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  1. The people you see with 100s or even 1000s of lucid dreams...
  2. Making Obsessions Into Reality Checks
  3. Poor control of thinking about bad things: Is it safe for me to Lucid Dream?
  4. Writers: Lucid Dreams as Inspiration?
  5. LD Like Movies. Any Use in Learning LDs?
  6. Reality checks are not helping?!
  7. YAY!! two lucid dreams in two days
  8. Lucid or not?
  9. Need help / advice on WBTB issues.
  10. WBTB + insomnia + First LD!
  11. Good Lucid Dreaming books?
  12. Lucid Dreaming is easy
  13. lucidity to do what?
  14. Finally some dream control!
  15. Help
  16. First, stabilized, non-micro-LD
  17. How does the brain create the unfamiliar?
  18. Using Lucid Dreaming to affect waking life?
  19. First lucid : dafuq
  20. Very weird first LD
  21. 1st Lucid Experience!
  22. How has lucid dreaming helped you in waking life?
  23. Was I Lucid Dreaming??
  24. I had my first lucid dream the other night, but now what??
  25. can you change dcs mind??
  26. A 3 Pronged Approach to LDing...
  27. How to distinguish real memories from fake memories during a lucid?
  28. How does your Myers-Briggs type/Keirsey role variant relate to your natural ability to lucid dream?
  29. Stephen LaBerge's books
  30. An Inception concept?
  31. Hello :)
  32. What is your BIGEST lucid dream goal?
  33. ADA during consuming tasks?
  34. Starting LD Club at School
  35. Dream recall without effort
  36. Trouble with motivation for dream journal
  37. How do I visualize?
  38. Does FILD Work on Naps and is it a Great Technique?
  39. Did I get Lucid?
  40. Scared to lucid dream, should I be?
  41. Obscure and Frequently Recurring Dream
  42. I feel alike that my dream are very different
  43. Early schedule for LD?
  44. LDs Multiple Nights Per Week
  45. Once I Achieve LD, Will I Be Able To Stop Having Them?
  46. vivid dreams, sometimes lucid... but not in control...not sure what to do!
  47. How long does your lucid "high" lasts?
  48. What 'mental illnesses' can be treated with Lucid Dreaming?
  49. Sleep Paralysis During False Awakening, Dream Guide Question
  50. Frustrated
  51. For Natural & Expert LDers; Do You Ever Get Bored With LDing?
  52. Strange noises and vibrations take over me before i sleep
  53. How do you use affirmations while meditating?
  54. Not been practicing LD for about 10 months now need help.
  55. NO Sleep Paralysis
  56. The pain of lucid dreams.
  57. DEILD - How can i be lucid after successful re-enter by DEILD????? (FALSE AWAKENING)
  58. I think I have perioivc limb movement diorder
  59. Did I just subconsciously try to stop myself?
  60. Mixing Dream Body Senses With Real Senses after waking up?
  61. If a Tree Falls in a Dream forest...
  62. Techno-color, or Black and White? Do you notice color in your dreams?
  63. DILD and False Awakenings
  64. Need help
  65. ADA with a packed schedule?
  66. When do you RC?
  67. (Prove Me Wrong) No One Has Literally Ever Talked to Their Subconscious. Ever.
  68. Dream Problems
  69. All Time Favorite Dream View Threads
  70. School Day Dream Recall
  71. Very strange lucid sexual experience (recurring)
  72. Successful Lucid Dreaming With WILD (A Few Questions)
  73. My First Lucid - A few questions
  74. Sleep-Paralysys and paranoia
  75. Did I just have my first Lucid?
  76. Lucid dreaming......What's the point?
  77. Help me get Lucid.
  78. Lucid dreaming workshop
  79. last night i dreamed i knocked someone out of the air, i think it was a real person
  80. Couldn't Change Dream Scene?
  81. Scary dreams
  82. N2D2 beta testing on hawai - Stephen LaBerge's hawaii camp
  83. is this dreaming in real time?
  84. The Problems With Lucid Dreaming, and What You "Can't" Do
  85. Why does stress affect lucid dreaming?
  86. What do you guys think?
  87. Did I experienced Sleep Paralysis?
  88. Dremt of a girl i have never met before now know everything about her...
  89. I want to have Nightmares..
  90. The Holy Grail of Lucid Accomplishments
  91. The fly meditation - a reminder
  92. OMG, My first lucid dream!
  93. What's your strangest False Awakening dream?
  94. Not Remembering dreams?
  95. GOT MY FIRST LUCID DREAM!! But I have a question?!?!!?
  96. Time Dilation Makes Longer Dreams and False Memories
  97. suck english
  98. Need help regarding lucid dreaming
  99. SSILD --> Meditation?
  100. Is this sleep paralysis?
  101. Choosing FA Location
  102. MILD Problems: Waking up in the middle of the night
  103. Do you keep your interest in lucid dreaming a secret from others?
  104. Reality checks and sleep paralysis
  105. Ever Interviewed Your Subconscious?
  106. My Monkey and I
  107. I`m scared, what happened?
  108. How do you create a personality?
  109. Trip to Arizona?
  110. When will RCs begin to work to make me lucid?
  111. Lucid Dreaming for the future.
  112. Need somebody to interview
  113. Dark dreams
  114. Changing the Taste of Food
  115. Begginer needing help
  116. Lucid Dream Why didnt do anything
  117. "A Course In Lucid Dreaming"
  118. Why Has No One Tried This Advice?
  119. Things I Bet No One Has Tried Yet
  120. why does knowing i'm dreaming wake me up and not make me lucid
  121. Visiting your childhood memories
  122. Favorite
  123. Gender in lucid dreams
  124. Anybody know how to use subliminal flashing properly?
  125. Still Dreaming while Waking Up
  127. Is this coincidence?
  128. Eyes become uncontrollably rapid when trying to enter SP
  129. Lucid Dreams v. Reality
  130. Help with Sleep Paralysis
  131. Wierd dream thinng?
  132. Few Questions.
  133. LD Meditation music, experience?
  134. Why is lucid dreaming so hard?!?!?
  135. Dalai Lama on lucid dreaming !
  136. Accidental WBTB/ Classification Help?
  137. What do you think about reminders?
  138. Come join LD competition #17! Improve your recall, get more lucids! Make friends!
  139. Vitamins that help lucid dreaming?
  140. Help me sort some things out.
  141. Uncontrollable Dream Characters?
  142. What do you call a supplement induced lucid dream? In the style of DEILD, DILD, WILD, FILD, etc.
  143. Anxiety upon becoming lucid?
  144. How to I "create" something in LD
  145. "Getting DILDs from WILD attempts"
  146. Discovering the name Lucid Dream
  147. Trip to Wild Subconcious
  148. Lucid Dreaming Magazine, March 2014 edition
  149. Dreaming that I'm lucid dreaming???????
  150. A Weird LD Experience
  151. Stephen LaBerge's new speech
  152. "Technology Doesn't Work in Dreams!" Bah.
  153. A Fun Topic
  154. Have you got the same weird feeling?
  155. WBTB Troubles
  156. Strange DC Conversation
  157. Success at last
  158. Not enough awareness
  159. unaware lucid dreams
  160. Using lucid dreams to get rid of anxiety
  161. help with recurring dream about a girl friend
  162. Not aware of dreaming/ Making recall easy?
  163. Giving the subconscious a helping hand
  164. Daily Things to do to Increase Recall and Lucidity?
  165. Help with Dream Interpretation
  166. First lucid dream weird
  167. Talking to your plants or pets
  168. Long time Lucid Dreamer, first post, interesting Lucidity Moment
  169. Start in a place in imagination?
  170. I can't seem to Lucid Dream - Why?
  171. Getting help from a Dream Guide in a lucid dream
  172. All my life
  173. If You Become Really Good at LD Can You Enter Scenes in Your LD From Fantasy Pictures You Saw.
  174. what to try out in my ld's?
  175. Not sure what to title this lol :D
  176. Was i close?
  177. Lucid dreaming more feeling
  178. My Journey So Far
  179. Have you ever tried being polite to your subconscious or expressing gratitude?
  180. Thinking of Starting A Lucid Dreaming Club at My University. Need Suggestions.
  181. Lucid dream 'Fus Ro Dah'?
  182. Became Conscious during Sleep Paralysis and Saw Lines of Numbers in 3D
  183. Lucid Dreaming? why now?
  184. Left handed or ambidextrous?
  185. Was that a DEILD or a DILD
  186. Return To Lucid Dreaming (Help)
  187. Sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming?
  188. Letting my SubConcience mind know that my Concience mind knows I am dreaming.
  189. Can I count this as a lucid dream? I don't know what to make of it
  190. Been awake 23 hours (:
  191. So close to lucidity!!!
  192. Lucid Dreaming and Epilepsy
  193. Problem: Lucid Dreams are Too Short and Low Level of Awareness?
  194. Pain when entering lucid dreams
  195. Dream den
  196. I'm in need of your enlightenment
  197. non-Acceptance of LD's
  198. LD Block
  199. Reality check question (Tiny Thread)
  200. I'm back
  201. The 6 Sleep Cycles and Lucidity
  202. Depression increase chances of lucid dreaming when going to bed?
  203. What's the first thing you attempt to do?
  204. Struggling with level of control... Just had a theory...
  205. The origins of humanity
  206. Can you explain this ?
  207. Moon and Stars
  208. I am so frustrated
  209. Language
  210. How obvious can it get?
  211. Dream character friends
  212. Permanent Lucidity
  213. Anyone tried LDing to confront phobias?
  214. Craziest occurrence this morning, anyone experience something similar?
  215. Your Experiences with Hypnosis? Means to Become Lucid?
  216. Woke myself up
  217. Can stress prohibit one from dreaming?
  218. Selective amnesia in LD
  219. I NEED HELP!! Please Please Help Me!!!
  220. Getting help finding things through lucid dreams
  221. I'm struggling to have my first lucid dream, I have some questions about FILD.
  222. Independent dream space
  223. Mini WBTB?
  224. Is Lucid Dreaming Beneficial to Mental Health?
  225. Nfri combined 100$ experimentation ADARC|MILD|WILD|EILD|DSA|GALANTAMINE|A-GPC|5-HTP|REMEE|B6,12|...
  226. Fun ways to think lucid dreaming as:
  227. Reflections and shadows
  228. Not cultivating enough lucid behaviour ?
  229. Remembering yesterday's today....
  230. Can't get out of SP
  231. The 2014 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony, as it relates to vividness and lucidity
  232. A witch after me
  233. Can you find out real world information in lucid dreams, can you speak to other people?
  234. Weird feeling in my lucid dreams
  235. Classes on lucid dreaming
  236. WILD / SP & DEILD -> Weird Experiece
  237. Dream recall decreasing?
  238. How to get rid off pain in SP?
  239. Dry Spell
  240. Real life turning more "dream-like"???
  241. Polyphasic Sleeping
  242. I can't just take it easy. Any advice?
  243. Taking pictures in Lucid Dreams?
  244. General lucid discussion
  245. Lucid dreaming desktop
  246. Awesome Dream control but really low awareness?
  247. Has anyone here ever used this method for lucid dreaming? How well did it work for you?
  248. Please help me WILD or DILD?
  249. Dream questions
  250. After doing a reality check, should I tell myself that I am awake/not dreaming right now?