreams?
  143. Has anyone ever asked a DC what happens when you wake up?
  144. Would your traits from real life affect you in a dream?
  145. taking long to fall asleep affect MILD?
  146. Why do children have longer REM cycles?
  147. How many of you use dream journals?
  148. Can someone give me a link to an easy to understand guide to entering SP?
  149. Is it everyone? Or just me?
  150. controling heart rate
  151. WILD Within Dream? Inception?
  152. Hypnagogic WILD, what am I doing wrong?
  153. 3 Questions regarding Lucid Dreaming?
  154. Network Communications
  155. Weird experience while in WBTB
  156. reality checks and hot girls !
  157. Why do I experience everything from 3rd person.
  158. Whats the function of mantra?
  159. Using "Beautiful Memories Audio" to induce lucid dream?
  160. Help remembering dreams
  161. How to increase ability to become lucid in the middle of the dream?
  162. How Can I Improve Dream Control and Remember to Stabilize my Dreams?
  163. Animals have Lucid Dreams?
  164. combining MILD and WILD?
  165. lucid dream question ( answers would help)
  166. Post how you became lucid last night
  167. so confused -_-
  168. Trying something different, suggestions
  169. Binaural beats
  170. Trouble with WBTB
  171. To revisit a previous dream in a lucid?
  172. Time Dilation
  173. How do you get nightmares?
  174. Light switches don't work
  175. Visual Distortions?
  176. Is being a deep sleeper bad for Lucid Dreams?
  177. Sleep Paralysis vs Falling Trees
  178. Your longest lucid dream WITH TIME DILATION?
  179. Begging to be Cured
  180. Auditory Hallucinations! >:(
  181. lucid dream without technique
  182. Feelings in lucid dreams
  183. Staying awake consistent nights, thoughts?
  184. Does an LD in the morning kill your recall?
  185. What does a False Awakening feel like and how do you react to RCs?
  186. Hypnagogia: Just LDs or LDs and OBEs?
  187. Swallowing
  188. New to lucid dreams...
  189. Astral Projecting, is it really outside of mind? or just another Lucid dream?
  190. Masturbation and lucid dreams?
  191. That last 15%
  192. Having friends that are dreamcharacters ...?
  193. do nightmares help cause lucidity in dreams?
  194. Exersize before WILD or WBTB?
  195. Forced Lucidity?
  196. New to Lucid Dreaming, I've got a couple questions.
  197. would this possibly work?
  198. Making Dreams Vivid
  199. 1st Lucid Dream Weird???
  200. Wilding inside a lucid dream
  201. not becoming lucid in really strange dreams
  202. Remembering Thoughts From Dreams
  203. was that a lucid dream or not?
  204. easy path to SP/WILD with Ringing sound in the ear, Tinnitus.
  205. A different kind of dream yoga etc book
  206. The Effectiveness of Expectation?
  207. Dream sign ?
  208. help
  209. Do You Move a lot when your lucid dreaming
  210. Can't sleep.
  211. Can't stay asleep...
  212. 100% of brain capacity????
  213. How realistically do DC's behave?
  214. I'm convinced that dream recall is completely random...
  215. Do you feel pain when lucid?
  216. Sleep Paralysis, Now what?
  217. Recording my dreams got boring.. What should I do?
  218. Yeah, whats REM stand for?
  219. Are you able to enter a LD from AP?
  220. Sleep Paralysis, Stating calm?
  221. Are LDs a sign of OCD?
  222. Anyone else notice the get more lucid dreams if the take a day or two off ?
  223. Neat conjuring trick
  224. How to remember your lucid dreams better?
  225. I wet my bed?!!!
  226. Getting lucid without thinking about it all the time
  227. Is it possible to know that you're dreaming...
  228. Can you dream about lucid dreaming without really being lucid?
  229. Several Month Dry Spell, Please Help
  230. A MILD question
  231. How long did you take to master lucid dreams?
  232. Binural Beats
  233. If you think about it Lucid Dreaming can be the greatest enhancement to your life ever ..
  234. What is reality?
  235. Dissapoint in brains, LD
  236. No RC ?
  237. sleep routines or random sleep
  238. lucid dreaming via astral projection
  239. Typed vs Handwritten Dream Journal
  240. Different levels of lucid dreaming and their "restrictions"
  241. My WBTBs always fail
  242. Different degrees of Skills in Dreams, of what you can do.
  243. Behind the scenes?
  244. I don't know what happaned...
  245. To be blunt- I am scared
  246. Overcoming real world fears in lucid dreams?
  247. Dream Within a Dream
  248. How do you use Ear Ringing to Lucid Dream?
  249. Are DCs' convinced they are living in the real world?
  250. Any Tips For Someone Who's Been Trying to LD but Can't?